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Incest confession of women(2006-03)

Do mothers incest

yuna himekawa[1502]
Husband and her son, four daughters are living in our still young.
My husband is anything that you help me home. I think we just work it out better.
But the son (AKA The) does not. Will you listen to anything I say,
Even housework, parenting help me. Yes, I'm still a daddy's little girl.
The token is in eighth grade when I was married to my husband.
My husband, I can really appears with good jobs could you please take care of the home.
The token is, even if my husband is suffering from high school entrance exams did not ride as well as consultation.
At that time, give me something to hear the talk, I was advised to give the token addition.
How much time we're together, you can feel the match going, did not take time to have a relationship. Contraception at first was, if you no longer care about the middle.
Among them, the children of the husband is not needed. I began to want a child of The Broken.
My husband seemed to unwanted children.
Kung Fucked In The Sun, I've asked my husband once the body. I was of course ... but for contraception
I understand that pregnancy after a while. My husband and I were contraceptive ~ I was saying.
Actually, my husband farewell, I still live with the token in-law and Japanese law, however, if a child once, and you may be married.
My daughter and I still want to watch the growth of the token.
He recently that it seems she could.
Your partner, or welfare of the volunteers met in kindergarten, and you go to nursing school 姉Sanrashii. To me, tell me only so far.
When my husband travels and come back in, I go to stay. Still, since high school,
Seems like the bad things, and I say not.
Until graduation, I pray that you do not pregnant.

Only son

Hello everyone, We surprised to see the confession.
致Shimashita safe while hoping that I just do special things I ever say to anyone. The two old people lived with my son and my husband separated after four years was a regular parent-child relationship, then look away at the chance to spend a son masturbating earlier, I thought ... I thought it a boy . One day,
My son went to school, housework ... restless woman I put away the afternoon work was hard to spend a crazy naked and masturbating away to boldly proclaim that I have about aching dick.
At that time, I was stunned to see my son standing up perfectly absent.
I suffered a bed where to look without shame, my son? Mom ... I ...? To ...
I suddenly floated the idea of Vanity Fair? See ... a? ? Son was head down ... I say? Say to anyone that will not do, do! ? Said,
? Take off your clothes come over here? ... I start to rub a little boy already hardened it without touching the brunt of the little boy and my son, give mouth to come out into the crimson head or moment? Ah ~ What Mom? cited drinking dive ... my mouth at once like a missile into the liquid.

Speaking of how good incest

Contents confess: what should I do call, I can write to 輝美 three months ago.
Long time, still the fifth birth, but worry about, and easier than you think,
Safely be born on. My birthday.
More than 50 days since then.
Thanks, looks just like my brother.呉Remasu and praise.
It is natural. Brother from a father is.
The elder brother, father. Yes.
Father of this child is a boy I gave birth.
I, as I wrote before, I gave birth to my son children.
So this child, her brother (my father actually) looks exactly like the are natural.
Among the meantime, my problem is, they are children from birth to this child I were both
Siblings. But his brother is the parent of a child from her brother.
That is to say, you two, my children born.
But his brother is also a child of my brother is also a child.
Children's brother, to me, is the grandson.
Makes my head hurt to think.
Both, my child. Brothers of the year away.
Please comment and let the tail.

My brother

I am a 12 year old grade six elementary school. I'm writing this confession should tell you my brother, since I was in grade 5 H are interested to masturbation. Big brother in the room watching this last Sun H H where I been found to have a brother thing. I thought I was being scolded by parents to be should tell my brother, my brother gave me just because you forgive me and I was also 12 years old Yuka. I was crying and saying sorry would like to excuse my brother, my brother from a good cry Hold me, kissed me gently Yuka and I like the cute saying. I have not been able to stop the trembling body of her first kiss. Brother was stroking a split from the top of pants to put his hands inside her skirt while kissing his chest to take off your clothes and then caresses tender breasts little while I kiss, Yuka love the cute I likes me. I have to lick my brother came and got my important off your pants and skirts and then, I was such a thing my brother said that my brother was so embarrassed at first to allow in me and I will 舐Metsuzu they became only the white head. During my Toyo Tei Yuka put for a while and then I went, I told my brother that hurts and pain slowly came in to say a little patience. H Yuka brother and me to hold me and kiss me while saying an excuse to hurt you and Chata. I confess I was in love with her brother was able to give my brother loves the Virgin. Yuka next thing I also love my brother and I are always two people because I together and said leave it to the care of her brother, too. My brother just because it moves the body moved a little brother I have in my body has endured the pain, my first ejaculation for me H is over. Older brother gave me a gentle kiss from me to let me wash your pants 穿Ka beautiful body going to the bathroom to finish cleaning up and hug me princess.

My discourse incest

8 days after the event has changed your eyes to see me that day Masashi Miyuki border.
Now seen as a shimmering figure that sideways at Aya give me the milk.
In my ear while Masashi Miyuki help you to have me prepare breakfast,
"'s Mother us, like intense and dad last night! My thanks to moan's mother you, I could not study." Or "continuation of the last of us will be when?" Getting to speak or Mashita.
I said, "You, Masayuki I was just saying things like that I'll tell your father." So, they seemed to Yuki Tadashi Shiorashiku Shobon you.

Then, imperceptibly that the husband's penis licking while you work for the night with my husband, I remember you now Masayuki.
Masashi Miyuki your penis thing harder than in large master.
It has become like an extra hard to get out and wet it stimulating.
My husband, "Eiko, often wet and now these days! Made a little tighter but there are no children, how intense was wet from the previous Na"
She said, turning to lick my petals.
I am thinking "I want you. Be charged soon. Put!" Segan away with, and I asked my husband.
I was on the master, when it was naked wiggle your hips and Kunekune, I went into his eyes looking through a gap in the door you Masashi Miyuki.
I began to violently shake the hips while looking at your eyes more Masashi Miyuki still.
And my husband "updates assay, we Uu ~ Daily!" I said, I raised my husband's penis and pull out the butt with sperm ejection time.
I cum in your eyes while watching Tadashi Yuki too.
It was like leaving the place and closed the door to see my husband on the collapses.

The next day my husband because of the heavy snow early in the morning than usual went to work.
My husband off at the door, I was ready to breakfast, you have two floors down from Masayuki.
Masashi Miyuki that you did not make eye contact with me.

So from my way "out of your There was no answer.
Then I "just last night I seen great waitress." He said.
"I'm your mother's voice is too big!" The first time you Shaberimashita and Masashi Miyuki.
I said, "It's the first time where people were doing arrays. Cum got excited. I'm sorry. Also, I'm sorry to interrupt the study. I'm so sorry you just inspire Masashi Miyuki "deeply and apologized.

After a little silence followed, came to her living room 麻理, both of them went to school to eat breakfast like nothing had happened.

I finished cleaning up after breakfast, laundry dried, entered the room to clean up your room Masayuki.
It was the crumpled blankets on the bed, when I double up and fix your futon
I came out from my favorite panties in bed.
The moment I grabbed the panties, "Bibibi" It was a great melody and.
Wow, I had panties on the bed sheet, covered in sticky semen.

I wash the sheets as if nothing happened panties and began to eat lunch while watching TV.
But deep inside I do about you Masashi Miyuki
But now you nurture Aya-chan!
This time around, so you'll excuse the milk to Aya.

Congratulations ^ ^

^ ^ I was born Yumiko
Are you doing girl?
Please give care to grow.


I'm home,

Finally I recently stayed in hospital for childbirth.
Successfully gave birth to a girl today, back home in the morning, care 為Ri pages at once here, grabbed the mouse. My husband returned to work a little early, bring your luggage to the house because he has a son, survived. If your baby son to say, it is a real daddy!

Put a small Chinpoko

Son sex without ejaculation and primary school has continued every four years.
Genitals of the woman my son, so we look to expand my crotch before plugging Chinpoko occupancy interested in sexual intercourse, I have that feeling exposed original would get wet just seen his son. The son was now Chinpoko 入Rimashi with a bath and wash now be given something to comfort me.
Chinpoko son, but your thin yet, but we suffered a skin when you throw in my experience the joy of the woman and see that moving back hard into the vagina of my erect cute Masu.
I said, "Iitsu, more and more Iitsu" Among these violent movements like you until I have my really small Chinpoko 呻Kimasu and masturbation feels good to even more the time.気持Chi良Kunatsu holding back our son if he feels this until I ejaculate inside of me you soon.

The bad days with my nephew

It is that last September. Students came in large-kun sister's husband a child. "Since I was home for summer vacation" was picked up souvenirs and hometown. And many have raised about the room, he suddenly came to hug. Raise your voice to surprise me, he is "aunt, Let me do it, please let up," and rolled the panties 下Rosou saying. "Bad. DAME I can not!" Tired but we bang 抗I limbs, and strange feelings are strong have to refuse. Children younger 15 years old, in token of thought cute always, too, and are worried that a spoiled brat, I mean joy asked, or rather the stimulation of maternal instinct, "If I want you so much ... "I feel like it becomes. Away from my panties ass "Oh, but no good," said endless, it did happen to be left.
He twice before blowing the fire hot libido Guy were hug me. And I asked the pleasure, joy and obsession of her flesh, and take the body in the back of his second ejaculation, I Nokezotsu aloud.
"Aunt, I'm sorry" "Sure, even to apologize. Satisfied?" "Yeah. 快Katta great. It seemed to me to be Aunt Lee" "Fufufu, yeah.'s So good to apologize"
Enjoying the afterglow, and rubbing the legs are connected yet, so we exchanged conversation was or had been together from the body after 30 minutes.
From that day on two days a week I spend time with him now. Because he lives in an apartment nearby, and there are no classes Monday morning, the day may be slacking off, around 8:00 in the morning is coming home. In the beginning was the usual barrage without disconnecting the two. Even without the art, indulge in the pleasure of hot young man, was a taste in my husband.
2 months and then use the time to sit down and caresses, but also last longer now to insert the same feeling in a daze ever more insistent. "Ah, feels good ー. Aunt's body, where ー very pleasant. Can be tits ass, pussy and of course"
Saying such things, well used to sit, with my husband Rino Moyo 頭分 Turtle Guy looking big and end up being victim to rub the back of the vagina, and I also "Me, too. It's a nice token of the body. I'd like to make. Timbo good. ー pussy melt "I would never respond to nasty.
That the bad relationship with him, I ended the other day. He graduated from the university, which can result in a job with the company's hometown. "To commemorate the farewell," and choose a safe day in the morning that day I went to a love hotel. 23-year-old young body, the semen into a womb blowing hot flashes seven times, to me, "allowing other" of which was told.
Guy and his feel for doing this now, will remind the vagina. Pleasure is pushed to the back of the vagina was taught to him. Victim to rub the wall while being caught Ino Makoto meat in Cali, rising Tsumeru that moment. In front of my husband never said, indecent language. "I want you!" Prompts the body. But on the other hand, feelings of relief. It is also true that have a sense of relief over the bad relationship with my husband Barezu.
"It's OK now," he walked, and tonight I want to comfort her husband in the body of this body began to tingle.

