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Incest confession of women(2017-02)

And the father-in-law

yuna himekawa[29488]
I am a housewife of 36 years old. If there be a little bit with the father-in-law last night, when I look for the page of incest has arrived here.

That that there is no mother-in-law a year ago is now able to live with his father-in-law at the opportunity.
Now is the father-in-law and four people living son and 66-year-old husband and 8-year-old 40-year-old.
Husband is short-term, long-term and frequently there is a business trip, living with father-in-law since the day often not there was a little puzzled.
When you have a husband is the plain, but I felt somehow leering gaze comes on the day when not.
In addition, often in father-in-law, \"Miho, Yaro was tired today, sitting please here because I'll rub shoulders\" was also received massage been told.
I think the stiff to immediately shoulder because a large chest in the F cup, had me frequently the massage.
But, then I feel like is look into the chest from the top somehow, I hand comes extends Sometimes immediately to the bottom of the armpit Toka chest.
So I had received a nasty feeling there is really disgust against the father-in-law.
In addition, I have my husband, but I had a good masturbation because it was frustration due often to the away on a business trip, it felt a sign of life on the other side of the door though it is the middle of the night is there several times There was often think that it would be have built a Listen is father-in-law.

And I a thing of yesterday, but so father-in-law went to the hospital to say that there is no sense of numb hands.
I originally hypertension but came back to say that numbness is terrible today.
And at night, when entering the bath has been \"Miho, do not you poured back I'm sorry. Since the body 's this hand does not wash,\" to say that.
It was really disgusting, but my husband is not can also decline as a daughter-in-law do not have a business trip, ginger without was flowing back. Of course Udeyaashi not only back, than was raised also wash Toka ass, but over there the father-in-law had been tried and so as not to see I was surprised and came into glanced eyes.
I had an erection.
But I had been to pretend not to notice ... gone to another pounding
you really big. In about the husband does not become a comparison, I have thicker than the dildo you have ...

I got burned in the eyes those of the father-in-law is also out of the bath, violently yourself can not put up with night I have comfort.
Had culminated continue as it is also got excited more and more rather than aversion to, but I thought that perhaps ... If you are the other side in the person of the sign of the door now when that was his I.

Son of the examinee

I have a relationship with my son. The reason was the stress of my son's examination. However, it's not my son's stress, but my own stress, and I feel like I just wanted my son. I first had a relationship with my son around October last year. Career counseling began in earnest after taking the high school exam, and the teacher and parents were frustrated by their son, who was serious but had no idea what he was thinking. My husband doesn't even talk to me, "I'll leave it to him." On the night shift night, my husband was at the limit of thinking alone, so I went to the room to have him think seriously. Then, my son who repels annoyingly! It became like a half-mouthed quarrel, and my son went to take a bath as it was. I, who couldn't withdraw, chased my son to the bathroom. To my son, who said, "Don't come to such a place," he emotionally said, "I'll follow you until I hear the story." "Because my mom will come in," she took off her clothes and went into the bathroom in her underwear. He interrupted his son's words, "What's up, get out," and said, "Because it's really important now." At that time, I suddenly noticed my son's reaction. My son, who usually repels his face, looks down and doesn't look at me ... I said, "Hmm ...? What! Is it embarrassing?" Somehow, my son, who always repels me, became cute and just said, "I'll let you go back, so come out of the bathtub." Son "OK" I "Because it's OK"Eventually my son got out of the bathtub and I started talking about taking the exam with my back. For some reason, at that time, he listened to me honestly, and somehow I was happy and a little relieved. When I turn my son forward, "Well, the back is OK, so look forward," he keeps facing down and doesn't look at his face again. Even though I'm a mother, I'm in underwear and my son is naked. It's an embarrassing age, right? Thinking so, I decided to leave the bath as it was that day. I was happy to hear the story. However, what changed after that day was that it wasn't my son's room that talked about taking the exam, but the bathroom. I feel relieved for one or two days, but after three days, I'm worried again (I wonder if I'm studying?), And I want to tell my son about it, so I go to the bathroom. At first, I kept wearing my bra and shorts, but after gradually washing my son's body, I would like to soak in the bathtub and talk. Bath time with my son about every 3 days. By telling my son about taking the exam, my stress was alleviated. My son suddenly began to say that he was taking a bath with his son as usual the last night when his husband, who worked three shifts, returned to work during the day. My son "Mom! I can't sleep because I'm worried about my mother's nakedness ..." (Eh! No way) I didn't expect my child to say that. My son is a kitchen student. It is no wonder that I am interested in the opposite sex.(Is it okay if the target is for my mother ...?) Only then did I start to worry about my son's penis. Instead of telling my son, he turned to the front saying, "I'll wash it once in a while," and I just looked at my lower abdomen! There was a well-grown son there. I was wondering if I should come this far, so I started washing my son's things with body soap. At first, my son also looked like he was in a hurry, but then he said "Ah! Uh!" And soon ended up. I "did you feel good?" Son "Yeah" It feels like my honest son has returned when I was little, and the bath is good! However, it seems that my son's feelings became stronger than my feelings ... One night, I hit me with a feeling of helplessness. My son "I can't concentrate because I'm worried about my mother's nakedness!" To be honest, I was happy and regretted that I had done something I shouldn't do, but I wondered if there was a way for my son to be satisfied. I did. My husband is a married couple who doesn't ask for me anymore. To be honest, I may have asked my son for an adult man as a woman. When my husband is there, my son looks at me with appealing eyes! The first thing I thought about was rubbing it with my hand in my son's room. First experience for my son. But my feelings escalate. Even if I go up to the room, I can't stay long because there is no reason.Feeling guilty about my husband, suspected that I will not return soon, I will return immediately with such thoughts! I myself became more and more eager to satisfy my son ... No, I wasn't satisfied myself. I made up my mind. (Let's make my son happy!) In early December, two months after the bath time with my son started, he said, "I have some shopping, so go out with me" and put my son in the car and go out. .. I decided to go to a hotel. I "Where do you think I'm going now?" Son "Shopping?" I "Hotel" Son "..." To my son who can't speak for a while ... I had a conversation like that, "Today, I'll be completely satisfied, so I can say anything." To be honest, I used to go to hotels when I was young. I knew the location, but I didn't expect it to come with my son. I entered the most beautiful hotel in a place called the hotel district of the Tomei Expressway IC. My son looks around and is curious! While wondering what to do if I meet someone, I hold back and enter the room. Let my son, who is standing on a stick, sit on the bed and fill the bath with hot water. As soon as I said, "I'm sorry I was surprised ...?" , My son hugged me. The gesture is cute and cute, and for a while, while hugging each other, I leave myself to my son's favorite way, gently touching my chest and putting my hands on my lower body.When I got hot water in the bath, I took off my son's clothes and I was naked. In the bathroom while hugging each other naked. "Today, large'll put slowly because the bath!" I by flowing back, firmly wash from back to front, while asked to wash the body to his son I "I might let you also wash mom today?", Chest I was thrilled by the pleasure I felt and the expectations that would arise in the future. My son hasn't asked for a relationship between a man and a woman, but he lay down on the bed and welcomed him, saying, "If you're a mom, you can love it." Even though I felt good once in the bathroom, I was excited to see my son who was resurrected. The chest is touched and licked and the hands are on the lower body. I hold my son and let him crawl his tongue as he pleases. When I crawl my tongue all over my body and became 69, I put my son's thing in my mouth. It's a hot and well-grown son's thing! (I want to put it in!) I thought so! I was screaming, "Yu-chan, you want to." Straddle over my son and put his son's things in the bush. The consciousness that I was a son was completely gone. Such a desire to be satisfied as a man who is not a son! Shaking his hips, his son's hand led him to his chest, and he enjoyed a pleasant sensation that he had never felt for a while. My son also released it into me many times. While hugging each other with a body that became sticky with semen. (Together as it is! I want to keep doing this!)The time passed so quickly that I had to go home just before I came out to go shopping. Since then, my son has less bath time at home and wants to go to the hotel. Somehow the stress of taking the exam has disappeared, and my son seems to be doing his best to take the exam. I hear that there are many people who have this kind of relationship from taking the entrance exam for children, but while saying that it is for children, I regret that I may have my own desires.

My father's child is born and is a parent-child, grandchild, or complex family.

I am 28 years old single. I don't think it looks bad or has a ugly face. My father was grateful for graduating me to high school with a weak body for about 15 years after divorcing my mother, but now that I have started working, I moved to a wider place, but In the past, we lived in a poor family with livelihood protection, so it was an apartment with a small kitchen and a bath and toilet shared between 6 tatami mats, but there were 8 houses on the 1st and 2nd floors and we were on the 2nd floor. However, I couldn't take a bath because the time was fixed, so I had a filthy life, but I was used to it, and I lived there until I was 19 years old, but in the Boro apartment, there are newly married couples on both sides. I heard the voice of having sex every night, and I didn't listen to it until my second year of high school because of a deep sleep, but from the summer of my second year of high school, the window was open next to me, so it's the same. It sounds like I'm in the room at midnight when the first tide starts and I wake up with a lot of pain or pain, and I hear the voice of fellowship, and one night my father is masturbating. That's right. At first it was dim so I didn't know what I was doing, but when the voice of the woman next to me rose, I lowered my pajamas, put it out and rubbed it with my hands, and the woman next to me died. When I heard a voice saying "I'm gone", my dad hit the tissue and said a little voice, so I felt like I could understand it. From that time on, my body changed, and partly because I saw my father's masturbation, I sometimes started to wake up with the voice of fellowship next to me, and I found that there was wet and love juice was coming out, and I touched it with my hands a little. WhenIt's sticky, and at that time I can see that my father sleeping next to me is rubbing with my hands, but I pretend to be sleeping and listen secretly It was becoming. That was the end of summer and the last winter vacation of high school. As usual, when I heard the voice next to me through the wall, my dad's hand came in over there, gradually sliding down from around my belly, and my fingers stroking the wet entrance there. in any more without my father final have rubbed become rough breathing with one hand and Waru, you anything fall asleep so did not. The moment my father's hand touched it, my body was throbbing, and the electric shock made my body stiff and I was very excited. My dad did the same thing the next night and the next night, and I was waiting every day for the feeling of excitement. And around the first week, my body started to get hot, and when my dad finally touched me, dad said, I don't know why he came out of his mouth. It's gone. Then my father touched me, maybe you were awake. It's an excuse to just touch it for the first time today. It's okay because we've known it for a long time, and when I say it's okay, I said it's really okay, and I'm grateful that my dad raised me without making a partner to etch.I like it. Then my dad dived into the futon and started licking my place until the heater was turned on and the room warmed up because it was cold, and I felt the numbness of my father's tongue over there for the first time, and my dad was already hot. When I felt comfortable enough to twist my body, I wondered if I could really put it in, and when I lowered my neck up and down, I picked it up and applied it to my place, and at the same time slipped the entrance and went inside with pain. When that came in and the pain was terrible, my dad stopped a little in the middle and asked if it hurts, and when he said it was okay, he slowly slid all the way to the back and touched the uterus. accommodated have, my father is or put in and out slowly, initially only was a little painful , but it was etc. gradually pleasant feeling swollen and pounding in the middle and I think that my father came out a little voice and Ugh, when something back, my father I thought I'd pull it out, but I couldn't make it in time. I didn't understand what it meant, and when I asked him what he said, sperm came out inside, but I couldn't afford to think about pregnancy at that time, and the fact that my father entered was very exciting. Even after I cooked meals from the morning, I felt that something was still stuck there and it was difficult to walk. At that time, when I gave my virginity to my father, I said that I was happy or sad, but it was complicated. .. Now I'm living happily with a boy who is 5 years old.

