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Incest confession of women(2017-12)


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The day to decide courage and determination

yuna himekawa[33097]
I am a 47 year old woman. I have a husband (53 years old) and a son, Mikidai (23 years old), but Mikidai lives alone in the same city according to his education policy, "If you become a member of society, live alone and experience the hardships." Is starting. I'm a part-timer, and on the way back, Mikidai comes to pick me up once a week, and I spend a little time in the Mikidai's car. For me now, the most reassuring feeling is actually the time and place hugged in the arms of the trunk. I fully understand that my mother sees me as a woman, and it was about a year ago that I realized that my gaze also saw Mikidai as a man. .. Since then, when Mikidai comes to pick me up, I have been redressing my makeup and redrawing Mikidai's favorite gloss from the self-consciousness of the basic premise that I will meet an important man from now on. When I sit snuggling up in the back seat of a trunk-sized car, warmly wrapped in my trunk-sized arms, holding my hands on my thighs and entwining my fingers deeply, I really feel Being a mother is a state of complete disappearance from consciousness. When I look at the profile of Mikidai's smile, I sometimes feel uncomfortable or get sick at the end of Mikidai's words to me. If you gently stroke your long hair or straighten your bangs with your fingertips, the woman's part will shake a little.If the story was interrupted and I stared silently from a close distance, I quietly closed my eyes like a tacit understanding of the feelings of communication, and it was a signal that was soft and warm. Kana lips overlap my gloss lips. If you are hugged strongly as if you have lost your escape, catch your trunk-sized lips, give a hot kiss, and caress your lips and tongue, the gloss will be completely peeled off. Sometimes, when a trunk-sized hand catches the bulge of my chest from the top of my clothes and wraps it around, and crawls like stroking it, a serious consciousness that I can hold it already runs through my mind. .. Occasionally, a trunk-sized hand enters through the hem of the skirt and strokes the knees and thighs above the knees. My thighs and knees are closed by a reflexive defensive reaction, and I hold down my trunk-sized hand from above, shake my head a little, and say "No ...", but I'm not really thinking about it. That's right ... I and Mikidai have never overlapped their skin because of the relationship between naked men and women. I know that I am responsible for the refusal of the trunk university who wants me. I'm well aware that it's okay if I allow it, and that both Mikidai and I should be able to enter the unknown world and feel the bond between men and women beyond parent and child. .. Whether I have no courage or haven't decided yet, I'm sure that the days of great conflict continue.Not long ago, I met Mikidai on a day when I wasn't feeling well, and I was wondering if the man had a certain idea that it was my period day. Since I was able to confirm that and answered honestly because it was a tampon, Mikidai, who has come to understand my cycle since then, always stopped by the drugstore on the way home just before that cycle, and the cashier They lined up with me and paid for my tampon and napkin wrapping, and they gave me a gift, "Yes ... this month's worth." I am ashamed to say, "I can only do this kind of thing now," but I thank him and receive it. I'm holding hands all the time they send me home, and when I say goodbye, I give the last kiss of the day. Kissing is prohibited in the house, so it's a big man who keeps it, but when he comes back to the house, he gently hugs me from behind me standing in the kitchen. On the day of my cycle, I'm nastyly asking, "Which one is it today?" He says "it's mean", but he answers "how to make it". It's a big man who says "I'm in there" again, but I can't hate him because I love him. Gently stroke my uterus from the top of the skirt and move away, saying "I hope it finishes early". I'm sure I'll be embraced by the trunk in the near future. The day will come when I, a woman, will open her legs wide to recognize her beloved son as a man and to welcome her to the trunk.

