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Incest confession of women(2006-12)

After this year, one day it tomorrow!

Currently, I live with my son, mother and child at home, about two years have passed.
But during the past two years, two things had happened to the people speak.
I had a divorce, when the son was still in high school, I was at the age of 39.
If the female high school students interested in age, but it is a normal physiological phenomenon commonplace if not it boys! I knew I was in for when I knew that person, of course, at first surprise and joy honest, I felt. But maybe my son? ! Intuition that for the first time. Again the first woman in my son, and asked what a good mother to my son, my son nodded in silence. Look at their son's earnest gaze, and conviction for serious. I was good there'll answer this. Later on today, Tsu, right? ! Sun also dangerous - though speaking from Tsu and wait here, my way, my son away from my original feeling, if you use a rubber And I am prepared also for the first time my son to decide, is linked to the son.

Women of similar age

yuna himekawa[3492]
居Masu approaching the end of the year, then things three years ago, I was 14 years old 36 years old son. During the 12-year-old 6th grade son to divorce, single mothers now. Reason for divorce was a common man's affair. The only cheating if you 許Semashita, it was from a pregnant woman, 許Senakutsu, I received a large amount of alimony to the claim. But it turned out after a few months pregnant with me. I recall speaking with men, only son of the 6th grade. After the divorce, my son and my son in spite of six small advances, as is his son, and my first experience with were the strongholds in my womb. Followed later, but the sex is of my 36 children 身篭Tsu 仕舞Tta to his son. In the world, but will definitely prohibited, the land was transferred to our parents do not know about the pregnancy immediately uncovered, 身篭Tta child, then the body integrity was born safely. My parents, the son of former times and break it, bore with a lie. But this 間違I無Ku child is a child of his son.


I live in Mie Prefecture, third-year junior high school (a family of three) is an only child.
Father Hisashi Yoshi is a bright and happy father I always thought the best thing.
Now I'm building my home MY HOME. I think I still ...
Caring father to write, so tender ... finally feeling settled.
But that rainy day when returning from school by bike ... score - I'm a 様U panel of the rain back home from your socks to become head Bitabita. There was a test my father work off because of rain - bi person in Brno - Le drank.
I came running with my father saw me a towel wet from the rain.
I have to worry about a serious illness before 'take off early from catching a cold wipe' and. Father and truly put the hanger until uniform underwear wipe off your body 脱Gezu uniform - at times, and we're going to hug my father and from an Unexpected cold from behind.
With the binding arms behind back to doing his father from behind and agricultural Hijikata jokingly refused to be so very bad feeling in your underwear and chopped Even with my father much trouble releasing the force.
Sai ... full of tears I'm sorry it happened when I remember that I started scratching the intention is still calm, Saki writes here at a later date. The reason I write is to avenge his father.
All written Yarimasu uncovered.


Four times a week until today puppet is committed to his brother this summer I am to sex, except Sun danger is topic in raw, so Neru painful to wear and use a condom penis brother I Shinano Nakade are there 18 cm I feel the best is good all the way to reach and put your foot in the mouth come to the hairs, but it Blow last night feeling good about the penis of the penis rather than his brother, a boyfriend 居Masu I was younger I gave up shaving penis cute Then it was really annoying when you are wearing the skin is a false phimosis so shiny to be my sister this morning, my brother is really cute like a penis in elementary school hair I have sex with his brother and then a crane crane this morning will I'll make shiny even my boyfriend, so I meet up with my boyfriend today is feeling cute choker but weird say so myself had tea shave I also been told by It sounds good out no more overflowing

Unexpected pleasure

My husband did not last.
Was looking at a magazine in my bed, his son appeared in the bedroom door opened slowly trunks.
"Mom, I promise it's time"
I could not understand what you mean son.
"What?" The atmosphere is not the only thing 感Ji取Remashita confusing.
"Did you forget?" He sat on my bed she said, "Mom used to, but when I asked, and boy, you said I can not, I'm 20 now, so today, my mother receive "
While I desperately resisted, following in the memory of the past round and round in my head, when suddenly one of the sons, SEX reminded me of a teased.
But I had been in vain resistance panties one breast was grabbed brute force, reason and circulated throughout the body is wet tongue crawl over there on the contrary, his son came from a gap of split panties including two gripping fingers slip, my son has been to stimulate pressure points and I gleefully pounding.
"Ha hit, Damn, I shook, Well now, pardon Shitee ~"
The plan was losing consciousness was the reason, repetitive seizures without permission body, lower body had become covered up embarrassing love juice.
I was filled with a sense of humiliation. I had little trouble reaching orgasm on the important parts of a woman played with her son and only child I had spent time on the resistance.
Did you feel the place is also futile to resist anymore.
A proud son has been a push from behind my penis Sosori立Tta prone. Pierce, but really rhythmically, but the momentum accumulated expired grandfather had various things I thought was not pick Tasu more deeply into the uterus a few minutes, but my pace still young.

Since then, his son and has not yet to know the state I have heard my son a chance, be sure to think of would have been played with in the near future.

My discourse incest

Every day was followed by comfort with vibrator and then secretly bought her husband away from home.
Acts in the bedroom curtains closed while the children went to school were routinely mixed and guilty pleasure and.
Son came in and suddenly immersed in the afterglow that followed reached a climax on the bed of one day or many times.
I saw all said to come back to the school to leave early fever.
I'm getting my body Mushaburitsui son could not resist.
I've accepted my son moving.
The 15-year-old son's genitals 貫Kimashita larger than my husband's strong.
Reached a peak when the tears came out with my son to behave wildly control.

