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Incest confession of women(2013-03)

And son

I was doing sex with son. This I had committed a son from me. was not only bath towels I have out of the bath when my son is watching TV, but my son was a one Ding pants, but will on the son Become want to do to the sudden big dick because I saw from the side I was doing. My son was 23 years old, but I am 45 years old. Son was he said there for the first time sex. I am also for the first time. It and did say to his son. It was scolded to say whether such a Son and I say that it is silent in the father. It is worried that it might pregnant after. You might be divorced husband of child son if could.


yuna himekawa[3036]
While my husband is on a business trip, I am my son's libido processing toy. As my son Ken told me, the bath and bed are the same. In the bath, I flush Ken's back. The back that grew wide and big before I knew it. A terrifyingly erected penis. "  I'll wash my mom's body." Ken said, whipping a sponge and washing my whole body. Rather, I caress the whole body with a body shampoo. I shook my body with pleasure, and at some point I was making a sweet pant voice. "Ann! Uhu ~ n. There ... That's ticking." "Mom's body is beautiful.  I'll make it more beautiful." Ken turns his hands from behind me to the front of his body and shoulders. Then, the sponge crawls around the upper arm. From the upper arm to the side, to the belly. Embarrassment, tickle, and pleasure are mixed and make you want to cry. "Then, what about here?"  I put a lot of effort into the sponge and rub it to tickle my constricted flank. "Can! Iyan."  Then, a sponge full of bubbles crawls around the 94 cm bust. If you hold the sponge with your right hand in a circular motion, lift the foamy bust with your left hand, and rub your fingers roughly, you will almost lose power from your lower body. "Mom. Can not take it anymore. Bathtub with a hand. I'll committed on its big ass towards here. Well show me. Standing back."  The other, the dying and wanted was together even me. "Uhun. Okay. From behind."I bend my back a lot and slowly shake my 96 cm butt so that I can show my butt healthy when I turn to the back. I feel Ken's sticky gaze. You can see that it is unbearably hot and moisturized. Ah. I want you to put it in as soon as possible. "Mama. It's a nasty ass." A fluffy ass full of bubbles! Hit with a flat hand. "No! Butt! It hurts!" "Fufufu. Mom. Cute voice. That!" Ken hits my ass as if he was proud. It's a shame. painful. But unbearable stimulation. "Ah! It hurts! My ass hurts!" "Mom? You slap your ass, don't you like it?" Ken whispers gently in his ear. No good. "Hmm. It hurts. I like it." Forgetting to be a mother, I want to be a healthy female slave. "Hmm. Please. Put it in. Commit mom." You can see that Ken is aiming behind him, holding his hips firmly enough to bite his fingers. "Spread your legs more. Let's go ... That's it!" Nururi! A thick and stiff thing that seems to hold my breath, and a beloved son's thing are inserted into me. "Ah, an!" The whole body is sick of the long-awaited pleasure! Shivering. "Uh. Mom's pussy. Good. Good." Going deep inside, Zunsun. I can't stand it anymore. "Ah! Aaaa ~! Good. Good ~. To the back. I'm coming ~." "Mama? My cock. How?""Ah, Ken's, Ochinchin. Good. Big, good!" "Fufufu. Mom? Are you happy to be raped by your son?" "Ah! Mean! Don't do it It's okay. " I can't go back anymore. Ken rubs the bust with both hands while hitting his hips violently. Slimy, taptapu, " Fufufu . Mama. It feels good because the bubbles are slimy ." It's already slimy all over my body. "Massaged. Of Aan. Right on. Slimy. Feels good. Rub tits!" "That it!" "An'an'an! Good, the good, kind of, for the first time by." "I also me. Mom was good the first time "Yeah ! Ken. Do more and more! Make mommy's pussy. Make it messed up." "That's it! It's amazing. It eats up ." "Good. That's it! Go! Go! Kurae!" I found Ken's rage pulsing violently in my body. "Oh! It's hot! It's out! Oh! I'm going! I'm going!" My son's cum spit out in large quantities. My head turned white, my whole body was stretched and cramped, and then I fell down to the floor. Ken gently flushes my body in the shower. With regret, pleasure and confusion, I couldn't stop crying. "Mom? Is it ringing? Did it hurt?""Yeah. No. I'm sorry. It's okay." I stood up slowly, put my arms around Ken's neck, and put my lips on my son. Ken gently entwines his tongue to answer, gently stroking my back, hips, and hair. I was hugging each other for a long time. Before I knew it, Ken's crotch was revived with mukumuku. "Hmm. Continue on in bed." I smiled like a prank and took a bath first. Wrap a bath towel around naked and wait for Ken in the bedroom on the second floor. I wonder which lingerie to wear tonight ...

I was being fucked by his two sons.

