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Incest confession of women(2013-02)

My family ...

I, 32 years old, was pardoned the children of two women between the father.
Eldest daughter will be elementary school students in the spring. Second daughter is 3 years old.
Father children at the time of the 18-year-old me. Grandmother, that
I have received a raw in this world as a result of mother-to-child incest mother. My mother gave birth to me at 42 years old.

Mother PART2 to doting mama's boy son

Thank you for a lot less.
And I accidentally Return Of a little, but I will write again. I will write later, but it also is short this time.

Mother drowned \"

Family is three people parent and child. I and my husband go home if we are engaged in a Chinese store in downtown it is 12 o'clock. I am from the evening, but my husband will go out from the afternoon there is a charge. Six months ago, it was a happy response when it receives a consultation from the college entrance examination son, and go to college to attend and from the \"help the shop.\" Its purpose is to know with my body, it was that of one month later. Confessed love to be heard also of momma asked me, I decided prepared to accept SEX and in order to stop pulling the house. A week later, dense semen of his son's was poured plenty in my womb. The drowning gradually to extreme sex son to seek every day, I went and fell to the mother and child sex forbidden.

To become a thing surely is the son

yuna himekawa[2422]
A year ago, No way, I did not have even thought it is! A relationship like this with my son. It is not over worry to parents anything until now, studies also I was the son of an excellent boast serious. It passed the aspirations National University we also wanted that night, son, husband of high spirits asked what they would like to have successful celebration, but I was a reply son and have not decided yet. The submission of \"admission procedure documents\" and \"delivery of the enrollment fee\" admission procedures, to Osaka and son the next day. Then, I look around the boarding destination, but it was not determined. One week later, in response to the introduction towards the employer of the father, it was the place to cheaper near the school. I returned, I had to walk the Umeda Osaka okonomiyaki specialties and son. Featured in the direction of the shop, I ate of using the \"yam baked\" the only yam that do not use flour to connect in a private room. Did not know the mother and child to us, energetic'll marked with yam, clerk did those who said the joke. I was invited after leaving the shop, shell of the source remains in your mouth a little, and do not drink coffee even to see the sign of the couple cafe son. There is a large tree planted in the middle of the store, I was sitting on Sofua of the two-seater side-by-side next to it. The'm embracing Abegg sit E~tsu, and faces the next what. When you rise and let out to his son, his son does not rise Tati, I have seen. At that time, I's the first time, and walked away while to return to the question I's the coffee. Eyes, men rolled up the skirts of women, hand, what about Ah, what in the head is white somehow in the first experience I am also into the pants to Abegg son. Then, into the tail upstairs prompted towards the shop, I saw the fellowship of men and women from up to peep. And I received the same thing from my son soon. It is a secret I began to master at the beginning it is.

Please tell me

Mother of 45-year-old, you have a son in high school one year I am. In The Return of enough, sex with her husband was a frustration once a month recently. Last night, to see penis son bath is from have passed, the thickness, size has been burned to the eye. Because it is parent-child, I know it 's that you dont, but my body I would request a son. Would it be wrapped in the body of my son, that the penis, such a feeling you would be escalated. Could you Nde be able to pay the hot flashes of the body do not you, who are experienced person, by all means, please advice.

Before I knew it

My son was enrolled to the University of Nagoya than last spring. Once a month, I had visited the dormitory living son to see how the cleaning of the room. When I went in August, my son came back from buying the beer cans in after school. Son of minors
drank oolong tea. Drunk around me weak in alcohol, thighs, my son is coming from hugging skirt legs also disturbed It was a matter of time. It came violently massaged the breasts by shifting bra cockhorse by pushing me. Emotions I did was seek out the body of his son that day for some reason. I my \"... Mom gonna good to put in the mother British-chan! if you wanted to put out, ... I've been waiting for a ~ not when this\" and when the son was trying to insert pussy did was tangled in the cock of her son.