Husband's mischief

Is it two weeks after such an embarrassing event? I headed to Obon and decided to go home to my husband's parents' house. My husband's parents' house is in a small town by the sea, which I ran for about two hours by car, and many relatives gather when it comes to Obon . My husband came into the room as I was preparing to go out in the morning. Husband "Today, I'm wearing a white tight skirt and a blouse! I'm wearing my underwear !!!" I "Eh ... because I'm going to my parents' house!" .. Husband "Let's take my underwear! I can't see it" I "You have relatives" Husband "Only my family ... well, there may be some uncles and aunts ..." I "Please today ... " Husband" No ... " Huh , I took a breath and took off my underwear to give up. I didn't want the nipples to show through, so I put on a nipless ... I ran by car and arrived at my husband's parents' house before noon. Several cars were parked in the yard, and it seemed that other relatives were coming. When I opened the door, my husband's mother greeted me as if I had been waiting for it. I "We are long silence" mother "Well! Now Now up to" husband "People are you doing to come?" Mother "I have come brother married couple and sister couple. Oh · ○○ uncle also has come" husband "I ~" back I could hear the child's voice from the tea room.Husband "Oh, everyone is fast!" Brother "You're late! I'm going to the grave ... can you go?" Husband "Ah" Sister "Chini-slow ... It's been a while" Husband " That's right! You 're noisy with children! "My sister and her husband had children (boys) aged 2 and 3, and they were very crazy. Children "Let's play, sister!" Is it liked by children? They were the kids hugging me. Sister "My sister seems to like children so much ... I'm sorry." I "Okay. I also like children." After all, I got into the car with my children because they missed me. There is a grave about 5 minutes by car, and when you get off at the parking lot, you will have to go up the long stairs. A fairly steep staircase! Mazui! Maybe you can see it from below ... I'm going to follow the back, but I'm going to follow my parents and my brother and wife as if my child is pulling me ... I'm grinning when I see my husband. My sister was supposed to go up side by side, but my husband, my sister's husband, and my uncle followed me. While talking to his brother-in-law, the husband began to climb a few steps behind him. When I went up about 20 steps, the child hugged me, "I'm tired !!! My sister "Then mommy will piggyback on me " Child "Yada! My sister is good" When I say that, she hugs me at my feet. I said, "OK," and crouched down and piggybacked on a two-year-old child.My brother, who walks in front of me, gave me a piggyback ride because the two of us couldn't do it because of the child "I am also a piggyback ride" . I regretted having a piggyback ride on my child. When I put on a piggyback ride, my hips lean forward and my butt sticks out behind me, and I feel like I'm showing off to the men below. I was embarrassed and found my face burning. At the same time, it reacts strangely and the juice begins to come out. The child "Your sister's boobs are soft!" A child is rubbing a bra's chest with a small hand. Sister "No! Touch a strange place ..." Child "Yeah" I "Okay. Don't worry" Sister "Sorry. Unnie" When I casually turned around, my uncle looked at me with a grin. I noticed that I was there. When I thought that I was "visible", the juice was overflowing and I was beginning to travel down my thighs. I try not to be conscious of "No, no," but I get more and more excited. My sister's husband ... haven't noticed? Suddenly, when I look at my face, my eyes are facing me. My husband is looking to give me a grin. When I managed to reach the top, I went to the grave of my parents' house and dropped my nephew. He said, "I'm tired of the stones," while holding back my breath. My uncle who came from behind hit me on the shoulder with Satsuki-chan, who did his best, but his face was grinning. As I hold my breath and crouch down in front of the grave, I notice that my thighs are cold and netted.I gently put my hands together and stepped back so that I wouldn't notice the area. My husband came to the side and whispered in my ear, "Did you see a little? My uncle had been watching cancer all the time! It's wet." Then, when I put my hand in the skirt from behind and confirmed the wet pussy, I put something inside. "Hey !!! What" When I looked at my husband, I found something like a remote control in my hand. As if to try, the switch is turned on and it starts to move in the crotch. "Ah" my voice leaks involuntarily. "What's wrong?" My uncle called out next to me. "No, anything ..." My husband was looking at me with a grin. Although I felt something was wrong with my genital area, I returned home and had a cup of tea in the living room. I was relieved that I couldn't see my husband and couldn't turn on the remote control switch, but next to me, that uncle snuggled up to me. Uncle "Does Satsuki make a child?" I " I'm still in the future" Uncle "Isn't he so cute, can you deal with him?" I "That's ..." Uncle "Satsuki is still cute Uh! I 'll fall in love with my uncle. " I" That's ... "At that time. Buru Buru and Dick began to be stimulated ... You can hear a faint vibrating sound. Uncle "Something sounds! Where?" I " Is that so ?" My uncle began to bow his head, relying on the sound, and brought his face closer to my thighs. Uncle "You can hear it from Satsuki-chan's feet!"I said, "I'm going to the bathroom," and left the place. When I turn around, I see the face of my uncle who regrets it. Where does my husband go when I try to go to the bathroom? I asked. "It's terrible !!! It was a place where my uncle would reveal me!" When I said that, "It's good! I'm excited!" On that day, I decided to stay at my husband's parents' house. Uncle "Why are you staying today?" Husband "Ah ~" Uncle "Then, let's stay with me?" Mother-in-law "Okay. Please." Uncle " Sweet the words ." Our uncle and we were going to stay, and we had a drink table from the evening. When I drink alcohol, my uncle's attitude grows, and I often touch my body next to me, and I hear a lot of naughty things. My sister said, "I'm sorry to say stupid things to my uncle and sister! Erotic father", but my husband started to support my uncle, saying, "Well , I'm glad I met my uncle after a long time." .. My uncle spurred on that word and began to touch my thighs. Meanwhile, I was poured alcohol and I had to drink with him, and I was weak and immediately blushed and became Tron. Sister "Children, I have to take a bath ..." Child " I'm going in with my sister !" Sister "Eh ~" I "Okay! Let's go in together!"I went to the bath with my children. To be honest, I was heroic, so it was just right to get rid of my sickness. My husband's parents' house is a wood-burning bath, and the neighborhood is more than 100m away, so the window of the bath is fully open and it feels like a hot spring while looking at the night sky. As I was talking while washing the children's bodies, I felt a sign of people outside the window. I "Who!" Saying that, " 's How hot water acceleration" uncle I "Oh lie!" I instinctively hid the body by hand. Child "Uncle, it's a good hot water" Uncle "Yes! That was good" My uncle watched me licking my body all the time, saying so. I said, "Oh, it's okay ... please go." Uncle "No , I'm here ... tell me if it gets cold." After all, until we get up, I see my uncle naked. Was being done. I "You 're a little ..." Husband "What!" I " I was looking into my uncle's bath! Be careful" Husband "It's good! I'm old" I " That's right" I couldn't listen at all , I went to the sleeping room. For some reason, there were 3 sets of futons in the room, and it was strange that the sake spilled around and I fell asleep as soon as I lay down on the innermost futon . At night, I woke up with the touch of my body, thought that my husband was mischievous, and whispered in my ear, "Today is no good."Even so, my husband took off his pajamas and put his hands in his panties, so I left him alone. Then, when I unbuttoned my pajamas jacket and exposed my chest, I sucked it out with a kneading mouth. I found out that the smell at that time was not my husband. When I opened my eyes to "who", there was an uncle, not a husband. "Why!" Then my uncle pressed my hand against my mouth and said, "I'm in trouble if my husband finds out." My husband was sleeping behind my uncle. My uncle, after that, I was tossed by my uncle and finally accepted my uncle's cock. Even though I didn't like it, my body was honest and getting wet and died. My uncle also grinned at the end of me and said, "Why don't you wash it early?" I gently headed to the bathroom so that my husband wouldn't notice. As I washes my body and soaked in the bathtub, my uncle came in and hugged me, "Let's do it again!" I lost the power of my uncle and accepted the cock again. The next day, my uncle smiled and said, "Satsuki-chan, come back again" and went home with a light truck. Did your husband know about last night? Don't you know? I said "I'll come again" and ran the car.