Is Remi. I was fucked to his two sons.
Someone's wearing a hand in the recent laundry, in my underwear has felt. I thought either the son of junior high and high school students that said they are interested naughty.
It was good if you only underwear, but out of the bath as usual, When I wipe the body in the dressing room, the eldest son wins came in suddenly. The hug forced me to hide the crotch and chest in the bath towel? \"What happened! Wins! Hate\", I was robs a bath towel. You will be pressed against the lower abdomen my engorgement that increased surprisingly while saying \"Mama. Me. It. I can not take it anymore\" so. \"What are you doing! Hate! I'm's the mom of you!\" \"I want to interact with. Mama Mama. Me. Much, I wanted to do much!\" And said, \"Oh.. Forgive. Stop it. Such\" Soh wins I was pushing me and grab the power of high school students, both arms to resist I desperately Te. Engorgement of wins dark red burst into a fit of rage. I dont! While I think, to imagine that it is rampaging in my body, it is, has it loosened the resistance it is a fact. On the inside of my knees, and both hands of the eldest son, and thighs to be spread creeping. Embarrassing. Do not want to be seen. Do not forgive. And to know it. But, finally, it is engorgement win, I came to break into my body. Engorgement of wins large enough to saying \"such a thing! Reluctantly. Oh! It 's not go.\" Along! \"I've entered I'm dead mom.!\", I can not believe, thick, became hot comes broke into my body . In my head is I have become white pleasure to dazzling me. And, I had blurted out the words nor hail to forget that \"good! Ah! Wow! It! Good! Destroyed\" is a mother. \"Oh.'ll Feel good pussy. Of. Mama say mama.. Leaving!\" Win was I have reached in me soon. The young child, I'll not be helped. \"I and.'d Keep it secret also. Anyone child should not. Wins. Oh, the other, I once and for all.\" And if you think you have, \"Yeah.. It was found\" in the now, wins you went out obediently strangely. In the sense of regret and pleasure, I was stunned remain naked. There, positive second son was coming. The positive \"? Were you doing mom. Anything\" It is also naked. Larger than the brother, engorgement of the groin has warped. \"Oh.. Big positive.\" Anymore, I had lost the reason. We were gone about to devour youthful engorgement to go all huffy crotch positive. I had to follow obediently in lewd request, \"I said. Good mom. Though it. Wanna put in more of. Pussy\" of the second son, the mother no longer disqualification. Me shake your ass Become \". The committing pussy. Positive. Ask. Mama,\" \"I.. What the first time\" on all fours \"give me. To. Mama virgin happy. Positive\", positive second son from behind has been inserted. \"Oh!. And nice.! Mom good! 'S amazing! Positive great!\" \"If loud voice so much mom., You'll get to hear your brother.\" Thing. Mama. Patience' s \"An'an'an!'m Awesome wins unawares. \"It can not be of, are you still looking down the mother gets fucked exactly. You will be confronted on my lips the engorgement that revived the power incredibly \"carved. I'll lovingly plenty. Two people mom, I Chablais!\" We just had ejaculation while ago. Pressed against \"A Moon ~ .... Ugh! ... N'n'n'n ~!\" The back of the head, back of the throat to be fucked, and pushed up until it hits the uterus from behind, many times, many times it was alive. It is the secret to Papa. It is the secret of only three people mother and child.

Slave contract and son

It is a story that is hard to believe, but I was committed to his son.
Say son or that will allo but I that are entering the place you are masturbating, it is humiliation while can not be hamstrung by being tied, had been amusing in response to the sexual blame than 10 hours over it, begging the penis of his son leave I have already.
The last line that was exhausted by being squid with those of his son, would be taken to the video its appearance, was would have been tied a slave contract is threatened with flow through the net at the end.
Say son since but leave, allowed to serve as sex slaves, Naburare, we have received the shame of many can not be said to be in the mouth, but the son I'm a masochist Mom \"After all changes to pleasure now it It is anxiety or not My name is \"refers to have a life drowning in pleasure with the son as you say son leave this.

A happy moment

My husband was out of the bath has Niodachi in dressing room.
I wipe the area with a bath towel the body of his master.
53 years old 55 years old my husband.
I wipe carefully the penis enough milk bottle.
It is Takaranomochigusare It is a splendid penis, but because suffering from diabetes. Sigh
I get the old tooth.
And I'm a Return Of five years.
It is - Onani to sex toys after sending the family such that I is of the only fun.
It's playing with toys become naked in the dark room and close the Ten - mosquitoes with lock the door firmly.
Sliding door was opened suddenly and drunk pleasure to move vigorously Insert the vaginal stimulation with vibration of the clitoral vibe.
Son are living separately by married I stood.
I Not a word pale and pulls - slip.
awkward-looking toys is vibrating in me.
Only the sound hitting violently beating of the heart was heard. We have put a fingertip son pull out the toys at the same time as my voice of
\"Mother\". And I begin to massage per Sucking the breast. It was crazy writhing in warmth of cock penis difference to greet in a long time ... want to leave the body to his son rather than looking is, not say anything just looking, and toys. Shadow juice leaving overflowing endlessly is - Wet Tsu. Is that a variety of words that face of his son, which ended penis cock semen son tired enough \"mom I ...\", \"... Kite~tsu ...\" uterus echoed the movement of the son becomes faster is poured is twitching can not see does not out it has been kissed on the lips softly my cuckoo was born not open embarrassed eyes Kage-jiru son and semen flowing son that crosses the head distant me wiped with tissue you have \"contempt? Son I'm smiling gently saw the son opened the \"...\" eye \"Nante\" contempt and I Mother ... the words that came out at last, \"wrapped\" mother \"gently told threw her arms around her son in a tearful voice,\" Thank you \" I was drunk with happiness

The fucked father-in-law also incest?

I was in and out frequently in the home of her husband.
It was felt that me care about something that I, and Pampered The father-in-law. Toka's beauty. Style Toka good. Toka's daughter-in-law proud.
At first, it was words. About fashion and hairstyle, you've been in dispensing, that racy little by little. Been praised Toka body line,
next, the physical distance. In daily life within it bother you many times, literally, a \"touching\" that is, went gradually increased. Distance when you talk also became close to the face.
When I think back, curiously, it is, was not a hate.
It was attacked by a father-in-law for the first time, it was when you have a bath cleaning of home. The phrase
\". Hey sorry.
Mari-san\", father-in-law that Sican my body from behind while back-patting me. I rub the bathtub and shaking his hips to show off.
The moment I turned around towards the father-in-law while wiping the sweat. I was embraced by the surprising strength. I feel father-in-law
\".'s. Ask. Mari Mari\"
such as was saying things like like that is I've got to. I do not remember well.
The hug, I feel that being deprived of their lips, and said that
\"Do not. Your father-in-law's.. Please stop\"
like I will be, but it was useless. I also feel like this happens sometime had been. It liked to also be the father-in-law. They both become naked, I have with both hands in a bathtub, standing back. Father-in-law was fine surprisingly. Is from it. When I am away I went and fell in sex toys processing of father-in-law husband. But, happiness. The husband, secret.


Husband is overseas on business. It was decided to go stay brother-in-law is to Tokyo from the countryside. With the utmost hospitality because it always taken care of, I drink to your brother-in-law partner of the evening.
We have been faint while you relationship to the brother-in-law to strong drink, you are drinking is recommended. When it was noticed by Nokezo~tsu by raising the voice is not pleasant to think-functional, had been rhythm thing of brother-in-law is not through me.