The only son of a woman.

Distant hope for your high school son, I live in the outskirts of Tokyo 2LDK two rented apartments.
Attend in about is not, and gone to her apartment 入Ribitari made to women and their husbands office, the real reason is bad for my son mentally too.
Sekyoritei firm is a very good habitat for our neighbors had little emotional.
And this is the next city I grew up in nature. Everyday lives in many fun friends.
Only complaint was the sex. Do not cheat on their experience with marriage, much like the type of class because my husband rather intense.
And son, it had been signed over the summer has been.
Demashita cool off in the bath towel on the couch with a bath.
Although it is usual thing and took mischievous son in bath towel strip.
I'm observing it you hold tremendous power.
View of the leg was opened. It is not over.
And to expand that part, I stare.
Much more than massage the breast. It was like a son limit.
The more I am speaking of consciousness, I was hot and humid've. Quite normally, I was going conflict in the mind during the day.
"Oh. Stop.,,, Well, at almost all, someday, mistakes happen."
Unnoticed, a mistake, and there were very strange to imagine myself as this.
During a dinner, a bath. The per today, I thought.
"Hey, you want to? I got to the good."
Simply nod and say my son.
I'm shy to be naked with another son.
Penis pointing straight up, but I'm honest.
Although smaller than her husband, the length is much more I have of my son.
Just to be played with a little finger, the other is OK in my Bagina did.
I 越Etakatta a line soon.
I have not reached suddenly not feeling energetic son was a hard thing for me you will not feel, I was mentally got'll install.
Raped in various positions about three times, kissed his son Storm, too.
The tongue is the son of the tongue, the penis and went Karamitsui.
The vibe can be arranged from tying it, and two people went in Nomerikon and act outside Anal.
So you do not love my husband. But why not break up with his mistress, and try to make him act like somehow I found.
Comparatively far, it is my son and I were getting "man" with a strong presence in me.
I seriously envy her husband embrace his son.
[I only your "woman" How can I, and,? "
Whisper such a thing. Though it is another thing of the mind son.
Sometimes the husband came to the kind of husband is deliberately out to eat.
When saying the severity of the subsequent refusal of his son,. /.

Nasty mother (2)

Thank you Hide, Aiko, Hiroki, Yuuki, Shu, Yusuke, and Les. I didn't expect to receive so many replies. Please excuse me because I'm a little busy right now and can't write an email. Please forgive me. Last time I talked about how my son was peeping at me when I was having sex with my cousin's husband. Today I would like to talk a little about the situation at that time. The cousin and his wife were experienced in swapping, and they were both cheerful about enjoying sex. At first, I was playing with three people, but then only my husband came to visit my house, and I was charged with various lewd words. "Aa ~, Iii ~ ,,,, Aa, its, there ,,,, Oh feels good ,,,,," "Masae, where the feelings Een'ya?" "Oh, its, there ,,,, " Where is that?" "Ah, oh, me, this, ... " "Let's say it in a louder voice." "Ah ... ,,,, " " What about your voice ? "" I, good ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , " " Yeah, eh? feelings Once you say vagina? "" An, another embarrassing ,,,,, " " Masae, eh? feelings Once you say vagina ,,,, Yeah? ,,,, When you say vagina? " " Ah, Ah ..., brother ... "" Masae ?, how about? ... " , the husband digs deeper.Looking at my reaction, it makes me feel good when I say something embarrassing. And every time I said an idiot, I was trained to give a pleasant sensation. As I said the forbidden words, my head went blank and I remembered the pleasure of shame with embarrassing words. It was something I couldn't get from having sex with my husband. "Hey, more, more, poke ..." "Hey, ..., this ?, is this here?" "Oh, that, oh, that's right, that's good." "Where? ?, Yeah? ,,,, where is it? " " Oh, Omeko is ... Ah , Omeko is good ... " " Oh Masae, tell me more, more ... " " Ah. older brother ,,,, per cent, vagina ,,,, Hey, vagina is ,,,,, Aa, vagina is ,,, " " is what Ya vagina?, Yeah?, or feelings eh? " " Oh feels good, ,,, Oh another feels good ,,,,, Aa ,,,, " Yaro feelings Yeah When the" say vagina?, yeah? " " yellow, feels ,,,, " a pleasant When the" say vagina, try to say? " No, I 'm embarrassed ... " "Hey, Masae ... I feel good when I say Omeko?" "Ah, it feels good ... I feel good when I say it ... " "Do you like it?" "Yeah ?, Do you like to say Omeko?" "Ah, I like ... Ah, I like it, Ah, my brother, I like it ... " "What do you like ?, Yeah, Masae? ... ,, Come try say like to say ,,,, vagina " " Oh brother ,,,, ""Hey, Masae ... Let's say it early, do you feel more comfortable when you say it ?, Hey!" "Ah, brother ... Ah, I like to say shame ... " Ah, Masae ... Feeling ... Tell me more." "Ah, I like to say ... Ah, my brother ... Ah, ah, ah ... Ah, I like to say omeko ... Ah, my brother feels good ... " " Masae, do you feel? " " Ah, it feels good ... Ah, it feels good ... Ah, ah, my brother ... I feel so good ... Ah, I like Omeko ... " I was intoxicated by the shame of words and their comfort. He exposed his nasty appearance without knowing that his son was peeking. And at this time, my son was ejaculating, heating his crotch while peeking at our actions. Tomorrow, my son's pants were strangely dirty. And it leads to the last talk. After that, while being stabbed by my son's stiff and stiff meat stick, I began to burn myself in the pleasure of shame. My son knows my propensity. I know that I feel joy while being told embarrassing words. My son also makes me say that. I can't stand the embarrassment. Thank you to everyone who read to the end. I will post it if I have time.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[1470]
I was out of the realm of parent-child courted 16-year-old son does not have the full 淫液 how.
About a month ago my son, "the vagina of the mother 舐Metai" email that I received.
Also beginning to come through every day and I was ignored, until now attach pictures to come soon masturbation. And we have received hand-cum spilling from the genitals of engorgement, which comes out clearly we are out on 淫液 from the tip of the glans, even just going to use the panties in my part of dirty panties I also had to lick out clearly. Son, "want to see my mom sexual intercourse" has also said.
I became aware that more and more sex with her son, now a picture of genital masturbation while watching his son, his son away emailed photos of his genitals at last be joined to his son that night or it. Today is day four and then to several times daily. How to not feel well. Ejaculation is also in the vagina mouth gets stuck to the brink of fainting are still licking dirty genitals. My son is okay to much stronger forces, such as yesterday, 5 times in a row for us. How full is not just trying to write 淫液 in this way.

Son's friends who insult two mother-daughter ...

Son is the only insect Yaranadakenotsuranukini Hutoshi Takeshi, I also remember that the three men seen with her daughter Miki, was finally exhausted in agony.
Hutoshi Takeshi's son probably been forced to three men, and will act directed to me is the mother of Tsuranuki, and clearly remember that, prior to accepting Hutoshi Takeshi, and I have already ductile sap out there for most of the cock and three men of all is that had been injected into the body to the hilt.
Of course, just the act of savage men, why not even a piece of love.
Body ... body of a living as a woman aged sixty-four, with the intention of rejection in the mind apart, it did lead to a contrary reaction indecent reluctantly.
Looking at the side and eyes suddenly turned face down on the bed 茫漠, 被Sara were covered with a man my daughter is on her back.
The man's upper body is turned on, I continued moving back and forth violently.
"Ah ... ah ... ah"
As a response to man's body movements, her voice is obvious as a woman gasp was followed by a continuous raised a long time.
Me long hair disorder, while a fade around the neck and forehead sweat Kuni Usuki, clearly an act of man to adapt-year-old daughter sixteen were trying to respond openly as a woman.
Why can not even do that to me the mother was terribly sad reality ....

A "hungry"
This is one of three men inside, stand in the kitchen while I was naked, was preparing the meal will be.
Looking at the clock on the wall was two o'clock in the morning.
Cockatoo would haunt me for a man.
Approached me standing in the sink, or come as soon as massage the breast suddenly from behind while being Riki Sata insert a finger suddenly from under the butt of elaborate bent, a meal for the men in in the fridge Koshirae finished somehow.
Came into the kitchen when two men, while I was in front and holding the man is sitting on a chair and face it, what the man had been pierced in the lower body.
Also at this time, I had to adapt to the man being held.
"Ah ..."
All of the chord of his own reason, as if it had been blown off from somewhere or sometime, I was made up to end extreme nasty bitch.
To be thrust up from below into the body by the outpouring of a man, I'm forced to cry like a Takashi Mari from his throat to squeeze the sweat smudge and blend, and dumped the body on the floor Dokari was.
I still have failed to move on the spot, one of the men were eating,
"I did not it better to go to the room over there soon?"
I went to a strange voice and laughter mingled.
Was supposed Hutoshi Takeshi Miki's son and daughter.
"I'm going to take me but me, mom"
Rise to one of the men said the chair, picked up an arm to lift me up and returned to the room to be dragged Hutoshi Takeshi.
Have jumped an astonishing sight before my eyes.
Hutoshi Takeshi backs was supposed to be on the bed.
Hutoshi Takeshi around the waist, Miki is tied back to things like hands tied, were crowded to sit down deep to open the crotch.
"Oh, Anatata Tch ..."
The more words I did not come out.
Of sight intersecting a body part by adhering to the body of a real brother and sister, and I had lost the deformity Amarino voice.
Eyes and my eyes are suited Miki.
"This, people in this room ... to come back to the room, to stay with it ..."
Miki said in a sobbing voice.

