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Incest confession of women(2009-12)

This year is

I will write a long time. I received the contact

会Imasen from Misa was late summer.
In October of last year since the split is almost a year.
son entered the same exercise of high school and junior high school.
And so as soon as I can get a girlfriend in high school, and I now spend less. Although it is sad for me
, is that one is one I had,
ostensibly to put in front of my son is pretending to be calm.

Adopted son-in-law

yuna himekawa[25056]
I am a 53 year-old widow who lives in Chiba.
to live alone in a large mansion died of illness in her husband four years.
daughter (age 28) lives in company housing, but Tokyo is married.
grandson to travel for a week so I got a call from Sapporo her daughter (age 3) and husband (age 30) was that wanted to take care of.
I went to Tokyo from the night before my daughter to travel.
is the day. I woke up to the whispers in the night.
room was next to the couple's daughter.
"Now You're not even 1 week"
would be useless in the next room mother"
"I'm already asleep. would be nice"
"useless That was just a "
seemed to have turned down her request for sex but the girl seemed to be fighting
husband eventually caved in like a daughter's husband demands aggressive, two who gradually becomes more intense breathing, her daughter, the state that conveys voice and hard to kill.
four years since her husband died, I am not in contact with the man, but there has been wet and Jiwa. The mood is right next door in the state of the two, the mood became impatient.
gently tried to peek the door open about 1 cm.
pushing the legs of her son, in which there licking is not it?
dazzling surprise. I never asked to be the husband does not.
daughter, a tortured expression, opening his mouth with a towel, your voice is suppressed.
Eventually, the husband took off his pants, SEX posture of now. It's good that the husband
it! ! Her husband and two are even bigger turn around one, I have a 45 degree angle erection pulsing with it.
mind went blank and I was going to be daunting. That, I stabbed her in the base to Zuburito.
Nokezorimashita daughter aloud. Move violently, and both of Sweat.
daughter at last, that I forget the next room, Notauchi回Rimasu up screaming. Finally

"Hyi, Hyi"
Nokezori screaming and large, it seems we faint body trembling and convulsed the waist.
I have also gone missing back, should you ended up. Found himself in the pants were soaked wet. I could not sleep that night until the morning.
morning, her face was radiant. Haneda and grandchildren and I was sent to the groom.
then had to take care of the son and grandson, son of pants every wash, but there is a floating wet eyes that big.
grandchildren, Drops me good night I slept with her grandchildren, the son sleeping in the next room. I sleep in our big Recall also that at night.
Saturday, son, from drinking in the company's slow, with the key out, I went to say please before they sleep.
12 o'clock, and grandson to sleep, I was waiting, dressed in yukata was when I was coming back, so go to sleep. The husband came back. Was drunk and dizzy state equivalent.
"I'm home"
"welcome home"
wobbling because it seems to fall, finally took him to the room to lend a hand. Did not seem to take off so slow to take off shirt.
"I'm sorry, thank you"
did well to take off my pants. Husband was startled to see one running shirt and shorts. Then the son, I have been clinging to Yaniwani.
"Your mother's"
took my lips, to Masagutsu yukata and grabbed her breasts, stroking 回Shimashita.
"What are you doing, you must not, will not do"
is resisted, the Giant's son, by force Noshikakari me, sucking my nipples attached. Let your fingers
toes with one hand in my pants, stroking Mawashimasu there. Although resistance to wiggle your body, there was finally put your finger on Kojima.
while resisting for fear, and there, in the chest and ran and I have a sweet sensuality without ー. son is resting
attack or stroke to turn things inside my body while stripping wearing my turn to lick you, I already know now what somehow.
was grabbed in the crotch of reaching it feverishly husband.
It was hot and they Kiku Hiroshi pulsing hard, asked me to become more irresistible.
"as soon as you put put"
Sekasemashita him to open his legs. I was over there
transmitted from the fluid gushed out of love thigh.
"Meli Meli Meli"
押Shi開I have a big vagina my son and potassium.
It is hard, hot, it was indescribably good feeling.
my head is hot for me tremble. Then I moved to respond to the hooked him hard, again, the time passed like a dream I went to heaven. After
memory has gone, what passed, how much I suddenly found himself the husband was sleeping next to it in the nude and naked.
things until now, has been recalled as a vague dream in the event.
that time, even son, woke up.
see myself Look at me, but a surprised look, my arms, gently.抱Kitsukimashita him too.
include his groin, and will firmly Mukumuku, he is also Noshikakarimashita me. I also asked him to
, two tongue kiss Aimashita violent imbroglio deeply. rummage
cock husband comes into the depths of my womb.
"Ah, ah I"
sensual taste again the joy of heaven, even then, combined with white three times until we break for the night. Morning wake up and grandchildren,
sleep like a bum mud breakfast was not too much of your body feel tired even after moving.
Then, at night, lie awake after grandchildren, I have sex with husband.
more joy this life 50 years, the husband is not a pleasure to taste at all.
But my daughter will come back soon.
years have not tasted it I remember 4 SEX body. lit
body will want a big cock can not stand.
longer hug I remember the hot pot last night on what to do ~ I have to spend.


My husband's brother is eight years younger than his brother very chummy. My husband last year after leaving retirement, his brother on a trip with his wife. When I went to a hot spring holiday Hokuriku October. Dinner, drank beer in four people. My husband is strong are susceptible to alcohol, which was resting in the room.
to wake up and feel something strange heavy, overhanging cover was on my brother's naked.
I was surprised and tried pushing brother's on who's might is divided into two body between my legs, did not leave from me. Was already naked, too.
vain resistance, the relationship between men and women now been inserted into the brother's. After the brother's ejaculation, carefully wiped the semen from my body filled out, sorry to shout at me, now apologize. Barack and how to talking with my husband and I, brother-in-law's brother was okay Sato Satoru and Yoko were drinking.
drunken husband came back into the room and went out in 30 minutes from the brother's room. After returning from a trip, "her sister again," were invited and could not refuse, sometimes, to meet. Why is brother's sexual desire is strong, two days if fresh, "big sister" to come to the phone.

Mother and Son

Grew up an only child while her husband was ‥ ‥ says 40-year-old mother still. We have a couple from the 25th New Year vacation, during which her husband held a long time, "Yoshio, coffee - Drop down from the put it -" a cry from downstairs and Dotty! Sex can not be calm.
finished breakfast, three days ago, went out to buy a lift Morai son returned from college in Tokyo. Return, my son, "mama's boy or daddy I still would not want my mother," is said, was comforted by the kindness, I joke with my son, "her mother Kou like," He said his son is "down" and nodded. Sotto
son on the hand touches the handle to hold my son blush a little "to stop his mother from the dangerous" and glanced sideways at me watching, and "good mother" has been asked. I'm embarrassed to answer that, my son 30 minutes to run the car at home and in the opposite direction, entered into a love hotel.
that I hesitate to get out of a car in Detroit, the son of the passenger side door - open, and has been reaching out.
son entered the room and a passionate kiss with tongues entwined, sucked the milk, is played with an unexplored region, was still wet on my dick Guchokucho.
"Kou-chan," "Mother," "Oh Oh ‥ ‥ Nn? The wow they — Lee? butt like crazy The more there I poke it'll — Oh?" Sex and the fiery son, also solved the first time in my frustration Department.
my son, "Maybe you are too pussy father and grandmother," and you say two people from going on a trip in a hot spring "might be doing?" and replied with a good laugh together. My husband went out early this morning to play golf with colleagues. The mother has to go straight to the hotel pretending to buy it with my son on New Year supplies. Today I shared the licking each other's genitals while his son called. It was embarrassing at first experience, I often feel faint. New Year vacation period will be pleased to think my son can have sex again and again.

My discourse incest

I run a small snack in the country. Does your local
acquaintance, who has just come in migrant least some days you do not at all.
in the store, was also raped by her father the truth, since then, I'm still 20 years from this country snacks, 逃Ge出Sezu from his father while his father and toys, not even married.
20 years ago, I was 15 years old at the time was pushed back to the father-to-mouth with a towel, bound, raped can move forced by the state.
was taking off clothes, licked in the body, forcibly pushed to the back of an empty bottle beer bottle, the bottle into my father lost his virginity.
placed his father's cock forced into mouth with a towel out of the mouth, is said to be big, bigger, in my dick, still bound, stuck 取Rezu,
is Ru I still fell a prey to his father.
hanging rope to the beam of the shop, using a rope tied to me, I stuck my obsessively lick, and put the empty bottle beer,
swinging abandon the beer that contains the contents, the contents Come inside me, Dari drinking it, do whatever you want that we were beaten. with age and sex also insistently
recently purchased and use it to come from somewhere and even toys vibrators,
are you coming to the store and Yarasa, or they look at it.
where they escape, like a snake 付Kimatoi be brought back. As long as I live
father, who in this toy.

I love my father

I have a hairdresser at the age of 22 are living in a suburban dad with two people.
mother died in my junior high school when sick. Then it was given to my father to my beautician school in 男手 not even married one.
is that one day. I look at my
watching sex videos 48 year old father in the study all things, Mexico Mexico was hard over there and masturbation. I was surprised are you peeking through a gap in the door.
At that time, my father did not realize was that I peek through the cracks. , And I had to pretend to know,
was seen, however I was then once again in the bath masturbation know that my father had returned from my hairdresser . I
dropping his face in a sink, there was a gap in my father's door as suddenly. Shigoi
I was slippery and hard to paint the cock lotion. My father noticed how awkward I stopped masturbating.
I went into the bathroom with a 見Kane father was too poor.
go into the bath together until I graduated from high school after three years together and I was into.
But recently I had never take a bath with my dad home from work probably because I am too late. What Went Wrong Father
"Long time"
concealed with a towel until the cock was hard just to say.
"I recently became good stature"
shame in trouble with reply by being told I am glad Yara.
"Will you shed your body for a long time"
I said and I was flowing back. I saw that the figure is erect cock horny father and my father when facing forward. I was almost kind of cute
gave Shikoshiko and wash my hands in myself. My father instinctively

"Well they feel good"
離Shimashita hand instinctively went back to the cock I suddenly upon us out and voice. Then my father

"I'll end up spending money washing"
gave to vertical shaking his head until the end thinking I said,
father is terrible gave me a million out of the bath and in an excited state.
Afterwards, my friend was having an affair with him, because to me a few days. It might also Bareta, so I had to break up a lot more offers.
his apartment in the meantime almost every day it was H.
Ever since he broke up with aching but I was frustrated there
in frustration.
day just met by chance in front of the station after work with my father.
"I try to eat out today?"
dinner while drinking at a bar nearby and said, drinking with my dad's house in snack near Nationals I came home to drink.
father was drunk and was drunk much too much. I immediately went into the bed
. Then it came into my room with my father while
"What's wrong?"
Asked me
"I want to wash in the bath the other day that I really "
it is.
"I'm drunk I have a break from"
my father came in and said beds. My father welcomed me into bed but I thought if you insist,
at that time, I was excited myself Has there even broke up with her lover because of alcohol. Alcohol is pushing it, my father was clutching noticing cock.
I was not thinking at that time only as a man and a woman. Could I dont
things better child to think I was good, but trying to do,
well and seems like they sleep half drunk too much going pere including the mouth but gave Chinchin to think. I then gave to abandon fellatio
liquid dripping from the tip of a bigger dick then lie like Gingin. Lightning
put my frustration led to father's cock in my pussy bigger. I do not act
I had not done.
Father Father's face look hard you thought it would move back to sleeping, we gave someone depart led me to the end.
go to work when my father up in the morning
"yesterday, thank you"
father and say to the company soon went out.
then has sex with my father every day.
I recently made and only the father can love my boyfriend.
tingling of the lower body to understand that even if it takes a halt forbidden sex.
I love that my father and his cock brought me to one who died in early 男手 father and mother too sexy underwear
Kurerushi recently come home to my father buy me.
I think this is still good with all his life to his father.

