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Incest confession of women(2010-09)

19-year-old son

yuna himekawa[33631]
E-mail from my son through college I rented an apartment in Tokyo. "I go home today, I can be ready immediately." Sex and the things ready. I totally got hooked
is played by a man before the divorce was an affair. "My mother used to be hated, but really, I think I was good girl The Screw."
Certainly since the first experience, it is exterminated 繰Ri回Su fingered man is not my body. Now I am his son. If I knew why because there is love. For my son, I was fond
. Son and "man" is not successfully make the telling as well.
night, I was always arguing with my son to come back to have sex with men. And awkward to see my son go to bed early or are you studying? I said I was wrong, but I like
. At first the attitude of ignoring
, now hands out, get rid of me because, now get to touch the body. Advantage of the fact that honor, I am tempted by his son.
at hand was put to his son in a skirt, but I was upset to panic, if you imagine violated when his son was extremely excited myself.
One night I was sitting on a sofa in a bath towel to rise from her son a bath. Do not dawdle in parentheses like that! Son saucy voice and yell.
I slowly closed eyes in silence Kio Hiraku leg. My son will have crawled gingerly fingers after a while. Was lying on the carpet, brought his son played with as you like. I'm just pretending to be a woman
Second, teach the use of fingers and begging for his son Lee wants skeins.
been cited as rubbing the clitoris and vagina sandwich, roll back and reached my full fit. Musaborimashita tongue and lips together and his son in tears. So I waited for my son
art trap for the man I used many times. Moving to my bedroom, the son of a hard cock is back in my mouth many times.
I thought all I wanted to see his son. And I welcomed my son into anal carefully prepared.
son to end up fainting I will love me frantically. I have sex with men until now was it? I think tasted more functional. I'm the best thing
do. My son and I have become addicted to let me 悦Ba. Son to come back, "outside the (hotel)'s go!" I put his voice.
son had to practically naked but I was already unhappy face, I better put out the voice of the hotel from 狂Emasu abandon peace.
was riding in the passenger seat of the car and my son can put on a thin jumper. I get along the road heading in a love hotel with just 30 minutes.
you run the streets, people from such a cool night in my car and a car passing along a signal does not nervous to walk.
down because it virtually naked. How to hide a big jumper just before the Asokoga. My son is looking smile. To deliberately detour,
issued stop at a convenience store said. Suddenly found themselves wandering into a convenience store in sandals. The clerk of women fluttering at me as I am of the year. My face was red
buy more coffee. At the same time Hoteruin son is sitting in front of the mirror has thrust a finger paint and jelly anal.
"Oh, cool in the ass!" "Oh, no, Lee Tsu're really,, yeah yeah, no!" I reached a whole body trembled. Penetrate the vagina on the bed, put my son into anal.
son heading to the bath in preparation for the second time the enema has been brought figs, just in case,. I was watching
The eruption of liquid Cum fours in front of her son. While seen faces in shame Tta Lee, of course,,,.

Mother not

It seems to me that I'm cheating on my husband not to touch.
were still forgive now pretends to not know what to do with the son in high school.
I like a woman on the road I travel a lot owner. Mon
2.3 times on a business trip a few days not.
would want to do now to review.
or even think to do that too well.
days had passed in such a situation.
One day,
usually makes sense for a moment his son was still sleeping off the morning room of her son is not his son. T
still a bit sensitive to heat son was sleeping in his bed to skip a short shirt. This Kottara
^ ^
I go I will close with a blanket over
Toi was unusually excited son in the groin. This girl and I
I laughed a little. While I'm still looking for a while
. This girl I think I'm Ooki

want to eat this child.
would not have fellowship with men that you mention it much. Even I
woman. There is also sex. I was sleeping son
Matagarimashita. Demashita
peered into her son's face up close for a while.
touched his son over there in that state.
very thick.
'm pretty strong.
be around. I was held up and
Samashimashita eyes and a son doing so. Mother
happened. My son seems
have noticed that my right over there is mackerel.
I'm doing? Takashi
. Mom and I love
I'm saying something that stupid.

to quit if his son grabbed the hand stuff just short of her son. I'm getting so much of Takashi
. Kii Hiroshi
Wow. Hey, great. What of my son Takashi

Hanasou me tried to feel where his son Sememashita. My son went there

dumb force of arms.
to stop.
I stop?
I feel I have found my son. Yes, they still said
Seme. I do not want to stop this

you become honest.

Here. I have a penis from
Toridashimashita shorts.
son is not denied.

mother. That. You should be in the family.

stopped suddenly you made me feel a little bit.

want more huh?



well. I hesitated because
of the mother, right? Yeah
Ugh. Man and Woman

before. Us.
言Wanakerya anyone,
it's just a scene of men and women. What these things. What is the difference between someone

only meet the family communion

men and women that I'm the same. Right? Oke

do I stop it from doing Iyanari Yamou next.
right? You should try this with

Yeah. I was touched gently
I feel part of a son between them.
time that I'll get you that.

It's OK to feel like it.
it secret only two.
I'm really good?

I have replied in action. suck suck kiss lightly
consecutive. I answer this
mother. My son was excited about

obviously rough breath.


In the spring of this year, when the children went to visit my husband's brother, with relatives of her husband (eighth grade) I had, things would just stay at home and two people. My husband is away
wife's brother went fishing with his brother quickly master the ship so weak ... I do not like shopping alone for now. Actually, my husband and I are sexually
so different from 12 years before he issued the first day the fruit was green and had there in anguish about once a month, does not collect. I was like a human
balls like a man. I hung on the motion, when the rice was just lunch. "Instead of your tea?" I spilled the cup and the boyfriend pants.
"off, and I'll wash" their hands and hang the belt and pants, "No, take off your own ..." and let us out of the room with his pants down I got it immediately .
momentum that is until I got to de-pants the pants and horrible.
"Ah," the voice of my face and I was hit in the face thing that snaps boyfriend stiffed. I thing my husband than myself.
"Well, so much bigger, you know not Koh," Carré said is "Nee-chan I think your wrong, so what I'm beautiful," I was told is that they feel damp inside Mashita.
passion does not stop anymore. Carre and Mushaburitsuku to mono boyfriend has let rigor stretched to ping the body, will also rigid cock,
when I noticed the 脈打Chi Innovation afraid that mono-boyfriend in the mouth, Ku etc., and Cum Eating Innovation Skeleton was. I bathed my boyfriend of cloudy liquid directly into the throat.
was coughing a little about the amount of momentum. I'm amazing. Even though things still out of Calais is the one I turned to the heavens and the Bing still remain.
"I do not know," asked the boyfriend, and "Give me one more time ~, Nee's your" this is not my brother, "says Nee us" is weak. and
'm really hard to talk about what became of Calais at the mouth again, "Ah ~" I let out a voice. "Where do feelings?" When asked,
"everything is good in one's mouth," I said. The maternal instinct thinking? I woke up to this time Tsukatsu tongue, and I was poison carefully.
Then, "No more! You'll cum," with a lot of ejaculation and Innovation 脈打Chi budge the thing while the boyfriend in the mouth with a tearful voice. Now
ik is removed from the mouth before, and I was put out by hand Shigoi. Itta moment, there is also light Itta pleasure that I can clean up and I was doing at the mouth.
Dattarashiku first, I was impressed. It escalated from ... just the other day and while the boyfriend,
I love hotel in the opportunity to pen down my husband's business trip. It is the forbidden fruit tastes good.

Three generations of father and son

After the death of her husband, the father was a patron. With sex of course.
in one day affair, but in the eyes of two sons was behind the door! And should not knowingly,
I burned more fiercely, while I was packing rise to show off the joints. father-
back, cool off and have a shower, because my son came in with eyes downcast, sitting next urged toward a smile. Then my son holding
with me, I was just a mat 押Shi倒Sa.
son strip bath towel while crying like a moan leaked has now laid bare boobs to 揉Mikucha. I thought the right to refuse
not, entrusted himself to his son while a token resistance. "The stronger bite. Ah ..." the current body beauty ran Comfort,
I strongly embrace his son. Under stimulation to the breasts just because it was more than enough hot, wet, let live is inserted.
"Mom, Mom, Mom ..." He rubbed the 果Temashita in just a few, I was in a state of excitement and intense passions,
erection while insertion is back, and has been hitting hard. Youth is something serious. I was challenged six times, twice Ikimashita.