Over time more than ten minutes, all was back to the room three men.
There was a place I was on the face of his back has become bed Hutoshi Takeshi.
There was a feeling in the mouth and tongue in my lower abdomen Hutoshi Takeshi.
Enclose the string has been solved had her body, was placed on the hand on my shoulder, was placed in the hands of my daughter's shoulder.
My lips were overlapping her lips.
Motsure合Tsu was tongue in the mouth of mother and daughter.
In front of three men sat down to write a Cross-legged on the floor, the mother and son and three daughters, wanton acts of humiliation such as the inferno like the extreme, it did made me long for long periods.
When they returned reason, parents do we really would be alive, and I'm suddenly thinking better in the corners of the head was deep throat swallow the saliva that came from her mouth ....

Son's friends who insult two mother-daughter ...

Son is the only insect Yaranadakenotsuranukini Hutoshi Takeshi, I also remember that the three men seen with her daughter Miki, was finally exhausted in agony.
Hutoshi Takeshi's son probably been forced to three men, and will act directed to me is the mother of Tsuranuki, and clearly remember that, prior to accepting Hutoshi Takeshi, and I have already ductile sap out there for most of the cock and three men of all is that had been injected into the body to the hilt.
Of course, just the act of savage men, why not even a piece of love.
Body ... body of a living as a woman aged sixty-four, with the intention of rejection in the mind apart, it did lead to a contrary reaction indecent reluctantly.
Looking at the side and eyes suddenly turned face down on the bed 茫漠, 被Sara were covered with a man my daughter is on her back.
The man's upper body is turned on, I continued moving back and forth violently.
"Ah ... ah ... ah"
As a response to man's body movements, her voice is obvious as a woman gasp was followed by a continuous raised a long time.
Me long hair disorder, while a fade around the neck and forehead sweat Kuni Usuki, clearly an act of man to adapt-year-old daughter sixteen were trying to respond openly as a woman.
Why can not even do that to me the mother was terribly sad reality ....

A "hungry"
This is one of three men inside, stand in the kitchen while I was naked, was preparing the meal will be.
Looking at the clock on the wall was two o'clock in the morning.
Cockatoo would haunt me for a man.
Approached me standing in the sink, or come as soon as massage the breast suddenly from behind while being Riki Sata insert a finger suddenly from under the butt of elaborate bent, a meal for the men in in the fridge Koshirae finished somehow.
Came into the kitchen when two men, while I was in front and holding the man is sitting on a chair and face it, what the man had been pierced in the lower body.
Also at this time, I had to adapt to the man being held.
"Ah ..."
All of the chord of his own reason, as if it had been blown off from somewhere or sometime, I was made up to end extreme nasty bitch.
To be thrust up from below into the body by the outpouring of a man, I'm forced to cry like a Takashi Mari from his throat to squeeze the sweat smudge and blend, and dumped the body on the floor Dokari was.
I still have failed to move on the spot, one of the men were eating,
"I did not it better to go to the room over there soon?"
I went to a strange voice and laughter mingled.
Was supposed Hutoshi Takeshi Miki's son and daughter.
"I'm going to take me but me, mom"
Rise to one of the men said the chair, picked up an arm to lift me up and returned to the room to be dragged Hutoshi Takeshi.
Have jumped an astonishing sight before my eyes.
Hutoshi Takeshi backs was supposed to be on the bed.
Hutoshi Takeshi around the waist, Miki is tied back to things like hands tied, were crowded to sit down deep to open the crotch.
"Oh, Anatata Tch ..."
The more words I did not come out.
Of sight intersecting a body part by adhering to the body of a real brother and sister, and I had lost the deformity Amarino voice.
Eyes and my eyes are suited Miki.
"This, people in this room ... to come back to the room, to stay with it ..."
Miki said in a sobbing voice.

Over time more than ten minutes, all was back to the room three men.
There was a place I was on the face of his back has become bed Hutoshi Takeshi.
There was a feeling in the mouth and tongue in my lower abdomen Hutoshi Takeshi.
Enclose the string has been solved had her body, was placed on the hand on my shoulder, was placed in the hands of my daughter's shoulder.
My lips were overlapping her lips.
Motsure合Tsu was tongue in the mouth of mother and daughter.
In front of three men sat down to write a Cross-legged on the floor, the mother and son and three daughters, wanton acts of humiliation such as the inferno like the extreme, it did made me long for long periods.
When they returned reason, parents do we really would be alive, and I'm suddenly thinking better in the corners of the head was deep throat swallow the saliva that came from her mouth ....

And brother (March 23)

The day before yesterday, my brother came back from Seoul.
It was intense while.

My discourse incest

It now goes to her husband's brother came to stay. My husband is the head does not rise to his brother's brother thumb.
The small and weak husband, my brother I like the strong force in the giant sumo wrestler.
見Semasen even pretend to drink drunk too much strong drink. The husband finally got drunk. Brother-in-law, try it, it took me hit.
But desperate resistance, were pressed down on the power of the giant brother, was there to lick your feet are pushing the difficulty is naked.
I was a closet twice as big as her husband soon.
It is next to husband snoring. Helplessly, in which a piston inside me that something big is stepbrother to the hip shake, shaking from the waist down holding on to feel better getting stepbrother. The brother, "Can I put in," and
"Okay, out," replied. The exceptionally hard poke brother, I raised my voice at last. "Okay, we're going -" the feeling of releasing something in me and poured the hot and brother, I get numb to the body trembling and spasms in the head, bumping,
Brother clung to.


Uncle dick was touched.
I was watching TV while in uniform entered the kotatsu, I've sat in the front man. Apart from not in the mood, I was watching TV just to say hello properly.
I have to write a Cross-legged sitting, bad manners because I was looking at in the kotatsu Naosanai just thought I'd look sitting.
Then came suddenly grew legs, I just press a jerk to my groin. I could only stare at the man in silence.
I thought I go to my room to retreat to the foot, there was also a grandfather sitting on a chair behind the back, did not get good binge. And unable to 組Minaosu Kotatsu table legs in a short leg, but I regret to did not move with fear.
Among them we found by dividing the incoming legs in skirt uniforms. Pressed from the top of the pants and jerk your dick. And now, I was also shifted their pants.
Uncle rough feet with a jerk and pushed many times and been likened to the vagina. In the toe, might really been a strong push in the most part I feel. Voice, cough in 誤魔化Shimashita.
After a while, I stood with Uncle relieved. But come next sitting next to me, I spoke to him.
"Studying How's school?" Or "the club is fun?" Or have been spoken to in a good man feels in Sutsu indeed.
"Huh" or "separate" for an answer I was like, I've touched your dick in hand. I was arrested at hand, are gripped his hands together, I always get in touch with your other hand.
And you are pressed for Hippara been picked where I feel most. Cheon, or for Tsuka Retsu and do not touch or touch at the level. Slip out pinch fingernail hand man struggled as soon as I came to the Most ass finger hole.
Well it just so frustrating, but turned around a man who made a circle with your fingers "is 10,000 yen," I said I did. I was with my uncle, but Tobokeyou, sculpture, and the issue was brought back to use in class and paid Bibitsu 10,000.
The triumphant face "Thank you for every time. Welcome back, please click here" and opened the sliding door and said, went out in the bitter face.
I have to say, and felt well, you get 10,000 was very little in the hands 入Rushi.

Incest father

When my father, my house was a single-father families.
I lost my mother to cancer at the age of three.
Have continued ever since his father and two people's lives,
Of course, the father felt that there was no man.
However, the University of Tokyo 受Kari which I moved to Tokyo,
It was when I was a freshman home for the summer.
I am a Okute did not have experience yet.
But classmates and H were just the same story boarding,
I remember the masturbation.
Even when I went home about, unable to endure, I have in my room masturbating.
My father thought it was funny because it's quiet for a long time in my room. At one point, during that,
I've seen, between the sliding door.
Hashi Sono very embarrassed when, to my father first "man" felt. I felt so disgusting, that's my father's eyes gradually.
Still unable to endure, and one day to masturbate, I gently coming in to the room of my father.
"No," and I said, that he knew that already seen.
Hiding the chest by hand, but the legs closed, slowly approaching his father, is pushed down to my hands from the chest Hagitorimashita.
I am already the only form of resistance was to be the most left. Grabs your wrists, which Ubawa lips, lick my heart was. In the mouth, "No, no," she said, was irresistible to feel good.
When you enter the father seem fine, so not much of a deception was cut wet. Another "No" did not say both. Arms around his father's back was shouting to the feeling.
That one time was the time, still thinking of that time has been masturbating.

Her son's friends who insult my mother ...

After her husband died in a car accident five years ago the unexpected, a family of three sons and daughters, are living in is not so wealthy, 3DK Shiku 倹 somehow lived in municipal housing.
I'm not old age sixty-four, they have been ninety years old son Hutoshi Takeshi Miki is the daughter of a high school freshman in sixty years.
Since I was a qualified medical secretary, medical office during the day to work in a small private hospital, working as a waitress in a restaurant at night has helped grow the kids somehow.
However, his son has failed the college entrance examination Hutoshi Tsuyoshi this spring, a little strange wind started home, but had been able to shut off the air like a wall somewhere.
The attitude was to go to prep school in Hutoshi Takeshi, disappeared somewhere between the gentle innocence that is the nature of depression has become in the extreme introvert.
One of the reasons that there is a lack of sorry to the family by the failure of the college entrance examination is a fact, even though you do not even give a damn even Miki's daughter is also my mother, though only those who Hutoshi Kazuo son it was as if a hermit, so they've had to increase the paranoia going like 拗Neta.
I managed to go to prep, get out and coming back from his little room no longer.
Something that ordinary people talk of three families, these two, it has gone quickly ceased three months.
I was about to come home at twelve o'clock at night always, I ask about the behavior of Hutoshi Takeshi Miki's daughter, introverted tendencies in depression is just stronger, raise concern of a mother every day just was.
One time, I Hutoshi Takeshi 問I質Shimashita to his son.
"Hutoshi Takeshi, and why do not 交Warou family? Say Give it to your mother if you are not satisfied with something"
Hutoshi Takeshi response time of this
"What I Monee"
... Was just a word.

