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Incest confession of women(2009-03)


yuna himekawa[16856]
The first posting. 49 year old PC is not good.
has five children. 30 year old daughter has one child. 25 year old son 28 year old son. 15 year old third son. Only the third son, I × 2 different fathers.
The third son, the two were truant during the fall of this spring, decided
high school entrance. Sun's announcement of the results, there was a contact with successful applicants.
went home in a hurry to finish the job, and embraced his son (hug)
from his son, and I want the gift of acceptance. I say joy
say anything in momentum. H mom wants.
Oh! ! Was surprised, because I say anything,
to take a bath together, and ejaculate in your mouth and hands to be the son of my son.
erection immediately. However his son in the bathroom in style lunches.
That night, my son was supposed to thumb through the morning.
about a month since then. Are held on a daily basis. and two sons live
so, I do not know what time of the last
is unlikely for the time being away from my son.

My son comes to touch me

Long skirt has a hand in the drive when I was driving my son one day. What will you do
. Stop it. I reluctantly continued to drive I was also unable to escape being touched. Misetsukeru
next to his son as large penis out.
where I stopped the car and finally people do not


"Ah you put more! Put it!"
"Now?'m Here now"
"anymore! Unkind? Pussy, I put the pussy!"
Toys stabbed in the pussy, put the switch,
"Ah your the best! It's the best!"
"Ah pussy feels so good! feels the best!"
towards portrait and memorial tablet Onarimasu pussy open legs sticking out. U ー
time to pot alone and had no choice but the tears flow.
When I think my husband when I remember, will speak towards the altar.
wonderful husband gentle master, gentle intense night, my husband nice. What
what time I get to bring the crotch was touching around without regard to merit.
hand touch her pussy with eyes closed I remember my husband,
every weekend is always loved my husband,
pussy was waiting for my husband to always wet,
panties from the stars, I have been pussies,
"Yes! like that, yes! there! there's an!"
rub your chest and wrap gently, slowly,
husband in panties hand,
started rubbing clitoris "Oh! No! you going!"
It has become the wet pussy,
"Look! you look!"
"wet pussy s! "
legs spread panties off, and show her pussy,
" faster? KUU Hayato is not! "
place to put fingers her pussy Stirring up,
"I like Ah! ーー Metallic uu say"
Stirring pussy with fingers, rubbing the clitoris, breasts crushing grip,
still cry for you up, lonely, sad, emptiness,
I was repeated every day.
toys into her pussy instead of my husband,
only rub is rubbed so as to seek only pleasure,
was herself running away from painful thoughts.
pussy honestly giving me pleasure,
things that could use the left and right hand enough to see the difference between masturbation and when I got the feeling when you ride.
yen for example, when the pussy, mad pleasure to be inserted into the anus of two toys was his pleasure to show no fault with his master alone.
from now until I can end up like masturbation, I know you gradually come to feel calm, I knew I must be strong enough to escape from the tragic feeling 激Shikere.
been feeling well and recovering, masturbation is not as usual, turned up to comfort remains just filled with pleasure, I expected us to go away unawares bitter.

well accustomed to living alone, and when he had regained his day to day.
her husband died and now lives alone with three grandchildren.


Is that the other day, I came to visit seniors who say their son was the beginning of the mistakes that raise 仕舞Tta home.
wait to come back and say that her ○ ○, when I headed into the kitchen with some tea, I've seen me hug my son a senior after going composed. But of course I also resistance to the power of the enemy slightly younger children, after all they are brought to the living room, taking off the stockings and underwear worn out aggressively on the sofa are 捲Ku skirt, his genitals and let the end, he ends in the vagina, which also came in several times and then next thing you know there, he is gone, my son is holding his son will speak with a translation was.


Plant a camera, I went to bed. Tatsuya out video rewind the morning after,
pressed the play button first, but I was only sleeping figure, two hours later, maybe I shake my Tatsuya,
dinner I made a video of you drink the medicine, and has no consciousness and kiss slowly,
to Nugashi pajamas, I lick the whole body. When I look at the moment of insertion to the hole in the ass I feel your toes are ashamed
, the video is moving quickly pulled back with a condom is moving way too many times Sorashimashita eyes, Ittemashita 3 times.
not think of anything just yet, so I might as well be miserable or be asked whether 口説Ka fucked

Our mutual

My son is about me, I was pleased with my woman. I think I became a man my son was reversed. Fuck is a very convenient for both parties.

Embarrassing stories

Embarrassing stories, looking for a long time I've seen,
thought it was no more, was left to the previous thread in a little surprised.
So While I reread became embarrassed noticing his big mistake.

17 fear of my son

Cannot put my son every day even SEX.
will ask more and more to go off. Some time I decided to enjoy SEX. SEX I think that my son will become more and more often. For further information on it.

My brother

I graduated from high school, I live with my brother on the two. After high school

brother started living in Tokyo.
in Tokyo to live in it, I go on to university in Tokyo.
We always get along well, Ete and economic aspects must also be considered, it is now two people living in the house of his brother. The room was so

2DK, made during Imashita room into my room one of them. But I came across
Sun, but notice Itenakattanode Yara my bed still no luggage for the day I became two people sleep in single beds brother.

night I slept without anything as it is morning, I woke up short of breath. Ite sleeping brother
Kuttsu they fit my body lying next to Ite way, lo and behold, my brother and sleeping, I had to rub my chest.
I was surprised at first, I prank Ete seedling heart, and I was the butt ah rub my dick in the morning, immediately broke out close to perfect brother.
grow to understand that the glans then harden.
now turned over to dense, I rub the hands on the trunk. So

brother awake, I wished had been surprised, I,
"because I've massaged my brother's chest, back O" went on to say. My brother is in a muffled voice
to hear it more, licking nipples, and rub with your fingertips or the tip has been placed in the trunks slimy hands, while his brother Ge rough breath, my chest Rub has happened. Pajamas are 捲Ku
and was now licking the nipples to his brother. I feel I have the
, I put a lot of the voices I odiousness was blocked with a kiss to his brother. After that turn

I licked each other's body O, I wished I got my brother cum 69 times in one script does not stop, will crawl into the hole and clear the finger, "I'm terrible wet pussy of Miyu" O I'll lick the juice. I also became possible to endure
U, while the hips wiggle, "Put on my brother," and Onedarishiteshimaimashita. Then he has put
"fill with Ah ..." I 熱Ppo voice overlaps with me brother. Ite
motion and little by little, 打Chi付Kemashita I sat in a daze.
faster piston movement, the brother cum Imashita. But I want to do more to
, 跨Gari on his brother started again cowgirl.ー Eruyo
to see where to insert my brother and I to move and wiggle back and forth and wearing a hand after Ite.
brother said, "I'm looking into the whole of the pussy of my Miyu"
said, there is much to see. While embracing and kissing her brother in the sitting position causes the upper body, arms around my neck of his brother, my brother while rubbing my clitoris stimulated breast.
I missed the strength I too pleasant, and the normal position and, together with two Ikimashita.

then notification Itemo my bed, sleeping together every day. Even when I had to
sex also recently returned to two parents who are worried that they Ika Bale parents.

I am the other day

I (age 47) the other day, my son has a high school graduation ceremony, attended. I'm here to his son alone so far come to grow. Of course, in bed together with me into the bath together at a young age, sex Demozu ~ Innovation came alone to bear. But know in my last straw, broken down with his son and a son, say that I love my mom Innovation too were foolish, still in uniform after graduation, a short distance outside of town, entered into a love hotel, just in terms of gender and her son, because that day was also a safe day was full of love for his son caught in the vagina as it is.

Favorite people

I am a 15 year old girl.
brother is the uncle by marriage of the koto can say.
brother is 35 years old, like 11 years since I first met it was

or try pushing the breasts in my arm-kun, you can see the pants. But
brother was holding me.
my pants prank or brother, while sleeping together (I'm talking about) and touch my body, did you let me and my brother is a dick, but I know (laughs)

this before, and brother and finally 愛Shi合Imashita!
licking big brother to us gently touching my body. I did feel really
immediately! I
luck, I gave to my brother's dick feel good. When one brother and
got to, I was crying in pain than joy (laughs)
day, I got love for my brother (see)
will continue to love my brother , H is going to get a lot.

