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Incest confession of women(2014-12)


Has been Pies to dad (crying)

And son

I was a mediocre housewife until now.
Until that day.
Was just like, who came up the son and go get the laundry in the bathroom.
Was it only but pants are wearing. It was like in wow muscular body are trained in the club.
I used to be I've been longing to such body, but it was not locked up deep in the heart without any encounter with such a person.
Body of men that cracking of the stomach if there is to be seen middle-aged thickening of the body of the husband for the first time to watch a raw.
To its hardiness me. I would be fascinated moment.
It came out To hurriedly because But not afford to not have seen To intently.
But since then I I I have become to be up to delusion that dont want to be hugged Anna burly son.

The birth of a child master the daughter farewell

yuna himekawa[20494]
53-year-old is of divorce who is out now with my daughter that children and 3 people living actually, but I had a bad husband and formal divorce two years ago of the drunk, the hand to the daughter ex-husband was in the house when I was away and I had to lay up children to pregnancy, and only daughter also the opponent can not tell with me was pregnant surprised not me even talk Nante's ex-husband Ni will also thing, even stomach when it is confessed the fact little blistering come daughter or think what I said he and give birth to a child and whether it is a grudge against his father, the I and I've recommend strongly abortion as mother to contact ex-husband that gave birth to girls person who does not hear as cancer I am new to excuse not to have anything, I am raising a child that has been born child was able to between the men in other dating, that is now daughter and two people as grandchildren that are not recognized not Nanore a parent now and are you most worried about is not worried about whether there is that blood relationship is going to grow up to the child to have a grandchild intellectual disability or personality disorder too dark, because we can also hear a variety of case In particular it does not become worried

Thread to talk about Natsuki-san and incest

You have now built the most attrition I think that because there is a sense that has been left behind in the good is better there was a place for me to talk comfortably in Natsumi's to have contributed to this bulletin board.
Do not try to talk also with Natsuki's in what? Women in incest.

Superb article of father-in-law

Injury, with a towel the body of place is not father-in-law, and when I wipe, it has become big To Mukumuku. ^^
Since the interest there was, and shifting the pants, it was very spacious. ^^
Though first I was raised wipe with a towel, after it when I touched directly by hand, and that we have to react, it was raised rub.

Relationship with the father-in-law

Although father-in-law (62) husband (34) was five family of two children (elementary school), my husband died met with a car accident. Father-in-law is to retire you at home. I'm looking for now employment but do not find easily. I've been living somehow in compensation.
Summer father-in-law of this year I have a broken leg and arm by slips a foot from talks. Handicapped while you can life somehow, but the bath is not put in one person, toilets, care provider is has become the necessity.
Children, in elementary school still, I can not I'll put it in the bath.
What I accompany the end, but with a towel, and also I will wipe.
It is said to be sorry, but the like becomes large. It was that you do not mind, but it is no good.

It was just a normal housewife

I was a mediocre housewife until now.
Until that day.
Was just like, who came up the son and go get the laundry in the bathroom.
Was it only but pants are wearing. It was like in wow muscular body are trained in the club.
I used to be I've been longing to such body, but it was not locked up deep in the heart without any encounter with such a person.
Body of men that cracking of the stomach if there is to be seen middle-aged thickening of the body of the husband for the first time to watch a raw.
To its hardiness me. I would be fascinated moment.
It came out To hurriedly because But not afford to not have seen To intently.
But since then I I I have become to be up to delusion that dont want to be hugged Anna burly son.

That of the son

I am a woman who has lived in serious 52-year-old, we have seriously contact in everything, so I husband has been watching wish only to growth of one son from death,
his son is in the middle of the night and was out raising the suffering voice did from the night of the 3 days before, I had thought that it 's the first two days are a nightmare to a bad dream, but
his son become a worry to become to be continued indeed the 3rd of you go to the room I voice of annoying woman other than his son's voice through the door was heard, I was peep a little only opened the door it off you troubled, son in the darkened room ...
son The computer screen on the desk of the dark room of middle-aged Rashiki women and young men are reflected is without blurring the image that is fucked hard,
under the desk in front of the sofa wearing one T-shirt son son of Supponpon is squeezed so as to pinch the turtle head with your left hand and grip the base of the genitals that erection with your right hand so as to match the intense piston movement of the video
while wriggle with the empty eyes' U~tsu U
When 'and has issued a pained voice, I am I thought' son go near his I he is suffering from libido of outlet and son I suffer without any hesitation for what, surprised to hug the son of the body 'is gonna we did not want to say anything, sorry,
loincloth licking tongue while the Hozuri to genital you are over withered I No was painful, and say and son and a moment in the position what you have erection was aeration mouthful better,
am I was accustomed to seriously desperately son of libido outlet.
I not for their own desires and curiosity, just
been earnestly seriously built now son of genital to'll eliminate the physical aversion son in the DNA of the human animal female rather than to deal with thinking in the brain is the nacelle act of mysterious instinct who is, and I is that you are feeling,
because I can wick you can suck in Who taught by a now rhythmic though also not move the fellatio without that you have to master In or turning licking tongue
and I like that led to seriously go happy to delight son ejaculation, after it was found through the palm that is holding some reason is to ejaculation son in a little I remove the genitals from moment ports son to 'Come on,
give me put out in full and put to good No'm mother of mouth, and also say to hope and
at that time you began to seriously fellatio to want to taste the best of ejaculation move it violently as soon suck the genitals In like son squeeze voice 'Deru~tsu' and said the back at the same time Nokezora the body was released the youth to fill my mouth,
I had tasted the full of happiness in serious feeling in the mouth