Her husband

The 46-year-old housewife working part-time at a local supermarket.
currently married six months ago my daughter has been living alone.
sick husband died three years ago. 23-year-old daughter, gave birth to a girl because I recently became a grandmother this year.
her husband is 26 years old. It has made young girls pregnant as a parent was still a little shocked, they were making very hard to protect his home, had been able to watch it with me in peace.
is the last month. The teacher, having been the sudden death of her college age daughter, Mari Tomari went out to Tokyo to attend the funeral. Turnover and the arrival of my daughter
"Mom, I'm sorry Takeshi Masa's (her husband) and I ask her"
went out and said hurriedly.
for a night at most to say, but of course Takeshi Masa's is away at work during the day.
was pleased to be playing with a baby a long time can do is silly.
went to pick up the knapsack on his back while cleaning and laundry grandchildren.
in the wash was mixed with Takeshi Akira's underwear. When I saw it, I remember thinking her husband. There is commitment
husband just weird and colorful boxer briefs are 穿Kazu all, it was through the man in white briefs to the end. The same white briefs underwear Takeshi Akira's
"as her husband's commitment Takeshi Akira?"
I thought.
That night, after dinner with Takeshi Masa's home and drank sake with a light to lie awake after grandson Tsuyoshi Akira. While chatting with
no silly, remember that during the day, I had asked to be helped Takeshi Akira's Drunk.
"Takeshi Masa's is a school briefs?"
"What?'s your mother, suddenly what is it?"
"I have to wash today"
me laugh told them of her husband.
"Is that so. sorry I did as I reminded in the weird"
"I do not apologize. It's just wanted to ask you something, 3 I never remember the tears you 経Te years. Well, why do? "
" than certainly I like boxer briefs better. I like colors that are not stuck with another white (laughs) "
" Oh, I got the red or blue or black or So "
" No, but they have a red or black, if you have blue or gray. Today is a gray to wear that "
the briefs I had never seen the gray, I'm thinking
" I have gray? Let me see "
I say a joke. embarrassed to say that this is
in an ordinary way, that he was drunk and there is also a member of the family is already aware of that, I've won more curious embarrassment.
"to see if that will show you, something I embarrassed"
Takeshi Akira's pajama pants are also 下Roshimashita embarrassment.
"!!!"< br> I have jumped into the eyes of the gray briefs, however, was that lifting the array of briefs from Takeshi Masa's in the back. I was piled
briefs is probably much greater than her husband. It was not my words. It is a moment I think it was probably time to come out next words felt so long.
"is, you are so uncomfortable I have some gray pants"
I was desperate to hide the shaking. Takeshi Akira's perceived to prevent and
"Maybe I'll see that white is better after all my years. Now, I receive a bath before"
hurriedly towards the bathroom and said Mashita.
flow in the legs as I noticed while taking a shower in the scullery, and there was hot water feels different paint Innovation. Although I have grandchildren and 46 years old yet.
husband died three years, including men over a period of illness four years and although I did not mention.
But it had gotten wet in the crotch just seen his son-in-law of all things. I fell into self-loathing strikes 浴Bimashita like to forget the whole body with hot water shower.
Gatatsu and suddenly I heard there was hugged from behind the next moment.
butt crack was pushed against something hard. Takeshi Masa's was.
"~ Hyi, Takeshi Masa's, what are you doing!?"
"Your mother's will was just pretty excited"
"What's say this! Stop!"
"so you I do not get red in the face. It is something more than your father's death three years.'ll miss "
Takeshi Masa's has one arm holding my waist, your chest with your other hand I grabbed.
were licking from the neck and tongue in my ear.
"Oh, no! is no, stop"
"mother's you, tonight you'll be my mother's comfort"
's Takeshi Akira I groin pull his left hand has larger arrays by holding it firmly.
"you're going, no, I'm your daughter"
mouth, but to resist and were unable to move his left hand as it was tied down, Takeshi Akira's release from the array Could be.
is now in the meantime I came into my groin Takeshi Akira's hand.
"Your mother's, so I'm supposed to slimy"
"Oh, no, there is"
"How is this"
Takeshi Akira's fingers to stimulate my clitoris.
"The Utsu, but, damn useless"
"I'm sensitive to it too. you long time"
"KUU Tsu, ha ha, no, no · "
Takeshi Akira's faces to the side and my face has been superimposed lips.
"I Nn, Muu"
came into the tongue in my mouth, my tongue and 絡Mi合Imashita.
"KUU Tsu, the Utsu"
deprived lips and rolled the nipples, the clitoris is tampered with, I am going to 感Jimashi missing from the body force or.
"'ll say nothing once"
is held from behind while I marked the climax Bizotte Takeshi Akira's example.
could barely support the state on one's hands on the wall collapses.
"Your mother's, did I say I"
"···"< br> "please do not just fall"
's saying that, behind Takeshi Akira I have to stick in tight arrays significantly.
"Ah Ah Aha! Uu Uu"
"How about Jim Johnson is a long time"
"Oh, oh, oh, no, good, pleasant !!···"< br> I got out of my mouth last word abstinence. Son-in-law was caught from behind in the shower while bathing the body, I had surrendered to the pleasure of it.
"Your mother's, I also feel it right out"
"you're going, useless, useless in the"
"put out like this"
"that much I hope Hayame "
" Oh, No! out already! "
Takeshi Akira's speed and tempo at the end, many sperm still holding me in my waist I poured a. Head for the second time I peak at this time and got into the scullery to. Go to the bedroom
left naked in bed 抱Ki合Imashita.
entrusted himself to caress your tongue entwined Ai Masao's hard. Breast crawl around the neck tongue, there arrived in my belly button transmitted through the ribs.
"Your mother's here, I really beautiful"
"stop embarrassing"
"will not come this far ashamed"
Takeshi Masa's The tongue licking pussy, and across the lips, sucking, I was still feeling out loud.
"Your mother's, he also runs my"
firm has a large array is extruded Takeshi Akira's face before. Mushaburitsukimashita us to forget the little boy's far more powerful son-in-law husband.
Eventually, what is fitted in the crotch 放Reta mouth, came in posture. Takeshi Akira's
I clung to, repeatedly entangled lips tongue was holding his voice in doing so. Tsukatsu can sit on and leave me, you like animals or caught from behind in the end, and did not posture.
a cock after a long absence.
stimulates uterine tension in my young man, too big error. The other I got so excited that you tremble with pleasure.
受Ke止Memashita in again because it was issued in time. That night I do not understand
gone many times until morning. Takeshi Akira's
unleashed in me, at least three more times. He was off work the next day spent in bed all the way to hear from her daughter. Even when my daughter came home and
guilt but did not feel bad for her too. Then came hope
period, pregnant at that time did not cum. relationship with Takeshi Akira
but has not followed yet. During the period
take in your mouth and I wear a rubber or has a hole behind me to ejaculation. SEX anal anal
my husband passed away because he loves has been developed over the years, making the body can just go there.
he can never put in the vagina but not me, the day before the safety of the next period I think I want to take in.
many years, I do not know can Takeshi Akira's partner, I will now become irreplaceable. I really sorry for her.
many years, with a blazing fire in my body was asleep.
I think the fate of some, too.

27 fear of my son

Fu Gaishimasu hello I will have another look at his 27.

Son and H

My son is 47 years old son is a year old with a 21 H. His son cock that burst will be put to a long and large. But it feels good. Yarimasu three times without disconnecting.

Ikuyo's then ...

There was a previous post, "says Ikuyo" is what you're doing well?
, so I was always a pleasure to read posts from the beginning.
Christmas, New Year, I wonder if your son and spend it? Please also report a recent

‥ ‥ brother and

I commit my brother yesterday. ‥ ‥ Mihakaratsu a brother to the room of my brother slept the night came when wet tea
was looking at another building on breathing in sleeping pretty.
gently kiss immediately. ○ Ochin hands to do. My brother said his brother was naked and I have to be quiet but she woke up in amazement.
Mawashimashita to lick his brother's body roe corner. My brother the one hand touching my chest gently teasing comes cleared.ー ☆
cute little brother got into each other feels. To feel good, but instilled a lot of positions.
Since that day my brother came to my room every night to come to mooch. Feel

Ralph and gentlemanly

34 years old housewife has a 10-year marriage.
dirty and let me see you write to me, I guess.

