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Incest confession of women(2010-12)

I'm sorry

yuna himekawa[34841]
Gone away from home in the Middle East suddenly my husband. The 事Rashii say no one or two years at the family go. I was at home with his second wife's 17-year-old daughter, Yumi, you and I have become two of the 19-year-old Kei Hutoshi stepson. The flap was finally finished moving from the past month or so. I work there, late in overtime when the daughter made us a meal, eating with us brother and sister. Tell me, studying my brother, I was relieved 良Kutsu terms. Daughter to come back in the room at 8:00 one day, I thought about it, you hear two people talking. Laughter and small, sweet voice of a woman. To beat, I heard at the door.
"Eh Oh, brother, the late Mama today! big brother, show cock as usual" "Well, try to take off, and I'll show cock like Yumi," "Make it stop today I even bigger.'m already amazing erection. thick, so much. Yumi fit in your mouth, "the" place, even though he always suck up early "Yukuchu mouth, the sound Pichapicha. Yes, but Yumi and Kei Hutoshi, No way, I'm able. I wanted to raise with me. Hate that, but that someone in her.
"Yumi is also off, I'll lick litter together," "Hey, is embarrassing, and bright, but into the bath, showing her pussy embarrassing," "Suck my cock Yumi too, What more wet Look at you, so much. for me the ride on the pussy, "" I do not like big brother, do not say pussy, you're embarrassing, even when mom and dad sex, ashamed to speak loudly to hear from Unda getting tea, "" But mum is also in the embarrassing position like that, I'm doing with my father, or to fit quickly, he said there was not deeper. and every day I say I'm pussy, one week before my father goes is not it amazing, "" No U, I'll become stimulated Ochinpo dad, I'm sucking up to knacker a yummy mom, and finally are you out of your mouth, I was wet to watch anymore. Yumi is her brother Rub your breasts, what I'm watching, "" Do not hold a firm saw Yumi cock "" Oh, U put more, please "" Yes, because I'll back, raise your dirty ass Look. "" No, brother, to say nasty things, the bully, "" Yumi is a nice habit. obscene words, I'll wet nipples so hard for. "
What a thing it . SEX was the couple's scrutiny. And family is a daughter and son. Oh, come with hot body. Hate that. Wet to me. What should I do, I'm living in three people, two people I'm already made. What should I look tomorrow.

Favorite nephew

There is a 46 year old divorced calendar. Hiroya
nephew, the son of his sister (age 21) and signed a physical relationship with more than six months have passed.
began in junior high school since I was aware that his nephew as a man, in May of last year the way I
temptation to become involved with men and women.
initially thought I was just once, it is so unstoppable once again to become. Now
nephew was not considered life without, I truly loved him. Also
nephew, "I did things in mind before auntie. happiest when I'm buried her face in my aunt's big breasts. much want to get married," I tell him.
But you I'll become too incestuous relationship between aunt and nephew. Then there is an age difference is really a secret romance.


I am the older brother of one (15). My brother, GLAY HISASHI of, and is so similar.
was shocked when she made a little brother like that.
But I had to rub my chest and see how spoiled. Dari
breast pinching projections body to react, has been licking.
down little by little hands come down, touch your pussy, put your finger, the piston is intense and was licking. But the real
brothers, so no, I was happy.
After that, embracing many times, my brother, she broke up with me hiding the Yaritsuzu Kemashita SEX.

Brother and

Tea tea they have made it the first time with my brother the other day. So I ended up in his room by chance, had great pleasure. Iki
I slept in my room from the bath. Then, come lay down next to my brother.
In fact, my brother and after a while, I felt a hand touching something or somewhere around the lower body. At first I did not care a chance to have touched and felt around the thighs revealed over time.
so sleepy as it is that I have to know that the soup is getting myself a little bit wet vagina unconscious even came up on the fingertips to the area gradually.
so ashamed that I was pretending to sleep, I feel good that we have, I think I want to touch more.
been likened to the vicinity of the clitoris with your finger up and down over the last panty. Because it was already rolled out the solution Yoguchodeiyarashii Yamaguchi, relieved or brother, has been traced a little faster speed.
Thereafter, while touching my stomach area, lower shear panties, the chestnut has been touched directly. Wait I'll think first of the kitchy-koo,
means where the rub was this time the entire villa or villa Kaki分Ke. I really feel away, unable to bear to say things breathe sigh sigh, I was moved to the intense pleasure of tasting a little back.
gushing love juice too dirty, I was feeling about the erection of the clitoris is lascivious. Clitoris sucking mouth when Gill is thinking, "Oh KUU!" And suffering Demashita
. And the canyon is hard and licked by tongues or while were out there just caressed the delicate skin around or stress.
I have said many times already useless and awesome. And now my heart began to caress the hand and face on Iki.
while being vigorously rubbed the chest and started noisily sucking tits and summer sea is romantic summer sea is romantic. That was a time I Utoka cheek, I was issued a bite more or obscene language.
were also meant to be hit again and that seems to sense. Huh Huh, while my brother, "Wow, my sister's breasts. Tut only in" going to be to ignore the many times I stet like saying,
tried to caress intense. I 味Waitaku pleasure again and again, no good just because I waited a little stet, so bear with his back to pull.
be realized, and brother and herself to the 69, or sucking his penis, the mouth and pushed strongly in the bag, turned 抱Ki合Imashita each other naked. After several minutes, I can not take it anymore from me Ah,
he says he'll go ー, defiled his mouth incredible amount of love juice. I drank my brother. After all, as long as my brother and strength overnight 弄Bi Aimashita body. Awesome.

I and my son

This is one of the mothers have a relationship with my son years ago, too. I am 49 years old
. My son is 20 years old, and three masters of the lives of 56 years.
age I was called Obasan is already face style is not well. But
son, Sakai without asking me day and night out, will become absorbed in my body. My husband and I do not
○ database set only a few times a year, and my son has set up a database on a daily basis ○ almost since last year. the device can be set
○ born to his own son I have felt too guilty guilty, given the moisture that was washed back into her drink, and guided to the peak times and without deep While he, faded feel guilty at some point, now would be a good son to open the body at any time.
Did you banged the last summer. That day was just a night alone with my son they travel to the husband.
I was taking a bath after a meal. ○ The device set
away with her husband, suffered from the hospital when I turned to menopause, the symptoms and improve, on the recommendation of a female doctor, at times, become their own abuse was.
even at that time I put one foot on the edge of the bathtub, while addressing a shower over there, was played at their sensitive parts.
right hand back and forth, just insert the index finger middle finger and ring finger and three books, G spot from behind the front, and is inserted into the back strong again, I'm not breathing anymore 絶E絶E "Oh, There "was leaking voice.
little finger while pressing the perineum so the thumb is to stimulate the clitoris, is a pleasure to go up Gutsu gushing.
that arise from the core immersed in the pleasures of the body with his eyes closed, the climax came suddenly.
into force in the thigh, put a pinch into his right hand, and the strength of the incredibly shrinking vaginal 思Ikkiri my face pressed against the bathroom wall, "Tsu Oh" and left a voice Press killed.
right strait remains, and continues to move three fingers, a second peak is coming soon, I will once again face the wall 押Shi付Kemashita.
And the third, fourth time, the peak of the past five second time, I finally breathe now 継Geru, when released from the wall face, I felt like my back was kind of cool.
turned around and looked back, I had to look into the state of my masturbation open the bathroom door a little son. I became so
heart stops.
not supposed to say something but I did not serve the words. Then
son, suddenly throwing off his pants, the device will ○ dilation op came in the bathroom.
"What is it that"
I have the instant recoil.抱Kitsukimashita
son suddenly my body.
"I can not stand my mother or even"
son my arms, to focus on tightly. son back
larger than 20 cm Gasshiri I have to, somehow, not my child, I felt like being somewhere 抱Kitsuka men.
part of my stomach, the device is pressed against the erection ○ Bae, 脈打Chi hot, I understand clearly that the lust for my son. Jean and 疼I
been there again, my nipples have become hard. I hugged my son is still
, so as to keep moving and grinding and rubbing my stomach ○ database Bae, moaning out with ejaculation in the vicinity of my navel. cramps in the database painter ○
my stomach, we found that pouring from the area of ​​hot semen in my navel.
"tea bad for you doing this to my mother," saying that his son had remained silent.
no more I can say, I remained silent.
naked standing erect, is a strange atmosphere, when you could say something.
face buried in the breast has been hugging my son again.
somehow missing the power, do not even stop, and that remains the son took a Japanese-style room naked and push to the back of my legs and I lay there we opened, there have been pressed against the mouth.
I like melting pot in my head Oh, what have they become somewhat more 判Ranaku, tongue crawl over there, my son every time I touch the clitoris is unable to endure the voice issued .
legs are spread wide, came into being when his son Peter ○ device, the first time, came word that floats in your head incest became suddenly terrible.
"do not! useless!"
say so and I was at the same time I kept the source of his son Peter ○. ○ database
son Peter than her husband's long and thick and has thrust the great pleasure of my womb. My son moved back
suddenly violently, and eventually a few minutes,
aloud, putting power to the hips and thrust, and ejaculate in me coming Mashita.
At that time, awareness of incest disappeared somewhere I was clinging to his back on his son's voice reached a climax deep.
over, lying naked and left his son for a while, that looked blankly at the ceiling, that I can not turn back from sin, came welling up the feelings of regret, tears have been spilled.
"Mom, I'm sorry"
son seemed Itoshiku murmured.
began the day with my son.
next day, but as the device was set to daylight ○ absent husband, son and gradually stay at home even when my husband sent me a sign, so that the body seeking now.
when such device is a set ○ 10 minutes 15 minutes between when her husband is taking a bath.
because sometimes my husband suddenly comes out, so as to hide behind the living room on two of them are clothed in the form set device inserted ○ son be exposed from the back waist to the.
husband only because it was always a normal position, to be inserted after my son was the first.
so unnoticed by her husband, and I think, for extra excitement, with a voice interface ○ set to kill by biting back of the hand press. Nowadays
other, at the risk of crime, we would like to continue until all the way to continue this relationship with his son.

Drunk with my brother ...

That was what happened in one weekend at the end of last year.
lives alone in an apartment I have not gone well for the other job would like to share the future may also become yet 23 years old, have never dated anybody until now just because Even without translation, as it was by chance alone, did not have plans that day, especially on weekends, in the room and knock on the door and followed Don Don I think that door chime rang Ketatamashiku a sudden I thought I go to bed soon Tarimashita pass sound.
I did when I was feeling fear even to think anything.
"Hey! Maki 〜! O 〜 We're back now!" and came to hear a familiar voice.
it came to appealing against such misleading if I were his wife, who would was a real brother. My brother lives there so
at home with my parents, I no come to my room Oh, it never comes to visit, let alone late at night, unless things greatly 有Ri得Masen.
his brother came over to say, but I thought it was something that seemed not much of a voice call is not sober, I have not drunk from the tone completely around the 呂律because it clearly understood.
I thought I had let just leave me alone, and also a nuisance to the neighbors, it will also be misleading because Aranu, my brother decided to open up reluctantly.
opened the door and came into force in 傾Re and did his brother was waiting. I take it
and somehow stuffed the keys sit with the door closed the door.
and off your shoes from the feet of his brother, brother's arm to raise up the tensile force which is likely still in bed and carried me to bed, keeping your body in the staggering wobbly.
to bed from the entrance, while supporting his brother in a drunk just a few meters, so much feeling that would not be long. It leads to shortness of breath
I breathe hard enough, while making a breathing My brother is in my bed and say Susu. his brother
such after-work suits, meaning that it becomes so wrinkled suits pains, and I kind of thought my brother take off your coat, take off 吊Rushimashita on a hanger with pants too . The rest had only
shirt and tie, shirt tie up anyway I thought I know what, what's wrong with 脱Gasou because we dominated the air and then, then surely, brother sex and end up with a tie ...