Overnight at the hotel with my son

It was a natural process for me (43-year-old housewife). My husband, who was assigned to work alone, did not come back at the year-end party last Friday. A date from my son Yuta (21-year-old college student)? ?? There was an invitation. My birthday was the beginning of December, so he said he would give me a present. I was happy to go out. On Friday afternoon, I took a train to the city where my son lived and had lunch together. I was delighted to be a young man who is now stronger and stronger than my husband. It was a good parent and child. He was a child who talked about today's events. He grew up without making a mistake and without warping. After wandering around the department store, Yuta bought a nice necklace for a part-time job at the store on the first floor. I was a little disappointed with the gift I was very happy with. I was a little embarrassed when I passed in front of the lingerie shop, but I asked, "Does Mari also wear that?" " I'm stupid ..." Yuta calls me, sometimes jokingly, Mari. "If it's late, you can stay in my room and go," said Yuta. I had a supper and had a light drink. I had a light cocktail at a nice shop that Yuta knew. Leaving the shop and walking around the city , Yuta jokingly said, "Let's be lovers , " in my words, "Like lovers ..." .Suddenly, Yuta holds my hand. I was shocked. "If you're a lover, you'll hold hands." "Yeah." I was walking like a throbbing girl. Yuta inflates his arm. I was entwined with that arm and folded my arms. "If you're a lover, you'll just kiss," Yuta says. "Yeah ..." Yuta gently pulled me behind the eaves. I was hugged and my lips overlapped. "Ah ... no ..." he said, but his mouth was tightly closed. Someday, I was responding to that lips. Fufufu ... The two of us stared at each other and laughed at each other. "It's a secret to my dad ..." On the spot, Yuta put me a necklace around my neck. "Thank you ..." I was hugging Yuta's back with his arms around. "What is your father? ..." Yuta asks such a thing. "It's been years ... I don't ..." Yuta picked up a taxi. Don't tell me where you are going. I just thought I was going to Yuta's room. The taxi stopped in front of the park. I got off the taxi and said, "Hey, that ..." and pointed at the neon lights on the other side of the park. "Eh? ... that ..." "If you're a lover, you'll go to that place at the end of your date.""Eh? ..." I was robbed of my lips by Yuta again. "Let's go ..." I stare at me with the eyes of a seriously glaring young man. I looked down and thought for a while. And, "me gently? ..." and, he had said. "Of course." "Can you wear it properly? ..." Yuta nodded loudly. He even cut his fingers. Yuta gently put his hand around his waist, escorted him, and went into the hotel entrance over the park. When I took a shower and came out, he lightly picked me up with a bath towel and carried me to bed. "It's heavy ..." "Idiot ..." My hair was gently stroked, and Yuta kissed me from above. "Turn off the lights ..." "No, I want to see everything ..." "I'm embarrassed ..." I closed my eyes on my overlapping lips. "Truth ..." Yuta who calls my name abandoned. It became Kunt. Yuta loved my white skin gently and politely. Both my ears and my armpits ... When I had my nipples in my mouth, I remembered Yuta's childhood. But ... it's a different feeling now. A woman's disturbed voice came out. Yuta says, "It's a cute voice ..." . He loved me with my tongue, even between my toes.The moment I opened my legs, I was as embarrassed as a fire broke out of my face. Yuta filled the meeting there as well. Slowly open the vertically closed crevice with the tip of your tongue. The joy juice should have been completely moistened. You do n't have to say "it's beautiful ..." Yuta says. "Embarrassing ..." Yuta's tongue crawls on the chestnut. "Oh ... there ... no ..." Put it in your mouth and gently suck it up. "Ah ..." I was embarrassed and confused at the hall. No matter how much I put up with it, I am a woman. Along with the voice, I got acme ... Yuta's thing was hard and splendid. Even if I included it in the back of my throat, it didn't fit in. As promised, I put on a condom, positioned it in my place, and sat down. I hugged Yuta's back and greeted the moment. "Oh ... deep ... deep ..." I felt Yuta's body temperature inside my body. Gentle, sometimes violent, stabbed to the back. "I ..." Yuta's heartbeat was also felt deep inside the body. I could clearly see that it was released. With Yuta's arm pillow, quiet time passed. "When we're two, we call it the truth ..." "I?" "Yuta-san," they laughed.That night, we slept together in a hotel bed. When I woke up in the morning, Yuta said, "One more time ..." and was embraced. I left the hotel and returned to the city. I gave a hot kiss in a deserted place. "I 'll continue to like it ..." I nodded deeply.

It was connected by drunken pretend

Son safely admission also finished high school this year,
there is a thought that can not go in my mind, I was a return home drunk last night, actually good
is not less, than pretend I was drunk that went into the entrance son is what the was conveyed to lift up my bedroom. Still
continue pretend I'm drunk, in pretending that drunk and
undress\", and I was taken off to his son in the awkward hand.
<Try to quickly naked> to Asere is in my heart and cry, jacket, skirt, blouse,
seems to Mado~tsu hand to shorts, is taken off bra and all in pantyhose, is to bare
been rubbed per Sucking nipples, dick also it had been Sucking stick,
I I was not greeted his son had been top down even voice. Feel my back to hot son of release in the push-up fierce
\"poke the ... and Wow Motto ... More so good
and the strongly hug Deipukisu and Embracing the son, son also
awkwardly out his tongue, I
and I had a close contact with strongly Sucking skin. Reason was gone.
And I've been waiting for it to become this. It is a body that was awakened in the 40-year-old.

With my child in the middle 1-?

