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Incest confession of women(2017-03)

The father-in-law

Mom, but still strange.
Though I was committed to mother remarried partner, mom to condemn me only after you have finished to watch in the shade

Masturbation of son

yuna himekawa[29857]
Son 17-year-old, my 41-year-old, lost her ill husband 10 years ago, it has since come to spend every day and Heiheibonbon son and two people lived.
One night, from the son of the room you are sleeping in the next room, because light is attached, but was sleeping I think what is also studying, and peek through the gap of the sliding door since become something mind, something the body and is staring at the motionless what you are doing so in motion, it seemed to be very much to masturbate while looking at the book.
I have a masturbation definitely and have seen staring. I, the body has been flushed become hot.
10 years, bear in lonely thought alone, has been raising children seriously without incident, as awakened in the behavior of the son you are looking now become hot my vagina, will not unbearable feel strange, in the attached panties When the vagina put your hand touching with a finger, it was wet faintly.
When I move the finger, feeling really, was not even that was the thing until now, a long time, will comfortably what had been put up, it feels superfluous and touch the clitoris, put a finger in the hole not unbearable and as the body is trembling now comfortably.
Use your finger to match the son of masturbation, will want to go and touch the clitoris at the same time that the finger was placed in the other one finger, I would say not unbearable and move vigorously fingers, Omowazu when the \"Aa \"and we have aloud.
Noticed his son, it has been the sight of the remains put your hands in the \"Mother, what are you doing?\" And opened the sliding door panty.
\"Mom, my I had a masturbation to see that are\"
asked \"what kind of feeling?\",
\"I for the first time such a thing, ashamed ...\" and issues a hand from the panty while saying,
\" I'm lonely. I, come put your hands in the panty and comfort I'll \", and touch the feel and vagina,
violently been tampered the clitoris placed in the finger,\" I wet really. \" is out, also went becomes likely,
\"Yoku', Iku',\" but I have said, still blame in the finger,
\"the other, yea, yea\" it is said that this time, opened the crotch come with a mouth to vagina blame the clitoris by the tongue, is to suck sandwiched between the lips,
I have said, \"I have jumped out and turned red towards the mother of chestnut skin\".
When the son is sucked tightly rubbing the crack put the tongue into the hole, I was Ikasa also not possible to endure.
Drunk after a long time of sexual intercourse, springing is pleasure, seems to have remembered the sexual intercourse with the old husband, still remaining is pleasure, this state also becomes the mood you want to go many times, and until you are satisfied with the son to want is to have their own I have said that I may be.
Then I, after a long time to drink the man of the semen, the stickiness that was the smell and the drop Innovation Yikes was also taste many times in the lips and tongue.

We will introduce a nympho M woman

S women also M women ... S men M men ...

we have spent every day to hide the Rogue proclivities but
had to know once, that pleasure is not never be forgotten ...
at any time of the spark of the body to live in the house.

Without being known to the husband or wife
from the others wife of M slaves agony in shame until the Queen to become the high heels
will introduce the naughty wife.

S men M men please contact us.

An opportunity to get to know the naughty wife
to you too ...

○ ○ Kyu Roku San Ichi Ni Roku Ichi Yon Hachi

Gender processing of son-in-law

I am a 45-year-old, is virtually of the company management.
She gave birth to a daughter when young, but her husband was divorced 15 years ago.
From the time of farewell, now I help the parents of the company,
because the parent is now the practice is retired, I have to cut and fill.
The house is not built separately from the parent, she lived with her daughter and two people.
At the end of last year, daughter, in marriage we've made with the seniors of the same university, was put enrolled.
Because I want you in the footsteps of any company, we had entered the son-in-law.
In Toka was doing the rugby at the university, it is a beefy strong man.

It is the evening of the weekend.
Daughter by a go to dinner with friends, I was now alone with two people in the house with him.
Because only two people, we have to cook about garnishes with a cup of sake.
He and I both like to drink, but it was still early time, was quite the process advances.
It's adopted son-in-law is as I, because what kind aunt (soon grandmother), and
men and that you are two people did not particularly have in mind.
However, he's a very handsome, so charming, it is not is not mean never was conscious.
I had a sudden thing.
When I was standing in the kitchen trying to Kataso the dishes, he hugged me from behind.
Around the waist, those hard that was Goro' I felt even're pressed against.
I was going to say lightly as \"hi dudes Please do not teased,\" but, voice was hoarse.
While he whispers sweet words, caressing my body, I went to undress the clothes.
I, words only, but had said a \"bad daughter\", \"like this old woman ...\" \"such a thing bad\",
I could not much resistance.
Only the word \"here 's no good\" is very receptive, was Ika brought up to my bedroom.
It has been laid on the futon in most half-naked state.
He eyes to scintillate, like pheromones of the male has drifted up from the whole body, there was also another great state.
Divorce and it made me scared men experience was not at all since, had blurted out that like a maiden say \"I gently to\".
He started from the harsh kiss, such as pouring the saliva, did hungrily also caress,
I was feeling in much likely broken.
Do I have not for a while sex with my daughter, and I noticed.
And finally, ferocious man of the things I came to tear up my woman.
He, like the ferocious beast, nailed the waist, was devoured in my lips and breast.
He is between about 1 hour, 2 times, was ejaculate inside of me.
After that was over, daughter of until it can be sex, had promised the gender processing.

My son's girlfriend ...