And the disgusting incident, what happened is a rainy afternoon in late August.
I came home a little after eleven o'clock in the afternoon.
Strange men's things too many shoes narrow entrance was cluttered enough to not clutter off place like a foot pedal.
You are supposed to be living always been I can not find his daughter, Miki.
There are parallel to the two living rooms, making room for the Hutoshi Takeshi Hazama Hiroshi six tatami side porch.
The sound of loud music from the chamber Sono Yuuta strangely, occasionally came into my ears was some buzz in the voice knit.
From the bustle, I was listening to the groan of a voice like Miki's daughter was attacked by a sudden feeling of insecurity was a strong knock on the door of the room thinking Hutoshi Takeshi.
Moment, the buzz of voices Mari Shizuka, now only intermittent moan daughter, Miki.
Sign felt something unusual, and locked the door knob 切Ri廻Su without thought is, the door opened easily.
They are filled with cigarette smoke in the room filled, alcohol - with the strong smell of the file.
A man who had four sons, including Hutoshi Takeshi.
Both in hands and feet enclosed in something like a string Sono Yuuta, was rolled on the floor.
Gamute mouth - was firmly in the closed group.
Hutoshi Takeshi three other men are naked they become everyone was flocking to the wall beside the bed.
Young people were all around twenty years old.
Miki was the daughter on the bed.
It was crawled like a dog being naked.
I was surprised to lose your voice too much thinking.
The three men who they swarm around naked Miki, and one as close to the bare buttocks of Miki, the rhythm we had to sit around your knees raised.
Miki in front of his face looked down posture, the man was standing knee.
Miki's mouth to matter whether it was sunk deep into the man's lower body protrusions.
Close your eyes, Miki no pretense of resisting, I was rocking back and forth on what really suck but look what the man himself.
Miki embossed under the belly, if you slip a second man was Miki massage the breast into the bottom to better his back.
"Try and stop the go"
"Hey, what mom? Daughter enjoys it so much anymore. How about a mother? What about having fun together?"
Example that will suck anything in her lower body into Miki, so I went to voice my Niyaketa man turned toward the athletic physique.
"And, come on ... oh, you guys"
"Oh Hutoshi Kimio your house, hey Mashi Tei to prep us heavily in debt. I'm a young lady that I have gotten it instead of interest"
"Person, I ... we have no debt, is that much?"
"It's three hundred thousand"
"Only so much money ... etc, is that why my daughter?"
"What are you saying anything, I've a proposal from Hutoshi Kimio this. Hey, Hutoshi Takeshi"
"Wh, what'll it ... Please, get away from my daughter"
"Nearly a second for nearly two hours, our daughter and I'm intersecting. Take a look, we have become so submissive. But if I'm away place called Mom, do you think?"
There was a verbal exchange a few words then, to break this horrible humiliating situation there was only one answer.
I had no choice but to accept.
"Oh, I beg you. To put my son and daughter out of the room ... please put"
The appeal was also from me at least, the answer from the three men noise - it was a cruel extreme.
My daughter is down from the bed was like sleeping 突Tsu伏Shita rolled on the floor.
I was sitting on the bed.
Draw oneself up by one man before me.
The naked man's lower body, right there in front of my face.
As for the man looking down from above, a voice was asking for something in my eye 出Sazu.
Until just before my mouth was getting close to the tip of a man who 屹立 hard thing already.
I contained in the mouth slowly.
A man was sitting behind me as well.
"Ugh ... Mumuu U"
The man behind the hand, had been taking off slowly in front of my blouse buttons.
屹立 had been slipped a big man in full in the mouth.
Was taking off from my shoulder and arm blouse.
Brassiere - was taken off the hook too easily too.
His hand on my breast behind, came up with a strong grip.
Have a man crawling on his neck while caressing tongue.
Shidaku massage the breast in the hands of a man, I was thinking his hands repeatedly.
Was sitting in my lower body was torn down by the feet abruptly from the side of the first three men.
Ska - with the sound of a default hook is removed.
Stockings have been stripped off.
Such attitude is thrown out before the legs were ripped around the thighs significantly from assignment.
To blunt the tip of the third man in his hand, was a mysterious merrily Kukita to trace from the top of the center of the panties split crotch torn.
"Mumuutsu Muu ... ooh ..."
Intolerable humiliation and torture of humiliation, I was more than half the verge of losing consciousness.
屹立 be included in the man's mouth, and roughly massaging the breast Shidaka, the man accused of a violent finger in the center of the lower body and I continued to take a long time.
Body of the woman lost her husband five years, the beast attacks the young men and 化Shita, was too intense and exciting extreme nasty.
"Ah ... Datsu, No"
Mood swings in my body, and was violently waving 陥Rou the situation significantly.
I'm the better feelings from the depths of the body was beginning to feel, just like boiling hot.
My body was on the bed on his back.
Extended with the legs lifted high, a man entered 屹立 between Tsuranuka far as I was deep in the soft flesh below the waist.
Was sucked into one man's mouth.
The man's tongue in your mouth, my tongue was burning hot to adapt.
Breast had been bitten the tip of the third man to man.
"Ah ... ah ... they, like Wow. ... Wow good"
Such a dazzling stage of trance, I had already been reached.
Are sons and daughters raped in front of, I do not throw away all the passion that her mother had made indecent Notauta body.
Sperm of all three men, I was taught the lower abdomen and deep enough, it did give in and continued on several occasions to voice Hashitanaku 淫Re crazy ....

What I did not know how much time has elapsed.
My body was on his back in bed while naked, the naked body had been covered 被Satsu daughter Miki.
"Miki ..."
"Mother ..."
On my body, was a man from behind Miki Tsuranuka.
"Ah ..."
Is sixteen years old and do something in the voice sound like a painful, but hot body was twisted in agony merrily Miki mysterious face flushed.
Miki's thin hands were crawling in my breast.
We are in the form of her natural mother had 重Ne合Tsu lips.
Miki has been separated from my body suddenly.
So as to line up beside the bed, I was on all fours and Miki, two men were at the same time Tsuranuka.
洩Remashita voice groan from the mouth of the man behind me.
"Is that, there'll ... Oh Mother"
Hutoshi Takeshi was my son.
But the reason you feel better to get away from my son had not already left.
"Ah ... more, more gore"

Brother (March 20)

My brother left for Seoul absence. Sugose so a quiet night after a long time.

Nasty mother

My husband is away from home in Sendai, my son and I have been living in Tokyo.
Forgive each other about sex we're having an affair.
I'm a husband to his extraordinary excited I fucked someone else.
In the past we have experience in sex Nomerikonda down two of my brother.
Home and leaving her son, is obscene obscenity Nomerikonda relationship.
I'm a little taller than her husband, a woman who is quite high.
My brother was much larger. Relationship is suffering from a severe illness ceased brother, and live happily thereafter obtained Yukari Yoshi. Functional at that time was not forgotten.
My husband had a somewhat complex. I first felt a little sink and I was dealing with a little higher than average stature.
Husband's sex partner the other, only a very petite woman.
Quite rough, it seems like my body seems to have been violent sex Moteamashi feeling.
Deliberately attacking her brother liked sex very gentle. There have also been forced to fire lighters roughly husband.
When her husband secretly treated like I,, I think I can.
17 year old son is addicted to the basket also has close to 190 cm tall, so I inherited the family.
My boyfriend and high school (The penis can build very good) for sex. Carry it with rice but also his wife and children.
And care about your neighborhood, take care of my son also had sex every day I can do what I want easily.
One day her husband came back from Sendai, "Mom are you doing?" Hung his voice.
A son, husband I do not mind talking about sex in marriage and to provide the kind of sex videos.
That kind of talk before I was surprised I did not have things pretty.
I come out of him before I messed up the voice, and it was 話Shi出Shi more men raped me "is about sex, I'm a bitch in the world." Out and say.
Her husband, who was holding two shout to say I thought the opposite, was forced to stick to the limit already been injected with an enema fig.
I crouched in the bathroom and distracted, was dragged out.
Remove the handle of the shower naked in the bathroom was clean with warm water in the intestines.
Leisure sheet laid in the living room, my husband taught his son how to fuck anal.
"This woman Toku and install a skein ass before, so it is OK for anything anymore."
Son's penis was a shock. Long hard penis when it is inserted into the anal, I came to the part that has not infiltrated it had experienced before.
Constriction of the rectum at least reach the cheating boyfriend huge.
My son is what would make a noise through Innovation gobo.
My son is passionate outpouring release. When the penis is pulled out,
I Cum to drain the water with remaining in the intestines quickly.
Was allowed to recover his son's penis in his mouth.
"That way you Sugoizo." Injection enema and fig.
Petroleum jelly and lubricating jelly 塗Ritakuri son, her husband was holding the leg in the penis has been nailed to the floor by force to penetrate.
I was forced to fainting.
Will serve in the mouth was a penis in her husband and son reached Bagina is played with a notice. "I wish you excited for a long time." "As you wish later. Okay woman until you come back the next perfectly." I go back to Sendai.
Apparently her husband is so funny I did not Omotsu Nomerikon the boyfriend had an affair.
The boyfriend, who was popular from the same high school junior.
I told my son, "I take care of." Could I hold your hand moves back and son Bagina mess.