"I Tsu put Mother" ignoring me that wanted to established a breath, Zui' and press write to slide into the vagina that is sensitive of whether or squid are wet wet Ya say I was able N. Well, this is a junior high school student? I was prepared for pleasure. "Hey, don't be surprised if your mom feels comfortable with her pussy and makes a loud voice, or if she goes wild," I hugged my son's waist with both hands and put a little effort into her pussy. I did. A while ago, I was passed away by a child with an unexpectedly impatient cunnilingus, but if this happens, I will show the power of my mother's vagina. It was supposed to be. I said, "You can't move it yet! This is the mother's pussy that ○○ wanted. What kind of feeling?" Child "It's warm and tightens my dick. It feels good!" "Then you can move it! More feeling. I started to move my hips back and forth as I was told, "Because I'm getting better" and "Mother feels good too!" "Ah ~, ah ~, ah ~" Only the pleasant breath sounds that the child exhales. I can't put up with the comfort of this meat fold for the first time. In less than a minute, the movement of putting in and out became faster, and my breath changed to "Ah !, Ah !, Ah!". I tightened my pussy and shook my child's ass from below. "Mom, no, no, it's coming out. It's coming out! It's no good, it's coming out!" It seems that I can't stand ejaculation as soon as I think. I deliberately pretend to be impatient and play."No! No, don't put it inside, pull it out, pull it out! I hate it inside ..." It feels too good to come out, and I also have a child's ass Because it is a translation. I poured a lot into the back and collapsed with a satisfying face. I "Did you put it in your mother? Did you feel good?" Child "Yeah, I'm sorry I got out right away. I put it in, but is it okay?" The child doesn't get off my body with a lingering sound , and I Is holding a child as it is. "I'm glad if XX feels good." I became dear and hugged with all my might. When the meat stick that was left in the hole swelled, it began to change thick and hard. The resilience of young children is amazing. "Mom, let 's do it again." This one, which was hit very quickly, is somehow moyamoya. "You just got out, can you do it?" The son shook his hips. A meat stick that recovers strongly and warps pistons while rubbing on the hole folds. The semen that was driven into the back of the vagina was scraped out with a meat stick and made a messy noise. I used to move it awkwardly because it feels good a while ago, but this time it seems that I am slowly enjoying the feeling of rubbing on my pussy one round trip at a time . Breathing is not disturbed. The feeling of ejaculation may last a long time only after putting it in me. Let's ejaculate this child soon. The warped meat stick hit the G-spot, and in fact this was a little dangerous.While saying, "You can move faster!", I also lifted my hips from below and shook from side to side. The move I intended to make my child squid was the catalyst for me to collapse. "Ah ~ good. Ah, no ..... it's going to be weird." "It's amazing. ○○'s dick is amazing. If you move it so much ... it'll be useless." "Oh, it's okay ... it feels good. ! Do it, do it ~ " " Yeah, yeah ~ ..... I'm going, Iku, I'm going to die ~ " The junior high school kid who was supposed to teach me was tossed about it. is. From that day on, the entwined feast continues every day, regardless of whether it's a menstrual day. I have prepared a pill because it seems to be a dangerous day . Due to my technique, I am under the curse of a meat stick that is getting stronger day by day.                                                  see you.

The secret things with son

I was a mediocre housewife until now.
Until that day.
Was just like, who came up the son and go get the laundry in the bathroom.
Was it only but pants are wearing. It was like in wow muscular body are trained in the club.
I used to be I've been longing to such body, but it was not locked up deep in the heart without any encounter with such a person.
Body of men that cracking of the stomach if there is to be seen middle-aged thickening of the body of the husband for the first time to watch a raw.
To its hardiness me. I would be fascinated moment.
It came out To hurriedly because But not afford to not have seen To intently.
But since then I I I have become to be up to delusion that dont want to be hugged Anna burly son.

With my child in the middle 1

I have a relationship with my only 13-year-old son. I work as a long-term care manager. They divorced six years ago borrow an apartment two people of one son (13) in the I (37) has been living with Ri. I've been a single-mother family since I was 7 years old, so I'm living around this child, no matter what, so as not to make me feel pity . Even when I became a junior high school student this spring, I still had the same attitude of being pampered, and the only thing that changed was that my body was getting bigger. On the night of the end of October, I suddenly said that my son was surprised. "Mom, let me have sex!" I took a moment to breathe what happened to my son's words. "What are you saying stupid!" That is the best word I said. "I want to do it because it's okay, let me do it." I was a little calm, and I thought it was better not to interact with this word and to ignore it. My son repeated it many times, but he stopped saying that day when he knew I wouldn't deal with him. From the next day onwards, whenever it was night, I was escalating to say that little by little. But just saying it doesn't touch me. "Mother Sex try!" "Mother and Omankoshi want" "Mother, I want to know sex, tell me!" "Because once I a pussy put let'll have to! Of the mother" until the thing is to at last "mother of Let me lick your pussy "Maybe I should have scolded him tightly, but each time I pardoned it in light words. "Don't be foolish about stupid things. " "Where did you remember such nasty things?" "It's not what children do. When you grow up!" "Mother and ○○ are parents and children. It's a bad thing! ” One day, I couldn't speak except what my son needed. Heavy air continued for about two weeks between them. Shortly before that Friday night, my son suddenly said again. "I'm asking my   mom to have sex!" I felt more urgent than before. At that moment, the tense tension of these days was released and I lost. I gently hugged my child's head and said, "I know what you want, so let's do it." I took a bath separately. I set the air conditioner in the room strongly and prepared to hide the tissues and towels, and went to the futon where my son was waiting. I don't have rubber at hand, but I calculated that it would be a safe day if I put it inside because it was before my period. My body is tense, hot and uplifted and already wet. "How do you do it?" "Can I turn on the electricity?" "There is no way to do it. You can do what you want." I try to put my hands on the panties first and take them off. There is no foreplay on the boobs. After all I thought I was a child.I bent over between my groins and started licking my pussy. While holding your legs, raise and lower your tongue along the cleft and knead the entrance to your vagina . After all it seems that he does not know the points of children and women. After all, I was thinking about what my child would do. Even so, the tip of my tongue may touch the clitoris for a moment, which makes me surprised, but I will return immediately. .. I want you to stay in the clitoris, but it doesn't get entangled. For the first time, I noticed that I was intentionally impatient. The child's tongue strokes the chestnut and runs away, and leaves and approaches again. Where did you learn this blame? I wonder if I knew such a technique on the net. Did not six years the body is said to be have been in children, this hurry Shi blame is becoming unbearable. My breath gradually gets rough and my hips move. It unknowingly lifts the butt so that the clitoris touches the child's tongue. You can see that the lewd liquid overflowed from the crack. "Is it painful?" The child asks me meanly. Shake your head. I "I'm okay to put in XX-chan" Child "Let me lick it a little more" I 'm reaching the limit of enduring the pleasure of cunnilingus. Lie, lie, no! It's hard to be cunnilingus by a 13-year-old child !! The fear of being used runs around the whole body. At last I stuck to the key point and started shaking, and what I was afraid of began to happen."Stop it !! Put it in early !!" I'm going to ignore the cry and drive my mother at once with cunnilingus. I can't escape because I'm tightly held. "No, stop, stop, no, no, no, no, no, no!" In the consciousness of falling, "This is my child." "Mom, sorry, did you hurt me?" I'll harass you ! "I'll put my mom in. " Ignoring me who wanted to keep my breath, as soon as I said it, I pushed it into my pussy, which was squid and became sensitive to getting wet. Well, this is a junior high school student? I was prepared for pleasure. "Hey XX, don't be surprised if your mom feels good and makes a loud voice or goes wild."                                             I'll write next . I don't have a job today. Rest your body.