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A cry to my son's cock

My husband is assigned to work alone. I'll be back on the weekends. My 16-year-old son touched my leg when he was watching TV with me. I didn't feel like refusing for some reason. Hey, to me? I rather enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I felt good when I was a little drowsy. The skirt is rolled up, and the hand that visits there with a pretty sharp edge. When I was silent, my son said, "What's that? I think I was waiting to get angry. I stay silent. Eventually my hands are there. I opened my legs and poke and rubbed with my fingertips, and my underwear was already full, and I was panting, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ...". At last I opened my mouth and said, "If you do anything, let's do it properly." I got naked, kissed, rubbed my body, took my son's stuff, put on a condom and straddled. "Touch here," I shook my hips, playing with my clitoris. "Oh, good, good ..." I was a little thinner than my husband, but I really felt that it was my son's penis. I was dying to have my son go up and put my knees on my son's shoulders and poke him with all his might. "Ah, Iku ... Iku ... Iku ..." It's strange, isn't it? When I say Iku, I'm really ready to go. My son pierced me and I moved my hips, and we reached it almost at the same time. It's my son that I can match it from the beginning.After that, I was attacked from time to time, but one Sunday after my husband returned, it was quite violent. "What was that?" "? Have a father." "Uh-uh. I do not have anymore for about a year and a half. It that before was not about half a year." Apart was good even if the directly-less state. "Is it okay to have sex with me?" Oh, I'm jealous. "It's really good. It feels better than my dad!" I hugged my son. The next week, when my husband came home, he said to his son's room , "You're so noisy lately that I'm going to sleep over there." My husband apologized, "Oh, I'm sorry." Even if I say , "But I'll put up with it today," I'll put a penis in me. "If it doesn't work ," my son looks happy to see my troubled face. For a while, my son went to club activities near the tournament and went on in the morning. It was late at night and it was a bang. I couldn't help it, so I pressed it against my son's leg and put up with it. I went to see the spring break Sunday tournament with my husband and ate out to aim for my son who worked hard. The meat was grilled at the request of my son, but the restaurant was very crowded. I was told that I might wait for about an hour. My son says he's waiting in the car because he's sleepy. My husband said, "I'm going to hang around and smoke and go to see my turn, so you're okay." I also went into the car.When I hugged my son sleeping in the back seat, I finally tried. When my son woke up, he suddenly put his hand over me. "Ah, no ..." The parking lot is dim, but no one can see it anywhere. However, the windows are covered with a dark film, so you can only see them from the front, but the shadows of the seats will make us almost invisible. "Yeah, oh, oh, oh," my son rubbed pretty hard with his fingertips. Was it about 30 minutes? My husband contacted me on my cell phone saying, "It's about time." It seemed to have blown out a little, so I went to the bathroom immediately and wiped my panties with tissue. I drank a little alcohol and my body got hotter. I want to liven up! My husband said, "I'm late today. Will I be out early tomorrow morning?" I'm gone today! "But don't get crowded, stop!" I grinned. My son was laughing at me. "Well then." I and my son went out to see off my husband. The moment my husband's car came out, my son's hand was over there from behind. "Ah, no, no, no," I crouch down. In the living room, I clenched my towel, and while suppressing my voice, I was disturbed. "Wow, mom ..." "I belonged to my dad, but you fell asleep. Take responsibility." My son was tired of the game and erected many times. "It's a holiday tomorrow, it's okay."He was a son with a frightened face when he saw me holding his sleepy son's penis and screaming , "Hey, I'm getting bigger again!"