What you mean by family

I'm on the four sisters. The reason is incompatible with the father. His family has a 17 year old brother is the father of the previous marriage.
brother and we are in a good relationship, you try too hard feeling. Come to play in our apartment even try too hard to say is good, I always come to depend on the person targeted. I like to get in touch
body hug my sister and I'll be fine then.
other day, my sister and I opened the wardrobe in our room and they go back to the apartment with his brother to eat out, I have to figure out underwear and clothes. Moreover, it is not
with lower body is nothing to the arrays were exposed erection. While my sister surprised me, "What are you doing!" And raised a loud voice. Here
向Kimashita shorts while holding hands with my brother surprised. So while it's not know when I hit my sister my brother 悟Ttarashiku Hirate.
brother became in an instant, blushing, and finally my sister off 殴Rimashita. My sister does not work at all or fell in a swoon. My brother kicked my sister lying on the head again, this time came towards me.
I tried to open the door until the Itarazu escape, was taken away and pulled the room caught. Then my brother take over, I finally got a faint beat me in the face several times. I have noticed a sharp pain in
crotch portion. It would seem fine and my brother inside. I was lying on the floor while being unable to move his limbs but was some time to escape.
brother came from behind to forcibly enter the depression I choked down my legs and riding on the shoulders of his brother. Nde I am a woman too scared scared Tamarimase. Would naturally full of body fluid would have been inserted.
At that time, my brother shouts, "You're my sister s lewd tears. I'm wet like me" and. Yara Yara unbearable shame I feel scared. My brother was released in the way I went to my sister.
sister was dressed like sitting back and legs and tied my hands and the difference was tied at the knee. The groin area and my sister were placed in the cell. My sister
blocked duct tape placed something in his mouth, "Uuu" was done with

My brother and I

I will be age 20 OL is. I believe that we ourselves are a woman, we can not spend their days actively term relationship with a man there thinning hair for some reason. I
our eight years older brother away. The cute little brother came back in 5th grade. I have said that the recent very poor. Shaving my
also have the desire it happen. And his brother slept in another room but we could not sleep at night around 10 o'clock, I was comforted Orimashita alone on a separate,
in a voice like Deta involuntarily, closing the key I forget the bad pass, and suddenly I got into a door "bad feeling okay sis?" we have entered and brother.
startled face and brother, but I could not bare the embarrassment it there, "Take what you knocking about," I scolded and trembling voice,
bet somehow grabbed the hand of his brother I sit down with them. "Sis, I'm sorry," the brother said, "I'll Punish" exposed his penis to not fly off your pants by pants and cute hair.
"I'm sorry," the brother said, "Shut up because a little punishment," while good, are not cute little boy Tsukimashita for the water is still ahead. It smells a little boy
wee bit. I suck like crazy and it has become hard and increases Mukumuku, I let my Shidaka massage accompanied with the hand on my chest pressed against his brother and irresistibly.
"so painful, sis, such as a sore dick," I came with my brother crying. "It's a punishment from,
it hurt a little, a little pain will not go this way is" the tip of the little boy gave up and peeled. Pretty pink ones have appeared. between
I was leaning so far from there until the thigh juice heart pounding. "That still hurts," his brother said, "Well this way the pain will,
little eyes closed" was the clangor astride his brother lying on his back with his eyes closed and his brother bet me Slowly they were greeted with a hand on his brother Jim Johnson.
for men this is the first man and Jean Tokimashita. There is my little boy is bringing in any pain I could not feel my brother.
feeling came up from there moved gradually come back and push up slowly. When put in front of the darkened
"sis, ー'm a pee" was served with something in my voice. Then suddenly my brother dick I missed smaller. From there I
流Re出Shimashita white liquid. My brother crying, "because it put a bad girl pee,
not tell from today I'm your mother, hold your tongue too, Yoshio," and issued a gag to room. It was the first man,
to throw away her virginity is a thing too low Yoshio. I think that might come out after feeling a little bit and then it Jean. I would like to pack and
Yoshio opportunities or rising.


I'm not 23 years old, were out last night because it was my father slept in the bathtub earlier. My house is the apartment number of rooms, so at least six tatami Arimamasen two Hazama Kiri. Hazama Hazime is so dominated by his father, mother and two people sleeping together. So I had sex with my mother is from three years ago. When my father and mother will go and do. However semen was flowing from her pussy and my father saw when I came back to what it sees off. It is then my turn. The mother would swallow the sperm of two people overnight.


My first experience was the other mother.
why he decided to become such a relationship, my father often had to work and home have not been to much. I
day summer festival in town one day go home at night with friends and enjoy the festival, because my mother has a voice from the back room near the entrance and enter the room of the voice The foot stopped.
in the room I immediately knew what had to close because he was the only body Dzuni lower body with no parents.
legs are spread wide to the right mother, his father realized he had sex with two people, so I put the body condition was between the legs of my mother. surprised to see so
her first sight, while unable to be seen to move from there because I expected to never see my parents place they never had sex before interest, Mom away and his eyes met, her mother seems to be surprised.
mother for a moment, I put it up, my father noticed the stop motion and even when Dad was away from my mother, my father coming out from the penis of the mother pussy that was watching me.
father went out and I came away from my mother to go to a public bath.
Mum, I immediately had to take off by the embarrassing indeed, went in the room as if nothing had happened to wear panties.
in my head then I shall remember the scene that contains the penis of the father's mother was a pussy masturbation pussy imagine your mother.
day passed some time in the morning that day I wish the weather back home
first time in the afternoon the rain had turned down Dosha.
and attaches to the house, and put it beyond my mother was standing at the entrance,
"Mom, what is it? not wet."
"Oh, Welcome back. Takashi" <br > "Today luck was ,····"< br>" So what happened? "
" delivered to the sideline the rest of the 00's and this I hope, the rain never return The umbrella will think I have not the way "
" I'm too, and did not care about rain, I thought I had ceased in the middle "< br> "More importantly, how it going in the house?"
"dropped like a house key somewhere?"
"Yeah yeah yeah yeah"
"So it is back Takashi and this was waiting for a "
" or its ~ ~, "
" from catching cold, and a bath before you "
" Takashi is also not quite wet, but before you Come in please, I do it later from "
" You're not, do not get into the first mother "
haggle suddenly becomes ours,
" Well, you enter two people ? "
" What?, and mother? "
" Yes, again, how I hate the lady? together, go into "
" But why not, embarrassing "
" You okay because parents "
" I'm not the problem "
" Do not worry, because he is familiar Takashi naked "
" And the hair on penis and not a child can go fly You're about.'s different from the old "
" penis "
me eventually, which had been left in the mother can not find the words mean to deny .
and waiting to take a bath first, remember that when Mom and Dad had seen before sex, the harder the penis was found in the bath.


Naoko, my name is. Naoko
the mother (left) and implicated.
leave, I learned the joy of. Naoko
10 years old, celebrated the first period.
leave, gave me joy of teaching.
left, kiss kiss & D, who massaged the breasts, cute nipples debit
I gotten cute with debit and demonstrate the sexual organs.
first, tell me how I received playing with nipples.