Brother lover

16-year-old high school is the first year of the women. My boyfriend is a brother. The brother, it is more relationship brother.
The first time, of course, my favorite brother, the ninth grade of winter, in a room brother to boarding at the university, it was embraced. I love my brother from a small time, went with always behind. Love is, if you are unawares seedlings, I confessed to ninth grade in the spring to brother. Study also telling me politely, and I was happy.
The first person has only a brother, and had much thought. Brother, eyes to see me, had unawares changed in order to see the woman.
To say and go out to the friends and play, by being greeted by his brother, went to the room, where it was first signed. But was painful, slowly gently, it was his brother who depriving my virginity. Little, blood was also out. and pleased with, I spilled tears in his brother's chest. And I was for a while painful and tingling, but it also eliminates, we overlaid the brother and secret meeting date.
It enters the high school, and cute blazer and pleated skirt of houndstooth pattern look good, makes praise. daily bread and show will have to wear stacked, but in a date with his brother, it does not. Brother it is also because I also hate.
Before the summer, you may have touched gently the ass by train. The fear, it was not directed. When speaking it, and me to Mei Mei, was Poro~tsu and tears in his brother's chest.
My knee on a 10 cm of white legs in skirt, brother I want love.
My brother from a distance, you came by car after school dating. Gently by change of clothes, to enter the hotel.
Brother, to try various Positions at me, told me. I still, either positive-level with views of the brother of the face, like from the back.
In the summer of birthday, my brother bought me a set of underwear. At the shop that was the two people, it was me choose.
By connecting a brother and hand, I like Runrun and dating.
Brother of the room, and embraced in bed, while wearing a uniform, is taken off gently panty that has been present from the skirt, and leave the panties to thigh of one leg, widened the legs, to fill my pussy to face will continue. First time I acme was, it was tongue of the brother. Gently, will lick over there. Clitoris, the tip of the tongue in, I will roll. Good feelings even happened anymore, I will run throughout the body.
Also in my class, and the story of the relationship of good child, experienced child seems're fine. The girl each other, I will also boy story. The Maybe you embraced him yesterday, and Maybe you attached a hickey on the chest, also can have a child to come put a Band-Aid on the scruff of the neck, and Toka first drank his stuff, it is quite specific.
In the game center, brother in always UFO catcher, something one is me taking always. To enter the back of the photo booth, Toka or hugging each other and hiding, and Toka or kiss, takes brother it in the photo booth. Me and hugged from behind, and raised the pleated skirt, until the photo booth that was a glimpse a cute panty of thin pink, brother takes to mean. Secretly, brother Lower the jeans, I was also or give in a little including those that became big brother in it.
Even in karaoke, at the position to become private room of blind spot, secretly, it was raised included. And do not settle down, brother, you took me to the hallway. And by secretly Tsurekon me in the back of the men's toilet cubicle, Hear, hear, pounding, I a little scary, and show what became larger. And though larger hard, it is not how it seemed cute is when you look at others of his brother. And in crouched down, to bring to Blow things brother. The last minute but can not, brother will issue in my mouth. It is of me to say that'm good to put out, but give drink properly. Also, while pounding, you jump out aligned two private rooms.
I at the time of the physiology, the way home from school, in the car of pachinko shop parking, you give to Blow things brother.
It is I like the likes a way to not brother. My brother is my boyfriend. Also to my friends, I have been teaching only that there are his older nice. It is said to be want to meet, but this just is a little ... subtle date with upcoming brother is after-school day after tomorrow. Is fun.