It was in the woman to ask my father.

I am a 28-year-old bachelor, but we are the work of telephone operators of NTT of intense Pocha in living together with their parents, they refused eight times the arranged marriage because of the system, even to his father to give up another marriage, is no longer married, He says because live life here and Otochan, and the father is there because still young chance, for us comfort, but I have determined that it is impossible. Earlier this month, the 60-year-old only mother does not stay in the hospital sick, now will enter Monday night to chance and the father of the bedroom, and ask to go to a woman the internal to the father, the father is a fool, I was scolded and you can do that between parent and child, one, unpleasant or become grandmother in this state virgin, and say give me from it is only once, while watching the eyes tearful while the face of out, here sit with me to have to sit next to your futon, and you still do not even once have sex with a man, say when, but through only once'll eliminate only virgin, and I not say to mom that being said, been pounding and Moraeru think with, underwear up take off slowly clothes, Sarakedashi in front of the father almost hairless pussy and breast of H cup, when the father of the hand touches the chest, the first flesh-and-blood body becomes hard and touched the skin, comfortable heart is pounding Lying next to the body collapsed to the good, while father is Ri Do licking nipples tongue while rubbing in gently hand the chest, and me first touch the chestnut hit the one hand in the pussy, in the other body is hot, for the first time really is pleasant, pussy understand well on their own that is full of dense wet, and say Do not have been wet father,
it hits the tongue to clear and I think the face is descended towards the pussy, love juice in pleasant comfortably feeling you are overflowing the station, and my father say'll chromatography put jar, when the father of those hits at the entrance of the pussy, feeling going into the entrance to hurt a little bit, but if has been put up progressively back we entered into, say that'll virgin was gone because my father had entered, so asked if pleasant, yeah, hot and have entered into, say happy for the first time of etch, father move slowly waist deep inlet and to Start and is pleasant, father, gone to unplug whether another good at this, my father took the mirror, Look to see, and would have empty gaping hole, my virginity loss, no thanks to the father, to the happy bath enter, wash, remembering every day, but have passed two weeks, not me exactly the father is the past two weeks. I can not say because I also promise, but I want to etch. Or you may want to ask my father

It is forced to son

It is a housewife of 60 years old. My husband and eldest son married couple, we live with grandchildren. Daughter-in-law lives is the third son married couple in the neighborhood has been home to home in childbirth. We went to stay also serves as cleaning the apartment three months before the third son. Dinner is also the end, but after the son was taking a bath I also went into the bath. If you are using the bathtub is the son came in naked. The son was surprised, what's up. In silence and hear a massage suddenly breast came into the bathtub you across the nipple with your fingers. Is Dakisukume from behind when you get out of the bathtub, it was touch the vagina. Not a stupid thing! Since the release your hand and say I came back to the room. I went back the next day at home but did not speak to anyone in this thing. Then when you go to the apartment of the third son has to like take a grandchild. Third son when I was only about a month but that has been said to divorce. A while to go alone to the son of the apartment, when his son to hear and you buy a house because would not want in this apartment, you say the mother may be bought When you came in three times position one person a week. Is was divorced hear To why because I wanted to really live in the mother and the two people, but I that come Kayo' because would not the case. It is said that it will be appreciated my feelings in trouble to reply.

Yukari like

18 Yukari - 2013/01/28 (Mon) 18:20 No.1894
  Anta is because a little argumentative. Downtown woman say this is da - eyes! Love was transferred from the beginning of the year that pregnancy is found, from Japan to a warm place. But children get, mother think it is not to take the other Japanese soil.

1. wife and sex contributor with one son: Yoshio Post Date: 13/01/13 (Sun) 13:42 No.1744

since been raised, I remembered that of Ai-chan. Mr. Yukari, then how are you. How do you love her? Do less Once he read if.

Not only allow the two sons

I am a 41-year-old divorced. Son will stay two people. Last year, more of the older brother has a job in high school, but with Satoshi his brother a brother as rich. The rich had been sometimes sex from high school two years. The first is rich has been mischief when I was taking a nap in the daytime room at Tama of rest in a small room in a studio apartment for less my income, I pretended to be sleeping without moving the body in surprise and fear in the nightmare and have been for you, but the rich thought I was sound asleep I, because it lowers the panties under the skirt, I think that the other useless, and scold me are you Yutakanani, but I thought that either stop, stop not, spans above gone down panties me only once, not I to try to escape the body come true and with all one's strength resistance because it tries to put, those of the rich is entered in me and we started, would be I also idea anymore feel and guilt in that forgotten had pussy, Yutaka and medium-out in several seconds, unplugged, could not put up with visible panty have sleeping I'm sorry mom It was and apologized, but such return again this fact of reality Because if there is only a by another useless, I'll forgive say, until I though even after sleeping also Satoshi in the middle of the night in the same room are forcibly I think that is not put out voice to stay Satoshi, I also, find a job anymore give up we had to have the relationship several times. Again woman's body is weak. Once will and will not refuse to accept, to the rich in the horizontal sleeping also will accept his Satoshi, be fuck, it will become increasingly commonplace as, in a job, was relieved also of fleeting it is. Nightmare of the incident minions from it. High school three years in the last year.

It is hard to see

Please in the soft color or colorless back is tired eyes become red. To the management person

Judo and sex to my father

I am now 24 years old. Now I'm back at my parents' house and working part-time, but when I was a teenager, there was a time when I was aiming for the Olympics in judo, but I felt my dream was far away and stopped at the age of 20. I've read the post for a long time, and I was worried about my father, but I thought I didn't know my real name, so I wrote down my heartfelt memories. This is a technique in which my father teaches judo, and when he teaches me how to sleep, I hug each other in all directions, so when I put it on, my whole body hits my chest and pussy from the beginning. It doesn't work. In the horizontal four-sided consolidation, my father's arm hits the pussy perfectly and one chest hits my father's body, so when I try to remove Mogaite, my nipples are worn and my pussy's chest is worn, until about the first year of my childhood. My chest is small, so if I clap my hands twice, it will stop immediately, but from the first year of high school when my body and chest are getting bigger, it will not stop, and if I do not remove it, the game will end. After all, I put up with the rubbed chest and do my best, but there is no way I can remove my big father. Around that time, I started getting wet with the stimulus of chestnuts, and sometimes I could make a loud voice, and my father seemed to think it was painful, but when I made a voice, he said that it was okay to stop. Also, Tate Shiho gata feels like the body is in close contact with the normal position. My father's body pressed both chests, and the standing cock hit the chestnut of the pussy, and the more I struggled, the more my nipples and chestnuts rubbed, and by the time I was in my second year of high school, I was already wet and judo The wet clothes were mixed with sweat. My dad will teach me the trick, but At that time, I was conscious of my father as a man, and when my father was standing in all directions, he was hitting the manko, so I hurriedly said that my dad had something hard to hit. I take it off and stand, but my dad's judo garment is sharp, and my dad takes a bath to see if it's over today, so I'm a little curious, so I'll take a bath with my dad after a long time, and when I lift my dad's back There was a big cock of my father in front of me, and my father was chewy and masturbated, and I saw the moment when he came out and flew in front of me. I thought it was masturbation because I didn't know that it was masturbation, but when I had a boyfriend and had sex with my boyfriend at the hotel and died, my boyfriend pulled out of the pussy and flew outside like that of my father I told my boyfriend that I couldn't get my boyfriend pregnant, so I didn't tell my boyfriend, but I finally found out that I was masturbating, and my dad also hit my nipples with sleeping techniques and I was excited because I could see my breasts I thought that I wanted to touch it, so I could not remove it because it was held down by such a big father, and after that I gradually became sensitive to my nipples and nipples and began to masturbate, When I touched my finger and touched my nipples, I stood hard and peen, and when I graduated from high school, I remembered masturbating and married my boyfriend in about two years. My father also teaches me. My boyfriend's affair was terrible in the first year of marriage, so I divorced and returned to my parents' house last year, and my father asked me to do judo after a long time, so I wore judo clothes only with panties without intentionally wearing a bra. the first I threw me with a standing technique, but at the end I hit it on the chest with all sides, the breast was almost completely visible, my father's breath hit the breast, and one breast fits perfectly on the body and the nipple feels My dad didn't stop because he screamed with the stimulus of Kuri, and he seemed to find me comfortable, and finally his tongue came to his nipple. At that moment, a thunder-like numbness runs through my body, but I think I'll make it look like I don't know, and this time I put my hand in my judo garment and when I touched the wet pussy, my body ran electric with a jerk, Aaan Aa Speaking of which, my father's breathing became rough and he took down his judo clothes and lowered his panties, and when he lowered his panties, he flirted with a warrior on his pussy and made a squeaky noise. The cock slammed under my panties, and I died twice in a row with a terrific hip-shaking piston, my father also spun out and put it in my mouth and I drank it, drinking semen It was my first time, but it was sour, but it tasted good because it was my favorite taste, and I said that my father was angry, so I lied that I wanted it when I was in high school.And now I'm 6 months pregnant. My mother seems to be hungry and big and I can tell from the atmosphere, so if my boyfriend still comes back, I can not say that he is a child of my father by deceiving that he will come from time to time, and even if my father has a strange child, we will see it It is said to be born from. I'm a girl. This house is said to be a family whose ancestors do not give birth to boys. My father is also an adopted child. It seems to be born.

To the janitor

To the janitor

you I am well to view this page, but
the current \"red\" background, since it is not easy on the eyes,
you remember the visual discomfort and pain.
The color red is too strong stimulating.
If it is possible to change a little more gently pale color,
I think the better read.
You gun best regards.

I have to be the son of my third marriage ...