In the event Kadoya

By the time I get to college I really ejaculate three and a half and rub raw inserted into the vagina of the mother without the pretty skin of premature ejaculation.
Complaints without spilling a single mother as well for me, follow me gently. There is also the risk of pregnancy when inserted into the skin of the mother must be put, smoking sedentary mother tongue, remove the skin quickly becomes so far out, get my mother rushed to his mouth, I had to take the mother's throat in a gentle spirit. Mother suck sperm splashes violently throbbing in me as me as it is swallowed. I do not drink semen mother was convinced that I like to own it, right after kissing her mother when ejaculation, the semen was left in my mouth a little bit in the mouth of the mother goes into it sometimes swallowed. That's when I could not resist the feeling that as a rough sticking to his throat, I remember it still felt like throwing up.
Always thinking of something like that often swallow mother, and implicitly to ask, "You just drink the semen. I never drank in my father." "At first, like you and I thought I was drinking, but the penalty for my sins were especially now that it turned into joy. I really like the look of your feeling that moment, "I say, I never It was not to blame for premature ejaculation. But, not satisfied with my never having sex with mother was not known. To caress the clitoris is a lot of time was spent, such as excavate deep orgasm that was to later learn that was not yet experienced. I hit the blind passion of the body and letting the young mother, staying home when my mother was in playing with all the time. Middle of studying for exam, my mother often Mogurikomi under my desk, made me interfere with removal of the insects may be studied in their mouth.
My mother, "revealing in contact with the" not subjected to training, I successfully passed the university was then boarding. Two and a half hours from home to the University by bus and trains, at a distance but never did attend, I am the mother and collusion, and you acknowledge that let go from his father boarding up for negotiation.
I told the cost of living is to make your own size, half my mother was still out of me. It was a boarding house with just my mother's love nest. The flowering of the mother was in great sex with a boarding house of this very active. My mother cleaned once a week boarding house in the name of the laundry, I will visit and stay away from home on business when his father came to stay with lodging. Why not put something up soon visit my lodgings, by the time the fourth year of the year 1 / 3 think about as I was living in a boarding house and two people.
The boarding house was rented house in a big mansion falls Kadoya distant home. I lived in a mansion in the old couple falls 大伯母 father, I was just like a gatekeeper of the house. My mother soon became friends with the elderly couple, 無聊 comfort and flowers for tea and I was handy while.
When staying at a boarding house for my mother, and ask the landlord before going back to the old couple Akuru Sun, and whispering from the 大伯母, "It's my son a little better watch out. Pulled her into a room these days seems crowded.'d heard a strange voice Kadoya 通Rikakattara happened last night near the truth, "that seems to whisper. Demashita mother was surprised and happy heart arm and a leg. "The concern is that I recently, I have a room to make a surprise visit more frequently than ever before. Son but mum, I'll do that one day the woman grabbed the tail," in response to I've said he. My mother is strong. To some of the wit and courage while my mother was very impressed. I had not an adult until it For some reason my mother felt when I heard that "woman" to feel intense passions, then binding arms behind back behind the mother had to get ready, the mother violently stripping clothes, was the second time lasted 情交 Sono Itsukaiti let my mother's mouth gagged bite.
Kadoya and living room in a big old mother that I have from my mother demanding kindly bestowed upon intimate "stop training dimension" for the next time I want to talk slowly.

Revealing touches

Authored by scholars of the Edo period Kaibara 益軒 "training regimen," a book that "touches revealing" the secrets of sex has been written that. "Revealing borders" is simply put, is that even if sex is not ejaculation. Ejaculation-who believe that sex is likely to think the inconsistent position, according to 益軒 Kaibara ejaculation is to promote physical deterioration took the energy of the man is a detriment to health. The act itself intertwined with the female body, however, are that action also very good mentally and physically, for men thus tasted the female body, smell, suck, pierced cooch in penis engorgement, ejaculation Listen and insists that it is best not to have sex nourishment and health.
Child sex is really saying many times in general. Drowning in action and go beyond the mother and infant, once wolf, have a tendency to indulge. Or are away from home away from home to his father, especially 生Ki別Re and mother and child all the time the case is not fit 死Ni別Re looking, tangled, and compete. "The cat ruttish I" like "beast" goes by more and more Nomerikon 爛Reta relationship looks like something very closely and expression. In this relationship, my mother than going to grow rapidly absorb the semen and the animation of a child, my son was deprived of her mother more and more vigor to the contrary, will be depleted of energy, there are many cases go sick . Rapidly discharging a son sperm vitality and the pleasure of the act of immoral mother eats meat, I will be eating away at body and mind.
When I began I love my mother say nuclear has become a captive of this evil chain, among Yase細Ri an instant, deprived went fine.
I heard from my mother who was worried for me, Kaibara 益軒 of this "training regimen" of "revealing contact with" tell me the secret of it to practice, stopping on the verge of a grueling Copyright to Shigoi Repeat the base of the scrotum tied Deipufera, stop short of blaming Copyright intensive smearing lotion on the glans tip, subjected to such training, the experience let me control ejaculation.
This is now I can penetrate the body of the mother in the raw, tortured body of the mother continues endlessly without ejaculation addition, Acme was able to experience the true mother.
How are you? Does your son look like a fool?
Give 啜Ri until the last drop of semen son let the passion, you do not repeat like a beast sex, type of wear that into Eh suck crotch side dish a no time will be recovered in the mouth as it is? Thinking If Mire like "beast" is a rude representation of their very beast sex beast who has a real human being much more purposeful and moderation. "Indulge in sex," Could it be that a human monopoly.