"Ah, ah, ah." "It's about time." Silence comes at the end with a voice similar to a scream. Only the sighs of men and women can be heard. After a while, I gently get out of bed and head to the kitchen on the ground floor. I'm Keiko. I'm a bad mother. I have been embraced by my beloved son tonight as well. But I don't regret it. Because that's what I've always wanted. But that is an unforgivable forbidden act. That is why I will talk with a feeling of confession. I had a relationship with my son about two years ago. It was when I was 38 and my son was 17. My son is Yu. As the name suggests, he is a kind child. That was the beginning of September, when the heat was still lingering. I usually go shopping after the part-time job, so I go home after 16:00. However, I was tired that day, so I went straight home. When I opened the front door, I found my son's shoes and I had already returned home. I'm not in the living room, so I'm heading to my son's room on the second floor. I gently opened the door so that it wouldn't get in the way of my studies. Where is it? While I came upstairs, I went to the couple's bedroom to change my clothes. This time I will open the door vigorously. Then there was a son who had a white object on his face.The white one is my lingerie. Mother and child who harden each other. After a brief silence, the son rushes out of the bedroom. I was upset, but I thought it would be unavoidable for a boy of this age to be interested in underwear, so I put back the abandoned underwear and returned to the kitchen. While I was preparing dinner, I couldn't get rid of the previous thing. I wonder why it was my underwear, regardless of magazines or the internet. When I was making dinner while thinking about that, my husband called me. Tonight, I was in a hurry to entertain with a business partner, so I didn't need dinner, and I was told that my return would be delayed. Tonight I'm alone with Yuu. I'm a little nervous because of the above. I change my mind and go to call my son. It's bright and hard, as it never happened before. However, there is no reply from the room. There is no sound even if you call it twice or three times. "Dad, I'm alone with my mom because it's late tonight, so let's finish the supper early." Finally the door opened and my son came out. We arrive at the table and eat dinner while talking about school and study as if nothing had happened. "Mom, aren't you angry about that?" Suddenly, my son touches on what happened in the evening. "I was a little surprised, but I'm not angry. I'll forget my mom, so don't worry about Yu-chan." I thought that I could take what was supporting my chest, and listened to my son's next words. I doubted."It's not just today. I've touched my mom's underwear several times before." "Why? Mom's underwear ." "You have to be your mom ." My son looks straight at me. .. "I like my mom." "Hey ... " I'm stuck in words. Along with surprises, different emotions grow in me. (I'm happy) but that can't be forgiven. "Mom, I'm happy, but I use that feeling for my classmates and girls who are suitable for Yu-chan." "I like my mother. I was always alone thinking of my mother . I 've also soiled my underwear. . " vaguely I was aware. I should have washed it, but there were some stains on it. (So ​​much about me ...) I'm full of emotions. It's an emotion that I forgot a long time ago. I felt the back of my body get hot. "I understand." "Then, I'll be Yu-chan's girlfriend only today. But I'm just feeling. Is that okay?" "Really? Is it really good?" "Only mood." "Yeah, I understand. I was. " " well, in advance taking a bath first. mom also from going to the room of the bath finished Once Yu-chan.'s talk while at tea. "My son is immediately out of the bath and in the room. I have a longer bath than usual. Wash your body thoroughly. It's not a ritual for adult fellowship, but a light preparation to not disappoint a son who feels like a lover. I thought so. Get out of the bath and put on your underwear. Even though I don't show it, the white matching bra and pants with beautiful lace. This is my favorite underwear. Wear freshly washed pajamas. Then I brew coffee for two and head to my son's room. Every time I go up the stairs, I feel that my heart beats louder. Standing in front of my son's room, I knock on the forbidden door.


I think while reading your story, your son, or would like a father of the child? Want is love (LOVE)? You want to squid comfortably? I want to meet my desire?
Why seek the relationship between the next of kin?
I am honest frustration, at work stress and socializing of stress, and the son and sex for the elimination of the frustration that stress.
So you have sex let me always wear a condom.
Son has the other female co-Sex does not care if me and my resolve.
I do not seek out the man is carefree because not a later cumbersome to be at my convenience and lived together.
Forget had, my 37-year-old, but is unmarried son is now this year twenty years old.

I have seen the sex with his daughter and son

I came brought up the daughter and son lost his master.
I am 42 years old. Iyo' come also have men, but
I worked very hard for the children.
When you come home the other day after work, I have seen a daughter and son have been sex. I closed the door of the son of the room not say anything.
Tissue that is rounded to see the trash can next day the son of the room
there was. But three also, both have arrived sperm.
Contraception was evidence also does not have.
I do not know how good When you talk about the future.
Please tell me if you have good advice.
Thanking you in advance.

not yet

45-year-old, I have been the mother of junior high school students.
Every day, we throw away the trash of the son of the room.
Every day, Masturbation was after the tissue is ...
I want to pick up in curiosity, and self-control.

Today, trash from now ...

Tonight, son and ,,,

Tonight I, is expected to more than a son and a clear distinction & # 10084; 
I am 49 years old snow to the son of the room will be the woman of his son. 

Instead of the deceased master

The seasons change, and it is early spring. However, it feels like spring is still far away. Ever since I was alone before my husband, I developed Utsu and went to the hospital every day. The long menopause has come to an end, and it seems that the cave of being has become larger. It can no longer be repaired. I have two sons, but they are unmarried but stand alone. Don't worry about them, it's still better. The sons lived together in a studio apartment near the public housing where I live. "I'm lonely." I went into the floor for a long time, and while watching the fire of the electric stove, I saw my face distorted in the back. I swelled my mouth, opened it, and watched the changes while looking at the changes. Fifty girls sleeping alone is like this. Perhaps the wind is strong, the sound of the electric wires ringing can be heard through the window. Did my second son, Akito, tell me that I said "mogari whistle"? What is Akihito doing now? He was a kind child, and he took care of his mother who was intimidated by the world. He introduced me to the hospital, and although I couldn't compare it with my eldest son, Yuto, he did a good job. We had a secret with Akihito that we couldn't tell the hero. ... Akihito shouldn't. I'm so kind to me, who was depressed in all directions. While saying "I'm sorry to my dad," I embraced me. My mother.I was crazy and saw Akihito as a man. And even now. I took the mobile phone at the bedside. And he called Akihito with "One Key". "Ah, Akihito?" He came out immediately. Because it's Sunday. "Mom? What's wrong?" "Now, free?" "Well, what's wrong ?" " Why don't you come? From now on." I was inviting my son. "From now on? It's okay, but" I've been impatient these days. A sly Akihito. Enough, Akihito came by bicycle. "Sabui naa" I thrust my hands into the stadium and came in wearing a knit hat. "Put hot water in the bath and take it in . " "Yeah, do so. With my mom." Akihito laughs nastyly. I think it's similar to my father that some wrinkles that seem to be soft on the cheeks come close to me. "Who is the hero ?" "My brother is Junko-chan's place." "I wonder if those children are dating." "Yes, I'm calling all the time." " Are you not?" "She to such a poor man ?" You can't do it. " I had Akihito take a bath first and I warmed the room. Akihito's black body can be seen through the glass in the bathroom. At the right moment, I got my hair up and got naked and opened the bathroom door a little."I'll enter." "Oh, it's cold and my mom is warm." Akihito was immersed in the bathtub. For the time being, I covered my pubic area with a towel and entered. Carefully in the shower, I washed the pudendal cleft that Akihito would love. The figure of a devil's mother who cares for her pubic area to make her son lick it. "Mom, I'll wash you." Standing behind, Akihito is applying soap to the towel. Gently washed my back, nape and buttocks. He is a very smiling filial son. However, the difference is that the penis had an erection on the gingin. A shameless son who is lustful for his mother's naked body. It is made to be held from behind, and a hard penis is pressed against the buttocks. That alone made me feel numb. A foolery that has never been done by her late husband. The dripping milk is lifted from below and dropped. Purin and shivering meat. This time I was turned forward and faced each other. And my tall son robs me of my lips from above. "Ah, hamu" A violent kiss that entangles your tongue and hits your teeth. Where do you remember that? The penis is poking at my navel and wandering in. I grabbed the hot stick with my frothy hands. "Ahhh" Akihito moans. Is it because the sensitive glans was rubbed? Hard It didn't seem to be part of the body.I squeezed and rubbed it faster. The penis has become more stiff so that it bends. "No, mom." "Will you go out ?" "It's a waste if you put it out here." "Yes. I want you to put it out in me." "Well, let's go out." It was normal. I'm already up, and I didn't like the hassle of condoms. It will be the same for Akihito. Akihito becomes a big letter on the rice cracker futon. Just asking me to lick it. I slowly cover the standing rod from the tip as desired. I don't want my nose to tickle because it treats my hair. Instead, it's tingling. I licked the rod and put a ball in my mouth. Roll in your mouth. I will also lick your nipples. Boys have surprisingly weak nipples. If you chew on your flanks, armpits, and inner thighs and attack, you will be delighted by twisting yourself. "Mom, I'll lick it this time." As soon as I was waiting, I lay down in a big letter. Akihito licks the navel and pubic hair in order from the boobs, and rolls the chestnut with the tip of the tongue. Is there a son who relentlessly licks his mother's chestnuts? "Oh, good. That's good." "Mom, I'm getting wet ." " No. I 'm sorry ..." " Can I put it in?""Oh, put it in." Break the crotch and Akihito aligns the tip with the ostium of the vagina. It was a rush after stroking the valley with the glans and letting the love juice blend in. "Hafun" A long solid came in. Already inserted several times. At the bending position, I was deeply pierced, and I was about to get angry. My husband has never been stabbed so deeply. Jubo, Jubo, Jubo A mucous sound echoes in the room constantly. Suddenly, Akihito sucked my mouth. "Hamu" ... "Akito" "Oh, mom!" The nipple is bullied with her fingertips. I taught it. Then the vagina will tighten. "I 'm tightening. " "It's not because Akihito is mischievous . " "Oh, okay. My mom's pussy is okay." "Hey, hey, can you do it from behind?" I was asking my son. Poke from the back. "Oh, okay. Get your ass out." I quickly crawl on all fours and turn my ass to my son. What an obscene mother! Insert ... Akihito's thick cock was inserted. Even with this, I push it up violently. "Uh, uh," I killed my voice and got drunk with pleasure. The forbidden situation that my son was being raped from behind made me lose reason. "Mom, mom, Kyoko, today!"Calling my name, Akihito poured a large amount of semen into my womb.