Like a newlywed

My son Yosuke (22 years old) got a job in a rural area, and I (43 years old) moved to the neighboring town and started working so that I could follow suit. Another year has passed since the relationship between Yosuke and men and women. I am said to be very similar to the female leader of a political party. Yosuke also says that it's better. Since I was a good parent and child, now they come back to my room properly before the weekend, and it seems like a newlywed's life on the weekend. I can talk without hiding anything. So is the body. Yosuke also answers the exact position of the mole on my body. That's the proof that he loves my body carefully. Yosuke knows about my lunar cycle and even the cycle of menstruation. At the drugstore, you shop together, Yosuke pays for condoms, I pay for tampons and napkins, and Yosuke goes to the cashier to pay. I'm away because it's embarrassing, but ... Until then, I was only able to meet a pale man, and when and where Yosuke learned how to please a woman's body, lead Yosuke from the beginning. I was asked to do it. In bed, I talked about Yosuke's childhood memories. I and my first experience talked in Yosuke's arm pillow, with the exchange condition of talking about Yosuke's own experience. Yosuke is with a classmate girl in the summer of 17 o'clock. I was 16 years old in the fall with him when I was a college student four years older. For the first time, I got it ... On my birthday, I celebrated each other with a small cake, fed them with a fork, and licked the cream around my mouth.Yosuke, who holds me, praises me that the woman's voice at that time was very good. I don't know because I'm crazy about it, but it seems to be intriguing. If I also put Yosuke's big and hard penis in my mouth and give a blow job, Yosuke's voice will also be punished. If you can't see it, here and there, Yosuke puts a kiss mark on my skin. Not only the chest but also the white inner thighs. Yosuke always makes me squid with cunnilingus. Trace the inside of the pale pink petals, which are said to be beautiful, vertically with your tongue, and gently suck up the chestnuts in your mouth. He really, kindly, politely, takes the time to love him. I will also extend the hard tongue and insert it into the vagina. You will be absorbed in it while shaking your body in small steps. Holding hands, entwining fingers, enduring the desperate pleasure, I climb into a pure white space. Yosuke supports me as I climb. Even the overflowing love juice will be drunk. I couldn't imagine having my son lick me over there, but when I forgot the parent-child relationship and crossed the line between men and women, after all, it was a man and a woman. The woman's body is honest. I will love you including Yosuke's penis. And it gently inserts a long, hard penis deep inside my body. The pleasure of bending your back and not being able to escape hits your whole body. It reaches deep into the entrance of the uterus. It goes through a thin condom, but on days when it is said to be a safe day, it will be inserted raw. Of course, my promise to put it on my stomach continues to be kept with my fingers. But ... one day, I want to take the proof of Yosuke's love deep inside my body.Of course, when I'm on my period, I love Yosuke's penis. While making a man's voice, it releases a testimony to fill my mouth. I'll swallow every drop into the back of my throat. Until then, I couldn't drink men's stuff. My beloved Yosuke was willing to drink. Before the summer, we secretly went to buy sex toys that we were a little interested in. I was surprised that there are various types, but he bought me a so-called remote-controlled, jumping type. Immediately, I was pinpointed in chestnuts in my panties and dated a department store. When I forgot, Yosuke suddenly turned on the remote control. Unintentionally, I was about to make a voice, my lower back was weakened, and my knees were jerky. The low frequency sound is audible to the ear. Yosuke doesn't care even in an elevator with people. Already, the relationship between the panties is completely moistened over there. Wipe off the overflowing love juice in the toilet. Yosuke laughs that he needs a replacement panty. I couldn't be embarrassed to be a woman on top posture when I was stabbed from behind, but now I'm going to sit down on Yosuke. As a secret of only two people, Yosuke took a picture of what is called Gonzo with a handy camera. In a car in an unpopular parking lot, I took a picture of me doing a blowjob, and I was cunnilingus in bed. On weekends, I sleep on my bed with Yosuke. Throat lozenges are taken by mouth, and saliva is also taken by mouth.In the fall, as Yosuke had hoped for a long time, they shaved my underhair cleanly as a ritual for them. Originally it was thin, but the hair that I haven't shaved since it was born (it may be partially trimmed) has become beautiful and is completely visible. He loves that too. When I'm dating hand in hand and see a small child, Yosuke says I wish I had a child. In my heart, I want to have Yosuke's baby, and I want to have a crystal of love with Yosuke ... Today's Yosuke is out for business in the afternoon. I'll be back soon. I had a lot of love last night, but when I come back, I'm sure I'll be in bed.

The father of the devil

yuna himekawa[20084]
I, went back to home by divorce I Dreamed a Dream to get married.
My mother because there is bad respectability is said to not leave too much from the house I was living while the narrow think of shoulders.
Frustration If you do not go out to the outside dissatisfaction accumulate was also bulge to maximum. I've been Buttsuke unhappy with things.
When sleeping with aggravated the One day cold father came with the change of clothes and medicine.
\"How's cold condition is\" was measure the heat in my forehead to say.
\"Heat seems not so much, but I? Get dressed is Na great sweat\"
was wake me with.
I started out wipe takes a towel father When I wipe with a towel is \"I'll I'll wipe\" to expand the front of nightwear. The \"Do not withhold or not a parent-child\", \"dad thank you\" My father is Nugashi the pajamas \"pajamas also Kigaeyo because wet\" I became a figure of only panties, I do not originally bra wearing. My father began to wipe the breast around before Wipe the back and hips. To say \"breast Ya Hey beautiful, large\" we are wiped with obscene look. Because it After completion of the breast to touch the panty \"This also Kigaeyo because wet\" trying Nugaseyo panty \"Dad this is good\" was holding his father's hand and. But my father was trying to Nugaseyo assertive. Was allowed to take off in no \"really here is good for\" to say also hear ear. Father to my embarrassing part that became reveals was out wiped with a towel. This kind of figure you say? Te what you see mother. My father has peek to expand by hand the most embarrassing part. I say \"Oh still beautiful pussy Ya Na\" in the obscene words. Then my father has been out a pair two scan out off your pants. I've put it let me spread the big feet to say that it is \"to dad what\" \"What Ya do take this into you pussy\". Father in just the time was inserted. You have push assertive I did not wet. Purpose I was from the beginning this. Was committed to my father it was me.

And son

I was an ordinary woman of 39-year-old cross 1. Nowadays a large handle at the husband broke up in the physique ... son (Hitoshi) is fifth grade elementary school until yesterday, the're with a trace and pubic hair of wet dream to pants in like that hair also grows with the huntingtin I would be discovered. The worrisome enough to think if think it (look do not), and smell, and I have licked a trail of sperm. I remember the excitement in the taste of the long time of sperm. While himself in front of the washing machine and messing around with pussy out in the \"Jin ... Jin ...\" mouth was I have to masturbation. Enough to ever pussy reblogged would go now to wet wet.

