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Incest confession of women(2013-12)

Son of the Father

yuna himekawa[10322]
Raised to father a virgin in celebration of 20 years old, tied the father to select the day of ovulation that day, we love one day with my father most that day. And work hard to Chichigako making, one week position becomes sex galore and father, and I have the brilliant pregnancy. When you go to bed every day junior high school sophomore, sleep also bath and I also it together, and let them breathe in like a red Chang daily tits, his son will let them diverge in the back welcomed in me also son. We are asked to put in my father also still in good spirits. To accept the uterus the semen of two people, the skin does not lose even youthful freshness. How will the beauty is to absorb the semen of two people I thought, it would became a stimulus massaged and then sucked his son every day breast, size also becomes large cup bra is made ​​to B cup from A cup is like there. I will love one go to the hotel secretly the father. I'm going to teach the truth someday the son. I think not get laid down probably today. Voice to be heard or to father Yes, you should not if you're not careful.

And horny 17-year-old son

The New Year's visit to a shrine of last year, and wound a shawl on one piece neck coat in naked, I was wearing stockings, but there was also a thrill.
You go to the first Mode and son also New Year, but it is going to go in one piece coat naked of course. Is good if there is no wind, but it has become a sex life of etch Zanmai from have a relationship with his son. We were changing the ownership to his son from his master my body.
\"The Neto~tsu the Mother\"
it becomes the body of his son, was also permanent hair removal hair. Now looks like a dick children become slippery at all.
In the evening of New Year's Eve, I will love one without sleeping. It is the mother of 43-year-old.

That it can not be said to husband

I said something to come into the room to the middle of the night about a week ago, son to become 18 sleeping my. I just Netsui did not know what my son what was said,
but feel that is not just from the appearance of his son, struck rolled over and wearing a blanket to say \"I because useless Zettaini!'m Useless\" and I, but my son has entered the futon.
The Dakisukume from behind me, I'll be pussy. Me and let me lick the pussy of my mother and because I at one time \". I do good only. Once would be nice.'m Please.
Me, to death because I wanted to do with my mom and ... \"Yeah, we have not laid a hand towards the crotch from pants on pajamas while Narabetate obscenities.
And shake off the hand of the son \"bad.'m No, no.\" And, I struggle to get out of bed, but it was only excited an extra son.
Son I had to erection in the genitals lower body naked. It has become the slapdash feeling is resisting spirit are lost to steep for some reason I saw it, and that I'll be as you want to son.
While Ibukari me became quiet suddenly, it was Yuki undressed my underwear and said, \"Mom I'm sorry. Me, I became impatient,\" he said.
Been naked immediately, has been wide open the crotch and is on his back to me. Embarrassing it past long ago, anger or anything while I do not feel, I cried just sad, but
there was only that of just one o'clock too. As you begin licking the genitals of my son while snorted
and found myself joy juice is leaking creeping contrary to the intention tremendous pleasure flocks to soon. Sucking the vagina son make a sound obscene, it's gouging the inside of the vagina with a pointed tip of the tongue.
What I had become not know somehow in comfortably. Intense pleasure had been hit then it was when the son has inserted.
I would make a voice every time pleasure enough brush with death to be I think I have been fucked son Wakiokori, hard thick, cock tinged heat is motivated.
My son would be exhausted in a short time, but flood the love juice, I was across the waist with both feet of the more greedy son To Gusshori is sheeting.
Son, said, \"I was good mother. And I was about dying in comfortably. Thank you,\" said the Masaguri milk remain threw her arms around me, and I start moving slowly cock remain inserted.
I would make a voice and being attacked by intense pleasure again and though only just tasted the pleasure to death. The mad spear many times until dawn that night After all, went to sleep it was from the morning.
House is not a single-mother household does not have only son and I usually order my husband a business trip often. Because it is such an environment, it's not supposed to end at one time originally. One week from there,
we ended up doing three times already. It does not mean that I love my son, and I know that my son does not think the mother more than me, but
love juice just thought that licked the genitals to his son, is ejaculation in the throat and vagina Do not anyhow by overflowing.