I am a housewife who has been married for the third time and has been married for three months. The first time I went from Nagoya to Tokyo and worked at a club, my first marriage was a regular customer of the store, and when I entered the prison, I got divorced in the second year, and the second time I returned to my hometown Nagoya and worked at a club and the customer was inevitably with my son I refuse to talk about the past because I want you to get married, but it is said that the past is irrelevant and that person is a gentleman and a good person, and if it is this person's son, I will match it well Well, I got married, and for a year or so, I lived in a mediocre family with my father-in-law, mother-in-law, my 32-year-old husband, and four people. When I said "Hi, I'm not at all", I said that there was nothing wrong with my body, so when I said that I had never been pregnant, I and my mother wanted to see my grandchildren as soon as possible. I'm embarrassed to say that my son is doing better at night, but when I say that my husband is too much,Holding my hand with Eiko and wondering what to do, I like Eiko, so my son also marries me and my son likes you, but why is it so active at night? When I was told that I didn't have it, I asked my husband to ask me, and if you were all right, I would stay with my child, and if I made my son's child, my wife would be happy, so take me to my room. I went and told my father-in-law that I didn't like my father-in-law because I didn't have a mother-in-law or my husband. I thought it was at the store, but now that I'm the father of my husband, I refused to be instinct, and my father-in-law is no good. I say I can't do it, but at last I was knocked down by a futon and my father-in-law kissed me. I got drunk, had enthusiastic sex, and my father-in-law asked me to get pregnant, so I was in the room for about 2 hours, my mother-in-law and my husband also spent time with my family on the way home, and I had sex with my father-in-law about 3 times a week. Even after half a year, she didn't get pregnant, and one day she was found by her mother-in-law (I was taking a shower in the daytime) and went to my father-in-law's room. I was asked and talked to him, and I couldn't stay at the house, so I divorced and came to Kansai. After that, I decided not to get married in my life anymore, so I worked for Soap in Kansai and tried to throw it away and save money, but I always come to my 40s on weekends every week. He came to me for about half a year and asked me to quit here and marry me, and the customers sometimes said that, so I think about it. I said that I was joking lightly, but every week after that, I asked if you would like to think about marriage, so please stop joking, I'm a soap lady who sells her body,I'm a woman who forgives my body with anyone, I'm serious even if I say that no one really wants to get married, I have no parents at home and I have a 25-year-old son, but my son is a weirdo I mean, no one will remarry because I'm a child who can't get along with people, and I want to remarry and live in a happy and bright family in old age, but I don't have any women, so it's a house that feels cold and cold. I was asked to think about it, and I'll soon be 40, and I'll be forever cheating and I won't be able to work in a place like this. Thinking about it, I jokingly said that I should go home once, and I was pleased to go there the next Saturday, so I met at the station, arrived home with my son secretly about soap, and met my son. However, since I never speak, he answered what I heard, and he answered that he would go home and think about it, and he would come next weekend, think about it, and ask for marriage. Then, I told him to quit the store the next day, lived with him, and promised to formally decide from, so I would take care of him at home together, have sex for a month every day, tell him that he was married, and officially. I reported it and got married. But I was happy, but there is one thing I can't understand, so I'm not forcing it, but I'm having sex with anyone with soap, so I'd ask, but I want my son to teach me sex. Say. When I was working at the store, I worked hard because I was good at speaking and acting so that the customers would repeat, but since I am a son-in-law, I have to forgive my body other than my husband in my daily life. I'm worried. The husband asks you to think that you are teaching young virgin customers without thinking deeply. I want to teach my son the joy of a woman and get married even if it's a matchmaking, but I'm not interested in a woman at all no matter how many times I match up, so I'm asking you to teach me the goodness of sex as your intimacy. I posted it because I wanted to hear your opinions. Thanking you in advance

I was horny with my dad at a sex shop

yuna himekawa[29375]
I'm a 21-year-old girl who works for a sex shop. This was last November. We were from the countryside, and when we were 20, we quarreled with our father and left home. I didn't have any money and no place to live, so I found a place where there was a customs dormitory and worked. It is a town about 30 kilometers away from my house. In a fight with my dad, he always touches his chest and hips, and sometimes he touches that too. Lolicon metamorphosis father. The sex shop is small, the shop has about 50 girls registered, and the shop has about 15 people on Fridays and Saturdays, and the shop there is no good for the actual sex and the rest is a virgin However, I was at a loss, but I had no choice but to work at the place where I lived with money, and when I was about two months old, my father came, the store was pitch black, and the table was just like an electric candle. I never knew who I was, so I thought it would be safe to talk to my neighbors, but if I could get a free seat at my father's seat and the customer liked it, I would be nominated for an hour. Even if we say that we can't see our father, we don't want to see the features, so try not to meet from the front as much as possible! My dad asked me to give a blow job first, and all of them have a price of Iloilo, the blow job is 2000 yen, the pussy touch is 1000 yen, the mankoname is 3000 yen, and the finger insertion is 3000 yen. It's 3000 yen. My dad hates it with a blowjob, but I can not help it, but if I do not come out in the middle and I am motivated, I will say that I have to lick my omeco and I will lick itSaying, I put down my panties and put it on my face, and I put up with my father's licking with the thought that my heart would stop, but the pussy got juice and my father licked while making his face sticky and I usually do not die at all For some reason, my dad passed away, and my dad had a good sensitivity. I was trying to get a jar sumata, and when my dad picked up a slimy pussy and raised it, he got into the pussy and pulled it out. Even so, my father's power did not move because he was hugging his waist, and I was still a virgin, so when I entered, it hurt with severe pain, but I could hear it in the next seat, so I put up with it, and I was scolded by the store and got fired. When I say it, if I make a loud voice, it's a barrel, but I can't hear it in music, and when I put it in, my dad finally passed away and let me drink it with my mouth. I was swallowed by a bonus and even dirty juice was drunk, and I was scared the most on the way home, I guess you Miyo-No matter how much you disguise, your voice does not change, so I said that I knew immediately with you, I was shocked When I knew my daughter and had sex, I hit her face. I went home as it was, but I will come back and nominate it in about a week, so my dad broke my virginity and I just went to the hospital because it hurt and I just got better, so I say I don't like it anymore. After that, I asked if I wouldn't hurt at the hotel, so I thought it would be cleaner than I did here, and now it's said that if bacteria enter, it will purify, so I can't help but say that I understood it at 12 o'clock on time. I went up, went to the hotel with my dad, took a bath together, but I was thrilled because it was the second etch, I couldn't get rid of my dad in the bath, I took it out once, got out of the bath and licked in 69 style, My dad gropes the pussy with his fingers, but he still has a little pain and the scary thing is that he can't get out of his head and feels uncomfortable.My dad said that you weren't sensitive, so I said that I didn't feel good even though I had sex with my dad for the first time, but my dad bought a vending machine rotor and put his finger on the chestnut. When I put it out or squeeze the inside, it feels strangely comfortable, the rotor is very good, the sickness of my father's fingers is also very good, my body is fluffy and my head is on the clouds, my father I never stopped trying to die, and I did it for more than an hour, and this time my consciousness became stunned, and when I lay down, I opened my legs and closed my eyes, but I couldn't get up. So I found out that my dad was putting his cock in a pussy with juice, but this time it didn't hurt at all, and when I thought that my dad's cock was in it for the second time, my body reacted very much and my dad's I don't know if I'm going to die because of the comfort of the piston, but when I tell my father that I want to tickle my dad because my body is weakened, I'm told that I'm finally gone. I don't know, but my body wasn't strong enough, and my lips tickled, and the inside of my pussy was super hot and comfortable, and I felt tickled. I don't know much because my dad wants to tickle at the beginning, but I know he'll die soon, and when I think it's over, my dad still puts it in again and puts it harder than before and tickles it. It's gone, and when I hit the chestnut with the rotor again, it feels like it's stunned again, and when I think my father is putting it in very hard, I pull it out and put a cock in my mouth, and my head is held down and it becomes stunned However, I was being drunk by an incomprehensible mom. Not delicious and sour. I swallowed my father's twice. After that, my dad wouldn't go to the store, so I would go to the hotel once or twice a month. Instead, I promised my mom that I wouldn't know about the store or what I did with my dad. I think I've gone around and finally found out that I'm gone yesterday.Is there such a parent and child? It's a real story.

Nice to meet you

I am 3 in a 14-year-old in now, but in fact there is a secret much.
To me is the brother're two people, but the brother of the top of them.
H thing, it had gotten to.
Toka brother of the room, Toka my room, Toka drawing room, Toka hand washing facilities ....
In the living room, it may have touched among there are other family members.
But, I do I do not know what has been such a thing from an integral time.
I noticed Once you are feeling standing.
Recently anymore, I think I want to and, I love people, I said I \"anymore Stop it,\" the older brother.
Then, it does not anymore twice, become like.
Then is no longer to be a naked.
However, I've been followed by still subtle.
Touch is or to have ....
But, I'm going like this relationship eliminate flatly.
Maybe, hymen is also safe for Husband.
He said even if ... Actually said, I have a very interested ....
In the bathroom, I got masturbation using the shower ....

Son, just lick

I am a 36-year-old divorced. And the son of 17-year-old high school three years, but has been living in the three years of the daughter and the three men in the 15-year-old, than last month position, son, secretly came always in the room in the middle of the night 12 o'clock, secretly diving to the Futon , are you licking pussy out. Of which is already scared, and I think to be attacked and to his son, without only cheat in pretend slept without moving the body, my son is of even one more month, but I do the same, not any more little touch the pussy, licking, out and becomes comfortably, you go out in a hurry and U'u' and the voice comes out. To wet the son of the act is hot and the body in surprise, and the original master that licking a little difference licked, in the early to feel the electricity running is getting wet, not made me quit, come son so are waiting for, it is closed. Because more is not absolute, of which, although we are every day the imagination dont wonder if coming into today, until last night, it does not have.
Always, put Vibe after went out, he says. It is dreary.
My husband and farewell to three years, I had forgotten almost Masturbation without a woman, you have a grudge against the son you've put the fire to the body.
What will be the case these if you?
Little worry has begun to think also perhaps the sister.
My daughter recently little,

