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Incest confession of women(2018-12)

Son's wish

yuna himekawa[32720]
A few days ago, my son, a college student, returned home. It was my first time in three years to return home. Since I entered a distant university, I never returned home, but after my husband passed away in a sudden traffic accident, it seems that I was worried about my depression. Last night, I had a drink with my son for the first time and talked a lot. The story bounced and it became her story, but it didn't seem to be at all. I thought my son was pretty good, but he said he had never had a relationship with a woman. I've always liked my mom and I was worried about her depressed mom. And, with encouragement at me, he told me over the kind words. As I got drunk, I decided to talk while sleeping, so I decided to sleep in the same room. He told me that I would live alone, and after graduating from college, I would come back and live with me. However, when I was young, I told him to make my dream come true in the city, but on the other hand I was happy. At that time, as soon as my son asked me to sleep with my futon, I sneaked into my futon and hugged me from behind. I love my mom, she said that hugging her was my number one wish, and I hugged her tightly. Suddenly, I was surprised and told him to stop doing what he did, but he couldn't refuse.My son's hard thing hits me. When I thought so, my physical strength was weakened.

Back Tanka twitter

[Back tanka] father is entered in the long-term vacation  increased rush me every night

Mom also alone?

Nice to meet you. It is students. 5 times has masturbation every day. Also it has increased the number of times since the beginning of the winter break. I wrote I To No way to look at Manami's writing and the other women of the comment. In fact, you may over there of the hair is attached to the bathtub. The overall curly my hair it's taking a different light and curls. No way Have you mom you have masturbation in bathtub? But I do not believe Mom to masturbation, there is no way in the mood.


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Yankee brother

It's troubled brother of 18-year-old. My brother did not have ears hear in mind many times have Bakka nightlife not adhere to a regular job in the Yankee. Such brother \"sister'm I a recently woman drought, so I let me do it one-shot\" \"You're, what a fool are you doing to say\" I \"ey do it because good\" become a horseback riding pushing me stripped the clothes chest Ya is touch the crotch, it was put from behind to lift the ass to me in a prone position. I've had that feeling in the sex of the woman to blunder in violent turn cock in me. To say \"I do not issued during\" only this was enough to do. Cock of the next moment brother has been ejaculation is placed in the mouth. Smell the smell of semen was discharged your mouth full is issued immediately. Involuntarily stimulated with cock the part that I feel are placed again we would shout \"A feel ~\". Fellowship last in various Positions I have I have caught the younger brother of semen on the body. And also brought up the daughter sister brother worked seriously brother gave birth to a girl after 10 months.

Sumie's plump MILF

Sumie's date with today's son is or would have been how. It was newly erected since past 100.

I want to seriously answer

I want to think the worries are not I the story interested in making. It is not required in the specific story. The first place do you write obscene contents of trouble? I'd like to discuss what to do. Let your worries heard.

How can I

Is on hiatus does not sunny care. High school one year boy, is a single mother who is the girl of the junior high school two years. It is that a few days ago. The folded's laundry I, such that when the took to the children of the room, but we noticed that garbage is falling under the daughter of bed. When I picked up, it was out bags of condoms. Seal did not have the contents have been turned off. Head was confused. No junior high school sophomore girls with? Daughter did to someone and sex in the house? Without the courage to interrogate the daughter, should I do?