three years ago, our family has decided to live with their father. So now on with all her
a divorce before you marry my husband has been living in the couple's close brother.
opportunity to meet with the father that the mother also seems to me that was the impression that the basin was around New Year's gentlemanly people who spend a very calm mind.
impression from living together can learn to live with stress Kuretari help me open up, so naturally there was a little flat and is very fast.
father then began to retire and play golf, if you are moving aggressively to spread extensively in various hobbies, I felt like a little younger.
last autumn, came to borrow a bag of DVD rental store to find that there is no trouble, I took a hand and settle.
there in a line I came to borrow the title of Ralph lewd and realized AV What, I've received in the corner of the room where straightforward.
back to housework while they lost the DVD, the father was an uncomfortable place.
father is embarrassed, "strangely cheerful these days ..." said the articulate and bad.分Razu
to what I like to say "yes" or "Yes" or just say I stuck with.
father is "a man because I have a beautiful woman in the house after all," he said.
so I have never praised women as they honestly I was happy for the housewife.
father also said, "If only good if Yoshiharu's ... no, but I would not taste good ... but once again the joy of man as" a little while ago and the awkwardness of looking straight at me, as no said.
I was surprised to suddenly offer their seriousness, "Oh" or "U" just like I did not say.
father then approached me to slip, have a kiss. While I was
hold me tenderly kiss did not move solidified.
in his ear "Sorry" is whispered to have touched the hand of my father's chest.
be embarrassed once, whole body became hot.
away I feel the hand of the father was feeling frustrated because, whether or not both husband once every six months, but I got to go with the flow.
stepfather saw me and the hardness is gone now for a deep kiss.
hung my head in time deep kiss was lying in bed in the room as the father pulled his hand vaguely imperceptibly.
was taking off clothes, kissing the skin was exposed. muscular but also took off the clothes and
father is retired to say it was a good toned body.
repeated carefully caresses your mouth and hands to get naked too, but I pleaded with the father pulled out the first becoming impatient. Then gently smiling
father, "I will not tease you I'm sorry but I did not" back up and slowly inserted my penis.
I was writhing with pleasure after a long time hanging on to my father. At first I
make harsh accusations out there and find it points back at once and was moving slowly as I explore my points now reached a climax.
became painfully They had faces after a while my father is increasing.
"added Yoshiharu, please install it soon," said the father and the time that I was only just hanging on to my father at the height of 定Marazu consciousness several times.
is withdrawn at once what was nailed to the waist deep in the 分Rimashita take something hot on my stomach. The father however
stop semen from the top of my next 倒Re込Mimashita.
out of breath, sweaty father's word was becoming wild for a change.
father is, "says Yoshiharu, sorry it will be impossible. Thank you," he said to me.
I said, "... but after a while I felt really," he said, caused the body numb.
dirty bed because I would shed sweat and semen father suggested a shower.
father bathed together because the sand has moved on to much trouble then pulled out of my bathroom.
rise before I can raise a bit late father, also dressed 合Semashita face each other in the living room.
father is "a while ago, thank you. I'm sorry to say impossible. from no other" and repeated several times to apologize and thank you.

last Christmas, then went to a Christmas party at a friends house a child to eat and two people waiting for a father and husband had to work overtime As always slow . So I present to
father modest sweater.
father was not prepared 詫Bimashita me anything.
because it does not expect that Nowak had anything in particular "I'm okay" So I feel and tell 済Manairashiku said or something you can do what you want to have something at a later date .
I said, "do anything" I have immediately associated the word sex. Since then feigned a father
as usual, dragged away with overlapping relationships that pleasure I did not I was having one of frustration. So
"Then, you want your father's," and told.
father said, "I would also receive two gifts So I" gave me a smile and nodded. Since then
father rushed into the bedroom in the middle of the food.
quickly become two of them naked, to caress the body while kissing each other.
I kiss the hand of the father's motion was still attentive father now forced to seek 昂Ra quickly.
after sex, a shower together again.
father was in the shower "He's too good so I do not have sex with women, I think I want you every night my son," he said laughing.
I said, "So do I." So, the father, "I invited them to receive from watching feel'll talk tomorrow," whispered in my ear, and out of the bathroom with a kiss on my neck Mashita.

several times a week and now have a relationship with her husband and children no time.
now also show the wild side occasionally surfaces and horny father was a gentleman, I've been increasingly attracted to the father.

My son

I have a relationship with my son is 23 years old 48 years old. It's me at age 45. What day of the ceremony was a son came home drunk late at night my son back. I slept in my bed together so to subduction. Then my son is putting off your dick Sosori立Tta my panties. I tried to run away and wonder, could still do all the power of losing her son away. At first it was a finger or lick or put your son feels good mother would feel. Pussy of my mother's love is too. I put the letter all the way to please my crotch legs spread and take it like this.絶E絶E breath and feel better now, too. I do many times without unplugging several times. End with a summary.

Xs I gave my son to drive the body

The 29-year-old son for a temporary employee salary is low, so unstable, she can not mention marriage. The wastebasket is a lot of abandoned British rounded comforted myself.
in such poor son, I thought I should taste of the body is of flesh and blood.
last night because it was Christmas Eve and ran that one.
I rise from the bath, naked with underwear, I went to the living room wearing a negligee 透Keta son well. Dense breasts and pubic hair clearly visible in the mirror reflects. My son was frightened expression
moment, pretend to see me to see the appearance of flickering.
and stand in front of his son, "despite what her mother dressed as is" and confused.
"It's Christmas Present"
"Stop it a bad joke," she said legs are swollen significantly.
"Today, I'm like a mother to make Yoichi. I think I have to refrain from just married bride."
Hazime Hiroshi and I stand scraped the negligee, staring at the chest and abdomen, hands over my shoulders, let sit on the couch.
stood in front of me, take off your jacket and pajamas, while staring at my eyes, pants and shorts at the same time 下Roshimashita.跳Ne返Rimashita swiftly broken penis caught in my pants. From the moment my son became a man.
materially prosperous, pointing to the heavens. I stuck to my stomach. As hard
freshly enraged, floating vessels, the light gleaming glans barked, or rather thought fit, penis penis should say.
like me, hairy, like a blazing fire, and continues to the navel.
Hazime Hiroshi sat beside me, strong arms, one hand on my shoulder. Is increasing the other hand, touched my breasts. Dari rub in a circular motion, holding the bottom, and then check the weight.
mouth with my hair, neck soon, neck, mouth reached the ears. Koji開Ke my mouth, tongue 差Shi入Remashita. I also entangled with the tongue, and tasted in the mouth feel of each other's tongue. so as to face
and carried me to bed.
raise my hands above my head, looking at the axilla was revealed. The process has, and it grows over hairy. My son makes it mouth scramble.
lay me Noshikakari, caressing your body turn. Hazime Hiroshi abdomen stretched hands, as if to make sure that the feel of pubic hair.
can stretch your fingers along the crevices. Already plenty full of love juice is ready to accept. As if enjoying your fingers, put in, roll dough.
went into my thigh sliding between the bodies. I laid the pillow at the waist, put on your feet shoulder, looking at the embarrassing part. Open your fingers, and licking tongue. I breathe deep into the body Chuuchuu tongue. Pubic hair is sandwiched between the lips, lightly.
have covered the body. This year we cock the vaginal opening. I worried that entering such a big things, you have finished the needless anxiety.
husband died, pushing the man to accept my pussy 10 years now, so screw it to break. And entered deep into the body comfortably. It was a pleasure as
whole body numb.
moves slowly. Or push or pull, as if enjoying the friction.
each time, but I have fluffy body will ascend to heaven as experiencing pleasure.
"I know that the mother's hair 絡Mitsui. I feel good."
suddenly moving faster. Strikes me as the lower body.
"Ugh," stopped moving and moaning. Pikutsu the waist, with Pikutto convulsions.
gooey depths of my body has been full of lukewarm liquid. It was my son ejaculate.
to her son that I had a moment to his wife.
yet, still stuck. Hold on tight to me.
started to work again. What would a strong sex drive.
Moreover, such a striking motion. My body is full of deep muddy liquid, poured from the gap between semen and is transmitted through penis in my thighs, around the anus to 流Re出Shimashita.
I wandered in to the pleasure and the pleasure that will melt.
"Mom, my lovely Satoko." she said, and demanded his lips again.

Fall in love drug? The brother and

yuna himekawa[24959]
Period seems to have begun. I was pushing out of the paper tube on the shelf and go to the toilet in the house a tampon was inserted there.
put his foot on the stairs to go back to my room upstairs for a while. That moment came the shock of the waist Zukitsu.
"I fill with ugh what?, this" 蹲Tta in place. Even though the lower body, but all the way over there. The entire uterus from the vagina Muzu痒Ku mouth, like a burning hot. Gin Gin is also doing clitoris. Oh
have nipples too congested. I wonder what
getting too rough pounding chest to breathe.
brother came there. "What is it, sister.'s Bad mood?", I was there, and I say "take me to the room dizzy," and wished.
bed room and get laid, is that honestly what the situation was explained. My brother would be bad, to face that, "Perhaps my sister, using tampons?" Listen to me.
"I say what's wrong with a sudden?" they say confessed to his brother. Satoru Hiroshi
was appointed to any country in Southeast Asia when he meets with OB "Drugs in love, I love potion," I did it in just because of the liquid medicine,
分Ranakatta like qualities her brother to use his hesitation, and it was one of the tampon Fukuma syringe now I try to experiment.
Tarashii yet it be forgotten.
that has increased or even aching 分Ru imagination and the cause. Great, hot genitals and erogenous zones, I have a feeling bloated. Even though I'm on the blob out of shame to the liquid.
"to wash. I take them with a bath!" said Kuni Tsuyoshi brother, 掴Matta shoulder. Isao Takeshi brother also have this thinking was reflected Shikitsu Teru You. Remove the tampon
arriving to the bathroom, even in wet shirt in the shower Do not worry, I washed there.
but it's bleeding, put your finger in there to wash. Still calm down.
be so? I must be an aphrodisiac because it 逝Kanaku
what my brother? The feeling began to look. "What? Well I do not have! I'm somehow!" And say "goin to do, and I do?"
Straw was longer. "Rub the inside with your penis!" Huh? What I was face "to bring a condom!" Has taken up and running and so on. Blow 脱Gase
pants and gave to 立Teyou penis. I surprised my brother, it's helped in this case. I saw over there and
, and gave it to wear condoms erect immediately. I did not know got so big. Yuni Bune
hand about the negative "early! put!"
"Yes," said a small and slowly put my brother has. I thought I hit all the way
Wow, without worrying about the "poke!" me. While his brother ran back to the unusual circumstances timid.
it great! I see echoes coming from the sensitive nipples while I'm supposed to click, here or aphrodisiac effects
more, fuck more! Ah! Wow! Oh Oh I'll do
're gone! ! Iitsu! 're Off! Many times as the waves came, passed away many times. The soup has to feel like
I also put my brother out, various movements have changed back.
gone many times before enough force from entering the foot, now seems finally subsided. The ejaculation
my ass beat behind one brother.

was this is my first incest. No matter
penis so good brother, to treat hot with each other sometimes.