The thing with the secret son

You gave birth to Takeshi me when I was 20 years old.
When sixth-grade elementary school, Takeshi began to say a reward is if you want take a 100-point test. To me you've answered force is, if entering the study, anything nice, what Takeshi what I thought.
It was said \". You let me breathe tits\".
I thought I was surprised, to try to deny, but while you are looking at the appearance of Takeshi tackle to study seriously,
and \". Good luck Iiwa.\", I got the answer. 80 points until then. I was taking good grades and 90 points, but I did not that it took 100 points Takeshi. I think there was also a portion that had enclosed the high somewhere. And, finally, one day, Takeshi I've been brought back to test the 100 points. Joyfully, to me and say \". Trap was good job! I amazing\", while saying that it \"? Remember mom. Promise.\" Is coming closer to me. I regret. I thought that it was also trying to deny. But, Takeshi I was working hard in practice. If you do not give observe the promise. Saying it \"of. Mama I remember, I'll let suck tits. ....\" So, I went to remove one by one button blouse. \"Mom also good style, and I. Tits is also large,'m famous boys in the class.\" Crotch of such Takeshi had tents large. When you fully open before, \"Oh, such a,.'m Ashamed\" of the blouse, Takeshi will undress gently. Remove the hook of the bra by turning back the hands, I remove the strap from the shoulder while holding the front of the cup. Remove the hands of me \"is you, I promise.\" Takeshi saying gently, I snatched the bra. I \"The big tits. Mama, shape, too good.\" and face down \". without looking. reluctantly\", says helplessly. Takeshi Shagamikomi in front of, and has received the lips nipples right. Soft lips of elementary school students. Both my husband, voice was leaks are not likely to feel that breast-feeding at the time of the baby with a different course. \". No. Oh\", \"Mama. Nipples'm stiff.\" And \". Do not know hate.\" I was finally to answer so. Takeshi begins massaging the left breast. Massaged the chest \"soft and tits. Of. Mama, I feel good oh.\" To my son, while sucked the nipple, dont. While I think that it should not feel, I've been gently patted the back of the head of Takeshi in mixed feelings. \"Mama's sucked? Tits, feels?\" \"Yeah. I'll feel good.\" And I had to answer so. \"Well, if you take 100 points now, I show the pussy.\" \"Ah, Good luck Iiwa. Your study..\" And I had to answer so. And Takeshi is now to focus on the study than ever before. And, as promised, the next test was also 100 points.

Recently, my husband and mother's suspicious

I was pregnant about a half years have passed since I also married, until mom also seemed pregnant, my home I live in three of our couple and mother. Year-old mother, 50-year-old. Partner Yara mom how was the master. And mom because look younger than actual age, husband and mother of 50-year-old, you make excuses magic has also refers master anything much. It went as 堕Ru be the mom, but when late, a situation that can not be also fallen loss thing. Our family is what I should do from how children? !

Confessions from son

High school one year, son I confessed yesterday from my son now. We were stomach feel attitude son is in contact with
me, \"I love my mom\"
​​from earlier, but it is not believed to be parent-child to it is! Become more relationships, I had been hugging suddenly son. I was being held strongly to his son without any resistance.
\"My mother ... my mother ... I like\"
I also embrace by turning the hands on the back of his son, with a kiss from my person, it is to the naked was taking off to leave, but to such pushed down to his son, living room
The overlap one on top of the carpet, it was ambiguous to accept a son. Take out also voice to the push-up intense, it had to cling to my son as I felt the hot release in the back of me. It is a son to school cheerfully this morning. I think that it becomes life love and son in the future. I do not put anything down in light clothes yet. It is challenged much during the day yesterday, we love one in my bed at night. I feel like burn remaining lingering still on the body.

Incest discourse of my

It is a 50-year-old housewife. You can come into the washroom son to become 28-year-old is eyeing a bath up my recently, it is now coming to touch the boobs and my ass stealing the eyes of his master. I think that was never dating a girl until now a serious son. I heard what she not when you are not the master, but I like not. It was reluctantly and to think Alas recently is are you looking at me leering eye. It was only touching tits and ass until now, we have touched the crack from the top of the shorts and put a hand on the skirt yesterday. I, and angry to say what you would, I withdraw immediately to say sorry. You have become poor than get angry when I saw this son. It will be the oyster of why have a process like no experience of sex. It is worried not that weird to daughter of another person by mistake.