Masturbation in the pavilion of the act and the son of the father-in-law

I am a 42-year-old husband and son high school two years in a housewife and my husband's parents and your family, I will have think on their own and pretty favorite woman. Whole body is likely where the touch is the body even if the melt in the erogenous body, I feel, I believe that abnormal myself. My husband is a subarachnoid hemorrhage at the beginning of last month, fell down, bedridden in the hospital with severe, perhaps a lifetime recovery is said to the teacher that it is impossible, about a week to forget the woman's body in sorrow, fit of care since the human but had been put up with me stop Toka quarrel to life with no mother-in-law seemed only master in the daily fight, best belly stand was the bath. The flushed the body, I Ona alone in the bathroom, but I had to put up with, except that there is a long bath, put a toy in the spread legs seen masturbating, good most began to spasm of the front to go because it was time, seen as it is, mother-in-law, to the bath cools, it is lodged later
so, scolded and please when you go to bed, can not anymore, will be leaving his son and the house, because it is father-in-law is ask, and I want to get along, it is said, in the father-in-law has diabetes and old age in the father-in-law now I, the relationship, but I do not for more than seven years,
around the time my son was born, to my things cute, in a fair the son too good, that's my wife, she praised beating, without having to feel bad, to my touch and it's a beautiful chest, such as when you are breast-feeding my son, only drink the son of your milk, and body reaction though, father-in-law is, and touch the chest, but you another body is lost, is to put up with patience But, when touched with Ne good ass form, I also where, if Iyagare seriously, later, and not the will it, but because always praised Tweets, not say so too, I'm bad your father-in-law's Etchi If, say with a laugh, your father-in-law's, if willing is in, what was mistaken, over there the hand suddenly from beneath the skirt from behind, since the touch, and say Iyan, and would be pleasant, it touched the chestnut with a finger Once, saying Uunn without moving the other body, and collapsed on the spot, the other after which, taken as that of his father-in-law, passed away many times, always when such relationships do not stay the mother-in-law, and the relationship Te, but mother-in-law is mostly because it is in the house, whether or no relationship there once a month.
Since But skillful Unlike my husband, I had been squid many times.
The a lot of No. 1 number of times is touch the always thigh when he will take me shopping because the mother-in-law is present in the house, I although I say that is bad, got it hands went up pussy, gone the other with it Te, and the father-in-law and would e mouth to mouth that the father-in-law car, and defeat chair to stop a little bit it on the road, because the other I also fire is lucky on the body, accept the father-in-law in the pussy, I abandon go. In distant memories with such father-in-law, How can accede if other things
also are said to father-in-law is that of the mother-in-law but, if the mother-in-law is impossible to repair, otherwise, the money my husband to there rather be savings since the can the same insurance as the considerable death because insurance was there, for the time being, I started living with my son and two people in a studio apartment.
In about a month my husband is in the hospital, starting to throb is the body in a sex-free life,
every morning every night, but you Masturbation, not very come true in the meat bar.
Since the son is sleeping in the same room, and make sure to sleep soundly, by shifting pants a little bit, and feel in the body to the touch, now resulting in mom masturbation came to his son's, but does not have is aware yet son , that the is holding in the hand, but you itching wanted to put in a pussy, it just is not possible yet, only once, only example mouth to mouth, more is afraid, it does not.
After reading posts here of the site, is the relationship between the son of there a lot, but true? , And there is a great wall, it does not exceeded.


Everyone contributions of these days, just lie appearance visible.
It is spoiled only thing. You do not become somehow.