Been sucked nipples

It is a housewife of 33-year-old me, when I went to play in the home with the children, the mother in the absence have to go out, father of the self-employed was just being, I will be in time to give breast milk to children, When I was breast-feeding a baby to a child in the bedroom of his mother, father Nari come into the bedroom door opens suddenly, and push up bra on one side, is impossible tongue of his father resisted and spoiled nipple, I Aa It was when you tried to call him and ~ do, 160 Eri & #; while saying children would be disturbed, Taking the children from me, I pushed up on the bed of the mother, and suck the nipple while massaging the breasts on both sides It is, she said it was when it was Nokezo~tsu aloud and Aa ~ do N Aa ~ hand of his father, I Nugasu pantyhose every underwear mini skirt in a knit, and how would you flirt with Eri father, Bong a different size is when you took off the trouser pants remove the belt, and husband to be black Bikari is, the collar condom

To everyone of writer


  You have got to delight to everyone of the writer, but because there is a word that is often wrong, please be careful. Koujindesu If help you. We are confused by mistake as follows. (There is no positive above even normal) sitting a cowgirl to the positive top to err (to change the position, to change the complexion) and the apologize to change frogs  (and apologize because she was a bad thing, and the wrong answer) the normal position (night for the first time, it begins to move) (on-sitting even the ride does not have) to soft (a meaning. surprising deployment of beyond expectation is surprisingly, useless 5-year-old other than) a soft except mussels  to start the beginning to the upper (retire to brazen offer, to draw a rope) to pull (excitement subsides, quarrel fit) a retreat to fit (to wear the pants, shoes) and subside to wear (a soft breast, thinking soft) the boulder hard (male genitalia and soft-hard, strong determination) to the firm

Husband is not a known

Home of husband small ironworks. We couple bought a single-family nearby. To become indebted to the home of her husband a lot of my travel is often husband.
Buildings that are empty warehouse in the recession, my father - in - law, blame me. My husband, not a know anything.
My husband business trip today.
Father-in-law was calling me to the warehouse.
In the warehouse that Galante is not cold unexpectedly.
The father-in-law, by being tied, it is pig ignorant, I'm fucked, ass hole. But, it's good. The Mali that somewhere down the line, it is to feel pleasure. The husband, an absolute secret. Because what.

If for son

Takeshi cute my child. If for Takeshi, 's what can withstand. Speaking want to suck tits, I'll let breathe, and you want to see the pussy. Speaking of, I'll show. Of course. If you ever want to put, I always, can I come in in the mom. Become mature fairly recently, the force hugging mom, too I was also strongly Takeshi. Mom. I knew I would be broken. But, it's good. Penis of Takeshi. Because I love. Tonight, I'll take a bath together.

And I not even enough to say that incest

Living with a daughter-in-law of the son that bachelor abroad. Anything I do not happen, but I made a gimmick peep. Girlfriend, I Solo etch every morning. ... But, I'm sorry, bride to give away such a thing is dear it is to face serious ... by sandwiching a clothespin nipples one the (only).

I drank the semen of son

Libido is strong son, we have masturbation with my panties every night.
Last night, if you look into the room and opened the door secretly when it has passed through the room of his son,
in the middle of masturbation, just had rubbed and wrap the penis in my panties exactly.
When looking into the situation for a while, I've noticed that my dick is wet.
I will not be standing Some even anymore, I had entered the room to open the door.
Son did not hide my surprise, but when see what was Ikirita~tsu son approached the son
anyway, it was included in the mouth suddenly kneeling in front of son me.
I was sucking dick son crazy feeling his dick to become mushy it just.
As soon as the son I had to release the semen in the mouth of me with ejaculation violently.
I was looking up at his son while drank and ring the throat the semen.

... Are linked with son

My son is 25 years old, but her husband does not have divorce. I embraced my son so it is lonely. Son was reluctant at first, but you embrace me son will also be bold and lascivious act in every time I entertain. I am a 47 years old, but seems to be a couple but it does not look a year. However my son is playing at such daily pachinko does not work. Must be served somewhere life insurance of her husband finally eliminated. The manager did not even changed the old days and want to work for them because I was working on wind speed shop a long time ago, when I tried to go immediately if you think about it. It is still active even take years. It was called accustomed to naked because the interview immediately. Store manager was waiting in the lower body naked When I went to the spare room on the second floor. Store manager was Insert the Timbo long thick that in Oman my child when I become naked. What I do not know somehow it will say that after about 30 minutes. It told me the pass manager also sweat. Were. It was decided to serve from that day. There are about two times a day production. It becomes 30,000 yen in two times. It seems like it was talking to son friend son to come, but it was now banned if you tell the store manager without necessarily pay even money son to come, but my son's embrace every night and I go home.

It will likely be a habit

Because I want to become comfortably son, it's entangle the feet so that it does not come out. You want to put a long time. Also today, after my husband came to the company, uh, useless anymore, going to be a strange and too comfortably.

Incest discourse of my

It is not possible passion for the mother to press, one month ago, I have committed a mother myself. Different from the father, mother ... that horny and wet vagina on my request violently now.


And plucked the nipple, when it is stimulated with fingertips and tongue, and though embarrassed, there will become drenched. Nipples feel very. While being massaged the breasts are naked, have been the nipple torture. Do not get to touch it over there immediately.
After sending in kindergarten daughter, returning to the house, father-in-law is waiting in the room. And I'm a healthy even though the past 60 anymore.
 You received a long kiss of the father-in-law as soon as it enters the room. The rub each other the lips, while entwined tongue, it is not me, release the lips for more than 10 minutes. I will excited it just very. At the same while the combined lips, I Nugasu my clothes. I will also cooperate, but it is naked in no time. Then you got to teasing the nipple. Stimulation of the nipple and kiss, pussy drenched again. And to want to touch the chestnut-chan quickly.
, And Ttara father-in-law, I tantalize. It 's or roll or poking nipples with the tip of Ochinpo. The odious. It's Chau suck mouth because it hateful. Then finally, the fingers of the father-in-law takes care of messing with chestnut-chan. While the gripper Ochinpo of father-in-law, voice has come out.
Among you are playful doing so, be able to endure, father-in-law will put us at the top barely positive. I will excited me horny while looking at the face. The reason for extra excitement because it was sex with infidelity.
 And if even 30 minutes is attacked in the back or face-to-face locus, it will go to the two people together. I Bring to clean the tongue by wiping with a Teisshu Ochinpo of father-in-law when it was over.
 My husband is a long-term overseas business trip, and when I drink alcohol and father-in-law after her daughter was sleeping, I would be concerned it is nestled in the arms of the father-in-law. But it was the experience great enough not remember when you received the violent caress that you have not experienced until now have sex at that time, prior to coalesce what is gone is squid with fingers and tongue, it is inserted.
 The second time, I will be in the top six nine. It's very good the way licking father-in-law. It is best to put a little finger at the entrance, and licked the chestnut-chan. And I can not stand I wanted to got to put anymore.