Physical relationship with the father-in-law

I actually, I had to have a relationship with the father of my husband. Opportunity did little things really. that my husband at work man, you do not come back until late at night and out of the early morning house also many, be away from home it's overtime's entertainment also holiday There is heavy. I do not know whether you are really work, but the salary because it received a considerable amount of even in this recession, you believe once.
 So that I come out in part is also not allowed, all day, we are trapped in the house. It's living with your father-in-law's, but the need for care because not yet, ...... without be really. Marriage from the beginning to it, head also going crazy with frustration at this situation, I have been masturbating muffled in the bedroom So Upon completion of the housework, but still not be satisfied.
 It is a day like that. I might had somehow. And I was accosted \"Haruka, Why do not you shed back if you are there\" and if you have errands in the bathroom when your father-in-law Mr. bathing happened. I did not need to take off your clothes separately, but I had opened the door to become naked when notice.
 It was a look that was surprised at first, but I had said to me, \"Hey guys Well\" under the guise of calm, but the mirror over dick of your father-in-law Mr. is expanded to Mukumuku while I wash your back and I looked. Then, eyes I meet with your father-in-law who has seen to lick my body in the mirror over.
 There is no marriage for many years, I was the frustration will not be able to stop yourself, wash the back so as to impose chest feels like hugging from behind, hand I had extended to the groin. Not fazed even attitude of such me, it was as if it were a commonplace to wash up like penis. If you hold your hands are covered in soap, I was curled hot and hard and be greater than imagined.
 To remind myself that this is, gonna have to wash, and moved up and down his hand, left hand was gently massaging a ball bag. If you think the \"cover\" whether moaned suddenly, it turned around suddenly, and has been turning stroked my body. Kiss is also, was put a finger over there. I was squeezing the penis much, but overlap the body of your father-in-law's unawares, it had led to one if the care.
 Then, it moved up and down the body violently, they both had to raise the voice in bad taste. It was sex of each other after a long time, have gone very quickly, but without any reason that can be satisfied only that, I was sucking the penis in the bedroom your father-in-law's and out of the bath. Since then, I have gone so have a relationship from the daytime with your father-in-law's.

And brother!

I was out of the house have been married three years ago at age 30.
But, in a divorce during her husband, and came back out of the home in September.
You are in a house in the still single brother of 25-year-old.
Although I did not show such a practice swing before marriage
my, you will see a lot gently me to not look at me with a passionate eye and from the back.
Makes over voice like invite me from time to time.
Confession be the \"I like\", also be forced really pretty.
and how can I be forever refuse, there is no self-confidence.

I was careless.

I am a medical office of emergency reception of the night in the hospital. It's always home around 7:00 in the morning is the most. When I go home in the morning as usual, you are very tired somehow that day, it's such from morning because a day off today, but Te think and Let sleeping and drinking beer, and are sipping, if you noticed I was sleeping on the carpet in the living room as it is. You think I fell asleep catapult hot carpet was so warm air conditioning Tashi into play. Then after a while my brother probably was Okidashi. In the house I was becoming something or noisy. I also wonder about to happen. I thought it was a but in order to go to school all the time, my brother will go out of the house in a few minutes. A quiet environment will come back to again when I put up with a little picky. I decided to keep sleeping as it is. I think it once, I am to hide when the skirt or anything before the family, but when will not see it because it was wearing shorts that day, and slept on defenseless without also be guard in particular. Then my brother came to my feet, I hear and Kasha Kasha after a while. I thought I was good When you wake up there with (? Shooting ...? E), but we do not want to see Nante figure that the camera toward his brother towards me as I woke up strangely, and take a (what It was thought in the mind yo I'm Teru, and ~ ~) I get out early. this erotic brother Me. It is the story of such a little while ago here, but I was off guard with it (... I'm not Toka Upskirt No way because the shorts). However, when the results speak, looking at the posture of when I was sleeping in my own when I woke up, I was underwear there is a gap big time. In addition, the behavior of the brother I did not just shoot. · When I was pretending I slept directly. ... Finger touches over there and Sowa~tsu~tsu ..., such as stroked along the line over there. Zoku~tsu! ! ! I was made. The ... and is molester brother No way. Pants has returned to the original and also whether your finger and pita Then ... ,, It is blind and Perot are pinched the rubber pants with a finger in additional. Then, his brother seems to have gone to school and opened the front door. Is shocked ... softening.