My nephew Shuichi has been boarding since spring. This is because I will be attending a school in Tokyo from this spring, and it is far from my parents' home. Shuichi can do all the housework in general, and it's also convenient for me, who is working hard at a single-mother family. It's very different from my daughter who can't cook or do anything. I should have started a happy life with the feeling that my dull home was moisturized ... "Aunt, are you feeling sick?" "Hmm? It's okay. Nothing ..." I'm worried about my daughter walking in the corridor . I asked so. "Hey, I do not know I do not see any Osamu-chan?" "Along, I'll have to say I go to a little convenience store Speaking. N'...!" Actually now, where is committing me ... that this happens in what Hmm ... I'm sure I got a massage and I fell asleep ... "Shu, Shuichi, why did you do this ..." "Why my aunt was sexy ... and I wanted to try it from the front." "It's not something you do like this ... Oh, yeah!" I held my leg and put it deep inside my vagina. Ju', Ju', Buchu' have ended up the sound from the coupling portion from coming vigorously out. "No, Shuichi. Don't be so violent." "Aunt, don't you feel good? My massage." "This isn't a massage. Shu, Shuichi-kun ..." "I'm sorry, but I can't stop it for the first time." "While apologizing, the movement became faster on the contrary. It's been a while since I had sex, so I feel too much. "Han ... there, there is" no good ... moved as if arbitrarily weird Koede Chau ... "It's no good ... aunt, I Tsu would pilgrimage" "along, like that ..." my Shuichi-kun penis was jumpy in. I'm ejaculating in my vagina ... Shuichi got tired of sticking to me right there. "I take off, we'll get can Shuichi-kun ... baby ..." "It's impossible. The Power does not move and does not enter" "Oh ... of Shuichi-kun ... hot ..." No way Nante I ... would be night crawling in this age around the time of closing , I remembered last week at the office. When I was indulging in my thoughts, my subordinate girl invited me to a meal. After that, it was hard to go home, so I decided to go drinking. "It's hard work until late recently." "I went drinking instead of work today." Shuichi, who finished the housework, rubbed his shoulders when he returned. Actually, since then, I just tried not to go home early ... "Shuichi-kun is good at cooking." "Yes, because my mother trained me well." " Is that child strict about that?" "Thanks . I was able to boast of a special skill. " " I really want my daughter to teach me. ""By the way, did you think about it?" "...!" The hand massaging the shoulder grabbed my chest. "That story ... wasn't it a joke?" "It's terrible, aunt ..." "Ah ..." The hand holding my chest softly rubbed. While pinching the nipple part, pinch it from the outside. "I've been waiting for a week ... Do you want me to say it again?" "It's been months since I entered the school. You're a younger and more beautiful child than me, right?" " You have to be an aunt. When I said that, I heard a rattling noise behind me and the belt coming off. When I turned around, Shuichi stood naked in the lower half of his body. With the one who committed me the other day ... "Can I be satisfied with me? Or do you have a lover?" "No. I'm full of life ..." "Then give up a hundred steps and'saffle' "It's okay." "Do you understand the meaning of saffle?" "Yes. I want to have sex with my aunt." "It will betray your mother, so be patient with this." Shuichi's libido. I processed it by hand. Shuichi, who had accumulated, went away immediately after rubbing a little. That was the trigger, and since then I've been pulling it out from time to time. As I pulled it out many times, I became a little bold.I felt like I was mischievous with a young child. The promise of pulling it out by hand was supposed to be a blow job and even more amazing things. "Have you ever had a blowjob?" " No. " "It feels so good. My aunt will give it to me." Very hard ... Not binging ... Store saliva in your mouth, squeeze your lips and put it in your mouth. I gave it. I would n't give a blow job to such a young girl ... I was so excited and served something full of youth. "Aunt, that's really good! My tongue is entwined!" "Hmm, hmm" I was so happy that I got violent ... "Oh ... I sucked so hard ... No more!" "Hmm ..." Young Thick sperm was put out in the mouth. Recently, I drink more sperm than alcohol ... "Yes ... Can you forgive me today?" "Yeah. Adults are amazing." "Hey, oh, Shuichi is getting better again. " high school students of sexual desire was sorry in a strongly usually once. I was tired of talking with my mouth and decided to fuck. Shuichi's is long, so even if you pinch it, the tip will come out. My favorite is to hold the tip while fucking. The second time came soon. A large amount of vigorous ejaculation not only hit my face but also scattered on the floor."Hey, I'm flying to a place like this ..." Shuichi patted his ass as he was cleaning the floor to clean it. "Oh, aunt ..." I rolled up my skirt and licked it from behind. No, I've been serving a lot today and I'm getting wet ... I wonder if I've done it twice but it's still accumulating ... "I promised you." "Yes, I haven't forgotten. "I want to put it in" "Do you want to do that?" "At this rate ... I 'm going to attack again ..." I don't hate sex originally ... I'm excited too ... "It's a secret ... It's a secret ..." " "Yes." When I applied something that was already big, it pierced from the back to the back at once. This time it's like I'm tempting. Unlike the last time, it was high, so the pleasure struck at once. "The vagina of a ... aunt, is very hot." "And I'm glad to be sex?" "Yes ... I will move," "there ... ha ha, fierce! More slowly!" The Shuichi-kun, taken excited my waist I grab it firmly and poke it at a tremendous speed. Shuichi's hips are slammed against my ass and there is a dry sound. That long one hits the uterus many times and seems to go crazy. No ... it's so intense ... I don't think about the other person at all ...Mess comes with pounding ... "gonna have it out would ... daughter voice After so vigorously ..." "I'm sorry, aunt. Even, all right because the other out." "Shuichi-kun, I put out to the outside is now" heard I don't know if it is. Anyway, I couldn't say anything more because I was poking hard. I can withstand a violent thrust, so I'll do my best. It was going to be crazy. "Ah ... hey, get out!" "No! Get out!" "Kuu ..." The moment you eagle your boobs from the back & # 25681; and make the last pick, ejaculation in the vagina Was started. Young and thick semen is put out in the deepest part. Contrary to words, my womb was willing to accept the ejaculation. Ah ... I remember having sex nice ... "Oh, awesome ... I'm getting hot, but I can't stand it." " I'm sorry, I just couldn't stand it." " I'm tired after a long time ." "I can't . I can't be satisfied with just one thing. "I've given permission to keep it a secret, so my young sexual desire will enjoy me. After all, I couldn't sleep until morning. Even though I'm a child of my sister, I wonder if I'll be having sex with her from time to time ... I thought while being stabbed in the missionary position.

Nephew and ....

Today was nephew and dating.
When the husband is on holiday every week, you go out to golf early in the morning to fishing.
The children and I every week answering machine (TT)
I go to something a holiday to take children shopping with the boys of \"like mother-to-child family's yo\" has recently had lamented the nephew who lives in the neighborhood college student (^^)
children also \"brother, brother,\" we got playing with great joy and.
The older brother of the husband relatives muscle seems there is because living alone time.
When the husband is struggling with trying to Tire fish, my the hall has got swirled stiff rod of the nephew of the handsome (# ^^ #) v
etch because there is no time is your entrusts (^^ ) v
I try to full turn (# ^^ #)