Daddy will come suddenly

Marchan call suddenly came from her son's 6th grade cousin net the other day holiday on Thursday, "I have come to the station," I said. I went quickly because a car will look something strange.抱Ki着I been chan likes to come running to see my aunt and I got to the station ", I felt" I was crying tears shed and flake. It is like a child dressed in the school system since.

"I have said in the house? Heard before and I said I have to say going to play at my friend. I planned. So I" It was good I get it, "says the true I try to be cool like a cute girl so I smiled happily Nicot face to face in the near future. So I say I sleep in the bath together and play together various 所行 I'd like to hear the old woman what ー. I said, I kind of went a little problem with this child and many places in private school uniforms. "In many places people go for clothes and school system Marchan not get me wrong I hear the problem but I understand if a girl seen in child abuse and prostitution say?" I know I often say in the news something to say yes I'm a girl from a good thing to "good girl I thought I said or ー head. Girl's gotta go home first? When asked, "would be Yes."
I'm wearing a uniform at home before I said immediately. I've been bigger than before with the penis longer horny to stand naked and trying to think girls underwear once. "When I hear of every day I'm Kii Hiroshi masturbation or Ma-chan" is doing twice a day Yes, "I said. I just say that you're thinking and great aunt and I can say is that I fixed the size of adult enough. Daddy did you kiss or hug me thinking.
Wearing bra under a tank top with a pat of my body and the other is greater That is why we were wearing Panteisutokkingu wearing a ruffled panties.
I wear a school uniform and another girl and then flared skirt. I look the other girls unmistakable cream and pale pink lips brush her hair combed further. I know all the penis, so they stand Gingin skirt. I went out to drive to various places trying to say Daddy will be ー. The lingerie department is like to go out again and I'm wearing a hole to fit it into high gear and give longer erections will be tried on the various chan Sekushipantei you. I saw the movie while wearing it bought. The love hotel love hotel to leave because I went to say that because I can fly Deshitai in the middle already naked. Abuses seems happy.
I'll wash your head and knees taking a bath pillow, "No. I wanted you to this"
I stick to this until I spread my knees and said. What's with you - san hairy suck Chuuchuu to this I can say I put that tongue swelled vagina hairless erection at Tsuru Tsuru very different. I went to bed and slept on his back, so I can not put up anymore. I will continue to suck gently screw in until Daddy Sixty Nine very well. I put in the mouth like crazy likes to wrap his tongue DAME'll put out to my throat or my Daddy's penis. I drank about a cup of very thick and large amount of mouth. Now it is still put out and say I'm thick and longer than before and so I'll put in my Man Kono. Put a dash up the base "I can suck my nipples like a baby and I said very well shake the hips and get into everything seems to go in every body of water ー architecture. Ears mouth nose neck Guilloux I suck your tongue and lick turn. I have become so strange to me pee out.
Daddy has to put up with until it turned out to pee Guilloux "I feel so sucked Oh" I said very early and pelvic thrusts. I'll put out far more to say Daddy can you say I'll take it anymore can not make out. I shed a moment hanging swooningly I pee. I hasten to sit out but still put out and say once you Daddy. I'm feeling in the air to feel good to feel good again. Then you and I feel good because it Gazu ー are not out much longer. I continue to Madamadazu ー. I'm like an open ass hole to be slippery and I'm out. I've put into an ass hole and you're missing Daddy hurry out so much. It feels good to get into Angai smoothly. Guilloux and force you to put Daddy, "or do it out yo uh" Now to say that I'm in and out of your asshole. I immediately got out or. I sat through it again.
Really good. What a nice Marchan

My discourse incest

2 is the first high. I love my brother. Age difference of 2-year-old brother and I (I 16, the brother of high school at 18)

My first experience with a high. Winter was the time. When a parent is absent on a trip.
I said, "Hey, I and H do not do that?" And invited.
Brother is a ", what I'm saying" It was a bright red face and.

And at night. My brother went to the room naked. Brother was sleeping, I woke up to notice signs. Then surprise, "too, Momoko! That, I'm doing? Is naked?" And.
I said, "I want a brother and H," and I said, your brother, "but I can not. Put on your clothes. From catching cold," I was told, I do not wear clothes was in the nude.

Five minutes later, my brother is broken, "Do not enter. The good naked" is said to be entered.
The warmth of her brother, and warm. And "Brother, please. H tried to" 誘Ttara and brother, "Yeah," and.

The naked and superimpose on each other's bodies.
I came into the vagina of her brother.
I was thinking "Oh," had the soup and moan.
First touch the skin of the opposite sex. Mouth and lips. Pleasure was so unbearable. It melts at body was going crazy.

The brother and I want to ~ H

My discourse incest

I like H, is always wet. Chichi is absent when the mother and brother of his father instead of enjoying SEX. My mother grew up there my heart seems too much pubic hair around this until I Nasty they Gotae to lick the nipple and breast. So much good in the chin bar of his brother, started out in a few moments in the movement of this piston is inserted into an erection until I fine your mother's mother's voice more. Various positions in the mother was to meet them there like my brother hit his brother with sexual desire as a mother. To come out on the table full of juice you can feel good or Nasty mother, brother were noisily drank it. I feel for a place to put this toy until I get hot, so wearing something I saw what was in Tunnel.