And son

It will be 47 years old, but was attacked by his son for the first time. I have been many times squid dick son is long and thick. And you say me to become a woman of my Mom to say that son. I do that it became a gangster to become a woman. Then are to do your daily sex. I hug my son is feeling well. My son is 25 years old, but I often make room house is not work. It is with the yakuza fellow if you think that it came back. And I have sex roll me from sleeping during the day. It's inspire me to fellow then when you finish. It is every day. Boss's son might be the fellow. Mine got bigger is because genital do with the two men having sex every day.

Nephew's first experience

I am 47 years old. Twelve years ago, on the morning of May, my nephew, who was in the third year of high school at the time, called me, "I have a consultation, so come to pick me up at the station." What would it be like to talk to me one day at school? Thinking, I drove to the station. I got him in the car from the station and headed home. When I asked him in the car, "Did you get scolded by your father?", He said, "That's not true. I'll talk about it later." About his home He sat in the living room and began to smoke with a cheeky feeling. He handed him the ashtray that was in the kitchen, saying, "I'm still a high school student, but it's no good." "I still have laundry, so I'm resting there. Don't hesitate to lie down," I said. He approached me, "Let's lie down together," hugging from behind and grabbing the left and right breasts painfully. I said "No!" And bent my body into a dogleg and tried to escape from him, but he hugged me with even more force. I can feel his own feeling that is already full in my ass. This time I stood in front of me and tried to kiss my nape, but escaped from his lips saying, "Don't leave a mark!" Giving up on the kiss, he tucked up my shirt, revealing my left breast from the bra and crazy about it sticking to my nipples. "It's soft boobs." "○○ was drinking ..." I said. After regaining his composure, he tried to leave, saying, "I've always liked you ..." "No, my uncle scolds me."But he won't let go of my breasts. Such a bird continued for several minutes. Roughly, I continued to be stimulated by the most sensitive nipples, and I felt like a woman. Then he gently reached into his crotch and touched himself, which was tightly packed . , I squeezed and squeezed himself twice lightly with my fingertips to confirm. The woman's heart is on fire. "I've made it so hard ... I see, come over here," he said to the guest room. With only the mattress, undressed and lying down, he turned his back on me naked and took the skin out of the casket. When I asked, "What happened to that? Did you buy it yourself?" He turned around and replied, "Yeah." I was relieved in a sense that he was thinking about contraception. After putting on the skin, he turned to me and said, "Is this okay?" "Yeah. It's okay." The moment I saw it, I was surprised at his own strength. It was pulsing upwards so that it would stick to my stomach. He sat on my legs, lying on his back with his left and right knees closed, with my legs wide open. He put his hips close to my crotch and tried to break into myself with his hand, but only about the fifth time he discovered that part and piled up on me . But he himself didn't reach deep into me, so I said, "Come higher." He moves his hips by saying "Yeah." I welcomed him deep into me as he moved . "Can I move?" He said. "Yeah. Good."He started to move his hips. His movements were monotonous and I didn't caress my favorite breasts, so I wasn't very good at it, but I was able to feel enough orgasm by moving my hips according to his movements . .. Eventually his movements became faster, and when I sensed his orgasm, I opened my legs wide and hugged him, and at the same time he popped in me many times . "Is it okay?" He said. "Yeah, it was lovely," I said. After this, he said, "I really wanted to go to a love hotel from the beginning. So let's go to a love hotel. Let's take a bath together and have sex again." But I said, "It's hard if someone sees you there." And I sent him back to the station. I spent less than an hour with him that day. From that day on, he had a relationship with him only after he got married. Until then, he refused many times, saying, "I'm my first woman, so I just want to hold him again." However, it is also true that he was jealous of his wife because he got married. So I may have accepted his invitation. I still have a relationship with him.