Love for son

I am a 43 year old housewife.
separated husband and son at the age of three, and two sons are living in a long time. 18 years old this year and
son, much bigger than me and tall, as is now looking up.
son, from the days of one's earliest recollection, I did not because his father was a spoiled child and Matowaritsui closely with me always. I have a small son from the time that has been doting.
son is spoiled and could not sleep alone, had been sleeping together since I was small double bed left behind by her husband.
course, may not contain too much together since childhood bath since I was in elementary school my son in the bath, body wash now Ikko each other.
son is still small hand wash my body gave me hard.
and my son likes to reward, my Paiwoonedarishite Oh, and seemed to suck the fun Chuuchuu. such a cute son
I also live for my son was growing up and on.
But since becoming a middle school son to go to anymore, and the funny, so as to get a bath together or separately, with separate rooms and bedrooms also made my son.
was also the end time of the middle school. Masturbation is what I learned to face my son adolescence, one day, I found that being forced into hiding in a muddy polluted 濯機 leave my underwear on semen.
closer to the face, nose to run Hinyari and feel, yet the semen is dry rather than with the peculiar smell.
then I like being raped by her son, felt a strong shock and excitement, and sexual desire were asleep in the depths of my body, I felt like a 呼Bi覚Masa.
from it, and sometimes a washing machine was being pushed to hide my underwear stained with semen on her son.
I went to school after my son every morning now like to peek inside the washing machine.
everytime to find the semen-stained underwear my son, myself, thought that his son became the subject of masturbation, "incestuous mother," now be called obscene delusion ranging or.
to find the semen-stained underwear in my son, I reached out in a washing machine, remove the nose pressed against it, while the sexual obsession with his son,
no smell of semen son in a daze us, slime licking your tongue, put his finger in the vagina for hard masturbate like crazy.
ejaculation and come up with a sight of my son, so I take firmly in the womb, I felt the peak body for 仰Ke反Ra.
night, I invited my son to take the plunge bath. What
son is embarrassed to take a bath after a long time and I had at first refused, and I have a bath and suddenly my son to shut up a little blush came in front with a towel to hide.
son and I are each other's bodies washed up like Ikko and old.
old son was begging for boobs had to say and then make sure to reward, have said that night to see my dick as a reward. it is a good place to show
not think my son, my son in a cuckoo in the high demand, I showed up legs spread in front of her son.
son with eyes full of curiosity, to place your hand gingerly dick, rub and rub and was tinkering with an awkward hand movements.
After a while, when semen is gradually flooded my vagina, blurred vision in the steam was the source Sosori立Tsu ○ erect pair of dark red son.
son suddenly reached the height of excitement, my dick on him, we stopped at the waist would just stick to promoting the device ○ pair.
was unusually excited, too, and put up with me by my dick ○ device can not insert well his son Peter, my son has been inserted slowly.
aloud to each other, while hugging sought deeper into the body.
arm around my son's ass, to attract, Unagashimashita piston.
young son, then continued driving the piston violently, to shudder violently and played a lot of ejaculation in my womb.
At that moment, I felt more like vaginal walls swell, tremendous momentum is what I, his son Peter ○ Tightening the device, but I feel the climax is also not leave the aperture horsetail drop of semen Mashita.
It was moved may be able to give the highest pleasure of a mother loving her son.
that time, but I am a mother of a son, I realized that my son became the first woman. son
vigorous curiosity, sexual interest in my body, so time to go, but then move on to incest mother did not take.
the love of my son, everything is justified.

Own son

yuna himekawa[33562]
I recently became a son to have a relationship with a 18. I am 42 years old son
now 18 years old.
has been living in his divorce and two sons with her husband 10 years ago. From the time of blooming
30s, I spent the singles, the occasional burn to comfort the body, relying on tools such as Vibe and rotor bought by mail order, has been diverting attention somehow.
But by mere accident, the scene of masturbation spying away my son, I had arrived the fire had been pressing down the nature of her past.
It started before January.
I came home a little late for work because the lights in the house was gone, went into the front door open with master key. My son and I wonder
not back yet, my son went to the room looked, turned off the light in a dark room,
erect wearing headphones while watching adult son ○ Shigoi the source was Peter.
I hastily tried to shut the door, change of mind, from the little open space,
again and peek inside, son of Peter database ○, ○ large, burly-looking adult pair The device was surprised enough to rings and heart tapir tapir.
And his son's hand, they are being held short of what my son that sometimes, you Dari air to rub his nose was used to suck in the mouth and example.
sight that I had to remember that the illusion of being caressed his son's dick and felt the hot come with lower body gene.
After that, my son is coming to the finish, "ugh ... you, Mom! ..." The yelling, the video screen toward the woman, a great amount of cloudy liquid Dobyutsu vigorously, Dobyutsu, Dobyutsu, and vomiting was over. I was so excited
have difficulty breathing, like my son not to be noticed, quietly closed the door and entered her into the bedroom quickly.
and collapses into bed, now seen in the large front of his son, Peter, and robust database ○ "Mother ..." Come back to me his son was crying peak,
son love them anyway to (... and his lips tight embrace, cheek, and all over the body, I want to kiss ...) and getting excited by 沸Ki起Kotsu This feeling, the excitement did not stop trembling body.
I like the drawer of a bed and forage for things Gasagasa and removed the vibe of a thick,
my dick into the wet is a wet already, and flip a switch that my son While smiling at herself in thoughts running through the device pair ○ great many times I cum.
next day after my son went out, I went to see her son in secret rooms.
in the trash, the smell of a man, throw in a lot of tissue from under the bed, in addition to my shorts and bras, stockings, Kimashi out to the used sanitary napkins and or.
and in the gym bag under the table, there are tons of hidden video.
title is forbidden incest mother mate Reality incest mother mother and child's play "四十路" SEX cum mom and my mom would like! Forbidden
affectionate mother mother mother predilection take comfort disturbed mother 38 years old cum cum mature nurse big 淫肉 ... none, again, had just taken videos incest mother and child.
I saw it, she has so much if they want my body ... I'm the mother may give her ... a woman ... and mind become thought.
that night, and his son came home, it was nine o'clock in the evening.
"did you go home, Mom ..." and was just talking to my son normally, I and his son the night of masturbation, I have a lot of head room in the morning son been floated, had my heart beating faster.
"Yeah ... I'm also Kaetta mortar and mother ..."
"Today, I was cold .... and to take a bath anytime soon ..."
"I also want to enter the Mother, the water I was stretched a long time ... go together? ... "and say, my son, I was surprised that the first face, drinking in the breath and nodded.
was just excited to be 張Ri裂Ken my heart.
and waiting to take a bath before I came into the lower body with a towel hiding his son. I rise from the bathtub
decided to get my son to wash his back.
son who put the soap to wash my back gingerly, I said "thank you" in front of his son's body turned and look and say muscular body was already a man's body.
son had to be careful with the device not seen me in a towel to hide ○ erect a pair before.
(○ pair interface Itooshii my son, the youthful pair ○ database hard and thick, is going to taste like, Once in there, no matter how crazy it's me) and I think with your heart I. I told my son to take the plunge

"Hey ... I go to bed tonight to chill with my mom?"
son "Well," and then "Yes" in the tub again and I entered.
I was with my heart I feel something good year.
up from the bath before I went to the bedroom.
After a while, my son came into the bedroom in his pajamas.
son sitting next to me has been sitting on the bed without saying anything.
to see his son's eyes, clear depths of her eyes, looked full of lust as well as ferocious young mother trying to run from the sexual union now.
wrapped in tension in the air like suffocating, I said, "I will be your mother the whole time ...?" He answered, and shook his head vertically, "Yeah," he said, it signaled As has been my shoulder and hugged her son.
built with genuine heart beating in my heart clung to her son.
body, feeling the warmth of each other, how much, what it was. Suddenly his face gave her son

"my mother and they wanted to do ... ..."
gone out of the hoop as the mother of my mind straight shout it The surge has been the hot one on his chest. (Oh ... my mom wanted to be with you ...)
masturbation since my son saw first in my heart and I hope that I was pierced by his son ....
"... I wanted so much to my mom? ..." and I said, my son has received a face gently on my lips. I gently closed the eyes
lips on my lips when I mentioned my son warm, faintly trembled to feel like my current flows through the body. My son has
hard to breathe as Mushaburitsuku lips. After a long hot kiss
son lying on the bed slowly and eventually I've asked my lips again. Remove the button and the son
my nightie with my bare breasts. Matowaritsu
was hot breath on the skin of her son.
like son, like baby back, my breasts 吸Imashita hungrily.
hand along the way has been flushed by inserting a finger into the flesh in secret stretch shorts in my lower abdomen.
my honey pot that they had already moist finger to facilitate the entry of his son. My son raised from the breast
face has been superimposed on me. I stretched groin
finger while asking his son from his son's lips, hot and big meat pole beating a hand touched.
son is impatient, and cause the body once, take off my panties were so intently observing peek inside the meat with both hands open secret.
son to see the rare "Mom .... I like it ... I came out of this hole.'m in pretty pink ..." they said, and raged to the honey pot Kojima has put his fingers. I
"Oh ..." I knew I would not voice out and instinctively. When his son pointed out the
"Nyuchanyucha" I have to sound so obscene that are now ashamed face turns red.
上Zutta son was excited voice, "Mother May I put my ...? ..." has been heard.
I nodded, my son is a Kakemai weight, put my body on both sides of the elbows have been in close contact with the lower body.
(come ... it's that hot pierced cock real son ...)
I'm hot son, vagina hole led to a son born with big meat pole beating a hand. As soon as I touched the vaginal opening
the tip of my cock hard, my son learned to shake down with excitement like the first time in decades.
"Now ... I them ..." as his son sat down and I told him, "Zuntsu!" has been inserted into a meat stick suddenly. I have been pushing
stretch vagina holes big cock in her son violently thrust up and to the far mouth of the uterus, I felt the sensation of dull pain. I
moment, I frowned, my son was still in the wind I do not know why.
(this kid has no experience I'm still ...) so I thought in my mind.
"It's OK, try to move ..." and I said, my son began to piston slowly and gently.
I hear my son showed me eyes closed nod to enjoy the pleasure. I sat with little
, movement and help her son, as we have more and more in my son learn the tricks have been used to smooth the waist.
became violent with each other breathing, and when you feel the movement of the hip has become more intense, and his son were surprised voice, "Oh!" shouted.
son and thrust me back to type, I 脈打Chi budge budge and I cock, I had to ejaculate while shaking.
hot liquid has been released to push to fill the hole in my vagina.
now to ensure that semen son, when I thought that trying to reach inside my womb, my head a moment,
(pregnant with baby son ...) were floated word, scary At the same time, away to enhance sexual excitement that is rather unusual,
I turn my head to his son without arms, but embrace and make the tip of the cock is inserted in her cervix with my son Kuni Tsuyoshi I thrust the hips.
womb after ejaculation son embrace for some time, had embraced each other in a while to calm the heavy breathing.
I was short of sexual climax, the joy I felt as a woman of certainly.
It might be the mother of my son ... it was her joy was his son.
old, dwelt a little life in my belly, born from my body, growing eventually to be satisfied with my womb full of life and species, the life cycle of a strange feeling Mashita.
I feel surrounded by complete felicity, and his son slept hugging each other naked.
We've crossed the line of mother and son, was obsessed with pleasure as immoral any longer, every day, devour each other mother and son each other's bodies, we are living on.