I love that H is a pleasant thing to put your finger in this man you can touch the nipple yourself always.
One day, been found in the brother such a place, you've went devoted to the relationship of H directly.
Techniques brother at the highest, to come out to the next from the position next do not know that it stops love juice came out full of endlessly from within the shell of my
Positions also did various things. You can be placed from the back and on all fours you can put the things of brother open the crotch,
and riding on top of the brother out to the back or moving the piston I ride on top of his brother, and put out mono brother
It was while increases gradually in the opposite of sounding small even out also. Still not stop, you can do in the toilet in the liquid or to the act of groping manner went to ride on a crowded train and the skills you have two people,
and they've been in a relationship of two people who do not know the end.

With dad

Is the lily.
After tied behind my hands, it was tied both arms, and chest with a new string, Dad,
was tied up with a strong force at embarrassing my rope with a knot.
I had cried while saying \"Daddy, I'm sorry\" in the pain of too much.
But without stopping to say \"I told Yuri to put up with,\" Daddy, knocked my ass.
Among them, what hurts, and what a pleasure, you will not know, it seems to have kept saying, \"Daddy, daddy,\" he said. I did not remember.
Then, when the mind is about to become far, warm liquid went in fell down the legs.
I accidentally incontinence.
I noticed it was error to cry \"Daddy, I'm sorry,\" he said.
With a laugh, saying \"pee lily Do not it since the time of the baby,\" said Dad, did a clean up.
Then, hugging me, go to the bathroom, it was me Wash my body.
That is the experience of the first time Papa and me.
From it, to once per week, Daddy us bullying me.
But, except at that time, it is a good parent and child terms of the ordinary.
I also afraid to have from being hated Dad, my best also studying, dress is also feeling quiet compared to classmates.
Everyone had thought of me, and an honor student.
Stand, from there, morning and evening, that Papa is willing to kiss I'm happy.
Especially at night, I even slept, to come to the side of the bed, you will see a long kiss.
Today, up to here. . I will then talk that gave her virginity to daddy.

The fucked son

It will be 47 years old, but was attacked by his son for the first time. I have been many times squid dick son is long and thick. And you say me to become a woman of my Mom to say that son. I do that it became a gangster to become a woman. Then are to do your daily sex. I hug my son is feeling well. My son is 25 years old, but I often make room house is not work. It is with the yakuza fellow if you think that it came back. And I have sex roll me from sleeping during the day. It's inspire me to fellow then when you finish. It is every day. Boss's son might be the fellow. Mine got bigger is because genital do with the two men having sex every day.

My brother and I

I will touch the breast of my brother came by my room.
It will become more and more brazenly When have not put out a voice strangely next to a bedroom because of the parents.

... Are becoming tearfully husband

I now only two sons and her husband died. His son is cherished every night as his wife me without also serve no longer have her husband. I was pregnant sack because I did without. It's going to eat at the only life insurance husband without also serves There is a limit to son. I must be served. That what would be bad karma. Children of son is my child. It probably may be referred to what the children. I Grandma I have my son I am the mother to have the child who was born there in the mother of the child is taken to a son. it was decided to serve without sex shop also a place to serve. There is that I worked at a young age and if here. It was said to come on the second floor of the store manager, so do the interview and I went here. Store manager had become naked and go upstairs. It is going to do my production becomes naked. I also did about 30 minutes. I said go and even served immediately manager. Manager is also a person of about the same with me but and pussy before I feel like weakened than me. And then my son came. Was issued a large amount of semen in the end Just when I thought it was also a 30-minute ride just ride free without paying money.

Incest brother and

I became incestuous relationships from the summer of this year and brother.
Night in summer. It is from the fact that my brother has crept into my room.


It may be was arranged marriage on the recommendation of the boss of the company, but the opponent was subordinate to the previous me, is the son of the person who became officers currently. After marriage with her ​​husband, it is a translation that became the father-in-law.
In fact, the father-in-law, he was the illicit relationship between director age from manager. was liquidated terms when he became an officer, but I did not completely give up. An attempt was made ​​to make him stop somehow also commensurate with her ​​husband, talk is of settled him, but I managed to get married partly because her husband also liked me, it was the intermediary of the president and his wife.
After marriage, we revived the Naka from me as a matter of course. The so-what attitude the first child from can, father-in-law that was also intimidated, now received my body aggressively at first. At least, it would be a child of the father-in-law for me but it would be a child of the husband, but it is the same pedigree basis. After all, two children were able to get married, but since the relationship to continue with two people, blood type also is the same or a child of either, I do not know that it is not even in the inspection of the DNA. Children, are also similar to her husband as was the child of the father-in-law, apparently will not be noticed first.
You have table sorry to her husband, but this is also a kind of revenge against the father-in-law that has forsaken me.