My brother

My brother is a pervert. DVD pictures and they have many systems or sex, masturbation I was doing and only know that I'm in the room even when they're over there Iirashiku more like acquaintance with her. Some time ago, I opened the closet and into the room to borrow his brother's cap, there was a really weird cardboard. The DVD is a naughty peek and maybe it might have contained, but full of 女物 clothes, swimwear, etc. and uniform system, it is just too naughty type. Had just left the room again without even surprised. My brother called me at night. Entering the room, I talked to the hesitation of the closet. "I saw," I said, 開Ki直Tsu. "What, what women wear something? Her brother have done now" "It is my hobby, I own a drill for" "Sorry, the tell anyone, but show" a little too interested in I had got to see. Something of a schoolgirl uniform, there was also wearing a blazer and sailor and four. Wearing uniforms similar to two maids or waitresses do not know, there was a nurse in tennis. There is also wearing 4 piece bikini swimsuit. These were absolutely out of the hot stuff I feel impossible. There wearing camisoles and miniskirts that are likely a few normal wear later. "Let me try it on," said his brother, but deep down I thought I'd like to wear, "He did not" deny Ttemashita. "Come on, I'll listen to anything you say," had been sprouting in the transformation of my mind. "Well, I'm masturbating to me?" Unadzukimashita brother thought for a while. "Please wear this," given the high school girl's uniform was a blazer. "I wear a long time, I uniforms," ​​said his brother while I'm facing a change of clothes back. Faces to my brother and me the finished dress, complete eye brother was swimming. "Roman: Come to me posing as someone says," My brother was the pace of knowledge. Dari and sat down on all fours with a slouch and was forced by the Panchirapozu. My brother is on the way out to the Moro lower body, the hands were rubbing cock. And visible through the open three buttons blouse off my blazer was becoming also change my body since I was made to pose so you can see dough into Moro Spread your legs. . Had come out feeling so much a voice but I just seen. Suddenly, "toward the back," he said in a voice 上Zutta his brother were forced to pause about your butt stick out his hand to the bed, pushing the panties have turned the skirt cock. Rubbed a few times I thought, my brother was on my butt ejaculation. "Oh, I got dirty," Ha Ha is a brother saying "sorry" and had apologized. "Now I'll pick my clothes," I said bluntly went out of the room. I was embarrassed and really fast because I wanted to masturbation. That was not my brother from a business trip. But today I'll be back. I think I will also costume. Looked at his brother while not many clothes. Want me to show that what to wear?

Brother doll

I am now very happy. It is because you can serve your brother every day in third grade
my brother is on the two high schools.
one day a year ago, I was her older brother and I have seen where H has. Was shocked. That night I told my brother that one. I beg you not make her something, if only by my brother. This.
brother replied. Are you take responsibility? I will say it sucks and whenever I put out? This. I also
day, I would agree with you brother. And said. Then, if you Misero evidence, it is said, started my first blowjob. The first little boy was left to lick the tongue is said, is said to be from white Kuwaero became the head of the excitement and sense of shame, Shaburimashita intently. To a little brother that looks Iki, 押Saemashita my head saying I will come up in the mouth. The back of the mouth of my brother, issued a sperm directly into the throat. I am so happy and painful, was filled with tears. And every day I am taking
semen is a puppet of her brother. Just great.


参Rimashita was supposed to become full of his mother's care.
thank you can make a third.

Son and daughter

I caught my husband that my son is [also] be my stick and my husband is also getting reflected not only me. I think it was
third grade year. For a first look at trying to act hard to see our son.
amused pants off your husband, [showers also want to try? I]. My husband and I have to compare to the size,
the mouth feeling it was put out for sure.
moving awkwardly around the waist [mom] mom'll remember a voice calling me great pleasure, and is then prompted to embrace her son every day.
daughter to be more natural, but we had been among the two since last year, when I was first inserted in the fourth grade. From our family relationships that I told my son,
husband was occupied by his daughter, the couple love each other we are fast asleep after coming back from the children's room children from each other. I love each
have no fellowship with each other thing is I think four people, I first have sex with my husband too. Recently
seems to intersect our sons and daughters more than a couple. I have seen things that once had 69 to take over her son. I noticed that my daughter
to make a voice so amazing .... I said that if the family love incest family think we are still good.
交Warimashita looking at a couple of kids on the side for the first time today.絡Meta kiss tongue sucking to hard on my clit Iyarashiku sounded gentle foreplay than usual.
I asked my husband to hold the foot into and entwined. My husband requested me to allow 69 easily. At last I inserted [Ahhh ~!
] I was surprised enough to raise their voices and children's. Cum finish last.
35 years my husband, I am 34 years old, children who are working hard to make one later.


I do not like grandpa.
old loved it.
Now I'm going to touch it or licking your fingers like I'm saying is investigating whether the vagina can cause pregnancy 決Matte come to me and can not get up in the morning.
been taken out on the pretext that you buy clothes, Vibe? The remains of the installation or 連Re回Sa.
made me bananas and sausages into the vagina or saying that practice makes grandpa care to eat, we were forced to eat that old man directly. I have a sister
seems to be the same thing to my sister Refuse.

What incest?

Safely to his son go to college and start living in the city.
already done so to move, apartment last week, clearing and 動Ki回Rimashita busy shopping. What moves too
because I have a headache, stiff neck, but it became much easier to rub shoulders with my son asking,
"Thank you, I was really comfortable"
hug from behind as his son,
"Yaa come ー!"
away screaming,
"so 驚Kanaku たって"
"I stop kidding me, I was totally surprised "
son's room, since I was surprised to find my underwear.
heartthrob stop and remain in what is likely to rupture the heart, into the bath to bed, I felt finally been settled. What
because of poor sleep in comfortable sofa bed, seem to hug my son had a joke or a joke Why, funny sleep away thinking that her son attacked in the night not.
extent of feeling a little sleepy in the morning, tidy up in the morning, went home.
every night and then worry about what has become a joke that I worry about my son to sleep satisfied.
I come here to search for. Is there really
son to go to an apartment for years to come will be. What's the unpleasant feeling
what they imagine the strange thing, because it can never avoid, I write a pleasant sleep.

Mother incest

I'm working only part-time during the day to a love hotel in Kansai area. Now feel the reality of incest post they were reading your posts. The other day, and his son's friends came over as mature woman who are believed to be past sixty. The first is an embarrassment while the heart is seen hanging on his son falls, pure maiden appearance is like a teenager! Was. Your son is excited to see the body of the mother, "Mother," was the figure of a man and Mushaburitsuku son. Mom, As I licked the milk is played with your son, long time, Dasa has wondered for years pant. Is inserted into the mother son cock, each time to be pushed back, "Oh, Oh, feels good ~" was issued in a loud voice, a woman who also had his heart and soul sat 振Ruo. Sagging boobs and stomach shaking earnestly, the pillow would - but clouded with man juice dripping, when accepting her son's semen, the body will be stiff, "Wow ~" crossed out to fill the room with sound. That the mother and child, when it was coming, 解Rimasu intuition. From safety, the hotel looks like we can see how your room. Even 65-year-old grandmother of singles like me, have an interest in the fellowship of men and women.


yuna himekawa[16599]
The 41-year-old housewife.
recently graduated with a K son of middle school. The high school next month
. My husband, one year passed since we transferred to Okinawa.
transferred from husband to son, has been embraced by the K.
on April 3 last year, when spring break, K away to see where the Onani. Then I was a help in my mouth and hands.
three days later, when I was taking a bath together, K is pressed down by the wall of the tub 舐Metai saying that this mother or ○, ○ can be sucked or licked her son
feeling away. K
accept anything away. But soon the first ejaculation, erection young so immediately. 3 回Shimashita in the bathroom. This is triggered by every day,
other physiological I was. My safe day to day but
inside, I was unable to until ejaculation or more.
overnight for 10 rounds. My husband comes home tomorrow.
so you have to come to light in this life.
K and, while I have never been to high school causes
hotel hotel entrance. Yesterday, WBC 4 times while watching.
this morning, the seven round. Now is taking a break. Tomorrow is hard to suppress K. It is also very well to turn away my husband.
K, now has 15 minutes to insert one. Since the erection of a second will have 20 minutes immediately. My husband is having five minutes. Tomorrow

My brother tried to

The other day my brother is a junior three interviews. There are no classes the afternoon.
梨菜 skipping went home this afternoon.梨菜 home only with my brother. My brother went to the room 梨菜 T-shirts and skirts.
went naked underwear. At first I was a little study. During said. "One of the favorite child like?"
"I'm alone with this thought that?" "The thought was that without my sister?" Said that
. I was his brother's body will gradually harden. "I'll tell sex?" Raised over his brother's pants to touch and kiss and said to me. It is not you brother and sister from
. Put your hands in your pants. My brother and I was touched. Could get rid of mouth and I was pants. I gained all drink in the mouth.
went to bed. My brother is in the top 梨菜. With breasts and lick me. I brought my brother's crotch 梨菜 hand. Christo and get to touch,
put up or given a little. I feel shame and also full. "To my sister as well," she said I had to lick.
"pussy clitoris," but I got to many. For the first time many of us to stop but not identical to, or just sex with my brother
thighs and lick me lick me directly. I felt full. Been issued in full.


No longer live where his father is gone now be having
dwell in the house of his brother's home where my mom dad
foreigners because it is not the first father brother
was the opposite.
Back from my mom mad as you can hope to dwell
. I'm still going to school
bytes I do not want any money from it somehow can not see my eyes are a little different
I noticed
Ittara and possibly impossible. I do not have much to heart that time will
G I was only light clothes in my chest went from hot
occasionally I grabbed his arm from the chest really need a place to live and to devote
And if they can keep it secret to her mother to please let me dwell
said anything because now I can get to dwell

mother today because they do not work together Masu

Older brother

I am a ninth grade girl.
Now I sit on the lap of her brother five years older than me and I hit the keyboard. in this course until I
you are addicted to the roots and Zuppori brother's penis.
so far from yesterday evening, and my brother was always sex.

memorial service because parents are relatives, not to return until Sunday night.
brother and sex, but to five years from the time of my elementary school, when not only the parents can not,
can only occasionally. Therefore, "their mother went to the memorial service, trying to fill it until Sunday," and was consulting with my brother.
taking a bath in the evening with my brother, after Ikko body wash and matched each other licking dick intact.
brother while fingers spread out my vagina, carefully suck up to me in a hole and clitoris.
for the brother I love, the penis Shaburimashita hard.
to ejaculate in my mouth my brother and I all drank.

brother even after ejaculation the penis because it was larger still, I had to fuck out of the box.
from behind me in the bathroom was on all fours, and repeated or put out into the penis has been hard brother.