College student

When I went to the comic Suppose the younger brother of three rooms late at night, I Dekuwashi masturbation scene that is my brother.
"Sorry!" I thought I hastily closed the door turn around and say, "Sister, wait" and grabbed my arm and my brother, I was in bed 押Shi倒Sa. My brother has been to 脱Gasou
my clothes and forcibly kissed me. "Stop, stop," I have cried that day and could not ask anyone for help with something I did both of the parents.
brother is a rugby club has been going so athletic physique, had for more than 180 centimeters tall,
my brother because it was also about 155 centimeters tall, narrow body I could be pushing the. My brother is so off your pajamas strip, but on my 乗Rikakari, let undress underwear.
sucking my nipples with his brother, Shidakimashita massage the breast. Reaching for my dick and started messing around. Long time
while I was away from my boyfriend broke up very pleasant to say that I tampered with my brother, my naughty aloud.
brother has put a very big thing in me to be naked, too.振Ri出Shimashita and sit like crazy. First is the big thing is putting a hurt,
brother because I was gradually becoming technicians rather pleasant. My brother sat shaking violently, I have been violently attacked like a beast.
posture, sitting high, throne, went smoothly and the positions change continuously and Doggy. I do not think I'm being raped by my brother, I always felt many times. And my brother was
ejaculation inside of me without hesitation. But that will not end, living room, kitchen, was taken to the bathroom throughout the house and was raped. Finally
was terrible caught from behind while being rubbed on the chest that could see how the garden from the road and the house next door. But fucked like a dog was seen in Mary's dog.
brother and also put out without turning in all of my rubber. "Please, out the door," and I even asked, "I'll let my sister pregnant" could not hear me say this.
I was terrible what Lee did as he lost consciousness. It is also my brother and the relationship continues.
I became hooked on pleasure What can I do?

Nephew slaves

Math and math is that we have something or that Tashi ass into the bathroom for a small window
I turn around and below (small window air Japanese style) was open. At that time, we also talked to his nephew care
meet for the first time for six months without the Tashi went back to the living room.
went to the restroom and drink beer and smeared on two people in the daytime.
I heard a noise and turned around to lower Gacha shorts and I had a peek over there
ashamed of my nephew. I was so embarrassed and humiliated to call us
scolded nephew out there.
placed her hand into her skirt hung attack at bay but I do have the power of a man
resistance to 力Makase to win and this is my precious. In fact there's nephew
consult the stomach is getting bigger. I 出Seta
I cried If you want to submit this (my husband had been a while also)
also see their own body's response to come gradually. I feel embarrassed to say
never nephew. My nephew has been rubbed rough breath now I want to about the chest. I will leave that
by his nephew to stop resistance. is to take off the hands of his nephew
pantyhose skirt blouse
Remove button from the top of my shorts were violently 愛無 will slip one
voice was barely able to catch. Wet shorts as seen through the saliva of a nephew with love juice and you will see that
. Face is buried there, his nephew is also taking off in response to shorts
away on their own body and the splashing sound and whistled
愛無 with something in her legs wide open and my nephew have been included.
3 minutes and I do not end in me in. The liquid flowing out from there
right. I grabbed my wrist with his nephew to stand in silence in the face beatings
is still challenged her.振Ri切Rou comes as a goodbye.
raped in the bathroom now and then is followed SEX nephew and dangerous.

Son became the model

Hazime Osamu is the second year of her only son graduate. This camera is only a hobby. When I was looking at two cameras that you subscribe to a magazine several books a month this summer, there is a way of photographing nude special happened, I took my son with no chance to take nude ever said no . I try to take a casual mom? They went on a trip taken by the body itself has a little swimming and learned from five years ago, I also learn a look and said to take Hazime Osamu say. (My husband and I was home for Toyama) I arrived at the inn is booked into the bath and Shuichi yukata back in the room was still easy to set the lighting. Hazime Osamu 撮Ttara said the quiet standing postures, so I took off from the yukata was becoming more silent. Hazime Osamu pressing the shutter began to properly pose pose I hope I said yeah mom likes. The first was wearing a tiny black shorts, sitting postures, now naked shorts off at that point Mito Susumu sleeping pose. Hazime Osamu apparently became concerned about my hair and in the back. As for taking a break. Mom's body during a break what? I've said suddenly hugging did not say I'm beautiful. Once you've complete erection was raised to take take off your jeans tight. All gave a futon mat was still 4:30. Hazime Osamu was a virgin. When not shooting her husband in the wake of this trip will be required to come from Hazime Osamu, plenty of golf since my husband also went on a trip this coming weekend, and enjoyed slowly.

For his son

I am 62 years old. My son is 40 years old. The two bear living with her husband divorced two years ago. My son has worked at the factory had no friends in negative course virginity at a young age. I would seriously want to be my wife instead of a son is unable to get married. Went into our bed in the nude in a hotel I stayed at my son from the first two people to travel quickly and after a divorce. Seemed surprised that has now hug. Was the first son of my pace had sex say calm down. Insert immediately after I ejaculate. Dare sex was a mistake I was happy my son is said to be happy with no rice but I thought it was her son. Monday and Thursday, so now resting in bed after one day of rest will have sex. Pleases me home now my son, traveling, etc. I enjoy a love hotel.


It was a holiday thing this year. After her husband went on a trip to Korea, has returned home to rest her son was suddenly going to go back home. I did fall asleep in the living room when I was a little drunk with a beer bath Agari alone.
woke to feel a strange sign. I had my son on the looms. "In a loud voice Dasanai, I love you mom" in my head I'm white, my son why I frantically resisted. But we are wildly 入Rikon superb article in The son taking off underwear.
son entered the University of Tokyo in the year to academic excellence, proud son of a kind normally. Whispering obscenities in my ear followed by her son so sweet, I cried, I could not stop. After ejaculation son, I was going crazy because of the shock and shame. Two days from that night, was asked if his son left.

Brother and bath

For single mothers but, sometimes Mom overnight work ... so cute, always eat dinner with my brother, I'm taking a bath house with my brother. It was always
What I have to wash the body of my brother ... with him, and hugged her brother is pretty tight on the back ... just put in hand a body shampoo,
carefully rub breasts started .... Also nipple tweak, tweak ... Dari. "If in your tea sauce ... sauce ... oh, eh no, oh sauce"
pretty, when I was too entranced 気持Chiyokutsu, has gradually been decreasing their hands under the navel ....
"pretty even from here ... It's important, wash it well," ... in hand I'm not in your tea, open their thighs are mirrored in the mirror ... all ... pretty, very embarrassed.
"Yeah ... my brother ... I is not show and" I was begging me to forgive my brother Kurenakutsu. The fingers of her brother, and this pretty embarrassing ...
I feel like petals of a push open ... also reflected in the mirror. "It's a beautiful pink ..." Wait, brother of the whisper. Has moved a finger,
pretty, Feeling better ... almost fainted. "I'm wet ... You know ... a lot" Hey, my brother's sticky fingers, I was forced to lick .... brother
fingers are carefully stroked the clitoris pretty sharp again, tampering .... Pretty ass down to the little boy was the imposition of Okkiku Brother, for shame ....
leaning pretty limp back into the bathtub, big brother, I started licking the crotch of the pretty ... Peropero. 're Out of the voice, and unstoppable.
brother is "more noise, I would - a pretty good voice out ... from the cute" I whisper. Pretty, many times ... Itchaimashita.
even your brother dick, I told him I'll have to feel pretty, brother, "it's still" Hey, let's me ....
into the tub for two narrow, is played with a lot of places among the hot water ... and my brother. ... Dizzy brink.
"because of the pretty, pretty ... everything is beautiful. everything, so it's older brother," Hey, whispered in the ear is to hear ... licked.
got more exhausted. Hey, is wrapped in a towel pretty, take me to bed. Is nestled in the heart of my brother as it is, I was sleeping soundly ....
Hey, mom I did not tonight. I get into the bath ... and pretty. This time pretty well, I'll feel good with my brother ...

