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Incest confession of women(2009-02)

Like hell, heaven

Someone should come to know the dream of the future (female erotic novel writer) I wrote that around them were also serves as training (but shifted about 20 percent of the time axis) somehow because it seems to fit the mood of the retreat here. I will hold fast as
, sorry. Write more at another.

I love my son

yuna himekawa[15904]
I called Sayoko. 46 years old. My husband died seven years ago. Now two people are living with her son, Yuji. Do I have become involved with his son. Quit now, not his son because they are doing this to become my son's life ruined, but I think to cease, absolutely can not stop. I ache for my woman. Dont quit, but I hear the saying my body. I would want. Son became a man's body.

me, What should I do? I will confess to here, I would like you to show me the way I take. The relationship was

was four years ago. No, from no one, had invited me. Have lost a husband, while I did my best to grow maybe even a man without a son, but it all started a relationship with the manager's part which is about five years before. Although you 付合I about a year split. Is discarded. So lonely, and about his son, Yuji. But soon regretted. Even though mother and child, should not happen, but Yuji is like my mother told me. I liked it before the mother, was the first time I heard my mother and I want to.

so I had to continue. Every night, every night, Yuji gave me my love you might. I drowned, both of them. Even now I think that Yuji is wet. Nasty girl embarrassing, I think so. Will hate yourself. But I do not let them. I really love that Yuji. Even though intellectually I should not mind me I'm looking to be loved, Yuji. Yuji body is not useless anymore. I can not live. Again, what should I do, to die. My Shimaitai dead. Shimaitai could die with Yuji. Oh, help me.

Cherished son

Hello, Yukie said his mother, his son this year, rising to 12 years old junior high school.
recently 遣Rimashita the son will be the first experience, and ultimately end
but I myself have an affair at home with her husband's body, but also from her husband a week degrees at once is not enough for some marital life, after all, to dabble with his son, of course, my husband and I live by from a couple ejaculation. Fortunately
husband and son are the same blood type, but it is foolish to take the mother from her son in the ejaculation!

One night

Alice High School two years (of course HN) is called. My brother on two 居Masu.
cool I like tall they Tamayama Tetsuzi, I do not know what you think Teru Kano but I always really friendly too cool.
the night in December. I was with my phone and playing with books and reading while lying in my room.
to darken the room a little bit, feeling that when sleep as usual, and his brother came into the room.
"Huh? on What happened?" I was surprised that the state residence of his brother, my brother has been hugging in silence. I do not get it
解Razu, and are confused, gentle voice, "Sorry, But I, I hug that she" has been kissing? Actually, I still
17 H at the age of things that could 在Rimasen. (Though I was to masturbation v) the first time, yet his head is incest! !
flicker while the words my brother said so when seeds were really longing for some, become a good feeling at all. If you can tell my brother
first experience. And that you're thinking, "you do not have you done?
And I'll tell you something," and whisper in my ear, neck and has kissed. Feel to them just gone,
type because it was always vulnerable to tickling, "fill with, sauce" has been gradually increasing this. brother
cold hands, feeling extra skin, I sides are weak! After a period Pikun react with clothes. .
"Tsu Hey, do the weak stomach!" and say, showing a rare excitement, "she is too cute" clothes were ripped off as containing the switch.
chest while being kissed, let my right hand and slowly crawled toward the thigh and groin. So weak leg,
"Huh Huh Oh" Innovation Pikutsuite feet and came closer to get wet there. Kiss the nipples, lips are Korogasa
going to turn my neck after that has left chest massages. I am also suffering gone, "Huh Tsuan" said Ha Ha and leave.
I'm going to twitching well worth getting wet over there, etc. My brother is like the S, I staple at the root. "Oh, brother'll cease..
触Nnai it in there too much," but something good, "Heh heh.. I'm still Alice, not give it" is now saying etc. we'll all strapped to the wrist!
"Eetsu?" I thought the character, feel the situation is something that I do not S M: H Yet I found a. so cheers to the state
hand, they become bare Canali, and whatever is done. Canali nipple stand, fold it feels,
"awww not fill with ... Ahhh, do it! Bad" while the whole body licked, "You're naughty you Alice," and grin, and over there barely touched. Chu gambling gambling Yuto
Yarashii sound! And in response to "fill with Ah!'ll Feel bad brother," I see that it falls out as a caress after the other Canali.
"I'm disappointed a little lie to you so you trying to Alice Yarashii v" I kidding? G Spot attacks and saying Kuchukuchu. I've
bigger voice more pleasant. Yes it makes Kuchukuchu unconscious while licking and chestnut.
things came out of his brother grew older brother asked me "Look at licking gently," but was forced by Blow and guidance.
Hamuhamu gone and try to somehow to harmonize with, "Damn it Alice," The state can not bear to face, not cute little brother ever seen them,
kind of thing an S The 芽生Emashita. My brother is plugged because I put a rubber hand, "I put" I put my legs over the shoulder to say.
"Oh Yeah I was there," went out of their own voices heard without a and Canali. To get into the skin and the skin, I was sore,
relatively safe because it was a lot of petting is simmering. To the piston, I 喘Gimasu accordingly. I also massaged my chest and my brother, dies.
Morai as they then, I want to do an aggressive top. Blow after his brother and of course, seen to fall back on the cowgirl from the v 善Katta mind.
than what "really Eloi" I said to my brother is happy. After his brother found "new you" or "I'm going to develop," it is said, I beat every day.
so fickle brother, but I understand what you get when you want, if not try asking for a lot.
is happy about his brother really loves us than before vH is fun.


Write a second frightfully worried. I can write a longer
confession as ever.
apparently trying to end the end of the first one to write, if the other non-written ,·····.
fact, grandchildren, grandson, I show you this confession.
impossible to say things such as mouth,
crying now, I'm writing.
last night, when it is embraced by the Son, came out of the leftovers from the ass brother, I can not make excuses,
grandchildren are angry, I was beaten,
look at this choice but to be,
else I could not come.
me, I love your grandchildren,
I knew that I love you. I love my
is so, jump out to say so,
I love you and I have chased,
I sleep waiting for the grandchildren will come back not,
been crying all night, I love, I am not in an absolute lie. This is the first time I cried,
I love you. Please tell me if you have it
頂Keru know. We opened the computer and wait
thank you.


Continue to be committed to my own father. 10 years now. My father, though, treated like a toy, I have been like. My mother died with disease and anxiety are Tatatsu four years ago. Tonight I would also would have been committed. But recently I've noticed myself in better anyhow. Honestly, even with aching body, and has probably forgotten why such a thing. My boyfriend was 25 years old, these things, and rumors in the neighborhood, and he recently broke.

Love for son

I am a 43 year old housewife.
separated husband and son at the age of three, and two sons are living in a long time. 18 years old this year and
son, much bigger than me and tall, as is now looking up.
son, from the days of one's earliest recollection, I did not because his father was a spoiled child and Matowaritsui closely with me always. I have a small son from the time that has been doting.
son is spoiled and could not sleep alone, had been sleeping together since I was small double bed left behind by her husband.
course, may not contain too much together since childhood bath since I was in elementary school my son in the bath, body wash now Ikko each other.
son is still small hand wash my body gave me hard.
and my son likes to reward, my Paiwoonedarishite Oh, and seemed to suck the fun Chuuchuu. such a cute son
I also live for my son was growing up and on.
But since becoming a middle school son to go to anymore, and the funny, so as to get a bath together or separately, with separate rooms and bedrooms also made my son.
was also the end time of the middle school. Masturbation is what I learned to face my son adolescence, one day, I found that being forced into hiding in a muddy polluted 濯機 leave my underwear on semen.
closer to the face, nose to run Hinyari and feel, yet the semen is dry rather than with the peculiar smell.
then I like being raped by her son, felt a strong shock and excitement, and sexual desire were asleep in the depths of my body, I felt like a 呼Bi覚Masa.
from it, and sometimes a washing machine was being pushed to hide my underwear stained with semen on her son.
I went to school after my son every morning now like to peek inside the washing machine.
everytime to find the semen-stained underwear my son, myself, thought that his son became the subject of masturbation, "incestuous mother," now be called obscene delusion ranging or.
to find the semen-stained underwear in my son, I reached out in a washing machine, remove the nose pressed against it while having sex with her son on a trip in ecstasy smell of semen son,
in tongues licking slime, put his finger in the vagina for hard masturbate like crazy.
ejaculation and come up with a sight of my son, so I take firmly in the womb, I felt the peak body for 仰Ke反Ra.
night, I invited my son to take the plunge bath. What
son is embarrassed to take a bath after a long time and I had at first refused, and I have a bath and suddenly my son to shut up a little blush came in front with a towel to hide.
son and I are each other's bodies washed up like Ikko and old.
old son was begging for boobs had to say and then make sure to reward, have said that night to see my dick as a reward. it is a good place to show
not think my son, my son in a cuckoo in the high demand, I showed up legs spread in front of her son.
son with eyes full of curiosity, to place your hand gingerly dick, rub and rub and was tinkering with an awkward hand movements.
After a while, when semen is gradually flooded my vagina, blurred vision in the steam was the source Sosori立Tsu ○ erect pair of dark red son.
son suddenly reached the height of excitement, my dick on him, we stopped at the waist would just stick to promoting the device ○ pair.
was unusually excited, too, and put up with me by my dick ○ device can not insert well his son Peter, my son has been inserted slowly.
aloud to each other, while hugging sought deeper into the body.
arm around my son's ass, to attract, Unagashimashita piston.
young son, then continued driving the piston violently, to shudder violently and played a lot of ejaculation in my womb.
At that moment, I felt more like vaginal walls swell, tremendous momentum is what I, his son Peter ○ Tightening the device, but I feel the climax is also not leave the aperture horsetail drop of semen Mashita.
It was moved may be able to give the highest pleasure of a mother loving her son.
that time, but I am a mother of a son, I realized that my son became the first woman. son
vigorous curiosity, sexual interest in my body, so time to go, but then move on to incest mother did not take.
the love of my son, everything is justified.

My brother and brother and

My brother who is 3
brother and me and my brother. I can either
boyfriend, masturbation alone was not enough, so did frustration?
to go to the room one day my brother and his brother, brother brother, but they did not go out to play bet was in deep sleep by.
My body was moving to see it without permission?
First, the zipper pants Oroshimashita brother??
it was still fast asleep, the cock out Funyafunya to, Chu? Bikun And then I panicked been?
cod Blow came out ever since ... I Byurubyutsudubyudubyu white liquid?
erect cock for the first time I and ejaculation at the sight, I was pretty excited? state flood pussy?
Soushitetara, suddenly got up and Chiu has been the Mukutsu brother?
brother "Punishment ? Geru there to enjoy it now?? "
brother has got it going on forever?
Hazime Hiraku and revenge for my brother?
rub breasts? lick?
A Huh? off ... eh? Yatsu ...?
sloppy pussy put finger??
Aaa? en? ‥ A Tsu I? Aa ~?
suddenly ...
Zubotsu? < br> Aa Aaa ~ ~ ~ ~ ????< br> ... en ... en ... en
Panpanpanppanpanppanan Kacha then?
I came back my brother?
brother " brother ... my sister ... "
brother" Oh? Welcome back? It came back just at the time Yeah? Horatsu R come here too? "
" My bad ... bad ... come ... Go Ribinku Na "< br> Boy, after all, my brother. Please come to my place of course
brother, "try cock out? Us to feel good from the mouth of my sister has Ittara??"
Blow cock with his brother.
brother "W Uwa? Tsu huh? brother Iyo feeling"
brother, "right? from Itta so once too"
to his brother on their cock. Below are the cock of her brother.
Lee has many times I feel terribly?
while younger brother and then replaced twice a brother, my brother was put in one?
like that every day since a brother and Dattari, might be with his brother, 3P Dattari ... I beaten?
H best?