The is not with only with your brother only

I am a 29-year-old bachelor.
In fact, at the time of the I in the 4th grade, if there amazing experience, can speak because it was passed about 20 years now, but at that time is scary scary, it was experience.
My house is in the school located on the banks of the river, walking the embankment along the 300m, immediately and over to go Bridge, I was in school I always walk.
At the end of the summer vacation, in school days in school, and after a long time of classmates, play until the evening, I think to be scolded if not longer go back to 6 o'clock, but I was back home, high school position of the man three in the treatment, taken over bridge an inner person is suddenly, to the bottom of the bridge, lift up and took, nothing to say, in the three people take turns change, put the pussy out, of which only cry in painful and scary and, three when the person is finished, it is among the like and fled, how much, I do not know whether or lying down, when you notice, since the late brother of high school two years, I had me looking at the bicycle. Aware of being in the bottom of Uchigahashi, look appearance of out coming down, and guessed the situation, to have been'm Ya and who, me dressed underwear and clothes in a hurry
painful painful that out stands , to your brother, and not walk from here hurts, return got a ride on a bicycle, take a bath, Kudasari wash and whether the big brother all right, with fear men other than your brother from that day, even touching the body It was disgusting. Older brother and was adapted to etch, pain past one month position from that day also, forget that the 0.00, was when I came. Have entered the brother and bath, copper or the older brother, me or asked if no longer hurt, but showed also to your brother at that time, I had swollen, swollen also pulled, to clean the original brother're back was good to see, to say that it was good, but does not return scary memory, with chagrin deprived virginity to a man who does not know of, and say yes to your brother, I say forget the other, still contains the dirty ones of three people, saying as of is I think if your brother, your brother, please, go and wash dirty of the, of which wanted to forget the dirty cock before putting the older brother I. Brother than like you understand, the one, also I say painful etc. and good, because it is convinced on their own than the previous pain, and say'm okay, and paint soap agent to huntingtin, which stood on the other Bing, brother , although it was small here, I have become very large, out is, look at the first time of the larger cock in front of the eye, and say your brother amazing, when the brother man is to etch, so as to be larger and I said that I have become to paint soap agent to pussy out, I say, say Tara hurt while taking slowly, and without any at all painful
and say'm all right, brother, I put fairly dust as far as it will go Te,
but are you've entered the shot,
I at all do not hurt m, when the place hurt by third person of the man I think is tear when the man at that time came in is, feel thick ultra-painful was the will, Su , I felt that the dirty before contain the older brother disappeared.
Hug your brother involuntarily, got to hug, but was hug Mom put, in the middle is the older brother, see that as large as Dokundokun, the feeling that hits something in the back of the out is the is.
Will at that time your brother's face comfortably likely, Tatte gone,
for I did not know the first meaning, when the brother pull out cock, from thin white liquid is pussy, come out a lot, when in front of three people out I was out amazing amount also, brother, and this is hear me, which I'm's sperm, which've got to pregnancy, you are still a I do not pregnant because there is no physiology of the woman, he said but the meaning was found so that the pregnancy was studying at school.
Then until now, only brother about 20 years, you do not have sex. Although we are still scary impression still, your brother is not married, Uchidake, but is willing to cherish, do you brother also want to get married, to make boyfriend on out, when to have sex, no longer afraid of the man and say it, but scared until mingle before sex, I do not Chikayore.

The unfortunate thing that was adopted and also the father of the husband ...

I am 22 years old now. It was when I was 18 years old. When I was 15, my parents died in a car accident and I was an orphan. With the help of the city hall, I was asked to enter the facility, stayed at the facility until I graduated from junior high school at the age of 15, and wanted to go on to high school. Both of them were about 40 years old and were interviewed, and their adoptive fathers told me that they should go to high school. It was winter vacation when I went to high school from the age of 16 and was about to finish about three years. It was the beginning of a nightmare that I went to the living room where my adoptive fathers were, taking care of myself and having coffee . I'm also enthusiastic, so I opened the living room door without knocking, and when I said that I brought coffee, my adoptive father and adoptive mother were naked and in the middle of sex, and I was told from behind my adoptive mother, and I immediately understood. So, when I said that I would put coffee here and tried to leave immediately, my adoptive mother had an embarrassing look, even if my daughter entered the parent's room, I was scolded that I would need to knock. I told you to punish me today , stripped me, and asked if you had experience, so I said yes.You know we don't have children, so I got you adopted, so I was asked to make a child for my husband, and my adoptive father closed his legs because he was naked and embarrassed to spread his legs. However, when I was told that and slowly spread my legs, my adoptive father started licking, my adoptive mother caressed my chest, and I gradually went into sex mode (I remembered that I died because I was a boyfriend). ) When my body is getting more comfortable and my body is twisting, I hear that my adoptive father wants me to put a cock in my girlfriend, but I can not say yes, and when I am moody, the two are fierce, and we I can't stand it anymore, and when I put my adoptive father's cock in my mouth, I was asked to put it in my adoptive father, and put my cock in my adoptive father and omeco.When I say a request, my adoptive father pushes the cock into the omeco and is put in a squeak, the adoptive mother gropes the nipple and chestnut, and it has already reached the top and died, and the adoptive father also immediately put out inside My adoptive mother told me to do my best from pulling out until I got pregnant, and after that I had sex almost every day, and I took contraceptives secretly from my adoptive fathers, so I didn't get pregnant. .. My adoptive father seemed strange, but my adoptive father was so angry that he might have azoospermia, and when I was 18 years old when I graduated from high school, I told the people in the facility about this and I didn't like it anymore. That said, the adoption was resolved by saying that the story was relaxed, and now I was married to my boyfriend who I was dating when I was in high school, and I kept secret that I was adopted in the past, but with my adoptive father He seems to know his boyfriend's father-in-law, and when he gets married and less than a week has passed, his boyfriend always works late at 7 or 8 pm. When I had dinner with my father-in-law, my father-in-law started talking about his adoptive father, and he told me that he was a friend of mine, and that he seemed to be doing something unpleasant, and I wondered if my heart would stop. thought. I was told that you had a lot of fun burning, and I asked my father-in-law, I asked my boyfriend to keep it secret, and he came to my side and asked me once. , Immediately undressed,My father-in-law's cock was made to blow and my omeco was licked, and when my body started to get wet and my body started to squirm, my father-in-law made me say Chupachupa in the omeco with my fingers, and I was passed away and put in a cock When I asked if I wanted it, my body had already said that I wanted a cock in my mouth and asked for it from my mouth, and my father-in-law told me to put my father-in-law's cock in my omeco. However, I was embarrassed, and if I ignored it, I put my finger in it again and finally blew the tide and was told to say it quickly, and my body was already at the peak and I said that I should put it in early Well, I pushed it into my omeco, and I was stabbed by a tremendous force and died, and on that day, I was sometimes called a chot chot for about half a year, and finally my boyfriend was pressed for a relationship I came home earlier than usual, came back in the middle of my father-in-law, and burned without noticing it at all. When my boyfriend tells me what I'm doing and when I'm starting, my father-in-law also pulls out the cock and is asked by this child who is sorry for his son. I was silent because I had an adoptive father, but my boyfriend was in a bad mood, but since the other party is a father, it seems that the two talked, Chot, the mood returned, and when I finished dinner and took a bath, my panties When I lowered it, I suddenly licked my girlfriend and said that my father's cock was in here, and with my cock, I will put it in immediately so I will clean it up immediately, so when I say in the room, there is only my father and I see My father-in-law is looking at me from the side, saying that it's okay to be done, pushing the cock into the omeco and squeaking. I was so embarrassed that I died, and I hurriedly went to the bathroom, took a shower and returned to my room. That day was until then, but I have had nightmares for more than a year until today.

And my husband mother-in-law

Totsugi on the outskirts of the old family, I had built a two-story house on the same site.
Husband 25-year-old, when I was in my 23-year-old.
Now my husband is 30 years old and I are 28 years old, and daughter of the 4-year-old, you have a son of 1-year-old.
The other day to put the day a little more than in the laundry because rain came out later, the laundry of the main house is
and enter from the hurry incorporation main house of the back door because it was out yet, nobody had entered think absent though, I went away since the voice would call the name of the master from the direction of away.
Voice is a voice of clearly men and women of life those of mother-in-law, was screaming the name of the master.
I think for a moment breath stops, but still chest back to the house in a hurry I was pounding.
Master from the past 3 o'clock it came back.
I was whether I'm the mother of Toko next to hear and where were going. It came reflective listening with.
At that time, I did not say that to know are you mom and sex.
Mother-in-law is 55 years old, appeared to be very young and looks 40 decent, is the people that are actively also action crisp.
Considering now my husband, I think that was involved from before the marriage and mother-in-law.
It was two or three times of married life on the moon from the honeymoon the beginning.
But in from home to home after relationship with the mother-in-law, he had come always asking me.
If the I do not know face home, nothing without do you spend peacefully.

I have a relationship with my father and my son

I'm a 36-year-old housewife, but my husband is a housewife who will divorce when my son graduates. My husband isn't interested in sex at all, just put it in and when I die, it's over and I've never had sex or acme. Perhaps my destiny, my parents were in a similar family and had a younger brother, but when they graduated, they divorced. I have bitter memories from my second year of high school until I graduate. It 's a summer vacation night with a mom and a sexless dad. The house is a 3LDK home and everyone has their own room. I was in the back room on the second floor, next to my father, next to my younger brother, and my mother below. It was a hot summer night, so I turned on the air conditioner after taking a bath, stayed cool, and fell asleep before I knew it. It seems that my father came in to erase it, but I'm not sure. When I woke up, my dad was touching me over there. I still remember feeling scared and shivering. My dad only slowly takes off his panties and licks it over there. I was scared and scared because I didn't know what to do, so I kept my eyes closed and let my dad do what he did. My dad is masturbating by putting out his cock while licking. And when I passed away, I stopped licking and went out of the room, but I was scared and got goose bumps, and I was relieved that my father could not enter by itself.It seemed to taste, and then sometimes at night I came into the room at midnight, touched it with my finger for several days, and tried to put it in there, but at last I turned down. I slowly turned it over, laid a pillow under my belly, and wondered what I was doing, pretending to be sleeping, and when I was thrilled, suddenly from the back, I put it in there, and by that time I was there too I knew that I was getting wet and the juice came out and it was wet, so when I thought that my father had put it in, I closed my mouth from behind, screaming that it hurts, and I ca n't stand it. I put it all the way in, and then slowly put it in and out so that it wouldn't hurt, and I had a long and long time to lose my virginity. But by the time my dad pulled it out after a long time, I was a little painful, but the sadness of being robbed of my virginity for the first time made me cry. My dad misunderstood and thought that sadness was painful, and said that it was painful or sorry, but the pain was a little more comfortable, but he ignored it without saying anything. From the next morning, it was a silent and stuffy day with my dad, but that night I woke up sleeping, and I'm sorry yesterday, I haven't been with my mom for years, so I made an excuse for the devil to insert it again. I approached and said dislike, dislike, but when I was told that I was connected again, the power of physical resistance was lost, and unlike yesterday, today I was licked from the front, my chest was licked, inserted, and gradually I was feeling strange about the pussy that became comfortable . Over a year after that, do you say that you train your father? I was trained in Omeko and became good at dying and blowjob.I got acquainted with my current husband and got married because I thought it was good to be serious, but I was too serious and uninteresting, I was not interested in sex at all, and at the time of marriage I acted like a virgin and got pregnant After that, I finally asked for it about once a month, and every day I thought that I would be crazy and want to have a cock blow job and lick my virginity, and finally I have to get money from a man for dating I thought that I was a nympho woman, I met for 10,000 yen, which was cheap, and I managed to get back to my reason and used it about once a week. It's okay if my husband finds me and I'm going to get divorced separately, but he said he saw my son come out of the hotel with his arms crossed on his way home from school. I fell in love with the mistake, but I was angry that I couldn't make a mistake with my mother, and I heard about who and the man, so I had no choice but to talk about my husband and my old father. Mom, I was crazy without sex, and when I told him that I met him by email in a dating, it was a little easier and my son was silent, and he understood, but that night my son was in the room. Come to my mom, I'll do it, so don't meet the guy outside. Since I was a father, I couldn't say that I couldn't be a parent and child, and when I heard that you were a mother, I nodded and hugged me, and the two became a man and woman. Yahari Is that fate?