Correlation diagram of father, me and sister

Since the previous thread was full, I launched a new thread. My mother died when I was little, and my sister and I devoted our virginity to our father at the age of 14. It's been almost 10 years since then, my sister is 23 years old, and I'm 21 years old. However, my sister went to him who had been dating since high school, and now I and my father live together. Moreover, from this week, I've been living alone in a new apartment, and both I and my father are overlooked like newlyweds. Everyone, please give me a lesson if you like.

Son's wife

I am embraced by my son every night. I am 44 years old and my son Takashi is 20 years old. From the point of view of the world, it may seem like two horrifying people who shouldn't be there, but in lustful days, we mother and child are drowning. It all started one day when my husband died in a car accident and the third anniversary had passed. As I was washing after dinner, my son touched me from behind as if I was stroking my ass. At first, I didn't think it was a joke, but gradually my hands moved from my hips to my thighs and rolled up my skirt. "Hey! What are you doing!" He said in a slightly angry tone. "Mom. I am." My son rolled up his skirt completely and began to stimulate my sensitive areas from the top of my shorts with my right hand. I suddenly said, "Oh.", But I returned to myself and said, "I'm filial! No! I don't want to do this. No! No! No!" However, to my son, who was approaching me, he seemed to be a male beast with no moral sense. My son is getting closer and closer. As a woman, even though I am a son, I cannot match the power of an adult man."Really stop. We are mothers and children. You know what you are doing. No. Stop it!" My son turned my body to the front and put his lips together. "Uh. Mmm. Hmm ..." I desperately tried to close my lips and pull my body apart, but I couldn't help it. As I was kissing forcibly and stroking my ass with both hands, I could clearly see that the sexuality of the woman who was sleeping in the back of my heart awakened. Somehow, I let go of my lips and said, "Wait a minute. Is it really okay? Is it really okay to be a mom?" I want a mom. "" Okay. I like Takashi too. But ... Only today. Only once. Please keep this clear. And keep this a secret for only two people. . Good. Can you promise? "" Yeah. "The son nodded obediently. "Then come to my room ..." I invited my son into my room. There I was already determined. "Sit there," he pointed to the bed. When I was prepared, I boldly took off from myself. When I unbuttoned the blouses one by one, my heart beat violently and I thought in my heart, "I don't care. Please make me your woman." I think that the fact that my son had such a feeling was insane. When I unzipped the skirt, the skirt fell under my feet, and I took off my bra and shorts. Naked, I was staring at my son for a while. "Take off Takashi, too." The son took off his T-shirt. As soon as I saw my son's chest and arm muscles, I was clearly aware that he would change from "love as a mother" to "love as a woman."

Should be masturbating to my son

 My husband is 46, my son is 19, and I am 45 years old.  I had my husband love me last night. I think that I took plenty of time to caress my whole body, and maybe there are kiss marks on my back and buttocks . My husband loved me because it contained a little alcohol. "I feel a lot today, my voice is loud." Both of  them climaxed at the same time. He kindly treated me with a tesh, and in return, I returned to normal, put a penis in my mouth, and sucked up the remaining white things and cleaned it up.  This morning, when I asked for it, I pulled down my pajamas pants and pants, put my grown-up penis in my mouth, and traced the thick part with my tongue, the hardness gradually increased . Remains were included in your mouth, I also, pajamas and shorts take off, so as to straddle the master grip the state became Enough man , and Ategai in there I was ready to wet it, the hip submerged , I myself sit up and down. I turned around with it inserted, turned my back to my husband, and fell back as it was. Both n While rubbing the milk, I push it up from the bottom. In this position, the place where the master 's rampage stick hits is different from the missionary position, and I am very excited .  When I was cleaning around 11 o'clock, my son came behind me and said, "Mom, I have a request ..." I couldn't hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner, so I stopped and said, "I wonder if there is something I want. Toshiyuki-kun, I don't think I can say anything.You don't know if you have to say, "" Mother, you can say, mothers were doing it last night ... I heard your voice, so I want my mother's panties, I'm wearing them now . and had, my husband said, voice greater was I'm so was there, "I'm sorry Shun-kun, but why such the by unpleasant of my underwear I" suddenly approached, embraced I was with, shorts from the top of the skirt I push my hand strongly and move my hand, and  when I finish cleaning , my voice is "Ahhh" . Every month, I take my shorts and trace them with my fingers, and I bounce my whole body violently and violently with my fingers inside .