Father and Tadashi Tadashi


evening was my parents went to stay with children 34 years old Whirlpool housewife, my husband went back to see my husband in two days fishing with my father in law to go out fishing at night When I was growing mood was when we were walking on the beach, in the hands of his father-in-law saying Hiroko my skirt, I touched the top of the vagina and the panty also be accepted without resistance When I was coming now a little wet panties and gradually becomes pleasant, I put a finger directly into the vagina panties and pantyhose ripped nestled at his father-in-law who got the feeling in the back seat of a van while being held back and shoulders to the car my father-in-law is said to be fine back in the car and said Hiroko father was useless after the wet and the other comes a little touch Gushogusho blanket is drawn after defeating the seat, I'm embarrassed to be tongue lick around the vagina and take off your panties and spread your legs and gently to sleep in his father-in-law? 69-year-old law to be wet enough Gushogusho chunks of meat in front of me and take off your pants pants father and I and I overlap on me saying it may put Hiroko larger hard in the mouth and sucking like crazy spreads legs After the roots are placed deep to overlap smoothly with the lower body and cock

[Japan] 18 percent of teenage girls have an older brother to brother and sister having sex

According to Life Committee Educational Research, 18 middle school girls have an older brother percent in Tokyo announced that the findings are brother and sister having sex. The teenage girls said they made brother and sister having sex regularly, 13% respondents was that the life reality of teenage girls emerged in incest there is no resistance.

14 fear of my son

And the other half will be my son.
the last six months was an exciting day for me to be his son. and now I want to write
but I was already 14.


Recently, I now also have a relationship with the only son to become 18.
I son is 18 years old 42 years old currently.
We live in a two sons and all the way to divorce her husband than 10 years ago.
To comfort the body by the hotel from time to time, relying on tools such as the rotor and vibe that I bought mail order, I since I was blooming in the 30s, spent stay single, has Magirawase mind somehow.
But, by a mere accident, it would spying the scene of masturbation son, fire I had arrived at the nature of the woman who had been pressing down until now.
It, I go back in January before.
I was going home a little late at work, light in the house, so was gone, and went in with an open duplicate key in the front door.
I thought my son and I wonder not back yet, and go in looking through the room of his son, in a dark room, which turned off the electricity, it had squeezed the erect penis while watching porn movies son with a headphone .
I hurriedly and tried Shimeyo the door, but from the gap that you want but thought better, open a little bit, if you look in the middle again, penis son is a penis burly big and putting adults to shame,
I was surprised about heart becomes the Baku Baku.
And, looking at the hand of his son, shorts I have held what, and when it people in these and sniffing it with rubbing the nose of his son had been or sucking in the mouth.
Remember the illusion is to caress the son of his dick, I was watching the figure felt lower body to come hot and Jean.
Then, yelling \"help! ... Ugh, Mom! ...\" And finish will come to his son, towards the woman on the screen of the video,
I was over spitting Dobyu~tsu, Dobyu~tsu, and Dobyu~tsu, the cloudy solution of numerous vigorously amount.
I was excited about have a hard time breathing, but as it is not aware of the son, and close the door gently, and went to her bedroom in a hurry.
When crowded fell to the bed, now, bigger and son seen in front of the eye, figure son who climax shouting and penis and strong \"Mother ...\" has been revived,
Son is Itoshiku (I Want To Hold tight ... on the lips, on the cheek, the body all over, I want to kiss ...) such feeling has been Wakioko~tsu and horny, trembling of the body that excitement did not stop.
From the drawer of the bed, I pulled out the vibe of thick to scavenge things and rustling,
Is inserted into the vagina of me it is in wet wet already, when I put the switch, while smiling thought herself that is carried through to that big dick son, I have been there many times.
After the next day, my son went out, I went to see the room of his son secretly.
Some of the trash, the smell of man is, Yes throw away a lot of tissue, and from under the bed,
In addition to my shorts, sanitary items of used and bra, and stockings, up came out.
And, some of the sports bag under a desk, video was Yes concealed like a mountain. The title, maternal and child mating Based incest forbidden child and mother-to-child incest play mother
You want to SEX mother is out \"Yosoji\" Mom now! Also affectionate mother favoritism exam comfort mother ... none of the 38-year-old mother turbulence forbidden broth Mature mother cum 淫肉 in busty mother, also, was only video taken mother-to-child incest.
To see it, my boy so much, I if they want my body ..., I thought in my heart ... and I we can give is a woman ... from the mother of that child .
That night, my son was to come home, it was past 9:00 in the evening.
\"It was back home again, Mom ...\", and I only have been called out as usual to son, I, and the figure of masturbation son last night, that the room of the son of this morning there came to mind full of head , beating of my heart was faster.
\"I Totoro was hatched now and my mom ... yeah ...\"
\"Today, I want to take a bath as soon .... It was cold ...\"
When you say \"? ... Enter together to ... after a long time did you I almost thought mother also attempting to enter from now, I put the hot water\", son had a face like the first surprised, but nodded in breath away directly below.
My heart was also excited to just Harisaken.
When waiting I taking a bath first, then came into my son hiding lower body with a towel.
I decided to rise from the bathtub, and get washed back to his son.
The son who just washed back it with the soap gingerly, body of son in front of looks muscular and change the orientation of the body, I was a body of a man already a saying \"Thank you\".
Son was using care not to be seen in my erect penis hiding with a towel before.
And I have thought in the mind (penis Itoshii my son, youthful penis, what kind of taste would be to thick and hard, Once in there, it would me violently no matter how) and.
I told my son to take the plunge
\"The cool tonight Hey ... then do I sleep with my mother?\"
After such as \"Well\", my son went into the bathtub and again referred to as \"Yeah\".
Breast had become a Cun at someone's age I am.
Going up from the bath before, I went to the bedroom.
After a while, my son has entered the bedroom in his pajamas.
Going up from the bath before, I went to the bedroom.
After a while, my son has entered the bedroom in his pajamas.
Son has been sitting next to me is perched in bed without saying anything.
If you look at the eyes of my son, I saw in the back of the eyes clear, young libido ferocious that you are trying to mating with the real mother from now also seems to Minagi~tsu.
In the air wrapped in tension, such as stuffy, when I hear \"things my mother much ... Can you think?\" And
To say \"Yeah\" by nodded his head, it is like a signal, my son has a shoulder hug my son.
Heartbeat son clung to my chest was handed down.
Feeling the warmth of the body to each other, how much, or would have done so.
The son looked up unexpectedly
\"...... I, and my mother, I wanted to do\"
Hoop heart as my mother is clipped it the straight word, hot stuff in the chest came to words. (... Oh, my mom also did wanted to with you ...)
From the time I saw the son of masturbation for the first time, I was hoping that it is penetrated by son in my heart ....
When I say \"did you wanted to with my mom ... so much? ...\" And, my son has received a face on my lips gently.
I closed my eyes quietly.
When the lips of warm son touched my lips, I was trembling faintly feel like current flows through the whole body I have.
Son has been sucking lips violently in the manner Mushaburitsuku.
After a long hot kiss, and laid on the bed and slowly me, son've asked the lips again soon.
And son unbuttoned my nightgown, I've laid bare my breasts.
Sigh hot son had one crash around the skin.
Though, like son returned to the baby, I was sucking hungrily at my breast.
One hand has to insert a finger into the secret meat flushed in the shorts to stretch my lower abdomen while doing so.
Honey pot my moisture was out already was to facilitate the entry of fingers son.
Son looking up from the breast, and has been superimposed on me.
I touch the big cock that stretched to the crotch of his son fingertips while seeking the lips of the son from his hot, pulsing.
Impatient, son and cause body once, I had a peek intently undressed my panties, to observe in the open with both hands the secret meat.
My son has said, \".... Within the ...'m a pink beautiful mother .... I did not you come out of this hole,\" and to see what unusual, show off your fingers also to the honey pot was charged with the heat has been put.
Voice was seems out in spite of himself as \"... a\" me.
I was embarrassed about face turn red obscene sound of \"Nyuchanyucha\" is the son is into and out of your fingers.
I've heard that \"? ... We can put the mother ... mine\" in a voice that is Uwazu~tsu son excited.
I nodded, my son as Mai put weight on me, I put on both sides of the body of my elbows, and has been in close contact with the lower body.
(It's being penetrated by cock hot son of a real ... finally ...)
Hot and son, I was led to the vagina and my son was born with with your fingers a big cock to pulsing.
As soon as the tip of the cock stiff son touches the vagina in my mouth, I was excited to vibrate like a dozen years.
We have been inserted into the meat stick and suddenly \"Zun~tsu!\" My son to drop the waist when I tell the \"... I now ... there\".
Is pushing a stretch vagina hole big cock son, cervix of the way to the back thrust up wildly, I felt a feeling of dull pain.
Moment, because I frowned, we were still in the wind you do not know why my son how good.
(I'm not experienced yet this child ...) I think so in my mind.
When I say \"It's fine, it ... try to move,\" said his son began a piston slowly and gently.
\"Like this?\"
I showed nodded and eyes closed to savor the pleasure to son to hear so.
I also use a little waist, and help the movement of the son, my son as we have grabbed the ropes gradually, waist-use has become smooth.
When you felt that it becomes intense use breath to each other, the movement of the hip and has become more violently, and shouted! \"There\" in a voice like son surprised.
When pushed up to type me a waist, and Bikunbikun pulsing cock, son I was accidentally ejaculation trembling.
Hot liquid, has been released to push to fill the hole in my vagina.
When I thought now, of semen son is trying to reach the inside of my uterus to ensure, for a moment, the word (pregnancy ... the baby son) floats in my head,
At the same time afraid of, that fact would increase the sexual excitement rather unusually, turn the head of the son both arms as it is, while I hugged,
I would push up the hip strongly so as to insert the tip of the cock of the uterus son his mouth.
After receiving the womb ejaculation son, for a while, I had to remain embraced each other to calm the rough breath.
I did not lead to a sexual climax, but I felt the joy of a woman as surely.
It, it might was a joy that it is now a woman ... son from the mother of his son.
Once upon a time, that the little life that dwells in my tummy is to grow born from my body soon, meets in full the womb I also kind of his life, I felt the chain of mysterious life.
I was wrapped in the greatest sense of well-being, we slept hugging each other and son naked.
As obsessed with the pleasures of this immorality another, every day, mother and son each other devour the flesh of each other, we've crossed the line of mother and son are seeking each other.


When I was a junior high school I remember I was masturbation father's penis. It became
me so horny just by looking at black and pink top.
father of a bath in cold blood, but I was wiping the body, I was a back and forth many times to see it.
dirty underwear and cool for standing toe clit up and down into the toilet.
After the father's penis why do it? But not least, funny feeling.
But the next day was no longer father a great way to see the penis.
Now, I'm much masturbation at a rate of one a week Kamigyou lonely.

Women's stepfather

The 45-year-old housewife. I now have a relationship with his father from the age of her husband like this. It got started when her husband was sick and hospitalized, the parents-in-law came to visit, I went to stay the night. What worried her mother of her son hospitalized, gone to bed and early to depend on so tired out. The father and two were spent drinking beers. Of course, my father 65 years this year, turned 25 years parents, men and women did not have any such feelings.
end of drinking for a while, when I was in the kitchen to wash things. I came from behind to hold the father. For a moment it was not his voice.
"It was like from you is when he married Megumi Kazu"
Furthermore, the sudden confession. In my head became white. It also summon up the voice,
"should not. I am your father's Tadashi Hiro's"
"I know. I know. But I can not control anymore" < br> Mogurikomi skirt in the hands of father, who stroked from the previous Mawashimasu ass. The suit has forced toward the lips and face someone. At that moment, missing all the power away, just accept the tongue of the father was a passionate kiss became addicted to.
father remains silent, interest rates and sprinkle each Tei Iku-shirt bra on the sofa in the living room to the proportion I have my face buried in his chest. I feel your tongue crawling 仰Ke反Ri nipples, you can see the coming wet crotch.弄Bi stepfather while her breasts, and just take off your panties to the appointment, the secret of my tongue. The first experience of 25 years of marriage. Top of his head went right through the intense stimulation. I raised the voice of joy, let's head snake body burdened father. After licking
for a while, my father was a thing 突Ki立Te a bigger nose already 込Mimasu forcibly thrown into the mouth. The most comprehensive Kaki回Sa mouth while the father took hold of the hair, the drool from the mouth is 垂Remasu. However, violent action, but I hated that I did.
confirmed that what I have resigned, and the father was suddenly pulled out from the mouth thing and came to the end of the secret place. I feel a longing came in what has raised a voice, but only attached to the father. The secret comes from the overflowing joy juice surprising number. Bad to say about the Ikasa time and again, father has released a large amount of sperm released into the.
the border that night, the relationship between father and I married her husband, became the relationship between lover and mistress. The father
Kansai, Hokuriku because I live in, a month or two or whatever the reason for the visit with your husband is 逢Tsu times. Now the thing Mushaburitsuki from those of my father, and asking a state that is licked. We will also do my training with my father more and more. Or raped while tied, or face being poured semen, but also recently forced to lick ass hole father, I am not in hate. Oshiku would love to lick.