off, remove the shirt buttons one by one, I have hugged my brother's arm suddenly take off where I'm do not know. Somehow I know now what
moment, stunned to have a brother in arms a while, "Maki ..." I heard a voice calling me brother Kana comb.
I happened to think, "... her brother?" There was no answer and I talked to, they firmly hold me but I was unable to move the state.
At that time, did not honestly feel bad. I was feeling rather comfortable in the sense of security.
brother is family important to me, because I was young I thought of his brother's wife seriously, when you hear the beat of my heart Hazama Nao is thus the arms of his brother, the time anyway I wish for once and stopped.
air could pass, if I sleep just 仕舞Tsu, I woke up on the body of his brother was sleeping.
is sandwiched between the legs like a brother to his left leg had gone to sleep in such a way is also my brother put a left foot. I was soon asleep
how much is understood, and realized that it was only 30 minutes looking wall clock.
At that time, noticed the thing that is hitting hard on my left abdomen, "eh? What?" I thought it was a split-second.
thing about him is that cock, but soon I found it much less experienced. Even so, it's awesome
size. As far as I know, I think at most.
more to make sure, I thought it was addressed to his left hand gingerly challenged while his brother's face, I check the size and hardness of pants from the cock.
boyfriend broke up about six months ... H 御無沙汰 I was too excited to masturbation even the odd away were touched cock like crazy to remember things that even the other brother. then gradually recruited
desire, but this time I had to touch directly, to lift part of its rubber pants Whoops, I saw my brother in looking alter ego. There are things
and saw my brother got in the bath together when I was young there was a cock different.
But it is the best material for my excitement at that time was the best thing someone could meet my needs.
started rubbing it gently up and down holding hands. Then
"Ugh ..." hear and moan, and indeed so far, not much that I woke up 酔I潰Re, however, had his brother's face staring, and then also Suyasuya the breathing was standing.
Yeah I thought a little more if you do not have to touch it, slide the rubber part of the trunks down a little, let the cock is open.
And while rubbing up and down slowly and carefully observed, a clear soup came from the end overcame him.
glad I saw it thinking "Oh!" raise their voices away and was on pace to take lots tongue licking the juice spilled out.
dick that time I have still have sex with hot soup surge already overflowing, I was clearly understood. I will not feel put off
pajamas, playing with a cock in her brother's bare right hand and was playing with a portion of heated soup in his left hand. I was more excited
求Metaku, Chablis brother cock Go ahead and put it in their fingers, the obsession with masturbation, as if they were the things inside his brother though was.
like my brother noticed so far is indeed, "I? Maki ... What, what are you up?" and asked me 寝惚Ke half.
So I was so impatient now, "Hey, hold up ... please ..." and stick a kiss on the lips as she said her brother, her brother came to answer his tongue entangled with was also entangled with my tongue. Then my brother
like to change the posture of the body under me, get naked and hanging off his shirt and pants off while kissing deftly started massaging my breasts with both hands.
I get more excited Hashi Sono brother was irresistible to want to put more faster than the limit really.
Now I want to kiss my brother started to suck my nipples for a while, did not come even once in the hands stroked the clitoris and vaginal opening vacant. At that time I
"awww ... haa haa," and gasped aloud, "no good anymore ... ... ... ... I want her brother ..." was no such a word for my brother and I feel ashamed. But the script does not put
brother, in turn, tongue licking nipples were heading for the bottom and came to my groin Gushogusho going on with love juice.
suck on purpose and whizzing noisily full of juice you've inflated my desire to further how such a glancing lick clit tongue Innovation in Choro.
because it was really crazy, "no good!'ll ask to come!" a little strong to say, "Are you sure?" and so I finally answered my brother, my day was alright Now I want to be put right "Oh Yeah!'ll put up soon!'ll still only just!" So, my brother put me in silence.
hindsight, into one of the few experiences in life like his brother were the first. It is good or bad, I felt as a pleasant habit.
feel things have entered my brother all the way, I was surprised at the gap and look. It is so big in the 痛Kunakatta. How do you say
so much a feeling of pressure just good, it just felt good. Speaking of men and
dated so far, and I realized later that I felt I did not have so pleasant. I felt fully
something brother. The feeling inside me was like my brother too, a time to move back "by feeling good! Vaginal Maki (inside) by the best!" Tell him I was. I answered her brother
"♪ ♪ I started in this pleasant feeling too good," I felt something crazy in my brother said.
or how much time had passed, I approached my brother about time limits, "awww ... awww'll'll b more! Chau Lee Tsu! Dametsu! Ikutsu!" when I was shouting, my brother, "Lee, too Datsu it going!'ll Give you! Oops!'ll go! "
brother saying that I have released into my vagina. I have a moment, "eh?" I thought that I was excited by the sex of half a year, I wanted to do well, my brother would take all the semen. I know I'm
moment as the Paa warm womb. I really think that the pleasure will only do me? Anyway, I get a sense of welling and his brother was one, was excited at the moment might be the best. After a while we still led
embraced on the bed ends, were immersed in the afterglow while breathing became rough and ready.
challenging parts are connected and addressed a few pieces to take bundle tissue bed beside his brother and me to wipe the semen from spilling out of my vaginal opening and quickly pull out your cock. The thing I
including my brother, "Thank you, ♪ brother," his voice hung. Ikko

cod body wash and then taking a bath together, because his brother was also a large cock, and started in second place. This time I had put behind
standing. The positive power of place
the opening of uterus is stimulated to reach deep differences became more pleasant, and vagina (inside), I had filled out. Have your
sex that day several times until the morning, I had a lot to feel good to stay with you forever until evening the next day.
brother From that day on weekends and I enjoy sex to come to my room. I became a habit to
is too pleasant to drink out of the pill in the first time, the weekend has gotten so be sure to cum.
my brother cum so I am happy and pleased me best.
marriage but can, I think my brother like a baby someday.

Of the disabled

My son is now 15 years old this year. From low vision was born to a middle school is deposited around the orphanage, I went with a group of people living in similar circumstances.
husband and son entered the school, but when the divorce was found amblyopia, the child support I got from the point that I helped us.
one occasion, there was a call from a dorm leader of the facility, its contents I was shocked I was that age, so if you want understandable. Naka Naka
endless because it went back to the toilet son of a fellow 駆Ketsuketara nurses report on care, while it is hard in the bathroom with my genitals, I was playing with it.
that I received a phone call, but I blush to thinking, in order to better parent-child discussion, as was decided three days furlough. Head
day went by car, outside of taking lunch at a restaurant of his son by the hand, not having a good time with family is a long time.
I, however, facilities for the conduct of his son caused enough, it is also unable tell the news, I decided to talk anyway i go back home. Once you've
welcome dinner the evening, I mentioned the courage is the thing. My son did not answer silent. finally opened his mouth and heavy
few minutes, then have to masturbate in the bathroom every day, even more painful than my erection, I make an impassioned plea painful and inevitable. I confess plainly
Still facing down, so when my son wanted to feel, what to say maternal instinct, and my 引Ki寄Semashita toward his son to take instant hand.
-faced like her son was surprised, and nodded to enjoin us to be silent just as I say, when I saw it as a mother I was ready.
it will not do this, so annoying to everyone exposed to shame and more facilities at all, sorry for the people around than my son. But his son and a mate
I briefly being the case, for something that will better inform women not? Think so. Masturbate than repeating indefinitely,
might wake up to a new awareness of the female body know the truth because of puberty.繋Gare to be restrained as a man of action in the future facility is holding hope that it
this. I asked my son. I teach you a happy mother of a man, okay? This. My son was the first such translation is not known,
当Teta moment my son's hand in the breast, seems to have understood its meaning. For locking up, and boil the bath, I went into the bathroom with her son by the hand.
naked to put in my son, my son sat in front of more later, too. My son put a face to ensure that the intensity is low vision looks into my breast. Reach out and touch it
gently, yet small genitals poked the heavens quickly. Ge rough start breathing gradually grew, but now my hand from my crotch,
once I went into the bathtub to stop it first, and said raising and body wash. Like it was reluctantly agreed, and as a complete body and hair wash over a few minutes,
son hugged me from behind and can not stand 口走Tsu slowly over the tile as it grabbed my breast and 押Shi倒Shimashita. I was not at the mercy of his son,
even when they are sucked into the vagina and Sutsu extended hand from the breast to the groin, was let free. Term follow up on the back, I lift up the hips and tummy still,
continued to lick my son is nothing less than a minute to put a face with the tongue. I think from the vagina was washed again full of liquid. My son kept it noisily and water is splashing sound,
now moved to the request and wants to speak yours. My son's genitals so far as per which, I continued sucking and licking at my best to serve my own feelings.
or from her youth and exhaled a large amount of semen in the mouth Tatazu even one minute, while still 屹立 without atrophy, but this time on my son lying on the mat Overlapping,
much pushed into the vagina was wet obvious. Filled taste sensation shook the first time in years. This would be known only by those women.
son first heard a woman's body was crazy. And feel good while hitting hard thrust, lift the hips to put my hands under the waist, hitting the uterus as it is strong and repeated insertion,
discharge all of his desire in me to shout soon groaning or it. Then wash the body with one another, from relentless libido son did not know back to the room to stay.
is tailored with morning near the end, the day had only had enough parts to rest. But to quote my son and I settled into a spiritual body that knew her,
unlike this time so far back in the facility got me confident to say you can save yourself . In fact more than a line 覆Rimasen forbidden. But I have no regrets
, when her son went to pick up once a month allowing a sleepover, it may just stay in the hotel. Of the disabled is a serious problem, and seems to have something healthy people do not understand.
social debate this fact is good or bad as a human being over another, you can do, I want to. Now I think it is honest. If you read this, what do you think?

Love for his son received

And parent-child relationship became more than my son is 4 months ago. The year before the New Year holiday son came home with 1 PC. I'll say that you purchased from new, I'll say I do not know how I'm from, I am working at a department store, the holidays are particularly busy, coming home late every day until about the date changes, special training received. By the time my son back there much so, he previously taught to touch a word processor can e-mail exchange. I returned from my son
, PC for every day become, there is email, I struggled to reply. At first the story of the climate today and ate what little passes, and what they are up to now has been sent. Busy work and suddenly my son about three months time passed, now comes in at around 11 was sent. Received mail from her son came, I was sent to bed before. Mid-April, there is no transmission from her son turned 12 o'clock, I went to bed and sent to a rest. The next morning, PC and open, there is a welcome party for new employees, and then was sent late and I'm sorry, was invited by my boss to go to after-party. I was a little drunk, I have written 寝Takatta with your mother, too, than I sleep alone in a joke, I've had better reply to her bed with the Department.
mail came from and bring back souvenirs and I bought when I went to Hong Kong and Macau in the company's incentives to holidays in May.
to meet back at the station of the company in a tavern with food. Internet search of his son at the store, completely private moat our passage, Binchoumaguro, ripe for the taking Samonharasu sashimi, fugu nabe, Ebimayo, desserts and sticking out are drinking shochu eat delicious feast drunk away, and also understand the act had been looking after my son was also embrace have been remembered. I slept with my son wakes up naked in bed. I'm embarrassed and surprised edge er been received kindly put your lips kiss. Stepped face and thighs and I think you were sucking milk for the garden of her kiss. At the same time surprised at first experience of feeling too well, I speak out. When they inserted the cover Kabusari dreamy state of mind in saying that his mother, embracing her son with both hands, and was moving according to the movement of the waist of his son. My son after ejaculation, the semen flows Tesshupepa wipe me full. Ho was hold her and say that the kindness. That day was staying, we are living in a hotel until the morning. I have been divorced 17 years later with my husband, meanwhile, is invited to the restaurant many times the boss of the workplace, or is it a kiss there, Kaho Haitsu end, the woman long sex I felt joy.

"Love hotel" is his first and second round

After a long absence, "female" or because he was in the pleasure ejaculation? he looked tired and falls.
the reproductive organs to overtake without becoming a little less to discourage
remain jitter and just tell me the back of a big rough breathing down my stomach < br>
I "finish" was just waiting for him to draw out not just stuck in time for my son to enjoy the quiet breathing

"good feelings ? "He said

" Yeah, really "(no pull quote)

" Hey ~ Eh? "

" What? "< br>
"· · · can do that again?"

"?? right now??"

"Do not tell me there ^ ^ You can become a good" (I will not say such nonsense)

"Yeah, I think I can wait a little more" ((○ ○)! the second round like this eh? could we? No way!!)
"I feel like a child before ○ ○ Sorry, So It'll end soon," he

but he always knew that I perfectly lukewarm
painful things I have to stress that burn out in a woman

probably say "ik" as it seems at least the knowledge to understand (14 years old of today is a Damn ^ ^)

"I'm like that do not have to worry about it so 楽Shimere kun ^ ^ ○ ○"

"The child ○ ○ Kino Yoshi like this I'll be more to the bottom "
(like a see through," Doki "respectively)

" I'm terribly excited when I put the people in the ass Now I Kunda ○ ○ ? "and I will try to 拗Ne

" Now Because I'm excited to see clearly is that you put me behind in that kind of child ○ ○ "

" Oh I see · · ·
'm the same child ○ ○ ^ ^ Come to think what is seen and Moro have been out of place or put your mind to 恥Zukashikutsu
indeed just thinking about death ^ ^ I'm excited, "ex-boyfriend taught me lip service and

" to shame and excitement? "come and ask (as it swells into my genitals Pikun!) <br >
"Yeah, so when you do not like a child ○ ○? wish the child would be a shame ○ ○
Unto ~ I'm a good thing to me Could not hold back? to feel rather No. I'm glad ?^^"< br>
(feel bloated and get genital muk muk! I was excited!!)

"Aha! ... child had ○ ○ you intact 突Kou

"Eh Eh ~ spoiled ass to the'll properly" (which is on all fours to pull the clitoris once flowed
伝I sticky texture and a lot of spit his semen just I can see pubic hair wet)

"I'm hanging my! wipe??"