Still live in the country, the young uncle fled to the former, the fight out to the mother and I hope, if just friends, but knew immediately be brought back to Bale.
No way, go away and would not think Uncle fled. Charcoal to make a living in the mountains a few years past 40,
uncle turn back without any reason even if I go quiet and eccentric person, who left.
But when he sleeps because there is only one set though it was the same bed ... I forgot to say things ordinary people who have sex once a man uncle.
into bed, my hair touched the hand of his uncle, massage the breasts, which turn around and kiss the moment, is quickly taking off the pajamas,
sucked the breasts are rubbed, When touched the clitoris, is not possible to resistance, but had been left uncle. If you can not rush
touch of the clitoris, and they relaxed, it does not matter who touches it feel like I'm feeling well,
I really feel good I sent out a voice "feels good What? you want to quit? "Well, I quit at the hearing, saying gone without thinking.
uncle is happy, touching, many times I have gone.
uncle's cock, touching it stiffed big surplus is about the size of my hand, put it into a mouth, where half-filled, or not enter it.
great, I want to be want to put a cock and put it ... and my uncle, to say, my uncle is getting its hands on quitting the clitoris,
many times was I going mad Iki When, suddenly, coming in and hitting the breakeven Zudon ... ... ... from the womb, I could not resist, sat 浮Kasetara, I was feeling great, I was saying.
first got this feeling, I was clinging to his uncle.
uncle is out of my stomach, just sleeping away, I slept imperceptibly.
morning, woke up at the touch of a hand touch my boobs, look, uncle touching my boobs, just like yesterday, touching the clitoris,
morning also, I did it. People have sex that day in bed all day, and my uncle had sex every day for 10 days. I returned home at 1,
also is targeting a chance to go to uncle's place. I can not forget that sex with the uncle.


Please listen to my experiences. Irresistible to want to ask someone for some reason.
I × 27-year-old is the Aichi area. The matchmaking married upon graduation from junior college education from kindergarten to the escalator.
lost virginity honeymoon wedding night. Night life husband and once a month from the beginning, it was 10 minutes. I'm a little wet and 2 ~ 3 times a kiss was a pattern and the other end of the road waving the Most said waist husband. Because I only know my husband
SEX and I thought those things.
six years and then became a state more than a year without sex even once I have never experienced the pleasure.
friend married twice a week, the story I was doing more than an hour I'm lying.
And we found that they still dating the woman was dating my husband before marriage, divorced immediately. I do not know anything
company work is indebted to his father lives back home.
widowed mother and father when I was 10 years old I did not raise me to be married.
back to when I was home by six months.
father came back from a year-end party at night after becoming the men who backed the company, so one person was so drunk Berobero stand. The sight of the kind of father was the first time.
colleagues from carrying his father went back to the bedroom.
one who managed to take off my suit, I hesitated a bit pants to 脱Gashimashita. The moment I saw his penis and
Daratsu father, I was stunned.
Because I'm thick and longer than my husband's penis becomes larger when broke?
male penis until it becomes larger than 10 centimeters, when sex is something that I thought from the peel of the tip.
back from his bedroom and did not sleep floating in front of his father's penis. I wonder how much
a penis that grows?
came with soggy fingers pull a string fluid in the crotch 当Teta chance. And
! The clitoris was protruding from the crack grows in his groin.
electricity runs around the waist and touch, I rub like crazy.
next morning, but my father has been going on as usual, I have become concerned about my father's legs. It was
from masturbation in bed each night imagining the penis of his father.
York State Of Mind
"Dad, turn! example'll poke hard ~!"
me saying. I also stay at home household
day, I was in good shape gradually during the day to masturbation. When I came back
drinking is welcome party for new employees a week ago and my father. Or from the drunken father

"Hey, Eli, or take a bath together!"
I told you.
"I had ~, sex dad!"
saying I, I, I take a bath together to watch the father's penis.
"Oh ~ Tsu, Eli ~'ll wish I was a pretty big breasts!"
been told, thinking
"Wow ~ I"
hands covered me saying .
eyes go suddenly in the crotch of his father, was a little bigger penis! I did it since elementary school
take a bath with my dad.
浸Karimashita the tub's back together with the shame.
But I steadily hit something hard in the ass around. When my father got up from the tub
, There has been a huge chunk of meat in front of me turned around!
I divorced my husband looked at least twice. My father's penis, I suck instinctively example.
"Stop Hey ~ Wow!"
but my father said, continued to suck for example intact.
It is thick, long, and above all I'm a hard!
feverishly shook his head again. But did not enter into a very full mouth. Hikuhiku convulsions
penis was the father. I spilled tears came, my heart 口走Tsu the thing until now concealed.
"Dad, please! Put Eh! you feel me!"
I've said.
legs open looking down at me lying in scullery
"Do you really?"
when they came inside my father's penis, and when her husband divorced, unlike Merimeri feeling and push open, my lips hurt 堪Emashita biting pain.
But the itchy feeling around the waist and immediately started shaking his father back!
"your father, and more! more!"
retroflexion but ran back electricity to the spine strong, intense white light shining moment disappeared in my head was like fainted.
"Eli, Eli Hey, are you okay?"
returned to his father's voice startled us.
"you, I was screaming in great voice!"
Hikuhiku convulsions were still hard, thick penis in my father.
"I'm not you frigid! Please! more poke! Eh ~'ll poke all the way!"
father and began to thrust violently. And
"Oh Oh, by, you'll go!"
Overtake and I was saying, I, I was entangled at the waist with a leg hugging his father in a daze.
"Oh, oh, oh ~ Tsu!"
father and we sat convulsed violently in the back Bikun was my ejaculation. father's penis twitched
convulsed. When they filled more and more things
lukewarm on the back of the vagina, is strongly 反Ri返Rimashita back.
"Oh Yeah ~ Tsu, have,'ll Ikuu ~!"
me, not you I'm frigid.
after the termination has been filled with happy tears.
抱Ki起Kosa when his father, his father fell from his groin and Botatsu sperm.
It is a translucent liquid Sara Sara no, it was a mass of white jelly!
straight to bed with my father as it is being held. And for the first time 跨Rimashita penis.
spree rubbed muzzles womb screaming sensation of the penis and father cried wolf a kick while vigorously shaking his hips.
"U Ugh, you can query sweet?"
saying I, me from under my breasts massaged my father.
"Dude'll feel good ~! Dude'll feel good ~!"
responded crying tatters. Doggy
the cowgirl, and when done in a normal position had been more than an hour. And every day I have
sleeping in the bed of his father.
Now I feel I have become a delicious fishy semen drinking father.
I myself did not know she was so horny.
father is now 51 years old are working in Full Bloom. What is
Tsutomu Kiyoshi was forged in part because the boat was a student I was strong.
has led us to the dazzling world of pleasure to me every night.

Son and

I have a son with H. My son is 21 years old 46 years old. I am committed to his son. I've put it Timbo great subduction off your panties to hold me in my bed the night his son came home drunk with wine, but the resistance forces struggling to escape the lost. The semen several times until there are not many times without unplugging. I was told to stop the pain, my son, "What hurt feelings or bad Mom" ​​and I said stop me. My breath became rough. My husband does not know they sleep. You just hours. Finished with a rough summary of my son breathing.

Parents and the father

Married my mother after her father served in the present. My father is not illegitimate. Kind of mother are children of adultery. His father is having an affair with me. My mother is 48 years of age is 23 years old. The father then turns to my mother every day in her pussy at the age of 60 Tsutomu Kiyoshi peerless.

My son was raped by her husband

I am 38 years old. Had previously been married nearly 10 years passed since I'd had to break up soon.
nearly a year ago and remarried. Partner is a man just retired at age 60.
husband was alone with his wife and widowed 15 years ago. The senior is like my work-related.
like consciousness is not just a man and woman love each other no, was recommended by a mutual friend who like the rest of my life
future husband, the lonely Well it alone, to be with you now.
her husband have two children. The 33-year-old man and 35 years. The two men from the university is married with two children are independent. its not going to
not expect men to say that the 30s my mother I now know that just about everyone dinner several times.
husband was hospitalized about a month ago. Years old and I was not big deal now that the admission test.
I came back home. Two sons to visit their husband's house that night. What errand? And gave her husband a child home because I thought once.
two people together like it was after drinking with a little smell of alcohol. I was talking to
out tea, "but never so strong that the hospital my father wrong" or "pension or retirement allowance aimed at marriage right!" needless to say why or what
, that I was told something like fate. Heron Two women in cases of apparently 35 years old (accidental death?) Seems inspired by the incident.
I meant I'd had to wait on calm returning to Toco Ciao early 感Jitarashiku like attitude, has snapped two gradually.
is too annoying "Oh! please go home! I'll call the police," I said, they fell into etc. are 突Ki飛Basa take lightly pratfall. immediately hid the
Chata look like I kind of underwear on his brother to wake you see anything at first glance, so 差Shi伸Bemashita hand. I just hugged
been caused by force grabbed his hand while staring "What my father in 誑Shi込Nda Venus flytrap? it in the black panties," and is 凄Ma
"The Venus flytrap, and we dare to try! "has grabbed my heart. Blocked by hand in my mouth when my brother to raise the voice Iremashita punch to the abdomen in front of my brother. Iki 押Saetsukemashita
in proportion to the tatami like two people stopped me in my movements. Was put into the mouth with a towel in the living room. licking my neck while my brother
face you hold my tongue in my brother more, "what tie something" went to the bathroom to tell my brother to go find.
"The Venus flytrap, dare we even try?" has grabbed my heart. Blocked by hand in my mouth when my brother to raise the voice Iremashita punch my brother in front of the abdomen.
brother who lick the face and neck while you hold my tongue at her brother who is Japanese-style squid directly in proportion to "Come to find something bond" had been instructed.
towel or something I can do, "Kazashimashita a rope in his hand washing and the call to my brother to brother. I was drying the laundry in the bathroom. The free laundry line
hands and one foot long, so I was pretty much completely lost. They also I removed my shirt bra Hadake me.
rape became superfluous because it does not feel it completely ripped off, so both hands are tied. Twirl skirt was so taken
, shorts are cut with scissors kitchen was removed.暴Renai
I like to take turns, one by one took off your clothes. Both of them were hard to completely lust. Shigoku gestured for them to prove that. Actually my husband to be strong men
function, or from his embarrassed young wife married to it, that I have not yet married. Five years before that it is working or getting married, and had no
from busy, I had no experience with men. I would like it
a chance to see what type of man long time what seemed terribly ugly and ferocious. I started taking my brother
The photo that came up. I was so steep, but I did not notice. Now I will tell anyone
me, try me on television or in newspapers like this, and I think it would be vague to end unilaterally into the right came, but the difference Mashita. Two
one breast, as if they were meeting almost from the beginning, and one accused the other genitalia. Fingers and mouth, using his tongue continued to be really long time.
and indeed has been a long time and has to be dug up the bubbling had forgotten erogenous.
voice because they are thrust into a towel in his mouth but said I found that being drunk with his eyes closed in pleasure.
"Oh, I'm starting to finally feel this woman. I wish I had just my father and I sympathize with insensitivity," who has been the voice in my groin and jeering.
the peaces to deny her head, was like that expressed the opposite feeling. "Is not that pretty easy to get wet I possibly 潮吹 kun," a voice.
I did not know that what I'd do it around the top of the vagina before being put fingers over the finger and start moving it around, get nervous because you're bidding pleasure
like, feel like I'm becoming more patient on the verge of urine suddenly, there was a feeling around the vagina, such as pain, found that the liquid jet.
"I Tying. 噴Ita tide it, such a woman, looks I'm a long time," you hear a voice and profane. I did not know what's going on I felt a sense of humiliation
"I can not stand on the tip of your" My brother is better to have put the erect penis. It is pretty frustrating also went smoothly. Female genital
foreign invaders and accepted my first time in years, and I will grab them by the firm was based.
impatient older brother, watching my reaction, shallow and deep, right and left hip, up and down while extortion and continue fucking clever.
"Brother, this woman, I'm moving back" is the voice of my brother and my breasts are massaged. "Then you'll use the mouth," he said of his brother, and my style back in the mouth with a towel draining
brother has put the penis immediately. The two men continued to commit
from around me like a combination to suit your breath. Maybe after a few minutes I felt like a long time, my brother had put out your mouth full of hot semen after
in my mouth to groan aloud. I pull out his penis like semen spew foam expired.
, keeping intact my shoulder and my brother, my brother had been committed from behind me, "Oh! I'll give you a good pussy! Way to go!" raising his voice with the ejaculate in me. I just fell
dents had an opaque white liquid dripping down from the mouth.
to solve the string was tied up my brother, my brother is a character M will be open leg and now my brother has put women in my unit. I feel greater than before.
body to match the movement of moving like a man and a puppet of those days I had the pleasure to raise our voices Open your mouth.
man to ejaculate in the vagina before long, I feel it, I finally passed away. Deta
consciousness of what the brothers had become cool to be bad, I put this picture show my father went out to leave and abandon Zeliff.