Think about and feel sorry common sense. But some exceptions

How do not you be excited to Jisan. You can not. Some people attribute that is rare I Jisan. After the rape by force and still can not resist. Poor. A real man I'm dirty. If you want to do so

, Come on you Shiteyare party line telephone. That you put in far too cabaret owner. Come on goin to the same thing.

child is doing in normal life? Blood led to the father or rape, and serious example of Ne. Poor. Do not be tempted to commit suicide.

at the Tezuka Osamu Hi no Tori, and to have a baby on the scene for the offspring of incest. Maybe no problems in medical thinking. Arienai disgusting to think that common sense also.

libido well into a 70 or 60 years alive and well. What a disgusting human creatures. Roman: Come stand with us horny masturbation. I do not want to be sex-dependent

drinking and smoking too! I'm a human, but getting away with self-control, foolish man once had to depend on oneself ready to hand 手当Ri次第 I wonder! Tobacco and say, I'm That's the smoke get into the lungs.
to rely on people I should stop.探Seyo something more benign. I have a PC or a game. I'm more comfortable doing masturbation 生Marenaku troubles Okaz look. The room key from the string attached, do whatever you want.

too stupid. Why are not alone in masturbation, I involve others. You fool. Normally, masturbation scene that I saw other people's right. I'm like
masturbation is seen reading a book or on the net erotic images erotic hentai game and buy my brother, and I think I just feel bad. Like I do not find more! I'm disgusting. But does not say that directly. There were things
感Dzuka masturbation with his brothers to myself, so ashamed to die. And the echoes ringing downstairs floor and doing masturbation and sorrel. After a smell. You smell like pee to me soup. So "smell" when I thought Owatta said. Time was occupied by the family of viruses based on the net erotic (erotic site that I'm watching this guy) hated by like I was mistaken and wrong orz. If

fact, become a suicide I would want my incestuous relationship. Really disgusting. Prior to that, that would be good to unwanted sex than me at the time of a baby. I want something in the toilet just want the meat cattle feelings, but I'm sorry I Mappira sex slaves. The reason is because the sex is uncontrollable comfortably, but I definitely do not depend on sex. Something to meet the sexual relationship, just looks stupid.

However, I think you have a reason to forgive like a Phoenix firm. For example, like Marmalade Boy and Winter Sonata, "led to the blood brothers," noted even know the "marriage" as they pledge to each other and love each other, and are prepared to raise children together for life If you think that is permitted. If
spiritual love so much, what should Plunge forward. But if the physical love, here are unpleasant to look, feel sick.

have sex before marriage, quit. I check the compatibility of sex may be necessary, to achieve true love, quit.
not connected to the sexual relationship is only vulgar. It exists so far. Nothing more than hot processor.

marriage for life and fertility. Treatment for sex mistress. I'm lonely single
comfortable. No trouble from the beginning to be born. Suffer from not getting better too happy right.
real gross man. So did the bitch. You better libido strong man. Such a rotten person I hope to die for rape. Nothing but trouble around hurting. Once
incest rape, I would commit suicide. Ran into the hospital psychiatric drugs have a reduced libido. You do not excited or injected into the dog lot? I wonder if humans are not like that. I wish there was easy. You never Irane sex, masturbation and I always think after finishing.


Cancer two years ago and my husband as well, finally calmed down. My son lives in Tokyo, with a hobby I had to buy a PC is recommended. I am 63 years old PC, but ashamed to go to school in hand what it takes 足Tori my ignorance, "ABC," I gave the.
have entered this board by chance while searching for the Internet. The glossy new sex with my husband reminded me of the old 無性Ni While reading, with dreary thoughts. Also last night, I'm ashamed, was tampering with a finger in the vagina bed. Tomorrow is my birthday 64 years old, come back later tonight to celebrate my son. My transparent is full of feeling for his son. Everyone else, please tell me how I interact with my son, thank you.


I have been raped during the pregnancy of 13 biological father. At that time I still did not think that I would be pregnant at one time just because sex is not getting my period.
Then my father became so kind and I hear from my selfish guilt, what you want me to buy anything now.
And I've seen some overweight people have a few months from friends "from the get what you want to buy anything,
happy I'm fat," but I was a fool, and promotion body inspected and found to be pregnant, see a doctor and 23 weeks are going in obstetrics and gynecology,
not capable of abortion had become. Then father and mother gave birth to a girl in her family life to a divorced mother.


yuna himekawa[15592]
I suddenly began to sleep in the same night and my brother is from last fall. It got started in the middle of casual conversation, I will, "I wish it were my brother's boyfriend," was the confession.
brother at that time, "the boyfriend's brother and sister but impossible because, as a woman I like that as well, but my sister," said to me.
me up at night now and then go to the room of his brother holding a McLaren. I sleep in my parents of course do not know that the first floor. At first I was only
are just hugging each other, realizing that put out the array of grow on you and my brother to kiss them. Since I was very interested
body of a man one night "to see my brother here," his brother grew legs and hands. Then my brother stroking my back, "You're just looking," I took off my pajamas and saying. How did
looking impatient and I am still crotch, hold a dick let my brother take my hand. The reason I went out to melt even touch on the glans of Kachikochi.
"Hey, Let it sex"
And so is my brother panties 脱Gashimashita hugged me strongly.
my dick Idi I was excited because the penis was already Nurenure. My brother has to fill 顏 思Ikiri lick there. Shikoshiko much dick to give his brother a desperate too.
feelings and become more of each other until the climax of which, my brother Atemashita erect penis hot pressing at the entrance to my thighs spread.
I nodded, "put my brother," he said. My brother and I finally became one with the waist just promoted.
I cried, "I'm so happy, brother," he said, I continued sucking her brother's tongue.
had to ejaculate in just after, my brother had a regret it was like really ridiculous.
But I do not regret at all. I love my brother would like to continue in the future.


It is one thing a week ago. To my son, "and give me money" came hitting, and violence has 振Rutsu I refuse. Pants are exposed to a red rose from the skirt rolled down and write, his son was attacked by lust and was soon committed to resistance. I was embarrassed, JIT was waiting to finish his hand shading his eyes quickly.
But I keep moving in a rhythmic hip-use and can not stand my son, wriggle "Oh Oh I, feel good ~" gasped aloud, and I held my son in the hands .
son, "I have become comfortably" When asked, I said, "this first" in my best to answer and continued to beat the pants every time my son back. Son "out" was a hit at the same time and semen and vaginal Dobatsu back and cry.
son, "Oh Omeko of the best", "voluptuous body of a man lust to explode," were praised at face turned red. Superb article that her son hit her face to wipe the semen spill, is surprised to see its size, 1.5 times as my husband said. Lick your mouth and are still referred to my son, my son will be upside down, I have to lick. The experience did not get the first lick. On that day, forget about lunch and matched until the evening looking like a beast. I now know the joy of her 45 years of age, too. Hot, sear the meat now bitch nude 猥 secret to himself. ,

1 brother

I am a 19 year old college students.
I have a brother in-law one.
his brother recently, I've been sneaking into my room. I like that we seek
my underwear.
long ago, I was in someone tries to enter his room. Looking
secretly opened the drawer of my wardrobe I'm expanding my brother
I was astonished. My brother is a little boy I'm out.
I'm bigger, too.

"What are you doing!" and yelling, and my brother to just Vic,
I was rushed.
"I'll tell my mother!" So, have become tearful apology
. I have a little Mukatsukimashita
, want to be unkind
Mashita somehow.
"meant to what?" "Try it in front of me"
and was likely to embarrass myself to say.
because I had never seen a man masturbating,
want to let my brother look so beaten. My brother in his right hand early
was moving little boy grew.
I got to see right before your eyes.
away excited about watching,
is very Iyarashikatta.
now, I will be happy to try more things.


The 34-year-old mother. Turned off while the son of one, you will Retsu Tei'll take you up one day. This is in
to incest, but it felt like I did not feel the atmosphere has changed as well when two people are a little off lately.
My son likes to take in my mother's old kitten, even rising up to the school 触Rita breasts,
or clinging to come back, I was coming up and you slip into a skirt . Be happy and healthy child growing up in poor health were born early,
I've always allowed it to get spoiled. Also like the train sometimes disconnect button my blouse,
"touching the breast of the mother" to be or come into your hands, I was embarrassed, in front of people become older students will be patient now.
become junior, if you shop, there also had been molested me to trying to fight off a shot in my skirt,
have me really cared about me seems. But now amount to put in public,
to feel like getting spoiled when more heavily cut in two, and who also feel embarrassed when I am. It is not my son and Fureau
I hate, happiness is a temporary, sometimes I feel like it the way a man touched me lately come. Kanji Kanji
massaged my chest and suck the nipple, not just himself but to touch the hand involving Kanjita waist, as well as I expect a reaction.
And even when pressed to come face to legs and lower abdomen in my skirt, inner thigh, or been using the tongue,
the nose and lips are interested in the crotch of underwear particularly to impose or to Guigui
(son, "Mom pants to smooth, from a nice smell like") to it, my son not to such actions even before her husband They become,
gradually is becoming a little secret I act with my son. Honestly, I feel embarrassed for most of my own body.
Fureau son happy and feeling like the other previous (pleasure?) I've have in mind.
throughout the act, a peaceful and no longer like the old days, choking flows so nervous at the time.
each other and silently watched his son and look at each other, Haki出Shimasu a small sigh.
But my little response (or body trembling voice) would be cute son with sparkling eyes.
So stop while care must be embarrassed. After all, I love my son.


Have a longer time with their children.
son, I'm 15 years old in three of the 37 years. Child. The same age as my husband. Two years ago, I stood my home, is hard at work.
yesterday stood and opened the door so that his son heard a noise in the shower because I was going to buy the sweat scratched. I asked to see his mother naked
What are you doing, take a shower and re-stated what you're talking to enter the voice crying in the bath together naked son
we hug and kiss for me and I've included. What are you doing? Anger. Not quit.
son, 180cm they wrap around my hand like a tall, turned to massage the breasts behind my son, like mother's breasts smaller.
but none of it will be less 言Uu and I wondered who was touching somewhere,
somehow this situation is to place the situation, I know I waited in the room Sunnari went out and said lever.
plan to do, the room just talking to my son, my son was naked. I like what my mother and asked, right not?
would like to say amusing. My son knocked down by force, has arrived to take off those wore down, take one thousand are cut off on me, get my son's genitals, what I was thinking something like this,
son's penis in me, and my body became hot, I was ashamed of his son's body by turning your feet feeling piercing the uterus. My son is now on the mother.
because he got lost several times violently thrust back to a mother and son, what are you doing with my son meet the eye.
son go, and I ejaculate inside of me to say hold on to his son feeling. Son lying, girls and Shitarashiku hundred classmates and hear properly and where you learned,
TV watching 14-year-old mother of drama. A son, her hundred are not, you can talk about serious drama, like a child 出来Tara yesterday dumped her.
that want to be with my mother really wanted to use it. Become a partner responsible for his mother to take her son alone with the stranger I'll
is not. My son is found to behave, you will come into the inside of me immediately.
this morning, ate breakfast with her husband rare, 見送Rishi, and I come inside. I do not get pregnant because your body has become from birth to his son,
son, put out five times in the morning, now sleeping. Husband to come home at night, so I want to concentrate on studying it no worries.

Anxiety son

Keep it fresh and new and full of thread in front. This year, I got a chocolate
like son. There on the desk in
. I was saying I had
of her sister's place I went to her ○ ○ ○ ○, so he got it from anyone. I wonder if the outside
first time? I guess it would get them
chocolate now?