"Ah! Hey, Iitsu feeling!"

screaming I was shaking my hips to match the movement of my brother.
brother has been hit hard while sitting overflowing with the sound for more than 30 minutes.
I cum away many times when you will ejaculate in this until I got to the falls. brother is missing the power of the body. nervous
the tub, my brother and I ate dinner naked.
watching videos sex with my brother in the living room after dinner, I'll then strained to touch each other fellatio dick in his mouth with a penis of her brother again.
gently patted her brother while my head, "It feels good," said to me.

brother lay on the sofa with me and has put a penis in my legs Katsui shoulder.
and bath time is different and has moved very slowly back.
brother is rubbing my chest and hands, rub your clit while pinching the nipple with fingertips Dari, and was put out and penis.
"Ah ah, like yo. my brother, you'll feel very ー!"
while I clung to my brother like crazy, was screaming.
I just got in the bath, we had become a sweaty embrace.

"Ah, brother! I'll cum're no good ...!"
"You'd just love to cum many times ... because I'll squid"

Us my brother said that continued to stir inside me.
varying positions of all kinds, big brother gave me time and time again be cool to me.
spans over my brother, but according to the Itta violently extort freshly back in a daze,
to ejaculate inside of me gushing and brother.
I lay on my brother in a cuckoo, the penis entered the state as I slept As I closed my eyes for a while. Yes brother, I fell asleep without modification.

the time I woke up past midnight, I was looking at her brother's face while sleeping under me.
I would gently wake the body and causing her brother,
wipe clean with a wet tissue in the vagina become sticky semen, and I was too clean and brother of the penis.

penis was touching and that Ku, very pretty, and was involuntarily kissed cheeks and shear. While
mouth and sucking to have the bigger penis with Mukumuku. If you keep
fellatio while, but woke up her brother. We moved to
bed brother, 抱Ki合Imashita again.
older brother would give me kiss, we plug in the tongue.
out my tongue as well and matched each other Karame.

"ー Look, I love you ... ..."
"big brother that I love the"

Karame While we vigorously tongue, body Masagutsu Imashi to each other or. Masaguri
brother with both hands while sexual intercourse chest and my body has let his tongue snake.
high lift all fours with my ass, lick me in the ass to the hole.

"ー ... I'll try doing here?"

while tickling your tongue in my ass hole is big brother, we say so.

"If your brother ... I want to do"

I have sex in the ass A little scary though, so I replied I was also interested in anal.
with plenty of big brother is wearing my ass baby oil, so as to have a massage ass hole with your finger. Kita Kano
loose my ass hole of them, came in with her brother Nurutsu fingers.

"Oh, uh oh ... going there there!"

out whenever fingers tingle to the back, I was thinking aloud.
fingers brother, the two books from a book, three books and incremented.

"Well, if it would be all right now"

brother had my ass loosen over time, getting my ass penis Ategatsu hear things like that Mashita.
feeling Nuruntsu said, came into the penis in my butt surprisingly easy.

"I move. it hurts, I'm saying"

brother said that, I started slowly moving back. when the penis is pulled
, a comfortably thick poop like going out,
during incoming and has been alternately attacked my heart clogged like suffocation.

"Oh Oh, what this ... amazing ... amazing Iiitsu! brother ... going brother!"

I feverishly clinging to pillows, loud was shouting.

"ー ー ass out ... look, it feels great. so good, but now seems out Chai"

whispered in my ear so my brother.
brother hip movements, gradually went faster. Whenever
ass penis moved in and went bigger and I see a collapse like hip bones melted.

"Oh, no good ... so cum Chai"

said that her brother has hit back hard. As soon
the current ran through my spine.

"Ah, ... and I'll cum!'ll cum in the ass! Oh Oh Oh, ik Uuuutsu!"

loud enough that my throat was so crushed raised, I cum hard. In the euphoria
long enough to have never ever felt,
felt the spread of semen in the ass gushing and brother of the penis.

brother and I are 愛Shi合Imashita thereafter.
right now, I dread to Shakuri上Ge in my brother's penis.
in my vagina, and her brother spread with warm semen. I was hitting the keyboard
sex while, it took nearly an hour to beat this sentence.
I love my brother.
I love me me brother.
After this, I'll always love coming back to my parents. something is not going to
contraception. I have a brother
semen, I feel directly.
in sexual intercourse in the ass in the mouth, I immediately feel the heat of her brother.
if you are pregnant, then I think it's OK for a baby brother.

One year after

I was divorced Lightning
thing with my son, I was getting to fool around with the disposal of used contraceptives in mind what I was in loose careful unnoticed like my husband · ·
He can just throw the garbage into the other bedroom of the couple
husband is cheating on whom I approached it, I met a man through spitting and lying in dating When my son raised his hand in front of my son but my husband was

broke my family apart
husband refused to take delivery of my son , back to my home away now
son is taken care of my parents and met
not permitted and not permitted I am now crossing the threshold of the home will also be to live alone in Tokyo I really miss
to see his son every day. ... I want someone
no good me my husband and son of my parents yuan Never allow it to meet
but I do not become a waste because spring break

Tadashi Tadashi son

Three years now I have 21-year-old son incest Tadashi Tadashi child passes the age of 35
blood ties husband passed away a baby son is now in the stomach Tadashi Tadashi 産Mubeki 有Rimasen
What? I get worried about the son Tadashi Tadashi (null severe birth and life)
of heaven How can I do ah You who do not have maternity leave to give birth 成Re? Pregnant with her son comes looking for my body
ーー live there all the time: I'm Pie with 拒Memasen childbearing age give birth 味Waitaku What pleasure? Opinions Please

Master-servant relationship with his son-in-law

My body had been trained to master the memory remains. After my husband died in a car accident, I was a bear living body ache. One day, my son is excellent "red collar" I like to show the [right? It is said], my body started aching and I wrapped the collar would have been my son saw it was [my master knees. Was to mutter]. My son held his penis and grabbed his arm to take off my pants [not you want? [] Yes, it is said. [Answer] Blow Shiro. I] is said to be still a Blow to the penis of his son drink the sperm of her son and that they are female [Saika Nasty? It is said] is to grab the chest in the blast ripped off the blouse is torn, it rubbed vigorously [Aan. [Issue] and moan and feel what it is doing this? ] Say, is inserted a finger into the vagina will lower your shorts and raise me to grab the arm "Kuchukuchu action" son exploiting violently inserted penis son is 押Shi倒Sa just to be bullying to make a sound according to [Aan. Aan. Ii. Keep feeling] was someone depart and give a queer voice.逝Kimashita cramps while when my son came back in swapped positions from exploiting hard.
son to bed and carry me picked my room to breathe in the shoulder, and he used to find a training costume from your closet looking for my husband [Oh, they serve cute dressed or what? Say], to retrieve the sailor from the inside [Show me wearing it. Your mother's. ] Is said, I was a collar and a red pleasure can not say anything when it came into being hard on his costume while training for my husband not to change into uniform honest and remember that the slaves obedient to the instruction Mashita. [I saw my son is not cute sailor Saika me. And] would have been arrested after being grabbed by the arm and say that is attached to the restraints that bind it [breast Nasty schoolgirl? [Right] is said to like to do this? [] It is said a little more tightly. [And] and that they clog the naughty word? Saika. Say], and further tightened restraints [Aan. [And] who liked to vocalize. The moment was] touched my heart was exposed zipper down the front of the uniform and say [Aan. The Guide has pinched her nipples erect scissors and washing out and the pant voice. My son felt as blank as the head of the penis and the pleasure and pain of being thrust up from below the nipple and lifted me into the back while sitting. Restraint is removed and they passed away behind me now [I 入Rero yourself. Saika Chan. ] That you mention it, when I tried to hold the penis into the vagina 跨Gari say something [my son or not? [Edge] is said? [Answer] and put your dick into her pussy and the master of Saika. I said to [say] you put your dick in her pussy master of Saika. I] have been inserted into the back stretch is to insert said slowly. I have enjoyed using your cock hard on my son back [Ikku. Give a queer voice] and the moment passed away, I wanted to cum tasted the fire inside.
then the "red collar" has become a slave nymphomaniac is wound.

Son to Itoshiku

I called Mito and gauze. I live together with his son, Shota. My husband died of cancer three years ago.

me, and continues to be a husband and wife relationship with her son, Shota. The first to be fucked Muriyari, the intersection of I, twice, three times out and continue to discover myself in to intersect the people ask me, the guilt afterwards being attacked, and why do they become this way, I regret.

, but it is more naughty body. I would want. Shota, youthful, to be penetrated in hard and strong, I'm looking for my body. It is disgusting woman. Being penetrated by his son, to hug, to cry gasp, rolled up in agony, being someone depart, while biting the finish to limp, Nevertheless, and had things to do, to pretend to regret, no such woman, I did it.

here, in front of everybody, to confess to everything, but he wanted to be freed from the pressures of the heart a little, wrote. If you still keep me, I continue.

My brother

Was invited to fuck. What can I do I do?

The stomach and the baby son

Nice to meet you. 26 years old. The year-old son and baby on the stomach 12
. I found on examination,
seems to have twins. Boys and girls.
My husband passed away soon after pregnancy was found. In the world
"keepsake husband" is supposed to be me.
is already seven months. My baby son is moving but
they are willing to touch me.
one like this there?