I'm going to have my son massage my shoulders

I'm a 35 year old housewife. My name is Kaoru. I gave birth to my only son, Takeshi, when I was 20 years old. When Takeshi was in elementary school, he gave me a "100-point reward" to suck my tits, and then Takeshi studied hard and began to bring back 100-point answers over and over again. And the "reward" gradually escalated. One day in winter, when I returned from work as usual, I had dinner with Takeshi, who was hungry, and after washing, I took a bath. Wearing the top and bottom of a white sweatshirt with no bra, I returned to the dining room while wiping my hair with a towel, and Takeshi was sitting on the sofa watching TV. As usual. I also sat next to Takeshi and casually massaged my neck with one hand. "Mama. Are you stiff on your shoulders?" "Yes. I'm busy with work." A casual conversation between parents and children. "Shall I massage my shoulders?" "Oh, it's been a while. I'm glad." I tied my hair up and sat down on the carpet like Takeshi sitting on the sofa. became. Takeshi's hands gently massage my neck from the left and right. "Oh, it feels good." The sighing voice leaks out unintentionally. "Mama. It's really heavy." I noticed Takeshi looking into the chest of the sweatshirt from above, but that's okay. He's a cute son , so even if he's just in junior high school, he's still a boy. I was surprised at the power of being rubbed powerfully with Guigui. "Ah! It hurts if you rub it so hard!""Mama. Somehow, the lines are naughty." I found Takeshi grinning behind me. At that moment, Takeshi's thumb was deeply embedded in the clavicle jar at the base of the neck. I was about to stay with the intensity of pain and pleasure. "Oh! That's no good !" " Fufufu . As it is? It feels good to hurt?" "Oh. Takeshi's mean! Feeling good." At the end, it became sneaking, screaming, and whispering . Was there. "I 'll make you feel more comfortable." Then , Takeshi's hands slowly crawled down from my shoulders. I know the aim. I'm trying to massage my boobs. I inadvertently grabbed Takeshi and both wrists. "Uh, no. It's a bad child." But Takeshi's fingers crawl down to my chest little by little without stopping. My son's finger rubbing my chest through a thick sweatshirt. Gently, lifted, circular, I couldn't stop my nipples from becoming stiff and sensitive, and the hot moisturizing spilling into my crotch. "Mom's breasts. It's big, soft, and comfortable." When you praise your body with a straightforward expression, you want to leave your body and mind to the forbidden joy. "Oh, mom. It feels good." Takeshi's hands hung on the hem of the sweatshirt. "Mama. Take this off." "Yes." I was surprised to hear the obedient words.When I raised my arms in the shape of a hurray, Takeshi rolled up a pure white sweatshirt, and when I pulled the sweatshirt out of my hands, I threw it into the flooring, exposing my upper body. "Mom's white skin. It's beautiful. It's smooth and soft, and it feels good." Takeshi whispers while stroking my shoulders, which hides my breasts with my hands crossed. " Well, let's get rid of this hand." Takeshi's hands hung on my wrists, hiding his chest, and opened to the left and right with unquestionable force. My beloved son's fingers bite into my bare breasts. "Oh, no, be kinder." "Mom. Oh, mom's pants. It feels good." "Takeshi! Ah ! Mom and mom feel good." At that time, Takeshi stood up and took off his denim in a frustrating manner. When I took off my pants, I struck a surprisingly strong and angry rage in front of me. To be honest, I was scared. "Mama. I can't stand it anymore." I couldn't think of anything anymore. However, the splendid anger of my beloved son in front of me welcomed me into my lips, wanting it, wanting it, and gently handling it when I entwined my fingers. "Oh, mom. Mom. It feels good. Mom. Mom!" I sucked crazy. I want Takeshi to be more pleased. I want Takeshi to feel more comfortable. I "served" with my fingers, tongue, and as much technique as I could. "Oh, mama. Get out!" Takeshi shouted and fired a large amount of cum in my mouth. It smells like a male.I remember being happy that my son felt better with my body than I could reach. When I swallowed all of Takeshi's sperm and looked up with a smile, Takeshi looked down at me with an apologetic, but triumphant, complex look. "Mama. This time, I'm going to have a vaginal cum shot." At that time, I smiled and nodded without hesitation. "Yes, please." ""