Son living alone

I am a 48 year old housewife. My husband died of cancer last May. Bu son lives in the dormitory of the company. So the house is one I have, so I broke 働Kenaku body, summoned his son. My son is married with two children 28 years old. The same company I work for a bride for his son. So a family of four and became a lively family. Translated by his son lived in the dormitory of the company from having intercourse with me. It was about two years, so I said to break off the relationship because I live in is agreed to marry them. More families with his son, "now living in. If we had found a bride married to have sex with my son one day went out to bring children. It is currently in divorce mediation. My son says that I do not want to divorce, marriage is such an indecent home to have sex with the child says no to live. I want to break up too. And I live with my son.

Of his son

I was confused and worried by the reverse reaction at all.
My husband and I have enjoyed the wild sex.
But it had made it hard to trust her husband tied.
to see that the arms of other men, and my husband said he is increasingly
I fell in love with me.
same here.
things that two people can meet other men is not.
husband seeking more stimulation. I started to say how 交Eyou son. 16-year-old son and
cute, it looks like becoming an adult now.
the spoiled son, I have been studying with my mother strictly 接Shimashita demons. occasionally dabbled
is about.
as her husband and son like football among friends among conversely rises. a son, husband
"consultation" and was said to want to look like. Though it is a couple
I already lost my sense of ethics or
"Yada Oh, I can not." answered. Natural reaction will be. I've said
impossible to shy. Then after I was blindfolded
husband. As always with
enema, anal preparation was made to me. The place is not
bedroom, living room.
when I was a vagina with your finger or Lee, the son seems to have included. More when I did they feel
think You should not see it.
"want to try?" Huh? You only see today? I am impatient with. arms were bound with pantyhose
Kakae to be held by my legs to her husband.
"What is this?" "I rub more towards the front."
become awkward finger movements accurately. I reached doggie
crying. Push
and son has a penis.
"Do not you dare. is told out of the back."
son has been violently thrust. Harder than their husbands, but from 太Kunai
I feel.
"That's right out!" All right through. You have to be deaf
me, fingers dripping anal lotion
agitate her husband.
"Oh, Oh, No, no useless for example!"
fingers seem unusual for his son soon.
"say Hi," was the son and anal Nejikoma. released into the mouth and pushed her husband
penis in my mouth.
"Oh, come." He sat by releasing sperm Uchitsuke wildly.
"I hope." husbands take a commemorative photo. I wonder if you post somewhere also.
"Oh, tired. I sleep."
son and I left. A shower together.
I made love once more in bed room neat and son. Sex was the best. Now I'm
is dominated his son. I wanted it.
I decided not to lose interest in sex with anyone until my son anymore.
"I feel really stuck." Kakaeru husband and head. Mouth
just helped my husband is also allowed.

My discourse incest

This is a high school freshman.
mother remarried, I had to live in a father and three young mothers tended to be a father and two hours from the beginning because many married the night shift in nurses.
and stepfather came into the bathroom to wash the body
day I said "come Yaaa! go out !!!"< br> and exclaimed,
father while smiling, "Now I'll wash" around behind me and started massaging my breasts from behind frothy.
my fingers crack open the leg and is being
slipped but remained in the body of a body soap slippery even rejected.
"Yeah what? You're not slippery like soap"
I've been feeling was that the situation has been left behind has been held by the legs.
fingers are out "there there" and I put out the voice. The photo was taken the bare
and I'll keep it a secret from her mother after that. Open
stride, of course, just see what the Moro.
sex is what happens now is what was not.

Brother and

Are under one year old brother. My parents passed away two years ago, is a two-man family business ramen shop.
parents died shortly after it opened a noodle shop, you can not stop shop for the loan.
no money to hire someone younger brother are working from morning until midnight. Such that one night, I saw that I was masturbating to a corner of the kitchen while his brother was charged the next day. I have been on Susan
anger and store things in the kitchen while I was surprised, but now we live in two rooms on the second floor of the store together. Where can I avoid the public eye
masturbation brother would have had to it. From this year, I know that man is physiological phenomena.
brother had had no time to make her last two years, should not give any money to go to the store to handle the physiological phenomena of a man.
That night, I gave up Shigoi cock 脱Gaseru pajamas and sleeping brother. Are you tired, but my brother did not happen Shigoi cock.
Samashimashita eyes and brother still wears Shigokitsu. Chan "Hey, what are you doing I" "I say only just get through anything"
went to see hard cock's softer and it woke up my brother. Has become increasingly tearful face my brother.
Pyuppyuppyutto bolted to three times the arc in the hands of white liquid from my brother at the same time and give a cry less. I said while wiping the semen
took arms and thighs. "I do not hesitate to say this time Karanee ゃんがときどきしてあげるからがまんできなくなったら Chi"
brother since Nedatsu come every day now. Over two years I have no acquaintance with men. Squeeze
cock while his brother every day, you can see my legs get wet. But if you are my brother 押Shi倒Sa
One day, I am sure I can not resist.

Seen by his son

yuna himekawa[33461]
Last time, we have entered a bath after a long time in 6th grade son. Haitsu but I suddenly I became later. My son suddenly
Kakushimashita forward. What happened? Embarrassed? I thought I was a child the habit. You know, and do not clean here too. When the beam sweeps were
hands. What are you doing my son erection. My son, I'm not thinking that H. Was a problem. Let My son and in
. I Tsukamaemashita. My son is upset with what was believed erection look at, see. I caught my son
, arms,. 've Never shy. Away to see her mother. H I'm not thinking that.
son was making excuses. H mom says I was thinking that I have not. The penis has grown ashamed of ourselves? Yeah. Why
. Too. , Right? Have embraced the larger of Perhaps I also spent a tearful feeling subside. Chata
the large body of the mother was watching? Yeah. Said as a problem. Among women not just me.
and son naked together without having to show it because there was little to do that now?
larger the body of a woman begging to see the boys know the first thing for granted. I gave my son to sex education because in this case. To put it
here. Like the boy, in order to put a larger penis penis here.
I put a dick in here as a woman grows Yuuta. The Bears will get bigger as you. We talked many
. My son managed to convince. However, if I want to. I began to do. It will not do. This
it? When I put the kids to create larger more Yuuta. I want to put. My son is a little bigger than my husband's habit to beat a child like curiosity
I just put a little curious, I just put. Ategatsu over there I tried to let his son what his son sit down. Komimashita in my mouth as it is.
son looked at his penis and this will Haitsu in me. At that time it ended.
or no longer resist the erection can be seen now Hairita want to take a bath together ever since.

By son

I have my son, I would like to speak to. My son is 21 years old, is a state of withdrawal at home without going to school. After my husband went to work, I 押Shi倒Shimashita pussy mom wants to come after me. And take off your panties, penis stuck in a long crack all things big. I do not know what a normal brain. I just like to know the pussy. The feeling is bad advice.