Playing with my brother is true with my father

I'm a freshman at a junior college, but I'm crazy, but I wanted to be a childcare worker, so I tried my best, but at school I was bullied because I was a countryman, so I came back to the countryside without waiting for spring break last week. It was. I don't have a grandmother at home anymore, my grandfather is bedridden, and my brother gets a job and goes out to the city. If my mother didn't match my grandmother's personality, I went out when I was in elementary school, and when my mother grew up, I had to go to school, so I left my brother and me to stay here. I love my brother, and I always feel like I'm in trouble with my brother's wife. I didn't know I was taking a bath when I was in the first year of high school, but I don't know what it is, but when my brother came in, I was a little embarrassed, but since I like my brother, I naturally washed my body. I tried to say that my brother was bad and bad, so when I said that my brother was good, and that I could join him separately, he was embarrassed to soak in the bathtub and watched me wash. When I finished washing and entered the bathtub, my brother got out of the bathtub to wash it, but when my brother's cock came in, I couldn't see anything because it was small, but in front of me It's sharp in the direction, so it's funny and my brother's cock is big. All the idiots say that this is natural, and I want to touch it when my brother is washing, and when I touch it with my index finger, it moves hard. not. When I say it's hard, I say that if it's stupid or soft, I won't be able to enter the woman over there, so I knew about sex in school, but I didn't think it would be a big deal after that. With a sense of play, my brother said he wanted to put it in. I was a little interested in sex, so I asked if my brother was good, so I said lightly that it was good, but both of them are completely beginners and it seems that they only know that they can also enter, so I will do it. When I hit it over there, I grabbed it and pushed it in, but it hurts and I can't go all the way in.When I say that my brother hurts, it hurts because I break the hymen, so I told him to put up with it, so if I put up with it, I finally got into the back , but it hurts and I feel like crying, my brother enters I immediately put it in and out, and it hurts over there, and when I say it's okay, my brother says I'm gone, but I didn't understand, but when I pulled it out, it was mixed with blood. The white pink juice came out and I felt like I had a stick still in it, and it hurts, oh, I realized that my virginity was gone, and even after I woke up the next day, it hurts and suppurates. I think it's a venereal disease that I learned from studying at school, and my brother seems to be purulent, so I think it's a venereal disease. It took me about a week to apply Oronine every morning and evening, and the pain disappeared, it became itchy, and it seemed that I was about to heal, and when I had a virgin with my boyfriend, it seemed to be suppurated and healed. When I said it was painful for the first time, I was told that if I didn't get wet there well and then slowly, I would get vaginitis and suppuration, and then I was relieved to stroke my chest. After that, I didn't even touch it because it seemed scary. And when about two months passed, the second period jumped,I consulted with my brother because the simple test was positive, but my brother in the third year of high school had no money or knowledge, and when I consulted with a girl in my class, he said that he had fallen, and when I asked him about the cost of the hospital It's three months soon, so I'm told that I'll fall in about 50,000, but I don't have that much money, and my brother can't do it, so I lied to my father, and on my way home from school, I was mischievous by a molester and became pregnant. When I talked to him, my dad paid me for his fall, and he was accompanied by a friend, and at the hospital, I put a cold instrument there, and after about 10 surgery, I thanked my dad and finally the day came to rest. I did. By the end of my first year of high school, my brother was busy with job hunting, and he seemed to have decided to get a job. I couldn't imagine that this would happen once at that time, and since then I've been scared like a boyfriend. I made a good man, but I refused to etch, so even if I entered a junior college, I could not have a real boyfriend, there was such a thing, and the clothes that came out of the countryside were sober and cheap, so I was fooled Ai, I didn't like school, and when I came back last week and talked to my dad about the situation, he told me that I should like you, but my dad gave me some money and let me go to a junior college. When I thought of him, I was sad and hugged my father's body with sorry for my father and cried. My dad was stroking my back and head, but since I was hugging my dad sitting on the sofa, I later felt that my chest was sticking to my dad, but when I was crying, I was sad. I didn't think it was inspiring my dad, and I remembered that my left hand was on my dad's over there, and I felt like I was hitting a hard object, and my brother stood looking naked at me. But even my daughter felt that the bulge of her chest was applied to her body and her hand was placed over there.When my dad stood up and hugged me strongly and strongly, I was surprised because his face was in front of me and he kissed my lips, but if I tried to be without resistance, my dad's One hand was hugged by my butt and the other by my back, and my dad's hard thing hit my thigh, and when my dad's breathing became a little violent, I thought he said Miyo, and he slept on the sofa. I was struck by the blouse and unhooked the bra, I decided to thank my dad, closed my eyes and let him take care of me, and he took off his skirt and panties. When I started licking over there, I was licked for the first time in my life, and I could clearly see that it was getting wet, and I knew that this was the reason my friend said that he would get wet when having sex, and my father's care was very much. I felt good and licked my clitoris well, so I felt great and even screamed, and my dad asked me if I could put it in words for the first time. When I shake my head up and down, my dad is good at putting it in and slowly, unlike my brother, and it goes all the way in with a little pain, and after that, don't put it in and out like my brother. , Kissing to soothe my feelings, caressing my chest and feeling good everywhere, I felt comfortable and felt like heaven. After a while, when the inside of that place became comfortable, my father slowly and slowly moved his hips and made a round trip between the entrance and the back of the cock, which was completely different from my brother's time, and it was very comfortable. .. About 10 minutes or more, when I was about to feel comfortable and my head was fluffy, my father pulled out the cock and put it in my mouth, so I grabbed it with my mouth and put it out. I drank it. It was bitter, sour, and difficult to drink, but my father is holding my head, so I have to drink it, which is not delicious.I'm sorry my dad, I've been absent for about 10 years and I'm excited by the warmth of your chest, I'm sorry, but I'm not angry, I said that I was happy because it was my first time to have a pleasant sex I also thought that my brother's trauma had disappeared, and after that I had sex with my father three times in a week, and it was quite comfortable and I was about to die. My dad called the shakuhachi to remember the shakuhachi, so I didn't know at first, and when I asked him what he was saying, he made me hold a cock in my mouth and I got used to it. My dad tells me to stay here instead of going anywhere because I'm lonely. I'm at a loss. Please give us your opinion.

I am 18-year-old college student

My brother is not called the Yu-kun at the age of 14 under the 4-year-old, am I in the next room.
My brother is three or four times a week I like is masturbation.
I wish I do it quietly, so come sometimes hear or \"I ...\" or \"there ...\",
you will know immediately.
When the younger brother begins to masturbation, I also masturbation in my room.
How much of wonder if the size of the penis of a brother, Toka,
there was no way made to feel me what way to wonder if that masturbation.
One day, I tried to peek the brother of masturbation.
Brother lying in bed, had squeezed the meat stick.
Junior high school students the saw for the first time, but it was pretty respectable things.
But, the door will make a noise, I have noticed.
My brother is very angry, because've been throwing the Toka pillow, I was evacuated to his room.
After a while, now is properly entered after a knock to the brother of the room,
but I apologized, brother do not you listen to the mouth.
Then, I came up with,
\"Well, I'll also show you my sister masturbation. So you Aiko right?\"
Saying, take off the shorts and began masturbating.
Brother first, but had said or \"I'm doing what! Not a fool!?\",
And soon became quiet, we watched as devour.
\"Sister of dick, want to see?\"
I have to spread the legs, it looks good.
Brother \"e ~ ~, what Kore. Over I have become like this,\"
and, was watching carefully.
\"Gonna enter the penis here,\"
saying, pledged a finger to his hole, it was it also started masturbating.
It is pleasant, when it becomes to go likely,
\"~ want to put tinkle of here Yu-kun\"
I have said.
... to such intention was not at all.
My brother had a little trouble, I was down the brother of pants.
Chen Chen had become another hard.
I am pushing the younger brother, was plunged into the penis in my hole.
My brother had floated an expression of ecstasy,
was shyly answer When asked \"feel good?\" And \"Yeah\".
\"I also feel good sister. Yu-kun, it's already a adult do.\"
To say, and begin to move the hip, younger brother is \"there, no good!\" And shouting, I have said. I have not already done so, from after a short time, but was challenged once again,
brother also I have said immediately.
My brother was complacent, but since I did not go even once,
was full masturbation later in my room.
I think that Na and not training more younger brother.