Son is approaching

It is a housewife of 46. My husband is a bachelor in.
In vocational school student of 20, his son has been living together.
I would be etched and forced his son a few weeks ago.
Son I have hug from behind suddenly you are drunk. I said that it quit, but my son was drunk scared and could not be much resistance. After finished, I did not sleep that day almost to that of the remainder. He said a word and I'm sorry to son the next day, it has happened. Since then, there was the awkward atmosphere, but did not have anything. But son I've hug from behind suddenly and are undressed I thought today, it is about to enter the bath. And I thought and I wonder are you drunk, but also I was surprised. But his son was not drunk. I have, why? When you say I quit, son, said that he did I can not take it anymore. Pounding did not stop to think that I had thought my son did that Anna blame liquor, and I'm seen as a woman. When I sit still and do not know why say, my son has been caressing the breast. Unlike the first time, it was a very gentle hand movements. I, and divulge the voice I \"had\" to come put your hand into the pants and began stroking the crack now. Am I trying to resistance is very pleasant, and did not think at all anymore. And I would be etched son and also the last. Son and I, we parted without saying anything now. I went into the bath as it is, but I left that body was starting to throb was I have had myself many times. We settled down a little now that went up from the bath, but you would be thinking of his son many times. Underwear was just a change of clothes is also soaked. I might not stop the relationship between son anymore.

Long distance relationship with son

I started living alone son is enrolled in the University of spring in Tokyo last year, you have been in care rich if you say the rich disgusting Naka is too good, rich mother and a university in Tokyo this time also from daughter until now It was also decided you want to place the distance and mom, I like the mom I was told I also I agreed to say that is not good'm in this state, every day rich gap seemed to be able to mind my own Yutaka from longer stay is that it, It was just a good opportunity even for mom also for the rich this time there was no day that is not considered to be wonder if How are you, rich because I have said that it is not able to have interested in other girls I love the mother daughter day It seemed less likely to daughter for some reason when it is said. We were headed to Tokyo to say a lie When I go to my parents' daughter and my husband and I are told again Yutaka and likes of me, and I want to see the rich anyway. When you enter the room of the son asked open to janitor, my photo was put on the desk. Trembling of the body why did not stop to see it I am. Okay nostalgic smell of my son and it is pressed against the face in the pillow and sat on the bed of a son, soon as I smelled the smell, vagina is coming wet. Was attached son Nishigami tears overflowing soon as I saw my son came back in about an hour, the face of his son. It was Yuki him to bed and hugged me to say to my son, I also, I I've been thinking of mom every night Yeah In terms of voice spoiled much to be surprised myself, and, because there was Samishika~tsu mom, When was I have cried involuntarily when the finger of his son came into the vagina is made taking off clothes to his son in the awkward hand movements, dick son came into the body, and rich love! I will raise the voice and, I must love many times until it back the next day, and comfort yourself by looking at the photo of me, and seems to have regretted that it came out in Tokyo early days I asked my son I was saying that it was good and seems to have been, son because he was accustomed to such a relationship with the mother as a result, we believe just that son, even from the back to the house, when no family phone Fix to the phone, you can call each other by name and Toshiko rich with each other. I'm going to come to town you come wet just have a talk with my son, and again when I few days.