From my diary

"It was good mommy? Went many times?" To go handsome cute, sweet voice whispering in her son than adult men seem 逞Shiku, I was answering voices gasp emits intense pleasure Ito Ara calm down yet .
could not remember how many times did you feel, they still remain vividly the feeling of sweet meat vagina, penis young son still deeply buried in the flesh is withered vagina ejaculation minutes ago We just had,
擽Tsu the opening of uterus is split ahead of the bell mouth, the glans and the hoity-toitily 脈打Chi or prosperous as tireless. "I want more? Miss me mommy? I have nothing that I'm by myself from the other.
'll Do anything for me!" Is my son's face and voice of the boy is adorable xv whisper words of a man is already pretty good. in the habit of masturbation clitoris
not stop even then I think that marriage is great. Fellowship while sinful heart trouble, a sensitive clitoris Hikuhiku 疼Kimasu stiff. There
ripe prime of my thirty nine years old I've been burning penis crazy son of a stout. My body of a woman who knows the joy a few minutes if you want a penis would stand the ache for some time lascivious child.
"Matashitai mom? Mom many times they did it before I go." He whispered to the boy and the fifteenth of the words seem,
張Ri切Tta damp sweaty hand F-cup erect nipples to suck Shaburitsui lips tightly grasp the breast 舐Memasu. "I spoiled Ah, no more ... ..."
running sweet spasm in the uterus and clitoris, perineum anal bud of liquid from the gap between men and women spill out of the womb holding Munching penis cut in lust伝I to flow,
脹Rami wetted the damp sheets and butt. Face full of smile spread son was intrigued to know that I feel shameful, we begin to dance while sitting down slowly.
thrust movement intermittently severe uterine fat and long cock harder than her husband, his hands clenched Shidakimasu massage the breast. Sex with a stronger sense of guilt is the son of a nightly,
is growing crazy sobbing from behind the thrust of lung Waga身 obscene. "Mom, OK?" Coat semen arrived sucking dick young folds of the myriad of meat vagina slimy hot,
unconscious belly and waist were invited to the pleasure to understand myself is wriggling and 吸I込Mou deep into the uterus move up and down. Her husband, director of a foreign company a half years after they stationed overseas headquarters does not come back from six months ago.
in the same bed with her husband signed a passionate wild love, now I devour each other on a meat forbidden love 淫悦 drowning son divided the flesh and blood. I have pleasure in the flesh vagina 甦Rimasu intensify the movement of lips and tongue to suck her son back.
"Oh do, not move!" the body to escape from the penis can wiggle bounce back in line with the weight of an adult son is not strong.
"Forgive, Mom.'ll rip!" is already suppressed abnormal contraction and spasm of the sphincter and the sweet meat from the liquid overflowing joy uterus and vagina of the woman who knows the joy Even though uncontrollably,
indecent behavior is driven by unconscious thrust the hips. "Mom was a lot? Like you said is better penis my bigger than dad anymore because mommy?"
"May I take mama for a penis your hard big is! More then I love you. Other women anymore No tea for people. Dad and another as mom does not. I want to be sexual intercourse just for you.
love to believe Mama Iiitsu Oh Oh! it Iki again! "Mama" You do too dense U! other It was a lonely women looking for sex pictures and videos, but that is the first time mom! "
" Is that so? It was the man for you Mommy? happy! in the body of the mother more and more I'll tell you the joy of a man.
mom loves to be with you! 熔Ke Chai is also a good sexual intercourse so the uterus can! squid to let out the waist! "obscene'm 迸Ri Monaku Tomedo my lips no doubt about that word,
obscene erection first time I have a hard one. The generous response to the aspirations of the penis thrust wanton gouge my son is a drunk 痴Re Yue deep forbidden meat.
"I Yeah, go again! I upset the mom so much! not embraced by the father standing up now! why not give Mom!
more agony to hold you off, you feel good I want! it because I love you! "

I hate

I am a 48 year old housewife. Two years ago I divorced singles currently. Cheating is the cause of my divorce, who died last year. I have no luck with men. We have one son, now 26 years old. But now I go to Kyoto, I slept in the same bed last night I came back. And for sex. I also burned.突Kimasu son many times to put my legs Kio Hiraku yuan. After a semen will be coming out about an hour, began about three minutes or even absent. I was told to stop and give me pain, my son asked. I did not know anything in a faint.

Was raped in front of my father's mother.

A high summer, I lost her virginity being raped by his father.

father is restructuring the company was desperate every day. Jaarimasen ordinary
was drunk that day.
and studying in my room, my father suddenly came up to me.
"Aimi, I'll become the first man I!"
"Dad, Yametee ~"
tied to my mother, my mother has been raped in the front.
has been inserted into the breast thing my father sucked hard. While my father sat heavily lashed
"Aimi, I give in!"
"You Yametee ~!"
mother was shouting.
"Dad, Well ~ ~"
"Aimi ~ ~ Damn .... not!!"
to squeeze my father poured into the semen.

"Aimi, get pregnant at my child"
almost daily thereafter, continued to treat hot cum is my father.

Relationship with his son

I am 47 years old. My son works for a local office at the age of 23.
husband passed away last illness, but now my husband and mother, and my three sons who are living.
other day, since her husband died, I had lost my mother and somehow fine to me and care about my son gave me an overnight trip.
mother, I was looking forward to it very, bad feet for three days before the trip, will surely not go.
travel for an appointment because I had two servings, will instead be going with my son.
and great weather, it was a family trip for a long time, could spend all day fun.
But that night, my son is drinking lots of sake, and out of the room's futon provides a waitress, suddenly, I have called my body.
son was fond of the sport in college, I was not beefy muscular physique can you do?
parents to be And I can call people, not even rioting, is allowing the body had at last. It also
from home, so as to find the mother, on a daily basis, my son asks my body.
I did not know what to do, and would say only son.
son said, "Mum, do not feel left out and always will be the" will say.
My feeling is, and the happy, and feeling sorry for her dead husband, and found her mother's fear, mingled with a sense of shame to ruin her son's life,
really now I'm troubled by myself What should I do?

Nice brother

I am now 16 years old. But I'm not a virgin anymore. Yesterday, Lightning sex with my brother.
older brother is also very cool to see from my sister, not even about me, but another brother complex, boasting cool brother. She also had a great Kire
and, of course, I had a boyfriend just fine, with emotion that I did not love until now.
but I just broke up with my boyfriend, I've broken up with her brother. Learned of it in the room when I'm drunk uncommon in older brother. Unexpected is behind
抱Kitsuka if I had put away from beer cans littered the floor or something. "~ Rumi" "Hi ~ I drunk it"
normal thing because he always had quite playful wrestling or something. Still carrying on the bed, I suddenly came to speak normally sit tired at the end.
"I Rumi," "I ~?" "Kaori I (she) broke and" turned his face to say that much. Oh, and I'm depressed. It had been dating for almost three years. Yoshio Yoshi
raised his head to, so it was an old nickname, "Daddy can" call me if I comfort, something in a muffled voice,
"I suck" Hey. Coto I do not even say that, so dozens of times "at least" I repeated. I really started worrying about what happened,
押Shi倒Sa were being imperceptibly. "Because I, I thought I SAY E to embrace real sister? So, I'm three years broke up with girlfriend? Is abnormal. Sucks" and saying lovely goodie bags Wakan Teru Kano,
little Damn with Pani. To good or do not understand why. A brother, a gentle kiss. To'll become slightly deeper, not being able to breathe. I thought there was no resistance.
old brother who is now his fingers caressing the head of my dick stirring sound with Yutteyarashii Yamaguchi.
It was virgin, but my finger masturbation Tteta as little pain ... and I like that the first ibis felt far beyond all. going crazy with
. Beer and Peace (tobacco) and even smell nice. Forget about something that even my brother, my brother wanted.
little brother and I are different from the tall, and I found it much too big for me. It wanted irresistible. I still do not even get to lick, she urged. Then
but I was surprised my brother, come slowly and I happily inserted. It felt great.
"Hey ... you ... my brother ... ... I Okki chan ..." "... The Rumi E Eii narrow dude ..." "... moving ..." to violently slammed the back, I sat shaking Yoga Tta.
happy. Gave us in full. At that moment, I went blank. After finishing, I 醒Mashi eyes, there was next to the letter. [I] was wrong it says.
brother then I am avoiding. I also was avoided. But I want you again my brother. I want to wet a lot. Keep in mind a lot.
So, next time do not want attention, even when parents are shite.