I am a 42 year old housewife. No children. The other day my brother was raped at age 4
. Day, saying things have come to the house
come talk.
If we had to put the tea in the kitchen. My brother from behind,
massage my chest, lower body toward the left. And shake,
a kiss from the front, the 押Shi倒Sa. I turned and said. My brother is quite a big 191 centimeters 110k to build,
When asked why being married to his brother, sister and I wanted what was it that in
was raped many times. The technology is not
husband, who several times let me squid.
going to be a habit with my brother!

It's my brother

I got drunk drinking Zhuhai ★ bath was raised to rest on the bed in the room had caught the right Hao
I stay in my tea
is placed to the left's lie ~ If the state kept in Miss
was already sleeping in a bra rub off my chest I have in your tea but I suddenly woke up from sleep without worrying I was initially
Bareru fear of underwear placed close to escalate gradually but I was like I started to touch ~ entwined over the nipple with my tongue there's no worry that I am blushing
as voice 抱Kanai ★ I was a bear but I noticed that
I going? I dabble in the face with her sister until I have the tea you have finished in 10 minutes ... I thought it was (^_^;)< br> I have a tea did you happen to be lying around on the carpet I was dressed in jeans and tank tops ★'ve massaged my chest at him without hesitation lie next to nothing to ignore if
"H ~ will be" started messing with the tank nipple likes shifting the bra
I began to take off my pants while I was Shigoki tongue nipple
ignore but I do not care I was surprised as it is truly determined to
It is no resistance to it now H is continuing ...
押Shi付Kemashita vagina ● my taking out the window of the society cock from his playing with a little screw ● I do could put
gotten a nigga half the little boy's do tea have in us today up from entering the end I or H is I quit halfway
my brother I have a sister and sister than I am fine not to your in siblings, but I talk too much ... I tea stay Us Why The aim is just what I am? ?
personally feel is really

Mixed feelings

Second year in high school two months before his son was the night my husband was away. That being naked in the dressing room for me to take a bath with a noise. That, and the window open a little behind and I should have turned around and there was nobody with signs that her son peeps. I was surprised, and during the exam study, with an angry look and do not pretend Minu.
one month later, got into the university was applying for my son in Tokyo. Immediately, he went to Tokyo to find lodging with his son, the office received a referral from a real estate agent, who looked around and two sons. Near the high teens boarding school, the cheapest place on that day did not come to the decision inconvenience. And have to find the next day, stay overnight in hotels for the business. Kaho twin rooms only available now in the room together. That night, the resistance forces win out with a man was raped by her son. My son likes to say his mother several times and kept looking until the morning. Son and forbidden acts, and now deeply regretted.

Love for son

My husband has been away from home I also got to have a relationship with his son soon.
inception, had playfully While watching television with his son, has touched the body, had gone to my son excitedly came escalated,
go as far as we crossed the line and realized was gone. Why do I allow to insert, but now I can not find excuses.
I am 43 years old. My son is still a student. I know my son
once my body is now seeking to come into my body every day.
I also wanted to do but to accept the intense desire of impulsive son, before running through, with a feeling of obscenity was sleeping on fire deep in the body, feel the climax now.
become husband and wife or girlfriend feel like my son, between husband and me, you may be exposed to the troubled jealousy.
The other day, which is called the master of bachelor, one night to come home, my son came out to the front door, "Is that came with my father!"
in perching, and I But as I've been cheated on, I close.
"I'm wrong, or something washing, it became hard for us clean up," said their concern about his son.
son is going to take the living and grabbed my arm, I smell the smell of the inspection to sniff panties and lifted up my skirt in front Shagamikon.
and my lower body and naked, his hands let 掴Mara living on the edge of the jalousie window, I had to insert a cock from behind. It was five o'clock
or 4:00, you are bright enough to bright outside, the park was under the house through some of the neighbors.
fucked from behind and that as yet unnoticed in fear, I felt a strange excitement in the uterus.
Moreover, a few hours before, to have sex with my husband, that we are not yet 火照Tsu vagina, and now that the cock is inserted her son, a mother, wife and guilt and a sense of corruption as so excited to come,
to raise our voices so I have become.
piston hard to come my son become a movement of the hip according to the rattling of a jalousie window, and I think that the neighbors are trying to do 振Ri向Itara,
Jiwatsu and body been flooded and pleasure can imagine, my son is finally someone depart for what it is.
the first day since, and have sex almost every day with my son, to become interested in various sex son, during which at last,
anal sex with son I. There are lighted by
husband, son Peter ○ thick device, is inserted ~ Oh come on Susan called the feeling of being violated,
also very excited about finally getting my vagina hole Vibe was put on hold, while being inserted into the anal, cum feel great, I embarrass myself aloud new.
At that time, or a person is no longer my son, what are they, I know I would not get it.
But even now on, if possible, until they tired of my son, I think I want to be loved all the time.

Dear uncle 2

The 18-year-old Ayano.
to serve as sex slaves for your uncle. I had got to be a virgin
19 from leaving home and start living in the house near his uncle.
even think H and uncle every day to get things, you get it wet H Please see the girl wrote.

Recently, my son

It is often a number of short pieces I noticed that when you dry your laundry to the laundry recently, because I wore shorts last take a bath I put in a washing machine.
next day, one more reason I hang out with the laundry. My son has never looked
room while I went to school my son, my shorts have been found in the desk from then, my mother, I surprised my son at the same time How do you feel worried if I'm not looking for a.

My daily routine

I'm going to send the room my husband and son in the morning. It is to ask for her son as a woman rather than a cause for her son. He went to the room
son still sleeping. I was touched by the lower body while sleeping face of a beloved son that is already hot.
He will expose his penis to me with pride of the morning I wake up in the kiss. I'm no good at it and he refuses to suck his penis Eru is a superficial thing.
sperm mouth and I take first thing in the morning dark and he goes out of the room. I make his lunch while tasting sperm back to the kitchen.
wants out of his thick sperm into my pussy really hot, but you 疼Ita. The rest soon.
I will report again.

My discourse incest

One day my brother obvious excitement and mother like son incest 記Sou on tape without asking for it to come up with the humiliation after another, let me call my brother.
"I'm a good mother. I am still your mom wants her son good vibes are thrust," "Brother do not say anything bad"
"hear this sound? today's mother who I'm wet muddy" three consciousness in terms of a let down two men in three words like incest to deepen the vague person,
is the erogenous body trembling climax. "You know, your son or your mother I'm tough but I tightening move," "Why Copyright? Yukiko'm cool cool!"
"I'll look ik, well I'll take it to amazing! Look Ikuu ! "

The son of

○ interface looks like a set of hiding her husband and son will be six months.
21-year-old son, I will be 46 years old. led to the
was talking on the phone with my friends.
always the husband's complaints and, after about 30 minutes, told us a mother's complaint, I will talk about food and bargains on that day, one son and my son the same age I was talking about masturbation.
I also know that a child is a child like a cozy and elegant, slim to Kimutaku.
happens to be my friend, take the laundry to go to the bathroom, a son, and they masturbated in the bathroom, I saw my friend said a good source of Peter ○ .
"the thickness, the larger one size than her husband in length, there is a warp glans dark red is about vibes large Because I wet hot lower body just to look, in the toilet too Did you masturbation "Hey,
not talk like that.
my son sometimes, you look into my bathing naked at the time, so like I'm masturbating to my underwear while listening to the phone I've been wet panties 火照Tsu body somehow.
while after the phone sat on the couch for a while, before I knew it was turning gently rubbed his hand into cracks in wet panties, too. I thought in my head
that time my son comes back soon, but consoled himself with his fingers, trying to do if attacked by a pair of young sons ○ varnish is considering such a thing ..., < br> getting so excited, and was moving vigorously fingers.
rub their breasts with one hand, legs wide open, put your hand inside the panties, masturbation while in a daze, I suddenly felt a sign of life, looking at the door, < br> Take off your pants off. briefs, there was likely his son hanging about to attack.
son has been on my overhanging cover.
I do not even voice.
son suddenly from the side of my panties wet, erect, and the device has been inserted ○ Peter. Once
, seem to strike such a pleasure that was thrust into the hot, hot iron bars, but I "had" to reach all the way back to the source clung to his son Peter ○ aloud and a floating welcomed.
kissed me after my son, moved back hard, "Ah, mother!" So, now let your body rigid, we pumped the hot liquid into my vagina.
son once, "Mom ... I'm sorry ..." and I said, move the database and the hardness ○ pair still have not lost in my vagina and started a second time.
the second time I feel I am no longer shy about raising their voices I turn back the hands of his son in the core of the body to feel pleasure.
From that day, his son become a thumb, so I do not know her husband, her son now has relationships with most of the day.
son to lead us into a lot of things for me to climax in passionate than her husband. Can not wait to Oshiku source
○ pair of young sons of my body that I'm scared of you. After a set of database
○ son and his genitals while wiping with tissue, things like this beast, Yamenakya fast, but I always head,
been embraced his son's shoulder , and the gentle caresses, had gone to the back of the body to react quickly, I would look forward to the insertion of the device as 濡Resobotsu ○ vagina hole pair young. It is shame on
, becoming this year, and Job, and a set of interface ○ night in the park, or on the train Rimokonbaibu of the first things that have never ever experienced There also was forced to experience,
might had been trained to be stuck in just six months between my son asked. The set of source
○ husband and gotten longer feel the body, but almost disappeared in the night life with her husband, as in the younger son and a fresh set of database ○ instead I feel the joy of the woman.
But to say people will feel corruption can not erase all means let me posted on the site of some of our gathering here the same experience, feeling a little lighter.