I can not say to anyone

With those early, last fall will be the Shinjuku Nippori neighborhood around Ikebukuro work destination is during breaks
I will be in another year that
we have against the customers of two sets from the morning is the 53-year-old Saitama resident You have your opponent the gentlemen of 380 people before, but the woman does not have counted the number It is strong now, is disgraceful words that you live in a bare one if someone feels like it, but in the cunt one I was talking about it I since you can life. Because it is a mother who fell into the abyss was the relationship with the son please sorry, customers you may rest assured that in a sense another guilt also regret does not have even embraced his son, workings of men and women would end Embraced by son It has got to wear the skin is always in, but last summer the only son has been put into this cunt, you from ... customers call from the customer is waiting in the office at least a typhoon son was calm surprisingly even ... myself in the bathroom in the bathtub even me think customers because it was your nomination has stayed in the bathroom already When you enter the room and went to the hotel received a nomination, and how familiar How will getting used to work were waiting for the son in the bed and use the shower in silence from beginning to end, I I had looked at me soak it ... by placing the side of the bed and towel Skin drink ashtray son son came overhanging me naked stripping the futon in silence is a sexual woman is a caress which does not differ from other customers that you went Itaburi nipples and licking pussy endlessly lighting was dim becomes brighter. I was Mashi alive screamed and yoga as a woman rather than ... mother blamed vigorously finger pussy gets wet is a ... time blowjob wipe the cock son erect in towel Wiping off pussy wet I was attached to suck cock the skin to make sure the top you have a waist that has accepted cock without having to divert an eye on each other and I son waited for Hiraki-ge son both feet become on his back in bed came to an end ... look son changes suddenly that was devoted to SEX without having to divert the eye with each other, \"What happened?\" I was accosted for the first time also in, but ... son face down as a mother it This I remember well loss of virginity even now I think SEX it was tied to the first does not and ... customers are entwined tongue to each other, that there is no woman that you forget to absolutely and notice it does not say anything It seems to have found that is a lie inkling I was I met spoke about an hour feeling Did Fukkire also son was told two hours extension with the contact to the office later is doing their jobs of insurance solicitation funny I Vibe first son that I have laughed aloud is the face that has been taken aback that I was watching my face son surprised me is takes out vibe to (play for) from the back After this you have reminded me of the time when it was raised to buy a toy childhood am excited to take in hand, I can use the vibe, enjoyed the remaining time and son while changing the posture also use your waist with a work without We Yoga~tsu in acting on any customers N殆you have enjoyed the cock son yoga seriously, but since then many times was Mashi genuinely lived with son, son of I come once a week in an apartment This is the original ... likely in someone man people and relatives who in your neighborhood that we will back devour the body becomes clean, recently ..., in trouble is easily feel worries Another son is boyfriend serious mode, than that you scolded the president and forgot to work I do not get my head is blamed in the back especially ... pure white when blamed vigorously pussy ... Cock as soon as it licked the chestnut sometimes Masu , young women will be rude So please sorry by Guchi~tsu your voice will not be applied when the waiting month my goal because it is 60 people by the body does not have

And husband of the sister ...

yuna himekawa[2851]
It is no longer stay on top of all that you had a secret love affair with a guy sister (Yuki) is, ....
Husband of the sister and niece of 1-year-old left, become brother-in-law of my (Masaaki's) is probably very many things, it was attended almost every day except weekends to housework and take care of my niece.
Evening, when you go home to home and finished getting ready Gohan'ya, bath as usual, we will miss the timing niece is home Guzuri out.
We call home, and decided to socializing to dinner niece reluctantly, go home from Nekashitsuke.
Niece, it feels like this has also been found that I will not stay and wake up with sleeping mother or became miss, whether they wanted to mother me, I did not sleep very much.
Upon exiting the room with me sleeping somehow, Mr. Masaaki had gone home already.
As much as possible, and even though I was to avoid face to face, I quickly met ... finally.
We were helping to come to this house be said that my sister was, I, the sister of the real and things apology, at the very least ... feel inferior in this house, but it did not suit the face. Yet ....
While I think that because the face to face for the first time a month ... and from out and came to this house, and not be sorry many times, even by mistake, When you go home and since apologized sister, Masaaki's opened his mouth slowly were.
It niece is lonely, and the period of time that was ... affair and that, he is no longer uncontrollably angry, that one month I also accumulate it is to go out is, has accumulated ....
If you're thinking of really sorry, and white opponents of me! With the .... Nonetheless say insanely, nothing Ikaese. Is entered by two people in the bath which had been prepared is said, white take care of and under clearly down, and then wash with raised wash the body, it was raised by wiping with a bath towel. To bed ... as it is. Once hardened is to drink not allowed to remove the mouth to caress the body to me, even if it is issued to the mouth, and also made ​​me E erosion continues, dick not wet it because it was by force is not me caress me It was put to forcibly screwed to. The photo and videos are also taken on a mobile in the middle, I have to go out a lion. Then, over the rope to the foot is gagged with a towel, and from over the rope to the lintel, suspended tied their hands, it was allowed to as Y-shaped balance. Yuki was'll gladly taken the The photo in dressed like that, or is slap your ass you can put a finger, is the clothespin nipples, you too'd like to like this! While called, were thrust a pink rotor was placed in a condom in ass hole. The thrust the vibe over there, it was really disgusting .... Even so I had been wet and is out the vibe, .... Moreover, it is're making noise and Pichapicha, much to hear to my ears .... I understand you are gone I feel to have been a thing, I own what was excited by the situation, it is going more and more wet. To be able to discover a new me, I might honestly ... I was happy. Now, it will not be able to satisfy the etch with her ​​husband, and wonder what it is to Masaaki's? It is also a fun and. Yuki sister, have I made ​​a man to other Why? I think .... So, way back has become slow often since that day.