Son and husband ... daughter

At that time I was 42 years old and my husband was the same age. Son 13 (Medium 2) daughter is 11 (small 5) of I think it was you husband for work, travel a lot, I'm a local civil servants living in my parents' home, take care of the children to the mother had asked to help It was. My husband went home on the weekend, so it was a family gathering including my mother-in-law . However, we and our spouse had a secret that we couldn't tell others. It was my husband's hobby that I took pictures and videos of the couple's activities , saved them on my PC, and later watched them together. To be honest, I didn't want to see it too much, but I participated in the form of dating my husband . At first ... I'm naked at home, in my son's and daughter's room, exposing my penis and in the garden, and of course, with my husband There are also images of the combined genital area and the image of the husband's penis smiling and eating. My husband kept those images and videos in the area where PW of the PC is needed. Life is busy, but it's been going well. My son is also taking the high school exam, but he has been unofficially announced that he will go on to sports, and his daughter has successfully reached the menarche. My husband came back on the weekend and I was about to finish my period, so it burned more than usual and I took pictures at home. I took a drink with the garden and neighborhood. The next day, my husband was organizing the photos and videos he had taken on his PC.That night. My son may have seen images from my husband. Was said.

Dyed in father-in-law color

I am a 33 year old housewife. My mother-in-law died in April of this year. My husband asked me to take care of my father-in-law who lives in the neighborhood, and I went there about four days a week . My father-in-law was a man who couldn't cook or wash because he was left to his deceased mother-in-law . In the morning, I finished my house affairs, went shopping, went to my father-in-law's house, cooked meals for lunch and night, and did the laundry. When I was washing in the kitchen, I was hugged by my father-in-law from behind and touched my chest . I "Do you your father-in-law's what the" father-in-law "Do no longer unbearable I watched Miyoko's from behind, because good at Miyoko once, Do not, because it asks" father-in-law was a muscular physique difference with my husband in 59 years .. I have been sexless with my husband for 3 years and have forgotten a woman. I was comforting myself by masturbating while having a delusion of being held by my father-in-law almost every night . I was held by my father-in-law and taken to the bedroom. I was just a form of resistance. When all my clothes were taken off and I kissed and extended my tongue, my father-in-law also got entangled and welcomed my father-in-law's penis without wearing rubber. My father-in-law's penis was fine and I was taught the joy of a woman I had forgotten by my father-in-law . I was excited to hear the woman's voice to my father-in-law. I have poured my father-in-law's semen deep into my vagina.I think it's a safe day, but when my father-in-law left me, hot semen overflowed from inside . I grabbed my dirty penis, licked it, cleaned it, and swallowed the remaining juice . My father-in-law was repeatedly told during sex that "Miyoko is beautiful, cute yo" and I was happy and hugged my father-in-law. After that, I took a bath with my father-in-law and sent a line to my husband, "I'm going to eat with my father-in-law tonight, so please do it outside ." After finishing the meal, I was embraced by my father-in-law. Once I knew my father-in-law's penis, I couldn't stop my body anymore. I took the second semen with my mouth and drank it. I wasn't satisfied and I showed masturbation in front of my father-in-law and took a video .

She while sister

I write because it is here. I am a 20-year-old currently attending design school. Do not talk to anyone, but was asked to sexual activity from little to elder brother become a junior high school student. I was depending reluctantly. Once was allowed to act is now an opportunity that leads to now. There is also the border several times of the act that I've become accustomed, we decided to accept businesslike. Unilateral unlike in the beginning, has changed in such a sex while less than to find it or ... 13-year-old pleasure as a woman. But I did not think that would continue if this remains the body purposes only. I know not the mettle of the more she can make to the brother. When you issue me himself become her proposal on the condition that \"until she can\", his brother was depending as twice reply. Conditions has continued the relationship still intact.