Real brother

KONNICHIWA!!! ☆ The first Kakiko
Before this, the real brother (Ryo) was etched

My brother is in the 3, this difference is one of my high one. Hey hey people get along with younger brother, CD or, better to ask to borrow, even on that day, the day I got to lend because of work their parents do not happen to a CD my brother went to the room to return.
Since it was I was just outside the bath, it was the state wore a towel around the body. Then, "Hey, sister. If I'm dressed like that, it's me, the option to invite?" Suddenly say D has been kissed!

To surprise, "I fill with?" What I'll scream.
Nevertheless, the three little boys I kiss good inside. Just got to kiss like "I" I.
Hands down gradually
I was punched in the chest Pie Department'll go power.

Finally let go of me mouth, "I get along by what we are brothers?" I said, "Sai fill with a dense" and blocked the mouth with a handkerchief that ...?
"I Tsu Tsu Tsu ー ーーーー Huh" to touch their vagina with rage when I can Zutto
Kara has a lot of juice vagina gradually ...

"Hey mami I Eloi" Hey. Laughing, "I'll take now." I got to take a handkerchief, was taken into the moment!
I cried in a sudden.

"Huh A Ntsu Kufuutsu Uu ~ The application"
They feel afraid to voice and voice to cry.
"And Yameteetsu! R."
Ryo's voice is heard so excited or has been moved back!
"Faaaa !!!!?? Haaaaaatsuaaaaaan Ntsu"
Lightning cum. (Sweat

I will wake up to my room to sleep, clothes to wear, "I wonder if dreams" and Tsubuyaitara, "I'm not a dream," the Department has Niya me laugh.
"☆ ® mami cute" Hey.
Lightning to just kind of Thump.
Then Ryo will "like" me say.

And brothers, but the mix is then etched ♪ I am not unreasonable parent Nde

I cum,,

yuna himekawa[3437]
Is worried for my son borrowed sex video.
We are bound to the next girl, I was crazy vibes and electric massage reached with several men.
Some was still faint. "Have you ever had something like this?"
I was asked, "Sono You like this." "I'll have to have a handshake mon body and mind together."
"Hmm.:" Thank few days later there is talk, when I was shopping at Deisukaunta together, the electricity department grabbed his hand to his son.
Yes, I've been using the video equipment that was.
Is not that good shoulder pain? Devoted to a really good feeling and shoulders.
Were buying. Department 2800 yen.
Will be turned face down and massage my son back, into the usual pattern of sex.
It was suddenly stuck with buying equipment.
I mean, because I run on electricity Pantei,.
"Oh, no,,," was pressed down, the front is better likened to 尾Tei骨,.
I felt so sick and the leak pee as well.
After all is stripped, but I reached the jet, while women are outfitted with video more and clitoris ass hole from Wasa Wasa.
Iki and packed with mind-boggling, to lose consciousness and become out of control and freedom Ikimasen body.
I knew that the whole body quivering.
The next day. The whole body is sore and hurts to pee as soon as it leaks, the body is sluggish.
Still faint, to dominate the body, followed by feeling like I'm feeling nasty climax.
You should not use anymore and I said, Medium to TV,.

Lightning son

I have been divorced a few months. 15-year-old son to travel.
I had chartered the open-air bath, we have entered a son.
I was told it was useless but I tried to book late.
Together mean that the family is really so, so join the daylight that is good for the landscape.
Others were but I did not work, because it was his son.
Bath towels, so no, we have entered in the nude.
My son was still coming in, so I was surprised suddenly.
Together, that was a few years.
Lightning glance look at what his son has hastily concealed.
Seemed quite large in spite of the child.
I was okay because the other son. Kakusazu body wash at all. After I have entered my son went into the tub. Seemed to be watching my son was watching the scene flickered for a while.
Teru You son was hiding in the hand before.
Now I want to see something I have just glanced at.
Nokemashita get paid off guard when their son.
I was surprised.
Ikiritatsu had already peeled straight.
Bunyanesque it.
I've got to do.
My son is angry. Embarrassed by what I Damarikon.
Did you see standing naked mother?
I thought pretty.
I let my son mackerel breasts.
How? Mother's breasts?
Large and soft.
And so has my son hugged.
Will not do it.
I did feel like it was her mother.
I certainly did. My son tried too hard breasts.
I'm not sure I was stuck with what to do.
Then we smoke the breast. I forgot all about the act.
The son had become a whole penis soup.
Suck my tits on my son I thought I was crazy about what will become. I Nigirimashita penis. Kii Hiroshi indeed.
15 year old son in a man.
I put my mother. I said.
I thought my son wanted something big.
I also wanted to see what sex even after a long time man.
I Tsukidashimashita ass in front of her son.
Naka Naka does not need to have my son and my relationship to Ireyou. After a while my son was finally inserted successfully.
Oh, I wonder if this feeling for years.
My son instinct or touch the penis, but do not tell anything. Kii Hiroshi amazing. Thickness is also great. What should I do the children of recent development?
I really felt good.
We are triggered by a mere accident I have become the male and female relationships.
I have my son ejaculate quickly become impatient.
I was leaning on his son after you finished.
Among the hot water I was wobbling and semen from the penis of a thread to run over my son after you finished. I was wrong with me. I still have a relationship that flows away.
Lightning is then Nakade.
I thought he was still a child and a son.
The guard beckoned to this result.
My son has to change into a yukata with excitement and hugging. I once had a relationship with 拒Memasen.
I was also in the snow and sex.