Wedding forbidden and mother

I remember that it becomes December. With a kiss and hug strongly in front of the altar of a certain church, we mutually pledge to love and mother. When you enter into the church, I was staring pastor that did not have, the are you kiss mother and I strongly embraced. From a nod to the pastor, mother and I am a mother and child <forbidden in the heart hands together to the altar. And I spent the first night of the honeymoon, such as the mother in the hotel is not put out the word and> please forgive me, booked a mother after leaving the church. I will be remembered as the events of yesterday.

Brother and sister cousin

The first
was the summer of the first time I have menarche, became an adult a little summer vacation that year of elementary school five years.
That night there was a festival, and I was supposed to be to stay at the home of relatives every year, to Zakone with a release of the house of relatives brother and I (high school years), with five cousins ​​sisters.
And I fell asleep once, but somehow, to feel such as noisy, and woke up in a quiet.
Then, chapter-chan your brother cousin (21 years) I had rubbed the Omata me.
It was found to be thing in while a child, it is not cool, but it is not able to vocalize, while stiffened the body, I had to sit still.
But chapter chan, apparently was found that I got up.
While whispering in his ear, \"I'm a secret\", escalation behavior - has been and.
Is taken off the pants, yet, that should have had the vine do, put your fingers into the crack, and seemed to enjoy the manner in which I even while reluctant, will react. We were going to find the help brother, but look closely, his brothers were watching TV in the next room. But, brothers have had seen, it was found somehow in the voice, such as agony that Rashiku etch video, and hear. To me, also \"Yu-chan, chan chapter, probably want to join the ranks of adults in whispers? We have to say. \" Shaking his head, \"I'm not scary, I love chapter-chan, Yu-chan, Thats told me\" If you say so, I've been kissed me. Even while rigid, it is a ... and because I love NaAkira chan but I did leave. Still, probably because you did not know the act of etch or to do any kind, while but is in chapter chan, If you leave it is said, it was straddled on top of the chapter-chan me, from the bottom, and so large we have been rubbed the chest no. Then, embrace me, I've been trying to put in me, what has become of greater yourself, Ikazu, I ended up there that night well after all. And has told me that there was a thing that, a few days later, the middle of the night, my brother came to my room, I knew really the act of a chapter-chan. ... Etch is because teach what it for shame, and tell you that I want you to keep it secret to mothers, we will see an etch video together. Brother actually seemed was still inexperienced. If you look at the two of us, I also had a behavior similar to video brother will also be strange mood. That despite awkward or try to say ... you are loved ... for some reason or try to entangle the tongue, brother also became larger, has been inside me. Many times, it was again are morphisms and painful, but when it gets to the root origin finally, to match the voice with two people, I would say ~ § that has entered. It has been fully that experience once, our growth period, will no longer be able to sever the relationship. You are now in college this year, but the relationship with his brother has continued to be made ​​in this year. The time for each other was a boyfriend girlfriend, I did not matter for a while, but really, once compared the brother and boyfriend, I do not last long. Because along with the brother who was living alone, to attend college, it means to live together, and we are enjoying life like honeymoon. (I believe also that it bad me ... I wonder if I also had a baby brother)

Son to come on

yuna himekawa[9738]
It is a housewife of 46. My husband is a bachelor in.
In vocational school student of 20, his son has been living together.
I would be etched and forced his son a few weeks ago.
Son I have hug from behind suddenly you are drunk. I said that it quit, but my son was drunk scared and could not be much resistance. After finished, I did not sleep that day almost to that of the remainder. He said a word and I'm sorry to son the next day, it has happened. Since then, there was the awkward atmosphere, but did not have anything. But son I've hug from behind suddenly and are undressed I thought today, it is about to enter the bath. And I thought and I wonder are you drunk, but also I was surprised. But his son was not drunk. I have, why? When you say I quit, son, said that he did I can not take it anymore. Pounding did not stop to think that I had thought my son did that Anna blame liquor, and I'm seen as a woman. When I sit still and do not know why say, my son has been caressing the breast. Unlike the first time, it was a very gentle hand movements. I, and divulge the voice I \"had\" to come put your hand into the pants and began stroking the crack now. Am I trying to resistance is very pleasant, and did not think at all anymore. And I would be etched son and also the last. Son and I, we parted without saying anything now. I went into the bath as it is, but I left that body was starting to throb was I have had myself many times. We settled down a little now that went up from the bath, but you would be thinking of his son many times. Underwear was just a change of clothes is also soaked. I might not stop the relationship between son anymore.