Second honeymoon

At the age of 25, my first marriage was a year ago. The other party is a senior from the same company and is 35 years old. He is neither a handsome person nor a person who can work. It seems to be a safety pie that is neither good nor bad for my colleague's girl, drinking party with two people is NG, multiple is OK, why such a man thinks I am There were many male colleagues I was aiming for. But after two years of dating, I also loved it. He took me for a drive, had a meal at a fancy restaurant on Christmas, and was happy to receive a necklace and earrings on his birthday. And last spring, I had a physical relationship before getting married , until I proposed in the Ferris wheel . I went from my parents' house to work, and he lived alone in an apartment, so it was customary to go to his apartment after a date. His bed was always clean to hold me and a condom was in the chest of drawers near the bed. He likes to caress my body with his mouth and tongue, and the cunnilingus never got tired of it for an hour. However, I've been asking for his penis from me several times, wondering if it would end early in pain. He misunderstood that my act loved me, but if I pretended to feel or didn't want him to see my face too much, he would sit on me I was clinging to his neck and turning away while waving. (Oh, he'll be there soon, a little more patience.) Tell yourself.Still, 90% after the date was able to return to escape without incident. He just forgave me in his mid-thirties, and I think he thought he wouldn't get married anymore. The biggest pain was during my honeymoon in Australia. Because when I was alone with him, he wasn't for sightseeing, but for my body and sex. Yes, it was a sex trip, not a honeymoon. Still, I made a lot of efforts to like him. I quit my job and bought a book and went to a cooking class to cook delicious food. I made an effort to do the housework of cooking and laundry perfectly, but I only think about my father after spending time. It was my father who lost my mother when I was little and raised me. I have had a physical relationship with my father since I was 15 years old. I was looking forward to my father coming home from work early from junior high school. After the physical relationship was established, it accelerated, and after having dinner together, I started taking a bath together, and the futon was the same, and I slept until morning every day. At that time, my father was only 40 years old, and he was physically fit and always satisfied with me. On my days off, I went to parks, drives, and amusement parks with my dad, and even went shopping at a nearby supermarket. I gently put a condom box in my dad's shopping basket, and my dad's face was still laughing. I liked it and that was the method of contraception. When I was in high school, I still wanted my father's penis to be raw, and I had him hold it only once, pretending to be a safe day. However, I became pregnant at that one time and was persuaded by my father to fall.That night I and my dad hugged each other and cried all night. Then I started taking contraceptives and accepted my father's penis live. My father told me that I shouldn't stay like this when I became a college student and a member of society, and I married him, but I kept silently taking contraceptives. Even after I got married, I couldn't break my relationship with my father, and I met him twice a month and was embraced. It didn't feel good at that time, nor was it a comparison of sex with him. Then, sex with him gradually became painful, and I told him to divorce. He visited me so many times, but he wasn't the son of his father. He returned home silently, but he came many times. Every time my dad returned him, he said, "I'm sorry, I think I'll explain it soon." And about a year after he got married, he called him to his parents' house. He told him to wait in the living room and he came to the next guest room. At that time I was already naked on the duvet in the next room and my dad soon came and got naked and covered me. There was a fusuma between the living room and the guest room, and I opened it when my dad's penis came inside me. He looked at us astonishingly, but he seems to be convinced. In October, I paid a large amount of compensation and had the divorce paper stamped. And in November, I went on my second honeymoon with my father. It was a week-long trip to Okinawa, but I was always naked in the room without leaving the room except for meals.I had the room cleaned specially at the time of meal, and there was no sightseeing at all. After returning to my parents' house, I stopped taking contraceptives, and now I can't wait to have my father's child, and I'm working hard every night to make children.

27-year-old squirming dick

I am a housewife of 55 years old. My husband and was bedridden state in the fallen body is paralyzed by a year ago Noh infarction, was comforted in his day and night increased libido after the menopause. And witnessed the treatment you are a son masturbation night to 27-year-old, had been rubbing the勃Tsu penis arouses in the lower body naked. Pounding to have and son and eyes peek while fit opened the door close while saying, \"Do someone have to.\" Look at me you are sitting a penis that was warped \"I me e This mouth wonder had seen\" has been pressed against the lips. Mouth enigmatic, may make mistakes will go until the end if you get mouth, but I was conflict and the like had been caressed by example sucking the penis lost the sexual desire. The son of semen was swallowed received by your mouth. Young men of semen is delicious and rich, I was put in a Chitsuana a healthy penis after a long time even if ejaculation.