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Incest confession of women(2018-02)

Husband's courage and decision ...

yuna himekawa[33448]
The thing started in July last year, because my sister-in-law called me and I have something to talk about, so I asked Terumi to come alone. I was late, "I am 29 years old, and my husband Toshiyuki is 30 years old. Both are pseudonyms. When I visited, I had an older brother, who was drinking beer. Do you drink something? I was asked, so I got an iced coffee. Most of the story was told by my sister-in-law. As for the content, Mr. Toshiyuki came last week and said that he would have a consultation. It seemed difficult to talk about it because it was difficult to cut out the story, and the first thing was "Your sister-in-law, please have a beer. I'm thirsty, "he said he drank beer all at once. It was a surprise. "Actually, I can't make Terumi happy as a man. I haven't been able to do the night for more than a year, and I'm sorry for Terumi's youth. Still, it didn't work, and I heard it the other day, so I decided to comfort Terumi alone in the bath, how about the person at work, but it seems that there is no man in the current company, and to a man I do not know I don't want you to hug me, I thought about it, how about your brother-in-law, please be aware of the idiot, please be ashamed to make Terumi happy, "I rubbed my head on the table and asked. That's right. My brother said, "I understand Toshiyuki's story, but I and Terumi are brothers and sisters, it's unpleasant, I have my first beloved wife, Aiko, I can't do it." "I'm okay, Terumi-san is still young, but I'm sorry, but the conditions aren't right, I can't meet him outside, here or at Toshiyuki-san's house, then it's OK." "I don't know what Terumi is," said her sister-in-law, "I don't think you're sorry, or you hate Terumi, you're such a beautiful sister." "Okay, I'll talk to Terumi." It was.Let's go to Terumi's room, I think it's beautiful because Aiko sometimes blows in the wind. The room is the same as before the marriage, and the bed and chest of drawers are the same. The two of us hung side by side on the bed and said, "What's wrong, Terumi's idea is," Yeah, Toshiyuki-san is also very worried, and it's okay if he wants Terumi to be separated. I love my brother, so I want him to love me. "My brother held my hand and said," I've always liked Terumi since I was little, I was walking with my classmate when I was in junior high school. I was very annoyed when I saw it. "My palm was soaked, I was drawn to it, and I kissed my brother for the first time." Wait, my sister-in-law. " Today, I promised Aiko, I won't sneak, today I'm wearing Sakimi's panties, I'll put up with it until I meet again, there's a replacement. " , I will write again.

With my son since last fall

I will post for the first time. A 43-year-old widow, her name is Yuko. In my case, I have a relationship with my son-in-law, so I can't say that I'm incest with my real child ... When I got married at the age of 28, my son was five. He had been fond of me before I got married, and since he was a well-understood child, I have spent my time without any problems. My husband died suddenly of heart disease in early spring last year. It was so sudden that I, of course, my second-year college son was surprised and lamented. The son of a prefectural university student in the neighboring prefecture used to live in a student condominium, but when his husband died, he decided to go from home. Since then, living together has begun. In mid-September last year, at the initiative of my son, I made an overnight trip to Higashiizu before the end of summer vacation . That night, I had a drink with my son at the hotel, and both of them got drunk. And while talking to this and that, my son pressed me. Of course I refused and told him, but when I was touched by my body and got on the body that was knocked down by force, I couldn't help it anymore. To be honest, I had sexual frustration, and even though I was a son, I affirmed that I had no blood connection, and I was absorbed in the violent ferociousness of my son.But someday I'll have to finish it, and that makes me very sad.


It's been a long time since my husband became diabetic and I didn't have sexual desire, but since then I haven't had a marital relationship with my husband at all. I'm already 41 years old, so when I say old people, I'm old. But every night, I can't tell my husband that my lower abdomen is aching, as my sexual desire as a woman in my body is not satisfied and I am thirsty with the intense desires that sometimes rise. My husband went to the office, cleaned and washed the house, and took a nap while watching TV on the reception chaise lounge to take a break. I took a nap, but it seems that I had a deep sleep. I was very fond of my son's parents in the same class and his husband in the father-son family, whom I always meet when I go to PTA in junior high school. However, he always responded reasonably. For some reason, that day I had a dream when I was taking a nap. That dream was my son's junior high school PTA dream of having deep sex with the man. I woke up around the end of the wide TV show, so maybe it was past 3 o'clock, my son was still early to come back, he was in club activities around 6 o'clock, and my husband was after 7 o'clock. I won't go home. My crotch was wet with a dream of having sex with the man who was too raw. No matter what, I just slept on a chaise longue, pulled my panties down, and before I knew it, I started masturbating for another sex with the man. At that time, I wanted a man asexually, so I went to the kitchen and cut a thick cucumber into a genital shape, put a condom for sexual intercourse with my husband on the cucumber, which I no longer use, and got my own wet I inserted it deeply into my genitals and rubbed it while taking a rough breath.I remember my pubic hair biting into my genitals and hurt. Sadly, it was just after the dream of sexual behavior that I felt, so when I think about it now, the act of masturbating was quite real. The cucumber's genitals, myself, gave me a climax. At the height of masturbation, I shook my body and reached Acme, calling the man's name violently. At that time, someone covered me with a slapstick, and while kneading my clitoris with my fingers, my son hugged me, "Mom, mom." I couldn't afford to resist, and in a blink of an eye I had my son's genitals swollen inserted. To be honest, I felt that it wasn't cool in my heart, and I felt that it wasn't cool, but I was sick of my son's pubic area, which had become too fat. My son just licked my pubic area and said, "I like my mom, I like my mom", licking my pubic area and his slightly scented lips sucked my lips strongly. is. The inserted hot breathing son's tongue was a rough, young and powerful tongue. I also lacked calm and took the plunge into his tongue. My son had just put a thick, thick semen into me, but he inserted the big genitals that had peeled off again into my mouth and pushed it in. The first sexual intercourse in a long time was wonderful, as my son. Having had sexual intercourse with my son three times in a row, I told him that he was breathing beside me. "Let's keep it a secret from my dad, and my son nodded with Eun and sucked my milk.In the end, I realized the strength of my sexual desire as I was holding my son's genitals, which had grown again. Since then, my son has finished school club activities early and has sex in the afternoon, but recently he has been feeling ill and nausea, so he went to the hospital. I found out that I was pregnant. Of course, I have nothing to do with my husband. After all, there is no doubt that this child got pregnant from my son's semen. Now, I can't tell my doctor, I can't tell my son, and I'm worried.