But I told my husband everything. And a form of marriage because we like, because it does not lose in the accident.
husband calls his brother, who beat out two more bleeding from the mouth, grabbing the phone Heshi折Ri and threw into a pond outside the window. The photo took my brother who had only to
as both cell phone.
husband worked for the police it until retirement. Sons father is the head does not rise, I was scared the first place.
I just want to say and uneventful life, I was awakened to their sexuality in rape once a month, and orgies are held in the suburbs to join
has committed more than from men.

A brother three

And I'm taking a bath, my brother suddenly came in! Was taken to the room my brother's mouth is closed when wet and scream.居Masen
parents were in the trip. I was being rolled on the bed sprawled fixed. "I'll make a brother from the Aya we 此"
to lose my voice. Brother was blindfolded symbol. "I'm not a virgin Aya, I seed it has been installed two days ago Dirty Deeds"
"Unatsu standing there watching," but until I can click your fingers Aya! I heard the sound Brute man stir. "You're horny, and I already wet?"
"Hey Huh," I got up early'll install the piston. "I was horny O仕置" brother and put a vibrator in the vagina and anal Aya.
"Huh Oh say" suck tits is, click on the Ijikura Aya is not got fainted. Up and took notice of semen in the body,
that I was coming from anal intercourse. "I watch the video together," my brother was sitting with the knees. What is Utsutta,
of Aya was about being fucked! "'ll Hate to see" The finger has been the thrust of this brother and that Haman was Aya face!
"続Kida you hate," even came into the vagina to cock Anal Ayano this! Was issued in again. Now the pills are
drink, my brother who is a toy.

Son that

I had sex with her son. My son is 23 years old 48 years old. My husband and two sons 暮Rashitaimasu just because he died last year. My son and my husband's funeral was yesterday. It was concluded from no one. I also love me love me son, my son. Do not have sex every night that is not. But that pregnancy has put a rubber so scary. I'm kind of weird. Bu I'm wondering that it empowers a dick in pussy children born to my son.

Sexual relationship between husband and two

What I thought I needed to stop launching
仕舞Imashita address. I will post
end party came back yesterday late at night he came into my bed naked in my bedroom came to sleeping, I stay in bed longer in the dream somehow
body pleasant, but necessary and he caressed my breasts as if one were in a dream, so that my nipples caressing naked man covered Kabusari indeed awake, I'm speechless 仕舞Imashi stuck with amazement or. I understand that he smell like liquor and "You Do not make your room is not here a little," "I'm not useless" It was useless to say anything to stay drunk. Eventually he put away being attacked

depart naked disorder to gasp aloud that
caressing nipples, crazy pant 善Gari Depart depart caressing nipples caressing a finger her pussy仕舞Imashita the drool hanging off raising their voices distorted.
his posture at the bottom line, do not go because he Naka Naka are drinking alcohol, I am led to climax many times I limp on the verge of fainting, he vigorously put away without regard to the piston I have been required to
dolls, reached its culmination 仕舞Imashita dozens of times he has unilaterally committed. He was raised out in the roar, I leave them lying 仕舞Imai him to leave tired and sleeping 仕舞Imashita Iki
I woke up the pussy, sperm and semen in the Biga Bininatteorimashita.
仕舞Imashita to get carried away and posting.
sorry. m (__) m

My son

I am 50 years old last night in bed my Moguri込Mimashita drunk son back. I cling to my pants and then suddenly. And now erect cock stuck a Gingin get rid of my panties. I was surprised to get away with, I lost my son a strong force. Many times I dial up for so many times if I'll give it up. My pussy is now Shimaini Tsuchiya Gochiya your semen. In the next room is the master is sleeping. Turned 50 years old and gets fucked Little did I dream. It is pleasant in hindsight.

By son

I am a 60-year-old widow, a son age 35 was signed. It is also my son is not married with children. I also love that I have a grandmother who this yet? I have already done that, but there is no husband. Recently, even when wet does not feel better now getting wet. When my son out of her husband always does. The first time was just put your finger, now more and more physical relationship. Yarimasu daytime.

My son

I'm worried about my son. I am 49 years old son from a man the mother says to me these days but my husband is 21 years away. Timbo plug that big fat naked to force by force and I have to pretend I do not know. Will tears of pain. Goes on without disconnecting once in two times, too. Pussy wet because I do not even years. Because no husband would be Yarareru tonight.


Mom and Dad I want to sex me "It's useless to have sex with daddy Chaa!" I understand it. Say. I do not understand what
why. Mom is a habit I'm wrong. So Dad came
Natsuki room when mom was away "Can you lick your dick with her dad is?"
"Yeah, I'm Dad. I tried without telling me"
" Papa Can I put you, you can, can not be like a baby, move it out ne "" I know Kiyo Natsu "


I have a relationship with his father and two uncles. The first and uncle started dating casually. But what I want in clothing
bought me back anything, sex is a light, very little time, I was over his eyes closed,
sex but I can not satisfactory, you buy what I want is , and can make a complaint to tell my boyfriend, I was 楽Chin,
situation where the father thing was seen leaving the hotel has changed.
father and uncle at a coffee shop, at the talks - held by my uncle I was surprised.
suddenly my father said he would like to do with me.
had to think of her patience, and made his uncle, and I will do no good? And started, I realized that my father, I decided to go to the hotel.
father and uncle, unlike the peak has been reached many times that I concentrate my attack more than necessary, causing cramps I was about the vagina.
since I have a relationship with his father and uncle. When some things to 3P.


I am a 42 year old housewife.
day, was sleeping in the nude on the bed looking into a room and a son in high school son. My son was good enough cock
not very big octopus ever found to have an erection.
Since then, my son's penis stuck in my head.
my mother what it?


Sachiko has celebrated her first birth below. Dwelling near the hospital in obstetrics and gynecology, though it is now in preparation for childbirth
"N.'s mother but a bad thing,, take care to give me?"
and earnest request of her daughter, her husband's best day in anticipation of the hospital the night that I Sachiko Ri
泊Ma house, now it's taking care of her husband, Naohiko.
first day ended without any incident, but I think it was the next day. N.'s drinking
went home. Since I was pretty drunk, and other viewers are just gone to bed
. I just give blanket over, I 休Mimashi
or daughter in the room. It was that night. What's mistake or the N.,
into my place the night I came. Since husband and wife Sachiko was a place to sleep separately, seems to have misunderstood
Sachiko. It came just suddenly beside me.
I've hugged my body odor alcohol Exhale.
"I'm wrong I'm N.'s"
was going to tell him the wrong man desperately surprised. I also blame
much that there is no difference in her body and my body. As a
gonna rent a light, stretch out your hand to the bedside stand.
In the meantime, my body Orimashita to Masagutsu N.'s.
daughter pajamas, so I had to guess it was confused with the night vision is
was Sachiko.
"added N., N.'s Dameyo"
気Zu Kaseta and mistaken identity when he struggled with it, pajama bottoms bare breasts from Orimashi been
I finally recognized that it's me, Naohiko, now I have exposed her breasts in front of the
. Drunk
to side with the bad.
light when you feel suspicious in the eyes of N.'s too late, there was a sense of things.
the intensity of his passion, emotion Sasemashi awake while I was away or
of monastic life had been a while since they Sachiko pregnancy
for him in, there was backlash.
you noticed, we love hard Orimashita.
"It's your mother, your mother's love was before"
example lies in a woman with such a word is a thing called weak. And I think a woman who is
not let me out. I forget the reason, surrendered to the caress of his was
next morning, wake up lazy in the body, sleep in the nude in N.'s side, born in the same way like my appearance
when, Denakatsu thing is what happened last night in a dream
inform me or things. to get out of bed and gently
起Sanai to N.'s and finished dressing,
headed directly into the kitchen.
seemed to have left lingering in the body still honest.
crossed my mind last night, but it is cleaning the breakfast began.
愛Shi合Imashita twice. To me, amazed that the honest thing that power still remains
Mashita. It was a person from the N.. Once he was just exhausted my
Togemashi the dish back in me again without much time or paid in
. Once the fire of my passion 点Ita, 燃E広Garimashita immediately.
is someone depart several times with much success, given the joy of a woman.
wonder, did not feel guilt about her daughter. I felt that I loved as a woman Teitakara
. I know from me who's holding Naohiko.
time is cleaning finished breakfast, N.'s figure showed. Apparently
He also seemed to have realized it last night.
voice poured from me.
"Good morning."
"assay, good morning."
"make yourself ready for dinner because he made"
N.'s embarrassed that I understand the .
dare I have not touched it. But
of them,
"that it's your mother"
divorced sheepishly opened his mouth.
"I apologize to my ear is not apologize I got love
N. Teru Yono's."
"Your mother's."
"You But you'll get when you apologize for mistakes. "
I told him so. It was hate. The only advantage to the body just did not want to think I did not
"Your mother's."
he seems more surprised at my unexpected words.
"I think so I would like you to love me."
N. friends came to my place standing in the kitchen.
"Of course it's your mother, I feel I always told the truth last night."
put his hand on my type. The holding in his arms 寄Semashita me.
"Now you will want a mother's"
"edge! N.'s that."
was surprised. He also was twice last night because I'm wanting me.
"work is good?"
"absent today.'s mother do not you?"
me the word of his day for me today to say and ensure a great day for the trust
. N.
's quiet progress, we have now.