It is tied with son

 I 38 years old, 46 years old 8 years older, and are receiving dialysis currently Yes, my husband has become to remain in the hospital. Burden because it takes me When you visit from home, now as to the hospitalization itself, now that was tied to live, and my son two sons and to become the eighth grade, it was a night of New Year's Eve of late last year . And forgive my body the night of the weekend is to love one son since then, again and again are challenged or because young, I challenge as long as the physical fitness challenge to not sleep until midnight. We are not sucked like a baby every day tits. You are rubbed Sucking and Notes and though not such as breast milk like a baby true. I can not stop anymore. It is a day-to-day that I think I want to love each other and son leave this.

Breathing of me and my father-in-law Aun

It's been almost four years since I had a relationship with my husband's father. I am 35 years old, my husband is 36 years old, and my children are 2 and 5 years old, but our family is separated, my father-in-law 60 years old and mother-in-law 66 years old live in the main house, and the bath and meals are in the main house. I am. The reason was four years ago, when my father-in-law couldn't go due to a relative's legal affairs, and my husband and mother-in-law went and dawned overnight. At that time, the younger child was not born yet and the older child was one year old. Surprised by my father-in-law who came back unexpectedly early, I hurriedly prepared dinner. However, it seemed to touch my father-in-law's feeling, and he was scolded hard when he said, "Why can't I prepare food sooner? What were you doing?" I desperately apologized, but when I was told, "I'm going to take a bath," he shouted, "I'm still in the bath," "Isn't it boiling? Idiot." It was. I boiled the bath while making meals, had them eat first, and then took a bath. At that time, I asked my child to come in with me, but at that time, I was told, "Mr. Tomoko should come in too." I think that would be strange under normal circumstances, but when two failures continued, my judgment became dull, and I also entered that I shouldn't get angry anymore. However. When I wrapped up my bath towel with too much embarrassment, I was scolded again, saying, "Take such a fool." After that, even when I entered the bathtub, my father-in-law was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and playing with his child. My father-in-law's big penis hangs down in front of me.However, it is bigger than when the master grows up, and I imagine what happens when this grows up. I squeaked my throat. And when my father-in-law got out of the bath with his child, he said, "Sleep in my room tonight. It's a mess with my child alone." When I went to my father-in-law's bedroom with my child's diapers and clothes at a distance, the child was lying in my mother-in-law's bed, and I was invited by my father-in-law's comforter, saying, "Mr. Tomoko is here." It was. When I had no choice but to enter my father-in-law's futon, I heard, "How about Takuro these days? It always seems to be late," so he answered, "It seems that my work is busy." "Gently to me how." "Yes, but ,," "But, what it is." "Always slow to return, the morning is early because ,," "I'm certain how many times a week." I heard such a thing But my father-in-law slept on his back and didn't try to reach out. The penis of that father-in-law that I saw in the bath earlier is not separated from my head. "What a week ..." "Then, how many times a month." "It's better to do it once." "Then, sometimes it doesn't." "Yes. Once every two or three months ." At that time, my father-in-law turned to me for the first time. "Isn't it lonely? I hold my wife six years older twice a month." "Yes, so much." Only then did my father-in-law and I look at each other.I stared at him for a while, and when my father-in-law's hand grabbed my hand, he led me to my father-in-law's crotch. (Oh, it's getting bigger, and it's hot.) With that in mind, I put my hand in my father-in-law's pajamas and held the penis directly. After that, he was left as his father-in-law, but when he noticed, he was stripped naked and thrust his head into the futon and was holding his father-in-law's penis. "Tomoko-san, it feels good." "Oh, my father-in-law is big and fine ." "Well, tell me whenever you want." "Yes, my father-in-law. But," "But. "What is it?" "Yes. I want it right now." "Well, then I'll put it in Tomoko for the time being." My father-in-law turned me on his back and covered it. At that time, I still didn't understand the meaning. My father-in-law's penis, which I entered for the first time, was bigger than the one I had ever dated, and it was a little cramped and painful. "My father-in-law, I'm taking contraceptives while raising my child, so don't hesitate to take it inside," he told me. After that, I was asked to poke from the missionary position to the back, face-to-face sitting position and the position of my father's thoughts, and a large amount of semen was poured and I also went many times. However, what surprised me was that after a short break, I challenged my body again, and this night I ejaculated in me three times in about three hours. Even my husband was 32 years old at that time, and even though he was still young, he hadn't been there three times.From then on, about twice a month, on the night when my husband wasn't on a business trip, my father-in-law got me to leave directly after work, and after having sex, I decided to go back to the main house. If it is a direct story, it will be revealed to my husband and mother-in-law, so I reported to my father-in-law that my husband's business trip was decided, and the father-in-law saw the convenience of work the night before, "Tomorrow will be late, so will I take a rest early?" But for the time being, it's a signal that I'm going tomorrow night.