Forbidden word

Forbidden word c o i n a s i a o r g b i z mm o b i .j p. M e .n e t t t p h t t p .c o m .

Joy of son

My husband has had passed away, at the age of 20, when it had been linked with son six months later, my son is now called <delicious mother> son with Sucking on the bottom. Rather than much darker, hair had visible wounds were fallopian tube lacing. Son is inserted all the way in the back of me, clinging to my son, I had aloud, it is said <Mom, you're so cute> and, when her son had been a kiss, and tongue I also become actively The Ai Sucking by entwined, there was only that of the other sex in the head.  Is it had embraced time of how much, I do not remember even now, I had asked his son to become the ecstasy. I think might have been for most of the night. Is not a mother, I had embraced and become a woman.  After a few days from that day, Sunday morning, in bed with his son, \"I'm good to shaved hair of Mother,\" \"You make me shaved really? ...'s Fine\" and those who do not \"when I was in a state of undress certainly The told me embarrassing ... will be good is, but I shaved \"son wants shaving immediately, to enter the bathroom naked and son, son Tatase me, open the legs, bubbled soap there, son In razor for shaving, I had shaved slowly and carefully.  Politely, hair is Soriotosa with two portions, and the flow shower and over, there had become slick Become a child like. Son enters between the legs, when it was raised licking slowly with tongue, would aloud with \"aah ... Arn\", by tired Sucking \"Mom, tasty 's pussy\" to his son, the head of the son It had been holding in the manner and placed in the shed there.  The I went to buy Sheba in this holiday, not the son, by me for my son the product for me to choose, it was of Sheba Firripu. When I came home, is taken off the shorts to his son as soon as you open the legs, per also soft \"I shave the mother clean\" the skin rely on Sheba, it becomes beautiful, Have shaved son a bath every day, You lick me with polite Sucking on the bottom when you finish. Son joy, tired Sucking every day, will say, \"was delicious, a good smell.\" Body it feels like this was younger \"'m beautiful mother\" also I Become a love like a son, makeup I'm also very determined. How will because you are in love with his son after all Is this.

I was fucked son

It will be 47 years old, but was attacked by his son for the first time. I have been many times squid dick son is long and thick. And you say me to become a woman of my Mom to say that son. I do that it became a gangster to become a woman. Then are to do your daily sex. I hug my son is feeling well. My son is 25 years old, but I often make room house is not work. It is with the yakuza fellow if you think that it came back. And I have sex roll me from sleeping during the day. It's inspire me to fellow then when you finish. It is every day. Boss's son might be the fellow. Mine got bigger is because genital do with the two men having sex every day.

Why did disappear

It was chopped so \"forbidden word has been included\" in the. It was English and URL. Was discovered in English it is the end. Naha~tsu. Tired.
Sure why the Lord would put out this great literature. You wonder how he angry? I wonder if not the reason Yuki-san is not written?

Why did it disappear

65 Senri-   I'm sorry. I did not enter my name when posting 61. When I recalled and confirmed it, it was a word for incest. "Senri, I feel! I wanted this!" 68 Chisato-   I couldn't write the act with my ex-husband because I was embarrassed. Even though she is Naoki's wife, she never met her ex-husband in a nostalgic bed for the first time in a while.   He accepted the gap between ethics and libido, saying how much he was asked and pleaded. After a long time, my ex-husband's "Senri, I feel good! I wanted this! Ah, it's already the best! I'm out!" It took about 5 minutes. When I licked the Ochinchin with semen, "Ahhh ~ I feel better again ~! Ah ~!" I   lost my strength and immediately withered. I wasn't satisfied with the body that was developed through intense sex with Naoki. "I want you to get along with my important customers." 71 Chisato- Ki-san   answers. Naoki was just asked by me, "Senri would have gone and my brother would have been happy." Instead, Naoki asked me to "get along with my important customers." When I asked, "Why? Who?", I couldn't answer, and I was just told to "pretend to be a married woman living with my ex-husband."   I got in Naoki's car and arrived at the condominium in about an hour. A young woman in her twenties and an old man with gray hair and a beard came out with a loud voice, looked at me with a keen eye, and said, "Isn't it different?" Naoki left the apartment with the young woman, leaving behind saying, "I'll be here in two hours."  I was prepared, but when I was afraid of my stubborn face and looked down, I was called "Senri" and was urged to take a bath. The dragon tattoo on the upper body of the old man, I shrugged. "Senri, you don't have to be afraid, you see, it's a cute cock," he said, and I was relieved.   When I washed my back in the bath, I put body soap on my big hands and washed my milk and sucked it. It is said that old people like big breasts, and when they are rubbed or licked in bed, or when the cock is sandwiched between the milk and the milk is moved with both hands, it is tickling and it is difficult to put up with it. did.   It took a couple of minutes from the insertion to the ejaculation, and I wasn't disappointed, but even if I licked it with my mouth, it was difficult to get an erection. After being ejaculated, the old man was tired and was lying with him. I was surprised that two people came in at the same time as the front door ringed. The old man was laughed at by Naoki-san, saying, "Yoshida, I did a good woman."   The young woman was approached by the old man, saying, "Good, dad." When I asked Naoki-san, "Is it a real parent and child?" In the car on the way home, he said, "My father's woman." That night, Naoki-san said "Thank you" and continued to love me gently, licking, sucking, and rubbing all over my body. My brother asked Naoki to say goodbye to Senri. Dogeza 91 Senri-As   usual, when I was sleeping until about 9 o'clock, the intercom at the entrance rang. When I got up in a hurry and looked at the screen, my ex-husband was in the picture. When he shook up, "Naoki-san, brother," he said, "Ah, it's about this time," and told me to welcome him. I didn't hear it, but it was promised.  When I entered the drawing room with my coffee, my ex-husband was sitting down with Naoki saying, "Please break up with Senri." Naoki turned to me and said, "It's up to Chisato to decide ..." and both sides were silent. After a while, Naoki said, "Brother, I was desperate to protect Senri," and before I knew it, I became lustful and apologized for my badness. "Brother, please make Senri happy." I held the hand of my ex-husband who was shedding. Tears overflowed in the bonds of my brothers who had been estranged until now.   I ate lunch while drinking at an izakaya. At first, we were talking about work. Naoki runs two snack shops, a ramen shop, and an izakaya, and his ex-husband talked about his dream of opening an office in the future, making use of the certified public accountant qualifications he has cultivated so far.   When I returned to the condominium, Naoki was told, "I was a married couple with my sister, but I haven't registered," and I learned for the first time that it was a marriage word for a sexual life. Finally, Mr. Naoki gave me a tea envelope, "Please pick up my brother." The ex-husband asked, "What is Naoki?", But he said something meaningful, "Please look forward to it with your sister when you get home."   I returned home by driving on my behalf. As soon as my husband entered the house, "Senri" and "you" were not words, and we cried and apologized to each other. My husband took the envelope out of his pocket to read Naoki's letter. The letter contained two checks, an older brother and an older sister. My husband apologized for holding me, and a word was written to me, "I'm sorry to have robbed you."   The pouch that contained the check said it was a consolation fee. The next morning, when my husband called to thank him, Naoki was said to be thankful for the enjoyable couple life with his sister. I knew the pleasure of a woman for the first time by doing my best 96 Senri   Thank you, Mr. Ki . I was embarrassed to associate with my brother-in-law and honestly confessed to meet Mr. Ki's request. The couple's life with my brother-in-law was short, but even my brothers are still surprised at the differences in appearance, personality, and sexual life.   It was not until I lived with my brother-in-law that I knew the joy of a woman by doing my best to each other. It was this year that I rediscovered my life.