My mother died and father married

When I was 10, I married my mother to the previous marriage because my father died.
father was a very good relationship with my mother to cherish, cherish me as I am a real girl.
mid-October, it was my mother died. My father is disappointed there is no well, shame on the poor.
father and mother died away, too, as far as sad.
Still, a memorial service for my father and mother already finished a snappy firm.
my father, "but not a real family, I'll be happy to go for help until you are married Akemi." tell him, so happy tears, I hardly have to thank .
was around two o'clock last night. When I'm asleep, my father came into the room.
"What happened?"
"I'm tough. I'm hard as a man."
father'm a 49 years old. As I understand the intuitive hard and mean. I packed away
words, just confused.
father lay down beside me. Place your right hand on my chest, I slowly rub.
"I'm sorry too open." And he has repeated his lips. I love my father and
, I was not aware of as a man. My father, "I Akemi cute. And the most good girl. You miss my mother died. Alas"
came into my father's tongue in my mouth. Let my tongue tangle thinking too.
let me take off my father's pajamas. Worked together to make it easier 脱Gase. Directly touched her breasts, I rub. Of which included the mouth. I have now realized the situation to expand, there is no denying feelings. My father grew
hands down. Pubic hair touching my fingers proceeded further. I was already wet and there is enough to greet the man upper body. Uzumemashita
father to pull his face and panties. Tongue invaded into the vagina, and sipping. I 出Senaku
voice "Dad" is to say that my best.
"I Akemi beautiful body, with breasts so large, so the hair grows fine. I'm a nice adult. I was a junior high school, I feel like I was supposed to swell in my chest."
overlap with my father, has been inserted gently. The slow movement. I feel better now. What also affects
sexual love for each other through the match.
father, "dense and groan," what seems to have been immediately filled the back of my body semen.
"Akemi, Thank you. I've just gone for 49 days till the mother bear." she said, stroking my hair, breast, touching the pubic hair continued. I
next spring, after graduating from college, I decided to be legally married.
dead mother, with confidence, you will forgive me.
body who have already finished the course of marriage.


yuna himekawa[24827]
Stirring, until some time after the departure airport lobby.
I was waiting for the departure of the plane to go to uncle's place.
I once made three years related to the original Uncle uncle goes to.
saying the family business, the source of his uncle living in Okinawa.
uncle could have related to the Obon holiday came to go home in August three years ago, went drinking with his uncle, the back went to the hotel, I first learned the joys of a woman . Some
experience in, but I have never felt I was in the hands of his uncle by the tongue, knowing the first thing to say ik toys, and since then, sex was not forgotten and uncle,
While homecoming is a matter of course, once a month from returning to the original Uncle Okinawa. First
drinking, I was joking kiss, kiss really feel that gone, the uncle invited me to the hotel. Taking a bath with a peck, a bed.
first kiss ... and I feel alone, tell me, What I would not ever have sex?
"Today I'll be cool. again, stop and just say ..." As those words, I welcome the peak times, went in first sex.
And sex is something you feel an obligation not to know. The lightly rubbed
boobs, nipples sucked, only that my pussy wet wet wet love juice overflowing with sheets around. I just get so
touching breasts, touched here, I wonder what happens? And saying, we crawled uncle came my tongue the clitoris.
"Pikun, the feeling Dame," "I hope and feel more like" overflowing joy juice drink after another,
tongue moving around his uncle, placed a finger was Kaki回Sa The next moment, had to blow with great force. Felt the first time, had the first blow,
uncle put the vibe I was looking at me several times to greet the peak thrust. Uncle penis want to stop the ache is not filled with vibrator. I was licking penis
"Please put my pussy bigger penis" I had to beg my uncle.
my uncle came in from the core of numbness in the head posture, welcomed the peak times, 悶Eta.
since drowning sex with uncle, had been to Okinawa to attend.


I am 42 years old who runs a beauty salon in Tokyo Aichi ×.
son has got a reason to develop into a home and leaving my parents. Swimming Club has been active in high school sophomore son of another.
that was 10 years ago, so I let go of your hand I do not think my son is with her mother.
best matches like brother and sister relationship and say good years left.
from home but I work and residence is located in the Tokyo office of one and half hours by train.
son went to high school, but usually over an hour from home I'm close.
now come to stay now and then his son recently.
angry with me hanging around in your underwear and do around that.
I felt happy as a woman seems to me to be aware of something. I know some people are treated with a sneak in the room at night.
struck my son anymore. About
"Want some help?"
"is not about stupid?"
son but not too soon to say.
"I'll yo touched a little strained?"
really hard to the touch and invite "..." from the top of the jersey. Besides, what young people are Dekkai good nutrition!
son was victim to rub the nipple from the breast without a bra pajama top
Lightning aloud me.
pulled out what his son, grabbed directly.
really long and hard. And wrapped in palm
"Yaba! Serve!"
I was whisked off me. I had already
I want someone to feel my son.
lying on his back in silence, she watched her son's fingers crawl around.
are taking off every pajama bottoms underwear, the legs were held.
infiltrated deep into the finger can wriggle violently.
I feel more tears enough to fall apart. Was it my son
limit. I started holding their own ironing. I have included the opening
unwind hands of her son.
penis hole and tickle the tongue, and throat at once. deep throat
vigorous sperm 若者Rashiku
"Pyu, Pyu ~ ~"
I've jumped into.
glad I swallowed all the bitterness I felt very fresh.
then swallowed, and continues to lick his penis has been getting bigger again. I
a stony hardness in Kachinkachin. Was more at hand for his son in the face. Cum spilling from the mouth.
"video looks like!"
son said happily.
came from behind to hug her son washed his face with a rather challenging.
"Let's go to bed"
was picked up and taken to say.
tongue and son begin with there tits navel caressed my Depukisu Masu Hashi intense. At best there was already feeling great flood.
son rode on me or can no longer endure.
came into my vagina to aim accurately with both hands.
"Oh Oh I"
I shuddered be enchanted with the body, just like themselves. Why the tears from the eyes
stimulates uterine betting big on my error.
penis son still can not put back only partially reached.
"ah ah ah"
Ino Hutoshi penis pounding my son gets tired and has been attacked farther pleasure in mind. I was unable
have it anymore I've installed it while drooling. How many times
pierces the morning. I devour the tongue clings to my son, I reached over and felt some pain while hard penis.
the border that day my son has often come to stay.
Of course, I'm welcome to. My son is not considered life without the other.

Fucked up

I was raped 23 year old son's son. It is daytime. Since it was Sunday no one was home I did not. When my son was plugged and the big cock is thick and dragged him by the arm to go to bed because I have a lie-in cake. Unfortunately I lost the ability Mogakimashita Dezu escape. I do not have sex with her husband 48 years old but not that. This day is the first time. Now it is addictive and being fucked. I look forward to being raped.


Its identity was stalking my cousin.
few months ago, I had the feeling that 付Kimatowa, it has never dreamed that his cousin identity.
way home from the station 10 minutes walk also has a dark street lighting, but I'm worried about the salary limit OL borrow location, the room it is now.
last few months, feel attached to the station but the room was, I was imagining things. Than usual late hour per station,
Hitahita the footsteps of another modeling to come after me to walk. Well here is a place where I have only dim street lights, I ran ran away.
footsteps coming from behind to follow, the next moment, his arm was grabbed, dragged into the bush. Even a desperate resistance, the force fulfilled,
torn blouse, breasts sucked in enough pain, to come into the hands of the skirt, trying to 脱Gasou panties.
through without people struggle to resist temporally, 貰E unlikely to help. Makoto Minami
I still struggle to resist it me or do calm down. I heard a voice, it was the voice of his cousin.
moment, through the power of the body, and my cousin came in my panties 脱Gaseru. Ito Ara Haa haa breath, rage around me without it in the rest, and give your stomach,
me wore a jacket over his and sent to the room. I look back not to leave the room, shower,
if you hear the reason, much liked, without being told I, with a turn as a stalker after today is not possible to endure , and got hit. I'm talking about
scared now told him to stop. , But also the next moment, my cousin take over, and I just came to feel a different way.
clitoris and fingers to crawl, put rhythm first touch, to feel good that it gave a voice I could not resist. My cousin is still taking
rhythm, touch the clitoris I had reached orgasm.
licking cock like crazy cousins, it was noticed sex.
know when the moment feels attacked by the other cousins, but just have never felt fear, my body is satisfied and felt many times, my cousin received. Now we are living with
cousin. Relatives around saying that sharing the room, violently in love every night.


I am a 48 year old for sex with 21-year-old son. Son and to three years. I will embrace that kind. I love my son like that. I'm writing a diary date sex to be fun. Did you see 32 440 times, counting the other day. I told the wife and son have a lot I. And are proud. Teru Yono seek to love me while I have never abuses his wife is older than my son.