"from good! from just fine!" (I wanted to put in soon!) < br>

ass is having to be hit, "Oh empowers" the moment I plugged in and Innovation


" Huh Oh Yeah ... kun ○ ○! child feels oh ay ○ ○!
lot! sloppy playing a lot!! "
(lip service, but it truth)

I Iyarashii his words, excited young
Kina Hiroshi moan intensely inflated to the maximum hardness of the genitals again, "male" mate has got
the first "female" from provenance to Noshikakari <br > "Panpanpanpanpanpan" end up hitting spree!

top of my "good" parts of hit his testicles! (Iitsu Really!)

One of them look in the mirror and "male" will be 仰Ke反Ra himself and his genitals to the piston end
hard to prove white foamy liquid love sensation hell One of them sink without
feels good to open the vaginal opening, "Female" We are desperately looking back waving genitals

my disheveled hair and pillow in half and put
face buried in the rhythm of the heavy ass son was having held out high
"is! is! is! is! Oh! is! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah ah ... "and that really would - let me

squid peg peg peg peg peg Damn this time have not Shit! ! Ran just held a fingertip

sheets Shred get pleasure from the toe of the genitals!
breasts swaying hips struck back from the tip of abdomen

springs from every part as if it goes down in the sea like a warm sense of distant

- I will not be with us - (^^)< br>

finally "went" is but I like it ^ ^
< br> Copyright is also on the verge of his first away I installed on my way (__)< br> to unplug the thing he shook my ass at his best
"I've had it !'ll I've had it! "lying face down crying because I had (his testimony)
He reluctantly my butt crack (__)······< br>
and say "down"

apologize earnestly, hard to explain the situation soon calmed when our ik me an angry
(^^)< br>
the next morning " Sorry, "the

little" impossible "I gave delight to the (^ 0 ^)

its history and enjoy at a later date ^ ^?

- In In -

Mother bride

I am single 37 years old. Not even once have intercourse with a woman yet, I have my wife instead of me to do my mother is pathetic. It started with two people and divorced two years ago. Gave up and got married in this relationship. My mother is 59 years old having sex makes you most happy. Because it was Christmas Eve last night, I spent at the hotel after a meal at the station waiting for a 7 pm match. Was a great night.

With his brother

Became closely connected with the husband's brother is a brother-in-law is just a half a year ago. And that was the brother that came to play in health has been part-owner during the day without telling me. Was just entering the curtained private room, was waiting for was the stepbrother. Moment, it was not surprising another voice. My brother was watching the nude just wore aprons are thin, Leaving those words out without waiting for anything, was going out.
to meet in a coffee shop, suddenly, "Haya Kiyoko'm doing," and yelled at. I begged my husband to want to keep it secret, your brother, "motherfucker," he said, stood silently seat. Brother is a taxi and get out off my hand, brother was told to get a word with a love hotel. Was prepared to, hesitant brother is pushing me to the bed, stripped to make what you are wearing has a milk Mushaburitsui. But the latter remains were Nakade Shisa. The bath opens to the edge of the bathtub my stride has to lick my most embarrassing places. Too much to the pleasant experience at first surprised, "I'll say your brother," and thinking, I 口走Tsu. Brother-in-law said I was now in bed together, licking, holding the baby to bed with me. And brother in the posture of 69 on the well, and that tasting "Kyoko, comes" at the same time and developed with large discharge into the mouth. After two hours, was sleeping in an embrace.
the brother, "even the best ass's milk is also big, Kyoko", "You better be comfortable holding," is praised, and try to keep it secret
said, and then a week I go to the hotel.

Longing for

yuna himekawa[34717]
I am a second year high school student in high school.
Sunday, Takayuki Lightning cousin the same age and sex. I've been to visit his uncle in Tochigi in my family immediately.
wife and four of my parents and my Uncle Takayuki go out because I was house sitting. Lightning at the time. I have touched the hearts of clothes from the top of the first Takayuki. It would be hard
nipples from being tampered with on a lot of clothes. Then, Takayuki Ijirimashita means where further pinching my nipples hard.
button blouse was removed just below the breast, has put his hands directly from there. Has touched a raw breast and was taking off clothes and more and more to being pinched or is pointy nipples. only the upper body is naked
, bare breasts, my body is missing, as I felt the power. And now clings to the body, hands, Takayuki has increased in the skirt. Whoops was stroking her pussy Suu
from the top of the pants. Part of the crack, my pussy and in many places because it was tampered with a groin part was wet. Cha also clearly understand
it gets wet pussy split pants. Already dying to shame. To feel really excited for it.
been tampered from the 10 minutes of the pants over her pussy, Takayuki has put his hands in the groin area of ​​the pants.
been playing with my pussy raw wet cracks open Bichobicho pack chestnut. Tracing the line of fracture, Dari pinching the clitoris, her pussy was just full of tampering. I was also getting naked
next thing you know I Takayuki. Takayuki penis too hard, I was Sosori立Tsu. A little boy with a lot of Ijirimashita Takayuki too.
It has become clear to both of them covered in soup. The bed 押Shi倒Sa Takayuki, while I was already touching each other's bodies. I licked been tampered seen a vagina,
seemed to go as soon as Chai. And finally inserted. Moment came into my pussy penis Takayuki, another reason I lost both of you.
and I did not think such a relationship with Takayuki played well from my childhood, I say no one was held in Sono Takayuki.
of'll burn again at this secret, just between the two. I do not love each other while my girlfriend is Takayuki. Two houses away, so I'm bit far Yokohama,
and a date for next Saturday. I got to love Maybe it's Takayuki? Just think of Takayuki, Unda tea soup came out from the pussy. Are you still
wet pussy. I also got split open and normally closed.

It is no good sister

To look at this site is now suddenly seen as a man his brother, too. I have a younger brother of two 21 year old. I live alone but also
brother was back home on holidays. Last night, seeing his brother on the bath, I skipped a beat.
unawares, and thicker chest, I feel younger men were men. I take a bath before my brother, "I came to the room because there is talk later," he said.
head but you know it's bad, my dick was already wet. I just feel they wash the body becomes more sensitive. I waited for my brother in
piece into a room and bath towels. After a while, my brother came to the room. Trunks was T-shirt with a sheet.
I'm six months but broke up with him, talking to him and his brother SEX, SEX men to say what you like? Or for erotic stories.
brother was confused at first, many advised me seriously. I noticed that the chest and thighs look at my eyes slowly.
I said "a bright little ashamed," he said, with the bulb only. To tell it, I "Why are you asleep already mothers?" I've heard.
brother "Oh, just went to bed," he said. First floor bedroom of the parents, our room was upstairs. While I was pounding, "
Hey, come here," called next to me and my brother sitting on the bed. Itarashiku aware of my situation different from that of his brother always sat next to me without saying anything.
"to today's little secret," I said and kissed his brother. My brother was a little surprised though, has led to a tangled tongue.
kiss a little longer after I take a towel naked now. And my brother off your T-shirt, and kissed him through the body. I found that
bigger brother in the trunks of the array. Also take off the trunks, I put something into the mouth of his brother, Shaburimashita.
very hard with the ex-boyfriend feel thicker. I've even touched a vagina brother. I do not have to be found have come to think more and more wet. I
things while brother 扱Ki hand, and pressed my chest to my brother, my brother and I have something like that not even this ex-boyfriend to have sex. As expected
did not insert, put in my mouth after my brother brought the vibe of the room. I got that vibe going on now. while they have tea with the tea
fuck each other's naked body for a while. A brother, "tried to walk a little," I said, I said, "you'll get a spoiler moms" from my brother to say okay,
連Re出Shimasu out with me. My brother's trousers and jersey T-shirts, sweats up and down but I, did not wearing underwear. Out of the house through the back door,
went to a nearby park. Park, there was little time playing with his brother. "I always liked it that my elder sister really"
brother gave it to watch my sister as a woman, not me. I was so happy I hugged my brother.
and kissing on a park bench or at midnight, and had to touch each other's genitals.
back to the room, and suddenly being naked and went in again and again until the morning my brother and Sixty Nine.受Ke止Memashita in the chest and mouth many times my brother's sperm.
5 am, when my brother back to his room and asked for a deep kiss from me. Younger brother was a moment longer. Breakfast time there was another awkward atmosphere,
Today I went to my brother's room now, I think being linked with him. I do not know that, my dick is looking for his array.

Middle school

My middle school has been enormous. Summer was a freshman beginning is a junior high school. The intruder was sudden violence, and the Virgin first kiss, all is lost,
After all, I remember I was made to Onna to the joy of the intruder. The intruder and brother, father, uncle, that is.
time, dual-income parents in the daytime on weekdays is not no one home, one of my many things. My uncle is engaged in business in the vicinity, was closed on weekdays.
wife had not had children. There can close it was a couple uncles who care to burn something, I did not like my uncle.
something and see attitude is common on a regular basis I feel they are not, and somehow my uncle was at a distance.
that day, I returned home after the end of final exam in the afternoon, because a friend had promised to play with a shower.
clean yourself up with that from the bathroom door opened suddenly, it's how my uncle appeared. I'm hiding naked in
bath towel instant, going up in [! ] Shouted, turning back. [I was open
door key, is not useless, but dangerous Hey, Shiori-chan] (What? supposed to put the key for sure ...) [now! Please go up in! Then],
uncle Dakitsui me I've seen. [Kyaa! Please stop! [I] do not make noise! What is the attitude of the uncle? Huh? Sudden change of attitude]
uncle suddenly eyes. Shino my chest 揉Mimashita your uncle hand towel. [Hey! Stop it! [I] told me
nice boobs? [] Iyatsu!振Rihodokou] and my uncle and, being pressed down further,
[I'm going to make noise, bookmark! ] And uncle did it to me to beam. Sparks scattered in front of me fell, open bath towels, I expose my uncle naked.
uncle and give a grin, grabbed my hair, let stand overdoing it sent a further 張Ri手. Cried the pain and fear.
uncle came to me with such a Muriyarikisu. Not been deprived of his uncle had been longing to love first kiss, I have horrified.
reluctant suppressed my face is overdoing the mouth opened, I placed my tongue. [Bookmark, I'll make you the next Onna! A lot] and I'll cherish,
dragged me to, I was taken to my room. Have curled up and stiff with fear, his uncle moved to the futon on the floor of the bed violently,
uncle became his trunks off a piece of clothing. I was thrown into the bed but to no avail overdoing Yamete beg my uncle. Polaroid taken with my appearance that
, say, hear an adult, have been threatened with embarrassing pictures to see their parents in this school has been a 張Ri手. My uncle has been attacking me. Yes, my whole body turns
hands dirty mouth and his uncle. I just did not cry. Uncle suddenly stops moving, the shutter sound,
[Hey, bookmark! It is said], I saw my uncle cautiously. My uncle said he is me and my trunks 脱Gasero. I was violently rejected the 張Ri手 again.
flap while the Polaroid 見Setara the boys would really enjoy [the class] and this embarrassing pictures, pictures of her Misebirakashimasu embarrassing to me.
After all, only my uncle 脱Gaseru trunks. While my uncle's trunks down to turn away.
[ha ha ha! You mean A man pants down I know what that means? I talk bad]. Down was overdoing threatening habit.
[who, to turn this way, look at things I want you! But only with a conforming] Omoi would still refuse to. My uncle grabbed my hair,
['m watching! 'll Get you! Turned to his uncle] overdoing his face and legs. Eyes closed and follow the instructions [of which, after all would like to beg your own! And],
was somehow picked his nose. When I try to open your mouth and painful breathing, the thrust of the penis is the uncle came. I have been cases disturbs suddenly caught the throat. [
will shake the face! Do not make their teeth! ] I was forced away suddenly they go down crying Nagaraezu, [cramp! Positing is not just teeth! ] And was moved to face overdoing her hair pulled.
penis is detached from the mouth from me that would be seized by a fit of coughing [from you] Blow it without being told, was violently overthrown. Then open the crotch of my reluctant uncle finally 貫Kimashita me.
pain ever attacked my life, I was crying, but desperate resistance, as after all I was thinking of his uncle.
wants to end soon ... I think the middle, desperately 堪Emashita the rape of his uncle. Or just how much time has softened the pain uncle
[Taurus! I'll give you! Bookmark! Moan and say that]. Stop the movement of his uncle, [like] ~ sigh and leaked. Shutter sound is heard several times,
[You know, that comes again from. A classmate from a guy said to look older brother and sister-in-law] went out and leave a Parthian shot. cried one man came
the chagrin and sadness welling fiercely. Hanging from the groin blood and body fluids of his uncle, the sheets were dirty. From that day my uncle came to
holding me at every turn. About halfway through summer vacation, I finally lost the pleasure, but do not like my uncle at the bottom line, I had raised his voice.
uncle began as a triumphant voice [last] bookmark and even 責Me立Temashita me. Crying 喘Gimashita
chagrin I had to cry uncle succumbed away with the feeling of shame and dislike. [bookmark it
What uncle? Do I cry about? Seems to have mistaken]. Late summer, I was staying at the officials lied to my parents friend's house, taking the Obon holiday
, being held from morning to evening at the house of his uncle had a wife back with my parents, the terrible frustrating, pleasure After the body piercing in, it was first taken to a love hotel.
[abandon, do not mind suffering from a guidebook. The body would have wanted more Ikita] handshake when I could not understand the meaning.
uncle on my body felt the pleasure, and torture by the vibrator rotor, and the reason I blow away my shame. I can not bear the shame voice. As I said earlier
uncle, I got from my uncle asking. To use heavy hip uncle, penetrate the body and pleasure, and screaming in my head went blank.
After all, I love hotel is the first time in my uncle's first squid now Onna.貪Rimashita pleasure are many times looking for my uncle squid many times close to dawn.
I hated uncle, the uncle continued to be held for the pleasure of sex and her lover. Barely two years at junior high school, away to finally pregnant,
parents and uncle as guardians in secret abortion. Then I is devoted to anal uncle. Time was two years junior high school, parents become bad terms. The cause of the mother having an affair. I was difficult to stay home
was increased continuously, but the fight is to go to uncle. My uncle's wife does not know our relationship, I'm very well for us. so sorry for his wife while
Omoi, my uncle will lose the pleasure in the arms. The story of his uncle, wife hates sex, that is boring but hold no response.
summer, uncle and his wife 実Razu persuade them, the parents decided to divorce. Because the cause of his mother, but now I live with my father during the day alone. My father came home late at work,
alone was the same as from now I live in the house of his uncle by permission of his father. And start living in the house of his uncle, uncle and naughty little longer.
without a lot of time off in the self-employed at the store that a couple with two part-切Ri盛Ri is because most of the home as his wife.
would be expected if the wife of Kidzuka too often I go out with my uncle. As usual, I hated that uncle, the body would seek my uncle.
Onna I had been let into that. After all, many days now comfort themselves. At that time, a friend of his wife died, I decided to stay away from home.
not the wife, can not open the shop temporarily closed. To get hold of my uncle ... 疼Kimashita body. However, I would not say never embraced. At least you are proud of the uncle
hate. After his wife went out, to my uncle and I love hotel. On entering the room, my uncle has them attacking 血走Ra eyes.
seems like rape. [Bookmark! What 堪Ranakatta wants to do, too! Taking off the clothes] is wildly, kissing hungrily.
倒Re込Mi beds, 69 have become the norm anymore. My uncle said, with excitement and did not masturbate and then to the end I have already drunk all fours me,
has been thrust back violently. I was disturbed to disturbed away again after a long absence, I have found from my own cowgirl do not want to actually use the waist.
and even accept penis anal uncle, I've felt. Noboritsume many times, daunting and time spent, and the frog back into the anal pussy uncle,
[I'll put a bookmark in after a long time! I hope! ] And has requested the soup in the vagina. Not to get rid of the baby again! And even thought,
pounding and piercing my uncle and his uncle would have been told [... bad ... bad ... I did my best to say that]. Stop the movement of his uncle,
in my ear Let me [or someone depart, and Shiori] has been whispered. I also nodded reluctantly. Uncle began slowly shaking the waist. Has struck a thrill and pleasure. [I'm into words
Teiu, Shiori] did not say it. I took all still in junior high school by force, the uncle of adult women. I want to be cool man ...
so I thought what I shall definitely slow, stop short of blaming his uncle was ik ... would be happy to know that in this pleasure ik ... <br > [What I Want to Cum? Shiori whispered in his ear] and continues, slowly shake your hips ... my uncle ... Uncle [] [] What Shiori faster swing back. ['ll ーーー
Oh! Uncle! [Why] I want! [] [] ... I let someone depart? I hear, Shiori] lumbar movement became slow. Not anymore.
['ll let someone depart!ーーーー'll let someone depart Iumai] I never wanted to. I also lost my uncle is. [Well, when I'm Teiu Ikutsu handshake, bookmark!
Shook violently] uncle back. [Ikutsu! At this time], I had shouted these words the first time. White head and feel the outpouring of the womb uncle
, found himself, to accept uncle and eternally. Back home from being spoiled squid until evening.

