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Incest confession of women(2012-03)


yuna himekawa[47923]
 At age 26, recommended the matchmaking aunt, I was married three months later. time the two-year marriage was also accustomed has passed, my husband died in a car accident. And when you are anxious and copper Would things my funeral, 100 mosquito date too hastily in grief, remarriage story of the brother of the husband of the \"Yukio\" Mr. I was going. To Osaka brought me to my uncle in meeting together with the \"Yukio\" Mr.. Dishes, 30 minutes to wait in the second floor of the shop where there is a sign of Shihezi. Wearing a loud shirt \"Yukio\" san, has jumped to the Na became late. It was to remember and vaguely it has been to see you twice, but the attitude was the tyranny. Meals during Yukio in or Poor, and Ya familiar together, uncle was persuaded praise me also Yukiko. The Inokoshi to be discussing in the next seat two people, Uncle was Ika down the stairs. Sister also Whatever you did very, you are asked to kana did some, now is said to joke with her sister or wife of 6 years of age difference is with me or 29 years old. When I was after about 30 minutes, came Nakai-san is on, it has been guided To Come to the next room. When I'm surprised to see your futon from being laid, it was your Yuka-iri been embraced in Yukio and sister. The wet Guchokugucho in love juice when been exhausted licking unexplored with your milk, cock Yukio and sister are inserted, consciousness is no longer in a continuous movement of the piston rhythmic. It was strongly hugged and cried Yukiko when it is ejaculation. It was me licking the unexplored region of me It was licked cock Yukio was also the first time. When I received the tea room of the original body alignment of about two hours is over, we reply the question to have How did Yukio uncle comes in, when you marry Yukiko. I was told my uncle and do not know even asked what Yukio's and what are your job on the train to go home. After marriage was hard. I will post later continued.


My body had become sticky saliva anymore brother. Much to do that even do not mind, I was received by the uterus of the semen brother clinging to his brother in the whole body. I was also cowgirl SEX I made ​​up sometimes. Brother was ejaculation immediately intense hip swing. In this way it was Yuki cedar long night. Parents to come back the next day, my brother and I also was SEX in bed all day naked. And a shower, it was SEX in bed as it is to eat breakfast. Brother ejaculate in the vagina back of my many times, I was also received by the uterus the semen of his brother. We were embraced in naked in bed until three o'clock in the afternoon.
Hiding in parents, we asked each other the body afterwards. Brother to the cum in my vagina many times, I was also received by the uterus it. Ova of me to fertilize the sperm brother No way, I did not not even think at that time. I can not say the parent Nante was pregnant with a child of his brother 17 years old. I think it tries to sneak Sanmo, the children of his brother love.

Incest discourse of my

Is 17 years old blue schoolgirl. Please listen. I became more and SEX brother. I love my brother. Parents at the wedding, just when I was you are not in one night two days. I said, \"Today, I'm going to sleep together\" I go to the room of his brother at night. · In anticipation that the brother would come asking me (of course brother so come by to say \"sister, sister\" I always, I had felt in the back of one's head, but ...) Yes in the hope that it will be, and went into the bed of his brother. Brother, has been Masagu~tsu my chest Sure enough. Taken off the button of pajamas, and has been with Sucking nipples. I very pleased, I felt love for his brother to become larger. I undress pajamas brother, I also became naked. My brother has been licking my body. Be patient consciousness to become likely jump in pleasure, and sought inserted into a brother. I also brother also, it is the first time of course. My brother has put a penis to me in how it was fully excited. Very large it is,
be KOR after entering the Guriguri in my pussy. It was raw, of course. Condom! When I thought it was, I was getting better, even if such a thing anymore. Compared to the joy of accepting the penis of my favorite brother, it was that it is not enough to take such a thing. Hymen I was broken by his brother. Clinging to his brother in the whole body, we bear the pain. And consider it as Tron eyes, my brother told me that \"my sister, my good feelings\" What. Brother intolerantly, I quickly ejaculate in my pussy. Night long, I was rolling up and SEX brother until dawn. My body when I thought it was in the other sticky saliva of brother