Son who wants to blame anal

It was soon after I decided to separate from my husband. Well, if I had a woman and a child, I couldn't help saying this, and it wasn't a problem for me to live, and it was a lot of work. This year, my son, who is in high school 3, is in a state where he can go to college without any problems, so he played around a lot. When it comes to sex, I've had several other men. But I don't really like having sex in the flow, and I don't really like it. Well, I sometimes thought that this was the case. My son was also rough for a while, and he felt relieved and open when he was separated. I'm a cute son, so I was rather happy even if my son's hands, which he sometimes hugged me to spoil, were disgusting. My hand stretched out into my panties and ran away desperately, and I was rather thrilled that I might be violated. I was wondering if it was actually possible. At that time, I was aimed at getting out of the bath and was pushed down quite roughly. It was relatively calm. "..., it's okay, be kind." I was laid down in a big letter, and my vagina was groped while being squeezed in my chest. It's awkward, but I felt it was extra. "As expected, my mother is pretty erotic because she's messing around with a man. " "No! Don't say that!" Certainly, I often came back in the middle of the night.I even had sex only a few times. I continued to be tossed with my fingers, and moved my hips according to the movement of my son's fingers. I was pierced twice with my son's long and hard penis. With the fallopian tubes tied up, I took the plunge and hugged my son's body and accepted the sperm without worrying about getting pregnant. Two days later, my son asked me to accept it. Eventually, I was blamed for buying vibrators and rotors. I couldn't stand the unthinkable stimulus, and sometimes I desperately went wild and escaped. In particular, I was thrust into a thin vibrator for anal, and although I had pain, I felt a dangerous feeling in the back and felt that this was not possible. There is a son who is amused and does not forgive even if he says unpleasant. Somewhat embarrassing things start to leak. I had no choice but to enema. After trying it several times, I learned the knack, but I just put up with it to the last minute, but it made me feel good. When anal is blamed with a vibe, the same sensuality as when I put up with it to the last minute attacks. The anal that spread with the enema is painless ,. And the electric massager I bought under the influence of the etch video. I was almost fainted by just being hit. And finally my hands are tied to the back and anal vibes while being hit by a massager. I fainted. Even if I notice it, it feels like I'm still alive.I did this at a pace of about every other week. Both anal and vagina turn bright red and it takes about that much to recover. Usually, they are violated at will. Penis cum release can be in the mouth or in the chest. After all, underwear is not usually allowed to be worn. Even when I'm out. You can wear light beige pantyhose, but there is a hole in the crotch. My son thinks that he will get bored. I really like being tampered with outside.

And the father-in-law

My husband does not come home half a year overseas business trip. Since living with father-in-law was committed in first month is only two people. When I was drinking with two people at dinner drunken father-in-law is seems it was seen're masturbation \"Mr. Miyuki, the paddle has been on their own since the lonely\". It was pounding but said that \"such a thing is not\". Has been embraced stick is kiss say, \"Well I can not be helped because I'm young because good\". \"Oh is useless, father,\" but went with, and been blocked lips put the tongue has been kiss, I was also Karame a final forgiveness would tongue. I have also taken underwear is made taking off pajamas on the spot I thought was forgiveness I have been naked. Dad also it has committed in comes to the fly naked. Then we have embraced to reluctantly father-in-law every day. Do not you have someone people that are similar experiences.