Pounding date with my son

Five months have passed since I (42 years old) and my son Tomoki (21 years old, a member of society from April this year) have a relationship of overlapping skin and body beyond parent and child. Speaking of nature, it sounds good, but I lost to Tomoki's persuasion. Then, during the rainy season, I was held in the room where my son lived for the first time. Of course, in addition to my dear feelings as a son, I also had a feeling of love. In the deepening season, he took me on a date to see the autumn leaves. On that day, at the strong request of Tomoki, I wore flared skirts, boots, and garterless stockings up to the thighs. They snuggled up, folded their arms, and saw the autumn leaves of a temple in a strange town together. I kissed many times in places where no one was aware. Eat lunch at the shopping mall and date the store. When I got off the es or array, there was a lingerie shop. " I'll buy bras and panties." "No, it's embarrassing." I pulled my hand and forcibly entered the store. Tomoki chose and chose the color to my liking. I was very embarrassed to see the young woman in the shop glancing at me. Tomoki went to the cash register without hesitation and said that he was a present, and the clerk wrapped it in a pink paper bag and bought it. When I left the store, I said thank you and I was blushing. This is the first underwear that a man bought. Tomoki seems to have been thinking about various things. When I went up the stairs in the back, Tomoki hugged me there. I put my hand in the coat and dexterously removed the back hook of the bra. "Oh, I don't like it. What are you doing now?" "Let's walk with it removed."Tomoki is laughing. I regret it, but I can't hate it. There was a smoking room in the corner of the floor. Tomoki takes me into the smoking room. There was no one. Tomoki goes behind me. In my ear, "Panties, let's take it off," Tomoki puts her hand in my skirt. "Someone will come . " "It's okay. Before you come." Tomoki gently took off her thighs and ankles with her fingers on her panties. Somehow, I got sick and became uncomfortable. Tomoki put the panties she took off in her pocket. " No, give it back." I laugh and don't accept it. Being wearing no underwear, I walked through the shops on the floor as a secret only for the two of us. I took the escalator to the top floor, went to the stairs in the corner , and showed my bag as I was told , "Show me in my bag." The pouch inside always contains cosmetics and spare tampons. I took out the tampon and put it in my hand. I put my hand on that hand and held it together. "It's a date as it is. If you talk your hand, it will fall . " It's a mean date. You can't drop it while holding your hands tightly, so you can get more power. I was nervous and sweated. The hook of the bra was also removed, and the panties were also removed. I went down the stairs on the other end and the tampon returned. Then, from the pocket, a square wrapping ... is a condom.I put it in my hand, and this time I held it and walked. I can't relax. It is a mean Tomoki. Even when I entered the store, I couldn't loosen my hands. I came to the next staircase. I put the condom in my pocket, and Tomoki took out my panties, folded it small and neatly, and put it in my hand. I held my panties in my hands, held my hands, and walked on the floor. I was nervous and sweated. The good thing is that I can't let go of my hand, and I waved my hand back and forth. "I'm embarrassed." "I don't know ." I'm already nervous. At that time, maybe because of the tension, I wanted to go to the bathroom. "Can I go to the bathroom?" "I wonder if I should go too." The two headed to the bathroom at the back of the sports clothing store. If I didn't let go of it, I would be suspicious of people around me. Still, Tomoki keeps his hand. There was a bench in front of the arch of the restroom. Two people sat side by side there. "Anosa ..." "What happened?" "Maki pee, do I want to see" "Eh? Impossible impossible, It 's impossible." "Well, do not let go" do not let me stand me. It was patterned. I was a little patient and had a chill. "Let me go" "No" How long did such a time last? Some people were in and out of the bathroom in front of us. "No more ..."When I put up with it and looked down, he gently stroked my hair. Tomoki whispered in my ear. As I was reaching the limit of "showing" , I nodded unintentionally. After checking the signs around him, Tomoki stood up, pulled my hand, and passed through the arch of the restroom. Immediately after entering, there was a private room of a multipurpose toilet. The door was open. With my hand pulled, Tomoki quickly took him into the private room and closed the door. "It's okay," he hugged me, who seemed to be staggering, and let me sit on the toilet seat. "Show me" I was restless for a while, and nothing came out. Tomoki crouched down in front of me and gently stroked my hair. Choro ... That patience has disappeared. Shah ... I made a noise and peeed. Embarrassed, I hid my face with both hands. The pee flowed out so vigorously that I wondered how long it would last. It was embarrassing, embarrassing ... it was finally over, and Tomoki gently wiped me over there with paper. It was a mixture of embarrassment and kindness. Tomoki was Tomoki and seemed to have a man's estrus. I let my hands touch the bulging lower body through my jeans. "Lick" "Eh? Here?" "It's okay because it doesn't come in." Tomoki lowered his jeans and his trunks. In front of me was a stiff, large, engorged penis.I gently put Tomoki's penis between Rouge's lips and included it. I heard Tomoki's man's voice. Outside the door, I could hear the sound of women's shoes going in and out of the bathroom. Although I was thrilled, I made it slow, including Tomoki's penis. Tomoki was taking out the condom from his pocket. "Eh?" I took my penis away from my mouth and saw Tomoki. "I can't stand it ..." Tomoki wore a condom on a hard, long penis. "Someone will come." "Put up your voice." I made me stand up and stand backwards toward the railing. Tomoki stroked my finger over there. "Voice comes out ..." Tomoki went forward and inserted a penis from behind into me. "Ah ... no, ah ..." "Don't speak out." I closed my mouth myself. From behind, Tomoki stabbed hard all the way to the back. Even if I put up with it, my voice still leaked. Tomoki pokes at her, holding her hips down and attracting her to herself. "Ah ... oh ... uh ..." From behind, the inside of my vagina was so good that I really felt it. The tension and the pleasure were mixed, and the pleasure eventually prevailed, and I desperately put up with the pleasure and voice. "Iku ..." Tomoki released deep inside me, separated by a very thin skin. Dokudoku ... I could clearly see the flow out in my body. When the penis was pulled out, I felt like a wind cave had opened.Tomoki took a condom and wiped it with paper, and I had a jerky waist and a laughing knee. After processing, Tomoki wrapped it in a trash can in the corner and threw it away. Turning around me, Tomoki also gently wiped me over there with paper. The overflowing joy juice seemed to reach the thighs. Tomoki hugged me tightly. It was whispered in my ear . "Maki ... it was really good." I was embarrassed and buried my face in Tomoki's chest. He held his chin, raised his face and gave a hot kiss. Tomoki hugged me from behind, trimming my skirt and hair in the mirror. Tomoki smiled at me in the mirror. "Embarrassing ..." He stroked my hair, which turned my eyes away. "Let's get out" I nod. I'm still a little staggering at my feet. Tomoki supported me by putting my hand around my waist. Tomoki checks the signs of people, unlocks them, and gently opens the door. The two left the private room with their hips supported. Fortunately, no one was there when I held hands and left the arch. Tomoki and I walked down the floor as if nothing had happened. "How was it?" Tomoki whispered nastyly in her ear. "Are you excited?" "Yeah ..." I was embarrassed and excited, I couldn't raise my face for a while, and I couldn't see Tomoki's face. This was my first experience outside of bed. That is also with my son Tomoki. Tomoki also said that. Take the escalator down to the first floor"Would you like to try again?" Tomoki said, nasty. Kokuri, I nodded. When I left the mall, I was still wearing no underwear, and my panties were in Tomoki's pocket. The place other than the second bed was last week ... I was quickly taken by Tomoki and stabbed from behind in a private room of an empty men's toilet on the first floor of a foreign hotel in front of a station. It's a scary time when I'm almost drowning in thrilling sex.