Son of 23-year-old and my 42-year-old

Consecutive holidays of November, was snow on leaf peeping two people and son. In the car to drive his son, I went to Hakone and left home early morning of course. If you are talking about, such as directions to go back to his son in the afternoon story also something that is not spoken in everyday son and various foliage also clean, son and I to night today, I would say edge ~ involuntarily surprise directly below. But it was passed mom and say that I'm not Innovation bring Toka underwear change of clothes, and I've bought my son properly from what. One way, such as clothes to underwear. And Onsen Ryokan had to make a reservation. I was passing aspirations son as Tenare to Nakai-san is passed through the room As soon arrive at an inn. It probably did not appear to us between parent and child son to say from my mother is also strange, but since appears to have grown-up. Then I did when passed a small parcel from Nakai's earlier, my son is in the toilet just, and condoms in and peek inside my receipt. If you pass to his son, tonight, ... mom and my mother because I like my mom if that is not bad from the son, after all and he slept in a futon together is said to be I love you. Of course, I learned it is said to be where the earlier, I heard you on the phone from Nakai's Nakai-san came the morning to be loved by my son without notice. And I, because I thought it was and stayed to raise the voice mom feels Toka good, ... that it is a parent-child even than known perhaps to Nakai-san

Kiss with son

It is a housewife of 48. It is two people living with her ​​husband, but now I live in a location of about 30 minutes by car son is married. The son I began to put my face with one person from the place six months ago. Terms of the two people I like not going well bride comes to go home every so often to hear the divided, son I was going to drive well in the two sons and is a student in one son, but at that time We were invited going to drive with two people now say the time it was the most fun. Takako is not you get angry son. And I had decided to win it going because it takes a break on the day of the trip my husband to say and I say something thing of him to say. I did not sleep well at night with excitement with the feeling like a date and lover the day before the drive. It does not calm feeling is fidgeting morning. I wear the shorts that were not wearing it is too flashy to buy before even underwear. I walked so as to face the arm of his son as a lover When you walk around the lake to drive the tourist destinations in the lake. Or would not be seemed to lovers when viewed from around. Feelings you say you want to be two sons and more in my feelings When you return to the car it becomes time for half a day is back too quickly in the exhilaration that I became stronger. I wish to be with mom this much remains a son at that time. It was said. I was happy enough to want to cry to understand my son's the same feeling. It's a position that I do not have feelings of love so much in matchmaking marry my husband, but my son and I also die if for the son in the presence of the beloved, which led the blood. Son I say that you are loving mom and married to him is I was well understood. And I've been the kiss suddenly to say son, and'm not mean like that to say I'm also have Ai of you. I was saying in the mouth and Dameyo in amazement but rejected could not.
I understand when you've been caressing the breast son entwined the tongue, it is are you ready for my body to accept a son. The body to react in this way was also the long time because there was not a few years here also sex with my husband. By car return, we accept it is said to want to drive again from the son. We kissed and son to stop the car at a distance from the house. I think and I broke up as it is that day, that it might be could not be denied when prompted from the son. We are troubled from now what to try When you are prompted to this next body.

The father is very

I'm such time that it has been found that the goodness of SEX but finally,
witnessed the place where it came to take just because no pants father came out from this before the bath.
What are you doing. Dad!
I have noted that my father have gone to Sorry Sorry.
It peels off cheat Large and father.
I would be a little excited. I who thought I do not know only one man still has his and wonder if a usually stunned.
There 's so huge. In Tsu daughter was amazing SEX love now me, that big. And we got to imagine freely and things I horse seems to be comfortably because of the supposed veteran kit. It is the feeling you want to experience it once. But it can not be said from the daughter. What should we do if