Mother and son love story

 It's a distorted affection that I forgave so much that I love my son. My son is 19 years old, I am 52 years old, my husband is 62 years old, and I am a family of three who continue to work under a contract after retirement. A year ago, my husband was on a business trip to teach a factory in Vietnam. I went to see the cherry blossoms to celebrate my son's passing at the university. It was a cold day and the wind was so cold that my hair was disturbed when I got out of the car. Abek, who passed each other, held their hands & # 32363 ;, and I also walked to snuggle up with my son as a windbreaker. It was cold, and it was about an hour of cherry blossom viewing to get back to the car soon. I bought two warm coffee cans from a vending machine in the parking lot. My son started drinking immediately, but since I am a driver, I was handed over to him and drank. I drank a can of coffee alternately and my son told me it was an indirect kiss. After running for about 30 minutes, I found the signboard of my son's favorite eel shop, so I turned the steering wheel. The eel shop was full and waited for 30 minutes, which was also shared with the elderly couple. Maybe my son is a little old, and a sad person told me that he was a married couple. My husband is young, my sister's wife, and we were unilaterally saying so. I was married to my son during the meal to return my words to my grandmother. At that time, the eel was so energetic that I was told that it would come from time to time, which remained in my son's head. On my way home, my son laughed at us as a couple and felt lustful with his hands on my lap. That night, as I got out of the bath and was about to put on my underwear at the dressing room, I came in with my mom and hugged me. I was screaming that I couldn't do it here. As soon as I returned to bed, I opened my crotch to be attacked by my son. My son was also a good man. I used to play with my husband about once every 10 days, but after retirement, I got a retirement allowance, so my serious husband started playing with women. After I noticed it, I refused, so it was the first time in two years that my body was reacting contrary to my mind.

Things with my younger brother

It was last Wednesday. I got a call from my brother. The content was that I'd like to have lunch because I'm going to near tomorrow. I'm off tomorrow and I don't have any particular business, so it's okay, if you have something you want to eat, I'll make it Well, there are children who can't eat at home, so I love that soba, I'm looking forward to it. "The next day, I came around 11:30 pm. "That's why." As I was preparing for lunch, I read the newspaper at the dining table and headed to my back. It was about a year and a half ago, but I still have trouble remembering it from time to time, the feeling of that sticky lipstick, I can't forget my sister's soft lips. " I saw my younger brother wrapping his bath towel around his waist many times after taking a bath, and since he was in elementary school, he has been swimming, so he looks like his parents and has a thick chest plate. It's burned, but "Well, I wonder if that happened, soba will grow more than that, let's eat, Aki-chan (Akiyuki) I'm not a car, so I'll drink beer." "Oh, good, let's drink." I'm glad to have beer from daytime. "I heard that story earlier, so I'm sick, so I'm gargling." When I reach out and try to take a glass, my brother tilts the glass first and puts it in his mouth. So, I leaned from behind me and let me drink the beer in my mouth by mouth, this is the first time I haven't let go of my mouth until I drank it, and it's been the kiss since then. It's gone.When I was cleaning up after eating, I approached from behind, put my hands on my shoulders, and put my tongue in my neck and earlobe with a thin tongue. It's no good. "I really felt it. I turned my shoulders and faced each other, and I met my mouth very naturally, my tongue slowly came in, I searched for my tongue, I was strongly invited by my brother's mouth, and I put it in with saliva. " It was. I got my hands in the sweater and rubbed the bulge from the top of the brassiere, and I found that my waist was in close contact and my brother's was on my navel. "No, this is the place ..." My left hand was on my neck, my right hand was on the back of my knees, not from the top of my skirt, but inside, and I was touched by my bare skin and hugged the princess. I couldn't reply by voice, so I pulled my chin and took the place of reply. He whispers that he loves kissing and listening to his ears even on the way to his room. I gently dropped it on my bed and went to switch on the air conditioner. I'm not cold, it's rather hot. I will come back while taking off the top. I remember, that fluttering chest plate. It's the first time for me to have a sweaty palm and something strange even in that area.

Burned violently

Now that it's full, I'll create a new thread. The pill is a secret to your husband, even if you prescribe it. I'm still embraced by my husband, but it's unnatural because it's only once a month. But it's pretty embarrassing to ask for a pill at this age. Is there any good reason?