Me and son

Son-in-law for me (Musumemuko is) now dear people.
In fact, it had been thought that bad to daughter, and I had with him and the physical relationship.
And to me, I still 44-year-old that there is physiological. Daughter 22 years old.
He, rather than a daughter and sex with 27-year-old, and it is a good feeling to be with me, but dove because one would have been known to daughter ...

Daughter of father and daughter family

My mother left home when I was in elementary school, so my father and I were alone. I was lonely, so I always stayed with my father when I went to bed and when I took a bath. I knew from elementary school 3 that my father was comforting with his hands in the middle of the night, and from that time I knew that a man would stand up when he saw an erotic photo. When I was about 5 years old, I often saw my father standing in the bath. My dad did that because of my grown-up body, which made me a little happy. I asked my father to buy sanitary napkins and bras. I take a bath with my dad every day, so he knows everything about my body. Thinking about moles in places that other people couldn't see, or hair that had grown slightly, I could talk to my dad about anything embarrassing or uncomfortable. I've had my dad wash my body in the bath since I was little. But I never washed my dad's body. In the summer of elementary school 6, I told my father this. "Daddy, I'll wash my body." My father looked confused for a moment, but he said , "Then, I'll ask you," and sat down on a chair in the bathroom. After washing my back and arms, I did this. "Daddy, stand up because there's something I can't wash." "Where?" "Before ." " That's fine." "Silly, dad is washing me again."" Well, " I whipped the soap with my bare hands and rubbed it with one hand, holding my father's hardened stuff. I tried to imitate that movement that my father was doing in the middle of the night. "Oh, that's okay." My father's hips seemed to stagger a little. "I know. What Dad is doing in the middle of the night." "That ... uh, it comes out." A liquid with a unique slimy texture splattered on my face and chest. "It feels good, thank you. Wash it well." Since then, I've been able to talk to my dad more and more. My dad and I began to hug each other in the futon, touch each other's bodies, and kiss each other . My dad's tongue stimulates my sensitive parts and I put my dad's in my mouth. It didn't take long for me to feel the pleasure of penetrating the core of my body. In the winter of 6th grade, I decided to give my body to my father. On Christmas Eve night, caressing as usual, he said to his father in the futon. "Daddy, I want a younger brother. It's just like daddy." "But I can't because I don't have a mom." "I can't do it. " "Eh ..." "Joke, joke. But I want to be daddy." "Do you want to? " Sex" "..." "I decided to give it to my dad ." "I don't have rubber today.""I don't want to use rubber to be my dad, I 'd rather go straight to it. " "But ... it's dangerous." "It's okay if I go outside." My father looked confused for a while and said, "I understand. "Thank you." My dad buried his face in the base of my leg and screwed the tip of my tongue all the way in. My entrance became sticky with my father's spit. And my dad told me to lie on his back and relax his legs. My dad grabbed my ankle and lifted it with my legs open. A hard object was pressed against the entrance, and I felt it was slightly expanded. Then, I felt something pinched, and I felt a tingling pain in the back near my butt. The next moment, I found that my father's hip bone hit his thigh and slipped all the way in. As my father slowly moved his hips, he hit the back of his stomach with Zunsun. Suddenly, my dad made a low voice, "Ugh," and let go of my body. When my father put his hand on it and squeezed it lightly, a sticky liquid popped out from the tip. Pup, Pyu, Pyu, three times, scattered from the top of my stomach to my chest. Compared to when I saw it in the bath before, the amount and the way of flying were completely different. Then every night, I kept being held by my father. I've studied about safety days and let him die until the end. I did it almost every night for 13 years until the night before my wedding, except during my period. It's been about three years since we got married, but our couple couldn't have children.My husband doesn't have much desire for that, about twice a week. I've been doing it for another year without contraception, but I can't. My husband's blood type is the same as my father's O type. I invited my father for the first time in a while. "Daddy, I remember what I said when I was in elementary school." "What?" "I want a younger brother who looks just like my dad." "Oh, I remember." "I want to do that from now on . " "..." "Already I've been doing it every night for three years, but it's no good. It's less frequent and less than my dad's . " " If you're told ... " " It's okay, because the blood type is the same O. It's just near the day of ovulation. " my father, show always when I was a H of invitation from an earlier, had a little thought and a little puzzled face, " Okay, there is one hope from the daddy " " what things? " " tooth I'd like you to take a video of what I'm doing. "It was a little unexpected story, so I was at a loss this time, but it's OK. My dad and I will enjoy the reunion on the futon for the first time in three years. My father seemed to be a woman after a long time. The body of my father, who was trained by physical labor, is so tight that I can't think he is in his fifties, and he stands well and is bigger than his husband. My husband's is short and I can't get the stimulus to poke the back of my abdomen, but my father's is long so I feel like I'm being stabbed in the back of my womb.I had my father put a lot of seeds in the back, but after all it is different from my husband in terms of the amount of semen. It leaks little by little until the next morning and the underwear gets dirty. If this is the case. .. .. bingo. The next period was delayed, and when I bought a diagnostic drug and inspected it, the letter "+" came out. When I reported it to my husband, he was pleased. The child is a girl, 5 years old, and the younger child is a boy, 3 years old, who received seeds from his father. Even now, I sometimes take care of my father. After giving birth to the second child, I added an IUD so I don't have to worry about contraception. My dad seems to comfort me by watching the videos I took from time to time. I'm glad I was able to be a filial piety.