Rely on the love of taboo

I blame me. I wonder if the mother did this. What Kudasaranai my way to tell someone? Thank you. I am 44 years old
, is the mother of one child. His son is 21 years old college student attending medical school.
husband is abroad two years ago (Thailand) in the case of unexpected accidents in the construction of chemical plants now gone from my side quickly.
"Honey, why was such a thing? why?." Of course too much to ask that there is no answer and then roll back.
temporary mental freaking myself, my son is very comforting, was encouraged. I am now recovering
, has continued to live alone with my son. The Thankfully, my husband became a certified industrial accident deaths in the insurance or other compensation from the company,
unless life is rich and stable, and even college tuition for his son until the compensation There is, I do not need to worry about.
than that, I may be very worried. I know what I do?
it is that the act of breaking the taboo about a year ago with my son. This has become, but because I was careless,
odd proclivities cause is continued for many years my husband, I think the stain attached to my body. From the talk about it.
sex with my husband, ever since I was an unusual marriage. My husband has tied up with rope, was always fun as fuck.
lot and worried at first, but not anyone say something like this, we will be happy if my husband had to endure.
husband, however, always kind to me so tied to damage and it is never without pain, and lead us into that world of bliss to me time and again.
But changes began to appear on the master. I think it was about my son started going to school.
I bought my husband many times the suspects underwear, I wear let me tie it. Was such a shame dresses began to reject and no, because I thought my husband to follow.
of which, I have become quite enjoyable it is. I was also next to you so that causes us to expect any dress. But is that one day.
"Hey, Michiko." swapping "Do you know what?" I asked. I do not understand exactly what it is.
"Last time I .""?"" wife swapping, couples had dinner together at Takiyama's Sannomiya will remember."
"Yes. stocky gentleman and, in that beautiful wife speak. "" Yes. I remember well.'s Sono Takiyama, I want to embrace you.
I've been saying. "What?" "I was once your wife wanted to tie that too .. "" Well, how's Takiyama Why the arms that once, too "
moment the words of my husband, could not answer surprised. That night in the torture and violent husband to fall unconscious, I've accepted that it will be forced to swap imperceptibly.
this thing, we went into a couple fitted to the new world of sex.
about four years, until his death in a circle of husband wife swapping, couples have enjoyed and trusted 8.
Just before my husband died, that was a long business trip to Thailand when. In a phone call from my husband, "Takiyama's met, can you listen to his request?" I've said.
but I did not understand, I decided to meet in person anyway. It is Saturday morning.
's Takiyama, and Kuwahara, who's to say one more, I was a photographer come together as women.
headed by four people, was an elegant resort cottages that Ushimado in Okayama. "Wife and I there was a direction from your husband,
two men in us, is a translation of a video shot for me as his wife is guilty." "Yes, it true ???"< br> "Because of that, but eggs still photographer, I received Sudo's coming together of women's safety can." "wife, and sudo.
thank you." "..." I do what I should do answer, had a problem. Takiyama's,
"Well, not too hard, is not as enjoyable Baiin usual circle." Just me to relieve the air of the place.
Then, all smeared and enters alcohol has been settled. After that, the "insulting and two men have a mistress of the house" in the plot that they started shooting.
I, Takiyama's tied to, as usual, was perpetrated by Kuwahara, and two people took. Is more than just shooting, I had good feelings we had in the facts.
repeated three times with a break of about two hours of restraint. When finished recording, the other dark and was already exhausted. For some reason, also bound by the photographer's last Sudo,
was taken with the camera. Well, I do not know. This evening, my husband put the phone in Thailand, said the complaint 思Ikkiri,
husband said, "There's a call from Takiyama, and amazing scenes were shot, I was going with delight." And and was indifferent. There is
like this, then it was two weeks. My husband was involved in an accident.歎 lot and I've wondered if I was you doing together.
were going to be such a thing, and I'll shoot the video, but such an Easy, I was in repentance. The memorial service is also safe finished forty-ninth day of the Master, it's back again for a while.
while I am away to, videotapes sent from friends Takiyama, I received my son was in coincidence. I sincerely curious, I watched the tape a son. My son came home from going out
詰Rimashita might. "Mom, when my father absent, this shameful thing to do not think of anything!" Threatening attitude was terrible. That kind
son, so angry was the first time. My wife took our son's room.
tool to show a number of unusual actions ever had with my husband about marital sex, and for swapping,
I explained everything without cover. The son was soon as I can not understand, forgive me this time.
but I thought I'd also gave me an understanding, at some point I said such a thing. "Mom, let it be me that was also my father." I could not believe my ears.
"It tied me to his mother." I did not do anything to shoot back. I'm all that bad in my work. After this, I become the slave of his son.
I'm still keep going. What can I do about really. "God, Give a way to guide me."

Men love

I am a 55 year old housewife with three younger husband. 22 year old son is 24 years old.

is that four years ago. Tokyo was the second year of college out on his son. Child care on a mama's boy has slept through middle school together, When I entered high school sometimes taking a bath together. So long holiday in summer and winter was always home to go home.

also be twenty years old, I decided to go to see how his son's apartment doubles as a celebration. The school my son was not in the room, the master key that is being a little disappointing as it was just a student can be safe, I have found it to sit on the bed. Video was naughty.

content is "incest", "mother and" mother "mature" video that was just the sex, such as mother and son.

was the son came back from two hours after entering the room. Was preparing dinner and put the light in the evening. I hug my son was just surprised, 回Shimashita habit of patting the buttocks from childhood.

listened to that school and friends while eating dinner. Then she heard that and have been saying and I do not hug.

and you really want to have sex with a woman's maternal age, and similar to judging from the video I just had a conviction.

I decided to speak openly. For people who like video on naughty listed under the bed, hearing what a MILF is, Unto nodded shyly. I heard a confession from the child also had the same age, said it could not accept I think.

slightly different story, and heard about adult celebration. I think I will have done a lot for the weekend, so Friday and stayed.

son to answer, had prepared me for my gift. Ring that was bought for the job. I give it to me. I have a feeling

察Shimashita son. And asked what I want.

want sex with me and said my son. They want to have sex the first time.

I had prepared, was puzzled. To have a child of the living and the husband was not a night to go beyond that ... as a family. But trust can become an adult son, I decided to love me and my feelings.

slept in the shower that day. Dives on the same bed he slept after a long embrace.

next day, and go to the city center, before a meal or a gift from mother to buy a present of them, I've prepared the budget.

Mukaimashita to a certain famous hotel area of ​​downtown by train in a restaurant and a stylish finish and a little bit at night. I've checked into the hotel on the net and entered the room.

to sit on the bed, gave my son to hug and kiss and I've heard of it make me really anxious. Then my son seemed relieved, and began to massage the breast from the top of the dress hug.

浴Bimashou rather undress and shower, we were each other's naked body was washed in the bathroom. Kiku Hiroshi surprisingly good to notice that the penis of his son, is now thought embarrassed to come inside while my joy. with a deep kiss and take off

go to bed and bathrobes. My son will be involved in hands of the tongue touching my legs and chest to the ground with your finger or insert. And his son was thinking they will be suffering from a stiff penis. I had made it on the bed next to do to Shigoi hand imperceptibly.

shove ~ into one's mouth and spread over the penis on the face of his son, stimulated it in the mouth and tongue. It grows in your mouth son, she was bursting right now. Lick my dick me my son, now Iki so many times.逝Ki

become so, both of whom I was to be inserted into the penis of her son. Son lying on his back and was not brought in me a genital erection.

son had to leave everything in my hip movement, and seek pleasure from what is now abandon me to push up the middle. As soon as he got lost, so poke me in the back asked.

back better than the other son a few years ago and cheated on her husband, I say probably because I was the first time with my son. The sperm is released into the vagina behind the hit, I thought even if I want that sense. Son species flow out of the vagina, it is pleasant to walk along some inner thigh.

short break and then again at the top Nakade Shisa cowgirl and normal again.

had sex with my son one time thinking of a gift from the genitals to feel that big body and the pleasure of sex is forbidden and the son had become addicted to Maybe.

would ask them to insert in the bathtub or shower in the bathroom before leaving the hotel this morning. It is then

. Something to say why he went to Tokyo to put, to have sex with her son. Sex seems like a daily basis in the apartment, sometimes this fucked naked in his apron.

Son and

I was 48 years old, the family of her husband and son are only three. My son is now 25 years old, her husband fell ill, the hospital. Stroke is a disease. Home occupation is farming, but doing the whole family gets better if I thought my husband is sick, and half-paralyzed body, it would become the hospital bed-ridden. The farmer becomes impossible to take care of my husband, who is one of a son. Let me say it for me and his son are having sex. I was troubled. My husband came out of the hospital there. And also partial paralysis, a bedridden state.