My discourse incest

I 仕舞Imashita affair with, and my son 50 years old
age, 24 years old and my husband and my son is in a state of sex in recent years, suffering from diabetes
course, I 堪Ri frustration, but now no one is masturbating at home during the day, 治Marazu 一向Ni desire, finally, I dabbled in 仕舞Tta son. I put an end to the menopause
timely welcome I also feel one more time before it 身篭Ru

I, somehow,

5 years continues to be involved with my brother anymore. Seventy-two-year-old brother now. It is under three years old than me. My father passed away when my junior year in high school. Died two years later to assume that after my mother.
parents left me a fortune so little siblings at home and we both had a beginning that was not a shortage of money.
but a job with Bank of Tokyo since I left my college, my personal injury for quite drunk driving drinking party and live Ue of the company.
threatening the lives of the victims, but fortunately I did not become an issue in a lawsuit for compensation, to assume the debt of several million were forced into state banks forced to quit of course.
day I worked as a clerk in a small construction company, was yesterday forced to live double that of Shinjuku hostess snacks.
me weak liquor hostess was originally a pain. But until the job dove brother still in college, worked hard.
day, I wake up next morning Gudenguden home drunk, are you in bed wearing pajamas unawares. It seems well into the bath.
after I had got in the bath is in the habit of sleeping naked with no underwear, pajamas.
But there is some discomfort in the lower abdomen. Yes, the day after sex, I feel like that contains a male yet. I just absolutely
body is invited to the customers no matter how persistent the shop were not allow. But maybe Kano Hana last night became so drunken.
I have no memory of the way after all. While going dizzy, that cooking a breakfast, my brother has been going on.
"I will be sweeping drunk last night? I was like?" my brother asked: "it is amazing! You're asleep at the door.
to the bathroom off the living room all the things you wear I got in, I was sleeping in the bath from coming out 覗Itara so much! "he said. Yes
kindly came to wear pajamas to bed. "Yeah. I'm sorry, take care over," but he said it, and remember it later, something strange was his brother's attitude.
after one week and then I have sex with someone in the dark and suddenly I noticed that quite drunk or home. Were also unable to move in surprise.
And I call my brother to know that it took a long time. Ringing a chime wall clock, "Oh, this is home," and I noticed. Now in my mind went blank.
why my brother! I usually will not show any such gesture. ... Wing stop! While wondering what to do or shout out has Hotobashitsu pleasure from the core of my body suddenly they could not bear.
do what will become longer. I decided to pretend to not notice. I hear your body say it. I would welcome my brother to move naturally. But I held back to
desperately, I'm sleeping. So I know nothing. Exhausted, it will help. It is said that his brother had known the things that I'm still awake.
differently from before. But my sister is my brother called me to act I'm asleep. Boundary of the day my brother now come to have sex with me every night sleeping in my bedroom.
I thought I should not so much that I like sex, sex with my brother is different. And when he ever dated a few of pleasure is different.
but only while acting with each other 知Ran振Ri have continued. I wanted to break the relationship between immediate family ever had to think of a brother and sister by doing so.
But one day, my brother tried to embrace the day when my physiology. I have never had sex that day and in diseases such fastidiousness. But denial is not possible.
they wasted was unaware until now that can then act. What should I do, thinks of his brother is trying to do my underwear stripping each napkin, and then enter Muriyari seem fine.
is the foreplay and no time. Then it just became my brother crying 憎Tarashiku. But I was not to move as possible. After all, I
from sleeping is the role without knowing anything. However, when the body began to move his brother as usual, so I'm thinking of the pleasure that I give a loud voice.
brother is a little surprised, I blame intense than usual before long. I did what I 狂態 became embarrassed later hearing.
culminating when I name my brother, my brother was screaming my name 果Temashita. From that day are no longer two siblings. Relationship is still going on five years anymore.
both of them no mind and love to make out. Work accident compensation can finally end his brother took a job out of college, quit the night job.
now has as good a life as if married, this should not, while hoping to somehow get back to normal life, and then dragged on. Bon
grave and when, parents adjust their hands together thinking it would've been thinking about looking at us. I'm really a bad thing
. But something more, I do. I think so.


About a month ago, my brother has committed every day.拒Memasen weaknesses because they are held in my brother. Brother, the little boy makes me lick first. I will
ejaculation, like violently shake the hips Hold hands when having sex in my head. Then ejaculate in my mouth. I drink semen out the mouth.
Otherwise, the angry brother. After about 3 to 4 hours I played with the body to the brother.
first to be held these days, but my brother was terribly unpleasant, would gasp in response to raise your voice sensitive to attack the body of my brother.
brother these days, is now requesting to come to me very disagreeable. We are scared of her brother's actions to escalate. I am a 17 year old high school student
. My brother is 22 years old

Virgin brother

I married a married woman of the year,,
I have a brother that also left 10 years.
childhood was a little vulnerable-looking child,
to overtake me say before we could say now growing into middle school and went
grown man. Perhaps as a family
years away still get along well,
the TV in the house playing games, go shopping, or was.
boys reached puberty at that but still,
seems that in the interest of even more rapidly,
抱Kitsuka Kuni Kitsu and when she is playful, and the breasts are rubbed midst of the chaos for.
or if there is also a bath when I was
and scrutiny, and was gone before washing underwear.
I have to pretend to have enough notice,
a little too cute and I thought such an act even where there
when I entered high school as soon as the "Show me boobs"
"they only need to be kissed," and sometimes approaching.
Then I will not return when you go home alone,
I had my brother as much as possible and face 合Wasanai,
Mari Tomari been asked by parents, husband and convenient 付Ka There was no
back home for cooking a meal alone without help.
is too much at dinner without anything, when you try to sleep late in the night hugging
brother has come to my room and just this opportunity. Although I had refused
and resistance,
"Please, just once, they only need to ask once 1"
has become firmly pressed against the array.
snorting too rough, sex and age
boy I always preoccupied with what a woman can. I've been too lazy
something at me,
result being raped, it will not think this will be the same without permission
gone up and ginger. SEX
emergency and parents have been floating in the face of my husband's and my mind. more
such a thing without regard to his brother,
off your clothes and underwear that I have in my heart like an animal hungry Mushaburitsui.
AV and tangled his tongue will come hard on the knowledge I thought that was like,
to stimulate precisely as if I know I'm sensitive,
been cleared to eat pussy while gently peel Masu. brother virgin taste

also gradually becoming more like me have become hot over there,
find themselves coming in dripping wet and nasty soup. body can not bathed
brother shower obsessively, we will carefully lick and turn.
brother cock his Gingin become warped over time,
Mushaburitsuku will continue to rub the body while with my clitoris. I went to dick
posture over time for men to accept more light wet. And I think that
that it is no longer against his brother,
woman had become a pleasure to devour. I was impatient
cock grabbed his brother,
Shigokimashita grasp firmly to make sure the solid.
from the tip of
will repeat it to come out on warm gooey juice stand,
and wrapped in stimulating the glans palm to paint it,
brother can not take it anymore I like to say on a groan.
I continue to ignore the moaning so grueling,
brother, "my sister, no good, you'll get out, oh Oh," I shouted loudly
repeatedly hear about the neighborhood Pedro is also a dark mud
sperm cock while scared
fired for my hands and body. Even my brother
cock firing a lot of sperm so young, perhaps because,
was still hard and still warped. I have such a warped
cock in a while been a while both my husband had been a while since I saw
, brother-covered cock and taking sperm licking
scoop to clean semen,
For example Komimashita suck the cock more deeply soon.
suck cock brother yelling for example the large round or husband Rino Moyo,
hard and did well enough to trouble the example into sucking the blood vessels so they stand out.
這Washi the tongue, including for example to begin to suck sperm suck,
Yaburuto insect sucking cock ball bag in 咥内,
brother and the reaction was to groan aloud.
eventually left without his brother from his cock in my mouth,
when you push me to bed,
"can not endure anymore. you'll get in again. I already put" What
crotch to expand, there has been rubbing cock. I was momentarily
"Wait a minute" to restrain, and the rubber covered cock brother,
spans brother who I have brought to there Iremashita cock a hand.
moment and became one brother, It was a pleasure that penetrate the body.
cock shape, size, heat, pleasure that I remember was pierced cock,
shake the hips like crazy, we'll turn to rub the long chestnut included.
brother in less than a minute, but fired a second time, but a lot of sperm to low moaning,
I went to squeeze the sperm continue to tighten the hips shaking.
ejaculation brother continued to squeeze them again and again each time. I do not know
fired many times to repeat such a thing truly Ittara
cock inside me eventually exiting from getting smaller. Perhaps
was released far too much sperm,
semen is like the condom has been overflowing,
came out and was full of drop from the vagina. I've tasted
young thing and then my husband will not be a partner,
return home determined to find pretext.
is to taste the cock of my brother.

It feels good

Nice to meet you write. I am a 19 year old girl
. Your friends, but they Omase child, out of your child, H had a book .....< br> I'm from Yu bring the child good, works were very interested, have It looked rather at home with. I had to Ko Hung.
Of course, I love masturbation. I have been doing since I was a small 4. But still a virgin. So every day I masturbation.
the place about twice a day. Up in the morning, before getting out of bed once, and once at night before sleeping in bed. Sometimes, even in the bath, then.
morning, I just simply do it, massage the breast while the Kuchukuchu over there. Around the clitoris. At night, it's harder.
chest while his left hand massage, of course, I blame the clitoris or the right, put your finger in the hole, then Kuchukuchu.
beginning, but it was only the middle finger, index finger is also gradually put. It is up to three so far and want more challenge? !
Actually, I do some things, got the vibe is electric. So sometimes, I also work hard with vibrator. Initially, only the clitoris but are put into the hole and get wet gradually.
And are you out or put out, to make it mind-boggling, says Cha.
But Bakkari vibe that you are using too much, as I heard we can not just finger ik only use occasionally.
when not in use, even distant friends, lend. It is also kid coupled Kono Yuu love masturbation. But this friend is likely not a virgin.
masturbation since I'm also the child of four small, six years after becoming, with her one year old younger brother of SEX Yes. Zade
Shisu masturbation, you likely to be completely 痛Kunakatta first time. Then Satoru Yuu, but they do place once a week.
brother, but there is a passage from semen come out yet when ik, but they do or do not use condoms.
But I get very mad if a child! Next day, the child and for me to have SEX promises will be.
I and H I for various things. Moreover, H and I write the report.