Incest discourse of my

I know the current status of the mother-to-child incest that the person who I also read from is your post of you, has been the experience in the same way as I Irassharu many. In my case, things may or will, the son of two high-super serious in the quiet, I came to committing a I, the mother at night my husband on the road is usually. Resistance in the power of as long as it does rough disgust and surprise, the words, me is the mother of the real edge, a son, went turned into pleasure of pleasure and delight Shimaini. You have yourself an experience like the same with me, mom, by all means, ... but please tell us

I've felt attacked by son

I you are pushed down in the living room to his son, and fucked forcibly as half of rape, gets wet you feel even shame.

Pervert parent and child.

yuna himekawa[2205]
It's post after a long time.
Actually, causing pneumonia and exacerbated the cold, I was finally released from the hospital two days before you have been hospitalized with Dzu~tsu.
Seems had been me Puppy how to call my father there, but I'm in the wrong buddy.
Poop and pee bet get off from the bed is said from the doctor and absolute rest for five days as soon as the hospital is hard to be able to etch and buddy, it is to put up with itching much while you are in the hospital also useless I was so anxiety should have him looking to buddy so said, \"I put a tube of pee because it is very 's urinal. dad to come out a little,\" said the nurse, rather than be to be on the I was screaming and \"Do not Dasa a buddy because it is okay to be seen pussy\" to nurse.
Nurse is opened a pussy to say \"I do not have hair\" word to see the pussy of my being open legs undressed shorts me to say, \"Yeah, I was found\" in how I was surprised moment was, it was found that nurse is the answer is a laugh out of \"case\" a small voice feeling.
But seen a pussy to Buddy It's okay but I was touched and seen to nurse it was ashamed butterfly.
It took me to a love hotel suites buddy to say it's a celebration discharge as soon as the hospital is fully healed.
Twice by hand, once,
buddy to erection as usual and I made ​​me squid dick of Buddy 2 Caixa last toy I take it If you ask to be let squid many times in the buddy you were horny after a long time There was no.
And show them to pee in Bali N four show them to pee open the legs on his back you can show you to pee while standing on the buddy in the bathroom, it was a fun one night at all-you-can-do you want to do.
You've got to etch After eating dinner buddy came home from work today.

You in trouble

I am in trouble in the very son. When I am away I was not intersect with Misako grandmother is the mother of my husband that they live or that it will allo. It came it takes is eating a habit that dickward also playing with a man when I get angry. Only deep Naka and manager of the part-time job, I also do not speak to the serious husband. Would there is no way any good.

Before I knew it

Obon until last year, was the parent and child of the ordinary and one son of college students with me. It was that night my husband of bachelor who was back in Bon vacation has returned to Osaka. When you are wiping the body with dressing room I have out of the bath, my son I came naked. Was resistance shrugged his body for a while, but had endured desperately to eye closing the eyes for about 5 minutes to defeat the forces of the son, son of desire fit. After the body of the son that had been overhanging leaves, we wash away the semen overflowing in the bathroom. Whatever the circumstances, incest of mother and child, perfidy to the master, the acceptance of men other than my husband, I stay crying in the bathroom in a dazed head to confusion.
Do you care about me, son I came to the bathroom. Without resisting spirit I son even though came attacked again, I had accepted, but still is. The voice of the son of \"Deru\", \"to be Dame put out in\" We were crying unconsciously by startled. That night, it is taken to the room of his son, and was to continue to seek son until morning. Son talked to the prying eyes Sex Acts our couple at night my husband came back, and was excited.