Why did disappear

\"I'm good Chisato, if happiness is Chisato\"   the beginning of the
last month, it was said to be \"? Come done to the place of big brother and not go back about a week\" from Naoki. I did not think so at that time, but the next day that Naoki has left the house, it was a phone call to her ex-husband. It will come to pick, into the house nostalgic for the first time in a long time.
  Gas appliances are removed in there, IH is installed, the refrigerator was also turned into large from small. Ex-husband did was getting ready and re-starting of life with me. I did not know also friendly jealousy of her ex-husband, we apologize for stupidity married to remain drowning in intense sexual desire of Naoki, is obtained.
  Ex-husband, did not say that there is cause to me, is trying to blame me. The kindness of her ex-husband that I did not notice until now, I hug the chest of her ex-husband, and cried aloud. The strong hug \"'m good Chisato, if happiness is Chisato,\" you cried also ex-husband.   Evening \"chooch lurking in the back of the thigh Muchimuchi the best\" one week later, Naoki came back with a souvenir bag of Boston NaRaYa a tanned face. Naoki-san, I was going to look to Thailand, a girl working in Japan. It is said \"Chisato, and I wanted to,\" said, responded with \"I was lonely\" I also think not, it was rough fellowship pushed down on the spot in the same place.   Praised \"chooch lurking in the back of the thigh Muchimuchi 's and best ass, big and big your milk Senri\" in bed, I was loved until midnight then. Many times, it is said, \"The body of Chisato, Na there is no sex appeal to puss after all,\" said during sex, there was a remark that came to play in Thailand.

Why did disappear

  At that time, it was therefore when you do not have divorced my husband yet, there was a feeling there is no apologies to master
- 39 Chisato there was a feeling there is no apologies to
master. In order to hide the brother-in-law's home on the other hand, it was the situation that can not be rejected just stormed. My husband 45 Chisato I do not know that I'm in the house of the brother-in-law's -   get around Hee's sorry. Master of that time do not know that I'm in the house of the brother-in-law's. My husband is desperate to escape from debt takes, it was replaced also mobile phone, and so knew me to have been accused, did not have any phones to me. Debt collectors also will not come now, 49 Chisato it has been resolved -   debt collectors also will not come now, it has been resolved. I apologize for worry. I will answer to Hee's - \"City of softening Naoki brother of all people\" 56 Chisato.   It had been living separately ex-husband to leave the house, it is that in front of about one and a half years. Ex-husband and to protect the house of my name, and has been sent the divorce papers to me from the outside. Threatened debt collectors come to me who lives one person, I had been hiding at the brother-in-law's. We were married at the end of last year will remain friends with brother-in-law's in the meantime, you will be prompted.   After you married brother-in-law's, ex-husband to leave the company, I knew that had been settled the debt in its retirement. We regret if there is contact from her ex-husband in front a little more, and might have been reunited. When there is a call from her ex-husband, I was angry with the \"City of softening Naoki brother of all people.\"   The reunion after a long time with her ​​ex-husband in the New Year. Word, ex-husband was emitted \"Chisato, Na has changed\" as a surprise, as instead of my appearance. As said to Naoki, I was welcomed by Bodekon mini dress of Invisibility in hairstyle of the whip curling brown hair. That day, Naoki contrary to the voice calling as triumphant \"Chisato, Chisato\" with me, ex-husband was go home with a lonely look.   Then, sometimes, there is a phone \"or healthy, I Come to the house once\" and the ex-husband, I think it is going soon.

Incest discourse of my


16 Chisato is indebted, it was not possible to reject the desire -
  when it was hiding at the brother-in-law's, sex with brother-in-law's is as you can imagine. It was not possible to reject the desire of the brother-in-law who is indebted.   It was come to pick immediately intimidation of debt collectors coming flocked to the house scared, when you talk to brother-in-law's - \"Look at your sister, you know, wow would cock\" Chisato 18. Relationship with the brother-in-law's, was that of the next day. I can not also be go out, when you watching TV in the drawing room, I was given it is said, \"I have a funny video\" the brother-in-law's.   When we see whether melodramatic at first, it became the scene of tangled naked. I was humbled by hand rather than face s voices \"Well ~, what what, Naoki\" After. Naoki is come depending on the next to me as \"sister\", is kiss, crotch, hands was an event during which I think up.   Middle-aged woman had licked, the genitals of young boys \"to see your sister, you know, would be amazing cock\" on the screen. Unexplored region of I never hand Naoki is touched in other than her husband. \"I wet your sister\", \"Iyan, Dameyo\" Mr. Naoki \".... Ask Ne\" was inserted It was soon.   There is no way you can write for shame is that after this, you get around sorry. The fear of the destination of her husband in a loud voice, but was jumped order, the house is coming when (Note ... blank Continued) Ru

Incest discourse of my

  I 47 years old
Chisato, ex-husband was 49 years old 2 years older than me debt collectors is to come on board in the house. Ex-husband did the more serious of the company but working, or will there also be a child can not be me, I now go pachinko, to Velodrome holiday from about five years ago.
  It looks like play to you for the debt, I was consulted brother-in-law's. The runaway before and after the ex-husband, debt collectors is to come on board in the house, that hide in an apartment living with brother-in-law's was the often.