And even before going to bed.
In just the two of them with my son.
My son can not enter from the back way, so now what I asked for a.
However I also like a son. I now repeat the pleasure of the woman involved had forgot.
My son is my body just felt Kono Tori.
If I can not say as a day without sex.
I would be puzzled about what I accept to continue doing this.
Now I'm wearing a condom.
But I might be slow.
My son will no longer want to do things too soon but I also did a condom does.

Finally, a sunny

Recently, 悪Kutsu weather, the people in the laundry 乾Kanakutsu
Earlier, it Yotto bytes from son tonight, there was mail.
To me, I know, but I thought, and he spoiled me with something (the son) is.
In fact, I have dinner tonight, two people stayed overnight become one of course.

Lunch today, then in simple

More Kumiko,

Has played with every day

When they were naked and playful 17-year-old son, I was really Asetta.
But I was glad my son's life.
Fresh and rather clumsy finger movements, I've embarrassingly full leg wide open.
Son "Oh, no way." Penis couple flew out to Mori Innovation Pyu very well and I turned suddenly.
The large strainer if I'll have to wipe meddling.
"I put?" Has been heard. "Okay," You tell me? . Therefore, "the Sun is probably dangerous," I say, "Well (condoms) will buy." I went out.
I left the "What? The're being raped?" Excited me.
I wore a gown waiting to lying on the floor.
Are you seeing yourself reflected in the window curtains closed Ei, an obscene figure of cowabunga! Feeling.
My son came home, and to make Shigoi 起Ta has been thrust up to hug me.
Long time to break your little penis, vagina of the Lightning I react violently.
"It will come was really cute voice,'ll Chimattajan Lee."
Not a good son to the quick.
Take a shower together, we have penis Oshitsuke Kagama my mouth when I was a son Ikko hand wash each other.
Give him mouth including the tongue licking the back of the throat, "I'm I, go!"
And shouted. "No!" And chided.
Already in bed, trying his son in various positions.
We also released three sons.
When you are in my house has been fingered 繰Ri回Shi.

Beginning incest

The relationship between mother and I never reveal the secret to anyone never thought in my mind is without conscience is not in the least, this secret relationship 誇Ritai can dedicate to my mother who loves her mother, body and soul It is full of feeling. But the first time my mother had an affair with was also tormented my mother guilt.
That summer was not even remember the sixth grade. My sister is actually nine different, the other a long time ago, I had become a tool for handling the hot sister. My sister is a very classy features like a mother than the mother may build for me is also a surrogate mother to child mind, there was an awareness of the subject was the first time. My sister knew 連Re込Mi me feel like my own room, sometimes my body let me, let me observe the nude. I am a witness to form a labyrinth of female genitalia was frantic, with my penis was still erect uncut hard. My sister let me help you with the cost of his masturbation. If you touch my clitoris, including how to teach Rim, in agony with holding my head to my genitals, gasping, convulsions while 果Temashita to give the roar of the screaming.
That day in the summer afternoon, my sister in the room was as usual was made to serve. And the door opened suddenly, the figure of the mother was there supposed to be away at work. My mother enters the room and silently abandon knocked flat hand side next to the sister of one piece underwear. To see my mother look like that scary the first time, I was stood stunned. I think my mother as my sister said a few words, I do not remember exactly what I said.
We felt like there was no sense of shock rather than less.
My mother took my hand and took the water cooler and ordered me to strip down in strong. My mother is five from a well head in cold Kumi上Geta 釣瓶, showered six occasions, and swore not to let this never again.
But I was baptized in a strong body of her sister already ripe at that time was of waking up to volupte. Pubic hair, labia, vagina, perineum, anus. I'm sticking to the sexual aspect of women clearly had been haunted from the beginning. Comes to the surface in the darkness and into the life of her sister and 蒲団 night 振Ri払Ou struggling with it, in agony, beat 回Rimashita Nota penis while wearing leather unconsciously squeezing yet. Before the exam I was in junior high, and barely even get to learn that no room for the end results plummet. The mother called the school's teacher Mikaneta to do something in life never changed in my house, it might look kindly asked worried.
My mother is a pin that I had to immediately and without any real cause would say, "This idea is not to say, we will try to note the future," said a deep bow to the teacher came back saying .
That night, around fast asleep everyone, my mom came into my room, that the gathering of teachers and know the cause of my troubles, my mother if for me can do anything, I I love you more than anyone else, groaning and said that such a meaning, as it enters 蒲団 Hold me tight, I just cuddled with me rubbing my body as coo. Kabosoi voice like milk, and now it must never say to anyone
It may be a secret only you and mother of two who said that my mother .......
Caress me slowly over time the bursting of my penis. I am familiar with that first time was at once the cloud was released until it's soft and gentle mother palms. Uruma eyes while my mother, and my cheeks to look ecstatic, shouting my name over and over again, arms, tight tight.

Thank you.

To take from you your comments carefully, we will reference in the future.
Earlier, shortened classes so my son will come back, looking up and I came close to me, let me 遣Ra to wear. Presence of rubber, my husband has to understand hidden. Because I needed a couple of rubber not supposed to, if to buy collectively, be suspicious, right of course.