And daily son

Son, during 2, at first, after the night my husband, I would be sleeping as it is tired.
My husband will escape in the up early all the time.
Son came into the room with iodide of something where you are sleeping.
It was seen a decent place where you are sleeping in the nude.
I had been still sleeping at that time.
Son probably horny to see the naked body of me.
We have overlaying me suddenly take off the lower body.
I did not know what's going on at first wake up finally. Penis was I have placed in me
to slow anymore when you find how soon,
deprived of their liberty to his son that was firmly,
as screwed is wide open
I knew in the back of one's head that sex is accustomed to have her other son.
The in and out slowly and silently penis inside of me,
and put a tongue from my lips while touching my nipples with practiced hand,
we have entangled the tongue likely comfortably with eyes closed.
It was felt that the're blowing the fluid over there I also opened gradually.
Movement of the son becomes faster, penis expands further in me,
and found semen has come in as scatter towards the back and at the same time as the wavy and jumpy.
Three months from it,
by now, and my husband in the evening, that the son, to the morning and evening sex is now more in the morning.
Son became obsessed with me, I want broke up with her.
I am who I say fellowship of mush with me is better than bland sex with a young child.
There was much resistance at first, but I also
the emotions Usuragi by now, and excited in sex with my
son, I feel the pleasure, not saying anything to the anomalies.


My husband went to stay brother of her husband came from the countryside to the overseas business trip. It was weigh brother-in-law is coming into my futon when I wake up in an atmosphere heavy in the middle of the night.
Was resistance surprised but not hold a candle, or turned stroking the body is naked at last, it was turned licked. The moved encased fingers also over there, is wound licking pussy finally, It was built Sucking.
Head becomes white again, I had a brother-in-law hugged unawares. It was Nokezori it aloud When what brother-in-law has been inserted. \"Do not issued in\"
The brother-in-law, \"I me drink Yoshi Yoshi, since put in instead ports\" I drank To noisily it by ejecting To Dokudoku in my mouth.

How did you come to this with son

You gave birth to Takeshi me when I was 20 years old.
When sixth-grade elementary school, Takeshi began to say a reward is if you want take a 100-point test. To me you've answered force is, if entering the study, anything nice, what Takeshi what I thought.
It was said \". You let me breathe tits\".
I thought I was surprised, to try to deny, but while you are looking at the appearance of Takeshi tackle to study seriously,
and \". Good luck Iiwa.\", I got the answer. 80 points until then. I was taking good grades and 90 points, but I did not that it took 100 points Takeshi. I think there was also a portion that had enclosed the high somewhere. And, finally, one day, Takeshi I've been brought back to test the 100 points. Joyfully, to me and say \". Trap was good job! I amazing\", while saying that it \"? Remember mom. Promise.\" Is coming closer to me. I regret. I thought that it was also trying to deny. But, Takeshi I was working hard in practice. If you do not give observe the promise. Saying it \"of. Mama I remember, I'll let suck tits. ....\" So, I went to remove one by one button blouse. \"Mom also good style, and I. Tits is also large,'m famous boys in the class.\" Crotch of such Takeshi had tents large. When you fully open before, \"Oh, such a,.'m Ashamed\" of the blouse, Takeshi will undress gently. Remove the hook of the bra by turning back the hands, I remove the strap from the shoulder while holding the front of the cup. Remove the hands of me \"is you, I promise.\" Takeshi saying gently, I snatched the bra. I \"The big tits. Mama, shape, too good.\" and face down \". without looking. reluctantly\", says helplessly. Takeshi Shagamikomi in front of, and has received the lips nipples right. Soft lips of elementary school students. Both my husband, voice was leaks are not likely to feel that breast-feeding at the time of the baby with a different course. \". No. Oh\", \"Mama. Nipples'm stiff.\" And \". Do not know hate.\" I was finally to answer so. Takeshi begins massaging the left breast. Massaged the chest \"soft and tits. Of. Mama, I feel good oh.\" To my son, while sucked the nipple, dont. While I think that it should not feel, I've been gently patted the back of the head of Takeshi in mixed feelings. \"Mama's sucked? Tits, feels?\" \"Yeah. I'll feel good.\" And I had to answer so. \"Well, if you take 100 points now, I show the pussy.\" \"Ah, Good luck Iiwa. Your study..\" And I had to answer so. And Takeshi is now to focus on the study than ever before. And, as promised, the next test was also 100 points.