Incest discourse of my

The other day, it is recommended to my husband to celebrate the college son, I went to the overnight trip to a favorite son of Nara. Deer of Nara Park is also not visible in the rain, I went into the hotel as soon as possible that day. After meals, and have a story of old memories, suddenly, my son came hug. (Again I had the premonition but), son I have sought me. It was useless to Hoke It 's mom promise, and I wonder promised such edge. Son \"because I University Admission Celebration of my today\" has been the kiss and smile Niko~tsu. Into the pants, the hand of his son, \"aah, Dameyo\", \"'m loving mother\", - overlap naked imperceptibly while saying \"government-chan, bad aah!\", And I was gently, I had to remember which harnesses hugged each other, kissed, but my son penis is inserted deeply in me, and I also can not stand, I was clinging to his son strongly. It was temporary while I think there. I felt good mom, I have returned to us to the voice of the son of Thanks.

The fucked son

It is a widow of 45 years old, but it was also committed to his son Ni would the other day I am. And I was pregnant. This is referred to as may Yeah son, but you can not give birth before shame of the neighborhood. House is farmers. There are many fields and vineyards, where instead of you going also can not be. It was to ask you to everyone, but please tell me may bore.

The fucked son

It is 46 years old, but I was committed to his son two years ago. It perpetrate me every day until now from that time. Husband became ゛Ku died in a car accident three years ago. My son is 25 years old, but I'm just playing with the wrong crowd without even work. It's to the SEX friends me to bring a friend the other day. It let someone do others have never seen I be hustled to say I am. I seemed Harisake and painful Timbo of friends cried so long large. You're doing between an hour. Son probably got tired to me these days. I will end only once. Instead friends will do every day. Became miserable.

There was a son

It is the couple that shark only intersect one, about twice a month with her ​​husband to forget even my birthday. Tomomi than friends, To what was once invited by there is a good part-time job when you're not recruit frustration in the relationship that was still hot with her ​​husband. Men seems to be late 50s is called \"Do not brought the Beppin's by Tomomi\" and staring at me to the apartment, and entered the room at 10 o'clock to accompany to Tomomi, 30, was called Kumi I was woman enough to stay generations waiting for coffee. Man has been asked for the first time Tomomi is to introduce the 41-year-old Akemi me. When I have been puzzled to reply, Tomomi friend gave me answer with a smile and I first fruits.
To the next room in one voice or trying to chooch men, large bed was Yes alongside three units. Kumi Mr. Tomomi also become naked fit men to take off their clothes, I took off all my also rushed. When I was finished off, we have been plunged please sorry two men becomes slow big brother. The yelling and loud idiot, field moment was spoiled men. One of them was the son of Ken that no longer Yoritsuka home from about two years ago. Son also seemed that I was surprised for a moment, but was pretend to not know each other.
I was inserted into the time the love juice dripping it has received a caress in bed, of tampering Rim is beckoning to men who are called big brother. I was gasping to leave your good Tsukai waist and big cock. I was flushed with the bathroom every time ejaculation ends. When I wash, man instead, is coming closer. Your partner second person my son was. It was communion without discomfort N your mother in a low voice, and call each other and Ken-chan when it intersects. ¥ 10,000 bill was screwed five into the pants way back. Lingering like sandwiches foreign objects into your crotch, even back home was left.
The next day, there is a phone call from Ken, I was yelled at and what do Ya Shitoru. It is said that De Ya woman of underlings called big brother, and was invited many times afterwards, but it has been refused, but Tomomi of friends, has responded to the desire of the son.

I can not speak to her husband

Sunday morning the other day, was issued a cock with me a blowjob before her husband go out to golf and have a watering potted pansy is going to come out to the garden. I ejaculated as soon as it'll then blowjob husband willingly. and held out his cock single 32-year-old son is me also to me after my husband went out, returning to the room, my son I had seen from the window of the second floor. I couple and dad, it was refused by hand and no good with you, but my son has been attacked pushing me. I resisted but lost the power of his son, and ended up being fucked.
Is it satisfied my son ejaculate twice, I went to go to pachinko. Regretful tears came out When I wipe semen-soaked son, the floor was dirty is my flower garden.
It can not also be speaking to her husband that came back evening, that night, we received the love of her husband was not able to feel as usual if there are sorry feelings to her husband.