With her husband 亡Kunare

I'm worried that his son is now two sons and husband to 亡Kunare 46 years old last year. To tell me that my son is actually selfish, "The mom is my mother. So my mother's hug. And I want to have sex. Very well. I'll ask once low." He says. I was surprised and beaten and was not alarmed. Sure enough I 抱Kitsukimashita. Although I have been raped and not run away, is the son of 押Shi倒Shita caught my arm. Now succumbed to the mercy and power away. Son stuck in a warped crack a big long penis painfully opened my legs. At first but after a while and feel what hurts just issued a voice. 30 minutes passed, my son slept and breathlessly away from me Ha Ha. I had sex the first time in 25 years old son, is now seeking from it every day.



Recently became one with my brother. From that day on I take my brother every day semen. I'm happy.
daily lives of his brother to go to the apartment, naked in front of my brother. Yesterday
loving brother once went to the room, to feel like pouring a lot into.
later that day I began to make rice and curry was making a salad. Even when naked
is well made. My brother came to see how that means where you will occasionally rub my boobs. When
furnishings have to see how the third was cut salad ingredients. My brother is coming too - I only hope in my ear - ~ Did you - is it - and if tea Oh. And this is a cucumber. I whispered in his ear that has rubbed the breast is still my brother I think.
I have been inserted in one leg as it is. After all I had seen my brother Jack Robinson will continue to escalate gradually. Lightning is out violently inserted into the vagina for four cucumber. My
mess there already. . . Even with my brother is begging me to remove the cucumber penis. Cucumber piston when his brother [ー] felt nothing once raised his voice and the limits have been my brother inside.
me back in the kitchen is inserted in the second semen was poured into his brother. I then
while eating dinner, putting the vibe remains. There is no rice in this Nendoroid. My brother saw it was grinning. Then I was
clitoris licking it until I fixed my brother a lot in your outstretched legs on the chair. Itta times I do not know the subsequent insertion. What
caught again and again, her brother's sperm. . . No contraceptive care to each other. We will love each other today.

But today I was told to come from friends in just the brother. I think I'll have to be guilty of friend's brother.

Give birth to children

I am 35 years old housewife. The company my husband worked, but some wealthy life to thank you, honest feeling is quite far from the life of her husband as the couple travel tends,
I was just bored at home body frustration when bought in ecommerce,
body had somehow heal frustration by masturbating against Vibe, authentic and artificial penis is too different. It was a year ago
And while I'm out violently Vibrate Vagina naked in the bedroom and as usual, and is absorbed into 思Ikkiri gasp aloud masturbation, <br > Akio son stood before the stunned look quietly opened the door of the bedroom door.
I forgot I was coming home earlier than usual in the elementary school events for his son. I felt that suddenly grow pale,
vibe that continues into the vagina 蠢Ki still in my vagina, I pulled the vibe that was thrust into the vagina immediately The moment the sight of his son
"Aaaa ー Oh," I also disclose unconscious and gasping voice, my son's hand to move away from the rule for backing away beds and bed hold引Ki入Remashita forced into the room and half. I dressed in a sheet
取Riaezu, let me sit next to her son. "What time were there Akio-chan?" Even try to ask my son,
My son did not tell me anything I Still facing down, faint and his son's body good I understand that the shaking,
, holding an empty hand to massage the breast while the vagina and out the vibe vibe Looking for my son,
have never ever heard my son I saw the look of pleasure and indulge in stargazing heavy moan, I guess I'm afraid.
"I'm sorry, did you miss such a thing to her mom so I ‥ Akio"
"yet, Akio-chan are a child, I know nothing of it?" I said with a surprising answer was returned,
"‥ mom I was having sex machines will now ‥, ‥ to make babies," I had heard the story,
How do the other in elementary school If you can until the baby is taught, it reminded me of my mother heard from a classmate of her son.
"Akio-chan, the little boy that the baby can not you" I hugged my son to arms, trembling yet little by little,
crotch when I mentioned a moment when my son's hand , a little surprised that the erection of the penis and son in shorts
, my son's legs and shifted my gaze toward the poor around the crotch of his son have an erection again clearly I understand that,
as light as I tried to hold a hand gently wrapped around the crotch of his son to do, so much larger penis in my fifth grade son was forced to hide surprises I do not have to give
again and again rubbed gently over the erect penis pants, son penis or no further increase in
"Akio-chan, the little boy becomes hard and so big, it hurts you? "
" Mom ‥ Yeah, more and more hard and a growing little boy, ‥ hurts mama "," Akio-chan, to calm Well, I'll leave it to me mama, I'll just make yourself comfortable From "
" I found out mom ‥ Yeah, I do as I tell my mom? "" I leave it to her mom Akio Yes, they'll take off your trousers and pants first "
I son, saying that hung down to the floor shoulder bag, but with pants and trousers 脱Gou,
let me help you to take off the way burned erect penis. Delicate body is disproportionate degree, my son's penis stuck in the lower abdomen and perfectly amazed big hard erection,
I sit on the edge of the bed again, and my son is completely Not quite 剥Ke skin, penis in hand and gently, I'll treat gently. A son than a second to tens of
"Mom, ‥ Chai Yeah I pee out" has been saying. From my son's penis was so out of juice at which take off from getting ahead of myself,
ejaculation time would hang on, things from me Just when I thought it was swell while the glans and son Pukutsu I suck dick 込Mimashita example by opening up his son.
"ーー're out with Mama O ‥ I'll get out of dirty pee ‥ Oh Oh Mom," is poured into my mouth full of warm smelly mucus in my mouth miss the next moment Mashita. My son's semen
飲Mi下Shimashita and noisily gulp. Semen sex boy just woke up to feel a sense of Dzubu even crush, no comparison was about the taste of semen and her husband.
son came into my face looked anxiously out of his semen 飲Mi下Shita "Mommy, can afford to drink my pee?" He has to listen.
"Do not worry, you will learn in her school, Akio, Akio put out her now, not the pee thing you need to make a baby sperm say,
of their semen While they have plenty of sperm, baby gonna be stuck with a woman's egg "," Akio-chan, and will pee white, unlike it did when it put out really feeling? "<br > My son and I say so from the tip slightly overflowing yet, look at me look at the semen was convinced, "Mom, you're right about that, hey mama ‥ ‥ this'm semen Again · ‥ ‥ "
Nedatsu last ejaculation has again vanishing voice, of course I would be very welcome. "Hey, Mom and Akio Mitakunai to her sex?"
"Nde trying to put in a little boy my mom I ‥ sex eh?, But mom and I like sex really ? "
" Yono Akio-chan good thing rather Hayo Sono You should not say this to anyone, even you Dad! "" Yes, I am, I tell anyone, but my mom and little secret ♪ I had "come to tell her son naked again happily.
"I start from the first kiss sex, I hope you also like the way her mom Akio," I did the first time deep kiss with her son,
tongue into the mouth of my son Turning first lick, and I've put my tongue entwined with my tongue as I was embarrassed and quickly looked to my breasts 充Tegau hand and take his son, < br> Could you make because of instinct and Technology as a man can tell I did not do anything, and I massage the breast to embrace not the first time as "Mom, can I suck mom tits?"
I nodded and I ask Kokuri and his son comes to sucking my nipples as my best time of the baby and ran over the body like a current of pleasure,
me thinking "Oh Oh," I gasped and leaking. "The hurt mommy?" I ask my son and "it is different, and the woman hit and I feel like a voice out, you just saw,
mom that little boy toy When I put a woman who was too pleasant to be in such a voice out, I received a voice so we put her mom more so Akio "
" Yeah, I found out Mom, Mom comfortably full I work hard so I can become "the technology progresses before finally came to my vagina.
"Look, Akio-chan, you're wet in a lot out of you vagina juices from the back of this mom, put a hole in her little boy but Akio is now the center hole,
from the hole, and Akio I came out of her birth, "And I tell my son while you gasp aloud while the way of the vagina caressing,
ejaculation were treated as not holding my sons penis . They want to start 蠢Ki penis vagina my son,
I would lay across his back on his son's son "in the body of an adult from now her mom Akio ‥ ‥ ‥ Getting There You see "
充Tegai I hung down to the vagina with the drip-drip drops of love juice penis clutching her son saying that his son is to insert a penis on my head to miss the moment were waiting,
過Girimashita the head for fear of the incestuous mother suddenly wanted my body to the other son, was a state can not turn back,
me with grim determination and I went back and slowly sinking into the penis to feel a real long time.
"Oh ‥ ‥ ーー Aa ah ah ah, ‥ genuine ooh ‥ mom came back into the Akio-chan" and sinking to the root of the penis and her son until
, uterine mouth was reached. I will continue to devour a kick, move down quickly, and my desire to seek more pleasure
"Oh oh oh Aa ‥ ‥ ーー there, according to her mom Akio ‥ー 動Itee ‥ "thrust up from beneath me and my son to meet me soon,
orgasm after another visit to my little body, but my son is not comfortable with sex because the first "Well, ‥ ‥ I almost can not put ‥ ー A yo mama - Yeah out Chai ‥"
"‥ Sure they · ‥ ‥ ‥ Akio Akio-chan oh oh Aa ‥ ーAkio-chan · ‥ ‥ ー Out TEE through the mother's mother filled in full Shitee ‥ ‥ · ー ー oh oh Aa ‥ "
As soon as I finish to say, the next moment I perceive while flying in the back of the vagina burst of semen son, I reached the acme. Since that day, coming home from school my son as well as,
during the business trip my husband keeps taking a sperm son every night, days without her husband on holiday, other than toilet and eat until midnight the next day the night before We spent the remains led,
with her son without making condoms, birth control has been the thing that I take the pill, one year past relationship with his son, recently I would have to give birth to children 無性Ni son.
other day, my son, "Mom, I wonder if her spoiled baby Akio ‥ give birth in?" collapsed in the face of my son smile so I say, "Mom, give birth to my baby really"
I heard those words from the mouth of her son, tears spilled for joy too. Now I'm close to having sex with my husband because of her husband and create a fait accompli. Of course, when you have sex with her husband
husband is pick a day but for me fertile without being seen diaphragm contraception, pregnancy is hard to have sex with my son.

First experience of one young person


His younger brother is 16 years old living at home

like "rape" was

of course, resisted like mad The voice was hoarse after

has done everything, but I surrendered to his brother on the way to loosen up

liked, "Your I love you my sister! "

been calls me repeatedly in my ear," I wonder if it is "


force has been pushing his cock holding each take off my jersey pants and pull out blindly

course, nothing but wet no "ouch," "I want" "Ouch" and I was repeatedly shouted

somehow insert was successful, but already in his brother's body at the peak of pleasure more than they like

突Ki上Geta strike mercilessly bleeding heavily in my vaginal opening < br>
me and spit in a large number of sperm after ejaculation Kiri Hitoshi

away from my brother and I finally regained consciousness

allowed in both arms firmly 抱Kitome I do not

"I'm sorry for my sister I'm sorry!!"

and repeated like an idiot brother

"from good! Do not move!!"
< br> It's nothing but pain was the first and last

each other now

I forgot it! ?

younger brother

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[34615]
I am 50 years old. Worker. Family
husband, 22-year-old daughter and a 23-year-old son. Although I commute by bus to the nearest station from home, often working overtime when I got to come pick you up liquid.
about three weeks ago, the children abroad, is now traveling alone with my husband about four days. That day is now getting back late in overtime.
forms will go home by taxi and I thought the station, it was from my brother.
take off my brother who lives in Yamanashi, now that I found near my house. And brother came to pick you up after a while.
car stopped at an empty brother drove the car for a while. I said, "What happened" suddenly turns to his brother, and I held a little brother. I was surprised to
"Stop" but went with my brother on my left breast with your right hand to kiss my lips, "there" began touching.
"Lady, I said nothing to me is the body entrusted to me. It was like a sister since childhood." is said, and his brother before I was a powerless power . is taking off his coat and shirt
was also taken off her bra. My brother has caressed my upper body around to pretend to Musa.
back, face, ears, mouth, nose, shoulders, arms, stomach, breast and then. I found that a woman could burn. Then my brother to my naked lower body, thigh, leg and caressed while,
my vagina, Kuchitorisu stimulated by hand. I was thinking, "No, stop it," I said.
brother Then I'm looking at Man Kono "You have a lot of juice Noman sister springs. and for a while how was your husband," whispered in my ear. I certainly
there is "the same Yukujuku" I was beginning to get wet. I have a brother inside. I accepted there was something in his thick, crackling while Kiku Hiroshi School
go and nothing I have not expected in the white beach anymore, shake shake the hips to meet his brother also sat but when it came to the spot
his most impressionable, "Oh we Oh," lands in the car for the first Transatlantic Sessions series is over.
two people in the car burned, the moment, I decided to head home. My brother's naked lower body upper body was wearing a shirt.
I'm naked. While driving a car, my brother, "sister, I licked my cock." And said. I am, I made a cock blowjob naked brother left.
When I got home, I unlocked the house naked from the car down, welcomed his brother. The canyon has been there and now suddenly my brother. Blow things I've
brother. In the living room, in the bathroom, the toilet and the bedroom of the couple and the children's room, where we do all kinds of loving, the 上Ri詰Me.
in my vagina and his love juice Yuguchuninarimashita Deguchi my love juice. 4 days until the family comes back this way, we were in love with.
brother "come again" went to kiss me back saying.