Pervert parent and child.

The impatient Become want to pee suddenly when I show open the pussy on his back to Puppy I Yesterday, Chat Oshikkoshi remain open the pussy in a state of sleep on his back.
Below had to pee covered from the neck of the Puppy and since I used I was pee suddenly.
Bet not wet bath towels and waterproof sheets because are laid in double bed that sleep with Puppy in preparation for when it was something when the garment was not wet I also Puppy also because it was naked to be etched .
I Mashi acme Chii full blast after a few minutes to put the dick in her pussy Puppy said, \"No real pussy (pseudonym) 's shape and color the same as the mother,\" he said.
Was chat Nagarashi Have seen Puppy while sleeping Become want to pee after it was said.
I did not wet the Puppy and because out slowly now, but legs and ass I have become soaked.
Asked to etch the future.

Pervert parent and child.

Puppy because me and say \"? Go somewhere\" to me it feels like there was no plan anything at rest Puppy Yesterday, shouting \"love hotel\" I thought okay I do physio still but bleeding since stopped was Ja~tsu. I was to take me to the VIP room of a love hotel that Puppy \"Yeah\" and \"Let's go Well\" Now I've heard that \"all right?\" Puppy. Pee sleeping standing I became a pleasure pool spree in the
bathroom indoor pool, sauna, Uttodekki, open-air bath, of about 8 tatami mats, and bedroom all of about 20 tatami mats in surprised to enter in
At last I am in rolled felt could swim along with the Puppy in the nude that can not be in absolutely messing around a pussy my Puppy becomes the doctor if there is an examination table to be used in gynecology in a corner of the pet room I was chai acme fullest Puppy was put into her pussy.
It was 10 hours of very best.
Not a sleep and not from etched recently

's The incest?

Husband died in an accident in the third year after you get married. You do not have children. When I finished the and inheritance funeral, brother of the husband is to come often, we have relationship and being fucked in the middle of the next month you have finished the memorial service of 49 days. It from becoming so, it had come to embrace my body on a daily basis. Only first, was wildly, but I also remember the joy of superimposing the body, many times now is catabolized by the sex with the brother-in-law but was not able to go the sex with the husband before. Finally, the pregnant 10 months after my husband died, it became husband and wife and remarried and brother-in-law.
However, (which is also the parents of the husband now) parents of the husband told me to know, but my parents' house I'm called incest immoral this marriage. Relationship with my parents has become Gizetsu state. There is no course in kinship with her ​​husband and now me. Why this is whether the incest, I do not know. How Will be told that way.

Pervert parent and child.

I answer because there was a question to say I atrichia.
The called atrichia seems Morimoto is professional baseball, Yokohama DENA in celebrity illness there is no whole body hair, body hair, such as pubic hair whole atrichia There are two types. Partial atrichia says the state where there is no other hair is hair grows in the part of the body. Puppy is bushy eyebrows and hair there is a hair above the neck.
Year's secret.
Was etched with Puppy today.
Puppy was saying \"It's a beautiful pink\" to see to the back of the pussy open lots of pussy by the open leg state is placed on the knee of Puppy to my waist and lying on his back on me.
It was me received by the bucket I at the same time as issuing a pee brought the bucket to say that \"I say\" If you say you want to standing Puppy Become want to pee suddenly somehow.
It was said in huntingtin Puppy for the second time let me squid first time in Vibe thereafter.
But cock is standing, but Puppy is not likely comfortably even if you SEX with me and it is like not excited at first had used a condom but it is no longer used since the second time today, I asked the Puppy Become a uneasy \" I was glad to tell him you do not even breathe do not think feels good even if SEX with my daughter to and from was. not even excited. But, I like about you to to be \"opened by etching such us gladly.
Another man Me Not anymore.
You've thought lover, boyfriend that is stronger than the sense of his father from then etched and Puppy.