It was a shock and post events too. Yesterday I have a relationship on the brother and five. And I'm in a cowardly manner, such as rape in half.
brother and I do not get along so well. If I'm always quarreling, I know you do not get along or even talk much. But last night I brother easy.
greeted me by my size came back late, put me on rice and tea Yu. Something strange and friendly, I wonder what? And I thought I was.
it was when I was aware of that. I found that finally woke up, I'd apparently been sleeping pill or drink.
after rice, I went to my room as usual, then do not remember. Then when you woke up, I accept my brother I was.
are naked, yet we are brother and sister Even though I was becoming one. The hip shaking a brother, "because this is a dream. Okay" I feel like he said there was.
my voice it was not too much in shock. A brother, "the dream" to believe the word, you feel like sleeping again.
Perhaps because of the sleeping pills do not work smart. Morning, I woke up I knew it was not a dream. The bra had to shift, I was attached to the chest hickey. paint was
panties. I smell Kagimashita Omowazu part that paint. As expected, was the smell of semen. I soiled my brother is my body.
I hate more. Forgive the cowardly brother has done this. A brother and sister, but why, SEX I do I have to do. What parents say it is better that? Please reply if
who raped me like family. The night was very scary.

I just do

I was 23 years old, was last night because her husband away, I became a man, he slept in beer also loneliness. I think someone came home 忍N husband. And I'm committed to. I ran away and became unable to run away but I fucked

I saw

I saw where my mother and brother to have sex. Sunday is a day too. I was sobbing voices from the room when my brother came home from the club, my mother and my brother Why do not you peek under the naked lower body of his brother was there to kiss my mother. My father was away on tour neighborhood association. I have not seen what I have seen. Is still pounding.

Beloved son

yuna himekawa[33389]
To have a relationship with my son!
want to have sex with my son! want to be fucked 思Ikkiri &gt; son! &gt; want to pierce the penis wildly son!
&gt; son as a child but had not seen until now, they look cool man wildly recently. 7th grade is still &gt;,
Frankly proud son of. &gt; corner and this corner of the sequel, though I was riding experience we got pregnant with a child who's son, &gt;
if you can have sex with her son, so too I do not care! &gt; son as a woman want to look at me! &gt; people in the "ethics" in a fitted frame,
"incest" I like to call you to say something like smut. &gt; Indeed, married women for the "beloved men" to "husband" I will, but
"son" if 産Marere, the "beloved man," the son should turn from her husband. &gt; for me at least, say so. &gt; me
"beloved man," I think you want to have sex with, but I think it's quite common. &gt; feel like I want to have sex with my son,
What is so strange? &gt; in the "never seen a child as an object of desire" Hey, I may be horrified mother. &gt;
I think it is too tied to a sense of ethics. Aside from the good and bad. &gt; pleasure to have sex with men I like, You have not even seen as an object of desire for pleasure from that person last name? &gt;
"is seen as the beloved object of sexual desire in men" that is, I think it's very jealous. &gt; I told my son, I wanted to see me as an object of sexual desire. &gt;
this feeling I am not helpless. &gt; someone, what better way there? &gt; anyway! Want to have sex with my son! When sex education. Itsuku you? This can be seen from
sound of 13 years. I think even my mom and I do appeal and charm of his son

It feels good

Nice to meet you write your letter. I am a 19 year old girl.
to your friends, but they Omase children, out of your child, H's book was .....< br> I'm from Yu bring the child good, there was great interest then, I have seen at home rather. I had to Ko Hung.
Of course, I love masturbation. I have been doing since I was a small 4. But still a virgin. So every day I masturbation.
the place about twice a day. Up in the morning, before getting out of bed once, and once at night before sleeping in bed. Sometimes, even in the bath, then.
morning, I just simply do it, massage the breast while the Kuchukuchu over there. Around the clitoris. At night, it's harder.
chest while his left hand massage, of course, I blame the clitoris or the right, put your finger in the hole, then Kuchukuchu.
beginning, but it was only the middle finger, index finger is also gradually put. It is up to three so far and want more challenge? !
Actually, I do some things, got the vibe is electric. So sometimes, I also work hard with vibrator. Initially, only the clitoris but are put into the hole and get wet gradually.
And are you out or put out, to make it mind-boggling, says Cha. But using that vibe too Bakkari so we can not be heard only by a finger ik,
use only occasionally. When not in use, even distant friends, lend. It is also kid coupled Kono Yuu love masturbation. But this friend is likely not a virgin.
masturbation since I'm also the child of four small, six years after becoming, with her one year old younger brother of SEX Yes. Zade
Shisu masturbation, you likely to be completely 痛Kunakatta first time. Then Satoru Yuu, but they do place once a week.
brother, but there is a passage from semen come out yet when ik, but they do or do not use condoms.
But I get very mad if a child! Next day, the child and for me to have SEX promises will be. I, H and I for many things.
Moreover, H and I write the report.

Female college student

My brother was about masturbation to just my brother and I opened the room without knocking when passing in front of the room my brother came home late today. I was a little drunk
done to help hold the cock masturbation brother. But his brother is not even hand Shigoi much squid. I was fed up with the
Munching brother rip-off cock. Innovation came gushing white cock from the tip of his brother instantly popular in Bakyumufera boyfriend or guy friend. brother
mouth with a tissue to wipe that "toots, I'm" has clung to say. My breasts 揉Nda hand over his brother's clothes. No more bad
left the room I wanted to shake hands with his brother in silence. AfteR
drunk taking a bath now and then, I have had to regret that hard.


I'm a dirty girl. It was enjoying a weird obsession with time.
When such a thing, it can often turn red and when such a thing alone.
my husband was still suspected of cheating the past. Most of the exposure suit.
short skirt.
husband present criticism, "You better be good looking young and beautiful you?"
have to crosscut. I have no experience
affair is, of course. Thanks to a couple of times a month
still will ask.
already been exhausted, no longer for us to say.
But sex is sex, desire is different. I was young
great. All high school students about child can cast a glance
the grinning face with colleagues postponed.
been kidnapped by them, the way you like 繰Ri回Sa fingered,,, I would imagine it is wet underwear and thinking.
turn the skirt came back, Masturbation.
violently vibrating fingers, no, I had no install Innovation shook violently back.
felt myself becoming more impatient'll delusion.
the human family had the same thing to another.
Yes, my son reached puberty. This is my life.
without actually seen "signs" the notice.
to stop? Are you thinking there? Jarash
just -.
legs that sometimes I steal a glance I knew.
ninth grade this year. I came so hard in high school extracurricular activities rather than take. My son is too little
Razor. I though I'd like to sit and talk.
I'd get your friend, I was angry with my son or I'll have candy. I was like I was teased
my sex.
became seriously sad when there are angry. "Well, I better dumping lady?" "I do not feel so ,,,"< br>" No way, watching naughty things in my eyes? "
" What? I do not act like that. "
"No way!" I let my son sit on the couch, next to it.
led hands on the chest. As we rub stroke.
already unbearable. . . I'll dream this dream, so
okay to anything, so I decided to take it.
tight dark blue that day. Length is about 15 inches above the knee. Bring
sat across the table chairs.
Yes, this train. Quietly opened a little leg.
"see." "little."
leg slowly opened. The Sun
beige panties pretty small in area.
Takushiage skirts and fingers there. I heard
eyes closed. "I see it?" "I see."
Stronger gradually went down softly traced.
"Oh, oh ,,,,,"< br> I found a lot more stain comes out.
and spreading my legs to sleep on the carpet.
"to come, to rub ,,,"< br>" This way,? "" stronger, and more ,,,"< br> My son made a fist, rub hard and have raised.
"Oh, oh, oh no!"
I've just reached to erupt.
"Oh, do not touch,, Oh Oh.." I convulsed.
was the beginning of the day with my son it is functional.