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Incest confession of women(2012-12)

Bad mother

yuna himekawa[1435]
For Takayuki son is lost when the master of the junior high school two years, its Takayuki also go on to high school in the Tohoku region in the baseball study abroad, I had become to living alone. It was left me a legacy of about eye and out of the living stand prima facie for parents of my husband have inherited the legacy of the large house in Soho, there was also life insurance more economically. So I did not need where I work, but it was decided to leave the part after the enrollment of Takayuki order to beguile the loneliness of one person. So I met with him 10 years younger. I when I was 38 years old.
 Because it was used freely at home, I was there in my house mainly. Spent with him on the weekend, also live like husband and wife. He began to say to try a multiple from coming call them friends. And I was to unthinkable to me at the time, but it was agreed that the loss of him refused becomes afraid. Been developed to men more than one, I went devoted to sex with them since.
 Takayuki is is that when the province qualifying just before the summer high 2 there. They have come from in the morning that day, I had continued to be embraced by men until the late afternoon. Takayuki has come to doing. Inserting different with men weary everyone to go home indeed. Takayuki chasing in a suspicious eye them passing each other by the front door has been entered into the house. Takayuki was looking as surprised Takayuki me to frown, drifting the waves of fatigue and pleasure still smell the fellowship of men and women and liquor, tobacco and paintings emit even unexpected is said. I was
asked, \"What happened.. suddenly,\" he
said. Takayuki was
replied, \"hurt his hip and shoulder, and I'm not able to baseball me anymore. 'S Come talk well with mom whether to the future, it is. I have been returned to the director,\" he
 I became filled with feeling sorry to Takayuki. When Takayuki are suffering in baseball, I had the pleasure covet and men.
 If you can not play baseball anymore, does not mean that being in high school in far northeast. Takayuki is now able to move into high school in Tokyo from the second semester. I also talk about the translation to them, I asked that you do not come to the house anymore. It is not a wicked they are so originally. They gave me consent unceremoniously. It was thought that with me, it tries to cut off the edge with them in this.
 Life of two parents and children began in this. It is not lonely anymore if there Takayuki. I think so.
 But you have him if Dere to working. If you look at his face, that more than a year this will have revived even unpleasant. It is likely to be longer than I thought. I will cut once.

Actually I, and son of the real ...

In fact, when (18 years old at the time) 3-year high school, at that time, it was I have a SEX in my room on the second floor and the younger brother of the real was (15 years old at the time) ninth grade I ...

Father-in-law is Senzuri in front of my eyes

It is the evening mother-in-law died.
How to shine formula, that is, we could have decided to do with funeral burial currently in vogue, whether done in collaboration venue of the apartment.
My husband I said the apartment is good, but decided to go along with someone's wishes thing of father-in-law father-in-law is chief mourner because it was feeling that I want to do in the funeral and burial funeral.
Mortician Mr. return, ready for tomorrow vigil expression also end, at night was also late at.
My husband I came home to home once night mother-in-law died in the circumstances of the company.
Relatives also reduced one person, if you noticed unawares is reduced two people, we have become two of the father-in-law and me. Since say helplessly
\"Keiko also paddle go home\"
is father-in-law, I was said to be \"home, I will stop today, Dad,\" he said.
Father-in-law was very happy.
and \"You're what, because there are Keiko my mother also died, I'm relieved,\"
father-in-law to say so, we get ready to go to bed together.
The father-in-law mother-in-law who died at age 65 was a youth of 60 years old.
'20, I was married to my husband of now 21 years old and married to her husband, but did not cause the meantime, lived with mother-in-law.
My daily life, father-in-law also mother-in-law also had been loved me very much my thing.
And because we have felt mother-in-law was suffering from cancer three months ago died during says up, father-in-law also would be lonely, I became a feeling that I want to comfort the father-in-law once in a while.
Pull the futon next to the body of the father-in-law, I've rested a tired body.
I had arrived into a deep sleep in the smell of incense to.
Because it is time to dawn the night is from Ji white, it was four o'clock in the morning.
If you open the eye to suffocation suddenly, what, father-in-law is a thick bare genital area on top of my face, or do not have to rub hard.
By pretending to be asleep, I got off at the sight of it is.
Father-in-law while called the guard, and knobby on my face, which had been rubbed up with Gattsuggattsu privates.
Eventually, cum Would came, place quickly genital Zhengzhou which was put next to the groaning softly and Uga, it was as received a juice spurting.
While watching the jitter the sleeping face of my father-in-law had been waiting for genital area, but it looked thick once the object has come back to life again in the dim room.
Because it is close to my face, I can not even pretend to be asleep, gently, it was raised holding the genital area of the father-in-law by issuing the right hand from the futon too.
Turn off the sky, father-in-law of the genital genital area is swollen and sound Dokudoku in such a way that, were held in my hand was out the juice. And I've been kissed me bend the body of his father kneeling position
\"... Keiko-san\"
while beat.
While surprised to wonder to exchange the body and father-in-law near the bodies of the mother who died, open the body, I was gripper the genital area of the father-in-law.

That you dont

46 years old, I am a 27-year-old nephew.
I am a punishment 1, we have a nephew living with in my room with the consent of Jisshi.
The sister, that there is no, Kit Maybe talking?
And of course ... my sister suspect that the noticed of us, since I came to live with a nephew, a hobby of my underwear
also be of the liking of the nephew of course ... loudly did, it I am according to the nephew also etch the contents of recently.
But to me, physiology because you come yet, it does not forget the only contraception.