16 anxiety son

I'm also getting full.
little rest for a while in the convenience of PC. Here are some new
our being. Thank you.

Brother and two

I love my brother, I was a virgin can give a brother sister
recently got to go against a brother becomes sister H. Please see my
H writes.

A son

yuna himekawa[16340]
I am a homemaker. I am 32 years old, 27 year old husband, 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son is a family of four.
I have something like a petit incest me the other day.
I did not know what's ripe in insect bites or look to come back in tears and half the cock hurts you go to kindergarten five-year-old son suffered skin
I feel like I was red and swollen on the inside. I want to come off the peel thing too painful,
more came out behind the glans and I was raised with a cotton swab to coat the drug.
real use of children in kindergarten is five years old, but your tiny Chinchin large hard but I was not able to Shiro's something. Why
stimulate the urethra near the mouth swab drug I ended up painting about a mischievous mind with wonder and pleasure, but I feel fine and my son reacts to real voices, but what is
出Sanakatta As is also reflexively moved like a cock,
was like Why do not I can definitely feel a little out and put the swab into the urethra.
as I clench forces from entering the match, like the movement was inspired by a hand swab did not miss mat arrived.
Even though my son had gone to no real reason to do a little bit excited to be a young child will react to me, "You still hurts,
saliva from the mother to make me feel good to spit painful 付Ketara I'll give you with, "he said in
not hear me reply in the tongue and nothing besides stimulating the mouth opening of the urethra, the son've heard how you breathe while in 上目使I Kkiriri Omoi Mashita.
I told my son was still in his hand an tampering to understand.
remaining after such guilt, and persistent as anyone can tell you my son is still worried about whether
talk to someone not feeling pushed again and again.

My beloved son

Natsuko is called. 46 years old. My husband died two years ago. Haruo is now living alone with two sons.

what I'm horny nature. When her husband was alive, and had sex three or four times a week. I usually ask from me. My husband has me accordingly, and even the late 40's still did not quite like a heavy burden. The untimely death of her husband too, I guess it was my place sake too. I would've run out of energy. I am sorry that I did. But, being widowed, I was bored I'd like to prime the body of 40. I also cheated. Also for adultery. Company boss or employer, or an elderly man I met at the gym, with no choice but to 疼I bodies, randomly anymore, I was about to be talked about in the neighborhood. I still wonder why people did not last long. I would have abandoned me. Nasty little that even a man who, might get involved in as to avoid dangerous.

the meantime, my eyes gradually, my man most familiar, so I became devoted to my son. Haruo son is now 19 years old, is a freshman in college. I still had a child, one day, came back from the club, taking a shower at home was clean yourself when you are. Been doing pretty good body, attached somehow, I've noticed that the eyes of that. There are 175 centimeters tall. Was greater than my husband. To beat. I had felt a man to his son. Pretty well equipped to face, it's handsome. I manly, I, and I would, again, something that the other guy, Haruo disappearing from your mind, want someone to Haruo, I've come all at once what you can do on Susan . But as a mother, I tell my son that, should not be. Worried. Days by the continued anguish for many days. Appetite came down. One day soon, I was asked by Haruo. "Mom, these days somehow, I seem to have bad complexion, body, do not wrong?" "No, I do not mind.'m All right. But I thank you worried," "My mother, mother dear me So I come along "" Yes, I'm sorry you got to worry, because it really okay "

Haruo are still looking at my face. I also watched the faces of Haruo returns. ... Not a kid anymore, I'm not a child, I would fine adults
Oh, Haruo, and this feeling of me, can I have noticed, that my mother is like you, I love Haruo I cried. "Mom, I'm not tired, massaging shoulders Do you want me" "Thank you, Haruo, well, a little bit, and I try to ask" "Well, lying there, I'm prone"

I became prone to spreading a blanket on the carpet. Rub gently on the shoulder makes me a big hand Haruo. Has been gradually on the lower, more slowly until 揉Mihogushi us from the back waist. "Haruo, You're good at, where you learn?" "Yeah, I'd be in the senior club massage Yarasa something" "Well, to do that?" "Yeah, I guess, but I become a senior appears, this time to teach younger, I did receive, "" I'm so, I shall order it. But you really, you better "

Haruo hands down more, my ass comes down to. Ah, but just because your ass did not elaborate, Haruo will cease to rub on your butt. "Mom ass, I really soft. Puyonpuyon, I'm," Oh, what, not embarrassing, but somehow my body core Gaji Yurunto I'm feeling really good You will see revitalization. Haruo is allocated to expand to rip my ass, put your thumb through the inside of the thigh, and makes a jerk rub. ... Ah, so much When I Is not gonna crazy. I

, Haruo, you go, thanks to 起Ki直Tsu and sat down. Climb up the blood on her face is aflame. Haruo very close to the face. I looked into my eyes. I also watched Haruo Kaeshimasu eyes nice face. Oh look who is intertwined with two sticky, Haruo is my mother's voice to that call was hoarse, his face buried in his chest Haruo, good, very pleasant It was good mother, do not worry me, Haruo, I know, Haruo feelings, Mom, I know I say, I look up and, staring eyes Haruo ... so as to present her lips and eyelids closed and wait. Haruo lips soon ah, at last, even in this I had a mother that I do, happy, me more aware of my feelings that Haruo, smoke more, Oh I also Soutto 絡Memasu tongue tongue tongue Soutto Haruo come through do not worry, I will not kiss like mother and child Okay ... I kissed a man and a woman, I like to hug him and kiss his body nice body embracing me Oh he already dying, numbness

I'll be exploring his hand on my chest. Remove button blouse, put his hand inside Oh, again, I was taking the whole, it's nice to finally bare, and I will gently massage your baggage Ro ... Oh, so moving the nipple head Motage feeling good, Haruo finger across it, and Korikori Ah, and I ran ー pleasure and ran electricity. Intact, while Haruo and embraced, fell. Remains firmly pressed his lips meet. Is still embraced by the entire body. My mother turned on his big body, heavy? ... I'm all right, Mom, and you want to feel the weight, so, Haruo it is pressed against the body to make me move Oh, I do, do not worry, but again , Well I'm Lovely Idol Jattara off, off to Jatsu, Haruo

I also take off from take off everything on two and even wore And, naked and Mashita. The mother and son to get naked, hugging each other and then another, this time Oh you match the skin and skin, raw skin and skin feeling like this I feel downright Iemasen Have you Fure合I beloved of his skin, me, and hugged him and thought so even if I do, my mother took this leave to be yours to, I was under his body Haruo propagates the crotch. Anymore, and Zuppuri wet, waiting for those oh his stout, Haruo, give, give, you quickly. Haruo is I'm looking at my eyes and I, Mom, I put yeah, do not worry, put, can I put.

Thus, Haruo and I are now men and women. Then three months, I longer just Haruo. I just love Haruo. Haruo will not let me be satisfied. Give me an eye for other men. Haruo just love to treasure my Haruo it just me, my precious son, my dear lover, all dedicated to me.