Agreement with my son. It showed someone's panties in front of my son, rub over the disgusting, chestnut, and crevices panties,
be passed to his son wearing panties stained. And my son man juice panties attached to it is to smell like smearing on his face.
this contract to his son, "Take this stand," I call it. But my true feelings for the little things in my "training" that is.
libido young son will not be something to compare to my husband. I curled my stomach as hard because I get to looking array. You do not have fun
越Etara one line at a time? I have no interest to me would have it she 出来Tara.
finds awaited "free penis" What is. I want to taste my dick in this contract. Actually my son so much that
protruding from the current contract. I said, "It'll settle for," he said, is now full of man juice in her hand painted,
decided to give handjob to die for. This is the end of February you can go somewhere fun.

Mother and Son

I am a 39 year old mother.
now like to live alone with her son and her husband divorced eight years ago.
time, I'm 31 years old, my son was 11 years old.
in alimony from her husband, but life was not impaired, sexual frustration while I was
I was comforted himself with like masturbating every day.
One day I was reading a comic ladies.
went into the hands of my shorts with nature, while touching a wet bud
H or delusion to Imashi.
And reading the confession of incest, the feelings started sprouting in my mind dangerous
Yes. H-I and his son were to imagine the scene that. I put out a Pinkurota
hidden in a chest of drawers, a large bud was more stimulated
"Caz, Caz."
"Aa ~, go, she'll say ~" shouting when I was getting pleasure,
"I'm home." he said, his son home from school came.
And I have looked on the couch masturbating.
I wear shorts again surprised to panic, is not nothing like I,
"Welcome home." his son said.
next day I changed my son's attitude was always safe.
pure son, would know what I was doing at that time.
but dangerous thoughts were beginning to sprout in my mind at that time, every time the sight of her son went
gradually inflated.
And I decided.
day, went into the bath with my son.
before, and my son a bath, I was always together, at that time so I was nervous
"Caz, I'll wash your penis clean mom." And he gave me the hair still
boldly strip the skin of the penis in the young do not grow.
"I want ~" He murmured and.
issued a first look was born the son of a small pink penis.
And while I put the soap and began squeezing the penis of her son.
son penis becomes hard and gradually became larger.
erect penis I saw my son,
"I'll give you a better mom." he said, contained in the mouth.
After a while,
"Mom, stop it ~" at the moment and my son said, and thin 甘Zuppai
my mouth semen was launched.
that time, my son experienced the first thing as ejaculation.
"Caz, felt good?" and I asked,
"·····" son is still facing down, but did not come back no answer.
Since then, my son and I play with every H, Agemashi many things to tell her son or
. Sometimes I also watch adult videos together.
one month later, I became interested in SEX son,
"Caz, SEX want to?" I've heard.
"Yes." He replied. I was led to a secret part
his son's erect penis.
"You put your penis here." I said,
"Mommy, what should I do?" He has to listen.
"and out slowly, and try to put." I replied.
son's penis to be satisfied I physically could not
still too small to be felt and the joy one thing got to love his son.
end, "the forbidden door" is opened.

thing I was not able to turn back. If you still
son "incest" and words mean and I did not know, I receive only put me
And now my son and I like to enjoy every day SEX.
son in middle school now.
that time, I was like I come from people asking me about my son.
return home from school, you can flip through my skirt, to hug you from behind,
"Mom, SEX attempt." said he.
I felt the joy of his son's actions such as women.
And I feel like going to other women her son reached puberty, give them cute underwear
purpose, or for wearing a miniskirt and went on to seduce her son.
"Mommy, cute." Each time my son will say, I will crush my heart like a girl
son and I love almost like a comrade, or each other while taking a bath with hilarity,
into bed with you, we had spent a happy day.
day, I have SEX after the son, casually,
"Caz, now have your favorite child?" I asked his son,
"no. favorite mom I'm. "likes me.
I kissed my son,
"you again?" I asked his son,
"Yes, I do not mind how many times did you and Mom." he said me.
I was very happy.
at that time, my son, "Forbidden Love" gave thanks to the lead, and live their dream like I have to because
in my mind is "incest" had lost all resistance.
I am as a man who loved his son alone.
and "Forbidden Love" then went constantly.
son is now a high school student.
After a while, I was informed of a shocking fact. It does not come
I went to feel anxious and gynecology.
And the things that could be told of the pregnancy.
"Congratulations. his wife is pregnant." was told the moment and the head doctor
, I was shocked. There is no doubt my son
I do not know how good I talked to my son, who was worried for a while.
Then one day my son lying in bed together,
"Caz, if you made a baby just end what to do?" When I heard,
"or birth, 産Ma Do not, because Mom decides it, "replied.
"Yes." I murmured in a low voice.
three days then I was pregnant with his son confessed to the facts boldly.
"Caz, that ~, I have consulted"
"Mother, I want the children of pregnant Caz, I think you raise a baby,
good? "I asked.
"What!'s really pregnant?"
"Mm ~ I, thank you so mom decided. the children and take care of me."
and son 言Imashi or.
babies I've decided my son.
for example, from now on, no matter what challenges lie ahead.
my stomach gradually increases, and I did not feel like I was a newlywed back.
"Mom, when born?" I and my son asked me,
"After about a month."
"If you get boobs, and I'll also 飲Mashi Caz." and I said,
"eh sure."
浮Be son said with a smile.
and I gave birth to a healthy girl.
me they look very similar, called "Love" was named.
at the time, I'm 36 years old, my son was 16 years old. It is important to remember
son his father, she ate up like I Imashi could almost
or sister.
for my son, "Love" is a daughter, a sister and I.
son and I "love" as my sister now, and I decided to Teru Iku much.
And we do not like the neighbors suspicious, move away the little things that
So my son and I started living like a married couple without self-conscious thing.
It is not to say in the form of marriage, say in the form of eternal love.
Even now, I and my son have been living like a real couple.
son became full-fledged member of society, "love" I'm fine. I am 39 years old ♀

19 year old son and 5 months 2 ♂

I love the "incest" deny no.
Even his son followed the same path and love

"incest" People who want to should have a lot to the world.
"forbidden door" is open to anyone me. Open it yourself.
surely should have a wonderful world awaits.

○ default black tea

His father became a byte, but earning less restructuring
for the year, you're not yet bytes ○ Chi Tto
the darkness of his father introduced me to <br > to. The first is a variety of questions are now taking off clothes
was only one person was granted

next to look at me while they found his father alone

how to become somebody people are always doing when saying yesterday
honest father and asked where the end is said to Misero
where more
is today. His father was silent
do not know what will happen

Beloved uncle

18-year-old high school student.
has now become a slave of his uncle.
seven years ago my uncle gave a virgin.
time is called and ordered the inclusion of underwear.

relationship with uncle had also started from an early age can remember still adhere.
My mother was often entrusted to my uncle's house. I
lunch together and I love the guy, or a bath, and was sleeping.
of them had been told I'm being naughty secret from her mother.
are the days of elementary school, was being licked or touched the breast or a can or ○.
older students are treated around the time of a full-fledged woman was SEX.
uncle loves school swimsuit or gym clothes, people say the large pool with H 2
things that may or concerns.
since becoming a junior high school, in the circumstances of each call man was SEX. I do not like Uncle
silly woman, studying Ganbarimashita also get other beloved Uncle.
another man is not interested. As Uncle

instruction, shame you can wear clothes without underwear and micro miniskirts big breasts exposed.
cafe in the nude even in the booth at all even if H is a fine thing.
now they are still growing and has become E cup breasts (lower elementary school elementary high AA · A → B → C · D high school junior → E).


yuna himekawa[15288]
Recently, a neighbor who wife "Do not become beautiful" or "I'm younger," is often said that I like. On the surface
"I go to the gym" or "results of walking", but say others.
Really were not that day, I have held my son. This year, I thought it was her son but declined to break the college entrance exams and Uriah
lie I was looking for her son would be somewhere in my heart I really to become involved. That strong arm
son, want someone thinking it was my heart so
not be denied. Masturbate while thinking of his son's excitement and pleasure was beyond my imagination. Was limited.
want my son! ! Want to be caught in, that the son! ! On that day one month before his son's gaze is turned into a man's gaze. I was taunting her son.
went to bed and came back to make sure my son home from school, began to masturbate as usual, opened the door Panashinishi,
Misemashi suffering son in a loud voice to be heard or. After a few minutes, I found that my son came to the bedroom door before. I have dandruff to increase pleasure while saying the name of his son,
the still provocative. Ino Ara I heard my son breathing. It seems to be my son. And more exciting to imagine doing it while thinking of my son has grown,
while I sit and float cum daunting. Notice and, if the span of my naked son, already inserted, had motivated the waist.
dream in reality this is not sure, run through the feet from head to toe to toe for pleasure, I recognize this reality and arms around the neck of his son,
gazing "forgive could not you wanted to have patience, "and say" I'm wanted to be my Mother and I love
, Mom "and a son back me. Happy heart is full. At this time the
joy to those who really love someone, I knew the first time. Boundary of the day my son comes home from school every day, asking me to come now. hug from behind
been living just gotten to be kissed on neck 腰砕Ke would entrust everything to his son. I really honest body. Another son is a prisoner
. I know the joy in your mind and body to be loved, and now it can not turn back the pleasure of knowing. This is thought to be abnormal.
is nowadays more excited because I think it's abnormal. PS · · yesterday evening, was to marry his son. Of course, but not on the family register,
"I just become a woman" is Kotorashii attach. Future member of society and my son wants to become a divorce can live with my husband as a full-fledged adult.
I said, "I, at this lady?'m 45 next year?" The 聞Ki返Shimashita and "I love you so" and lift the legs, strong 突Ki上Gemashita from the front.
while listening to the hum of my husband who will be immersed in a bathtub across a piece of the wall just beyond the nail
stand back his son to put up gasping, Dokkun son's sperm The dock and pulsing, feeling that flows into the uterus
I nodded my vagina. Today I was "just a woman's son" is now.

My brother and ...

Why did I even think that I have never incest. I think that there are no edges
time, I'm 23 years old brother at the age of 16 is different from seven.

One day I came back from the company to 21:00, dinner
Shimaimashi without food or sleep.
2:00 in the morning when you awake you take a bath time.
a little peek and brother to go unnoticed because the rattle sound from the room to his brother masturbating
alone. I'm going to
excited while watching my intent and interest. On that day, my brother ik
until the last minute after reviewing
, you slept in the bath being noticed.
then, as my brother often look through the room and look forward to looking into a room of his brother became
One day, when you are trying to look into masturbating brother, who happens to look into that door to see
, I wince with each other
the first match of the first brother was.
just ran into my room immediately, I have no noise from the room then became
even then each other face to face for shame, and you can not talk the day continued as normal
the room from his brother that is no longer sound, but imagine the scene at night

"きたら contains things that" one day alone I think masturbation is now followed by
put her hand into the bed of my brother woke up because something Mozomozo
night sleeping on your chest to touch
. Hurry, "augh" fled the scene shouting.
So my brother as well as the family realized that a woman is seen.
few days later, came into my room when my mother did not
"let me kiss my sister! me, I know I'm watching my own sister has"
said Masu.
I did not think I was looking at each other but never yourself.
that the mother can say for shame.
"say stupid!" spoiler spoilers that are not interested nor does it say that you can see

great word.
"If you just kiss," I thought, "I just like my mouth You should not put you tongue," he said

first brother and kissed him. Because my brother
or partner or even a first kiss, it seems to be fairly nervous.
then, not just once, kiss Segamimasu daily.
and kissing several times to touch the hand of my brother back gradually been embraced
and will continue to escalate
of them, which touched on the breasts while kissing clothes will be rubbed.
now cross the tongue when you put your tongue should be the promised kiss.
to be touched bottom. It was all over the clothes, put your hands come in at or skirt

"Dametsu" is refused, and artifacts ever feel like, aside Not really the refused

did not.
and have been worried and then kiss, from my brother "relationship with a school girl I had ever even
kite, I'm really not work.
Maybe I do work ., "was consulted.
I see why such a cute brother "from now I'll tell you," promised
Mashita away.