The loved one I finally found

A 47-year-old wife and mother. I'm talking about not being able to talk to each other's husband at a corner of a coffee shop with a good friend (same year). It was a year ago when she told me, "I've got someone I care about ...". It seems that the relationship with that person is progressing smoothly, and now he even says, "I am satisfied with my mind and body." There is one daughter in the second year of high school, who says, "He already knows a man. He knows that he is a woman's body." Then he asks me, "What about you? ... Are you on the move with Yusuke?" The reason she asked me was from my words, "When my son comes home from time to time, my heart is throbbing, it's stuffy." That's right, because I was beginning to feel a man and be aware of my son, who I hadn't thought about until a few years ago. At the age of 24 this year, when I became an adult and became an adult, and felt close to me that I had a proper way of thinking, I suddenly felt more than trust, and I felt like a wonderful young man. It was. I answered, "Why ... no progress, no retreat," but that was a bright red lie. It was unexpected to have my son hug me and kiss me, have my bra unhooked, and take off my underwear, but now it's a reality. For me, Yusuke is a man in the position of "he", so I will call him below this.He is starting to live alone a little away. His favorite is long black hair, and on the bed in his room, which he held for the first time, he was told, "I want you to turn it back black and stretch it." I've been growing it ever since, but lately it's getting harder to get my hair straight in the morning mirror. Even if I asked "Can I cut it a little?", I haven't been forgiven as "Not yet". He says he likes my long hair, which is disturbed in bed. He also spoils me, but I spoil him many times more. One of my few places of comfort and healing is the space hugged and wrapped in his arms. At that time, I was completely hugged as a woman, not as a mother. Hugged in the back seat of his car, he talked a lot while gently stroking his long black hair, kissing my licking throat lozenge and licking each other, sometimes his hands I have a very dense time, stroking the bulge of my chest and invading from the hem of my skirt. He is in the service industry, mainly on Wednesdays, and I also have a part-time job, but I don't tell my husband that I'm off Wednesdays. On other weekdays, he picks me up once a week on the way back from my part, spending a small amount of time in a quiet, unoccupied place. When I don't have time, I hug each other to check my feelings and I love his stuff to handle his man's desires. To love the things of the one you like is one of my little happiness. And on his days off, he and I spend a relaxing time in his room cooking, going out for a bit of a drive or shopping date, and going into the hotel to see how much love we have. ..As any woman with experience with her son knows, seeing that with her son is the greatest embarrassment in her life, and I don't think there will be any more embarrassment in the future. .. I am convinced that his caress governs such embarrassment, and that he remembers the pleasure of a woman several times because he is not his son but a man. When the day when I was expecting that the day when I was told "I want to hold my mother ..." will finally come, while being hugged by him, one hand deeply entwined his fingers with him, and in his reply I myself In order to convince him, I dared to say "we are parents and children", which is not an excuse, but the fact that "that's the reason?" Is all about our relationship now. became. It really makes me realize that his caress is gentle and full of love. I'm sorry to my husband, but he is the one who reacts most sensitively than any of the men I have experienced. The toes, the embarrassing armpits, and the shameful anus caress my whole body, and I'm rarely squid from the beginning, and I'll always guide him if he's the other person. Was there a big problem with the compatibility of the bodies that we communicate with?There are times when he whispers, "It's beautiful ..." in my ear, soaking in the lingering sound in his arm pillow. He is extremely obscene, embarrassed, and his burning body gets hot again, but he loves the place where he was born. From the outside of the labia majora, take time to carefully move toward the center, attack from the outside of the petals, the tongue licks while widening the vertical cracks of the labia minora, strips the chestnuts, licks and sucks up, what If you go back and forth between the cracks to clean it over and over again, and then gently insert your stretched hard tongue inside the vaginal cavity, the woman will feel the limits of the pleasure she will attack. I hold the sheets with my nails up and squeeze them, and the fingers of both hands are deeply entwined with him to support the moment when I am led to the top.He treats me very kindly as a woman when I'm tired of that moment. The reality that I never dreamed of being squid by my son until a few years ago tells me now. At first I was embarrassed and put up with the woman's voice somewhere, but now he unknowingly refrains from the wet and sticky woman's voice in his ears that told me that I do not have to put up with it. I have put it out without any problems. I have been praised that my voice is sexy, but recently he learned to attack such words, and he put his hand in the skirt over me and accurately cracked through the stockings. While tracing, I can infuse my ears with the meanness of "What do you say here?" When I shook my head, "I'm gonna stop ..." "I'm gonna stop ..." The pleasure that his fingertips give is already running all over my body, so I was easily defeated by the word attack. At last, the obscene four characters will be delivered to his ears. "Oh ..." "I can't hear you" "I'm sorry ..." "I'll stop ..." "Oh ... ma ..." With a big breath on both shoulders, I had a dry, dry voice So, "Hmm ..." "I can't hear ..." "... this ..." "No, I have to keep saying it ..." "Embarrassing ..." "I'll stop" "I'm sorry ..." " "Hurry ..." "Already ... a mean person ..." "I'll stop ..." "Oh ... ma ... n ..." "again ..." "... oh ... ma ... n ..." " "Tell me properly ..." "Oh ... ma ... nko ..." I'm a woman who can't compete with the kindness of gently and politely stroking my black hair, which I said after being exposed to shame. He is undoubtedly the loved one I finally found.