A new place to write

Father Beast

Now, I'm high 2. I live together with my father after his parents divorced when 1.
And I'm like a slave father and is forced to have sex every day.

When you go home yesterday, my father, "Take off your uniform, it 着Ro." I was ordered, were forced to become like his father naked apron.
"I'm no!" Tried to go outside to get away from the front door I, holding on at the front door, my father was behind 抱Kitsuka.
"You do not have to apron. I even uniforms. Now all of a bad romance miniskirt uniforms Kaoru Aya saw." I say.

I said, "Stop it!" I'd told you, my father, "put Dekihen. Mon Cute and Kaoru Aya," but I say, I've turned the skirt of the uniform at the door.
I lifted one foot wearing high socks, "and sure feet, soft white, Kaoru Aya, and a clean." Saying that I tried to erect the side of the shorts included Komou.
"All right. Is not in uniform. From wearing it," said my father went to the dining room to pull me to abort the action.

Take off your blouse and bra off the uniform jacket and dining, my father, "in Kaoru Aya sexy. 堪Ran high school girls are," she said Wait, I see that my turn to lick from the bottom.
"Let me from facing off over there," say, my father 向Kimashita towards the window.
I wear an apron skirt and hastily took off his shorts, white stockings 着Kemashita passed along with the apron.

My father is like watching that was dressed in a window, just after I wear it, "comes across orientation," I said.
I left my father said, is now facing over there. White stocking foot climb from the thighs, buttocks ends in the root. I'm sure my father is exposed buttocks.
Sure enough, my father, "Kaoru Aya ass, white, with a nice small form. I want to eat ~" I say.
Suddenly my father hugging from behind while licking my neck, put his hands began to massage the breast from the side of the apron.
And then, pushing my ass hot dick hardened him.

Take up my father and me and my dining room table 寝Kasemashita. The coldness of the table and came back and handed down from very quiet. My father is turning until you see my navel apron skirt was put on the table and began licking around the waist and thighs.
"Kaoru Aya's body, I Peroperokyandi. But sweet slick," but I said, I'm licking my body.
My lower body is getting sticky in the saliva of his father.

I am beginning to feel away, "sauce there." Shimashimashita me thinking aloud. To sign it, his father suddenly wildly pulling my leg, like riding a table with only the upper body.
And grabbed my thigh has been the thrust of my father was intensely hot and hard.
My father and I pull the thigh, or to push, H father started violently. I was raped while being 滑Rasa around back and forth across the table.

My father was very excited is like, Shimashimashita out within minutes.
"Today, the guests," but I thought this time was on his stomach on the table. Like before, only the upper table, lower body was shaped like a butt stick out from the table.
My father grabbed me around the small of the back hip, and has been the thrust of Guigui. Push up too hard because my father comes, "Oh do. Col. Col" I Shimashimashita aloud.
My father seemed more and more excited and came to pushing Guigui father hit the back of my ass. Bang bang, a loud bang bang me. . . . The last thing I felt warm on my back.

The woman began to treat me as a father of two of my summer.
I'm tired of sleeping in club activities Shimashimashita leaving the room light. Pretty hot that day so I was unconsciously take off pajama pants. In addition, pajama jacket buttons are removed, the chest was starting to fall asleep to Hadake still a little swelling. My father came into my room to turn off the lights in my room. And. . . . .
Since then, my father violates every day.

I wonder what happens now?

The fatherless family, too. Feel that the female body interested in 14-year-old son, I played with them about.
At first I had a couple of minutes, and that what I'm going.
While maintaining bedtime makes me quite well to me 悦Ba sometimes two hours.
I'll drink the whole. Sometimes twice.
Getting to take off and all I get is broken.
I sat on the couch sticking out, oh, I could move freely up and down the back.
Recently we have been tangled tongue while Deipukisu.
Fun anymore.

Do not hate SM read sex trip.

I trained with Teru Yuka got her husband on behalf of my son.
I went on a trip with my son during this weekend.
The purpose of the trip three-day spree of sex.
Tsukarou and sex with a hot spring. Rite Kana I was tired of complaints piled too busy working, too. My son is now in the mouth "if 抜Kere" is also happy that I just do sex.
Of course, no underwear in a mini dress on the lap like tea.
Heavy T-shirt because I am cold but I was coming down.
Express train for two hours so, put your jacket on the knee,
Rotor and fingers are prank, it seems my son came out of my tone voice is suppressed agony.
When getting off the "hard-up, er with it." And I was screaming.
To check in, ready for sex. I was waiting with the baptism of his son enema your fingers in the shower and carefully fig.
The other was always open enough to be tampered with and behind before.
Spa town and a walk. To put forward Suchitchi Pochette the rotor.
Oh, you like anal attacks a finger.
If the switch has gone to people purposely.
Pee eruption was quite likely to notice faint.
Wipe it again in the shadows,.
Crying "Oh,, please,"
The rotor is Unarimasu Guyotsunbaini be back in the room.
"And say that'll put your ass!" "Please put the butt,,,"
Emission limits Dattarashiku son a few minutes behind the anal.
I have also caught, but I was plum full of peeing while reaching through a hole in everything.

Would fall more thoroughly,,,


My discourse incest

I sought my brother is in seventh grade, my sister on (16), sister (17), brother (21) is.
When I went out late in the school club, the neighborhood was dark. The car came up there and push! I was rung. (What, this guy..) I think an elder brother "came to pick up late. I'm worried about my mom?" Hey.
My brother and his mother put a cell phone, "now caught.'m Back now." I said.
But I said, "because it says the drive is great pain!" I said.
Friends and her brother (now is not so.) Took me to night spots and have been to. I had a beautiful night romp.