Excitement son and each other of masturbation

yuna himekawa[29628]
I 42 years old, son is 15-year-old mother and child home, I decided to go to my son go swimming school with the intention to lose weight while exercising because it has become in recent overweight.
Enrollment date back to the home before the son the tour whether learn what swim, and try wearing a swimsuit that was purchased, what I overweight are of what swimsuit is small, pussy in the T-back state bite in the ass and can bite man muscle,
surprise reflected in the mirror my appearance fabric sheer thinner or nipples and pubic hair sticking out the pubic hair, of tracing with a finger to the man muscle shaved pubic hair and anal protruding from the bathing suit from the top of the swimsuit at the beginning of the masturbation from clitoris erection began to abnormal excitement,
when it reached the climax thrusting a finger in the pussy and the anus protrudes ass will be face down in the bathroom, behind to face up feeling empty reflected in the mirror of frosted glass There is a figure of the son on the other, it had been look into the masturbation to his son from the gap of the door.
When I'm not able to move from the spot disarray and excitement that had been seen at the height of excitement and son of masturbation, son went as if nothing had happened back to his room.
I went out a side dish of dinner put the swimsuit return to us to the laundry basket to shopping to the supermarket.
When passing in front of the dressing room to return to the home in about an hour, son takes out a swimsuit that I soiled with masturbation while ago from the laundry basket, knob mirror the nipple in addition to opening snuff the smell of the place marked with man juice I started masturbating while writhe transferred to a.
So as not noticed his son peep the son of masturbation, my son was put Timbo contaminated with large amounts of ejaculated sperm reached the climax to wipe the original laundry basket in my swimsuit.
A few days passed since the son of masturbation intensified, I went to my bedroom while you are going out to shopping, bring my dirty shoes a day (e ◯ Tsu co-textile-man juice) underwear, the smell and masturbation while reflects their even appearance to the dressing table while snuff.
Because even started to deliberately opened masturbation as seems to me the door of the bedroom the other day, and ask the son enters the bedroom and (What happened?),
A figure which has a masturbation (mom, swimsuit during this period as soon as I saw,
and want a dirty linen of the mom from abnormal excited to lick addition to the mouth Dari smell, told'm was a prank I wanted them to see my masturbation mom).
Before I go to bed at night, bizarre masturbation son was seen during the day to enter the futon is not separated from the head, remembering the son of Timbo told his son that had indulged in masturbation.
Recently, or suck mouth ejaculation Timbo son who erection in the bathroom to ironing port when washing the body of each other enters the bath with his son, and insert the Timbo to pussy to my safety Date and ejaculation in the vagina.
Although physical relationship between parent and child is there is a sense of guilt, or put the tongue to each other anal precisely because parents and children that led the blood there is also my bizarre proclivities, or each other to drink your ◯ Tsu U,
sometimes son in my underwear the shopping at the night of the drive and suburban parks and convenience stores by the transvestite fogged wig was wearing a mini skirt and makeup to wear, also there that you like Rezupure go to a love hotel.
I want to play that you will more excitement.