I do not understand why I promised to do.
appointed day, I went to the hotel to come home with the company. I feel weird
I go into the hotel with his brother.
to keep away from does not even crossed her arms in the hands not connecting with each other, my brother was so ashamed by it however without
for I was quite nervous than before.
awkward even choose a room, so that Naka Naka deterministic mutual distance apart.
was being kissed 抱Kitsuka hardly entered the room. Once
let me some reassurance that my brother before bathing, because many days I can do alone
you can see very nervous.
to get out of the shower and then I also, curiously almost a condom on the bed looking
brother, how awkward and uncomfortable hands and touch the condom, already out of the bag size has become
was just trying to please
付Keyou yours.
my bed with a towel hiding something embarrassing Knowing now what I came up on the sleeping
. My brother slept in the next
I also do not touch me easily. From his own
I can not say anything, and wait times flowed.
After a while, holding hands from my brother, "Ne Kiss me!" I said. The very tense in that
is touching the breast while kissing, taking a towel from my heart for a long time

been touched.
brother "姉Chanki good rice?" asks again and again.
I do not blame me nervous, and very wet. I have my feet from the Open
mobility as they lead.

brother has been touching the inside of my place while watching my precious. From
brother has become one of the irregular movement 知Ranairashiku how to move your back. I left and immediately
brother once or over a bit calmer this time and say you want to lick my thing The
. so no more condom
, gave out the second time in the mouth.

Then I go about twice a month at a hotel.
now at home in the guise of the hotel is nothing like the relationship between male and female form. may be so unhappy
first person brother sister. Her not to make a still
now I also have people that not Tsuki合I to us, perhaps her brother
After creating
might be angry.

I turned 24 years old now, I get the story of married parents.
still afraid of this over the years. If you would like your communication of a similar situation if you please

According to his son

Face a divorce from estranged husband at the end, my son in the head while crossing to the lives of future thinking, "I love my mother," and sought, and the mistakes I Hazime Hiroshi son. Friendly face away as the mother had disappeared, being held for his son is hysterical screams every night.


To me, there are also 10 years old brother away. But now live apart from each other,
his brother at the age of seven I was touched to the body every day. At that time, my brother, "a body that" I had to say,
because I know nothing, "do not want to test every day," and say it was 奮Wa violence.
First, my brother came from behind 抱Ki着I always invite me to his room, "I'm going to punish my brother to say you can not listen!" called. I
"No test is scary ..." and saying that 決Matte more scary face is slapped on the head.
"You know, this is a test I secretly! or dad, even my mother Oshietara But do!" content such things 囁Kimasu ear.
and let me take off clothes one by one. No swelling or being patted my chest yet,
掴Mare and strongly placed around the hips and fingers as well ... dick sometimes. I now know the thing is useless to resist, now hold still. I saw that my brother
Occasionally, something had to put his hand inside the pants. If you think
Now I know that masturbation was after my body 弄Nda ... just look at the time was knowing anything about his brother.
the job was the last test before my brother leave the house. During the last inspection,
回Shimashita brother rubbed his body lying in bed wildly as usual I was naked. And therefore we abandoned me on the Cross took off his pants.
"embarrassing, but my brother, I took off my pants because I'm the last test ..." I say, I have been pressed against my crotch my crotch.
sat waving several times, we are rough breath each time. Remember the trickle was dripping with sweat even leaned my body from the forehead of her brother.
"a big brother ... I love about you .... and why I was checking every day ..." I looked at my brother's face in silence.
brother treats me roughly Ha Ha do not move a muscle while. "It hurts ... my brother!" Exclaimed a voice like milk,
brother became increasingly violent in the like was excited and kept touching my body. "I hope! You're never going to keep it a secret!" And,
怒鳴Ritsukemashita voice I ever scared. And in the meantime just keep rubbing my penis was! Moment, even I did not know what happened,
let the rigid body on the bed had been suppressed. My brother sat in silence ... I shook. And ... when I realized
brother, after wearing the pants were.

Dear Father

Relationship between father and I had also started from an early age can remember still adhere. My father is
was really looking forward to entering the bath and I came back after work flying time.
wash me clean from top to bottom, especially in the crotch and down his hand whisk, slowly and sometimes quickly from the bottom.
would've been the clitoris is stimulated hindsight. 4.5
still remember that from the knee collapsed while out and say it was despite 気持Chi良Kutsu years. Since that time again
were also taught Blow example would suck things without any hesitation my father.
mother and daughter are doing that I did not expect her husband dreamed of, taking a bath while two people were the dishes or watching TV.
on my days off and immediately start running in the daily routine in the drive and loves to Blow my father buried her face in the crotch from the passenger seat of his father,
lick a lick and a car and knock your'll Wait The fun did not stop to say stop using it because my father is in danger.
lay in the passenger seat and open the crotch of his father who took off his pants and touching her pussy, and "I can see from the outside" to touch us but trouble and Copyright. 2
became the father alone at home moms and travel or go to the neighborhood soon after entering elementary school and my mother, my father was deprived of her virginity like I was waiting for that time.
my father is one of the great small indeed, and caressed his father hated his father did not want or need to split
of pain sensation like I surf on my patience My father and my father to accept such a huge thing to go in the body and penetrates deep into the 果Temashita
father in me, "I'm glad I'll tea ○. I love you." likes me . Entertain with a pain in my father forget his words,
Musha digging into things with his father and "holding more!" Was saying. After that did not stop anymore. Blow in the daily drive is, of course,
had grown to raise a person's eyes without concern as to cover the pants off on the knee with his father holding his neck while running.
I see from the outside in the skirt, and that SEX would never think of. I was watching what looks like I'm laughing with good family is just Damn. I am not my father anymore
愛Semasen. By stealth were junior high school my mother is still on the tongue twines voices of his father, but has accepted the love juice dripping thick black father thing.
like to come in soon with my mother instinct, but the rivalry looks like a woman looking for my attitude. The three estimates of elaborate enjoy rubbing off even if the mother Baretara.
will do anything that is loved by his father. Father and another man in front of my father would not hesitate if ordered SEX with Shiro. I'm glad you give me so happy my father.

During the memorial service

Whirlpool 32-year-old homemaker me. Relatives at the time of memorial service was last week, is what I had been having sex for being 72 years old Grandpa 押Shi倒Sa relatives, which was at that time was far off in the room with a faster time than the door suddenly Kazuhiko's incoming and 72-year-old opens Kazuhiko's power to farm but had to push down the resistance of the fly by taking off my panties in no time without it's true, Kazuhiko When the clitoris with the tongue's licking dick Kazuhiko have never even been licking his master, and I'm fine time to get wet and Yoshiko Hiro Brute man stir through the power of shame about my entire body because there is still Before I took off my pants when I was saying Kazuhiko's pants did not stick or be added to the excitement of a big black bars Kazuhiko Kazuhiko's spread legs and my lower body is saying a big Yoshiko Hiro Oh Oh dick deep into the roots were put to the bar's Kazuhiko overlap each other and saying Yoshiko Hiro ~ Miss Oh Oh I raise a voice and suave and Kazuhiko Kazuhiko's useless 72 year old did not want to hustle hard starts moving back No movement of the hips, but I have 行Kasa useless time and again to be caught is the best ~ I also expected to severely from back to go back! Tasted the thrill of sex in relatives of people gather. I attended the memorial service that was nothing to change into my robe. I've been enjoying sex in the bed of someone's house Kazuhiko blanket back over the memorial service. I still have sex with my husband Barezu. ! !

A brother in eighth grade virgin ...

When the family went to sea last summer, her brother in a hotel room (brother) I've been taking off swimsuit fucked (first experience). To keep silent until now ... I'm sorry mom.

But like

Love should never opponents .... Even if it was a romance .... In my case, that person how her son ... Yu. Forbidden love, burned fiercely, seeking pleasure to meet again today ... instinct.



month before last, when there was free up home in a month or so my husband insisted.
son came home, we say stay issued. Since I was home alone
his words, also lifted the 心強 feel a little nervous, and my son's face after a long time seen anything
思Ta feeling happy. But the idea of her son like fluttery feeling in different places 有Tta
I ask my husband and my strange life. (It is a strange child), while casually talking to
And he, after bathing her son,
"Hey, bed tonight sleep side by side" I've said.
照Rekusakatta I decided to do so little, so glad my son told me at least.
night, and suddenly the lights while to bed down, getting my son into bed,
has been cut.
"You know, Guess what, me, why I came tonight"
I had no idea whatsoever. I wonder 思Itsukazu only about money but trouble,
No way, I did not see any such thing I will say. "The fact the same"
As soon as my son and I - think I took my hand and, on his Ikiri立Tta
push things, "and wants SEX mother, always wanted to ... It "
was cut this. I have an upset beating earlier and eventually stretch
"and, of saying what you" say so in the utmost, the shivering begins to pull back the hands of
learned. Still, for my son as much as was the assumption by without saying falter on
Nokemashita started playing with his penis pressed against your body wiggle terrified me.
"I'm sorry, but I was much more patient, I take this opportunity 逃Shitaku無Katta"
body is stiff, trembling in my mind it is also unable to shake off the various things that ran 巡Rimashita.
four years with her husband to 縁遠Ku every day away from the male sex drive came without 抑E込N also be cheating
and feel of the goods and the son of long time touched penis erecting say.
there with his son and 22-year-old has-been situation where a woman is 50.
The son of an act than anything else, desperately going to be blowing in the rational instinct aware
upset with myself that 押Sae込Mou. Nightwear are all just like petting
despite the good feelings I've been pressing down on her like a desperate
whisper in my ear 被Sari thin covering child, "her mother went into the want, "said
when electricity ran throughout the body. Through the power away from the body in good shape with the word hypnosis hung
I also changed my thinking. "Mother," and so spoiled when the person is said to want to accept all
away feeling like a little kid feel really let my son was
. Strategy may have been his son, but that's another matter how it is
. (Even down to hell I'll be satisfied with it if this child)
Just when I thought so, I have slowly invaded her son. I get to hit the mouth to win a voice.
man when you feel yourself embraced four years, to put a woman feel like the end
取Ri戻Seta now fills my heart. Jitter for a while and had a son, "my mother I work" on the upper body and shoulder to shoulder
likes my feet, I have strongly pushed the back bent like suppress.
time and again, so is missing the back end to the deep stimulation of the uterus just Nukan
enter not only the power, I would like to knead the most deeply stabbed
hips wiggle has stimulated the entire uterus. I have nothing more dreadful and was young. SEX is like a rich husband
was not considered so.
Son tightly and built with genuine emotion. I hail no son to figure away to feel
climax several times I have exposed it. It would be good even if the parents what we would have.
her joy was concentrated on the things of greedily suck dry Tokoro無Ku exhaustive. I even feel excited
is linked to the son, even thought this was to stay like this forever.
thus had to face the peak at the mercy of terrible son.
son, left or posture, embracing me again and overlap with the ear wrap shrug my
"to take Mom" and has been whispered. It was a place I want more.
"Come" and says his son shook the state to cause tremendous momentum back slightly.
intense friction force is likely to be broken womb, I turned back so far to become aware of and observed
bear with his son while desperately for something they 口走Tsu their concern away again memory or from far
in "Ah ~ Tsu, Mom, come Tsu" I heard faintly at that moment I felt a voice say 迸Ri
son's warm uterus was pulled back As consciousness returned,
tongue has been entwined Susurimashita son.
after the act, I care for my son as "my mother, I'm sorry, you really put Dekinakutsu"
but I was told to me, and you should see my son ever experienced SEX Among the most wonderful was
SEX. There has been more than enough things to be aware of his son as a man.
I told my son, "Why apologize?, are you regretting?, and mother than I thought SEX
not good?"
son, "Well, I thought I had been forced from , and something I do not regret, because incest is that I thought I
, the mother draws from alright "
尚Mo caring son I know is" Yes, we are in the way of people The outside, you can refuse the mother was not even from
guilty, and so what I am depressed Yet? "
" No, not really, I think it would be painful and I do not like this opportunity again, I next impossible, right? "
I was at a loss for answers. Once accepted and I said, I thought it had gone to good
still positive, but the truth of her smoldering uncontrollably, "Yes, but not something here you say, < br> mother in a secret if you can not disagreeable, "I said.
son "Really?, or mother and I want to wish every day if possible, a mother 狂Wasetai"
I'm in this situation, it alone with his son when the mother's dignity and I thought unnecessary.
"Even I, a son you can not believe that I did not think it far,
like a 22 year old lad, I like to be someone depart, but you know your mother man It won first prize in
definitely be the mother, you'll also part with his mother,
your SEX I knew more. This is the real intention of the mother "
Then During more than 20 days before her husband comes back, followed by nights with her son,
to this year, and his son had never imagined SEX People daily.
in the house and was not wearing any underwear, but more time was about to wear clothes to feel short
. To act in a small bed every night, to sleep together
day and night, without even stripping out the genitals or around the house it was about crazy for
feel fit. The road to boldly go several times if no action 重Nere
number of department stores and train station toilet and night, outdoors Deshitari sneak out to the forest without a popular car,
approximate newlywed SEX's a stunning 貪Rimashita. Initially, the husband come back because it was supposed to
became too bold. But now her husband has returned to what has decreased the number of
, son and I followed. It is not known. After I
, I can not stay in her for years. You will come away 老Ire son.
, then I want to give her son a little longer. I