Son and spa

Lost her husband in an accident two years ago. I'm married now 45 years old is not.
took me the first time in a hot spring bonus son graduated from college and took a job this summer.
I have gotten so much from a new employee bonus Nevertheless still did not want to spurt hot spring inn. Although it was
filial piety as a child, her husband passed away, "I will try take care of the mother," I tell him the whole time.
excited as when I went to the first date is a present from my son that. The hotel is a surprise addition
is guided into the room was really beautiful, regal 新Shiirashiku.
there is only room for hot springs outside the room. I took this gorgeous
okay? , And son say, Okay, you're going but it got pretty good salary, and
"Thank you. I love you, Yuki-kun's mother" was embarrassed to say. Cute. servings or in large catch

luxurious meal, the mother spent time in two while drinking sake.
first time I get in a bath to drink too much of, but I have about open-air bath room, I realized that sex is fine. If you put my son's room
towel wrapped dressing quickly to a screen where there is not just a piece invisible Chaimasu nervous.
so boldly to change consciousness, "Yu-chan, fit together?" I say. And only one better than the naked, and they travel together, me.
son had hesitated, "You were entered together 10 years ago" rather reluctantly agree to this. I realize that
My son was supposed to be quite a boy skeletal muscle also imperceptibly. See naked men, so long Majimaji and Lightning's.
have enjoyed a dip in a hot spring bath, I witnessed there. That a vigorous erect penis as looking stomach with his son.
husband passed away, five or six years Kamou that, I never seen an erect penis.
hit me like there was almost beaten to the back of the head. was removed with a towel wrapped
moment back to the room and change into the clothes a little upset and has a son from behind 抱Ki着I.
naked son on my back has been pushing hard penis seen before. I felt hot enough to burn with my back.
uproar because it is in trouble as people heard, in whispers, "Stop it, do you mean?" he said, but with strong resistance and 振Rihodokou was not very far.
"I said to my mother to protect life. So I'm my father's place." likes to put his arm strength. That mean absolutely useless because
parents I know.
Maybe someone if it is acceptable to the family of one son just loves it, and doubt that part of the woman tied
awakened by strong cock from my body through the power I.
son from behind while holding, Iki in proportion to the room I laid in bed and pushed his lips on my lips to his back pushing me.
from some of the girls I dated knew was very familiar with a kiss Boditatchi.
"is an adult than I thought I knew Oh," he feels, you feel something is found there.
thought my son would convince me to embrace, not by me, loved me and tongue carefully hand Tsukatsu to cherish.
I said, "No, no," but I mutter, and became more aware of the lack of resistance. To caress the man a long time, there were springs from a hot liquid like to welcome you.
son to lick sounded inspiring them with words of my Susuriagemashita solution.
rode my son. "Come," I sigh at the words with your mouth and ask about.
son has been slowly toward the center into a swollen penis to feel more than before.
creak while my female organs men a few years, it went to swallow. my son is 打Chi込Mimashita
while raising growling voice, so I was excited, was found in a hot ejaculation.
I did before the climax, my son kept driving me to realize that the penis without ejaculation.
me while listening to a chaotic obscene erection went at once waited.
moment I felt my son's penis to explode again, as I Ikimashita to cling to his son.
posture after a while his son embraced, the penis was removed gently. From there, drop and spill my cloudy white liquid, licked my fingers to scoop it.
bath and after that also included, while sandwiched between alcohol drinking and we 交Warimashita 3.

Then I returned home, I am being held each night.

It does not matter in love with

Married to my mom and started living together since last month a new dad and grandpa. The new father is also 10 years old than under 30 years old mother. I really kind and good man and a young mother to be very happy, and it becomes a good family. But more than that

and good love from the first meeting I have become like my grandpa. Grandpa was 57 years old, 16-year-old Megumi Yoshi. I'm away for more than 40 years is Megumi Yoshi's love at first sight. Nao Akira ... I can not believe it myself. I love age does not matter but I often hear, I thought I heard is true.

even if it says 57 year old grandfather is a look that old at all. Architectural work for the body to feel great muscular Builders. I'm a little mixed gray hair, super strong body and burned it the day I like to be laughed at white teeth. Boys the same age is not something [the] Japanese man to feel frightened. I thought

Can you turned away because he is dealing with this age, F erotic lingerie you like to appeal her bra and micro mini weapon to bust some surprisingly quickly attacked by Chai Mashita (laughs). I still think guys cheetah's Not!
to be good in a commanding lead among people who until now tech sex, vagina too "Oh!" I think the magnitude amazing place. Ik or time or offensive language or to place itself irritate people, great sex so much more impossible! I'm more passionate about Megumi Yoshi Jatsu place called ....

first I was no longer possible to endure, but when there are not any sex moms, like I was getting a room next to Megumi Yoshi and his grandpa is my grandpa's room and go at night. But in the Valle Lightning moms. Makes sense to get angry thinking, "Dear Barenai neighbors, when you take into Hodohodo." Lightning simply an out OK.

Since then, Megumi Yoshi and grandpa's bedroom together. The sex almost every night. I'm absolutely impossible to Hodohodo. Now even my mother, "Hey you guys really like ...." I feel half of me feeling shocked. I feel like I have all been ruled to have been violently macho grandpa. Lightning

Megumi Yoshi begging from people unable to endure even before 10 pm last night. Filled with burned and now we'll install're just like the other nipple. Yoshi Tadasu were forced embarrassed "good Haya Megumi real bitch," I was told. From where I'm told was safe day out in the first time I had. Lee also was after I was led to leave, just the second time the old man from getting stiff again. Shite Since then, tea was got out three times in full. Till I was dripping pregnant. If the baby happy and Grandpa.

to take a bath together in the body and Megumi Yoshi was too greasy old man, and I was washing tits old man lying on the mat to hug. Then I got and wanted to become, unable to endure, "put" Lightning say. Then had me drinking, but after having filled out loud three times Sita.

awesome happy to sleep hugging the body of a stout old man. I'm still in bed next to this day. I think I want to sex with a lot of things today.

His mother

I am a 30 year old housewife. My mother, at the age of 50 × 4
has four children. There are three of the eldest brother in me. 4
siblings who both have different fathers. Since such a family environment, I graduated from the
Satoru Naka, attended part-time, live-in work I get to college. I also was married at age 24 married 3 years older workplaces,
his poor conduct in divorce three years. Mother to live with their children now
. Been divorced for a year, was introduced to a man from my mother. The man, who earlier in the work of the mother, his wife at the age of 41,
died of illness two years, children who did not.
dating married about six months. Living at home with my mother,
life began. Life incident immediately. about once a month without
Nami Ito night was when I was dating, even though each time I went to the hotel. Maybe at first I thought being tired.
At that time, the first phone call from his brother, my sister's husband and mother, I saw came from the hotel. What can I do, Karazu solution. One month passed.打Chi明Ketara mother, in fact,
a long association with him, but the first was at 16
24 years before my husband at the age of 25, who married a fourth time of,
an acquaintance of my father, there is a relation of the body from that time, temporary,
that they were thinking about marriage, like his master of the house built with the help of my now
, I was forced to marry the mother's boyfriend, I felt anger, life, the complaint is not, well taken care of for me to see my kids
. Because children are called Papa, I,
what do I stand, holding a mother holding a girl.
my husband, how abnormality? Thought. × do you like the older the mother of four is why, I do not know. My husband, but is unable to speak directly, and I was living would have probably handed down from mother. After talking, my husband over the weekend family weeks 2,
four people went in I'll come to our mother and spring.
the room, our room was considerably higher in the room with outdoor bath. Finished the meal, the children began to sleep.
invited my mother, a bath room and later came into my husband. 3 people talking in the nude. Around behind my husband, my mother's heart was touched by two touching
, come inside my mother in front of my husband,
I tried to escape, 逃Ge切Re without.
Husband and mother and three of the bath. Her mother's face (my husband and SEX) when I saw,
in me, if I put up with the peace if it is. Such
, and care. My husband, when have a mother, There is no telling from what everyone is looking at the house. And I, once a day at home once a week and three times in four months at the hotel, it allowed me to feel. Everyone has been going on since


Butterflies of the night, giving a beautiful face makeup and wore a dress, you left the house step, her face became night, ready to welcome you to our customers.
my daily routine since the first year that I worked recently in Ginza.
out the home, but without going to rely on, nor soap and health, nor the outskirts snack of choice is the Ginza, my pride was left was a little bit.
was torn to shreds in their pride, my uncle came to Tokyo from Hokkaido, emerging from the store. The first could not believe my eyes.
No way, I thought not going to come to this upscale restaurant, my uncle who appeared in the entertainment industry here. Amid
only sit down, pretending to be ignorant I Sit, acting as if I did the first time I met my uncle started service, apparently angry that the eyes appear was.
note passed to the toilet when standing, I thought to say the pressure to come to the room without saying a word they have written the room number of hotel accommodation. I declined the after-
after the shop and headed for the hotel business is staying in his uncle. Passing through the front of the room went into the underground parking lot. Uncle
Why are you running away from home to Ginza? Going back to the house or not? Ask questions in rapid succession and asked me to reply use a shower.
know I mean what is said but, uncle and can not refuse and, suddenly, came to attack. Reluctant to kiss me,
touching the breast of the dress from the top, turn the hem on hand to touch the leg panties. Touch from the top of the clitoris panties, panties from the top of the Rim. wet thin cloth comes
small, which take off at once, my uncle touched my body around the tongue and fingers to use, than being brought back is up against,
If you stick with just now put up with my uncle accepted. But the bad acting and can get wet ends and a happy sex with my uncle went into me, I returned to my room.
next day, his uncle also came at a customer. As a girl in Ginza, having a good time behavior, and at home, and passed a note yesterday to see a different hotel.
I went into the room the room was surprised. If another person in addition to uncle, uncle you 帰Ritakunakere, were ordered to become a naked shower.
as you said, playing with a toy in my body two, my uncle is still mounting a contract, to a woman in Ginza.

Where is my son

Was still working for the want of a son rises to the upstairs laundry drying my son has recently become 23 years old, putting back down Timbo fat off your panties and go to bed, I caught It is pleasant to listen to what my mom uses. Can not say I feel good. I struggled to escape the power was lost early. If you give me a good thought to end soon. I am a man other than her husband does not know is 47 years old. Little did I dream I would be committed to his son that it gave birth. My son's mother says that pussy like a good long Osane tighter, faster than I thought that finished me. My son heard me say I feel good and three of unplugging. There is live from period to get pregnant because I'm still the bad.