It is that hidden and son

Three months, I slipped away to this site while searching for other classifieds as we began to learn the PC in the elderly meeting. Interested in Sing Sing, I read devour only sometimes hidden and son from six years ago to me. There is a conflict between the body and mind always after the pleasure of a son. Was relieved to be feeling heart was Tokihanasa If you do not only have I learned about those who have been experienced.
 I was now in a relationship and a special son and divorce with her ​​husband is due. Fortune was Korogarikomi to husband my father died after, was the inheritance. Nightly, serious man of earnest work is to go for a drink and invite your friends, you can now indulge in woman play until then. I said if you talk to my son about it, and so break up with husband Mukoyoshi because I take care of mom. It went out of the house spit rant I also do not like something you, If you talk to her husband. Because there was a name I land and house, I became in the lives of three people with the mother and son as it is.
 After her husband left home, I went to see my son and the fireworks display to be held locally. The return journey, is a question I hope mom to son, and has been wearing pink pants today and it sash of her son. I replied with high immediately. Soon, it was entered for the first time to a love hotel considering the temporary differences between the son. Son embraced me gently and I do not have to be hard mom, it gave me a thick kiss entwined tongue. Moment the hand of his son stretch crotch of my hand has touched, and I have issued Innovation cry Oh. Shame was also gone wet Jukujuku is over there when it was invited to the bathroom. Is guided into the hands of his son, I was futzing genitals son. Son is licking the dick with a face expand the crotch of my hardness and size of about 1.5 times that of the husband, and are surprised. Iyan, Dameyo, such a thing, I do not remember clearly after. Just remember vaguely from receiving a piston movement violently in bed and had been inserted from behind in the bath. Son went on asking me until morning. Son is a man of the second person for me.
 Then, refused me to put the underwear at home son is now in bold, it asks me to any place when you like a master affectation. When I have to get ready for dinner in the living room, and has been inserted rolled up the skirt the other day. My mother went out to have turned a blind eye to. My mother is laughing and I get along good parent-child to you guys. Orimasu I wanted sex life with her ​​son forever.

My husband mama's boy

You passed six months have been married. mother-in-law and my husband recently, have been living together I have to get along Dari holding hands even before my. 1 month ago, I took to bed with the mother-in-law greeted at the door the husband came back drunk. And has attacked me husband that drunk and I to Tomomi chooch become naked. I'll have to say mother-in-law and want to do Tomo-chan to say Dameyo mother and I'm looking at, it does not go out of the room laughing as I please do. Is inserted in front of the mother-in-law, it has been ejaculation. I was angry to reverse the shame, the next morning, and not hide it in the parent and child to complain to my husband. My husband in mama's boy, and go shopping with my mother, I will go to travel. I think of course, that there is sex. Mother-in-law is beautiful person has run a snack.


I am 45 years old, but one son is 25 years old. I'm just playing with the wrong crowd this son. It does not come home only occasionally in the house. And I bring the fellow if you think that it came back. Son I was committed me during this time. The reason for such a thing it is for the first time. I resisted, but my son also did 3 hours of between got to help your friends. And I done to your friends then. I saw in the mirror at a later becomes sore pussy, but I was now Modachi blood out are cut off. Son I do every day from it. It is also of bring your friends once in a while. And you say because you lend me. I am also troubled pussy is hurt two people per day. At the same it might be pregnant because there is still a Siemens me. I'll do regardless of my son that.


Is the lily.
After tied behind my hands, it was tied both arms, and chest with a new string, Dad,
was tied up with a strong force at embarrassing my rope with a knot.
I had cried while saying \"Daddy, I'm sorry\" in the pain of too much.
But without stopping to say \"I told Yuri to put up with,\" Daddy, knocked my ass.
Among them, what hurts, and what a pleasure, you will not know, it seems to have kept saying, \"Daddy, daddy,\" he said. I did not remember.
Then, when the mind is about to become far, warm liquid went in fell down the legs.
I accidentally incontinence.
I noticed it was error to cry \"Daddy, I'm sorry,\" he said.
With a laugh, saying \"pee lily Do not it since the time of the baby,\" said Dad, did a clean up.
Then, hugging me, go to the bathroom, it was me Wash my body.
That is the experience of the first time Papa and me.
From it, to once per week, Daddy us bullying me.
But, except at that time, it is a good parent and child terms of the ordinary.
I also afraid to have from being hated Dad, my best also studying, dress is also feeling quiet compared to classmates.
Everyone had thought of me, and an honor student.
Stand, from there, morning and evening, that Papa is willing to kiss I'm happy.
Especially at night, I even slept, to come to the side of the bed, you will see a long kiss.
Today, up to here. . I will then talk that gave her virginity to daddy.