Way home from night spots have been my brother pat her head.
I said, "What? What happened?" I said, "Do you like Miho brother?" I asked.
I said, "I love ~ O ♪" I said.
After a while, older brother to stop the car, "I love you too. I want you and only just once." Hey. I really Kashiku shame, "What are you talking about?" I said. But my brother has hugged "Let the good one?" Said she has been kissed.

Only that I was nervous, I felt naughty mood.
Dick older brother has been shifted to the touch underwear 捲Tsu my uniform skirt. I knew myself, at that time I was really wet.
My brother is down to put out something fly. I was already bigger then twitched up.

And hug and embrace me on the driver side, was forced to be a brother Yoshi Tadasu 跨Ida. And so I put up with "by No! I or the baby that she can." And say, "put out from inside." Drawn towards her by grabbing the back of my likes Mashita.

I entered into my brother at the same time I Zuzuzu.
I really hurt, her brother was still working for me as thrust.
Teru Hazama for sex, let your brother told me a lot of things.
"I'm in your will to your brother Miho." Or,
"You received to the back of Miho." It said.
But as usual, so I said I had become comfortably. (Sweat)

Some time to "do more Iki." I told you I was moaning and brother are in a hurry to leave.
Yet my brother are moving ever more violently grabbed my waist, "I'll walk again! I give in!" I said, I said, "While No!'ll Damee inside!" Cried the moment I , Byutsu!
We put in it.
If I have a brother twitched since then.
I think that starting over and moving, was issued three times in the end.

Lick a dick is getting back my brother.
But felt good. Have also put a lot older brother, while Byutsu! I also get out.
During another pregnancy I want to be scared out of you want to have sex with my brother.
If you think I look like I recently put in a lot if you do not want pregnancy

My brother transformation

Chatan but also wrote this before I choke my brother a pervert!
Also last night, suddenly came into my bed I'm sleeping in the next room parents, and my breasts also Midashita.

"Yo no! Today!" Yuttara said, "toots not, I'm got my eggs, I thought as good or they are out" from ー Yu said, "Well, Thats a little" me slowly of removing his pants. Then, bring the frozen ice from the refrigerator and my brother Kina Hiroshi "toots, I'll cool it Yannoomanko Denee Chi" in Gottsu ー.
"Oh, Shit Thats standing up and cold!" Yuttara me, my brother came in ー ice thrust suddenly into sexual intercourse.
"Gack, Did not you cold!" Yutara said, "toots, Deke s voice for example. ー soon be feeling better from" case Tsu, began to ice and out of the vagina. The mess and feeling cold and Yee "Oh they Iii, Did not you cold, Igou Uuu ー" Tsu case, we were melting ice for a while, and this came up, leaning on the hip.

"Oh well, a break yo!" Yuttara said, "toots, I'll lick" shall Tsu, started sucking my vagina to Chuuchuu.
Among them, the hole in the ass to lick lick "yo dirty 舐Metara something like that!" I Yuttara, has now digs the hole in the ice was thin and a little ass! .
"Gack, Ite, Yamero!"
My brother ran into the back of the hole in the ice hips, yes I got to where the other stick, "toots, I got the ice moxa, yo do it?" From Gottsu, I am almost finally 力Ndara came out of the ice melted.

"Oh, good ー, not put yo Darn it," Ttsutara, "toots, this time I put my cock?" To me slowly, to give up my feet on the shoulder and this was the largest has been slammed into the vagina to cock me, then I am also feeling better in the piston from the "Oh Oh Aaa, Iii ー not have feelings -!" I cried out of Gottsu Omowazu up.

My brother "Oh Uuu U, ーー go from" ー Yu said, "No! Today is the day I'm no good yo!" Ttsutara, "toots, on all fours" on all fours so Gottsu ーOnce, this time it was muddy ice ー my dick in the ass has been thrust into the hole.
And has grabbed the breasts, they ー ー feeling of moving around the waist Darn it, too!

Bang bang, you will hear a sound like'll Brute man stir soup, do you think being fearful Darn it.
I finally gushing, ass like that hot stuff out from the back of his brother Chinchin.
"Toots, feeling good?" Oh the Gottsu, "Ne ー you" Hey, but innocent, good feeling Cho.

This time, the Na I want to put you in this your day safely! !
Is this a pervert I guess I?
ー we talked the other day. But also to report Shitakutsu (^ o ^);
ー I my brother over a H!
Come into my bed last night too, "toots, May I?" From Gottsu, or Mottsutara safe day today, hand cream and bring something of the tube, "I put this ? "from Gottsu, Nottsutara put where," I'm sure Jean, is an important place of toots! "They Gottsu Rests, put like that? Ttsutara, "Really, from entering" shall Tsu, hand cream pants shifting of the tube, starting from the vagina to inject a little yo Ttsutara cold "feel good right from a" shall'll turn with a Chuubu getting slammed into the whole sexual intercourse or r.

Nde yo want to win a stupid angle! ! Tsuttsutara, came out vigorously for Chuubu.
If there Iii ー ー Ttsutara Aaa gradually feeling better, "yet, you should not Ittara!" Tsu shall, in turn, squeezed me like a hole in the ass Gyuu devoted to the Chuubu. I felt cold inside.