My Dad

I entered a four-year university in Tokyo. My dad is a university to decide. Dad showed us the way of me at any time.
and it was right at any time. It was also tied to my dad, so it was the right way.
dad says I love you all. It's true. Every night I went to bed after Mom and Dad love begins my bond. The long kiss while
Insert deep wet hole incarnation of my dad. I will not tremble with pleasure on this part of the father blocked the holes up and down.
ceased to be yours to penetrate my dad, I would just upset they did not know what I have for every hole of their bodies.
I'm looking forward to spending the day just the moment when my body Gusari bran and fire a weapon in the formidable father. Dominates the head but his dad's love of music club in action.
I was told that sometimes the senior circle of love. I refused and he loves other people have said that he loved me more.
Hakatsu I decided to try his love away embarrassed. But to have him join me in my room, Dad came home.
dad comes into the room, thrust the case Fusagimashita duct tape sky camera films the senior ass hole.
殴Rimashita the testicles and his mom's perfume bottle. Dad and I are still fixed by duct tape and bent in a direction to change the dark red meat loaf is still wet hole until I had just rubbed him. I love that my senior
it was staring at me with a strong gaze fell on the floor did not know. Dad and I long to kiss as always,
has been deeply penetrated me. I was blown away before we got it like a plaster on a hard hot flesh than usual Daddy


yuna himekawa[24689]
1 year marriage had in mind was far from being married, became a sexless honeymoon in a month, even thought my husband and divorce.
changed the sex life that was my brother. Since my brother-in-law raised in a divorced child, sometimes you have to keep my kids out of the brother, brother-in-law to have sex with.
"always, sorry to take care of pressing ○ ○, I'll buy what I want now," I have no wish.
husband are busy, things bothered me the minute I want to buy me anything because they got too much living too well.
brother ... and I want to have sex, in a low voice say, "Hey, Les? I thought," and is said, If you think you know what,
husband was at work when it comes and not because they care of the child, if you ask the child, while awake and did not come back, and told me. if time is
brother said he, nearly a month and one day only, "go to eating rice, ○ ○ anyway I would just be too late?
children entrusted to the parents," and induced We, my brother-in-law while driving and went for dinner. Which made the sea, to eat in the hotel restaurant with an ocean view, and brother have taken from their hotel room.
long time to sex and I feel great food is bounded.
over time to eat, and brother to the room.
light shower, baby doll I'm prepared for the Invisibility brother, brother in bed and waited for the hole wear panties.
eventually came out of the shower brother saw me dressed, like a whore, and defintely piled up? And a kiss saying earlobes, neck, tongue, we crawled,
hand Moteasobi nipples, put your finger touches the clitoris panty holes from the hole, tamp down so quickly I felt agony be cool to touch me rolling.
my love juice was overflowing with long ass sex, wet panties scene spotting.貰I with fingers and tongue she ate a lot,
brother now licking my nipples, squeezing a limp penis in his mouth, and large, is said to stand about a brother a hand on the edge of the bed, and do as told,
vigorously in a posture of standing back, came about "not bad standing there" could not stand the feel of long stay, reduce my waist from a collapsing knee ,
attitude as it is finished. Thing I felt warm in the ass brother. That day while changing the position to do it three times now, so Barenai brother and my husband is doing almost every day.

One year ago

I've raised a son herself, and this time a year ago on the eve of a high school graduation ceremony.
son suddenly, "I'll protect my mother!" a cry of joy to people's kind words to his son grew imperceptibly fine.
too soon I began to change shape from day one love for my son .... I have a son "together and get into the bath ..." and invited.
son bluntly, "Yes," and shout, hatch has an answer. My son came into the bath,
standing erect, and I laugh to hide the embarrassment, "depending on where you look," he said, and there Kakushimashita breasts by hand.
I said, "I sometimes shed in the back of my mother," she said and sat against the wall. My son started to wash my back.
"It's good wash," and give praise to the Son became a little daring, "I'll be washed before," he said, I tried to turn around.
I said, "I'll be in my front," said the son was in a towel to caress your breasts, hips belly with a towel, getting down to the groin,
my dick When you wash, I said, "They do no good" in a stern voice and a little 言I放Chimashita.
I started washing her son's neck and shoulders shampoo put the towel toward your body of her son. My hands are starting to come down to the stomach from the chest of his son, finally reached the crotch of his son.
, that the son had an erection Bing. I was watching it, "Really, I got bigger," impressed with herself. Son, "because my mom naked sexy,
I got an erection," I said, I said, "What are you talking about," and laughed, it was hard for her son while washing a towel, "Daily Masturbation Are you "heard. Then
son, "Well," I went to. I said nothing, my son started squeezing it with bare hands.
"I" Do not be hard "to stimulate continued to rub the head saying turtle. My son has become impatient,
ejaculation with both I left my hand on his shoulder. I Bettori sperm with her son and to my chest and stomach. I laughed
"Daa, and put so much ..." she said, over the water shed clean in the crotch of my body and my son. Son, "I really felt good," he said,
laughed in embarrassment. I left the bathroom with a towel to wipe each other's bodies. Son in bed, touching my dick, that the son, to 押Shi開I,
time came, the woman was feeling 呼Bi覚Masa forgotten. Move right out of my body back on the body of stout young son, I have been raising their voices. In less than five minutes
when semen is implanted into the body of my son, I was already gone wrong. That night, to continue having sex several times, I dozed off to sleep.
Now, my son, she'll eat pussy also clever enough to caress me in many ways. My son, sex is also good, as becoming his mistress, always makes me push through its zenith.
remain intensely permeated his son reached a climax when, I became a woman can not stay away from the body of another son.

Car Sex

Sex with brother was always in the car.
side of the mountains and parks, a supermarket parking lot, do not troubled place.
is likely to come in places where people do rather fun.
in a small area, even to Blow, Blow also receive, but like acrobats, and can close that thrill and thrills do not know anything when people come.
brother and another family will not break the relationship began to say things I do not do each other's partners. His wife is also the brother-toy husband and I do not like, then do not also love car sex.
contrast, the brother I love toys too, because I love car sex, the relationship began just want to enjoy each other. While running,
Rimokonbaibu switches placed, and opened the window on purpose at the time of waiting for the signal, press the voice desperately killing, and find a place,
feet chained to Manco M Hiraku Tamotsu S Vibe or being put in or Manco show spectators that purpose. Sex in the car to do well. sex with brother in the whole
pleasant, let me satisfy me.
not only in the car, outdoor park bench on the lawn in the bathroom, just do not care where, indulging in sex and airy, filled 躰 I go. Many onlookers
park sex, swapping, what became even still, do not stop even to replace outdoor couples sex young couples.

Transformation 36-year-old to sleep with mother?

This site will look 頂Ki up, I just have to raise my mother too. I
36-year-old single topic, and my mother is not there a few years.
mother, since we divorced, remarried without even five years at school. high fever suppository
mother asked me to in elementary school when I saw the first women's vagina while I love them anyway
mother as a woman and the impact of the moment, and soup to reason somehow parents
Orimashita to even though I have not, to meet his mother, and we are boiling with my mother I raised such a side hug SEX
We thought the masturbation.
mother, or how best to lead a very rational. . . . . . I welcome women
sixty next year, but what about the ones you want? let alone my son and
. . I can only imagine how my mother imagined anger spree.
do not want to rape. Tell us what 戴Kemasen the contemporary women's opinions on my sissy?


"Aw, you will 逢Enaku" lick my tears told me so, cousin. Before I go on a study
three-year British study it had to do.
it, sex with cousins.
liked, he loved. But I was not transmitted.
because relatives because there is blood ties, so I have to give up, I thought like that, decided that the UK study,
can not come and go, so I returned to Japan My cousin was shocked to say the words come.
go to an amusement park on Sunday, playing one day, will extend the legs back to the sea, watching the ocean, I have cousins ​​"once, just once, I want you to hold," the said.
also puzzled "by cousins, it can not, I will not for each other" cousin stubbornly refuse,
I said "first and last, please do not want to regret," give face Kono Ito is "I want some time, after a moment's thought, you reply," I said, went home that day.
few days later, a karaoke station snack called, "Tomorrow, I'll go to England, because today is the last night, I'm the previous reviews,
want to go now" I have been happy over, the tears came. Because my cousin, because relatives are not allowed to like it, but I gave up ... ...
out snacks, business hotel nearby.
"I'm a love hotel called hate, and I want to be such a weak relationship between dumping" happy. I was so happy.
nothing special thing.
embraced as usual, to kiss each other 触Ri合I the 躰 just came inside of me.
, but only that the relationship ends, the next day, my cousin in England.
month later, I noticed things that are pregnant.
's only once, sex with my cousin became pregnant.
soon 産Maremasu children.

Father and

私Su father is 24 years old and has no blood ties. After his divorce from the mother is served. The others speak. The mother is 49 years old, to be like. I went on a trip out of town yesterday. Then my father was committed at night. Committed in the bath I came into my father even when I was taking a bath. Spree that was to lay on the futon in the form of wet from the bath and then I picked up. Many times I am committing
it several times to extend the stride.

I like the older brother / /

The sex with my brother and I'm about three times a week beginning

when I'm older brother and a brother and two people answering machine when I go out with my parents while watching DVD and a brother of the system to talk to me but I love the Sun had a boyfriend she was not surprised it came

laid on my shoulder I hand in the meantime my brother The older brother is against me and you embrace your body to Zurasou "Miki has experienced many men?] I was surprised I even heard it coming, it was 16 years old male I said I'm not yet experienced

Then the elder brother, "I'll tell you," I came to while I'm saying kiss kiss without leaving the voice to surprise Now is the moment I tried to get up and I started 退Kasou to massage the hand of my brother's chest, "It's okay," was told to leave that form the / / /

< br> and I feel kind of weird in the "agreeable to the big brother?" thinking I was asked "Yes," I say "go big brother in the room?"

asked I also "Yes," entered the room carrying a big brother to me and say gently embrace.

since the beginning of undress in the room when I was too rough breath and gradually come to feel a gentle kiss while massaging the chest and was lying on the bed with my brother I moan leaked to feel your body being caressed with the bra and panties is just / /

older brother in the meantime I will remove the bra my boobs remains to be completely missing the more power is in the tongue licking and sucking nipples while rubbing panties

who came to the hands of an older brother and I naturally meantime involuntarily close your legs, "first really big brother?" Since I came to hear "You're right," and say "good from the kind that hurt?" has been told puzzled thinking "Yeah," nice and on top of me than it possible to endure even brother and are rolled up pant with holding the big brother I came to rub clitoris take off panties then I became naked brother and say We have been inserted / / /

yours crying softly and I have mixed feelings on sex with my brother to say I'm glad the pain and the "good and relieve worry I "since I was told was being held while 思Ikkiri entertain with ease and brother in the feelings / /

later and on weekends when parents are out there are not any We met my brother and I are dating for lewd / /

other brother for some time now and it might not have sex

I love daddy

I love my dad.
's called just like your favorite is not, I really like.
want me to kiss. I want to tightly. I want to be naughty. I think so.
want to put in my dad's little boy. Let it be full of pleasant, I want everything out in fine stationery. What's the

I can do this, right? From what I could have
father's sperm and the sperm of my father's child, the little boy wants is what's wrong?

I love it. I like sex as're in a dream.
yesterday, made it the masturbation while imagine me putting my dick in your father. . . (*>_<*)