Has been peeped

It is a 24-year-old Mamiko of six months married to my husband of 25. It is tied to love each other, it was blessed me also people around. My husband was a life of two people and mother-in-law lost a father at a young age. Mom is also a late 40's yet, but gently, it was very glad to get married.
 House is old but it is owner-occupied. End of one, mom is the second floor us. The second floor would have liked the beginning, but my voice I'm hear every day on the first floor second floor is shaking very SEX night. It was on the first floor so good embarrassment. My husband and very intense every day, the voice of my SEX is also larger.
If I had to etch two people as usual, bran'm slightly open. It did not bother me at first, but they are open a little every day. But forget such a thing licked twat to master, and is massaged the breasts, it will suck the penis of husband involuntarily.
But as usual yesterday, if you have love each other at 69, bran is slightly open, mother I have peeped. In what looked like a little white face from the dark, and peeps in a position visible from the side of us. Tara husband, I like bright when the SEX, it is plain view.
Over there I also, I'm sure my husband penis is also full view.
We are wondering whether or not you talk to my husband.

I widow

It is a woman of 43 years old, but one of this year has been to her husband died. An attempt was made to remarry, but I say is let's become husband and wife and mother and I asked my son to become 23 years old, but because you are. Son is cerebral palsy little guy before is common. Stature is quite large Adonis. To submit a request for SEX every day to say my son because became a couple. Son I'll do by cute too. My son's a big long dick. I hugged.

I am the second wife

I than came to the second wife ex-wife died, but there is 1 son of the previous person. His son is 25 years old, but I became in love with handsome. I am 30 years old some years but not 5 years old difference alone with me. My husband is 64 years old. So thither is not standing in diabetes. So it does not embrace the mine. I will me hugging me every day to say I asked my son Well I is'll embrace. I think if the daughter-in-law of the son from the beginning without a thing If it secret to her husband. I am also divorced, but I broke up with people before a child is not born. I said I see is cumbersome because good in this state if you consult your son. I became husband and wife without telling her husband. It is a wife of 30 years old.

My home is aligned

My house has been living in a family of three. Then you do not want to narrow it so well Apato. There are only two between 6 mats. Husband has resting in there working is because it is work of the night one room. Son and I was committed to that son of a certain day you have been sleeping in the room together. Feeling is good it is. I hug my son. An attempt was made to move away from my semen is no longer out of the son, but was ask and I do not remove. My son is 46 years old I am a 25 years old, but her husband does not know. One son called from it I do every day. This is the house small and narrow, but there is fun.

My dad

Dad (48 years old), while (29 years old), my family of lily is a (19-year-old college student).
I write that with dad today.
I was no longer a disease at the time of the 11-year-old mom of my actual.
Then, when you are cleaning up things mom, photos and video tape, the other, I found a variety of tool went into the box from the back of the shelf of the room of mom and dad.
It was what mom is tied, you have that nasty.
I disposed of the box I was surprised in a hurry, but also, in the mood when it comes to one night, I would look fearfully the video picked up a box.
It was that after being bullying in a variety of tools and whip dad mom is tied, the video, you have SEX.
I was only in sixth grade was still I have your hands involuntarily over there is hot.
I would look again at night you do not stay with Dad from it.
A professor of the University, because it has also taught at the University of Kansai 2 days a week, daddy will not stay two days a week now.
Then after a while, and have been washing the clothes of Papa, hair there's a female with, we have to have think like a dad to be taken somehow.
And feeling that you want bullying and tied in the same way as mom I was becoming stronger.
Finally, one night, night Dad came back with a cup of sake, with a string naked (with only did not grow too much yet) along the hair over there like a photo of Mom, I at the Papa I went to.
Dad had been surprised, but I was asked I was like a sea urchin same as the mom in tears.
If you are asking desperately, Papa nodded slowly and said, \"Lily, if you can put up,\" said I nodded, and gave me tied me.
Then, I will write later and talk to raise the virgin dad, also the story of an encounter with mom.