Son of college (Y) seems to have dumped her. When the drunken words seemed to be small because the little boy apparently was told.
and I do not know but to say my husband died four years ago. Examine the net of twelve inches or more,
small place, there seems to Oita centimeters wide. Proprietor, twelve had three centimeters. It did not seem too much painful memories, especially because no weight.
have seen with my son for accidentally bump into you in the dressing room and Dallan state. It seems not centimeters.
a balance of 1 meter 80 centimeters tall, so there seems less sure. They go so well so I can consult with my son if his father.
So, I decided to check the size of delving into the field grew during masturbation. I also Yottara if attacked by Satoshi Satoshi. There is a pill
period started drinking yet. When I tell my son about masturbation is. He was in the room
rock the house next door, so somehow (so jerry-built) and then dumped her I did most days. The decision was not attached
enough, my son went to the room with coffee and cake at last with grim determination. Temasen of them with a private key.
"Y you do not have tea." Y suddenly opened the door I was holding the little boy on the bed. I just stuck with surprise.
"Oh, I'm sorry." I saw he says firmly. My husband was about the same. "What the." Y is the side with a frown 向Kimashita.
"Hey, she's not new." "Do not Leave me alone." "What little, and I care." "I thought, my little me."
"No, same dad about it. "" But, K Beauty (ex) I laughed a little. "When talking about penis size of your little Y is now a serious face. It is still worrying
tan. "Y was the first time in K's beauty." "Yes." "Well, not know." "But I try not to go to the translation in the other."
Try to hear the word made up my mind. Not mean that other person and allow the body to listen. AIDS is hard when moved to the genre something is going.
"all off." and looked at me to say that Y is surprised. "Really." "I just try." Y 脱Gi捨Temashita what you wear and I feel the change in. but a little loose
'm ashamed of your stomach, did not stop anymore. The little boy was so Y and Dallan while, let your hands 屈N Doke, I hold. Muk Muk
grew bigger and soon. I just held out her finger tip. My husband seemed to be thicker than the first. "Good." Y did not believe the face.
"OK. from the pill and drink too fine." twitched move and chew on the little boy. I did not master that well, Y and I think it was okay.
Y turned me around to make by hand. It was full of embarrassment in front of the show and think, and immediately began licking his face straddle. In less than five minutes will stop the mouth of the Y,
弾Kemashita in the mouth. I choked up because it was far his mouth. I thought of failure. My husband did not once 果Tetara second.
However, Y is not small at all, but I came addressed to me to bed soon. Fit the position put a pillow under the waist. There was pain
twitchy after a while because of what comes in a little. "More slowly." "Sorry." "Do not worry. But gentle with."
"Different." "What." "Mom, really hard." "Y, and I'm not small." Finally I entered all the far reaching. Not to short nor thin. Relieved.
"Hey, can I move more." Y is heard on a serious face. I was just trying to remember that I said.
stop on the way here to come to my policies,
Mori Tsumoru I did not end with this. "Do not worry. I'll continue to do. But you gently."
Had sex without a condom and then I realized that my husband will kill with the Y to the pregnant. I realized once again the feeling of Dumping. Perhaps exhausted by mouth
once Y has fairly long-lasting. I think probably more than one hour followed the motion. Have never learned the feeling I ever experienced, thanks.
"You know, it's okay. from not worry." Y to see the happy face, I thought good to forgive. Then, from'll know once and cross the Y-
day. What came first because the tightness is gone accustomed to, also knew the feeling is different because you do not mind to move violently reversed.
until there is a promise with new girlfriend, now does not seem to mind that Y. Friends - Thanks I like younger,
"My boyfriend recently was not it." Was mocked.

Brother and

Finally, the Lightning. As I wrote toward
attempted before, and I've been concerned about big brother thing, and was nervous every day
. I say go
opportunity week my parents house for some time that my grandmother is also from last Friday while traveling
think, although it was a virgin, had invited the people of my tea> <
come home from school on Friday, is like my brother skipped school, stay in the room like a topic or
. So, "my brother ~ I'm back." Where one person has sex with her brother went to the room was
I have had great interest is the first time in a man's dick, I watched your brother just stunned
chan, "Get out early, is not uncomfortable." Chai was told Mashita.
I sat under the bed do not go out of my brother, "I look forward to tan the other day from the time
so far!" So, I was a little surprised Looking straight "Well, I hope?"
my hand and was pulled up on the bed 押Shi倒Sa draw.
like gentle kisses, but the first brother to become dizzy, tongue and mouth are Kaki回Sa
give Lightning.

holiday full of clothes made it the sex in various places in various home.
me anymore, maybe my brother's Not bad> <


yuna himekawa[15129]
Evening was my parents went to stay with children 34 years old Whirlpool housewife, my husband was walking back to shore fishing at night my husband went to see two people going out fishing with my father in law last It was a time when the atmosphere had increased, but in the hands of his father-in-law saying Hiroko my skirt, I come to touch my dick and panties from the top to resist and accept it without gradually panties became wet when I was little and feel good, I gradually come to put your fingers in direct contact with the vagina in ripped pantyhose and panties nestled at his father-in-law who got a feeling After defeating a blanket in the back seat of a van seat in the car while being held back and shoulders with his father-in-law is said to be fine back in the car and said Hiroko father was useless after another wet and Gushogusho was drawn up, I'm embarrassed to be around my tongue lick dick and take off your panties and spread your legs and gently to sleep in his father-in-law? take off your pants pants father-in-law about 69 years and a wet Gushogusho chunks of meat in front of me, I'm with the overlap on me saying it may put Hiroko larger hard in the mouth and sucking like crazy cock overlap the lower body and spread legs deep roots after being put through smoothly but is sex, sex is the first car


I am the son of recent college and fell in immoral relations, but with a sense of guilt, still is not good that the mother is unable to cut off his son's forbidden act.
I was having a relationship with his son after the first time, I wonder if I had to be stupid, and blamed his own.
But, my son and asked for the body, parents forget that obsession, surrender himself to his son, son to open the body, they are now drowning in pleasure.
to think there are other parent-child relationship as we like to find out that, Tsukimashita 辿Ri to this site.
Could it be something like this to become my son, my life really was an unexpected event.
course I ever saw of her son as the target is not even once.
But now, my son than I am tall is too much higher, much better than his master in the thickness of shoulders and chest, has become a great man.
Why it has become like this .... Confessed to the memory of that day here.
I started living alone since becoming the son of an only child in college once a week, especially without something to do was put in a call to his son.
from now, is that a few months ago. When I put the phone
son after a long, long after the call, I'm getting an annoying son in a terrible voice. When asked how
, squash your fingers hurt, so meals can make is to say I was sleeping. I'm not worried
, Working on my sympathy, and I'll eat something delicious to make it the next morning, headed to the apartment of his son. Looking for an apartment
arrived, but fortunately, like a swelling of the hands of his son also died down, all that pain has faded, a little relieved.
and cleaning rooms for the first time while her son, to the laundry, prepare meals for over than the arm.
can cook, sitting at the table, "go ahead" and I said
"steak from there I can not use one hand to feed it" has been spoiled and a son.
I happy about being a little spoiled son
"Yes, yes," said meat cut and carried to the mouth and I was feeding my son. After the meal
long time to put me to my advice to my son a bath.
soaked in a bathtub while, suddenly, I wonder if my son wash myself, I think, my son
"Hey, I'll wash wash yourself from your mother, I take 入N together ~" I put his voice.
"Ah ~ ~ I know today, what a mother 甘Eyou Unto ~" My son came back and replied brightly.
After a while, came into the bathroom naked son.
I quite stunning, surprised his son's body has become an adult, a moment would come out in the voice.
I prevent my agitation Misukasa son, "Then I'll wash" his son began to wash his back as if nothing had happened to.
washing hands, finally, close to the groin when his son saw up close what his son again.
that time, was not yet erect, facing the state was under the glans, to start with a soap wash hands before and after it tappuri and son to me, you see completely over the glans 向Kimashita increasingly Gungun and thickness and hardness.
son, "I'll do," had the power to put their hands to sit on my shoulder while 沿E and moan. It
hideously warped to become huge sky has been a growing pulse is transmitted into the hands of my son's blood vessels stand out and thump.
some point my head was getting a daze.
"Mother ... licking ..." My son has been pleading voice, as if I were to ask for help.
"But ... can not work from my mother ..."
experience with my husband, but, remembering that my husband and told 上手Kunai much, I had to say so.
"Mom asks ... to ... kiss me ..."
When I begged my son again, I put my lips gently on the tip of the erection of a son.
they are overflowing with sparkling clear mucus from the tip of erection is different from that of my husband, the smell was like a young chestnut flowers.
"Mom ... more ... more ... please suck up Eh"
son thrust has been to push back with great force he says. Emashita
I suck as a whole so as to wrap your mouth erection.
tingling feeling of excitement that I am the uterus, deep throat went included.
"What, Mom, I'm also ... well let me kiss your mother ..."
saying that his son sitting on the edge of my bathtub, we open the legs, an important part of my we look to fill. I thought there was
my lips pressed against his son suddenly has entered the vagina hole warm tongue.
I was thinking I give a small voice. son
tongue tracing the labia majora, clitoris licking, and even getting to enter the vagina hole and continued to caress persistently found to have come slowly starting to feel contractions in my womb . I caress
by his son, Takashi Mari that began in the uterus of their sexual, feeling confused, and Takashi Mari calm that was biting his lips desperately. Around
by the movement of the tongue licking her son still relentlessly, When they reached near the peak is no longer with a growing wave of pleasure, in my head instinctively (No, do not) that浮Kabimashita words.
I caress her son and escape, pull back,
I put voice to his son.
But 抱E込Nda son is still firmly in one hand and my thigh so as to miss me, came to lick the ceiling of the vagina to focus on the tongue hole.
moment, such as pleasure driving dumb numb from head to the tip of my toes, but now warp the bow.
I had found himself in the thigh with his son across the head.
I was caressed by his son, leading to the climax.
bathtub sit, leaning against the wall, and holes have exhausted my vagina, I was still continues to shrink.
son, pressed against the bathroom wall and let me stand, has been deeply into all of the erection of a son into the hole and vagina are convulsions Hikuhiku over yet. Pakonpakonpakonpakon
violently thrust up and when you feel the semen spewed deep into the hole of my vagina last son, I Kina Hiroshi 向Emashita a peak again and hugged her son tightly.
Since the incident, my son, now calls me every week to the apartment.
vigorous libido son due to his youth in the day, I went to the apartment holding me time and again, the holes emit semen into my vagina ... amazing. I know it would be
should not be getting strong embrace of a young son, my body is lazy sensual pleasure seeking, remember that family obsession, they surrender themselves to his son I ....