Satisfied with mother and child incest

I will talk about this year's New Year. My husband left his family and went to Hawaii for the annual New Year's entertainment golf. So from January 1st, I (38) called 3 friends and my son (14) called 2 friends to my house and had a 4 to 3 orgy sex with raw vaginal cum shot.  The sons ejaculate after leading us to the climax at least once, and ejaculate at least twice under the condition, we have been ejaculated in the vagina more than 6 times in total, the uterus is the boy's semen It became a taptapu.  I was satisfied because I had sex very comfortably, and I promised "I'll do it again" and broke up.  On the 2nd, I slept until noon, got up and was attacked by my son while taking a shower, wiped my body twice in the back and was taken to bed and had sex in the missionary, cowgirl, and face-to-face sitting positions.  Needless to say 5 times, it is a vaginal cum shot.  In the meantime, I called my son you, and he called me by name.  We loved each other as lovers, not as mothers and children on this day.  As expected, my husband came back on the 3rd, so I have no sex.  However, my son and I loved each other for two days, so I have nothing to remember.  My husband seemed to win well even though he was entertaining golf, and he was in a good mood.  I'm glad that the whole family had a very meaningful New Year.

Mother's bitter decision

yuna himekawa[32933]
My father is 52 years old, my mother is 51 years old, I am 26 years old, and my younger brother is working in another prefecture. Like my sick father, I wasn't feeling well and I lost my appetite. The cause is me. I got married to a person I had been dating for two years, and I finished the ceremony at the hotel. My dad changed when he went home that day and talked about weddings and travels, but he just came in, just replying live. My mother said, "What's wrong with your dad, you're tired, you're lonely, you know, dad ..." I used to take a bath with my dad until the fourth grade, and when I went out, I held hands. I used to walk, often came to school, I love it, even now. Even about a month after that, I don't feel well. At that time, my mother said, "I'm a little worried about my mother in the village, so I'll take a look, I'll stay for 34 days, I'll ask Kumi-chan for my dad, please cheer me up, I like my dad Kumi-chan. After my mother went out, I asked my dad, "Dad, let's eat delicious food tonight, what's good for him?" "Yes, I don't have much appetite, well-I wish Kumi was there." That's what I say, "I'm really happy, I'll buy delicious sashimi, will you go with my dad?" "Good, I'm taking a bath." He prepared tableware and so on, which I had never done before. I was relieved that my father seemed to be a little brighter. When the meal is over and the tidying up is done, my father said, "I want to go to Kumi's room for the first time in a long time, I haven't seen it for years, I wonder if it's clean properly."

With my son

I'm a 34-year-old housewife and my son is 5th grade. It was about two weeks ago. My son was injured and spent a few days hanging his arms. I managed to eat, but when I took a bath, I thought it was better not to get the bandages wet, so I went in and washed it. It's been about two years since I took a bath with my son. When I was washing my back, my son got sick, so when I saw it, my cock was getting bigger. At first, I pretended not to notice it, but it didn't seem to fit, so when I asked him, he said, "Sometimes this happens. " Then I washed the front part as well, but when I rubbed my crotch with a towel, it got bigger and bigger, and I turned up to the point where I could feel my stomach. I didn't have pubic hair, but is it about the size of a small adult? It's a pale pink color, and although it's a strange story, I thought it was "beautiful." When I put the towel on and touched it with my bare hands, I was embarrassed at first, but it seems that I feel better soon, and my face is bright red and my eyes are closed. I felt a little strange, and when I grabbed the rod and moved it up and down like I used to do, my son suddenly shouted "Ah" and fired a white liquid from the tip. I didn't expect my small * raw son to ejaculate, so I was surprised when I was squeezing with the intention of mischief. For him, it seems that it was the first ejaculation in his life, he was more upset than I was, and I was confused about how to deal with it, but for the time being, I explained to my father, "It's a sign that I've grown up." Said to keep it secret, and the place was settled.The next week, when my husband went on a business trip, I told my son (who had his arms healed) to take a bath in the evening, and he said, "Let's go in together." I was wondering what to do, but I thought, "I will not be able to enter together soon," so I decided to take a bath together. When I took off my clothes at the dressing room, my son's cock was already hard. My son complained, "Like this time," so I put soap on it and rubbed the rod, which made me feel good for a while, but then I reached out to my breasts. When I think about it now, I think I had the idea that I was still a child, but at that time I just touched it. When my son buried his face in his breast, he put his nipple in his mouth as if he was cradling a baby. However, as I squeezed my son's cock and sucked my nipples, I got excited and when my son ejaculated, I also reached a small climax. I rarely felt ecstasy in sex with my husband, so it was a climax for the first time in years. So far, there is no further relationship. I'm not sure how much my son knows about sex from school and friends, but he seems to have little understanding. Even if I'm a full-fledged cock, I'm still a kid, so it feels like I'm enjoying a little adventure. I don't think it's normal for parents and children to play with fire like this, but for now, curiosity and confusion precede guilt.