And brother

yuna himekawa[47700]
I am a woman of 32 years old you have a boy of 6-year-old divorcee. We are living together (brother also divorced) and brother of 36-year-old parents and I returned to my parents' now.  I, I had a brother of the real. I think that there is also a fault that had been drunk, but I've allowed the body to his brother about.  I went drinking with friends a few people that day and came back late at night. Okay my brother to come over here When are drinking water in the kitchen throat thirst. Brother was hug from behind me suddenly and are drinking water without asking care separately.  I exclaimed in amazement, but brother began rubbing the chest with the other hand and closes with one hand my mouth. I have resisted desperately, but rubbed the breast, and waved the waist pressed against the Guigui ass roughness became larger brother, I gave up the resistance becomes good, even if gradually.  My brother began to pinch the nipple began rubbing the chest directly to remove the bra and put your hand into the dress you wore. I was therefore without frustration and sex with men for years, voice has begun and beginning to feel more and more be said to be his brother.  I plucked the nipple rubbed the chest to his brother, has been excitement I have stretched out a hand to the roughening of the brother.  I would be excited to cock elder brother also slutty (so big ... it also dick ... after a long time ... oh), I began to squeeze from the top of the pants.  My brother and kissed me. I also put the tongue returns brother so come put the tongue. (... Anymore ... Oh what years ... if they can become Nante ... kiss Oh)  I was sex on the sofa in the living room as it is. It was gone also twice very pleasant.  Sex with elder brother My you regret indeed, I next morning, drunk awoke I decided to strongly and mind once and for all the other. And apologized to me many times brother also regret the Na Mon funny absolutely Yeah, it is! Sex with sister.  But I bow to me with only one more time brother ask because when some days. I say probably promised two people, but I will also wanted yet again to be honest. It was Mai have sex brother and also with.  While you have sex with brother, I swear to mind once and for all the other once and for all the other, but it was also such a vow When poked violently brother.  I have come to sex with brother on a daily basis anymore.

Like a person was able to

Please do not bully me more than this ... is everyone Long time no see? Bad for high-san you want to free you will not come here like people are able to, but ... I, now that you broke up with Takashi Tanaka ... to not do things that a ... etch to different until now I I wonder me know in ... Taka-san and I'm a good man cute song in 31-year-old leader of a group of five people can have a boyfriend of handsome? So I guess Well because I was reborn not come anymore bye bye

,,, Even after 70

 Son to become 48 Motel is like a woman with lustful enough to be rumored widow killing in spite of there is a wife and children.
 Such son also have contact with scrupulous Kingen attitude to me.
 After my husband was a lecher died, I asked my son the place of the master of the tour reserved. Son and with some of ,,, that might happen is something on the road, be pussy

The love and father

 At the age of 21 now, raised her virginity to father at the age of 20, in the safety day today, it has Yes tell me by e-mail to his father, in was in the apartment alone my father I have a company management But, asked with a reason something, we ask them to Tokyo. My mother did not know anything, my father stayed at my apartment, I do not doubt. It has been supposed to come in around 11:00, You will find warm and twist the heating bedroom. The shower also finished, and with a sexy lingerie thin see-through, nothing wore on the lower. For the father, and hair loss, hair does not grow. Says the children like, my father and delicious, you got to pacifier sucking well. Sex of one month the first time and my father, we've been wet for today. When we want to fast, but it is a nympho daughter. I'm going to the sex all day today. Good Bye.