Mr. Fusae wishes for a resurrection

Do you hang out with your brother-in-law? I'll take it off. My wife will wait for two days while peeling off the dick. I'm reviving soon, my grandchildren are coming, and Mr. Fusae isn't crazy. The dick is 17 cm thick and 40 mm thick, and I did it 48 mm (water pipe). The words of Ba-chan are more fun than the man's sentence. 

H is the son of

I live with my son is only two years old husband passed away 47. The 23 year old son is now a wife with me. It has also moved in the apartment because there are rumors. Once again a single-story apartments. In the neighborhood for a couple of years away come here thinking it will be. I can call my son by name. Weight remains the same old looks young, so before too. Mom says son not like when I was younger than the father. I still have 月Nomono.

I'm at a later

While two people to exchange dirty linen "Hey ~ kun ○ ○," spoiled and try

"? What?"

"To sleep together here to Grade 6 or not? "

" Yes "

" Let the children because she did not sleep at ○ ○ ~ here with you again today? "

"Oh, yes I do," but I tele "OK" to

kissed my lips I waited him wrapped in king-size duvet sheets together after the change < br> Even though indeed have been physical contact between parent and child to take care how "lip" was the first to kiss each other tele-like excitement
peck, but he only touched his lips together well is not something to moan very inarticulate
'll take my face to breathe through your nose been busy

bed tied around his neck the arm by turning the answer too light dropped from the table to explore the remote control of lighting

touched his right hand on my pubic hair, "Hey," under his breath and

"You do not have to listen I hope I'll do things you love kun ○ ○, a touch of it? "He said words that surprising?

"Can I watch? see," and,

I am truly embarrassed, "I was not always found in the bath, I was Bale Bale!" and taunt me face buried in his chest

"· · because" I apologize to Kawaikutsu

painful to 可愛Kutsu (^ ^) I wanted to be a little mean "always secretly peeps Did not you yourself are Shigoi? here, "and he was surprised to tampering stuff! !

perfect, but say "erection" was! !

to plug into my vaginal opening birth to him after two years of cohabitation with the deceased husband was the first person to have been experienced by four hard enough already! But,
I will first meet the needs of his seeking, and 想Tta

"I'll be embarrassed child Yappari ○ ○? From wearing futon,
look like 're good to "Obtain an the light as soon as I suffer from bed head

Tta really shy as a little girl is blind

the heart of the lower body blanket going to explode! What is this thing? !

Thought he did not keep pace with nasal breathing, rough breathing now is strangled by the mouth, feel the excitement
pick up anything even when crouching at the foot of my The face will look into that spicy gritted my teeth filled

"embarrassing!" squeeze out the liquid that I love even more!

anus "flow!" I thought
"touch!" He was a scream and condition hands before getting me to slow

Diapers and beg it as if her legs raised letter M, "showing"
get that voice is just too much excitement

"Are you excited about the Son ○ ○?" and delayed by bewitched ears from across the rough breathing

was unable to answer his words afterwards
surprise if you believe what he heard would be insane
<br > "... I'll lick you? ..."! ! ! ! What

such knowledge come from? picked the boys anyway! ! What a question ... I have been all, went into a deep sleep after a story in a calm satisfaction on his sleeping face

sexual desire and arousal, "the beast" to me more calm state and hardly was the decision not vomit
有Rumajiki to shout aloud to his son as his mother says in retrospect

"Tsu Tsu Onegai! Hayakutsu! It is our 'll say Oh! "... and I was

yesterday morning? He "It was just mostly screaming loudly (^^)" Segandarashii place and laughed at (although not actually remember)

years I wonder what exactly Datsu < br>
sex when my husband and did we give up the best part of my gently licking

and must now take the rough and hot breath on the part
"Perori "Nokezori
and, in a loud voice:" Ah Ah Ah Ah U "and put it out of (the son's testimony (^^))< br>
" go! "Then you believe

" Mom! Mom! or standing "

senses in his sad little crunch! !

"Hey get along!" looms that he comes! !

and third of his thumb and forefinger pressed down as 跳Ne上Garanai tick things seem hardly

"I'll look here'll poke!" he instinctively stick to being led back! !

"know? know of went ○ ○ kun?" twice! Thrust up and hit my head on the bed and I wonder why

three times, at that time I was feeling quite calm returned to the genitalia that hit the mouth of the uterus son Ino Takeshi
"pregnancy, or even ... "and thought

time, probably since the beginning of my" 10 seconds? 15 seconds? "What I like?

another topic I have my arms clinging to his back child "○ ○" can afford to lose him and called
"·'ll Ugh Ugh Ugh! ..." Kiku Hiroshi thrust while I moan and thrust! Repeated many times! !

many times the man, "male" was a moment I first discovered the pleasure of joy in my body was

I observed him with his firm and just " Joy "was waiting to fall and fits like

bend back next to me from me without a deep breath while he was in my tummy
wipe with a towel was full of dumb love the cock will also discourage soft skin of his back

false phimosis?

? ? Like the skin of the tip is slightly open mind or not?

that they gazed up the mouth a little meat shoot an arrow (in my imagination it is not like the pain is likely not coming in but they see the contents 剥Kanaku mouth open at all times I)

I rushed to the bathroom while holding hands to handle the evidence of his pleasure to feel happy and enjoy
flows of mucus dear old man clinging to a strong smell of finger It is my great first experience

is a report on him and everyone was praying for me

if the mother and mating, desire The gentlemen are suffering just
果Tasezu now, if you come here and how happy

achieved if desired by the year and let my mother's place

your prayers, in return O力 lent me, I do one without the power and words that you will receive
just wish that I wish only


Thanks! !

Summer Memories

This bulletin board, could not lie ~ I have sex sex with my brother but I also feel strange but I was interested to read the mind in thinking this. It was the first experience of sex is also
. When we visited it a week to his brother, going to go to university in Tokyo and visited Tokyo Disneyland vacation.
to have sex with my brother then I realized that after returning home, I may think that may have been fate that may happen.
brother in second grade because I was awakened late at night show interesting things from my brother at the time of the year saw several 5
are you doing to show the peep sex parents bedroom There were times that I wonder peeps thinking seemed to be feeling a strange thing attached to the body or are bound by the funny looking. But I still feel naughty
hiding brother and I still have not know what to say playing with
Demashi bound to get naked and I dressed like I'm being a mother or.
of trying to time my brother was in fourth grade I was naughty I know, no longer had refused and said I hate He did try to give a brother like you sometimes Instead of hiding to know that I feel
touched his dick in imitation of masturbation, I was like a dick tampering. In junior high school students
will be for two years with the exception of masturbation, or parents, but I was really more like a man pretending to masturbate in the know do not even have sex and vice president for student Before the Frankfurt and
were also put to dick masturbation cucumber. Went to his brother in Tokyo have also become my favorite high school masturbation,
find sex video brother is watching by chance alone, while his brother went on an errand,
parents have to I was then put his hands in masturbation skirt without knowing I was watching and thinking I'm alone because my brother also saw a similar or be bound. Start off your clothes in the bedroom
Itarashiku my brother came back during masturbation, but I'm on when I heard that sex with his brother,
left side had the first drink from the finger I want none of that was seen in the figure would become filthy y me naked I put a small bottle remaining,
seems back in place once an hour out of the room. That night, I was told it strange thing to nag and to imitate their parents and I stayed to look into getting it to talk about but I thought,
I now know the love of masturbation I forgot I was there to shake the feeling that I am interested in Raretakunai
what is said about going to interesting, because there is not going to the hotel we were able to be parents again and again I have to say about good and not without any reason.
grudging outward from the morning, but went into the inner room of the hotel called 203 in a place called Alpha Higashiazabu went with my brother after my brother was feeling excited.
The room has a glass wall ropes, chairs, etc. There was a strange strange room to reshape the form of a horse and rides.
I saw the room I came to say I try to like the old days you use it like what my brother when I look around the room in mind interest
've come into the mode naughty little I've said I was good because it was my clothes were. Changed hands on the chair is fixed to the spread,
ankles and legs are fixed, Yoshi Tadasu been fixed by a wide belt at the belly can not move your body,
brother eye I fixed equipment wide open legs closed and was sitting in front of me, lifting your butt higher base stations, is looking like a dick stick legs wide open,
skirt underwear I was terribly embarrassed, but Yoshi Tadasu been well with his brother and said I already had to stop embarrassing really excited face has changed.
been informed that since I saw my brother masturbating at the time, I was a kid, but I did not feel good and I wish every day, such as masturbation was 悦N to be bound by their bare In such a naughty naughty Moshitaku
was told to me was not it to see through, and is said by him to become more pleasant for others,
Yoshi Tadasu been 逃Ge出Senai shame I've been saying I was really resigned to become. It was from
similarly turned away from the chair once Morai naked, in the end is played with fingers and toys her brother's dick has been inside my brother is covered with overhanging.
or bound by a rope and then leave the hotel at the bottom hole Yaresaretarinadoshite toys ride on horse-shaped vehicle is close to the evening.
has three days to go back every day for sex. The memories of my summer vacation.
wants to become a holiday to go to Tokyo again.

My older brother is a pervert 11 days?

? Bewitched my sister is also in proportion??
It day 11?
I wonder what you could not find his mother??
From a friend at school today, I asked a little child you're licking cock brothers Some people have nothing. What a strange
atashi what it was normal?
you lick a child? to lick? It is said that s normal??
H seems to be a child I? to me do not understand? < br> What do you guys really do?
atashi is that change? have a brother, friend of the school trying to Nanako H. What is really
I have a brother all eight?
so I feel good? H I also see this. I'm a guy sister hiding? Are also masturbation.
still? I do not have Well, I can not not?
? I mean streak in?
in what was about four years, I say lick it normal? masturbation I'm last ? licked four years of what?
what is the first time, a brother?
of speaking in front of everybody what?
anything what what?
Yarra Why does my sister every day in proportion to his be?
Beso poker night every day while the frog Why?
Why does not talk to your father your sister?
nightly Gusakunatterunoni Why does my sister, the mother of a notice ?
her sister and brother odd chance of H Atashi I have to?

Brother and sister

? Sister is in the room today Tonari H has.
and brother last week? knocked I'm crying, I tell my dad. Every day my brother called and what ??????< br> Darn it, and it? Day every day? Jari brother is so much want my sister?
Screw my sister crying feel good?
Tonari Atashi's listening room should I do?

I visited this happy day

Happiness and joy of sex, only of course I'm not satisfied
me really just want my body, but he now
his "pleasure" is just as important < br> My pleasure is secondary to believe
asked twice yesterday, according to according to Lightningrod
also asked honestly, he is now waking up this morning
will refuse to ask even once as long as my body is not going to the gynecologist today

half holiday for the afternoon "intrauterine device" had been installed and not the constitution
originally fertile late husband and I have received a number of different sperm
Nanibun also been fired from the force to the length that knocked the opening of uterus is pregnancy a matter of time And incidentally
"pregnancy test "If you have the latest from today is that


came out of the bath," then "I did? I confess I did not promise

arrived 辿Ri excitement in the room that they feel to the touch of a light makeup
where supposed to be us taking a bath ·

Monaku fat tits are not exceptionally large nor does it have confidence in the style slender and did not accept her
sex with him even if from behind a nice long hair The items will be course
joy, inspiring his "youth" no

(her first experience of his beautiful and clean, at least a little they want a woman)

was such a thought until it was a dry run of bold 女心 good to laugh

dressing room has warmed up, I said "Bathrobe "piece (resolution distressed)
to wipe many times full of joy juice in between cosmetic reasons, but often embarrassing to say the right decision

<br > The knock on the door! !
really floating butt from the chair! !

"~ Please ..." said in reply, wise and make efforts (will)

stand before the door to pick moderate

son looked down "Oh What ?,'re not happy! "to encourage trade

put his fingers to the front of the bed (in assuming)

reviewed and Kururi
" Gyuu, to me? "

strong arms and graces in the slender boy still wider
(my throbbing in the area of ​​your bellybutton is pushing up his sweatshirt)

" ○ ○ kun, right first time? "and asked to be suffocation from squeezing out of

" Yes "

" really good for the first time in his mother? "and amazed myself just another question about the
(assuming not only that word)

"Yeah! it me? good mother," I feel a force even stronger
< br> "Kun ○ ○! A little suffering as my mother," and said
"Oh, sorry"

me relax and just balance him back and put weight on me I'm still holding to break the

two words collapsed into bed

repeatedly practiced many times in my heart many times

"kun kun ○ ○ ○ ○ is it now? to have sex with women (boys), the (man) I become ?··"< br>
" yes "< br>
"But you know animals and humans? male, I enjoy sex with females instead of winning?
important to females, and I'll have to protect from various < br> ○ ○ kun has a loooooong protect me kind to my mother had sex Tezu?? "

" Yes! my mother I'll protect you? "
his strong embrace felt that a limit closer to the excitement! , There is only one thing he would like to know more! !