Why did disappear


  The end of last year, I was also married brother-in-law's 10 years younger 8 Chisato. In gambling addict, ex-husband is, I was sent me the divorce papers that you put in the house escaped debt, was signed to me. While I talk to brother-in-law who lives in the neighborhood about it, I was married is courting. Brother-in-law's is happy I am in power Zetsurin only young.


I it is said to be a career woman, had been ecstatic. 35 years old and will notice, close friends is childcare life while you are married. Every time I hear the marriage from friends, loneliness of Kukei of single persons, the labia minora is dark greatly indulge in masturbation night after night.
When I returned to my home in the evening after a long time of last Friday, to expose the lower body in the light of the stand and turn out the lights in the room, it had continued to rub with your fingers. My father was sleeping alone in the next room the sight I was looking through. It was likely to face Wabi father after the voice of the father called in a low voice and Yukiko, my mother died. I was invited by hand dad. Watching the cock erect of man the first time, Haie father and hurts the sixtieth birthday, I was stiff. Yukiko, dad, was silent after. 'm Okay dad, I risk day, blew in the pants of his father semen. I was raised to kiss in the car and I now also to father the next day, I got sent to the station.

Cute son

I have a relationship with the son of 18-year-old Nice to meet you! .

That it does not go very

It is a housewife of 26. There is a debt before marriage, it was silent on the husband, but I have been known to the father-in-law live there is a collection. When sold father-in-law is paid in full unexpectedly, tears came out in gratitude. But a promise that is nestled in the promise of only once, I had paid at that time. We were promised to think would not be against me, which is also 60 kg at 153cm, but was called to the room after my husband for the next day was attendance. Father-in-law is always gently, we have me talk quietly. But I thought it was really confirmed in the father-in-law again. And I think that if only once, we have to be embraced to father-in-law obediently.
 Father-in-law is Aree.'m Going to kiss! I think k but underneath to fit the lips, the tongue entwined. I also massaged me tits and natural. I good. The entwined tongue I together, it had committed sucking lips. Long time for this. It not only rub also boobs, put your hands from the top of the T-shirt, I fiddle with nipples in the bra. It is amazing, there has been a - I Flip with excitement.
Bra and T-shirt is removed in turn, has been rubbed the breasts directly. Nipples are gently stroked. Do you know, rather than pluck the nipple strongly, if it is tampered with so as stroking with the tip of the nail, I often I woman that would excited by itself. That feeling is being held from behind and I love, I become soaked again and tampering nipples. Father-in-law's, is very much womanizer.
Been taken off all at last, I was naked. Father-in-law's, us licking pussy. But I'm fiddling with nipples ... together.
And to put a finger in the pussy, I move. Me after a long time, I will go. Amazing.'s Father-in-law,. Father-in-law's is also naked unawares. I stood Ochinpo. Without hesitation I, Squeeze it, I was sucking in the mouth.
 By little, we have put father-in-law becomes above. Embarrassing, but I, seems to have raised a loud voice.
 I was kissing and hugging each other naked with two people as it is. I grip Ochinpo not say anything, because I want again.

Incest brother and

I became incestuous relationships from the summer of this year and brother.
Night in summer. It is from the fact that my brother has crept into my room.

SEX and son

Son, arrived in employment from the spring of this year. I, at 46 years old, my son is 24 years old. And put away beyond a line of abstinence, and clearly, I do not know yet, but I am, and I son, I think I've with child son apparently

Please tell me the contraceptive

‥‥‥ Nante sought to son. Tell me you want to see, you want to know, since I a mom once. It ‥‥‥ at the beginning. After my husband went out 7 o'clock this morning and to go to the University of Tokyo, son I pull in to my room to take my hand. It is coming elaborate cuttings to say woman and until you are ready to accept. Lust is whether the decline When you ejaculate once always, the second time to move the hips while watching my face. I'm having problems pregnancy is scared, not me to put the condom to say that by dangerous date. What do, contraception or have been, please let me know.

Family silly

yuna himekawa[2650]
It is Mika housewives in their 30s. I thought a few years ago, being fucked by people of the town that married, and falls to the point where you fall in this, and I came back the beginning of the year towards the home.
But, people in the town dug out the whereabouts of my day-to-day several times a week, you can be left in raw × skyline and ○ Hiroshi a nearby park, or gang-raped has continued now.
My Saturday evening at the end of May, being fucked by seven as usual, dick also in the stomach also in the intestine was also returned with his semen full of, had been washed away, \"traces\" in the bathroom .
And I've seen my brother finally, the site. \"Sis, this is the poorly\" I brother was Tsumeyori, but the place was somehow prevarication. But, I was sweet.
People in town, I got to talk everything brother. And I was ... Ototogai in front of me that next weekend, and put on the car as usual, was taken to the gangbang site.
It was resisted desperately, but it was useless. On top of the dick brother is naked, was laid ... pressed the limbs, ... brother had been very excited by force.
In the eyes see something prey, brother gave me wash the bathroom of my parents, me became mushy in semen as usual ... again and again been thrust up from the bottom.
Day there is no gangbang ... from the day of the night, my brother's got to come in Shinobun always. ○ ...
I also not Kobame brother rubber also with no, with excitement that unlike the people of the town and her husband, brother of school students was felt abnormally. One day she feels good voice must've been great too, I quickly found my father when you have sexual intercourse with his brother.
Moment ... Father you wanted to get angry Remove the array, being fucked by people of the town on the weekend and whether the heaven whether the hell from ... it to my mouth, 3P ·· of his brother and father on weekdays every day is the storm of sex.
It will also sought when the physiology course. People of the town, seems to bet what I conceive of who the child. ... The children of the father and brother of the real in this state

Iku with incest.