First experience with my son

On Friday, I called my husband's parents' house the day before, but canceled as planned. After 8 am, my husband and daughter left home for two hours each way. No, I've kicked it out ... I'm sorry. I've done all the housework in my daily routine, and the last cleaning, the living room is so cluttered. When I started cleaning from our bedroom, the sound of the TV came from my son's room ... I took my cellphone out of my pocket and checked the time. did. Then my son opened the door of the room and came out. "Mom, what are you doing? Everyone?" "Mom couldn't go to her grandfather's house because of an urgent need. I couldn't even go to the urgent need." "Huh, what's that?" "Yuji? Did you say yesterday? Promise with a friend? " " I 'll go out when I get a call. " Somehow I'm stuck ... " Are you going ? " " Hmm . " " Mom alone? " " Hmm . " Remember the previous words. I wonder if I got lost ... To Yuji and the living room. "I think Dad and Shizuka will eat dinner ~" No reply ... Yuji is wearing a T-shirt and trunks pants. I feel that there is no difference in the amount of exposure. I approach Yuji who prepares for Shan in the morning and grab my arm. "Yuji, should I take a bath?" "Eh, now?" Head to the bathroom and show it with hot water. "Mom wants to come in now!" I took out two bath towels from the chest of drawers and showed them off without hesitation. I just rolled up Yuji's T-shirt while standing ... "You promised me the other day ~"" Hmm " Trunks are also my hands ... I picked them up because they move diagonally. I was jealous, so I peeled it off strongly. "A'" to ... nose ... up and down holding from pulling the waist "I hard and hot. Yuji ~? Yuji your mouth Did hoo?" "Uun., And Shiti" "Mama Mr. I 'll give you ... " " Huh, mama ii ~ " " Hmm ... " " Mama awesome "It's much bigger than my husband ... " Mama feeling ii ~ " No, I want to put it in early ... " " Oide" "Yeah" Yuji's finger was invited to the dick, "Mom will teach you" At that moment, Yuji laughed ...           "I know, Mama" "Yuji, I know" " Why?" "Daddy was doing it next to me when I was little." "Eh night? Yuji, did you wake up without sleeping?" "You turned your ass toward me and your dad put your finger in it." "No ~ Yuji" "Daddy, daddy more ~ ​​was muffled like this, mom" "Yuji is good ~. I'm gonna muzzle ~ pussy" "Mama is amazing. Oh ◯ kko? ” I sat down on Yuji and was ashamed to look into it, but raised one leg to the bathtub. The fingertips are on the clitoris, the hips are trembling and the power is released to support Yuji's head."Ah ~" "Is this this?" "Ah, put your nails on the tip ~" "Doesn't it hurt?" "Hmm, feelings ~. Mom is so weak ~ Press ~" " Mama-I was able to put out a big one. " " Ahhhhhhh " I wanted to live ... but I didn't want to show it ... No more. I want to put it in. I wanted to get rid of it, so I stood up and stood Yuji and stiffly warped at 90 degrees . I like Tsu " " Tsu I leave Mom, Ikisou " " Dameyo. still Dame', net " Yuji to Yuji overlap the on lay on the mat, I Chu-in" Mom? " " Tsu mom love - " " it's tongue Look at it? More, that's right. Ah, " I put my lips on top of each other while entwining them. Crumpled ... "Hah ~ awesome" Standing on your knees and grabbing the cock ... "I'm going out, I'm going out" This day is a safe day ... Yuji's face looks like crying ...・"Yuji-Ippai Nashii! Mom's here" "Ah, wow- ah" I can't enjoy a cock that is harder and thicker than my husband. I shook my hips because I wanted to feel it in my womb and keep pushing. "Mom, come out"Went out, the mom of pussy! Give me, hoo's sperm butterfly of Yuji! Yuji!" "I was out twitching. Oh great Tsu" numbness I also have ... "No mom all right?" "Yeah, okay " Is it good?" "It feels good. " "Mom also feels good about Yuji's cock!" I heard the call of mobile phones and home appliances from the living room several times. After that, the bath was up from the I poked grabbed the waist to Yuji in the living room, knocked down are vigorously through the glass ... on the sofa the smell of this room not smell do not know Yuji and I only from this day I will.


My husband is 50 years old and I 48-year-old son, 20-year-old family of four daughters 17-year-old.
And going into the living room the other day part is to open the front door to go home too little noon over a little early, come for some reason hear the voice on the second floor, from when the son of the room go up to the second floor, men and women voice of life had come to leak.
Suddenly whether the chest had been how much of the only time in the living room downstairs in a hurry and pounding, and was the voice of the daughter from the stairs, noticed that in the living room I have ran up while saying \"brother\" It came row on.
Then from the past a little, son and daughter came down from the second floor
is the son, without also do without fear, was Mashi and word had back mom.
I care about is not upset, and say you know what you guys have been doing, and my son has admitted that has been implicated as a sister and a sex friend.
I heard that when to have involved from the time, was told that was involved from last summer around.
Daughter of underwear had been noticed was becoming a little flashy, but did not stop much care I think that adolescent child, was remorse that did not come out concern as a mother.
When asked to do from now on, when that came out each other lovers is to promise relationship is ending, mom had to say that to remain silent because I do not know anyone have to say to the other.
I do not have only put the future care so that it is not known to anyone.

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For the first time cum

yuna himekawa[29252]
I 40 years old, my husband 45-year-old, is a family of three sons 20-year-old.
My husband will be in two years with bachelor in a rural location.
I was masturbation as every night from the loneliness of sleeping alone.
My husband we have to regardless of whether to Takashi and many times appointed.
The body will starting to throb but, sex is bad and I think parents and children
do not have right now.
Is that of last week.
Takashi went to stay at the home of a friend.
I did a flea meeting at my house with neighbors of Eiichi's and Satomi.
In Mr. Eiichi wife Whirlpool in the 50-year-old, Satomi-san there is a home in the 45-year-old.
The two people the opportunity is common flea Board of promise to meet at together in the officers of the residents' association
had been.
When the 2 hours are also in drunk, now talk of jokes will everyone drunk.
Eiichi's the wife and less Toka ... husband's Satomi is premature ejaculation
can not Toka ... satisfaction
\"How are you doing in Nobuko's? After all, are you Toka masturbation\" Eiichi
Satomi \"Eiichi's, please quit\"
Britain one \"Nobuko Mr. Naa beautiful, Nobuko's pussy - I want to lick\"
Satomi \"anymore, because I'm really seems to hate people, because too late
you to adjournment, because I go home. Eiichi's also welcome back soon.
See you, Nobuko's feast \"
Satomi-san I have back by one person.
Eiichi \"Nobuko's pussy Come because Naa ~ thank you lick ~~\"
\"I too flea Eiichi's. Now I'm waiting for his wife at home\"
came hug would be brought down grabbed the arm when you wake It was of
\"Hey, quit Eiichi's, useless Even you were Iya\"
\"because not go back to make me lick pussy of Nobuko's\" Eiichi
's Eiichi has come to a kiss pressed my arm. I body
was wiggle resistance. Been rubbed the chest, Rashiku disagreeable the inside of the thighs
I have touched.
\"Quit Eiichi's, useless ... there ~\"
\"Nobuko's also wonder lonely. Because once good at,\"
\"useless ... gonna have a husband to me, useless Even\"
Eiichi Mr. forcibly my blouse Remove the button.
Rubbed the breast is removed the bra you have licked the nipple.
The force of Eiichi's, does not come true.
Sad also my body I have to react.
You can see that is wet over there myself.
Mr. Eiichi is licking Rashiku disagreeable to my chest, the left hand is entered in the skirt
comes. Do you try to close the legs, but I have opened easily.
Eiichi's will come to try to put the tongue by dividing the my mouth.
When touch the pussy I was totally entwined accept the tongue will feel. Skirt also will be taken off, and touched from the top of the panties
was away.
\"Is not it Nobuko's feels good? The other Bichobicho.
I wonder you wanted to with me.\"
\"I not do that ... there. Wait a minute,\"
I dropped the light of the living.
Mr. Eiichi has come to fill the face to the groin off the jacket and pants.
\"Because Eiichi's shower bathed let in ... dirty, give me\"
\"Because I enjoy the Nobuko's pussy, undue importance is not.\"
Eiichi's will come licking my dirty pussy.
I did not collect embarrassed.

Look son are you masturbation in my panties ...