While stealing my husband

I am a 58 year old woman this year. My husband, who taught me the joy of a woman and the joy of sex, passed away and celebrated her seventh anniversary. Each child also has an independent home. The memorial service for the 7th anniversary was completed only by the family, and the children and grandchildren returned. The bustling house became quiet and closed the door to the floor. Even when I went to bed, I couldn't sleep and my body ached and I touched the twat for the first time in a while and rubbed my breasts painfully. I took off my sleepwear and underwear, and on the verge of dying in agony, the sliding door suddenly opened. I should have closed the door tightly, but in the dim light I found out that I was the eldest son, and I hurriedly put on a blanket from my head. Well, why is my son? I was thrilled by the embarrassment of being seen naked and disgusting. What can i say? As a woman, no, as a mother, I was almost crying when I saw a nasty place. I wondered if I had heard the sliding doors closing and went home, and when I looked into the blanket a little, I was taking off the clothes my eldest son was wearing in the dim light. I put on the blanket again and why my son put on his clothes ... No way ... The blanket was stripped off and my son's erected cock appeared in front of me. It is a meat stick for the first time in seven years. My son brought an erected cock to my mouth when I was upset. Perhaps it means to eat, I turned my face and turned down. I can't eat my real son's meat stick. My son, looking down, said, "Mom is lonely, I'll heal you." " I ca n't do that, kid, you're me.""It's okay because I'm a parent and child, I'll change my father." "Don't, no," he said to scold me, and my son pushed me down and became a horseman, touching my breasts and twat. "Mother's pussies are so wet." "Please stop," she says, but her twat is honest and honey overflows. I will relentlessly press the meat stick against my mouth. The moment my finger came into my vagina, I chose a woman's sex from my mother and ate a meat stick. I gave my son a cock for the fellatio work that my husband had prepared. "Mother is so good, I feel like a cock." Does my son feel good? The twat 's hand stopped. I moved my hips and urged. When I gave as much caress as I knew to the meat stick I ate for the first time in a long time, "Mother I ..." a lot of lukewarm liquid came out in my mouth. My husband was happy to swallow the semen, so I swallowed my son's semen as well. That unique smell reminded me of my husband. After the husband ejaculates, the stick withers, but the son's meat stick remains stiff. Is it youth? I shot a meat stick into my vagina saying, "This time I will let my mother die." As soon as I put it in, my son kept shaking his hips violently. The real pleasure that you have forgotten will strike. I forgot about myself and tasted an endless meat stick that clung to my son.

Sister brother

I am a 52 year old housewife. I have an older sister, 58 years old, and a younger brother, 50 years old. There are circumstances for each, and I am not accompanied. I remember when I was a high school student, my sister was a member of society and my younger brother was a junior high school student. But after that, I thought everyone was married and the relationship was broken. Last year, when I contacted my sister when I was going to hold a legal affairs for my parents, I was told, "I'm going to clean up my parents' house, so I'll go ahead, so XX will come in time." It was when I went home the night before. Even if I pressed the doorbell, when I entered the house without sound, I heard a noise from my brother's room. I instinctively felt that it was SEX.I'm embarrassed, but I haven't had a chance since I lost my husband, so the sound I heard made my pussy wet and crawled my fingers. After leaving the house for a while, I returned home again and decided to go to bed after having dinner with the three of us without eating anything. It was midnight. My sister sleeping next to me said, "Did you sleep? I came into my futon and touched my body." I pretended to be asleep, but my honest body In response to her sister's caress, her pussy got wet and she panted and clung to her sister. I said to my sister, "You used to have sex with □□ in the daytime? You knew that you used to have sex with □□ in the past." I pressed my sister's pussy against my face. When the next day's legal affairs were over and I was about to go home, my younger brother showed me as my sister, saying, "Both my sisters are rented and my children have left the house, so why don't we live together? Let's have fun together." I got naked and started SEX right in front of me. My sister reached out while being stabbed by her younger brother and stroked her pussy over my panties, and my younger brother kissed me and rubbed her tits. I took off my sister's hand and took off my panties and said, "□□ Insert it into me this time and put it in the pussy of Bishobisho" and stick out the ass and make the pussy look like a younger brother. My younger brother put a wet cock in her pussy at a stretch and moved it violently, and released a large amount of liquid to my pussy, saying, "△△ sister is excellent at tightening, ○○ sister seems to wrap up." After that, as my younger brother told me, I live with three people and enjoy SEX and 3P with my sister and my lesbian brother every day. I'm scared of getting pregnant, so I asked my brother to cut the pipe.

Sex with dad

Age is a secret same bodily sex by women overseas I are drinking low pill so terrible be so menstrual cramps as early physiology that it remains此, and would up I was told the teacher that it is something-year-old I think I won't tell you even if you ask me ... It was painful at first, but now it feels good. Thick and long Ochinchin goes all the way into the dick. It's amazing.

Hello (^^)

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