The 59-year-old housewife. We have three daughters and husband of 62 years, girls are married at all. I will travel with his wife, who neighbors well, such as 盛Ri上Garimasu night reviews and stories pussy husband to a girls 開Keppiroge it. Lin's wife, living next to a man experienced particularly interesting. Lin, someone when I asked why my husband married was to say that the cock was the first reason. She said, the higher the better, I seem Ikasete. I have called another person a good big man, but not well known and not hard, of course, I only know I do not know better at my husband. But have heard that story and had wanted to abandon the beaten once hung. One night, after my husband and pussy, Lin was talking about, <Sure, but hung Lin, slightly larger than usual as my> called. And further, <So you're in big sweeping Hazime Hiroshi. Lin's eyes Do not let something. I have a lot of swelling in the thigh of the pants before the usual>, I like saying. Hazime Hiroshi that is a 38-year-old brother 21 years younger than my brother. My brother is 52 years old 49 years old, 47 years old, and six brothers Hazime Hiroshi's youngest sister and it is one of four people 44 years old. My mother died away to a Hazime Hiroshi six months after birth, I raised my brothers and sisters instead of mother. I have the time, and now my husband, I married the eldest daughter gave birth to the so-called unintended pregnancy, eldest brother and the only difference in the half year is also one grade difference. So, I also raised in breast milk of two people. Hazime Hiroshi and girls are almost like siblings. By the way, Yoichi has lost a wife in a car accident in February before, since no energy-consuming hand for children three years old, is also very disturbing so I let 引Tsu越Sa neighborhood during the day and take care of my children I have seen. About a week or so before. After the three of us had dinner with my brother, <today's brother You are the night shift. Because I want to talk to my sister, I will stay>, so I, <Oh, rare>, and say, <Yes, and lonely Well and two daughters, and sometimes I'm a girl, I want to Amae like the old days and>, and so I, <Oh, good for adults. But Yeah, that's what I'm Yuki suddenly disappeared. >, I was chatting with others. That the wife is that Yuki's brother died. You have a guest room to sleep on a futon laid niece, my brother went into the bathroom. And bring a change of clothes in dressing room, opened the door of his brother bath just came out in the nude. <Oh, sorry>, but good thinking, I said the first brother in the crotch. I have very big cock hanging, I peel the eyes. Before hurriedly hid his brother in amazement. And <I got seen. >, And I was scratching his head. <What are you talking about. I'm not from another family. > I do not shut the door while I'm pretending to be cool. To 11 o'clock, leaving his brother were drinking beer while watching TV in the living room still for a skin care bed per bedroom was reading a book. Coming in with my brother opened the sliding door 30 minutes <girl, I slept next to? >, It said, <you all, to a good year. Oh, yes, I'm sometimes told me My transparent. I shall have fallen since then. Okay. Please. >, And say, hesitantly, I usually go to bed my husband came into the place. 10 minutes, and various parenting and talking to the niece has a brother holding my hand. And I was rubbing his hands to encourage hand, too. Strongly attracted my hand Then let the other held by the wrist. Thick hot stuff that was pulsing strongly. This is different.気Zuki that the penis would have pulled the main, my brother was still unconcerned, he seized it. I have been desperate to lose his brother, Shigokimashita to imagine it and squeezing it to feel lonely since his wife died and my brother. Penis is about the thickness of the coffee can, a Kachinkachin 張Rikiri was incredible and I hung on her husband and this is the same man. My brother wore pants to put your hand in front of a crack in my pajamas. <No, it just stopped. > Resistance, but with one hand while Shimashi

good way, I was handed the Shigoi Ino Hutoshi brother penis hard. Yes, he feels bad for her husband too, I had also expected to be infested with this huge cock thrust. To imagine that his brother, a smile; his smiling, open to burst into the front of the crotch of my pajamas with enormous penis exposed. I have a moment, but 凍Ritsukimashita, determine the resolution, <OK. You're not to be Yuki's pussy is gone from you. Because it seems that much piled up, take my pussy with you till you do with this lady. It is a secret to her husband. >, And say, while a smile; his, <I know. Like doing abandon. Sis, I'm prepared for us. Thank you. >, Mouth pressed against the glans of my vagina fist while the children and I spread my feet Em characters have been slowly putting. I have pain after a torn right thigh, was felt through the vaginal opening and the glans Zurutsu. Frown at me when clenching their teeth, <girl, I put up with the pain. Better from them. >, But I like to gently, in a moment, has been thrust abandon. <Uwaa> with shouting to myself. Until now, with her husband in her pussy, I cried and this door was in bad taste, the sense of a very great, I involuntarily yelling. Cock brother is drawn slowly, repeatedly thrust of abandon, the feeling of pressure built up to push each time, so I squeeze on a roar from the bottom of the belly. Among them, the brother of a sudden started a violent piston. As soon as it was attacked by a ferocious kick, I went to daunting. And I noticed, <sister, I Itta. I'll be pussy again. >. While good, I nod to convulsions Hikuhiku still bent like Changing the diaper has been placed end to the penis to drop your hips facing up to the vagina to rely on the pillow under your hips. I yelled shaking his head from side to side disheveled hair. My brother has been hitting harder and harder to look at it like crazy. Then there is no sense anymore, and I noticed, my brother and I slept next to you snoring had legs sprawled open. Light is still attached, and straighten up, my brother was lying in the crotch on the thigh hung limply 叫喚 was me. Really love them anyway Miemashita sleeping face like a naughty child-like brother. Wiping semen on a lot of tissues closely Totsuita brother shot vaginal thigh, while his brother feeling of someone looking in the future, I found my husband will no longer feel anything. And actually, this whole week my brother is coming to the absence of her husband and her pussy with 見計Ratsu. That our young niece to know, my husband and we have incest probably did not expect the main, big cock while my brother seems to taste too. If when you caught me, then divorced, married life with my brother trying to, to talk together. Both of us are addicted to the devil had carnal.

Family breakdown

I guess a 43 year old homemaker
still impossible. Our house is already a helpless state.
I have a 21-year-old son and 45-year-old husband. Could an ordinary household or
everywhere. That last summer, I have become incredible. The action was led
son. As unnatural behavior that obviously I was aware I was
while bathing or dressing room came to me, as I walk through the house naked and
. And the end of summer was. Nde I have a son
The attacking. I was desperately resisted the Kanaimasen. Eventually I Remashi
or raped. Since then, I kept holding my son. Of course, every time I
desperate last son is still resisted. I doubt my husband will try to talk to
but did state that dare to work in very harsh conditions.
time has passed just a few months, my husband has been known to last days.
Son I cherished the time I got home my husband in the living room on purpose. And the nightmare will not start
Korimashita. I came home my husband. Then I was being put on the back
situation. My husband raise their voices yelling, and shouting back to me and my son SEX
was suspended. Originally the two terms are now the bad beat Ai. Its
to my husband was killed. My son saw that my husband no longer resist, and started
SEX with me. Since
husband killed my son, my family moved to the leadership of his son. Originally
human masters and work hard at work as more and more and more on face
son anymore. Now my son can sleep in the bedroom of the couple. My husband is now added
been issued not to sleep in another room, and I can no longer talk. SEX
son is now repeated with the times now are a variety of techniques, I also serve a lot and was forced
. Blowjob in the morning and immediately began sitting in the kitchen going
SEX became commonplace. But their behavior at home when my husband
, regardless of whether there will be My husband is alone in another room. Now, you do not even
, or just because my husband is more concerned about social appearances to divorce, it is established that there is a rough
Taseruki. How exactly this situation last forever, etc. How do I
U, I come up with an idea. And, just bored I just hope the son
feel toward other women.

My discourse incest

Once back I think her son can once. My husband was so popular that the original
will become sexless honeymoon,
run out there and work at a busy fishing hobby, my son is just waking up to sexual adolescence.
only physical, but who is the head is like Karakkishi have confidence, stamina like I'm bumping Raretara daily masturbation,
my age so full of intense frustration only upset was. Liquefied being attacked by such mundane,
resistance is useless I was, the moment came, "What is this?" An intense, incredible power, they explode with frustration at a stretch,
not stop to feel pleasure to come through the crown, and the other "wet" 悦N'm becoming, is not to stop,
must not deny but, also prevents the body has to do with the blazing to,
of a woman, these words will be 当Tehamatsu. Longer possible to do anything that this body is yours or is disconnected,
come true momentum as well as honeymoon period with my husband, leave my body wet, now is not to regret it.

Thank you and

Suyasuya sleeping next to his brother, in the languor after sex in my room and did not 帰Ro, sleep in my bed, the relationship with his brother, still a 月足Razu months.
even intellectually understand Everybody wants a cock body, it is also masturbation, stop knowing things, being Buchi込Ma filthy cock into her pussy, first to regain composure.
boyfriend broke up six months, my body got used to the extreme sex with her boyfriend, the ache every night, looking for cock man wandering walk, and reached with his brother.
immediately made the sex of my thumb and a man make me happy but my brother's body was not. Use
tongue, licking clit, clit abandon bite, and lick the clitoris, it repeatedly, once stirred up into the vibe into her pussy, I greet the climax. Bites and bruises about the arms can, clearly much remains to breasts, or attached to the hickey, just like my body hurt, and then the body does not feel naughty, I like my sex I meet people who are unable to tour, I ask my brother.
Originally, the S's brother, the guy just because it was too violent video system there, happily for me as I say.
But the difference is that my brother wants to tie up, tied hand and foot, I took the liberty, as 攻Metai himself, hitting me.
clitoris bite, lick, and push the vibe, the rope can cause friction, or an enema, it is familiar to me now, so I want to let my brother.
enjoy playing violent, put a dick brother to me, come and stabbed.
to change the angle, put the cock deeper and deeper to enter, go down into the vortex of my climax. Posture, back, stand back, Sex while standing, put your sperm in me over.
kinky sex only, and not feel me, tied, and Jaanai Anal brother thing is not going to end, we have to understand, even if the head is not possible to understand the body We search each other.


I can not even talk to anyone, even though it is not going to speak, but his life came with something new, like a very sinful, and can be left to other diary, I came here to go to Search I came to. I confess I
exaggerating, but I am writing you want to confess feelings.
came to feel this way, the events that have made related to the late grandson, and I thought my life miserable, would now be a sin as something which I was born or.
we could only accept it but swept to chance, I'd say the words to deny that there is no sin itself. always were always
and even the grandchildren, I had came into my in sin, even the Dixie grandchildren so cute.
husband passed away ten years ago, to live alone in an apartment.
go out shopping with her daughter and three grandchildren of the late shopping, eldest daughter on the way to meet the promise of parting with friends and grandchildren went home to help Morai lot of luggage.
grandchildren came into the dressing room to stay, I was surprised there was even surprised a different meaning. I thought
past misery. Even this child, I was surprised that they involve even grandchildren.
cling to power come 決Shita the meaning of the Son, is brought down on the bed, no words come out, nothing screams, before those guilty of something terrible to his grandchildren would involve was. A state of panic to take a grandchild
毟Ri underwear, I closed my eyes I can not do anything miserable.
I have floated back to help catch the underwear.
also such a thing, and I act like a natural obsession about the body, I will be surprised grandson was in a hurry hurry, I like the attitude.
grandson was able to take off the underwear from the scene quietly settled Why, resources around the grandson's face as your feet stick to pushing my private parts. I have 慌Temashita
, I thing I can not do.
However, they become concerned about the dirt in my private parts, last night, the father of this son, the pledge was a crazy night with my husband for my daughter's prostitution, but that play dirty.
rolls forward will stimulate thought so too was quickly put out, I Mushaburitsui in the crotch of my grandson with clit sucking, finger 突Ki抜I has a crack.
longer just a woman, sensitive to the body of demons had been dominated, they would still accept the consciousness of man as riled as it was abandoned too cute grandson Masu, my body.
winding the pleasure of clitoral stimulation, as had all disappeared into the world reality, conveys only the pleasure to respond to stimuli.
groan aloud, then I would vote her joy. Pot
pierce my penis break through the crack of her grandchildren.
lead to rigid body pleasure,
would totally become my whole body is the female genitalia.
would be transformed into beings that are centered around his groin.
agony, dying 狂Ishi embracing a grandson,
storm of pleasure climax repeatedly, and I feel that there is sensitization to look up to the fingertips.
his pleasure to go out dancing in agony Notauchi,
second peak rose to raise a voice shouting nasty,
exposing the abomination that they would look this is my nature. I know my form is
showing video taken by my husband before he died. Female genital
so I have made in the Rare, rolling wraps cock, and even in the back and tighten before, it is likely men are dying comfortably.
grandchildren also phallic, like his father lose a large momentum to penetrate deep pleasure birth was more mad. He grabs a breast massage bra
捲Kuri, abomination of what I went through where exposed. However left to fly the Son
ejaculation force, and spread over hot cock hot splash in his body seems to me.
and grandchildren body to take pressure overlap, to me at this weight is the best male body when exposed to tamper with the erogenous hand, I feel like a comfort feeling of coolness as well Masu. overlapping voices still speak
grandson is like being echoed in my body, joy joy impressed with my body could just as everyone has spelled the word as a compliment.
consciousness in the absence of my penis wrapped in Pot 離Sanu grandchildren, while tightening the swell seems to evoke an erection incessant movement.
my own, even without consciousness disturbance resulting working just in the crotch, the erection of the penis to entice, the mechanisms leading to increased sexual desire as educators, to look hard for the first time his grandson get up to use the waist. Ballmer
eyes devour each other to burn into the flesh and his grandson is cute,
"The Tsu Goi! It feels good!"
cry words become, even fleetingly reason it disappears lost consciousness will go well.
keep saying that but still cannot even told her, I'm crying again to write words lifted.