My incest

yuna himekawa[1448]
Has engaged in sexual intercourse 23 year old son with severe daily.
Started when I had to confess that the mother and child from a close friend of the workplace incest.
I have seen my son masturbation while dreaming that his son was raped,
As has been committed to 押Shi倒Sa on the spot.
Have been transmitted through the vaginal wall from the heat and hardness of the cock was inserted into the vagina son could not help moving hips thrust vigorously.
Semen is poured and poured hot, when felt as far into the uterus 染Mi渡Tta not know what is what I have been attacked by a pleasant feeling about to explode.
Despite the son's cock is still hard erect ejaculation without wither, while his son was suffering intensely start moving it back again.
I'm not feeling well enough to feel like death, my son, "Mom, oh, my mother's vagina" ejaculation is to me several times saying that such and unaccountable.
The amount of spill was so surprised by what 淫液 accumulated so much where they got the sheets wet with semen and in Gusshori 淫液 my son, my son's mouth and put loose vagina sip me.
We have just become a shallow relationship with my son this, when you stay at home but also leave the comfort of single mothers is almost fuck.
The ejaculate directly into throat semen thick, licked a heightened tongue and genitals remain dirty, I have Yogatsu is inserted through the anus is covered in semen, he was wetting 淫液 to my face I will lick sip.
Now we are taking every time you fuck videos and pictures. Their experiences flying the burly cock sperm is released from his son, and I have been spilling over into the semen from the vagina or anus, reflected from different angles, "mother incest album," I make.
It is still a 月足Razu incest mother started, finished the album in three videos are now four books. Embarrassing masturbation scene and a scene of mutual urination, urine drinking scene, and has recorded an enema scene.
Not to show people are making, of course, has made a world of lust on the way to get into more intense sex life with the memories of our horny.
Getting them to urinate yesterday while his son was inserted into the anus for enema urine.
Plenty of urine into the womb of her son, in an odd sensation when the barrel and put up with no bowel movements.
I know the snow to stay escalate, not just how to enjoy every day. I did not see it so I spend a full day. It is not limited to incest incestuous mother would not do that dictates the need for perhaps no such shyness.

Dad finally got to.

Before, I wanted to wish you and dad. Mom is out of the office last night, something to celebrate graduation in the room saying daddy! Too it was Dari. Dad is not good? Laden, and I heard, I dare confessed dad wants to fool prone position. Tadayotta the ice for a moment. Then suddenly a strong hug dad, mom to tell me while I kiss the secret began to put off your hands in Pantei skirt. Gusshori that time already. After that, the best time spent with my dad. Daddy is still so much more tech boyfriend. That sometimes we try to seduce dad, I get scared myself more and more wet. But Daddy, I love you! !

And brother (March 17)

I asked my brother came in the morning today, did you get to the office 15 minutes late.


My brother left me a little lift H took me to the cafe. There they all become private, Inta - was also set up the net. My brother will be entering the room, turn on the net H began kissing me while showing scenes stuff comes out, come rub your chest and began to mess with flower petals. I still know the crab Crab Yara, was pleasant and the flowers come out full of joy juice. If you noticed, I have to go into the petals take on his brother's brother Martin is a body want to move violently. While nipple licking then a few petals in your fingers and the finger licking my hand alive while putting stimulating book.

Semen in the vagina without 溜Meta

My mother is a greedy horny metamorphosis.
Stole her husband's eyes, has signed an embarrassing sexual and nightly in his son.
Throat cock swallow son
Vibe has been inserted into the vagina and anus,
For example I suck cock dripping with love juice while her son.
Oh, too late. If, not KUU.
Did this happen recently is that.
I was masturbating in the living room,
Returned a sign of life for us in that,
When too late, I have seen the whole story to his son.
I borrowed a video erotica,
I was watching TV in the living room.
I forgot I started masturbating myself with too much force of the genital rubbing vigorously Tatemashita without knowing his son had come around and hooked.
My son has been inserted so as to hover over me.
When that hot cock pierced vagina,
I even thought I could die.

My grandmother was a grandson of the brush down

Several years ago, the grandson came home and taught sex education in sleep Son. Grandchildren at the time, have a relationship now but it comes second-grade grandson

My incest .......

I have him?
I started about a year ago and is.
My brother is Grade I to grade five at 10 years younger.
It got started when I was in the bath together.
My brother is a system of small tears in elementary school, I have large enough dick unbecoming.
The size was huge because it was hard to do it in a bath yet because Hotetta.
My brother wanted the penis becomes involuntarily, for example Lightning suck.
So I finally got to etch.
I have nothing but time if they have sex together.
I do not need another boyfriend w

For the time being

Her husband 11 years her senior. 3 SM from years ago, becoming interested, and was happy to act in particular pull blame me.
In my heart and always swap. Vibe blame around, everyone was feeling that rises from the burning first pushing me to faint.
If there is hope for everyone, to expose his shameful act in an enema.
Since the show after washing the intestines rather gushing fluid I just tasted the joy found in the functionality of a moment of bliss emissions.
Natsu Yasumi become junior son of lust now look like this is me naturally.
No, my husband and my son, I went trick and the umbrella that way people talk frankly about sex.
I was willing to try all shook up my reaction.
Itself is quite "feeling die" thing my horny body is "pressure" What I was saying.
So I pass it to his son.
I knew I would just think I have reached,.
And, I was in high school my son last summer.
"I do not want you to see me. I'm going to say well at golf and hot springs."
I hear things like that out.
I took my son to see all the action in the video were doing things and lectures.
Come back from the 2:00 club,. I waited in the finish enema enema fig washed several times in the shower.
Welcomed a son in bath towel.
I saw my son's face have been tense 募Rimashita dumb love.
My body can not children anymore. Pierce has played with just a little bit anyway.
Slightly thinner than their husbands penis is like a handful minutes long fist.
I am 183 centimeters muscular body slender body 1,54 cm only child is treated like a doll, hard maple Karemashita a painful position.
It is just hard penis. I vigorously stimulated to contract fresh Bagina,.
Devour the tongue while, pinching her son sat on my legs too, I had a moment of release.
For example lets suck cock vigorously and immediately.
Anal finger guilty, we will gradually eliminate the resistance.
Easy to swallow deep anal with three fingers at once.
Ass fucked on all fours, got drunk at himself reflected in the window.
Raised rubbing clit, dyspnea stet leave another body.
Fellowship continued late into the night, I was face to face crying shame messy sat down on the penis to his son.
Two days later, her husband also to listen, without underwear T would have guessed I'm just looking shirt.
Otherwise same as always in the house. Conversation between parents and children are also common.
I just figure I'm rather unusual in that.
I went into the room naked, son disappeared at night.
My husband, "Well, sometimes I put in an appearance," frequenting the office and another condo in things like that.
The other is my son every day of extravagant sex Akezu two days.

Lightning lick

○ ○ brother, Shimashimashita into the mouth.

Brother (March 14)

I came back from Bangkok, the younger brother began to ask my body every night. My brother is 24 years old but so popular with pretty women, sex is also clever. Continued to poison me many minutes in the secret part of my tongue today. We will will happen from now.


I confess that you are pregnant. The children of the Father. Six weeks was that I went to the hospital because the inspector was positive for pregnancy.
Relationship with his father is continued from the time of my eighth grade. When he had the odds of parents, younger brother to run away from home to bring my mother six. My father was crying when you came back from school just one week. It is understood that later, but the cause of the discord was unfaithful mother, my mother said to pick the day, it is regrettable that so badly Nonoshira grandmother.
I think my father liked to be consoled that I do, I thought I will take a bath together. In the bath with my dad is the time since the third grade. Since that time I was in the early growth of two to complete hair growth was also around that could put my heart B cup or smaller. In there, hit the chest and shoulders like his father and they give you back shed, my father had to just Vic. When my father got a place to wash my back, I brought my heart to take his hand. Since my father had only been covered as not to touch gently wrapped, This year we are strongly in my heart on my hand from his hand. My father is like my feelings are understood me to hold me tight. It just me, but I was happy, my father and I want to re-collapsed reason Peel has put his mouth. And take my hand, I brought my father penis. Of course I was a virgin, so the show was the first penis is bigger, tip and poke a little better while I was surprised, while it twitched and grow. By the time there has grown hand in hand in my father, my first person I feel I was getting quite as good a father I think. The other words seem Iranakatta.
My father lay on the sofa in the living room and just take up me body lick me. Whisper in my ear, "麻依, 麻依, cute, I love you" while listening to the voice, I ", and to" and he seems to have 口走Tsu. My father sat with me and lift, just to bring the penis, "put the hurt yourself more" me to support the butt and say from the bottom. While you have to put out a few times slowly and could be fully inserted in severe pain. After some time alone, my father started to work. And thrust up from the bottom, so I moved my hips turn. I had become one of about 10 minutes. I was pleased and happy I am now. Father: "Alright already," was nodding when I heard. After my father to take care of me away from there with a tissue and went to his room. 15 minutes and then I started cleaning was insane, but, looking at the towel had been left pulled down, some places were stained red with blood.
My father went to the room from the bath towel to show pajamas, my father had his hands Shigoi penis. My father is worried about me I did not ejaculate. I decided to give up your mouth 申Shi訳Nakutsu topic. Suddenly my mother came home at that time. My mother and brother celebrated for casual wear pajamas my father hastily.
What seems to be followed by a discussion of the father and mother about a month afterwards. In the meantime I had sex twice with a love hotel with my father. The parents like my mother who was scolded on, and he was having an affair, but divorced from the break seemed to say otherwise, did not seem really out. My father is like no other regrets nothing was put in the living room of the divorce paper. I heard the roar of his father one day at about two in the morning, drove over in his pajamas at his father and mother went to the living room naked surprise. I understand my father angry that his father had met with him that day, my father was so proud of my mother is SEX SEX permit seems to attempt to resolve them. My mother came out, so I entered the room hastily. The room, "Sorry Dad, I do not even hemp Yoriko" It was saying, My father and I had decided that ran from the front. It means to have sex at home while her mother.
I was used twice in the love hotel sex, the penis went into his mouth and have 脱Gaseru example of his father pajamas. My father caressed my chest from the bottom Hadake pajamas, had become a system of 69 and imperceptibly. My mother came out of the room at that time. The beatings I have cussing and yelling at his father continued to be ignored. Replacing mother's voice went crying decreases. Did not finish the day sitting. Of course, my father was ejaculate inside of me. My mother was standing like to get up and sit.引Ki上Getara to clean up my room with my father, my mother is like senses, we jump on me. Although the various Nonoshira, I was determined to be patient. Tired or angry, it is no longer weeping voice, I went back to my room.
Living room getting ready to go at 7am to go to school, my mother and I had looked up for what it is yet pow. I hastily ran into the bathroom and went to wake my brother. I went to school without saying anything.
Only my father was home from school. So I went to sign the divorce papers at around noon.
Mother's belongings from over and done, if a new double bed in the bedroom at night is always with him. Perhaps because of my sex with my father growing up Kichitto Since then, three years of middle school before the summer was supposed to be E cup bust. Many men to come to confession to have sex with some. But everyone is a one-off. My father's having sex with others has allowed me. Because I can not meet the requirements of every day. I made that even after becoming a high school boyfriend, and he still has sex with Temasen. Is now a good content like a busty beauty and style, just a touch of the breast is allowed to kiss. The house has also introduced his father to bring. And give you a peck was aware that his father's, I love the place so naive 逃Gedasu quickly. But this is my strategy. That night his father is special. Good luck with envy us 思Ikkiri.
It comes back to tell my father I was pregnant. I want to give birth.