I am 40 years old husband and 40 year son is 20. It may
doting on his only son was in a rebellious phase and personality does not equal gentle son, a child could not be put to trouble and their parents. The relationship of husband and
since high school, the first man, of course, to get married and pregnant in college and I still love my husband and I, we made love a couple times a month.
in the sticky with my husband love it, I was also coming in physical contact with his son riding, what it had to be evil, guilt and regret as soon as is now becoming It is.
January that year, studying her son from behind, as usual,
"sum of her, I'm an adult present What do you want?"
"Hey? What? What do you want? "
It may be wondering at this everyday with my son, there is no special thing.
trying to touch or hug the body, many people in my one-sided exclusively with the mother saying her son was really no choice but spoiled.
"Yeah? You're grown up"
"I hope your mother? let mom!"
my son, "quickly" to the bed and holding, this his son is the first thing,
"from there? okay with this lady?"
joke on me and just thought,
"Sure! I'm at my mom decided to say!"
"From since I was little I loved!"
"well ~ I did! happy!"
"Really? What I was more patient in panties"
"If then, I should sooner say "
panties from my son said, I do not know it at all,
" What? What panties? What you panties? "
" Talks! "
hands across my face and my son, getting a kiss, panties and nice, good mother, I?
no joke, and serious action is nothing but a joke son, I know I am gripped my heart has been rubbed is no time to kiss you surprised his son, his son has also ridden push back , becoming trapped under arms, into the hands of his son in a skirt, in underwear, in the quickness and touch my body, left hand can not do anything that resistance is still barely touch the hand of his son clitoris movement,
"is a superscript it is impossible to prevent OMAE!"
remember the words of the husband, but my husband knew about it until told by my position of the female genitalia, and feet so can break the case was closed position, while I was in my son's finger easily.
is trying to pay his son's hand in my groin, under the stimulus of the clitoris is compulsory, the state had until the finger into the female genital stimulation would also want to deny that is not possible becoming more and more running, getting away rising libido aside,
"I have great wet!"
bra clothes were also lifted, stimulation of the tongue is sucked nipples licked by breast and the other reaction was any way they can in agony. clitoral stimulation to 登Ri詰Me
man opened his son's feet were thrust is incorporated take off your underwear,
pleasure cum like a stretch,
man son violently
aloud, his agony is only mad,
also been supportive of the taking off clothes,
had become depressed emotion naked embrace.
men know only my husband, but I am also satisfied with the workings of the night and no complaints, so driven insane by the continuous stimulation, the pleasure be engrossed in agony again, is to help but hit 回Ranaku Nota a series of non violence,
"Ah wow wow ー A"
What I like how the words came out,
like female genitals become the focus become a repetition of such behavior had, had become a point of female genital they concentrated on his groin.
"Wow! I Bisshobissho!"
to hear the voice of the son from his groin female genitalia,
wet so I have my son Kaki回Sa men,
disgusting The noisy-ish sound, full of sound,
comes to brains from female genitalia and echoed,
突Ki抜Ki son of man,
more likely to faint state swooningly, <br > to be seen with her son, as if my actions were asked to love one another.
became aware spaces, with no choice but to react naturally with life as husband,
"vagina nice vagina ーー I do!"
times Adultery in answer to my son screaming man was shouting in response. we respond to pleasure
登Ri詰Me times,
body becomes exhausted,
in this iteration, or how much it was a long time,
"I'll walk!" <br > "vagina getting banged up coming into vagina come!"
Yogari completely insane while the other, I do not even taste the pleasure they will enjoy soaking up the son ejaculation felt had received.
"terrible mother! let ... Dad is a translation"
even talked to my son can not even answer, my son looked at 薄目,
body is filled with obvious pleasure,
"I ーーー jitter" and 痺Reta still reverberates throughout the body,
son's body to reliably large overlap,
feel gentle embrace, not far, son, <br > They become the body of my dear man,
finally got off fierce storm of pleasure,
naturally become even easier breathing,
suffered actual physical relationship with real son back to.
However, my female genitals, beaten to a stake,
son of man, even where they 突Ki抜I deep deep,
減Ri込Nda to keep my female genital he taught men leave crowded fitted momentum.
words to be able to do something,
"adult present, I now Conclusion"
"from my mother got it, Mother thing I like mine!" < br> "I can not! just today, I only today!"
"Then it would not be present?"
"gift is mine forever!"
"Really? Well then - I never take care! "
" Yes! Masu Yomi's see it! "
" Ah! No! - ーーー Ah! "
思Enakatsu declined even after the ejaculation, as man or his son,
move violently back 突Ki抜Ki,
what happen to my body, pleasure come together at the same time,
Athleticism his son through the female genital fill my
strong force of men, thick, big, long,
appeal to all my female genital none,
husband, the son of real pleasure they get covered in all forgotten Mashita.
me like that entered the fantasy world of flip turn,
causes us to understand the face of things look slightly worthless son,
in love that there is no end of things with my son was.
hug her son addicted to the pleasure hungrily,
taught my husband, "pussy" on blast,
thing was exhausted going into the endless joy to 登Ri詰Me fits.

ejaculation is the second son of a faint memory,
subducting stargazing in bed,
not had sex for so fierce,
no body force, remnants of men remaining in the female genital son,
with upward from the female genitalia, have never compromised rarely flows,
or how much flow a lot, I feel cold ass neighborhood Masu.
have a shower after a great struggle, also gone missing strength to make dinner and took my husband home to meet 店屋物. also uncertain memory
told my son to go out, check email,
"from the home at night, come to bed!"
"The other night I can not! - Someday "
to know the answer, returning home with his son and also, his son will escape from the room toward the bed.
men to Shaburitsui son of yuan that pleasure, the sight of a great man her son to check, I also feel pleasure to suck the pleasure.

Sex with my brother

One day, back to the room and was dressed only bath towel into the bathroom late at night.
the way, did you watch the video masturbation while sitting on the couch casually 覗Itara from inside the door was open a little brother.
I gently approached from behind, but saw the younger brother desperately realizing Iteta Shigo dick.
I said, "feel good?" I was hiding, but eventually I was to put both hands in pants dick in a hurry to say. I sat next to his brother
amused, "You're the way yet, I'll help you" get your fingers touching the tip Kojima put their hands in the hands of his brother saying that in or.
little since my hands are free to say what his hands away I thought it felt good to resist.
while holding the pole up and down Shigoki "You feel good," said his brother saw the hand of the heavy breathing that I have said nothing in Shigo. I watched the shimmering
and reflected on where my mouth to blow job video of them, "Do you want your mouth like a video topic?" My brother nodded in silence. I kept Shigoki
hand up and down the pole head including the mouth while tongue licks things endure juice was slippery. My brother immediately
"Yes, has already come out," I tried to let go of my mouth to say that the head moved up and down vigorously with both hands holding his brother back. My brother finally becomes impossible
patience, as it did ejaculate in the mouth. Now I have to swallow semen Tappuri mouth and release the body to kiss his brother while Shigoki hand,
brother started touching my body. Chestnut chestnut dick and doing a finger to remove the nipple boobs rub the towel I was hard to recover as soon as Bing. At that time did
wet pussy is really excited too.
Now I no longer possible to endure, while kissing and straddling over his brother to move back and forth while his brother sat on something contained in your hands hardened my brother
Deta rub vigorously on breasts. If you are working like crazy and my hips, my brother became so hastily withdrawn stet,
splattered my face and body has been launched with sufficient vigor Shigoku cum hard while licking your hand. And I'll tell you something my brother lick clean wiping it with tissue,
I was a happy face.
Since then, I'm having sex with my brother on a daily basis. Than the unstoppable feel with my boyfriend


I will look like five months to continue a physical relationship with his son who was 18 years old. I
Until then, only man my husband did not have experience. So
me, you son of a man with real experience in the second person.
did the previous six months. I secretly look
husband's cell phone act weird began with the discovery of intimate e-mail with a woman there. my husband and I
grill, and a big fight with misplaced anger against the husband who, I was hit by a master 突Ki飛Basa.
son heard the big noise there, come between my husband and I broke up, I gave my husband to stop the violence.
husband is no room to be cool, to send out Zeliff away, went out of the house. I
, frustration, and frustration, I broke down on the spot.
to worry about my son, I did not step away from the side, "that the mother is okay now, back to the room ..." she said, with a crisp one, I'm on Susan unable to endure the emotions come, weeping and cried while pressing the killing.
cry too much because, headaches come out, go for a drink one put to bed headache was always while lying in bed.
Then, to knock on the door, brandy and ice to bring her son, "If you take a bit ... I feel calm" and recommended me.
son drink a drink so, if the lock of my own making, so as to be looked into my son, "What happened ..." has been heard.
I've told my son that my husband's cell phone.
son said, a little while, but a puzzled look, no it does not speak ill of my husband, "When tomorrow to work sometimes, I'll come back ..." and was frankly.
and "More importantly, my mother, I watched did not hit back?" I worry about me.
"Well, you mention it, somewhat like a sore ..."
"Where is the ship drugs? Toi I'll put in as a precaution"
to give first aid kit in my closet, my son The ship pick up a drug, "prone to try to" sat on the edge of my bed saying.
still be told, I put the side boards brandy, and as prone to bed, my son is a quick roll up on a T-shirt, "Oh, now I'm getting a little pale," he said Petain and put me back to a ship off the hook of the bra.
"thank you" and I said, my son, "so I'll massage followed by" and say, T-shirts roll up still raised, back and shoulders started to gently massage the skin.
of the hands of his son, has been relentlessly around touching the breast that extends from the bulge in my sides.
"Thank you ... well ... you go ..." and I said, "If it were ... I say thank you, facing the breast, too, let me breathe ..." I said to her son.
certainly, I think I was joking, and hanging on his back, hands Innovation cycle on my shoulder, looking down at me, "Hey ... just a little ..." I get nervous and said with an exhausted look.
then, what reason they were paralyzed with pain medication is effective and brandy I also put his T-shirt breast and roll up, I had my son's mouth moistened.
be the beginning of the mistakes I have become parents.
nipples sucked on his lips while his son, I went to a strange feeling to health.
realized how sensitive it, my son has turned his hand around my waist while naturally including nipples.
Shows and at the mercy of my son with his eyes closed, as has been tracing the crack fondle dick panties at him from the top of the skirt in hand 滑Ri込N son.
and trying to jitter a pleasure to come come up with Jean from the dick with finesse or so, come to enter from the side of the panties get her son was moving, getting to caress list ○ chestnut mouth and vagina moist Mashita.
startled me back to our "Dametsu!" and shouted, and forces 込Memashita 押Shi退Keyou in the arms of his son's head continues to suck the breast.
Then, my son, "Mom ... I want ..." he said, came in today to grab hold of my arms.
"What are you talking about?" The more you struggle on the bed I Mogake Ge's voice, and you hold my son put his arm strength has on the body by pressing down with looms. I gradually went weak in my power to resist them.
missing the power of arms finally had resisted, so something is broken inside me, "I can not afford something like this ... ..." and murmured, her son suddenly my mouth tongue have entered into.
sucked his lips while his son is rubbed her breasts, erect nipples, as her body, I sensed that my son reacts completely, from the nape of my neck, both shoulders We crawled and tongue, while sucking the breast with back, breast massages have your other hand.
I first burned the back of the body on fire already, for fear that the threat is going to feel my body anymore, "Please! cheese!" again and again begged for his son.
But it is not only fleeting resistance, so I did not let the emotions of a budding ruler of the minds of his son on the contrary.
son to cause half, stripping my skirt and panties at the same time become a bold, bare and lower body, I have a split licking dick head buried in my crotch suddenly. I
"bad stop" and the pleading over and over again but, according to the movement of a tongue licking his son relentlessly turning the sensitive parts of my vagina, like the ripples that come rushing deep pleasure had to do anything with the power of the whole body through.
relentless son stops long canyon, looking through half-closed eyes, aim and hold the device in my dick erect ○ pair have not seen much larger son was already naked was trying to insert.
I have a moment, out of fear of the incestuous mother, "No, by" the upper body to wake up and screaming, and I deeply and consistently pulling up my vagina hole device almost simultaneously his son Peter ○ It is.
son becoming a piston wildly obsessed with something so intently, my abdomen was intense enough to bow under pressure from becoming warped.
now, my son suddenly spit out all the semen that had been accumulated, while showing an expression of ecstasy, filled with holes emit large amounts of semen in my vagina.
At that moment, feeling hot and what's also cut me deep pleasure while tasting, without knowing his son was clinging to his back.
end of a long ejaculation, when I unplug the device opened last ○ son Peter, I feel guilty big "to stop such a thing ever again ..." his son said.
next day, the pendant a sulky face came back to my husband continues to behave like my son and I have nothing.
still has not made her husband out on the weekends, I golf, I get-together, to say the house is vacated.
such a night, and now seek the body of my son came into the bedroom. At first I
, which had refused several times, about, twice, three times and exposed to the naked son, tough young son much more than my husband, a violent sexual Fierce While continuing to take, "I once and again ..." she said, husband and I are different, and no husband and could not be reached, 覚E込Ma away the joy of being a real ... midnight , I turned up waiting for the arrival of his son.
Now, my son was hugging and I was deprived of his lips drawn back to his example as a mother is gone somewhere, hold on to his son's neck, a wave of pleasure in my heart And my son I want to become a woman.