Nephew Naoki

My nephew Naoki was the child of my husband's older sister, and I was informed that I was going to Tokyo for the university entrance exam, so I provided my nephew to the inn. It seemed like the schedule was to take two private universities one day later, but I came to my house in the evening after the entrance exam for the first school was over. Naoki-kun, who has been smiling and bowing since I met him in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school. When I was only a few years old, I remembered that I washed my pretty dick with my bare hands. What about tomorrow's breakfast? Would you like to get up and eat together? I knocked on the room for confirmation. There is no reply. I'm an examinee, I'm careful, I opened it gently. I'm sitting on a chair over there, wearing headphones, and I can see the hairy thighs that I don't notice, what are you doing? I gently approached it. ‥‥‥ I'm masturbating by holding my dick in my hand. ‥‥‥ I'm an examinee, I'm careful. I didn't see it. I closed the door gently. No way, I could see a young man masturbating in front of me. Later, the tissue in the wastebasket smells a lot of semen , leaving you with a lot of young energy. Early the next morning, I took a shower in the morning as usual. While wiping my hair with a bath towel, I opened the dressing room door and my husband came in. While I couldn't see it with a towel at all , I asked my husband to confirm dinner, and when I was working overtime, please email me as much as possible. "Oh, good morning"that? It was Naoki, not the voice of my husband. I went out quickly. I was able to see the one that was seen, which was not a single thread. Well, is that okay? Even with this, I'm a little confident. Naoki-kun, after the entrance exam on the last day, I decided to go home after another night. In the evening, my husband contacted me and I might not be in time for the last train due to a lot of overtime. It's dinner with Naoki. With care, I didn't touch on the topic of entrance exams and became a topic of club activities. Naoki, what about sports? Are you good at it? Tennis is a mean thing to improve. He made me laugh when he said that it was a nasty sport, how to outwit the other person, how to outsmart the other person, and how to improve such a mean person . I talked a lot and found out, apparently Naoki-kun ... I have experience as a woman. My eyes are aiming at my chest over and over again. Naoki says that I will take a bath later because my friend promises to call me, so I took a bath first. When I was relaxing in the bathtub, Naoki-kun, I saw through the frosted glass that I came into the dressing room and started to take it off. Well, I don't know what I'm doing. Me and you, my aunt and nephew. My heart was throbbing. Naoki-kun, I came in naked, what should I do? I'm scared that I can't do anything just by scaring me.Naoki is slender, has tight muscles, and has a good body. The erected symbol, big, momentarily fascinated. I was told that I should go with him, and I was facing the wall , and I trembled and couldn't speak. Naoki-kun, I try to enter the bathtub after taking a bath. I got out of the bathtub in the wrong place, but that was an awkward gesture for me. ‥‥‥ A male symbol who is excited upwards, I stared at him up close. Naoki-kun, I don't hide the front at all, so I can see it firmly. Do you hate me Naoki asked. "No, I like Naoki. Do you like Naoki? I like Naoki ? I love Naoki, so let's stop doing this. Please." After saying that all at once, I finally saw Naoki 's face. I was able to see it. Naoki has a calm expression. Say "Hmm", but feel free to look at my body. Well, if I had to take a bath, I couldn't help but took a shower while being watched. Don't be embarrassed, take a shower, watch it, and take a closer look. My young nephew sees me naked, I'm my aunt. I wonder if that is all right. I asked him to go up first and entered the dressing room. I said good night, and that was the end, and I thought so. I woke up at midnight and couldn't sleep easily. Naoki's young erection symbol, which I saw up close, comes to my eyes.What if you accept Naoki as it is? I can't do that, I can't. If you do, that's not too happy. I'm a bad delusion. It got wet and it was a little toilet. When I went out with some extra work, was Naoki surprised and awake? "Uncle? Haven't you returned yet?", Maybe I stayed in a capsule and went to work in the morning. With that said, when I looked up with excitement, I saw Naoki and I was hugged. I was kissed by my neck and pressed down with great force. What should I do, what should I do, no, no. Naoki's hand grabs my ass, grabs it tightly, and rubs my ass from below , letting my minions bite into it. No, no ... I can't resist my body just by saying weakly ... I wonder if it's okay ... I wonder if it's okay ... I'll deal with you as it is. Well, I wish I could ... It's not a common thing ... It's okay. Naoki-kun, that's my uncle's bed, I came over here, and when I said that, Naoki-kun, who was sitting down obediently, gently pushed me down while kissing. I took down the jersey and trunks together, and the sweet things stood up cheerfully. What should I do, first by mouth. I grabbed it with my right hand and gave it to my mouth. Naoki-kun, I was surprised and reacted, and looked over here.Sucking, sucking, rubbing, rubbing, stimulating , sucking up all the excitement, I kept sucking with that feeling. "... that ... it's about time ... do you have rubber ..." I handed the rubber in the drawer and I lay on my back. Naoki-kun took off my underwear even if I was stuck. Oh, how to take it off roughly, a little easier. What are you doing, are you looking up? I'm wet ... are you watching? No, I'm embarrassed. I hid it with my hand, but I couldn't see it because I was grabbed by my wrist with a strong force. My heart is pounding and I'm about to tear. My breathing was disturbed, too. It was useless to close my legs, it was easily opened, and ... uh, suddenly I was sucked, my face was slipped and pressed. Sucked, sucked, squeaked, squeezed. The power is weak all over my body, and I don't have any power, I can't do it anymore. Naoki-kun, I hold my thighs with both hands, and I'm strong and suck more strongly. ‥‥ mind is ‥‥ good seems far away, feels good, over ‥‥ of good smoked ‥‥ forced to breath, bad ‥‥ even ‥‥ that vomit I Fu disturbed is ‥‥ breathing, said ‥‥ Nuke Teru I ‥‥ embarrassment ‥‥ ‥‥ his ‥‥ hot excited male symbol is visible ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ my ‥‥ wet and toward the woman ‥‥‥ ‥‥ Nuke ‥‥‥ paint I ‥‥ I accepted ...‥‥ Naoki-kun is saying that ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥ ‥‥ The male part of him inside me is warm and comfortable. For me, who is a little cold, the warmth of his male part is very pleasant. Naoki was powerful, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, and his face was crouching in my chest, and I could see his back and his muscles were rippling. I take Naoki's young energy with my whole body, take it, feel it, feel it, more, more, good, good, I, "Good, how about Naoki?" "Eh, praise You don't have to shake your hips and say, "I'll give you, Nsuka, I'm happy ." There ‥‥, in, erection a little, like a bulging, I I know ‥‥ there ‥‥, really, strongly, me, pick, started, there, there, to finish, how? ‥‥ Ah, I was so excited that I could feel it, Naoki-kun, ejaculation in me. Naoki, who stopped moving and said, was in close contact with the whole body, and even the heartbeat was transmitted. Hmm, a kiss. Naoki, who has become hard again in me if I stay still, is fine. It ’s okay, I ’m going out with you, let ’s do it again. I wonder what happened, it's not the usual me. Naoki-kun, it seems that both universities have passed, which is good.e? Is your favorite national? Is it from now on? Good luck

father in law

42-year-old housewife
and gave birth to a child away-law's sister is under the year
I've been entrusted 1-year-old boy (the second child born within a year) at the home of my husband, but
to help have seen his father-in-law while the mother-in-law is going to the hospital I have and go but
me \"? I want to enter the bath\" to the father-in-law GaYu-chan decided that I go
and put in a bath!
And to put be No at any time may blame the gas
contains just because always father-in-law with each other in hot water also boil is warm bathroom before
we will take me is Yu-chan
that time father-in-law is always! Open arms \"come or ~\" or to say get up
quite Yu-chan to receive not do

with feeling and hanging out is not between them men of things \"yan is showing absolutely!\"
Be sure when you receive finally! Come in close contact with to likely hit the things of men
sure hand with a side of Yu-chan! My chest hit in
and banged etc. every time ,,

and also when you go up you know is repeated vice versa
while waiting you have any made me also a little strange
No it was also looking at? Is it called when you just end with a feeling

I seem to get touched now ended up on the other accustomed

Although I love my father, not get in the opponent 18 ...

I am a 26-year-old divorced woman.
Both the mother and sister of staying in the house, because too much is not a good friend, go home to home is, hesitated was the But, I'm a dad child, dad, from childhood affection beyond the father, got to much less, it was even hugging jealous mother.
Not unbearable like the father as the opposite sex, forcibly be graduating from high school in the bath, go on, but his father is annoying likely, I will than I was a junior high school student, and want to have sex with his father, it will become a woman Although chest also I show has become enough to not lose the mother, father be ignored, I was sad every day.
Say you want to father and etch the dawg of high school, I'm You're funny,
you say Kimoi taking his father. To me you do not understand, but is the same room as the sister to sleep, I like to sleep in the parents' room, to My father and mother is a room together, futon Yes laid two-fold, mother and so as not to sex, always father from high school around, slept dived to the futon. Although mother I scold and go to bed in my room, when the father and ignored not be mother and sex, I think that harbor out, but I'll do my best, because I would immediately sleeping, from sleeping, parents but it might have been, the
father, to see my naked every day in a bathroom, even slept together, do not come at all even after even one month two months. Since the mother is present, and can not be from their own,
my friend is not dating for money want is, I also do not stay man, such as his father, I think, 18-year-old dating in the fall of high school three years because I had to, to register, to people over the age of 40 in the site, but you may be free, I think to be a weakness that it is free, 10,000 Te lot Megaki and described as a two on Sunday I had promised to meet in the morning and afternoon to people, I'm still a virgin, as listed in others to not raise virgin to his father, Saturday night, the father in the bathroom, because it asks, virgin only also ask the robbing, the father, so say do not in the parent and child, I, I think that there is only another today chance, hug his father, and kissing father's penis is I have sat up and Mokkori.
And opportunities, on their own, the father of the penis grip, it pushed into the pussy.
My father told me in the mouth that it is useless, to make him try and quit, because it does not, push it forward and put up even hurt, forget the pain in the joy that was finally dedicated virgin to his father, not anything long as it is , and the long, long kiss and hug, my father Kudasari to or smoked or put the tongue, (and my father is not than he was, without permission and Do not because of you have had to put) may even not at all referred to as'm not, pussy with joy,
without any pain, I am very happy because put quite a long time, out of the bath, from that day, to return to my room, it was to sleep. (For you will either become this I incest)
only that once the father, no longer want to do compensated dating of promise, it was ignored. So even my father was impossible even approaching to graduation.
After I graduated, in the company working, socializing with acquaintances introduction of friends, married a year later, my husband, is said pervert, pedophile, in and I to want children, white contraception because can not have sex, marriage to drink contraceptives from Toji,
but was somehow doubt immediately, plotting was able to understand.
In his desire, on the net, there are a lot of various shady site, to participate in a couple, do you have sex with people you like of yourself from among hundreds of pairs.
Woman is not choose.
It also did you contraception because issued in total.
Such a life is 5 years continued, do not make children even after the other until the time, such a master will become unpleasant, and speak all to his father, so say Come back,
the mother I have to say the secret.
And, way back last year, now I am working in the office.