Getdata ~

But recently I saw on the net, because I'm popular in the United States unmarried mothers high school group. I am indeed, and the courage to make a copy of homeless children or I. Hayate illness or pregnancy, so to my brother that much of me I'm not you do it to educate and let dad do not care if I w I ~. Imagine, then excited. I immediately suck Ochin ○ everything, I really love, it's really saying to my brother, and I reward me in terms I will be pleasant to lick me. The truth is I get tired jaw, all the time and Yabuttemoiikana. I like my brother w
delicacy, as it will become a serious licking, masturbation is more pleasant. Later, I'll do my brother to drink the semen. (Magazine adult women, semen good for your skin I, I noticed)
Though it is my personal dream, a gentle man if I take care of our family who like ~. I want to become a father. If such a father, my father would listen to say anything.
now, so my mother came home, today it is over. Chatara
sleeping mother, sometimes I'll have to him? ~ I wonder if I can tonight.

The single mothers

. My mother is coming home too late at work. I return from school, so I have to take care of the younger brother of two of Minai, I do not have time to play. Mace is really to my brother, "sister, grew ○ When is man?" "SEX boyfriend and when you doing?" I was so embarrassed and ashamed to ask you some questions. But the truth is I, H I love when you masturbation brother, and he entered the room, I give him the body is 思Ikkiri now say strange things.
course, now I do almost every day. I'm simple like boys w
middle school can be about five times, I'm happy. The siblings SEX
Once you have resources around the penalty? I just worry about it.
looked up the site, SEX addiction, but I had me, what I'm sick? The mother and child mothers SEX doing, please advise us good.

12 fear of my son

Keep fresh new thread, so I fill up again. I will also write a new
now almost five months but also my son anymore.

Mother incest

yuna himekawa[15017]

mother and brother, my parents yet, and the incestuous relationship between mother and child devour the flesh of each other each other.
I got a chance to see the scene yesterday.
have seen, just remember, I'm going to be pounding our chest, hands shaking.
father is not in my house. Family is the only mother and brother and my three.
I do not even have the courage to say to his brother that my mother had seen yesterday.
say anything to anyone.
I've seen it is not talk to anyone, I think in another place to rent an apartment out of the house. But now
not afford the time being because of money, what should we do with confronting the mother and brother, worries honestly.
is yesterday. I left home
likes going to play your friend's house overnight to use the holidays.
however, come during a phone call from employers, Jr. today (12 hours) and did not want to join a rotation that instead came out with absence.
I had to call it not go to stay with your friends, just went to the byte.
byte is finished, at 12 midnight, then go home were wearing, I was a little around 1:00 am.
think we have to wake my mother up hat into the second floor and quietly closed the door quietly opened the door key.
and walk down the hall to make a sound, a voice has been like a nightmare that a mother from the bedroom better.
well with one's ears glued to hear it again, I heard the name of the brother would call my mother sad.
and strangled in a low voice, "Mom ..." with the voice of his brother and whispers.
on this night, what exactly are you going, and peek inside to open the door a little thought, you're sitting on the mother's brother bare naked look I.
naked brother and mother have hit the lower half of the heart and soul, let her breasts swaying, eyes closed, his mother is turning back the hands of his brother .... I was shocked
, but looked stunned as the scene for a while, soon noticed that no two people, close the door quietly, out of the house, but by midnight, our friend went home, got to rest a little, just came back home.
My mother felt like nothing, "Welcome home.'s eat lunch?" has been heard, the more I could not look someone in the face of my mother.
I entered her room and locked the door, 潜Ri込Mimashita bed.
Close your eyes, I heard heavy breathing and sobbing, and her mother's mother and brother of intertwined naked last night. The wearing ear Fusagimashita
head with a blanket, going nowhere.
earth, mother and brother would like that relationship was about time.
in front of me, they pretend like a normal mother and brother, I do not have time, mother and brother had to be nasty together.
brother was the top grades in school, giving up to go to university, to work for a construction company as soon as I left high school to take care of me even now much of our lives .
brother is kind of good character, among the greatest they think that his brother, somewhere down the line, my mother "I tea!" or "Oh rice!" or, in a commanding tone. became so forth. Bun
that time, his brother had acted in a patronizing way, it may already were sure to conquer the mother.
this year at the age of 46 my mother, my brother is 23 years old.
his brother is stealing my eyes, or when I'm not after sleeping, the mother entered the bedroom, you had to free the body of the mother. I saw my mother just
the usual Kawarimasen mother.
But also tonight, after I slept, my mother, I fucked a real son. I am now on
What should we do with confronting the mother and brother like this, honestly, worries.
Now, they find the net and found this site, I had a feeling that the arrogant will write to tell anyone.


Hi, 43 year old homemaker.
from a year ago I have accepted the fact her son sex.
last summer ... It was the first.
husband at home they go to work and I was the only son.
finished lunch, I was taking a nap with a nap next to her son lying down.
arguably dozed around, I had to rub my hands on my son's shoulder.
hands of his son that it is very pleasant to sit tight to my chest swelled ...
I was pretending to sleep. The Daka
gently massage the breast to stroke, and is the nipple ...
Korikori voice but I did not do so in the past 40. My son
remove my blouse buttons, while rolling and smoking claims about biting the nipple in the mouth, including tongue, hands were rubbed on abdomen Mosomoso a hit.
hand continued to gradually go down into the panties and skirt ...
had to turn the page over there rubbing my still not getting the love juice.
But I have felt the heat in the body from his legs were open .... there once was messing
put saliva on my finger ...
while his son, but was just messing around ... once there has been suddenly buried his face.
son knew the things that I'm going.
to me, "Mom ... does it feel good here and my mom ... I also used to let me ..." And he turned
has intensified over there licking.
fingers were slippery with saliva son of my son over there ...
"spoiled by now ... ..." I cry, my son and would close the divide between the legs for instant leg came in, I have something there to impose their own grown.
"Stop saying that is!" Hold my hands and the struggle to resist ...
Innovation Group has put a sudden.
gone into the first repeat of all the work was put to the back, by the time the resistance is no longer my appetite was transformed into a pleasure.
pleasure than he can remember my son holding the piston was clinging to her son.
son without spending too much time I went. It now accepts
from his son to have sex every day.
such as when there is the husband or the son came in touch kotatsu.
over there ... my legs or put your fingers in there panties thumbs foot shifted to appoint or to the side ...
out that her husband is a very scary and I think so ...
would feel. I feel better now
hard straight sex than their husbands and sons.
first time, "it only until you find a bride," and turned the promise, and now to continue this relationship with my son ... I want to marry me more .

Son and ten years

I'm 38, my son was when I was 14.
been attacked at midnight was away my husband, son precious, my husband and whether or not once every couple of months, the body of a little unhappy bored, the body of this age are like those do not make but I'll have resisted the moment her son entered the body is attacked by a shock can say pleasure, I accepted as doubling the love. Since then, his son
accepted at all hours, and various circumstances had taught his son.
she made, but it turned to embrace such unusual relationship with his son and while the sex talk.
son does the fall wedding.打Tanaku
to an end, but I do not like the time has come, my son is like me and plan to continue the relationship.
years, long years I think my body is completely in his son, his son every day is not considered absent.

Brother and

My brother has been a long time for someone to divorce. Brother and six year relationship, from the age of 11. How did
is from me. I was a tomboy in a lively child. My brother was a bossy brother and sister who I have quietly reversed. The teaching of sexual crimes
Seek only sex education and women gathered before the summer break. Unusually interested in why. Invited his brother bath. during the day in our house is a two-income
was alone with her brother. I was puzzled, but like his brother, invited anyway. I was with my brother
Na erection unlike Itsumo Kiku Hiroshi. At that time I had my first period in front of my chest I think it was too slick in the vagina Pettanko,
seemed pretty excited that I'm such a brother. The Na Dosakusa brother had touched a hot hard and surprised. Since his brother is 見Yasukatta
Deppateru brother seemed no choice to see my dick. I tried to look Karakai half.
I asked my brother to see the semen. My brother and I from this time a reversal of the position has touched my body. I think that your own brother Shigoiteta.
felt good and I remember really shy. Indeed, my brother and I had to ejaculate in my chest. It is up to the smell
slimy white hot and fun. I hope you are over your face and this can go 観Taku painful to the eyes. . I was with my brother Blow
unawares, I eat pussy like me to be his brother. I had the Cum Eating, drank all the time. I was in love with his brother. Although I was
brother wants me to put, because I was rejected as incest. I said, "I could tough kid," and said
"you, I'm not fine the period. Once the period is not" accepted thing is said of his brother. Although I was sore for the first time I heard
, was more than I expected but I resisted crying, the power of the enemy was not his brother. Yes
I ejaculate I asked my brother so his brother can not remember later. The brother wanted to kill, the next day I thought my brother wanted to fuck.
my house every day to the 2DK because I was not in the same room with my brother. It came with the first period as junior high school. It was noted his mother. I was like Bale. Note also looks like it was his brother.
My brother gave me love my body had swollen breasts too. I put the pregnancy care. But he can not stand Chaimasu lion Nakade and I like putting. Ho
her childhood companions put it at the behest of his brother. Hindsight I think was bad. Ho sex with my brother who was still three first period before it was home to ejaculate.
relations involving girls in the neighborhood continued. I think it was partly a bully that I was there. I was a child from a friend can put in for his brother.
eventually become involved in high school made my boyfriend ended up being. Kaori was the last friend at the time, six small, very girl was not stupid. My brother liked to
Kaori Lolita delicate body. I like the metamorphosis of his brother was still a child. I called the blame. I think also that I
Oh well. Eventually, my brother got married and Kaori. Ho is the mistress of growing up in Big Brother. My brother is back related to divorce.
daughter would probably be put to his brother.狂Waseta I regret we had a girl's life but my curiosity is not trivial

Yuremasu mind


39 year old homemaker. We have one son in high school, years ago, my husband and not 9 SEX. My husband,
"SEX is not intended to make kids out so the longer a child, do not need" that is the claim of his master. I
, SEX would like to, I talked to, by just horny and cursing, and no progress at all. Various efforts have come to mind is a lot riding on the books of the bad feelings.
just called. Nevertheless one has to travel when you went, just professionals who are or seem to go sometimes. This will
example, a business trip the morning of my husband, "anyway, tonight, you're going to genre again! SEX by me and why not!" Shimaimashi voice is heard that the fight with his son or.
that night, my son is gentle with me, always gave me a massage on the bed.
body larger than my son is strong and my husband, I feel a man. Mom wants to go
hit like this! I believe that in mind, my son and I both did not have courage.
Recently, in my head going crazy, I Kakaritai in therapy, my husband called Iyagari absolutely not.
Now, with attention to comfort as 紛Raseru myself.
Sorry. Still, I have to do anything to see here complaining saying. I get asked to write, thank you.


Feeding, but as soon as my son wanted to come back, but her son four or five minutes to return.
in front of the house, sometimes to the teacher's car still parked.
looked out from the first floor, so see, I went up to the second floor.
into my room, lights are 点Kezu, looked out through a gap in the curtains.

two men were standing side of the car.
take away from the car in position, there seemed to be standing on the shoulder two Preface.

I Yakimoki while, I watched for a while.
and 3.4 minutes, after more than what it found that his son to drop in the shadow of the teacher's face.
or cheek, I think that a kiss on the lips.
I was jealous anger raged, calm was not easy.