Now, then I've been stuck in a hole in the hip by Chuubu. I want to stop buying yo yo! h! Ttsutara at all It looks like I'll have in a hole in the Chuubu chan "Hey, yo got dive!" Tsu case, getting the penis into the vagina while his younger brother grew thicker Chuubu that sank, Darn it from the piston to 気持Chiyokutsu, ー Aaaa Oh ー Guuuu they'll have a cramp, ー not stop coming out of a pee a lot I do not know whether the female vagina juice. Koga you've come to know it until I buy buying Chuubu It looks like I went out to the buttocks.
"Ah, yo got to be this wet sheets," From Gottsu, yo I'll have a cramp up slowly You're bad, wiped the sheet in the pants.

"Toots, on all fours!" From Gottsu, Once fours, Yamaguchi Yuguchubakubaku been slammed into the vagina back Aaaa ー Oh, they Guuuu Ttsutara ー "Oh Uuu U, Choー good feeling to gone ー, ーー out! "shall Tsu, moving me afraid of the cock Of these until I your brother I thought it was hard to piston, and cock until Kono Naka until I you abandon stopped Innovation Kooー of gushing I had to push in to it.
Phone today and I was worried, but I guess has become safe day, yo can not do anything anymore.

Bichobicho Darn it from there until I come full of your semen. But feeling good Charmed.
I thought, like surprisingly good tube of hand cream. When one sex, and now I guess yo try it yourself.
Then this feeling like a magic marker or Uinna Yokunaranai. Ciao I guess I pull out the hand cream in your vagina and buttocks. I got it thanks to my brother Osowatsu.

Everyone, be good if the sex Mitaramaji's try one.
If experience teaches Ne quietly. Then, tell me more feeling like masturbation.
This time, looking forward to coming ー any object into a brother. Report it again!


yuna himekawa[3376]
I was married for three years after first marriage at the age of 32, self-employed husband is remarried at the age of 53. OL I, and my husband into the company (CEO) to dating however, has been found by his wife divorced.
I live in an apartment near her son-in-law 25 year old office worker. I graduated from high school, now 14 years into this company. He joined the time I was in elementary school is also fairly 可愛Gari son, also had sons adore me. After marriage is no longer even answer becomes nasty an eye for a couple us, he inevitably I had less chance meet and to live in an apartment near the one-man a few months ago There will come a few times and stayed many times suddenly come to play on Friday, three weeks ago, my home drinking around all three of the more versatile went to eat dinner with everyone Until I came back to the knew, was noticed on Saturday morning.
Been filed with my husband yesterday and a good drink!
He 居Nakatta home.
I had discomfort in the body. My husband is not absolute when drinking alcohol. Was silent about it.
Then you touched my heart was in the house and from his ass and then a few days, and demanded to complain. What my father has a secret. I know every corner of the Hiroko. Was a picture show.
I say to my father! I took her to a habit of my real mother!
It is irrefutable.

Ma her children came yesterday her cousin Net

Jun-chan's cousin children are middle school in Tokyo this year. I came out wearing a polo shirt and pants and Ma-chan is going to pick you up I got a call unmanned station in the village. I rub your face with breasts with both hands behind one's back at him, my heart jumped into her aunt likes to spread my arms. It seems more hungry for love, 160cm mother, 50 kg weight, but there some place position. At most, it is salvation in no one around. Ito Shina is let go without arms. Something to soothe, I grabbed the hem of Ito Shina Minitaitosukato let go of my ride. I come and put a face on her knees. But are you getting sticky already been feeling more and more the bite of Kyotsu getting wet and Zito have sexual intercourse and I think I'm remembering it gave to wash his head put his head in his lap in the bath I'm sure I know. "I do not want to got to the house like Ma-chan" I'm trying to say in this Tsu.
When I got home, "her aunt to take a bath properly," I said. Then things really

Can not Stop

I also recently started a personal computer. Variety, in looking up, arrived here to write 辿Ri. But was surprised to actually open. I am a 44 year old housewife, could not, so sex mother and son, my son is also in high school two years, in fact, my house is no exception, it did not. My son and I are having sex it has signed. So I'm 44 years old, when you are wearing rubber will always still have to worry about it is because I am also pregnant. Of course, my husband is a secret, at night my husband during the day to act against his son, continues. But recently, without telling my husband is using the pill anticipation. I feel for my son live, what a stupid mother? !

Every day

Tonight people are like home.
I again today from work to check, go home.
So Shiwasu,
So this month my son back to the size you get so much miss work,
The relationship of the body enough to take care of each other there is no force.
Child-lover so

♪ So Kumiko

My discourse incest

I am the eighth grade. My first experience who is brother of two high.
My mother and father are doctors and nurses.

That day, my father and mother did not come back there is major surgery. I was told by my brother and rice.
Then came my brother is hugging, kiss that we have to, and are surprised to vacantly, her brother has undressed to get carried away.

Since that time I was maybe B cups, her brother has been licking his chest means where the massage immediately. Already at that time I was Bichobicho pussy.

Kizuita do it, my brother has been on hand to caress your pussy.
After that, came in very painful for her brother.
Now I want you to be gentle.

Father and son with me

I gave birth to a child so early (at age 18), but it is not father a child, nevertheless, that the child's father who, I know. The father is the father of her son. I'm in high school, when his father 32 years old and my mistakes, I have asked the father to my son, my son is still open and your body, double-incestuous, is committed.