I am a single mother of just turned 30 years old now. Former husband and acquaintances around the time of graduation 3 in the 15-year-old every day walking Nightlife, gave birth to the son of the now 14-year-old got finally pregnant.
I was in once married but does not have, such as life force in the husband of 16-year-old & # 8265;
I went to work in cabaret, tired but one year I was living, I went back to the parents' home and broke up with husband. Home is me pleased with just my parents, I was also had spent a normal life working in the part near the convenience store, spread feel my panties is a little heavy when you put in the washing machine squeezing the one day laundry same view on and as they were to drink out of the husband have with Bettori is, and I was surprised, my son possibly Masturbation & # 8265 in my panties; and thought
, well was I also have been etched in the 15-year-old to be a thought to if the because 14-year-old masturbation, here is when to sleep side by side futon next to when you go to bed in the studio apartment, if you have not checked in the wonder underwear every day and masturbation in my panties after two days panties should have put in the laundry basket I have no & # 8265;
and son wound in dick my panties and opened the toilet and to be kept in mind that seen entering the toilet saw're masturbation, watching Terra is closed toilet not, and because my son came out say Ugh'll have soiled underwear your mother, not that good, so-what attitude because I wash anyway, it says & # 10071; surprised.
Since when are you masturbation you? And scold and I please not wound something mom of panties, eat dinner remained silent, after a while that I take a bath, and came suddenly naked, I enter together & # 8265; when in elementary school it was since, if you want do Ya go together and say to may be slowly put in after you have Hazukashiku' the hairy son, me wash your back out, of which even wash the back do and, useless and I doing with mom hand, in a surprise because the first meaning know did not How can panties floated in my head, suddenly stick to like when young nipples grabbed chest and by we found say useless in parent and child I say that I and what's Well by hand ignored, and are doing and chewy grabbed huntingtin by hand reluctantly
pushed into the mouth standing suddenly have Dari rub my chest, my friend is was mouth to mom because I have said I have got I have to & # 8265; at last been able to Blow in the mouth, son and you overtake because like a firing me when it comes to going out to become comfortably Uu' is not missing because they holding head in hand , will drink after a long time the fishy semen at the launch, the son went out of the bathroom and satisfaction, but also the future by the sex with the son was depressed by guilt to think that you say and want to be every day, nightmare I've been doing night. I can not write any more.
Will there be a thing other home & # 8265;

Father the dream of continued

We the living nurse of University Hospital of the University. Of about six times a month, there is a night shift. The day of the night shift, from the morning half past eight, is twenty-four hour work up the next day nine o'clock. Go home, take a bath, and made a meal of the lighter, will sleep until about three o'clock. My husband is a civil servant, we have about two years of bachelor in a rural location, in such a thing, I'm living with my father in the home. It's such a dream, I know surely likely. Movement in the pajamas, very well the feeling, I think that has come out probably voice. Pajama pants, makes Nugashi, and, from the top of the shorts, there the also traced several times, pulling the crotch of place next to, a finger on the embarrassing place, and the voice, \"You're beautiful -, oh I have wet, I'm comparatively hair is thin, Aii smell it \"shorts also taken off, opened the legs, my husband will have overlap, after a long time, a couple of acts, you came, until it hits, ear in \"Asuka, but it feels good I'm real good, I it feels good than touch on their own,\" not that something different Shin-chan \"there - who, who, A'otosan, stop it unwillingly\" during work, the scene you've seen have left, will look at the Anna dream, asked the father indecent voice, attacked, relationship other than my husband and body, it is also what the father of the real.

For the first time to the father who suffered a stroke it was squid ...

I am a housewife of 43 years old.
Husband of 68-year-old father and son-in-law taken into family and we live in three people.
My father is father brother is in the president, vice president of the grandfather of the company was scary there for me. Mother becomes a brain infarction in the summer last year in drinking too much at play unlimited will not stay a person to be careful from the passed away five years ago, but is it coming, is a little poor. The child is no longer stay in a job,
my father is one foot and one hand we have I care lame.
Dad meal Toka toilet in the way still light is helpful because it managed to one person if you go to the entrance in a wheelchair.
But Father energy is not wane even in the cerebral infarction, but is from around last fall,
to me now pester the masturbation by hand, but had had to give in, it situation is week two in the bathroom the much more could have but a month too much time, say started & # 10071 with me was a mouth; now pester a blowjob, and whether I had been turned down quite a few times hesitation, there is such a parent and child in the net search in to find here, a lot of reading had been, but in many post of mother and child & # 10071; the surprise, directly below to give to Blow whether Well good, in the bathroom I only bra and panties, body While I was washing Blow, when father and I say that I stopped dad but you small because the touch come to or put your hands in the panties or put your hand on the bra vagina even wash clean whether not it good to have done, back because they Blow bent down
so or put vagina hole Toka finger from the processing of the hole in the ass, banging a hand me no good, but was refused, Dad Blow If you or I bought me anything and want bags and shoes ring, you also put in the naked, that feeling to look vagina and milk even me to Blow has been become at last naked to say that not out but is open legs have been Blow at the end of last month, we sometimes give to lick while standing want to lick vagina, I also do pretty excited, but because you have to put up, but many times while convulsions Itta you. To Friday of last week to escalate gradually, because ask, cock is doing me doing put in vagina because Ya poor & # 8265; no good by my husband surprising dove, but not doing it still put mouth vagina also the same wonder and say
I, father says easy but do I think it's no good if I on is still inserted there is a high wall in there, but I think the same opinion of you, let Do you or by & # 8265;

Our parent and child is

Good morning everybody.
Friday weekend. He was the son and dating.
In the world, it seems to some people to get along dating in parent and child, but
us as well, is a good friend.
But, just get along is not only good.
's The relationship that crossed the line.

... Look masturbation son in the hospital

I am a two breadwinners housewife with a nurse at the age of 40.
20 years in a small hospital in the city also have been working,
in the hospital has become the oldest nurse.
But Associate nurse only is my qualification is not.
Inpatient to say that the hospital is a small hospital of more capacity is 50 people, but
is that of the last month. Son been hospitalized with acute cecum,
because the son of Chin hair so we had to go that I shave I embarrassing little but is a job, and start shaving and take off underwear, huntingtin, which have in hand,
increases in gradually swelling husband greater than those of,
and have said laughing and Ne Anta large, shyly, to have
the next day to the surgery successfully already, that remains sleeping one week up to without any discharge problem
so boring in hospital life door Toka weekly magazine, patients, a're discarded,
several books, the next day to give me a late night in the patrol at night watch
the electrical son of curtain is lucky to have only 12 o'clock, I thought that it is forgetting to turn off look in the curtain on and son I have a chewy and masturbation do not notice me crazy.
Since I did not know at all and still second grade of children high school to masturbation, but my son was over futon in a hurry, electricity off in situ, to go to the other patients patrol, in their duty room, son toying pussy that is wet look of masturbation, sisters, is at last indirect but masturbation remember the cock of the son, were sisters. Until now, the hospitalized patients and two people in this hospital,
I ever had sex, but after leaving the hospital without, often also masturbation, you have. The first time you became a nurse was wet with only shave Chin hair, but now accustomed anymore, in the place to shave, not wet.
But with so much excitement in the son of masturbation, not even dreamed the mess the wet pussy, the next morning, when the Nugasu try to exchange the son of underwear, have wet sticky, son even though shyly beside opposite, small in voice, saying please put up until they go to the toilet, the end also that morning night duty,
happening evening sleeping with soundly return to the house, my son to my husband are you masturbation
speak and had a look, man I say that I have been doing on the other junior high school.
Imagine if you know such a thing, it is the reflection and to I did not look into.
But the nightmare is that from the hospital son of the next evening.
Since my son say that I accompany because painful to go to the toilet, usually in a week position, but most people are all right alone, Well sometimes multiplied by the hand to the shoulder and because the fit of the intestine was there also bad patient Once I took my son mom in my ear, but I heard the patients, but because say patients in the hospital and well with the wonder that is etched I only two people there, and say I absolutely do not,
in speaking of the patient with each other, even nurse mother to etch anyone with
you that I have been a rumor.
Since there is no at all of the bullshit, but do not do that to my son,
and I was hush and I do not say to the father, that's two of the secret,
in a thin smile, and sit back to take in the room, mom, and I do Masturbation little, you say.
If say E'secret The we're together, and put out huntingtin have towered another big, and are chewy in the hand, you push the cock in the mouth by holding my head. It is pushed into the mouth strong is the force to resist the bad,
mine is mom others is given me put over there is said to be the unpleasant, energy to resistance also missing, and Chupachupa in a manner without mouth , is to drink semen was out a lot, that day, so it was convinced nightmare was still.

Sweet experience with a scary son of a 43 year old woman

I am 43 years old and my son Shinji is now 19 years old, but at that time he was 15 years old. It's a memory now, but I'm lonely at night and I saw a similar experience on the internet and posted it. At that time, I lived in the countryside with Shinji, 15 years old, and my husband. It was a week before the incident. I had a relationship with my neighbor's husband. When I brought pickles with me, my husband wasn't there and my husband told me to go up and have tea, and when I undoubtedly bothered me, I went up and talked while drinking tea. When I talked about something like that, I suddenly hugged me, and I couldn't stand it because I liked my wife, and I didn't want to push it down forcibly once, and my voice didn't reach me, and finally a hot mass entered my body. When I got home after doing various things for a while, my husband was at home and was questioned by my clothes disorder, and I had to talk to my husband, and I told him everything. From that day until now, my close family members have lost contact with each other, and a week later my husband finally broke and killed my neighbor's husband with a hunting gun and went to jail for 10 years, and Shinji and I could not stay there. It was an event for about two months until the prison owner divorced and moved because Shinji was accused of being a child of a parent who killed him for the rest of his life and had to return to his original surname. My husband went into jail and was seen with white eyes from the world, strangers called me a nympho and Shinji was bullied at school, and they really lived quietly except for shopping, I'm sorry for Shinji I wasn't careful enough, and I cried and apologized every day to make you struggle.A few days later, one night Shinji came to my bedroom because he was lonely and scared, and I started to sleep with him that night, but when I woke up in the morning, Shinji hugged me from behind and slept. However, I don't know that the part is standing firmly and it hits my ass, so when I touch it, it's Shinji's cock, I think it's not a business, but when I laugh at Shinji, Shinji is me I hug you and don't let go. What's wrong, when I hear it, my classmates say that your mother is horny, so you're messing around every night, and tears in your eyes. When I hear that you have no experience as a woman, I masturbate, but I say that I do not have it yet, so I am surprised that I do not know how to do it myself, so when I ask that I put it in something alone, When my mother asked me to help only masturbate because I was chewy with my hands, Shinji shook his head up and down, so there was no word anymore, and it was quick to grab it with Shinji's standing cock and put it in his mouth 2 I shot it in my mouth in less than a minute, and I drank it, but I went back to my foot and regretted that I had done something wrong, but I can not go back, so this is the end When I told Shinji that I shouldn't do it from tomorrow, I couldn't understand at first because my mom said it was good today, but I said it in my mouth. When I said that, I was surprised for a moment because I couldn't imagine that such a word would come out, but I could understand it immediately.I apologize to Shinji for not touching the law because I have to turn my back on the world and live, so I found out Shinji only once, took off my panties, in front of Shinji When I spread my legs, my pajamas are also taken off and I become naked and Shinji pushes a raw warm cock into my pussy and Shinji's cock slips into the back. At that moment, my body was hotter than when I was my husband, and it burned only once in Shinji, so when I told him to put in a vibe, Shinji put it in and put it out in a few minutes. I was satisfied and pulled out the cock, but I didn't live at all, but after Shinji went to bed, I reached acme with a vibrator and fingers. But it doesn't end once and only once. From that night, Shinji asked me once more every morning, and I was finally pregnant. The child is now three years old. It's a day when my husband's date doesn't match, but Shinji doesn't say that Shinji is a father when he was a child before he went to jail, but he's too bloody, so in the future this child will be I'm worried, but I can't have an abortion. Now I live in a distant land with three parents and children. I'm still related to Shinji, but I'd like to get married soon, but I'm sorry to live with me for the rest of my life, but it seems to be fun for me, I love my younger brother (my child) and I'm happy here. It's called. Is this all right?