The first post is a divorced 30-year-old. I have a nephew that differ by only 10 years old. The children of my eldest brother. My brother and I have 14 years apart, but in the meantime has three older sisters. Kyung nephew name. The child was born when I was still in elementary school, for my youngest is in high spirits rather than remember the happy couple could feel like his brother rather than nephew and brother.

I entered the apartment after the divorce the family lived before his brother. Entering the home because my brother was the eldest son to his parents passed away. Home and apartment building, so to say 5 minutes walk away, without any reason to know nothing about living in the land, to live alone and I think good parents just too wide.

story is that two months ago. My brother died a couple's matchmaker can now go to Kyushu in the air. I was asked to do to take care of her only meal For Kei. That evening, Kei-chan came here with a souvenir. Was wine. What have made me older brother Kei-chan, I drank over dinner I love fine wine, Kei. Two people were relaxing on the sofa in the living room after dinner while drinking wine even remained. I had been leaning on her stance as somehow Kei partly because of sickness, I grew up as siblings, I was also quite naturally acted in such a state. I would never have it so.

holding my shoulder and I suddenly brought near Kei-chan. "What happened? Got drunk?" At this point, leaning against her was too Kei no resistance yet. "I think the first kiss I was my sister, Masako" "Well, yes, it's true?" I had to kiss her Kei gave it had fallen the day before my wedding too. I was a little lip but slight overlap. Kei-chan is the thing I was saying. "Hey, want to kiss again?" "What are you talking about, and Kei-chan I'm drunk," "Come on, you say something like this at almost drunk" "I Me ー! Me your dad's sister, Aunt What is it, "and" are you saying that now do. I'll think that my sister, "" You spoiled still more if her sister. that sort of thing does not take her, "" Sister Mako, Come on! "Chan Kei say that repeatedly and we will aggressively toward the face of my own. I have resisted starting to focus on the body there, the power of her enemies Kyung slightly, it has gone through a gradual force also helped wine and drunkenness. I entered her tongue in the mouth Kyung 絡Mi合Imashita my tongue. Whether it was aware of Kei-chan is unknown, it was a good kiss her husband broke up several times. His tongue entangled with obsession I had clung to the Kei-chan. We rub her hand on my chest in the meantime Kei. I return to where we "will not do anymore. I like this secret to anyone," said Kei-chan and 引Ki離Shimashita. "Sheesh, I wish cold" Kei-chan and complain, "Do not say stupid! Now, go home soon," I said that I left the place. But actually I went into the bedroom to reduce feelings of pride and embarrassment I mean. It is a plus for the toilet waiting to get palpitations subsided, taking off underwear was wet at the time embarrassed about. Raretara looking at this very thought, but soon returned to the living room to go home You Tose Kei-chan, Kei-chan and I was gone to sleep on the couch. Blankets and I was hanging so I have no choice but to think happens too much calling out. I got in the bath and have a change of clothes. I noticed that you are slippery in the groin while the body wash. Become a stimulant and it also put a hot water shower, "like," I sigh out. When I was like ready to have a shower masturbation as it continues to rely on, it came in the door opened her naked Kei.

The father and brother sex slaves

We soon married couples became sexless. Perhaps because I am no longer attractive
, you got a husband or lover even less
gradually the body may be required anyway, the last three years is the perfect sex.

was the first time and spent my 20s because it was anguish.
brother was kind to my husband in such a case.
lived in a neighboring town, which is six years older brother's living with my parents.
trouble to consult, he (husband) I have no interest in old woman, her hull'm attractive enough, and it comforted me. We will now soon
relationship between. Unlike her husband and
skinny, muscular body and brother are large, sometimes forcefully, sometimes gently me love me.
of my brother and keep secret weapons, we are healed, no longer be dissatisfied with her husband back home late every night.

been noticed that more and more from his greedy past 30 days, spending a day like that. I want to be more loving mermaid

more messy
more and more ...
once a week, and look forward to coming to visit the little boy stepbrother
Mushaburitsuki outside the front door, dressed Now sometimes you want to be fucked. What I'm afraid to
of me so horny, brother visits gradually between now be free. Sun
consoled myself, but not loved, was going to be crazy.

in the meantime, I also became father to have a relationship.
now, I'm 36 years old, 62-year-old father. Does not your father's
is feeling fit, I abused us with ropes and tools. Also in the vibe
shines there, and relentlessly licking clitoris tied
and then can not move well, I'm going crazy until the blame on the brush and massager.
and there were shaved hair, and you do not mind can trace bound. My husband does not even look
from my body ...

I am now is a self-confessed sex slave father and brother.

Grandma virginity

"I want to say came from the lonely from Grandma comes to stay," said the mother made it. They are sleeping next to my grandma woke up suddenly at night to rise from the bath room grandma always like, "Shota Ine cute ~ e" hardened dick my dick Nurutsu across the crotch and move the hips and grandma always different, "Utsuutsu ~" tip of the penis did not hurt 剥Ke lukewarm treatment still holding the cock hardened default groan as "jitter" is strangely pleasant sensation came "Utsuutsu ~ ~" Grandma made "I Naishou mom? Yokatta feelings ~ you" to Obaachan virginity? ? ? ?

My brother ...

Fir has been Shidaka grab the chest from the stomach back in bed with me. Chinpo
while pressing hard in the ass to get up and surprised "I'll knock up to resist," he found his brother and threatened his voice and addressed to the neck knife.
"big brother how you doing this?" Stop and say "I'm useless no one cried," and laughed. The nipple and pinched
strong "take off your clothes before turning" was ordered this. I hesitate to have "
brother do you want the child pregnant? Ask if I can put into her pussy and I say I'll shut up?" He said.
I slept on his back with a single off his pajamas panties reluctantly. Tits in one hand while my brother is sometimes Mushaburitsuki Yamezu the pinch of the nipple "Do you feel?"
"Might get a bigger nipple tease so," let bother me. I had been a nipple torture more than 30 minutes to become painful indeed
"forgive from getting sore boobs big brother" and said "you want me to lick her pussy?" Bite and suck the clitoris and laughter for.
squid many times I was feeling a virgin gone.
"your body is feeling squid toy I'm going to be in the future" has been tied behind my back and I will be on all fours. Coloring
has put lotion on cock and ass. "Ouch ouch! Fit that! Forgive me!" To escape with his brother and shook hips without Okamai
"Whatever I'm hurt you! You're a toy, but I I hope 気持Chiyokerya! squid Let me thank you You're doing it with the ass like you do not want pregnant! "
" touch your ass here! You were not cool to be pregnant with her pussy put your ass! " threatened strike ass. I'm afraid to shake your butt pregnancy. I get severe pain Every move runs tears. My brother started
Kurimawashimasu dough and pinch her nipples while the piston. "Ouch, ouch, forgive me!'ll Tore nipples!'ll Tear ass!
許Shitee ~" My brother is belker "All right," Abi went to the shower and quickly without the cock. I thought it helped to hear the sound of the shower not move bound.
brother is back soon. Miserable miserable to be dressed like that are open to expose gaping ass "as they brother!" And say "you think I'm done?
I'm still not cum," and say, pinch my nose "ERO suck!" Imarachio to push the head with a cock. Tears flooded
know that pain is not over with yet.
"'ll become so good at the mouth in the back," I grabbed the waist back and doing this.
"Uo ass can not stop! which allow the squid in your mouth!" said his brother came in and pushed into her pussy, not my anal virginity. "I told you because resistance of pregnancy?"
"Ouch ouch my brother, a virgin! Do not!" "I got into the U is not about a virgin too. Ik Roman: Come to the bear." "No! Ouch! Ouch! help ~! "
" he also raped her pussy through ass too.'ll get them from you want to, "" A hate ~! Uyamete too! hurts! forgive! "
" pain I want to end the squid no longer! say I feel good! "" Oh it feels good ~! Please feel cum from U ~! hurts ~! "
" machine will now receive her brother's sperm I say! "
" would say open crotch when I want a toy brother! "while the last is forced Wasa Rei" Please cum poured,
Please let pregnancy "Wasa Rei up with Remashi Shisa Nakade or. I fucked pussy anal are bound, and every evening.