"one more thing, after hearing?"

"Well what?"

"Sex is like? a girlfriend or wife shall be"

"···"< br>
"No, your mother is fine now ○ ○ kun (male) I'll get you? safely?
○ ○ kun, and now I'm sure I think having sex everyday for the time being "

"·····"< br>
" Mom, girlfriend or wife is the same as I do not want sex call me
When the No? want to call them by name should be at home Ugh
(child ○ ○) ○ ○ Drinking and having sex several times a day from today even listening to me ask me I'll "

" · · Somehow, though embarrassed, thank you "(Oh I did ~!!)

" So I practice? strong male and female sex but refuse to accept!
So if you want to have sex with me today is {child ○ ○! ginger sex!} I want to invite a man
Try saying? "

" う- I "
from Terre little tongue-tied but he reiterated

" · · child sex try ○ ○? "

<br > "Yes, I'm
? child ○ ○, I want to?"

his hands on my course to my surprise I thought the Omata Kiku Hiroshi Masagutsu not have the heart to not so natural as possible
I also care Hadakeru errand and bathrobes while to grab the breast

"Nipple Excuse "
suck my nipples swollen greatly sharpened his mouth excitement for
I groan, reply to Nokezotsu
after it off your ass sweat from his even under pants and slip each 脱Gaseru
once he was naked but was still being quiet! Looms have been hard on me! !
foot posture I accepted M's character split

· · enter the vaginal opening but still do not know
come blindly poked hard!

"Drinking ○ ○! Calm down! Please! me see it come under more holes!!"

I was desperate vigorous rubbing clit while occasionally been cited in this they "say" endure the pain of a cock picking Shimaitai
covered with slimy stringy semen may have clouded my!
tried to guide!

the moment! !

moan as he cried with a semi-precious Daijina

first shot accuracy was hit on my pubic hair should accept
vaginal orifice was, I had to flow transmitted through anal

labia and the splendor of his first experience I thought

< br> addicted to the intense pleasure of the clitoris distant feel like rubbing the genitals of a man by the year have been warned not feel I missed a long time an important

"I'm sorry ? I'm really sorry, because the child 愚図 ○ ○ Momma, kun ○ ○ (man) I could not give to "

and had returned to discourage false skin of his cavalier I apologize
cock while wiping with the towel entirely regret

"No? was great! Is not placed Asami! child ○ ○, Let me also?
this time I, the child put the pussy ○ ○ "

! ! Since when I learned that obscene expression (My heart) while

"Yeah, well below Hayo Hiroko remove!" And promised it hard tonight

ended with the thought that my boyfriend was not free in

Yes, the third time he (Guy) to The next time I will talk about the longer

now I'll be back soon
boyfriend Kuruu matchless wild inside my own once

to Tateta measures are pregnant! I wonder if tonight

asked many times? OK, but too many times

I'm sorry but at length? Thank you

Entered into a bath together

Certain university in Kyoto to successfully pass the beloved son in the field. The principal matter of course, my husband and I both were delighted daughter.
was announced on Saturday after his son passed, "What do successful celebration?" and asked "to stay at home mom Monday," I've seen and responded.
I did not understand what that means is, "Sure things to do and not separately," it said.
Monday promised my husband to work after her daughter went to school, now alone with his son. I finished the cleaning and washing, "I promised my mother at home," said his son and suddenly
"to get into the bath together with my mother now," it said. "What?" Naoshimashita heard that, my son again, "to get into the bath together with my mother now," it said.
hot stretched, it was called the son of optimum temperature. My son is now Suppon Pong Take off your clothes in front of me regardless.
averted eyes while I was ashamed to see the nude because his son, "Go quickly enters the bath," it said. My son said, "take off your clothes came in my mom too!" Entered into a bath while wearing underwear words.
son standing in the steam bath was sitting. "My body wash all of my mother," he said, it gave me a towel and soap.
Reluctantly, I took the glasses, I went into the bathroom. First washed in the back. Were back together since entering primary school sophomore son.
Then, turning in front of her son began to wash his arm. At that time, "the cunning mother. Because I'm naked, I can take off your bra and panties mother," I said.
hung on his words, the Fock bra off, I took off and panties in front of his son.
bra and panties in the basket Put the dressing room, I went to wash my son's arm. Then, wash your breasts after finishing bristles,
following is the order of the legs and thighs washed. I said, "I'll wash over," said his son is
"Mom, I have not yet washed the dirtiest part of my bottom line," leaving the cock that Bing stands facing the chair and warp I brought before my eyes. around one or greater than his master
still do not have experience with a woman who once part of potassium from the cracks of the glans is pink and the juice came out.
to wash a towel when I cock my son, my son, "wash towels from the more painful the other way!" I said,
hand rubbed his hands full of soap bubbles inevitably I began to wash his hands gently. It was like my son wanted to act. I started out violently
juice from the tip of my hand wash Chinchin tough start. I've been watching too excited, "No you where I get excited." I was the frothy Chinchin he feels.
to flow when a portion of the basin with soap and son, "Now I'll wash my mother," it said. Son's body is still frothy, with which he started sitting on my chair.
to the dexterity of his son came. I started from the back of my washing. Wash the side when I started, "Mom, axillary in the rough with me I'm bad and you do not shave properly," I have been told. When I started washing
heart, I have the body "Pikun" You become. I had not touched my heart to anyone other than my husband, because it's one that no man has touched my son
"breasts are bigger than I thought of my mother. I really soft and beautiful "I said to my son. After spreading the legs are "around my mom truly is a hairy pussy.
Na pussy do not know part of the jungle state," said a surprised.
But it was love juice flowing imperceptibly from the pussy and have seen my own son's cock rises to the respectable front. Even though I have no idea
hand was like my son was aware of because it was washed in my pussy. "Has been too wet with me Mother" is a little embarrassed to say.
I put on him and we have a bath tub of hot water and scooping his son. Was attached to the body soap flowed beautifully. But I have been gushing and pouring out the juice from the tip of a transparent Chinchin son.
"Mom just sitting," I was sitting in my son's words to say, my son is my son bore down on my chest with both hands placed between a cock in my chest in a semi-crouching position.
I said, "Stop," said the son, while ignoring the words I began to move up and down. I think in time a 経Tanakatta minutes. It was released on him
my face intense split glans Calpis sure. Saw such a scene in front of the face is actually the first time in my life I have become my son covered in cum. My son is like
recovered himself, "I'm sorry mother" disappeared from my front, saying it came from the bathroom.
I left the bathroom to wash the semen 浸Karimashita the tub was attached to the face.

Stupid mother

The divorced husband and one son, brought 10 years ago, I was at the age of 28. Husband's parents, my father had not,
気Ni入Ranakattarashiku model and companion that I was a girl at marriage was never blessed.
Meanwhile, after a severe dystocia were able to produce a boy's parents have been waiting for her husband. But my son was a normal child and a little different.
I had brain damage. Not surprisingly, my parents accused me. Despite the appearance and increase day by day as regular kid,
I got too cold to hit the retarded son began to stand out. I was waiting with the children left home was a rough sea of ​​the world than I expected.
going to eat one herself alone with the children was not easy. The daytime part of the degree should be able to live without
, was barely on life support now part of income and club night snack. For the money, but also some customers do not like to sell your body. There was also
private strip show. You can also reserve a few by now, but now to send a decent living as a housewife, I had my son will feel lonely and fairly. I'm just not one that
normal motherly nothing, even when they have done for my son no matter how busy, just did not enter the bath together. When you leave work at night
also had a bath in his son's attendance before. It continued even after his job at night. This year, my son is 14 years old. Another junior high school students would normally
. It could even go higher than high school and middle school only to regular shape. That was last spring.
when taking a bath together, as usual, with a different feel to it with the naked eye see my son.
son every day and the men and chest and groin started to realize that I'm different now frequently mentioned want.
discipline as I kept my son always dodge the question. But these things are what a man's instinct.
gradually, but some words admonish his son went to believe my words. I was forced to touch my son Sasezaru.
sure if it meets the interests of the moment her son was tired and just a sweet thought. I took my son's hand, led to the groin.
son has touched my girl cautiously. Entered the eye but do not want to exaggerate that banged her son in the groin. Overflowing from the crotch of my things, we found that the wet fingers of her son.
then Nedarimashita to see his son for a while. I opened the back sliding leg. My son was the first time saw a woman crying in surprise.
From that day, because my son was to get a helping hand to my crotch. And they do from one day while messing with my groin, suck my nipples now.
was supposed to come put your finger inside the woman. It is for the woman's body was very cruel. Continue
touched every day, her body did not know the man should be born. I finally,
I sat shaking his son according to the movement of a finger placed in the vagina. And I have reached. I saw my son in my body convulsed suddenly got up and I was upset,
looked at my face with a tearful face. Instant hand to hide what they are exaggerated in front of me and my son.
had been taking things off my son hit my face. From there it is, and since then no longer to touch my son.
thought it had to be very bad. However. After the divorce, had signed up more than a few men to marry me. I tried to refuse all
from marriage had become a trauma. Christmas last year. On that day, one guy I do at night with us for a drink at the bar.
reply was to a man who refused to apply for marriage seriously. After the divorce, do you want to accept courtship was the only one who wondered trying to refuse.
drank too much alcohol because of the painful feelings and, when it reached the dizzy in the house, crying while you slip into bed, fell off what you were wearing.
I think I cried just tired and fell asleep. Woke up feeling a heaviness in the body. First, maybe did not quite know where you are.
maybe what's going on. My son was on the cover of overhanging hug me. I will imperceptibly they become naked, naked son.振Rihodokou
son and desperately resisted surprised. But entering force. The moment the groin in the hands of his son Masagura fact, I was running a current through the body. I was starting to
her reaction to my body already own. Something full of damp crotch, I felt that already handed down to those butt. Cheers will be pressed down my arms my son came with nipple sucking.
feel like I was losing more resistance. And. I'm reaching for my son was exaggerating, I led to the entrance of the vagina. And a hand on her hip and her son
Ategai, I jut sit urged his son. I have something inside to break through the womb of her son.
groin pain felt like a burn. My son is violently thrust on instinct, I was desperate to cling to his son. Lacrimal tears flow as corrupt,
while clinging to his son, was sobbing like a girl. Every day since then, I became her son. Hot young son went mad at me endlessly. And finally there
may be best. Now I am pregnant. I've lodged in my son's children.

Can you hear me?

First experience with each other the day before (I have children and women and children
write as much as possible to recall a conversation I'm sorry 難Kattara

read him (his son ) School that was returned from the exact schedule at 9:45
polish him in the bath without telling us beforehand, I was ready (in a nice little bit from 迎Etakatta) < br>
promise to take a bath together with the previous day because he was "a bath, I'm excited," and said with equanimity
efforts (will)
"Yes," and always
short answer then was "Mom, I hope that after 10 minutes," said one of 読Menakatta
unexpected meaning in these words It was my second mistake
on his back sliding door of the dressing room close
"huh? kun ○ ○, that my mom like that?" and he calls (always over at a young age The words)
these words was preparing
"Yeah ..." and,
from closing the door, "Mom? - I love you" Please say
or trembling body and mind as well as happy, I feel that is filled with lots of love juice awaited 窒口 carefully polished pointed nipples are hard and intense excitement feeling great events will happen from now on

too slowly or abnormally Time
"Mom, go ay?" put the voice over and folding door
and useless thoughts opened the door folded towel to wipe the glass rub Souu love soup liquid flow but once
! !
"Shimatta!" understand the meaning of 10 minutes at the moment! !

characteristic "bitter" as the scent of male pleasure

(why? always secretly since I left my first bath I was being processed)
呪Itai the mood was full of prudence, are missing their chairs to sit at the same time sad

he had washed the body
Standing next to (but not intentionally directed his shoulders my ass), flowing slowly over time in about a hand shower in the bathtub
Omata slouch (my genitals for you in his profile As seen from the bottom) to make sure water moderated

still looking! ! No doubt! ! One point someone feel painfully
(yet the evidence does not discourage him!!)

"10 minutes" safe hot water is still screwed up

excited to see the profile 赤Rameta soaked clear to me, wash my son back in silence
stomach can tell just by looking at the roughness of the breath movement

see the state of my reproductive organs Akasuritaoru had hidden and quickly lift both arms to exert story with twists on the edge of the bathtub that is

(have an erection!) I got convinced of the following words spit

"Can you come in 怒Nnai? I for Drinking ○ ○? the important thing"
"kun ne ○ ○? Let me cock will be hidden in the tip skin?
I heard a lot bad things out there that just
pulled meat in a skin? "be said at once (perfect! )

"Yes I have,"

"there? come off of that !?!?" 安Shi than expected and do this thing!
"Ah ~ good, like my mother, I was worried there for someone like you, I'm sorry to hear strange things? not mad?"