My husband I have a daughter in elementary school.

I am a housewife of 30 years old.
Hey, I can not believe it and I look at sight,
but is from about a year ago, can not be aware of my husband, it is a tacit understanding.
Variously looking at the net I see your posts act of you in various relatives,
I posted I also want to talk a Moyamoya that has been closed to the opinion and chest. We opinions please.
My husband and a daughter 11 years old, I had a daughter of nine years old.
My husband is a man of pervert pedophile.
I think the two older nice men do not know it of such a master,
they were married in high school.
Then, my husband Hikizurikomi to the world of SM me every day,
I have been allowed to experience Toka swapping, that are placed at the same time two to anal and pussy in a sandwich sex was a normal life to the two men.
But only friendly living with little me violent of the refrain when he conceived children in the saving grace is the pleasure in many income in the normal life.
But is that when daughter of primary school four years in the last year.
Out, because my husband our daughter can memorial service in the home is to come at night, but there is a help, but I decided to go out in the morning.
I went out around 9:00 am, there is no purse thinking of Harao money to buy fruit offerings, forgotten have been I was back to take home, but wallet up open drawer of the kitchen, I was going to leave the house but, because the sounds strange voice, gingerly,
in the voice of the daughter and make Listen, and I wonder was how, even go to the daughter of the room,
only sleeping daughter under, and come to the front of the room of the husband,
daughter it is small in voice but will be pure white is head heard the Aann'aann, out of the house in silence not look at as it is, to return to the family home,
remembered only thing that, come husband who, I think trying to Toikakeyo to daughter not hear is afraid, it has led to the current.
Maybe two daughters will have thought that both of them.
Should I cross-examine even if the divorce?
We opinions please.

Going back and getting officially recognized by my father and mother ...

I came back at the age of 25 and came back to my parents' house last fall and I have a relationship with my father and I still do it every night & # 10071; I go back to the fall and I can't get along with my brother's wife. Only my old son was worth living, but he fell in love with his father, and he fell asleep with him, and I slept alone, but after sleeping for a week, I was afraid of thunder and the tranquility of the countryside. I heard from my dad that I could sleep here, so I started sleeping in my dad's room, which was the second day. It was midnight because my child slept well. When I heard that my father was standing up and thought that I would go to the bathroom, he sneaked in next to my futon. I woke up, but I pretended to be asleep, and my father thought that my father might be me, but if I was excited while thinking, my father suddenly came from behind. While putting my hand in the pajamas and stroking the chestnut, my dad was already getting wet when my dad fell asleep behind me, so if my dad stroked the chestnut, it would be juicy, and after a while The book slips into the hole of the pussy, my father squeezes inside, and the piston is carefully put in and out so that the piston does not get up, and the word Iku Iku comes out at the limit. Dad panic and to because it pretend sleeping disconnect finger, happening while I think parents I say, I're sleeping there dad why here, and blurred to say, because not sleep and rolling over the children, of which When asked was saying now something strange thing, is innocent and Na do not know, Meagher today and this position tease is, sleeping, and in the morning the child comes to kindergarten father also, at work, even the house at work mom Only with my brother and wifeI did the housework, watched TV in the room, went shopping from noon, and went home, but I couldn't say that to my dad, thinking that I wanted him to remember my dad yesterday. Then I decided to get up on the way and let him in, and went home with excitement. And finally that night came, and when I thought that my father came into the futon at midnight like last night, today I went in the opposite direction from the bottom, lowered my pajamas and panties, spread my legs, spread my legs and licked my pussy. So , this guy put his finger in the same way as yesterday while sucking chestnuts and squeezing with his tongue while whispering that he was already wet, so Aki-chan early with the name of the husband who thought it was now When I told him to put in a cock and mistake it for his husband, when my father whispered, I pushed the cock into Guy and Omeko and the feeling of the raw cock that had entered the pussy was unbearable for the first time in a while. Hugging my dad, Aki-chan's motto, motto, I also grabbed my dad's waist, kissed my mouth and entwined my tongue, and my motto motto was that I finally reached Ikuiku and Acme, and at the same time my father put it out inside. I'm sick, I fell asleep, I fell asleep, and I was in the morning, so I said that I had a hard time ... I whispered to my dad, dad put it in yesterday, right? My husband. I woke up in the morning and noticed, but I got divorced from my husband, and there was only my dad in the room, and that came out from inside, so someone put it in and put it out, it was bad when I attacked with my dad , you If you say that it's because you put it in, and you're fooling yourself that you don't know it, when you ask your dad what to do if you have a child, he says lightly that you shouldn't be born.And that night, I wondered if Niwa (my real name) was awake, I ignored it, dived into the futon, and this time I was made to squirt G with my fingers, dad, already. If you put the cock in quickly, you can suddenly put it out once, push it into your mouth, and jupojupo, you will be immediately held down by the launch and it will be gokun. After that, I was stabbed in the back while being rubbed in my chest, Iku Iku and Itte, my father also put it out inside, laughing and saying that I put it out today, and lightly saying that I should give birth if possible. When I said who the child was, my husband broke up for half a year, so the number of days wouldn't match, and if I gave birth silently, no one would ask about my father, so it's okay !!! That's about two weeks. At midnight when I was about to pass, my mom suddenly came to my dad's room, and when I was surprised to see him and my dad in the middle of putting them in from the back (probably came to etch with my dad), mom, thinly He seemed to have noticed, and when he said that he was doing it, he said that he was sleeping, but he said that he should adjust it. He went out of the room and did not touch it at any time in the morning. It seems like there was n't anything , and the silence was awkward ... My father felt soothing his mother the next day, and when he had sex with his mother, he said that it would be nice to have a young omeco that was baked . My dad was lying, he was frustrated and saw only masturbation, and he put it in with pity, but he said that it was burnt with parents and children because it can not be helped, but now it is officially approved, but it can be seen. I try not to.

43-year-old housewife of

yuna himekawa[29128]
My husband, in the bachelor and lived with two people with his son is now (18).
This site has previously seemed husband had seen
since I have seen from the appointed when you rent a PC,
had a peek from time to time.
I wonder if really there is such a thing? Innovation
, but I thought I mean last night,
it has happened to me until a little while ago.
Last night, quite by flea and I know
you think I came home drunk.
Is there remember, such as back home.
However, when you notice it is also a naughty dream
well that or really feeling looking at,
I felt that has been stimulating the dick.
And, that feeling, it was found that it is reality rather than a dream.
Son, I I was mischief and sleeping drunk.
Son, turning a skirt open my clothes
had been or touch or caress lower the underwear.
Son gradually breath rough Gaité,
put a finger over there and then or put things became big in my mouth.
And, I've been put in me.
I, I was a scared just sleeping pretend.
The last, but was relieved tomorrow not issued during Fortunately,
... and how can I contact with my son and what face
son, masturbation using the Toka my underwear
are you are you know year.
Now, I think that I have a really.
But, dick even now it is also true that has been Jin Jin.

It intersects with the weirdo of the son, but not a issued

Is a housewife to be my 41-year-old.
People who have the relationship with the son I like the net has posted boldly to find in whether absent search.
My son is actually I think that children of brother & # 8265;
my husband is scary exist in the outside is a very friendly person and sometimes DV to me in the vainglorious. DV is I had to accept sex crying with embrace the brother broke down with your brother when you do not fit badly & # 10071; then also sometimes followed by a relationship, when I noticed the older brother in the three months of pregnancy also eliminates DV willing and say to my husband without saying, but I should be brought up by doting son, convinced because immediately after sex and brother to have sex to my husband and without contraception for two years the son and brother of the children ; to have you & # 8265
or because of that, my son is totally without interaction with others in the great weirdo, she Nante does not have any shadow & # 8265;
both look my completely naked it entered together in the bath than when small and it seems to have no interest in at all women have to not be seen was standing huntingtin,
the poor to take only age in this state, and I do not care even heard of do not think Toka want to girl and etch to son the only unworthiness say,
I think that it is the first time that a child in the last year is probably brother children to your brother, - the older brother was also thought at the time to think from the month and day,
I weirdo is a considerable weirdo also brother I,
and what little brighter do it tell us fun of a woman because I'm thinking, but do not know how to tell me to go to tell your brother,
Well because over once erotic video show with sex I'll lend DVD or to what five lend under .., I was shown to my son when you do not stay with my husband. Since the whole mosaic without I was also was surprised
I'm kind of I sex show and initially flowed,
and are or try to rubbed the breasts in the bathroom to show every day repeat it,
so that huntingtin is standing in about a week become and came out in response to,
but because it more than I absolutely not from myself began to react,
I am pleased, as the next day and it had a cock and is showing the video,
raised trouser because it was, I stand with the lower the pants !!!
I would let out abandon Tara felt good because I'll do the same to his son at the Fuera of the video, do you to comfortably unlikely and I'll be Fuera It was like but do not know to go,
I over there to try to put like a TV over the Ja mom,
son push the pussy is I picked from before, and say over and put to Sir back, .......... I over to early piston or put and out like a TV to put to the back and from there
pulled without squid I was tired in about 15 minutes to endure even painful because the put pounding and I will.
I refer to is have Toka from the front or put [from the back in the same way even now, but Mase alive. ????
??? Would do such what it
What no man is put out is pleasant and put in pussy? ??
I Na I do not know to say so to your brother?
Toka put out is probably sex of it is the reaction is the brain, what there is of either Na and
elder brother is to say, but in the mean to go to the hospital in a parent-child sex I not go, do not please someone advice.
Thank you for your attention.