And dad

My husband so many overseas Zhang, time to spend with my husband and the father of natural to consult something longer it had become the father. I am at home now My father had just retired. I was talking to drink alcohol when a meal with two people yesterday. There is also because of the holiday tomorrow also I, the amount of liquor with had increased. Both my father and I like to drink. In the arms of his father, had combined lips imperceptibly while you are drinking fun.
After a long kiss, had been taken off the clothes at the hands of his father. Lips of my father have moved to your milk from lips, right hand tickles slightly the inner thigh and my thigh.
It is stimulated with lips and tongue, nipple ended up standing. I want you to touch over there soon. Foot had opened with nature. Finger of his father touched the chestnut-chan I finally, I will come slowly massaged. Embarrassing, the other hot juice has overflowed. Dad, me sucking it with the lips there what. Voice has come out anymore.
Imperceptibly, dad also take off all your clothes. The hands of my father leads to any of the father, my hand. Overlaid hand in my hand, it will be held from the top of it. Because I was drunk, I was away from his grasp, the roughness of the burly father.
And let me crouch, in front of the face there you have erection. I would be gripper in your mouth if you can not put up with me.
My father is no longer able to put up a few moments, and then backwards me, I give up the ass. It comes in over there for me from behind at last. It has become the relationship you dont. Roughness of the Father is greater than his master, and etch also good. The first time I, I have gone in the etch. Nante there is so amazing etch. 

It took place in the summer

My age Yuichi only son in a 32-year-old 11-year-old six-year elementary school. My husband does not come home only once a month in the bachelor from last year, I have been living in two people and Yuichi.
But I did not have even thought it is! Comes to Anna and son Yuichi No way. It has been determined from the daily Yuichi it is continuing even now.
Who I have become to not think in terms of Yuichi, I am rejoicing in the joy of the woman. 'Cause you ... so have become very good Ttara Yuichi.
I was crowded sleeping for about two days would be playing the summer wind in August of elementary school summer vacation. The first day me nursed hard also Yuichi, I was walking me wipe the sweat of the brow, but
the body I was in a dream drowsily that night fever as low Oita even (was supposed)
has become sideways Become a naked mind and get startled ... Then forever like watching a dream that has been embraced by her husband to comfortably is, is like that, the hands of someone the clitoris of my If you are touched, I quickly aloud with \"... Oh man ... Oh\" attacked by a great pleasure finger is found in the genital area.
But if you looked back and ... not supposed to nobody, it is my best face of Yuichi son to say \"Yuichi eh, why ...\" and,
fingers Yuichi has been piston amazing \"Mother ... and I come put a finger while saying Yo mom I love, mom. \"
Voice ended up out involuntarily \"No bad Yuichi Dame,\" \"unpleasant, Yada Yo ... mom, Aan ...'ll end up saying\" I helplessly in great pleasure at that time.
Then Yuichi rode on top of me naked I was so dazed movement of the finger is stopped suddenly. And cock of Yuichi came into the genital area that is wet and I said, \"Mom, I put in,\" he said.
It's came in me with the feeling that say Innovation Zubuzubu thicker than those of her husband. I dazed because it was suddenly without even have time to think, that pleasure is terribly,
but it, there \", I not. Ya ... gonna a mom? You know Yuichi Aan is aware that it's a real son still We were told over, and \"Yo no good but
there ... No. I Cha ... Shi thing yo\" Yuichi Dame. useless said, \"Mom, that my mother ... I love Nanda\" But
\"Oh, would say Te over Aan\", \"Yuichi, Yuichi, the pleasant mom reason flying pleasure been surging Yuichi been shaking the hips anyway,
it attracts Turn the hands to Yuichi it is in the upper was away. Semen of Yuichi came inside my Yuichi shouting me \"over that will come out the other mother\" What will not know anymore somehow.
After the release, so said, \"Mom, I'm sorry ...., Even, if you can not ... stand me,\" said Yuichi becomes meek, gonna say \". I was ok and a mom Yuichi Yuichi is Itoshiku •
You have to give a kiss and said, \"Mom, Innovation\" that I love Yuichi \"I, I mean in the\" I love because of her and ask me. \"
I've jumped into my chest and said, \"Yeah, it is,\" said shyly if you ask to be? \"To once again\" cock Yuichi became so big also Soshitara. That day, then we will cross the Yuichi several times. You can not live in Yuichi without anymore.
It is now coming blame where my weak and so blame also from the back recently.
And I invite you to say \"Mother Come\" When I'm in the living room it seemed like if you tell a sitting position tetrahedral body also is greater than I, it does become permanently it is said take off your panties I also have wet anymore at that time is.
It is fun from now do you be told what Positions