Mother 淫熟

Nice to meet you. The woman in her 40s.致Shimashita little relieved to know that people have come and you must have the various incest. Let me think where I write.
I have a son of our students, is now a prisoner of his son.
About a year ago, Orimashita adult life with a wife and my cousin. My husband was a state of so much sex on loan to other prefectures. Nami's cousin has been self-employed with her husband three years older than me. ~ 2 months it was like three times at home swapping. Embraced by her husband or in front of Nami's eyes, was a lesbian and a woman together in front of her husband.
After visiting the home has increased only husband, drives me mad messy during the day was spent in temporary pleasure but told her the word shame. I was witness to his son the whole story, however.

The first thing I 気Ga付Kazu that our increasing number of magazines and lascivious little son's room has become too much for DVD eyes. One day things that I noted. Be confessed that I know the secret of reverse But now I say anything. Naturally, I decided to break off relations with cousin couples.
I was worried that her husband has also come out, I was also very scared of being despised for his son. It is now the adults can talk with my son, now a man-to-man talk with anguish while.
And you know her and I feel that my son had been watching masturbation our foolishness, and that the confession was hoping to have sex with me and a mother.
挙Ge句 various troubled thoughts, but Naremasen lover, "her son" to be committed.

Since then, I'll strainer fits almost every day with my son. Yogatsu had told her that while words are embarrassing, especially to your husband's cousin, his son said he was most excited, let me say it as well. The board is well here, "Yo Betchi" is talking about comes out, I am a man Kansai "vagina" is. This word is best for me I feel the most embarrassing words.
Recently 強請Ri now your me. Before the act must be "strainer to you, you" must ask this. While Rina and son mature 女Mono 好Kirashiku DVD, and various Rina is like watching a DVD, says Rina my favorite cry. Some very happy I'm ashamed. Disqualification as a mother I think, but I could not choose this path.
Candid sex and unlike her husband, son and abnormal sex for me to stop. The 堪Rimasen Omeko embarrassment to cry in front of various adjectives with the real son.

In recent years and now even been naughty car sex in the car out to drive. Taking a bath together again, and will also play various Rina in the bathroom.
We have more offense, but I have to write down, I would like Moi report upon request.

My brother

I am 20 years old, thereby creating the boys a lot. But, I never was I did not think my brother liked. My brother is a freshman in high school at age 18. Brother to say, I'm not directly connected with blood. My mother and father have separated at an early age, I was taken care of my mother, my mother remarried when I was five years old, I was able to new father and brother. But my mother died last year, I live with my father and brother-in-law. To say that blood is not connected, that we have lived together since five years, it was more like a real family. Yet, from my brother about entering high school, how his brother went wrong. Come about from earlier in frequent touch with me, but I had seen just like I'm playful, but escalated to Don Don, I now come to touch my chest. My brother is so cool and so popular I think, if anything. Or take a phone call from a girl to come often, and some have even seen her, so I'm interested in just like that! ! ! Want to just "stop," laughed lightly, but I did not care about, during two trips my father as someone I went out three days, came into my brother in my room suddenly, "Sister , I have a boyfriend? "I've heard. So, "I have, why?" I replied, "to break up, and I can spare me," he said, has been a sudden kiss. I was surprised, but I 突Ki飛Bashita a brother, failed to rebellion is indeed a strong force Nde likes high school boys. I have been forced to take off his clothes, his brother, is naked and was licking my body. Although I resisted desperately, to no avail. My brother is not quite as familiar, or fingers is also very good at, I was already feeling. Since then, I have remained the Mousa. The end is the end, "I always liked things big sister, but because my sister did not see that as a man of me, I dated many women, I thought my sister's Not useless" and That said, it was still unable to answer at the end. Then, in the form of a half-brother raped you when you are not my father several times and I H.

And his brother in Bangkok

Escape the cold in Tokyo, two years younger brother (age 24) and has been on two trips to Bangkok, Thailand. My brother and I love both, but domestic travel has been many times so far, is the first time overseas. Even though it was January, Bangkok is warm and in three days, and they enjoyed playing golf.
Nor I had decided from both at this time there was a feeling that we are tied to the end.
Three days, my body, by his brother, learned a new joy. I like to drink fluids that are never thought I caught a white liquid in the mouth emitted from the body of his brother, swallowed. The experience tell anyone.

My incest .......

My father, last year's summer vacation, gotten things going together, but I enjoyed
I drank the juice up from the bath, I felt strange taste
The drinks came in like, before coming up from the bath when the father
I got dizzy to come down on the bed.
Ouch, I woke, I was naked, the father, was inside.
"Ouch, ouch," but, even in noisy,
Dad scared, afraid to face,
Second, I was crying.
Then three days, I go home,
Dad was put in,
Not speak to anyone,
I called at least once a week now.

I will try to stand up to any insult

"Oh! How do you squeeze the milk again! Tsu and Gyuu!"
"If, I want! Useless!"
My breasts began to prepare the baby to grow again, but the milk is also 噴Ki出Shita.
I dumped the milk from my breasts while watching the painful grimace on my face was squeezed breast milk.
"Oh, Nikki out and Nikki out! Shame, shame.'ll Spill the milk precious! 美沙緒!
You're body body I'm supposed to mothers raising children of her brother from a girl you already!
The baby's body mated to grow in my sperm! ! Ah! ! Have been excited! I'll give you! I 捲Keru in Bti! ! "
Brother-in-law said that I spit my semen into the womb.
"Pyuu etc! Pyuu etc!" And
Brother is a dirty cum repeatedly spit in my belly again and again and again.
Your brother over early chan! My baby I'm sorry! So a little bit more from the ending a little more, I put up with my baby! ! ]
Brother is a spoiled baby spit semen dirty belly.
In the end I was relieved to finally think, is the brother of the superb article on stomach began to hurt my baby back again, again, the size and firmness.
"Stop playing, her brother-in-law it! My baby is a baby anymore! Forgive it! Please! Because everything !!!!"
"Well, I'm in my wrenching as I can go faster! That way, I will spit out quickly, do not hurt children 済Mu! Now Try it soon"
"Cooperate with the conduct of excretion from my brother!" For me is an act of humiliation.
I doubt not but.
"Crust! Locked? Locked! 美沙緒, You're my only sister still cute! You were born I'm all for sex caught my vomit! Spitting semen many times Don Don I'll welcome a Harama! Oh, Here we go! "
Semen is poured again 掻Keta 目掛Ke early embryos, while my belly again, saying that the movement of the hips.
"Pyuu etc! Pyuu etc!"
I am feeling he decided to spill the semen womb brother.
[I'm gonna stand up to any insult. If it is for the baby who dwells in my stomach]
My baby's getting bigger as much as I was when you and farewell to my first baby 21 weeks and entered.

"1407" written from a mother of a son,

Perhaps, in writing the other day, it is his mother?
Points come to mind because there is a relation from the body with a promise to my mother!
His mother, because models are using the PC, open the page to see when my mother was away, I had pages of Child incest!
After that, each day like my mother's body, is said to the mother But still menstruate, and wearing a rubber!
It is an ordinary woman and mother, but for us 遣Ra Sun live safely.

Naughty eyebrows

This delusion is a writing site, I enjoy reading the readers of delusion.
Yuka's work interesting until I read, I wish that caught part of the whole sentence.
February 21, right two weeks ago it is opportunity. Why a vacation?
March 3 to 4 days is not a summer festival, Hina祭Rijan.
One unit of saliva (remember) that I swallowed, a 18 year old of today, "swallowing" Well I knew better words. A chopper and adults probably do not really now?
S masterpiece to great pains to re-relaunched detail.


Husband's brother came, it became Staying. While talking with my husband drinking,
I have my husband down.寝Kasemashita together in the bedroom and brother 破婚.
Later, I was drinking and brother-in-law and two people.
The brother, well I Recommend, about drinking too much and started spinning around in front of me.
The tightness in the chest, and I noticed, was riding on my brother.
I was naked. Brother-in-law was also naked.
Even escape, the body does not work. The brother-in-law, my legs spread, a huge penis has penetrated. Still working hard, being however, do not, on my belly for the release. Then wiped it, in turn, Kojima has put his penis in my mouth.
I also felt about it, suck it up for example, and Rim, with a Fuerachio.
Then, in turn, to me that he's there, lick me.
Feels so good to, involuntarily, and raised voices.
And I also ride on the with sex in a normal position.
My husband was sleeping all night without knowing anything.
Work after her husband, and brother-in-law and two times to have sex, brother finally went home.