At the time of the "Great Kanto Earthquake" on March 11, I was a junior high school girl at the age of 15. I happened to be asked by my mother to go to a relative's house for business, and I wasn't affected by the tsunami. My home was severely damaged in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, and I lost my friends, teachers, and family in addition to my house. What was saved was my father, 44, who was a fisherman and went out to sea by boat, and my brother, 11 years old. The dead were a 43-year-old mother and a 12-year-old sister. For a while, I had trouble with the house where my mother's sister lived in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. And it was already late July in the summer when I put it in the temporary housing in Hitachi City. It was a hot day, my dad was a part-time job helping to carry luggage at a convenience store in the neighborhood, and my younger brother also helped with newspaper delivery and light help in the neighborhood to earn money and help his life. During the summer vacation, my younger brother went to a forest classroom in Chiba prefecture for a school event. It was quite hot that day, and I had a part-time job at a convenience store during the summer vacation at school, and was preparing a midnight snack on my way home at 6 pm. The temporary housing had rooms of 6 tatami mats and 4.5 tatami mats, and it was a room with a simple shower in the kitchen and toilet. I managed to live by buying a second-hand refrigerator and washing machine for my luggage. I took a shower in the heat and lay down in my room with only my underwear and watched TV. It was a comedy show, but I couldn't laugh so much and just lay down and watch it. After finishing the meal, my father became cheerful when he got drunk, so he lay down without thinking about anything on his side. I was laying down my futon and looking at it, but suddenly I turned off the lights in the room and started to stretch out.I'm 162 ?, and I'm wearing a C-cup bra with a reputation for being cute and a bulge of 82 ?, but at night I take it off and sleep, so I only had cotton shorts under my pajamas. Suddenly I was pushed down, so I was surprised and screamed, "Stop my dad ~~". However, the room with the neighbor is thin and I can't make a loud voice. The voice of the sexual life of the couple in their 60s next door sometimes leaked and I felt unpleasant. So my dad rolled up his comforter and tried to take off his shorts, so he ran wild with his feet and tried to escape. But in the old days, I was a fisherman and my body was quite strong, and when I was pressed down, my body did not move without being afraid, and my underwear was stripped off and my dick was exposed. My pubic hair had slightly long legs and was just like a ginkgo leaf and was fluffy. "Stop it ~~, I'll tell the teacher ~~, it's absolutely impossible ~~. It hurts ~~" I started crying. As expected, my hands stopped moving, but when I looked at it in the dim light, my father's erected penis was hard and gingin at about 16 ?. And slimy lewd juice flowed from the tip of the glans, and it erected completely and pressed for insertion. I was desperate to spread my thighs and still put it in my virgin crevice. "Stop it ~~ Please ~~" But I didn't want to hear it next to me, so I refused with a small voice. I fluttered my legs and ran away so as not to enter immediately. But my head hit the wall and I couldn't escape any further.Suddenly, I exposed my lower body and put my lips around the pussy and started licking it. The devil's eyes spread the hair that decorates the flesh that rises to the left and right to open it. I ran away saying "I don't like it ~~~", but I held my legs down and finally the tip of the glans reached the pussy. Watching an erotic video at my best friend's house, I can understand how to do SAEX, but I haven't imagined incest, so I tried to escape while crying. In the red valley seen between the black vegetation, his father was blinded and licked his lips against the bush. How long is that time? When I kept licking for about 30 minutes, the joy juice flowed out from the crack. Rather than a father and a daughter, I forgot that I would be violent at some point in the mood of a man and a woman, and left it as it was. "It's about time, it's okay to put on a condom properly. But the dick looks just like a dead mother ..." Scoop the clear liquid that overflows from the crack with your right hand, lick the crack forever, and at any time However, I peeled the thin skin of the clitoris and wiped the white dregs and sucked it out. Around this time, I was completely female and stared at the dew of love that had flowed out of my secret hole. Suddenly, I decided to put up with it, saying, "If it's just today, it's good." Now it's empty like a cave, and there's a female estrus odor like rice broth. "Isn't it really good?", The father changed his finger and put in a thick and strong greed stick with his dick open. "Ann, it hurts ~~, but I'll put up with it ~~" I had a little bleeding.However, I bent my body cramped and inserted a penis stuck to my lower abdomen. "It hurts ~~, Lee Tai ~~~~~" But while kissing with a beard, I was worried about the pain of the folds when I started the piston, and I prayed that it would end quietly and early. I clung to my arm, collecting saliva on my half-open lips and taking a rough breath. I held my breath for a moment with my father's "Ikuzo ~~, Iku ~. Iku ~", and immediately after that, I cramped my stiff body and continued for about 30 seconds. "I'm really sorry. I couldn't stand it, and when I saw your big tits, I remembered my mother and wanted to hold her. I'm embarrassed as a father, but I love you ..." My father became dear and hugged me, saying, "Whenever I want to, say it ... I'll let you do it." I did it three times in a row that day. I couldn't do it when I had a younger brother, but I kept having sexual intercourse only when I wasn't there. If this continues for a year, I may be a devil when I experience the best orgasms and shout "Ikuwa ~~. Ikuyo ~~, Ikuiku", right? But there are many stories like this around me. Governments, please help us. But recently I turned 17 and had a lover ...

I be the mother squid

Dameyo, please, \"and ... I embarrassed anymore, since not many years\".
Biting soften the ear as it is kissed lightly mom, mother and yo left to me, \"... there\" mother began to feel and breathe. The massaging your breast from the top of the clothes as it is, it Nugasu clothes while rubbing slowly. Inky areola is exposed to large your milk \"and turn off the lights ..., ask embarrassing\" to pure white skin. The Nazeru pussy from the top of the stocking is allowed to open both thigh. 'm Wet mom, and undressed underwear and stockings, and touch your beans, rub lightly. There ... there! \"'m No good anymore ~ Oh!\" There! Good feelings ~!
I panting with \". It became my pace perfectly with this. I turn licked the whole body of Kazumi became naked. And reach the ... pussy chest, stomach, back, and legs,. \"~ Which I feel has had becoming far softening impossible! Already useless! Anymore Oh\" Turning licked by wade through the tongue a black pubic hair, enters by dividing the tongue chooch. Mother has gone before turning.