Son my best test

The gave birth to Takeshi did when I was 20 years old.
Takeshi is when the sixth-grade elementary school, began to say that you want a reward If you take the 100 points on the test. If you force to study to enter, and, anything to me I've answered that good, what is Takeshi the thought of.
I said, \"Let me breathe the boobs.\".
I was surprised, but thought I'd refused, while you are at the sight of Takeshi to tackle seriously study,
\"Good luck Okay..\" And, I had the answer.
80 points up to it. It was taking 90 points and a good performance, but Takeshi It was not that took 100 points. I think that was the part that had enclosed the high somewhere.
And, finally, one day, Takeshi we've been brought back to test the 100 points. Happily,
to me to say \"I'll do my best was amazing I! Well.\",
\"Mama. Promise. Remember that?\"
Saying, we come closer to me. I regret. I thought also trying to deny. But, it actually Takeshi was hard. If it raised to observe the promise. I,
\"I remember. Mom, I'll let boobs. Suck ....\"
While so good, went to remove one by one the blouse of the button.
\"Mom You can either style, tits also great. I, I'm famous in the men's class.\"
Groin of such Takeshi had pitched a big tent.
\"Oh, like that, I. Embarrassing\"
When you fully open the front of the blouse, it is Takeshi will take off gently. I remove the hook of the bra by turning the hands in the back, it was to remove the strap from the shoulder while holding the front of the cup.
\"Is, I promise.\"
While Takeshi says gently removed my hands, I was seized a bra.
\"Mom of tits. Big, I also good form.\"
\"No, no. Do not look.\"
Face down, the forces say without me. Takeshi is squatting in front of the eye, we have asked the lips to the right nipple.
Soft elementary school of the lips. Both my husband, of course, the voice does not seem to breast-feeding with different feel when the baby was leaks.
\"Oh. Well.\"
\"Mom. I nipple has become stiff.\"
\"No. I do not know.\"
I was finally to answer so. Takeshi will begin to massage the left breast.
\"Oh. Mom of tits. Soft, I feel good.\"
Rubbed the chest to my son, while sucked the nipple, dont. While I think that feeling is do not, I was stroking gently the back of the head of Takeshi with mixed feelings.
\"The mom is also sucked? Tits, feels good?\"
\"Yeah. I feel good.\"
I had so answer.
\"Then, if taken now 100 points, it shows pussy.\"
\"Oh, Okay. Your study. Good luck.\"
I had so answer.
And Takeshi is now to put a force on the study than ever before.
And, as promised, be the next test, was 100 points.

, For brother

We have received the birth control surgery for 31-year-old ,,, two under the brother.
Brother I know I get married next year
not released. Week had times of sex has to promise.
Sex without a condom is the best.
I am happy, even in the anal

It is fucked in bad son in three years !!

I am a housewife Batsuni of divorce three years of the 39-year-old.
I to you stay the son of 3 in is to enter the poor fellow, I do not go even school
just come back from time to time.
Is that of the last year, I have been back time of the bath, and I'm trying to Kawakaso hair in the living room out rolled bath towel, the son stood up and I'll a lot of not so say me Okaa gold purse When you go to pick up, in front of son fell towels,
suddenly an attempt to pass only five thousand yen to open the wallet in completely naked,
and pushing me, the first time massaging the breast, I have what banging face I say to, heard not a may be pressed to big son without me ...
and reduce quickly pants while saying if the cock in pussy and hold the arm
and I push, I been issued in on,
my son went jumping out with as it is 5,000 yen.
Then also, we come seeking time to go. In the now no longer be resistance,
or doing it Blow, I have come to ask to go to put until I can reach orgasm.
Miserable now myself in sadness of the woman's body in pregnancy four months, I'm troubled trying to do to.
Please tell me whether you sure you want if

... I've been in the father and Deriheru

I am working in now Deriheru in the 21-year-old divorcee, but is that of last week. Although surprised was also surprised by the father enters been called to the hotel room at the surprised father me I face you may not be at all aware of because they give hair piece of blonde in the face black, but why, I think implicitly time to say uncle and hear me is started this shop one year I have also decided to many because of here store Ya young child often to cute child it does not come so much from far but some that came before and 90 minutes carefully face and in is rushed it smoothly and that to soon because few, but is out is said to me suddenly Blow entered together to put the bath water has resistance to show pussy to his father is Segama me to doing the whole visible pussy to dawdling laughter and unreasonable Ya Na I want to drink and throw away the bottom is received by hand not drink out there one with ideas and seen I think another good smoothly and that in the whole visible pussy give to Blow times, in the bathroom production had much girls before and and say, E'so say doing added to in such a fee to me also other customers from say do not good at it from me let me not to go out Bareback in another ten thousand on but put refers to is I only ask to you I say Once Well over shop in shifts to get I and phone likely to have Well over was found in trouble because today without production rattan Chi to his father, cunnilingus is long I Na good you sensitivity gone if squirting in his father's finger in the pussy or in response the head of which I have to avoid too wet is his father Jukujuku on, painful looking face I put the jar back I so say'll out even go father and the other feeling would say that well in the voice that does not involuntarily rarely said to not be standing Ikuiku put while standing push to pussy Guigui grabbed the waist from the back and over because it is ... a little that had to skip in the ass by far but is a little feeling as seen from ... young people. Because I say that I referred to by this time also nominated when the return is satisfied out will girl ask different because it is no production. That of today thank you in secret. When you say, my father but was a near-miss me safely back so say like some familiar also ?? voice or not met in Anta somewhere, father and sex even now but was relieved is not away from the head ... likely Barre if you come now to little Toka kind of is Ne !! But father there I it is a very good Squirting and Na or became so is rejection to that there is no microphone in the audience even ... so I'm troubled also whether going to change the store.

Your father-in-law and her husband's younger brother's both ...

I am a widow is a housewife ... husband of 32-year-old is not here is a child died in a traffic accident, but was thought to go home to home and what to do because not very relationship with the wife of the home of the brother about a month trouble because beneath the father-in-law does not have herself to life died mother-in-law last year I say that I want you to remain in this house that's cramped living because this house is also to have a younger brother of the husband have also two men of others such ... I was but was a good kana and I think I was to remain that, but life is day-to-day cramped it can not be said that I want to say because it does not stay is master in like a far from home idea is Omoinayan because in such alone with men and two people and missing one person either, but mind you comfortable when Oita accustomed father-in-law have been a joke also I have come to be accepted but the father-in-law or brother is present two people past six months It would muffled in the room or instinct to protect themselves of the woman. We did have a nap or was tired to make early breakfast to a summer's day. To be separated by such age is 2 around beyond surprised to much of the words so say when awake is father-in-law want to be married and ask, What do edge of your father-in-law's in surprised because standing in front of Fumi-chan with me to say and want you to become my woman as stuffy do it YoFumi-chan is also is Sorya likely it is said that would do so and speak marriage if if useless each other free to say and have in others say do you little resistance overthrown been kiss because no sour If you have been suddenly hug please come and tied in but will have relations not reach, I'd had to accept because I did not hate your father-in-law's , that had relationship with your father-in-law's immediately to the brother in Barre, although to forcibly fucked by your father-in-law I'm younger brother is said to brother is me forcibly to me even when you do not stay with your father-in-law's I would not is not saying ... this relationship lasting thing with brother sometimes in relation to you, but your father-in-law's and also two people now that only half a year without? ?

Is Segama the adoptive father and ...

Now the 19-year-old is my but now attend high school from the place of the mother's sister aunt because his parents and brother at the time of the year the high school is not stay passed away died grandfather and grandmother in a traffic accident, summer vacation of high school two years was. Go out of may not stay and play opponents with a boring every day not go out because there is no pocket money had been sent a day-to-day watching TV at home. With asleep and the living room because one day I adoptive father is Saturday and Sunday. I do not at all imagine Toka it strange at rest in the office working because the foster mother to eat lunch with the adoptive father and mother go to the supermarket to 8 pm in Part in I had been asleep, notice and although the chest underwear have been taken off even if the touch is adoptive father have been in plain view me is what do over ran away with is disgusting in the surprise, the power of the adoptive father is not move the body strong, because I say that I ask only Son-chan once I have said that is disgusting adoptive father has already left the juice from the vagina licking over there by the presser foot without having to try to stop - I'm sorry and ... and meaning are you crying painful painful push me over there to say unknown thing or me wipe over there end out in the middle is the adoptive father in severe pain for the first time against the Guigui put to the back go out to somewhere good zoo is now poppy excuse and if you can not put up with a beautiful I indebted also painful to walk with the feeling that contains something in one day or two in pain tearing deprived virgin so has become not say to the foster mother, back to that pain also take usually in two weeks position, adoptive father in the middle around the summer vacation from Son-chan beautiful but before this was bad, and only began to also once again called the beginning to touch, says in is disgusting aunt and suddenly angry father speaking, even scared I had to leave as it is now long bath so say even twice since I have been once and probably the same voice big is a variety is in the end also the second time and had only been head fluffy little without hurt as much as previously your soup much it is understood that this time is put to come out myself that have been wet over there taught to Blow way to Jukujuku it from has almost been required if you do not stay the foster mother. Since the absent person is confided this thing in the dorm life out is now out of high school was posted in at least To anger dispel.

Brother-in-law is now a favorite

Or even after five years after marriage and divorce it can not be a child, got lost or get seeded in brother-in-law's. When you talk to the parents' house of the mother, it was recommended and I went to brother-in-law's and travel, as was said in the mother-in-law. We traveled to Hokuriku Onsen of serious husband and opposite Takao-san and three days and two nights. Nari ride to come the car to pick, \"sister and the vagina or travel, work hard'll\" vulgar to talk with, I rub my thigh of the front passenger seat with his left hand. And avoid the hand and I stopped because dangerous, I've been suddenly kiss stopped the car on the shoulder of the road. The other, I did not want was in response. When the next bicycle through, was sudden acceleration. Two hours and a half, we have been asking as soon as get to the hotel. About 10 minutes rolled licking in the body, from the vagina came out full of joy juice. Yuji's and I involuntarily urged the insertion. Tired to great hip exercise and'll Buchikomu a thick cock to do so or vagina. That night, it has been ejaculation with many times until morning. The next day was the sex pickled instead of a hotel. Master When you go home, told me over a gentle voice and would have tired Yumiko. Superb, I was pregnant.

It has been deceived by his father ...

yuna himekawa[29013]
My father first Masturbation and father do not know out to had been here in a fall to trick out because the father was embarrassed to hear I was and if dad does not know meaning that the was holding huntingtin put out voice I Uu' and say because embarrassed and say let's go to the very hospital look huntingtin that out was also swelling in Gingin show dick was I Ya and swelling struck can I do because you do not know me and do I what I say heal since the father is cured and although you boldly was thought on E'because out is called After me warm here become a naked sandwich from behind and on all fours with the out as soon as the father ask the naked and pussy back between saying that painful painful crying pain out with a little lick to say if the but are pressed against the neighborhood say yet over because not at all small and large firm and do you Hiyaso in the jar have push dick in pussy until pushed but pain father is now hurts in to huntingtin is also cured dad if small, has put nearly 30 minutes while saying you also no longer sore father rather than slowly piston small feeling that became smaller, such as tearing Doo I father has made this healed small dick after a while if you have unplug slowly dick if you and the feeling that hit flying something in the back father dick of Pulsed in If you have also lost patience pain was in Teru felt you say. In feel deceived my 11-year-old, has been on the other transformation woman now many things are taught up to now embrace the out just lie from the next day. Probably bad father ...