Masayo like

A few years ago when we were posted to the site of her confession and say, I was happy I read the story of Tcho Masayo's all. I thought that the site no longer lonely, Masayo's post after a long time to find now, nostalgic read.
I also everyone's flocking to Betcho Masayo story, and I want to read and post. It is not something I do not expect any prurient.
Designation of sites that you like women vary by region. Since I was born in Kyoto Pussies And Mature say that the words come up in the voice, not only refers to a position just part of the body, you're also having sex associate.
The voice you've heard this word since childhood So, learn the terrible shyness. And his words are not familiar, however, Rau said, without shame and all Tcho. I think the smell of sex from their unlucky.
By the way to plumb, but there HOMMY old automaker released a car that seems too had one 熟Renai region.
I hurriedly changed the name of the caravan and car, called the naming model I need attention.
I do not like cars that do not sell in the Northeast all Tcho.
This nickname is a treasure that I taste and write Chinese characters, I think that I call love. I think that the most fundamental act worthy of instinct.
Also a rare treasure called the man himself, I sound like a treasure in concert with the taste.
By this time most childish fantasies, but also come to this site too, but please let's read and post Masayo adult.


I read our views but always occur in everyday life and reality, it becomes really scary thing.
Even though it's hard to believe, but it is impossible, it is really scary.


yuna himekawa[1412]
I now have three high this year, making the man go away when the mother is a small six, my father ended up divorced mother, now living together with my father.
The woman began to treat me as a father of two is the time in me. Sun night I was coming back in my father, usually up to no makeup and hairstyle, was imitated by an adult. In addition, the young mother was wearing clothes we put my mother wore old wearing pantyhose was doing a very short Bodikonsutsu. While enjoying a mirror copy of that dress, H if H alone and to feel, and I was asleep in the living room without your knowledge.
The skirt is curled like a bad little 寝相 were exposed pantyhose ass. Moreover, under the pantyhose was wearing a T-back. The mother left behind, too.
My father came back to work will be canceled and saw me and started rubbing my legs and buttocks. My father seemed to Pansutofechi. I woke up in surprise. "Dad, what are you doing" and angry, while gently caressing fingers pantyhose legs, "because I cute girl feet," he said. That's when I thought I may have seen the subject of my father, "leg, from massage to tired," he said. While still under the caress of his father, was taking a nap in peace. My father came in a little alcohol began to enjoy my pantyhose comes just.
I have around erogenous 帯Rashiku Sura Tofuku stubbed toe, a finger gently pinch and pull my father as a part of the pantyhose, "sauce" and thinking aloud, I felt the face becomes red. Extraordinary and I'm in charge go up to the thigh but is missing the fingers of his father, went on and on foot began to open the vagina itching. Father's fingers over the still blue pantyhose Sentashimu T began rubbing the back of the vertical line of panties, annotating my part I think I saw my father through.
I go there and indeed "dangerous" thinking, "Dad, I quit again," and tried to 打Chi切Rou father away fairly excited, I on fire. Then take your hands around the thigh, chest rub, come to impose on my father's dick, I put down the things that my father became harder erections. I forgot my father is my daughter, the daughter of No extra hard, pressed against the wall to the side facing me, to break the pantyhose, I enjoyed the ass.
"Yumi ass, fluffy, smooth. I remember the days when baby Yumi" Sawarimasu likes. Lower zipper on the part of the body - clothes, I will be sensible to my chest, rubbing the chest while still small, body licking Mawashimashita.
"It seems soft texture like Yumi," he said.
Belly button until you see a skirt, was rolled on. T-back straps are taking off the bread, tore up the pantyhose, I pressed hard on the things that my father, standing in from the back, was thrust. The thrust moment, "I want." Omowazu and I issued a voice to the father ignores it 突Tsu込Mimashita Guigui.
I'm weak in the weak hollow voice, "No, no sauce Iyan stop, no," but his voice out, I want my father was excited to return. Whilst there were two bodies in a rickety yet delicate, my father grabbed my hips do not care, more and more 突Tsu込Mimashita Guigui. I heard from my butt more intense sound bang bang.
That night, about the times I do not remember until the morning, continued to be committed anyway. Since then, the father is like a daily routine, H has.
"Every day, Yumi H thinking how I try, I can not wait to come back," I said my father is.
Today, "Tonight, dressed in hip slit to China bought 切Re上Gatta business trip, driving to the beach, on the beach I'll," I said. Surely, the car stopped on the coast, lay on his back my hood, I will remain standing commit. After a few times committed in the hood, I'm sure, China has turned over the clothes, like his father is back on all fours. Of course, T-back will be made to wear pantyhose

"1384" to: Satomi's!

Satomi's, your son do some?
I challenged myself, feeling her son's disability is so little understood, even, may feel it is the same as normal subjects.

"Thank you"

Tasan Yu, Thank you.
The children gave birth to her son the first time, until it safely here, but I'm happy, just like the rest of body integrity babies!


I am 15 years old high school freshman.
This thing is not to say anyone, not even be able to just put up my chest, but I want to ask someone to write.
Actually, I was raped biological father a few days ago.
The day ended with only two days of my father and mother is also my brother is also gone.
My dad was always kind and love.
But that night I'm not you always Dad.
I saw a father standing behind the glass I was alone in the bath, as I always.
"Dad? What are you doing? To wait a little because I'm there to take a bath ..."
I came into the bathroom door opened suddenly makes sense of my father Then I realize that I'm there.
Naked, too ...
I was surprised in a loud voice, "I'll out with embarrassing!"
"Dad once in a while, and Mika get into the bath"
I came into me in the bathtub.
"Let me close your eyes So embarrassing!" I said, "" All right, because they turned a blind eye "
Matt begins to wash the body in the bathtub to wash the bus and bodies, "Mika, I'll wash the body or your father?"
I wash my hands stretched out from the back of my bathtub.
The rub has been that my breasts could pass the air coming from both sides to reach out from the armpit to my boobs if I got to wash them good or if I just like that.
"Oh, from where you wash your own good."
Embracing inescapable as it is to stop Kurenaku enough, I got to the point where the body shampoo frothy Paidakejanakuteonakakara embarrassing oops.
The sound coming from where I Kuchukuchu embarrassing rut, but I feel good kind of ashamed of them, "Mika, you feel good?"
"Mika, do you like me?"
"I love Mika, his dad thing"
Embarrassing mess with a lot of places saying.
Father on his back to me pixilated Once you have them, "Mika is like somebody who's there?"
"I nobody"
"It was touch and a body like the man?"
"I do not have that."
"What my father for the first time then."
Jim Johnson was so large they could pass the father's care ...
"I like Mika but I think the dad, and I love Mika too, dad. Become so one"
Put that came into my father grew Tsubuttara fear can not make your eyes How can I know what you're trying to do when the father is.
Dad and I could not run away because she made the painful but very.
Until you put a little time to pull out of the way I once came into my father might.
And out many times and finally I do not know about how many minutes a few times and then out or remove the "W U" I wash with warm water and put me on my tummy, hot me ...
"Mika is the beginning, I wanted dad happy. This thing not say you should not to anyone"
Chata bath before going out to say so.
I was still bleeding from where the body leaving a shameful wipe bath Naka Naka finally move to hurt.
Also next week, there are only two days with my father.
I do I do?

Re: [1400] to the Yumiko

The Yuuta.
^ ^ I Iyo Iyo
Birth to a healthy baby, please!

The examination of the son

The other day, found his son's high school exam results.
Impressive, it was passed, and the promise of a son, I held out my son's body on Friday evening.
But although it was promised to put out in the end, it was put out in, what day was dangerous, but how do I really?

Re: [1403] is a housewife

> If you are a woman, and this absence of such a bachelor with a good son to be like this, but my wife wanted to be like me, not against you may just get the state to take 分Rimasu Meru I want to be lonely than the other guy.


I confess that the nephew.
I'm a college student, came to find a home business is something cutting class university, the situation is too tired to make dinner with a real desire to leave the relationship.
When in elementary school, since the sighted to look for my underwear, I get lost in the dirty linen washing machine every time he comes to play.
I talked to my sister and that is bad, but I feel sorry that I was leaving and being shouted at, I had preached boldly called himself nearly lost when a total of 100 have escalated to underwear It is.
Tsu nephew son, however, know, do not steal! Orimashita started off with the white, where persistent 問Tadashita we found out that nearly a primary school age were stealing from.
What do I do? And worried that the child be allowed Tsu nephew, so I'm sorry I'm crying I want you to beg for forgiveness.
Apparently, the mystery started masturbating in the daytime to lust over and over in swimwear that you saw when I went out to the pool and listen to the talk, it suddenly swelled penis nephew I notice.
"I once secret!"
Pounce on the new nephew with various liquids into just three seconds to put the rubber had brought me.
I can go at six times the number of rooms in the back side dish

On this day, about a kind of fear my husband and tongued 聞Kitakunakatta.
I'm coming to visit, but refused to call the next day and during the day.
Home because I want a bad hotel, it ended up in cold sweats or neighbor come to light in a voice too.

My husband is away on the day of reunion once, usually in sexual intercourse 12 times you stayed there until morning.
You just do not want her aunt! Also I am worried about the future of children and this, whether because of extract young honest and down or body weight, and well polished skin and nephew more than anything three times for at least getting excited fine to keep getting asked I.

But in a spoiled child, "Mom ~ ~ ~" You can become strange and somehow I'm crying out to fire face.
I'm secretly rooting for you but for a job this year.

Sex with a young nephew

My husband is being transferred overseas. This is not to spare my children.
My husband is like enjoying fine. Long time I did something I got bored with sex with my boyfriend too old.
Scary thought, but I like dating.
I live near his brother's son in college. To cool a bit taller, I'm very strong.
I give it often makes a meal at home "Do not anyone." Why do not you say, "Dude I have Yaritai." Hey.
What? I thought I "security" like it is a must.
He got drunk Kudo, Eei! I got to me.
After all, I was ridiculously excited I'm not bad.
Anyway, long and hard and healthy penis is large.
Another was rotten enough to pierce the body.
Akezu three days to come, I'll not make Rokuroku food is coming and attacked.
Vibrator and rotor were accused of, I finally accepted to Anal.
Carre was developed before I got, I feel the body completely.
You also different penis size? Enema to us, is screwed hard and piercing, I could make tea really feel I've really hurt first.
Even a little wetting, Lee had been thrust up tea'll unconcerned.