"No way I'm not angry?" <br >
剥Kenai patterns are also available for the next step in gaining more power in it was much easier working

"Hey! Hey! stripped to make me mom? really I'm worried to come off, oh I do not stripped from Tta ~ ^ not know!! "

truly" Eh ~ ... "and expressed disapproval that such a thing, of course, the assumption that <br > "If you do not mind the trouble I worried about my mother ○ ○ kun? love, mother, I know many of the important ○ ○ kun hate? hate ...?" and multiply folded
< br> "Yes, but ... ~," and reluctant son
"~ you can not Well! high standing!!"
now forced to stand still pull the arm "of the parent authority "to exercise!

Mojimoji hand was found shelter like" put on the shoulders of my mother! "

literally hand and we try again and Jikkuri (large! died Kuni Hutoshi clear from her husband a long hard!)
hold for a moment that so impressed
"early mother" do something painful to appeal

"I'm sorry I'm sorry for good? I'll peel Soutto ?···"< br>
Pikun! Pikun! Important in his left hand wrapped cock pit that is pulsing with a Uno You crack
beautiful cute pink skin and slowly push in the right thumb and middle finger picked up
gradually thicker skin突Tsu張Ru feel

"okay? hurt?" I asked to stop and hand

"I'm a little hmmm It's okay, mom, strip off my You do want?? "

resume lovable while impressed answer!

suddenly become close to the neck! Without permission "Surun!" What a view has 剥Ke
and Mari Osamu
looking at the pink arrows Tainted meat was furious that pierced the sky
· · ·······< br> miss something as a mother!
stick with fairly polar bear skin at the base of 剥Keta "cheese" thing Rashiki

"~ Oh, yeah sure ○ ○, not accumulated dirt? this"
Only in toe Motegi was a kid and smell, strong smells experienced it myself!
"Do you want me to wash" and asked
"I wash myself not that good anymore?" has become irresistible and negative
Oshiku Kawaiku love!
"Yeah, thanks, I'm relieved mother?" and

bath "first experience" because the place is not supposed to overdo the institute and later taboo
no silly talk and talk and teacher talk, pretending to work to calm each other's genitals were
signs subside until the end of his watch from time to time I get a clearance without shampoo
crowded teeth looked to be Kuishibatsu embarking on my genitals
face little by little shoulders trembling
Shigoi would have to appropriate at someone in the water cock <br >

in spicy though! It is not! ! That 10-minute
No more failure!
on the face, but it tough to shout Poor (in assuming)

"What are you doing except the mother Omata?"

him in silence with downcast eyes

"From a boy to be helped, because I like to look cool too careless mother, I'm sorry?"
and said softly "It's a boy who is an adult from your mouth but I also knew my mother, You · ·
sad for me to yourself? "

" Yes, "nodded and small

here! !

likely to burst the heart! ! But, but

! I'm too hot he is! !

"not do mom?"

"Eh?" I look on your face

"Here's a good mother if" out of breath <br > "Let's try to put out the array?"
obviously had a voice trembling

"I hope I'll be your mother if you want to kun ○ ○? · · to do?"

"I want to mother the mother"

ran electricity to the whole body! !

son suddenly got up from the bathtub
"something you no good bath!" embarrassed! This remains a rape! ! I thought

"first hit, dry, fine hair in the tub nervous
precious mother, and I'll wait in the room Chaa ○ ○ kun
" < br> let go from my hips

"Then I suppose my mother?"

"Yes" ... I touched a cock gave

"Ah Fu Ah," I moaned

What I'm cute cute! ! Remains

regrettable but out of the tub earlier

拭Kane body must lean on the power washer is missing from the leg and groin with a towel tracing < br> For some reason, "tears" flowed

Thanks guys!

yuna himekawa[34524]
The answer but do not have much time to write today

everyone! She became more like what had happened last night
write later slow!
like an idiot right now is not so bothered serena!
Refreshing to just results alone, and to say thank
thank everyone who supported us and

Anyway, the ferocity'm really really happy ~ ~ it! ! Location
words and tactically prepared for unplanned development will help a lot but hardly a
立Tanakatta or feeling alright?

Chopper just heard it today I wonder if failed two times already spoiled, but here I had given up mode
Yappari I'm amazing boyfriend!
third time! ! ! !
became the third man in? (But I'm due a Goodes)
perfectly well between ejaculation and a half hours three times a height of 172 cm
not for nothing then, I thought my husband died
to the "sorry"
But I was just over there on his or her son is more the length of the thickness strength also "tolerance" and "gentleness" I still have more on ANATA
<br > I only have 154 inches of his head I'm too caught
was the first time I was so deeply
cervix can break even, I was scared about being knocked (most seconds It gave me a solution but only a third of St. (^^))< br>
! ! Since the end he comes back!
circumstances at a later date! Sure! !

I'll promise you one other thing!
"Mother," We made a promise to each other by name instead of calling each other Then ~ ~
? what I should call him
about me? ?
say that (^ ^) ~ The Muride!ー
to write something or other women in the name of the alias for her

him, as his Onna, a beautiful female dog only he'll be back soon
My boyfriend is a nice welcome

sure she hold me tonight

also like

day after tomorrow

also be ooh Innovation without Saki < br>
'm happy I could


The long-term business trip a month ago my husband is living with her father-in-law and three. Yet sex is 35 and originally my husband still small, and also has 30 I thing insufficient, bathroom and bedding topic was masturbation. 3 year old daughter and my husband is the father-可愛Garu.
daughter to sleep well that day, the department also has become masturbation sunset in the tub after washing the body in the shed, I Mamashi with the soap. I'm sure it was leaking voice. I did not notice with excitement.
's father came into the bath. And naked. I 解Ranakatta well as the first board, seeing my father naked, to see your cock erect and rather than the father, "Dad, I'm doing is useless" is yelled, the more time , and had received your fingers wet pussy. Which embrace and placed a finger inside him, when someone kisses and hot body strength is missing, I was moving back. Yet 58 years old father. Breasts are tossed about, was kneading the nipples, then licking the clitoris Raretara, I say Lightning. Did your cock and let Ino Hutoshi father afterwards. That night in bed and went into one of two people.

So you should be nervous

高鳴Tsu place to hear the heartbeat of God, I'll think I sat down next to a fever
him to cram school to what is absent today at 9:45 pm after returning home should be the <br > The two people I invite into the "Bath"
have decided

words but he is being held in my room alone I
too wide king-size bed
tonight tonight if he got to her bed to sleep two people would like him
lover to take a bath now meet in secret scent of soap I
<br > take a bath together and Kalari
will happily invite bright (... going)
trembling fingers hit the keys tomorrow
expectations of a gentleman you love this site The report should be able to meet the

Please be sure
Please keep praying please pray for my son and I ask the prayers I have received
Instead, his "Woman "If I'm going to confess
able to become full-blown here and work hard to become one of your joy will ensure you'll
disappear tonight it



I have the two 居Masu brother. Two of the older brother was my 6th grade summer vacation. There was a sex education class
women collected just before the summer break. There is also aware of sexual crimes. I have
so curious about sex. Sometimes I worry there could be a fifth grader.
brother I was interested in male erectile faint of heart because it was quiet
type directly in the bath I think I asked my brother came home from club say it.
our house during the day because it was dual-income parents at the time I was 居Masen
but still had no hair and was also swollen breasts or period <br > My brother was up erection Nde "Oh Alright" was a feeling, but at least I did not even bother to mention sore
brother has said to me the game or something. I was in touch with the erection of a brother Suppose the chance too. Well, if my brother
strange thing I knew it would not.
now, I think if you want 入Retakatta brother to me. Even into the bath together
brother told me I suffer like I stick my dick Damn that's my brother and my brother tells me across.
there with his brother bath or when many times, "I'll wash," I wash me. lick my tits have
after washing. Some said he was pretty sure. I was complaining about the summer
said "You do not get shot in beautiful sweat Pakattara?"
I have been told to consent. After the breasts were
was told to give him erect lick of body wash, and his brother.
be ordered somehow Tsukimashita brother licked suck.
brother came out to me in the mouth of the Haki出Shimashita surprised to Gege.
Then my brother put out saying let's make love.
honest, just to see that there were not even willing to erect a brother and I were going to brag about to friends.
逆Raenaku my brother was robbed at virgin. After my brother and I thought Bun殴Rou really hurt.
somehow gave it to me gently allowed me to kiss his brother finished it.
continued until the summer with my brother was still in a period is coming. The brother and sister from they ass if you are pregnant.
to have sex other than sex, but then I was fine.

♪ erection

Entering the bedroom and raised my father was out of the bed sleeping elephant legs bad. Moreover, one wearing pants waist.
go near, in front of Mokkori briefs! I felt that pride of the morning. Mokkori saw his father's mood became somewhat perverted. I was on the briefs from
, I gently touched the penis of his father. My heart was pounding, I feel excited and warm hard dick.
briefs gently lowered, the moment I saw it hung warped, but I got more excited.
I clenched involuntarily, into the mouth. Blow me like the example I have an erection suck father penis. And while lips and tongue entwined, and I was in your mouth Shigoi.
上目使I to watch the father had pretended to be asleep feeling. While I begin to feel Feller, there has been itchy.
to the touch over there, was already wet underwear Gusshori. Sucking my cock while my father, I have masturbation.
a while, but it turned out there 入Retaku. It would be bad and you? I thought I could not help myself. I took off the underwear, 跨Rimashita father. Because it is a little embarrassing
forward is backward. My father has a penis, into my Yukimashita slowly sinking. Zubuzubutsu
feeling like, came into far. It has become almost involuntarily let out a moan. While massage the breasts, hips moved slowly up and down.
away I felt the touch of penis after a long time there have been more moist. Let the legs 突Tsu張Ra father, seemed to feel.
After a while, Lee has become Kisou. I put that out while gasping voice, and moved violently back. Unfortunately I feel I immediately installed. I just feel I've installed
to a father or bad? I was thinking. Stood up,
moment there stepped out of the penis and the Father, from Dororitsu. I had installed in my
shrewd father.

Yet I am truly sorry

Just because of the bath and at 10:40 last night said the fiery body, the body carefully polished to give the children entrusted to separate
not torment him further, and resolved to his room
knocked on the door answer a little throbbing heart almost jumped
"is that you'll" ... was going 上Zutta level voice disguised bet he committed
revealed a feverish red-faced from the
make an appearance in I avoided the bad condition of a cold I had no mother or
"treasures" lost in masturbation two times to meet the desires and fantasies of lewdness 気Ga付Kazu also down with fever but every child likes and
"mother Utsushitakunakatta from the cold "and,
triumphant pose in my heart! !
it!育Tetakatta kind of child like that! I like my school today

holiday home is still a slight fever earlier in the match finished
Rice says there
now sleeping in a room like that ending

I am truly sorry and promise that you could 果Tasemasen
But the heat tomorrow 下Gattara "take a bath together," told us that he

of course, do not give up and
Even back in his physical condition
led me, besides his "male" I'll tell you first experience directing his best while meeting
pride as it'd be that girl and I just one-time!

invites tomorrow in the bath but can not find words

still okay!
in his room because the "male" and was filled with the smell of desire is met when the
lost my dirty underwear from the laundry basket and the
"sallow part of "surprise and sadness when I found the first clear evidence remains
Tta Schaub deliberately dirty the first time since the incident and if I hold up the arms to him as soon as a woman, came to present Sari気無Ku or "female"
smell so fine! !
me he must be "female" rough breath as Ge, thrust me violently convulsed looms
should endure the pleasure and surprise while barking
repeated many times
· · ·
tomorrow I'm going to be mine, all of which he became a woman let him masturbating

now because once the last one sorry <br > Tomorrow will not let the kid never even

Sorry, not yet

Enough to each other without opening
son probably the same "deny, deny they are afraid of being"
deliberately open to shampoo my vulva and backward stride in the bath While masturbation is limited to a small peek at the flow of time but surely if you believe
Show them turn around and approach are still afraid

masturbating with my genitals she hold me as a woman and mother because I wanted to, but not always derived from the
she was looking for my son if my body really If I
provocation for her "torture" nor is anything other than
· ·, but in reality
like? "Embrace the Mother"? "You mother, you want to have sex with token ○ ○"? "I put in?"? I do not think any realistic

today had already finished the bath Meals
first time from 11 to study, away from endless 籠Ri into the room anyway
What I do not want to go
me he has only lost to her now!
I want someone to let her die if the poison to be stolen by other women
position as a woman!
not as a mother as "woman" 掛Karetai pressure on him! Kuni Tsuyoshi
embraced him as a female, to accept his male genitalia! !
two people love each other forever and we're living together!
not tell anyone complain? !
· · · useless today?
I like that a month has passed and you will

carefully polished than usual in the bath
Hairimasu promise to you tonight Tonight
, his The knock on her room
I hope it will you please pray
I'm here if you need more

diet is something no woman of spirit not enough to mouth Tonight at the