I accepted the 23-year-old son

45-year-old me, 61-year-old 16 years older, sexual life of the night even if we lost, it's sleep even now separately unawares, my husband had become also like to go for a drink with his son. And some time ago, the night I went for a drink, while drinking in store there, enter into the skirt, one hand of my son, I have been touched gently in the thigh, due to drunkenness was also little care, it touched as it is was allowed to.  Because we wore pantyhose, I did not touch directly, but understand still is coming wet, at the ear of the son, and said, \"Hey, get out\" and, since had been riding in the car and son, agency is allowed to drive to san, his son told a love hotel where to go, partly embarrassment I, I was pointing down, but looks 10 years old position, seen young also often I dressed that night mini- and I had to dress. Upon entering the hotel, is the naked son, do not even shower, embraced strongly Become a naked and son, with a kiss, and massaged per Sucking tits, is a kiss to the whole body, open larger legs, on the bottom When attached Sucking, it raised Rim, it will raise the voice involuntarily, become a woman, to obtain a son, it is challenged overnight almost, semen has been issued in the back of me, and become a sensation like numb, With as had fainted as it is, even when I noticed, I was supposed to remain mono son has been inserted.  In the sense of the first time, it felt to that extent also was the first time. Are challenged rest, also, resumed while inserted, I do not remember how did much, but by changing Positions also normal position, cowgirl, sitting position, Toka back, until the morning close to becoming addicted to sex and intense son I was gone. Tits are in full hickey, nipple is sucked up, the pain was left a little.  Outside had become a little brighter when I was returning to the home. My husband was much as \"or Asagaeri in parent and child,\" but the relationship between the son and whether they probably finds out, I think, but it does not say anything. It is that of three months ago, but sometimes a son, and I love each other at the hotel.

And son ...

I became a widow died in her husband. You stay and live with my son, but I was committed that my son is not the Morawa a daughter-in-law. And I say become a woman of me. It's violent and you reject. It is now as you said my son because there is no way. My son is 24 years old, but I am 46 years old. Profession would say even a street-stall keeper. We are selling yakisoba at festivals in the fair in the Avenue. My son has attracted Badai place. It is a gangster, so to speak. My husband does not have died. It is like a husband and wife and son. Have been allowed to pussy son every day. Another man will be provided as soon as no longer have a husband mysterious world of the yakuza. I was aroused to a son it is unpleasant.

The fucked son

It becomes a widow my husband died last year, I became the only two people and son. His son is 23 years old, but I was committed that I am of the day it is. I'm just playing with bad friends without anything son. And I inspire me to their friends one day. Over there my is now likely Harisake their friends so thick greater than over there son. Blood had blurred when you see later hurt hurts. But my son's friends do immediately is finished that day. I thought it was not enough things in my son Compared with my friends. I am tired I became 45 years old, but the inspire two people. And I also did that night. Towards the son would be nice too. Feeling is good blood nor out. It is good if you work in not out, and just playing, but it is in trouble.

The fucked son

It becomes a widow my husband died last year, I became the only two people and son. His son is 23 years old, but I was committed that I am of the day it is. I'm just playing with bad friends without anything son. And I inspire me to their friends one day. Over there my is now likely Harisake their friends so thick greater than over there son. Blood had blurred when you see later hurt hurts. But my son's friends do immediately is finished that day. I thought it was not enough things in my son Compared with my friends. I am tired I became 45 years old, but the inspire two people. And I also did that night. Towards the son would be nice too. Feeling is good blood nor out. It is good if you work in not out, and just playing, but it is in trouble.