Mother-in-law and husband

3 years have you arranged marriage, my husband is 35 years old, 32 years old my mother-in-law is 58 years old. You do not have children yet interesting work from bachelor days I am. It was thought to be a mama's boy from the time of matchmaking, but at the mother-in-law also standby screen of a mobile phone, I thought just as much as you like mom, but I know it's more relationships. The other day, it was Mashi 6 Tokiniire evening mobile master that the return is 12:00 at the party of my company, but I went back home at 9 better even if you do not participate in the second meeting. Mother-in-law and husband, was during sex in the nude with two people on the reception set Once in the living room and opened the key to the front door. It was still that TV was also wearing. I went back to my home as it is. It is also resting company in shock, thank you for advice.

My incest discourse

Looking at this column, I posted a lot of sex with my mother, sex with my father, brothers, sisters, and sisters, but I thought I had no experience. I'm a second year university student, but I'm a well-studied person, and I'm currently enrolled in a well-known private university. It's been three years since I was studying for the exam. That day was when my mother, father and sister were out at the funeral of Yamanashi's aunt. I stayed at home with my grandmother because I was studying for an examination. I was watching TV while eating the supper that my grandmother made. It was a story of a married woman's affair, but my grandmother asked me for consent, saying "I don't like this," but when I answered that I was a human being, my grandmother said, "Oh, You have a very open mind, "he was impressed. There was a strange opinion with my grandmother, and that night I was with my grandmother for a long time around dinner. My grandmother was a little over 60 years old and still beautiful, and she was fashionable and looked good with red lipstick. My grandfather died 20 years ago and I have never met him. Since then, my grandmother has been living at home, and seems to have continued to live with her only daughter's mother. After the meal, it was time to take a bath, and I decided to take it first. When I slowly soaked in the bath and decided to memorize English words and washed my body, my grandmother was visible and hidden through the glass. I was looking at it, but it looks strange. The appearance of my grandmother's glass waist is shaking strangely. My grandmother didn't seem to notice what I was looking at.Apparently, my grandmother picked up my greasy pants and sucked big in her mouth. Then I rolled up my skirt a little and rubbed my underwear on my lower abdomen. I couldn't get out of the bath and I was sick, but obviously my grandmother was masturbating with my underwear. After seeing my grandmother's actions finished, I got out of the bath and took off my underwear, and the part where my dick hit was wet with saliva. I was sticking out my pants to my grandmother who was watching TV with a faceless face in the living room. " Grandma , why is this underwear wet?" Grandmother said with a quick red face and something mogomogo in her mouth. " Grandma , I saw, Grandma is wearing my underwear on her pussy," my grandmother turned down. " Grandma , if you want me, I'll give it to you," he said, and put out a big erected cock in front of my grandmother's mouth. My grandmother, who was Kyoton, seems to have understood the situation. I clung to my dick in front of me without saying anything. To tell the truth, I had sex with my girlfriend only once, but she wasn't shy to add it by mouth. But my grandmother politely sucked me so that I could handle my thickened cock as a valuable item. On the way, my grandmother removed the dentures from her front teeth and rubbed her cock with her gums. The heavenly feeling made the cock thicker and exploded in my grandmother's mouth.At the moment of the explosion, a cloudy white semen leaked from my grandmother's mouth, which was very disgusting with red lipstick. I didn't say anything, I put my hand on my grandmother's pussy, urged her to lie down, and became a horseman and stabbed her in a sticky wet pussy. My grandmother drooled from the beginning of autumn, rebelling against "Hmm." I hurriedly sucked my grandmother's drool. My grandmother raised and lowered her hips, added my dick with her pussy, and moved up and down violently. "Ah, I'm going, I'm going" My grandmother panted and made a loud voice, and I felt that my dick was comfortable, and I just put it out in my grandmother's mouth. I poured more than the semen into my grandmother. Even though she was old, her grandmother was also a woman. My grandmother's pussy was swollen red, and I was tingling with my dick. I miss that night, but since then I've stolen my mother's eyes and slept with my grandmother late at night. The day after having sex with her grandmother, she gets a lot of money. It is not the purpose of d-mekozukai. After graduating from college, I promise to leave home and be married to my grandmother. Three years after that, my grandmother is getting younger and brighter in the house. My mother says, "Mom has become younger recently . " My grandmother glares at me with such a timely eye. Of course my mother doesn't know the secret that my grandmother and I think.But lately, I've noticed a little UUSU, and if I'm always out of the house, I promise my grandmother that I'm going to be a couple sooner, so my nightly sex with my grandmother has become bold these days. .. The other day, my mother caught my eye when I was leaving my grandmother's room at midnight, and I was struck by my mother. It's just a matter of time. I've been living safely so far, but my mother is afraid of the core story, no further talk progresses, and it's okay for my grandmother to visit my room at midnight. When my grandmother's dentures are removed from her mouth, the semen in her body is squeezed out like a squeeze and sucked into her grandmother's mouth. Whenever she thinks she can sit down, she gets angry and wants to do it with her grandmother. I hope to live as a couple with my grandmother as soon as possible. I even started hoping that my parents and sister would die. I love my grandmother, I feel like I have no hope in this world without my grandmother. I wonder why I loved my grandmother so much, probably because of her dentures.