yuna himekawa[16095]
It was a holiday. The past midnight the night before my husband few days off topic, you slip from there for people who wake up and legs,
to do such a thing just falls to my husband, "Welcome back." "Yes." to cooperate to take off your pajamas and underwear for my husband
sit and float. To feel stuck, as usual, and momentum like something different from usual, but I felt great.
"You're amazing today." "I'm very pleasant." My husband and I come and hug me in an ordinary way 捲Ku blankets,
working hard to remain hidden in the quilt, "Aa you going? You! are you going? "I always like to meet my husband was shouting. It was a
spits out what it means to me along my husband still works hard to hide, I have gone, its not out yet but my husband,
"You come! "I was shocked at the moment they Tta 捲Ku a quilt frozen. Be here in my groin in my son's son just turned Takashi Hazime.
not even voice. The jump came as the son and overlapping, intense, and can not do anything anymore.
will feel as much pleasure from this mode also reject the libido. Always the masters of what was clearly felt differently
has become more intense stimulation and they know it feels like the momentum stabbed her son. In addition to not feel welcome anymore
climax I just got to go again. I blew up my son to match and it would not force me intensely mad.
feeling anger does not come to dwarf you have no other words, what can I do, or not fit in it once this relationship,
like Barack and his master to successfully do all these things are finally over戻Retamashita is, you can see the pleasure of running through the body to start moving again, son.
put power as a way to get stopped. "I love like my mother." He works hard to move and desperately,
still run strong in spite of terrible second. Ah, incest. While her son was attacked by a hug or something and end up like this pleasure.
pleasure to come up against incredible momentum behind the back, the other in the head is white, but was no longer possible to go 悦Bu represent best be met.
went rapidly turned into joy goes deeper relationship with his son and from this day.

My discourse incest

I am 41 years old. 10 years ago to break up with her husband, two sons and lives in one school year. Recently moved to the position and saw the laundry basket bath Agari no panties taken off earlier. Edge? No way he feels his son, in front of the room you 通Ri過Giyou son, I saw that the panties masturbation rubbing my cock while watching her son sex video from the door slightly open. Look into that for a while, my son, "his mother said," I understand the behavior of the ejaculation. I have to pretty
ejaculation mother and son said, 寄Semashita holding the door open or abandon her son was excited. My son is embarrassed because it was what I seen me naked, was turned down.
I went into watching naked measured upward from the bath into a room of her son. First, my son, I was surprised, I'm not saying I want you to make that night, all dedicated to his son.

My discourse incest

I broke up with her husband 10 years ago, 41 years old, who lives in a two-year high school with my son. Recently, there was no wrong and panties look so much out of position to take off their bodies while wiping Agari laundry basket bath. Edge? We walked through the front of the room while her son never thought my son.
peek from the open door and a little son, I had to masturbation panties rubbing my cock while watching sex videos.
about five minutes have passed, my son, "his mother said," I understand the behavior of the ejaculation. I have a cute son mom likes to ejaculate, and I was hugging my son opened the door and abandon what was excited. My son and substantial shock to
Dattarashiku've seen such a sight I was looking down. I went into watching naked measured upward from the bath into a room of her son. I hope today is to make you like that night, all dedicated.

15 fear of my son

I did I fill up again. Thank you for writing
sometimes I think SEX is what I'm talking about good,
you want me to so many people are looking forward
give us 15 bullets. There was also our SEX time I thought I'd also like something like this to continue at length excited to come to climax the diary could not finish writing away ever know this because people look forward to Mashita.
my fans (what I think I ?^^)< br> SEX thank you my son and my diary.

Please tell me

My 41 year old homemaker. And son three years ago to intersect. Sun informed her son safe, except for that day, said to pass on to wear a condom, the script does not hear trouble. Please tell me how to do something not pregnant.


I was Alisa, and I married in the spring of this year with my dad. There is little
my dad back even 190, but his dad because I like 172,
Okkii I think that girl is. Skin color is but I like it a little 白Kere Mom, Dad and I will praise a cute light brown. 20 years since coming to Japan
dad I was born 19 years, and Mom divorced last year, I was in Chiba,
after becoming such a relationship, moved to live in Tokyo now I get. Daddy Daddy's home (rural Minnesota), the well-known as a story,
truth is I, the relationship is like a little Ya. But when you have sex with dad, Itchaimasu forget that many times. I wonder if black
because I thought, daddy cock Guy in three people have experienced so far is the most Okkii,
hard, painful at first but now hooked. Dad now, so you work at night, soon, will come back around 4:00.
almost every day for about two hours before bedtime, and then have sex with me. I will endure to make a voice as possible though he,
dad so they pretty aloud, the apartment might be famous. Before graduating high school, so I did not think I would with my dad,
doing it every day. Oi you are cute, I love you, can you hear me out. But, even with a holiday drive, always love hotel.
to drive two hours, four times what it was in a love hotel. This little seven months, I felt my mouth Arabia's Daddy's penis every day.

What to do about contraception

My husband and high school classmate, married at age 26. The newlyweds initially had to meet the desires of each other hungrily.
pregnancy, repeated childbirth, child birth since three people were reduced to twice a week, now just select the sex safe day.
gradually decreased to sex, became twice a month, I invite frustration was rejected because we are tired and my husband asked.
when you are going to study abroad to China, my husband invited his sister went to live in the pubs nearby. While
two people talking, drinking, drunk so I do not remember riding home.
in fall unconscious and heavily, I was out over my son 被Satsu in high school. It is partly drunk,
toes wriggle just entering the force, of which I inserted. At the touch of a long time, embracing his son from the bottom,
exercise was to meet my son back. During the ejaculation, was suffering from guilt that sickness was blown away. Are going to wipe the semen spill, tears came out. fortunately spared
pregnancy. Since then my son, when my husband will ask not.満更
but if I instead, I am worried about pregnancy

I love my son

Son in college and has confessed to masturbation mom loved you every day.
I have none of it against his son that masturbation is now showing in front of my cock, I was away. I freaking
gradually, so that the dream became a sex with her son.
last night, and remained naked Nedara son, my son received.
son penis harder, thicker, and they like a wooden stick like dilation seems terrible rage in my vagina.
mind many times I went. Feelings were often dying anyway.
how I usually did not have much to come out full of joy juice. In love with my son.

Come to touch my brother

Into a private junior high school this spring.
brother on the high-three is six, she did not like.
recently that I get to touch me come into my room at night. I pretended to sleep
scared to come too scared to touch while brother. I'm from
silence and this is kinda cute like that. Or depression immediately rolled over to hide it on purpose.
brother last night and it all came from out his array of different.
but I was watching your eyes opened slightly. I like to get my hand and rub. Kimo
I did so with gooey to 大Kikutsu.
intently watched a guy who did something terribly shocked the first time in my life.
from us to have sex with my brother I'm pretending to sleep every night, sex was no longer alone. Conclusion


In the car with his son for the first time I went home to my home from Tokyo in Yamaguchi Prefecture. On the way back was uneventful
become Internet traffic from the vicinity of the highway gods Toumei Ogaki,
off the highway in consultation with inter Itinomiya son, I decided to stay overnight. Driver fatigue is also the son went into a nearby love hotels.
kept saying to my son a bath, cock was pressed against a hug from behind and washing.
fled the spot, but when my son came up from the bath to give up accepted.
Omeko mother son saying the best I could 離Shimasen body until morning. I also
masters vigorous energy and strong body without his son, was reacting to.
two months since then, my husband has sex in secret.

Anonymous comment!

I'm pathetic, but something more anonymous defaming him? Little shame I want to know!

I love my son

If my poor writing less kindly, thank you. Already gone to climb for blood, but I wrote that our incoherent.
But I wanted to die of the truth. As a mother, taking the lives gone cute son born to his mother badly. I had thought it was not alive anymore. I think so still. Yuji sometimes so once confessed. Now, Mom, I can not live, I. Yuji been doing this with, I am sorry for you, me. Yuji has told me. Mom, Do not say that, I'm from my mom that I like, because I love you no longer have my mother, I can not live, i have me. And, also, two people, I got hugs. Was a kiss. The milk had been rubbed. Ah, I love, mother's Yuji, I love you, you will convey my heart beating Yuji let you embrace. Yuji warm breath taking to hear, 囁Kimasu. Mom, I'll call my mom, I'm not. I love my mother more from now on we call it by name anymore, I'm not a mother, And then, that, because I do not have to worry about, really, Sayoko finally, his name I was called on. Came Yunto chest Furuemashita body. Oh, Yuji and I, I'm a lover. So, yeah, yeah, OK, Then, give the name in yon, you. Me too, 恋人Rashiku, I was Yobikake.
Oh, Sayoko, I love you Sayoko, I love, love, and you have to embrace
Yuji, nothing will be forgotten again. Another moment right now, and he loves to love each other, mind and body connection that matches this moment, is all by itself. Now, I really, I do it on?
Oh, you loved me more, I more