And son

Libido is strong son, we have masturbation with my panties every night.
Last night, if you look into the room and opened the door secretly when it has passed through the room of his son, in the middle of
masturbation, just had rubbed and wrap the penis in my panties exactly.
When looking into the situation for a while, I've noticed that my dick is wet. I will not be standing Some even
anymore, I had entered the room to open the door. Son did not hide my surprise, but when see what was Ikirita~tsu son approached the son anyway,
it was included in the mouth suddenly kneeling in front of son me. I was sucking dick son crazy feeling his dick to become mushy it just.
As soon as the son I had to release the semen in the mouth of me with ejaculation violently.
I was looking up at his son while drank and ring the throat the semen.

That it does not go with his brother

In fact, when (18 years old at the time) 3-year high school, I have that casual ... At that time, it was I have a SEX in my room on the second floor and the younger brother of the real was (15 years old at the time) ninth grade.

Relationship with son

When I think in many places, my confession is, and be read to many people, something is very Kashii shame.
It is a continuation of this before, but until recently, the son who was taking a bath together in one person, and it is! Have that feels good, I was very excited, I Kashii shame, but the
hair also grows still son While imagine no penis, I quickly was one. Since that day, I will now monitor the behavior of his son.
Of course, it is so that it is not noticed. Son, seemed to pace was much once every two days to small so much what.
It is to say that coming home from school, to go to the bathroom, and when confined to the room immediately after that, and have. I twist the knob of the door and take the plunge,
but I will Yes over the key indeed. Son was angry noticed the sound, with the red face and (seems to have excited) and white knock.
Of course, penis there is only about three centimeters has become hard. to say that \"What happened, it? want to pee,\" said I, grew hand over there son.
Son drew herself surprised but said \"Come on, let's go to the bathroom together\", and you should then be not escape behind your back the one hand,
we turn stroked the penis. Without a thick part of the whiff of earlier, though, unfinished penis is like a pencil chubby little still. The spear was in his hand a little,
I was sure happened this time. Very small, it is like a pachinko ball. Then, suddenly twitching started to move, it is gone.
I was surprised a little even in such a small penis, and to the movement of ejaculation, but, sperm did not come out as expected. Peel down, son, was shaking the whole body at that time.
If you look at the face, it had Kamikoroshi voice and clenched teeth. Its face, seem very cute, hand, I have to say that \"not'm Toilets,? Either tries to get in the bath,\" said while touching the penis.
Little, penis is, had become soft and because after, but when are Momimomi, has become hard little by little.
I thought to try and H son leave this (it is not possible to insert course) I was denied to his son what. Son, I had holed up in the room.
It is a very If I had to master this thing. Opened the key, I was persuaded gently. I will confess at the next opportunity also, it is at that time.

Ended up waking up.

It is the story of the summer, but was attacked by the son of 20-year-old.
And I thought I of 44, did not have more than five years Nante etch no experience only husband, and he shall not Nante sex anymore. July, I opened the door of the room of the son you have been cleaned, my son had touched the penis naked on the futon. After you witnessed it, my son came to say \"Let's play sex\". About a week later, the day not on a business trip is husband, wonder around 9:00? Son had become naked on the futon and also, I went to wake my son. After trying Tachisaro Close the door I hurriedly, and has hug from behind the door is a son ... open immediately. It is said, \"I can not take it anymore, you can to do,\" and, it is to be naked Hikizurimawasa the room, it was thrown down to the futon. Even if resistance in desperation, it did not come true to the power of a son Gorimatcho. I would wet while saying it tried to escape desperately even while you or licked or touched the body, but that pathetic, no, and, quit. Body of the son tried to escape until the end ‥‥ at the crotch is open foot, tears came out and put the penis in force. Etch of the husband ... being attacked by pleasure and gradually ... but I've been waiting to finish weeping for a while was forgotten anymore, in penis harder much larger than the husband, in the back that did not reach the penis of her husband would be crazy feeling translation is no longer know from feeling ... the way tiring vigorously Cul-De-Sac, embarrassing story, it has been squid for the first time in my life. Three or four times a month, we have etched at home and go to the hotel and my son now. In a sense, I would wake up, I am or peek at the dating site recently.