I am a housewife of 45, I now confess to mistakes.
I began a personal computer four months ago, reached the pages of this accident,
Reading and own experience, but I think it was fiction,
Was quite shocked for sure.
It happened like a month ago my craze and.
Y My son is now in second year high school, but I have another daughter,
To live alone for the job already, the house was not because of her husband away from home,
Was alone with her son almost every day.
Does my son because it was summer at that time, I was sleeping in the nude body, I knew it.
One morning, casually, as always when entering the room, my eyes have jumped into something unexpected. I've looked at how my son piss hard penis.
高鳴Tta of that time was in my heart to say no.
Son's penis is fully 剥Ke, I was surprised at the size of the considerable
My son is not a larger body size I thought it unusual.
Causing the spot, I sent him to school.
Then I also have stuck in my head is the son of the penis, we've just wet panties, my entire life I have masturbated at that time.
Since that day I was noticing that her son early in the morning, I saw the burn began to turn over her son's penis quilt.
And I began to think that I want to have a penis of her son.
I had sex was the only one born from her husband. Another man just because her husband had decided 尽Kusou I have no interest in sex and did not even awakened. I changed those feelings grew for the first time.
I thought what to do different.
There I was reasonably confident appearance, also began to be felt in the chest a little 色Ppo Koizumi Kyouko likened to a celebrity.
I try to seduce the son? What thoughts Butsukeyou? Etc., but that is not to face, I say.
And we ended with a single answer.
While trying to sleep son
I wanted to do but to buy a sleeping pill, had seen the opportunity.
And last Saturday night, go on with.
I put a sleeping pill at 10:00 pm Some of the coffee, let him drink to his son.
No wonder my son speculation hour later when I went to the room, I was asleep.
I put my voice takes place just in case my son is asleep.
My son is sleeping off your pants completely 下Roshimashita pants.
Emashita I suck dick big dick that appears at full speed with his son.
Getting bigger and I'm going to lick the head of the turtle is now ready Kuwaeru barely. Feeling to know this was like moving or stimulating the glans penis and Pikutto me. It is at that time. My son, "Ah," you look at how his son could hear it with surprise and I was awake.
And I saw, "Mom, I'm up for anything," I was told.
I was barely able to murmur again and again sorry for the embarrassment.
And my son, "Mom, thank you once," I said.
I nodded in his words, arms, as it is.
And we started loving it.
Entwined with each other and tongue kissing her son hard, came down under the tongue of his son, gradually
Remove my bra, become hard and licked the nipple, even went out sobbing.
And my son has spent a lot more than panties, I stretched my tongue even sexual intercourse, my being spread vagina big time, was included in opening the clitoris, the time that sexual intercourse longer WET Soup had streamed out. I forget the embarrassment, "Ah good, Y more like you" and had raised his voice. Our union has finally become pale in my head that sounded just feel the vibration whenever the uterus moves,
I felt like my son, "Mother, Mother" aloud and
To ejaculate in me, and I let them even after a blow squid,
Being attacked from behind and sometimes could be heartily sex.
After that night, but always came back to life,
There can still recall wet, it is impossible for me, one night only,
I think you try and be around today with his son.


Osaka bachelor husband is cheating is OK in the official life of another.
But I take a high school in cute son, did it with far'll care.
I got accumulated stress "- holding sex. Mother." Settlement called.
"It is you, not imposing Tosureba sneaky masturbation?"
First got to say really.
Make it stop, but fled there, already frustrated, "I'll see."
Poop poop, you know a little thin, I was watching "It's impossible. 勃Ta not." I no guts.
, And give him gently with your hands in your Tsutsun, Pyu Innovation got out, I got too excited.
Son, his tan tits massaged "You just there?" Hey.
Mon penis but his son quickly got bigger when I was pretty gentle in your mouth.
The posture of Sixty Nine, is finally taking off Pantei.
Been messing with your fingers, I should give up.
"Mo, eh no, Yeah yeah Setee crazy."
Son to induce point fingers, I pushed myself sat.
Is taking off all of the had tea with Lee Tsu Nokezotsu is played while the nipple.

Even babies born of incest

Betcho play is showing the size and fit Orimashita bulge Betcho girls gathered in a small cottage near the day of fun.
But most child ○ cock you have experience in any kind of tinkering Betcho Betcho while messing around and talking big or small was fun and I even feel like a child that Kina Hiroshi Osane massages. I wanted to be careful when Betcho tea and they say I have a child and a child is born in them Betcho ejaculation is what my brother did not know how the Imashi to watch my brother and Betcho was supposed to feel comfortably at the Betcho said: I have a brother in the Betcho not extend time.


Is a personal matter, and soon into the preparation of the birth.
But because my husband is being away from home, but it is likely that his son is helping me, because Daddy I'm a son of course!
Every day, they'll finish school and straight back, looking in each other.

To talk

Satomi's was not that 42 year old mother! It is 42 years old woman in season now, Tsu watering ~! !

Brother and

With my brother, nice to meet.
I have six years of primary school girls 12 years old today, is called Shiori.
Today is my birthday that are absent in the school with my brother.
I did not love you 10 years older brother at a young age.
And brother, I was playing with since I was about to have sex my third graders.
You got to get to touch or lick sexual intercourse with my brother every day even now, I did give the tea sucking penis have to us, too.
Last summer vacation, I and my brother first sex.
Are putting a finger or something to that vibe was so narrow, even when her brother came into the penis, the pain is just beginning, and I will soon move comfortably.
Today I went to work after Mom and Dad, my brother and me to get naked as soon as 抱Ki合Imashita.
Gently licked my brother gave me my body.
In return I am, and I was licking my brother's body.
Brother and I sit on the sofa, fiddling with your fingers and lick vagina and let your feet spread out significantly.
Clit while being licked and finger-Kono Naka Brute man stir until you do, I felt many times I feel Pikunpikun body tremendously.
After about 3 times Ikasa followed, my brother has put a penis in my mouth.
While I was licking and sucking penis and move the face, and I was rubbing the base of the right hand more.
Then the elder brother for a while, "I give," I said, I leave the penis in her mouth, "Yeah," he said.
Since my brother out of my mouth, gave drink.
After that, my brother lay on the sofa I've put the penis in sexual intercourse.
I clung to the neck of my brother, my brother's feet Makitsukemashita waist.
The older brother has been violently thrust your penis to me until I Kono Naka.
I feel many times, "Hey, feel good," I was in Saken.
Then I went several times, gushing and her brother was in this until I ejaculate us.
If your penis while in Cuckoo leave because her brother also began to move back, I now feel I have become.
Penis into the state as the end, my brother was my ejaculation sexual intercourse three times in a row.
Abi to the shower together, washing each other after Ikko, brother and I had a naked lunch.
The brother brought the video camera until I can take this up and you me naked, where we took my penis sucking.
I also took place inside of me moving into the penis.
When you look with brother video over taking, and we are in and out of the penis into vagina, my coming out Innovation Trow from there until I you my sperm brother dragged out penis But so was sex.
While watching the video was tampered with a hole in the bottom Yanniomankoyao Chi brother.
Afterwards look for sex in the ass.
Now I'm hitting it in a cuckoo sitting on her lap brother.
Dari is a brother to massage my breasts from behind, so come to touching the vagina, can not type quite well.
Got to put a penis in the ass now and take it on video.
Mom and Dad coming home after 11 o'clock, so as, I want to try it many times as you can

You guys incest

Since the early afternoon the day the weather was good, came back from a trip.
I was at the door is locked, supposed to be my mother, entered the house through the kitchen door, I hear the sound of people living in "The thief?" Display at 110 and I was so afraid of mobile will be, looked fearfully through the living room door.
Heart was going to come out from the mouth!
They become lower body lying face down naked mother will tremendously enlarged dick naked lower body will still kneel behind their brother has been treated extensively saliva hanging in parentheses. Dropping a sloppy saliva between the crack spread both hands and upper body bend mother's ass, stacked body.
The loud crack of the mother and pressed against waist-les solutions floated "into it!" So, forced to sit.
"Oof! Ouch!" And my mother screaming, mouth wide open showing their forehead wrinkles devoted to the waist with one hand raised to his brother half the upper body was like a goldfish PacPac.
But my brother anal gay man originally felt. Until my mother
"Even committing Soco, you incest"
Somehow, my mother had seen the man. Originally, the body is also different from his brother in height and has Gasshiri muscular, short hair is reminiscent of disordered so that unnecessary.
I saw that my father would say, a big surprise because they do not make the other woman,, but my wife and I own son.
My brother binding arms behind back look great from behind her mother, I will sit down. First began to shake ass to meet his brother and mother wanted to move pain.
"I'm not the first time"
"What good feeling,, I'm getting wet," I speak to my brother's voice in my ear mother 上擦Tta "Ah,, why?,, I sat through that," he said in a sweet voice that no-nonsense mother.
"Turned his back," my brother will leave once, so as to bend the body of the mother to lift your feet and make his back to the mother and placed in the anal and "Autsu!" And then cried and escape from the heavy breathing originated with each other while gasping voice,, I stare at each other with a serious look.
"Do not kiss something" But, my brother ~ long tongue into her mouth and bring my mother stretched sure, as my mother had to stick his head Motage it.
"Mother and son can not believe it" and feeling to see that cross 見届Ketai pleasant,,, "I wonder since when was this relationship?"
The mobile phone from outside, but the telephone bell in the house and go out again. Once again went into the house, peek.
Is still going on, the movement is fast becoming my mother started screaming, in a trembling voice. In the break I think about my brother like a beast cried like crazy mother poked. "Finished"
Bell's mother came in the 10th and I called out.
"Oh, Where are you now?" A subdued voice, and,
"We'll get more soon," for about five minutes and opened the door of the house from the phone while hiding in saying so.
"I'm back," and I entered the now, my brother my mother sitting in a chair watching television has wiped the table.
Restructuring of the system really fast,, but I 逆立Tsu hair mother.
My brother is wearing pants Why? They do not even calling out the story here facing.