Thing with your brother

Nice to meet you. In awakening to etch at the time of my small 6, if you are addicted to cum pleasure and futzing chestnut alone. That day in his room, but that day is fallen into disorder than usual, I had immersed in pleasure in feeling and me and even copper anymore really Become a naked, the line of sight. . . Brother!
And suffered a back and futon. What your brother you are still standing there? What is Tsuyoga~tsu. But the feeling brother that does not care, and by removing roll up the futon approaching me. Kiss suddenly. And over there that gets wet full of finger, head and I just was Kakimawasa assertive two or three times is pure white, I ask anymore over there that has continued Gyuggyu~tsu and tightening Iki breath face and finger to your brother has been曝only issued and without only. Had gone begging to be put to the brother from me. And I've led. Though was very embarrassed, wonder if good memories?
Now, will be glad to smell a lot of etch in embarrassing smell of dick of love leaking each time it is Kakimawasa in full spread.

Christmas Day

This year, Christmas and New Year is,
in '23 before the event from there I am close, was just Christmas Day. Father and brother when I was a younger sister and me.
Four people, the bird thigh, the \"champagne\" while eating, and enjoys drinking, and I had. \"In four, eight,\" It is also the drinking.
Consciousness, I've been twilight. \"Now,\" I remember when sleeping pills is, I had entered. Sister and I, to Yo are holding suffering, is to the bedroom of the room is, I laid the. Me and sister, in the naked, it is to the futon, slept. My father, me, and holding, the waist, move are you \"sister\" also \"to brother\" the same kind of thing, I had been. That day, two people, I was crying. Sister, until graduating from high school, and I embrace of. Sister, graduating from high school you, with two people, I the house, came out.

Hidden Dori

Gonzo image board - an image that you are brother and etch the image channel had been placed. It had placed a lot in Sakana-ko.
It is embarrassing when I think I had seen a lot of people.
This image is embarrassing amazing to think that there are people who masturbation while watching.

That you dont

I am currently 40 years old, son became the other day 23-year-old.
I, thirst for knowledge is a strong from a long time ago, I was peeping from when small my mother had the audience and the sex of the snack that was management.
Because my mother was screaming to me \"comfortably Yee Tsu ~!\", Was first experience and boyfriend of the mother at the time of the sixth grade because I wanted to try to have sex.
Because was not pleasant and I asked my mother to me, \"Maybe only the first hurts\". So, then I remember also pleasure experienced with many people.
But I had a finally pregnant in high school, and gave birth to son dropped out.
Though the son is born one year had been devoted to the upbringing of his son, while the help of mother of snacks at night, during the day and take care of my son, and got a high school graduate qualifications in communication education.
It is has become a habit, I took a variety of qualifications at Toka communication education. While working for the mother of the snack, I was the audience and sex shops.
Son had been only the president's 70 too much for a period of time of time of kindergarten.
And though long been impossible, overjoyed by revival in my learned massage. Now also asked to buy a downtown apartment 4DK living,
I had put out also launch funds of shops that takes advantage of qualification. Son was when the sixth grade.
When you went to the bath alone back home from the shop late at night, I came suddenly son. It was another son that I and stature grew up in much together,
and if we still give wash your body is thought that I want graces mother, I was suddenly erection. Also might it is correct representation of engorgement small.
The holding'll and trembling and Bikun been, was ejaculation as soon as I'll example mouth licking the tip of popping out was the glans and Chiro~tsu and screaming as \"A~tsu!\" in the mouth.
Then it was raised drinking by example sucking in the bath from time to time. By the time it became junior high school one year, it was no longer withered immediately even out once.
It is Dakitsuka, and gave my body is begging desperately, \"I want to I also\".
\"Sex is intended to enjoy, useless due to be forced,\" \"When you can not stand it accumulated absolutely tell me\" it was taught that.
And, how to Yorokoba of woman, enjoy in various Positions, I was taught also contraceptive method. By the time of the junior high school three years there was also that was also asked more than 5 times in one night.
Morning o'clock 4 When you noticed, a little sleeping, was going to work in the shop properly. Although since I became a high school son also had sex to make her,
still also asked my body in week one. And even if the college student. I am also enjoying both Saffle while enjoying a son.
Son also it knew, because me embrace while \"Now opponent's? Make me happy\" come kidding Nante,
\"Thou, Chants of is to satisfy me?\" And then switched. Sex Nante ones enjoy men and women, it is out of the question Nante drown in it.
Do you think that it does not matter Even between the parent and child if enjoy with moderation.
At a time when there has been a growing most libido of boys rather, I think also a love as a mother of'll accept.

Father in law

Married at the age of 21, died at her husband accident the following year a child is born, then we are living with the parents of the husband. July, I was committed to the father-in-law. Mother-in-law went on the trip with friends, after sending their children to nursery school, it was when I went to pick up the laundry room of the father-in-law. When turned around to what care while taking the laundry in closet, I had a peek inside of skirt and grabbed the hem of the skirt while father-in-law is sleeping on futon. Eyes fit lump both of whom moment, father-in-law has been hug stood up immediately. Been naked come overhanging the father-in-law is laid on futon .... Father-in-law is muscular with big in physical labor. Even if resistance to, all forces are not fulfilled, it was not me \"No, No, Stop it\" stop no matter what the say. What surprised me was the, the father-in-law is that sustainability in Cock was not odd. Put been, likely a uterus sense at first a little painful to be pushed up salmon, halfway from the no pleasure of that you have experienced. At first, though was crying, \"Oh!\" From the middle me out embarrassed voice, it was eventually rolled gasp loudly incredibly myself. It becomes squid has been stupor, was issued a sperm in is further poked in the Cock. Then, once or twice a month, I am going to father-in-law and the love hotel.