Mail always came to me, \"come into the room\" from my brother. I'm really unpleasant, but I asked a brother of Nde, so as not to hear the parents in the room of his brother next door reluctantly, I will go in pajamas Sotto. I always sit on the bed. Soshitara brother is standing in front as usual, it's down the pants and pajama pants. Penis erect brother, came out I Brunswick. While showing me, my brother to masturbation. It had turned a blind eye, but the beginning, my brother than wanting to look, and reluctantly, with a puzzled look, I'll look at it with open eyes. I penis, blood vessels of floating. Never seen the others, but it is odious. Grasp the penis with the right hand, brother of rub slowly. While peeling, issue all the glans. We rubbed by shaking your hips. We are doing while watching the face to me. You have to Tsu out immediately beginning, but I have rubbed while messing around with the left hand by chance, you put up and doing by being a 30-minute show-position now. When Das, Masu 5m position Fei sticking out waist, firing like crazy in the room. I at that time, very grassy smells. I wonder if is also referred to as tomorrow!

To lure the son

 14-year-old son, 36-year-old me, my husband is the bachelor in, go drinking with friends that night, and that had returned to the house, it had become the 12:00 close. It was so drunk, it has has become a bold, let lowered the zipper on the back of the dress to son, I remember until I was allowed take off, but when the next morning woke up, naked, son tits I was equipped with smoke. Son was also naked of course. In my head is confused, because I had to snuggle like a son.  Issue the nipple from the mouth of the son, in the manner caramel tongue kiss with nature, each other Sucking, at that time, mono son becomes large, I had to touch the lower body of me. When even while I think that it should not in my mind, you accept the son, not a mother, I had become a woman. That my husband disappeared from inside your head, would be committed determined infatuated and son, it was sucked tits son every day since it was issued in my semen, it is every day that you love, but my husband is a summer vacation to the Obon The homecoming and doubles, there with my husband at that time, but until the late after, it does not return. We are not sucked her tits like a baby every day to his son.

And brother

I am single at 45 years old. It has a relationship at the time of the college freshman brother,
the relationship with his brother has been going on now since then. My brother is 47 years old.
By brother is married, the relationship was over once, but
when (sister-in-law), his brother's wife has returned to her home to give birth, we have a relationship with his brother again.
I was the acquaintance with several people, but did not Fumikire marriage.
My brother divorced two years ago, I have been living alone in Tokyo now.
My father passed away in college, my mother has entered the facility.
After you have visited the facilities of the mother together with his brother from now,
I will go on a trip in Izu night with two people. I embraced my brother for the first time in a long time.
It is going to tell you want to live together with his brother to quit the job.
It is hoped that we know the impossible, but I want gives birth to his brother.

Incest discourse of my


It is massage to father-in-law.

And ask them to massage the waist to the father-in-law, for the first time, father-in-law has moved a hand on the thigh from the waist become comfortably.
The rise in the ass gradually, for the first time, the underwear over the anus, and has been open to open with both hands and meat in the ass.
I, I thought it was a bit embarrassing, but has been Toad is to father-in-law, a massage.
While shifting a little underwear, father-in-law was like looking at my anus.
Father-in-law is, or constipation to me? And, since I heard to ask, If you answer yes to say to all fours to me, and I acupressure anal me, anus, here or to me? And, has been kept, the anus is called. Uwazuri voice, to say that it is there, in underwear over, I began to finger pressure with a fingertip to the anus, the father-in-law.
The underwear over, is acupressure anal while, is made ​​taking off underwear to father-in-law, seen the anus, was inserted into the anus fingertips.
To put it the father-in-law to be ashamed, father-in-law is, and would be pleasant, and has been out, the finger inserted into the anus while saying.
Is inserted a finger into the anus for the first time, I have been feeling.
To them, with both hands and genital area, my father-in-law has been sniffing open.
Your father-in-law's, and say to father-in-law to be embarrassed, while saying father-in-law is, saying my name, chooch, if not wipe firmly, the smell of pee is, Mankasu also are caked, and has been licked. The sniffing open the anus further, Wipe properly Once you shit.
Smell of shit is.
Is referred to toilet paper is adhered to the anus, it took at your fingertips.
Remove the mobile, father-in-law, has recorded the genital area and anus. Remains to be father-in-law is getting genital wet, I was having sex. Is ejaculation in vagina to father-in-law, was washed away with the bathroom and father-in-law. Then when there is a time every day, while saying the massage to father-in-law, we have sex.