3rd person is younger brother of the child?

I have got my brother and relationships in the proclivities of the master.
My husband is now lodge in my house my brother earlier this year born last year the second person of the child.
And we have had a relationship with his brother made in February in front of the eyes of the master.
Now take a bath together in three people came to stay younger brother and on weekends, I Sex begins in between me.
Husband or me to say also fraught with children of his brother, do not let him contraception.
I will not accept live a but remain younger brother of semen is said to my husband.
As of Russian roulette is worried bestow the time children of his brother.

I was betrayed husband.

It becomes that of last year.
After college entrance exam, I was moved to Tokyo in search of his son and the room.
At the time, her husband is also just, my home determines the bachelor is, I was flopping.
Of course in one day it will eventually not found your room, now that you Sanhaku to the hotel.
But, although one nights was corner without anything, did it the next day.
Since the room was found, I went to buy the household goods.
In particular bed, because the next day, futon just took home because it is necessary.
Since the already slow, Yugohan is, a bath in the room is finished in eating out.
Since my son was there I also tired, I went to bed in one of the futon.
But my son and I, if we try to speak something towards the face Naku' settle something towards the son, is from son have been accompanied embrace for my mother.
I could not be said anything after just to say What 'in sudden thing.
For son in me, another of thoughts.
Because not longer already of night life with her husband, it was there and naturally seek the men.
Align the son and eyes, were combined lips.
But in in me, son see that it is the first time, was wrapped gently.
All so as not to damage the son of pride, I, the last set up a son,
to ,,, son gonna be out in.

Cute nephew and niece

I am also a soon 30-year-old just ran to the delinquency over just annoying to parents and sisters, me of the sister of the children only friend Rina and Keita to be Kemutagara from family relatives have me yearning I Mana sister from childhood directly below.
I was hated from the very sister is also in the family, was said to the kana not you dead, I had been a victim of harassment to the sister in cute two people.
But two people gave me gladly.
TomoRina high school two years Keita is a third-year junior high school. Two people when the sister couple is not stay in the travel of the Society had come to play in the cliff stay in my apartment.

Or story became immediately sexual story of such for the brother and sister? I was bouncing the story in the lead, it began to take off the clothes will be able to show my masturbation from the flow of the story.
Keita stared as devour, TomoRina had also seen while in shyly.
\"TomoRina Come\"
was combined embrace Asked lips TomoRina, but was the expression that eh we have to meet if I entwined tongue not disliked so much,
\"I have a thing that you kiss and TomoRina girl\"
shy likely I nod in.
There were wet hot If you put a finger in the pussy then remove clothes while caressing the sensitive areas.
It was the body that knew the other joy.
If'll make piston a finger to fit me to cling finger was pretending uplifting the waist.
I have friend Rina and whisper as \"Keita and Shiyokka\" in my ear had continued pretend the waist Close your eyes without saying anything, \"Then I'll let you in Keita,\"
the Keita that are clustered close with excitement \"the Keita still a virgin?\" call was face down in shyly heard that.
\"Because they are our sister taught'm okay, kiss me take off your clothes give me\"
the friend Rina If you increase the finger that the piston raised to stimulate the vaginal wall with a three-to little Delivery to climax I felt.
Penis of Keita became naked still did not become an adult, but to give rub firmly picking and penis was erect to tick, sister brother in my body was a great state of excitement both of them connected.
Keita has been wanted to put early TomoRina was still puzzled penis of his brother, but TomoRina body was wanted Hoshi beyond reason.
\"Now Keita put give me\"
and put into the body of a friend Rina support the body of Keita put busy as of estrus of the dog, not pressed against the penis without a well hips do not yet accustomed Oman in the back in the back directly below.
Keita has ejaculation in this Ommen of I TomoRina in less than a minute.
The friend Lina not yet issued a gas-like excitement has increased, it was a wandering eye.

\"Keita my sister is because not yet gone I let them squid licking pussy\" and
and lick the clitoris of TomoRina is friend Rina was pressed to strongly my pussy grasp the head of Keita.
\"TomoRina. Penis is also largely or ask them put give to Keita,\"
two people Keita each other Job to intently Together devour in the posture of Sixty Nine to began the second round of sex to erection immediately.

I was taking a shower in the just the two of people out of the room, still two people and make a Listen to the appearance of the room after 30 minutes position went out to a convenience store a little amazed at the middle of sex, my own if had become want, I thought I suppose later Keita.
Was still doing Returning past one hour, and we were trying to still seemed to ejaculate seven times and listen to the story wait for the ejaculation of Keita entered the room amazed truly erection, the glans is red and swollen friend Rina clitoris and nipples were red and swollen, still two people still hugged while kissing violently do not try to stop sex.
Immorality act of sister dislike the most. Incest that are despised and dislike most among them. Nante their children comrade is addicted to sex.
I wondered what I'll show off to my sister to take the video and looking at the cute two people it could not be.
But friend Rina that Hallam the children of Keita will wait for the time that I think that it is a matter of time.

Been in the toy to the hospital during the father-in-law of husband

I am a married woman of 29 years old.
Married at 24 years old, Totsugi to the house of the now husband, parents of the husband is a mansion in the president's house. My husband is in the company of the managing director of about 60 employees, but Mr. younger brother of the father-in-law is vice president, time president seems to master.
Although I was a normal body also my husband when I married, recently bubbled and fat, two months ago, suffered a myocardial infarction, to become a hospital hospital, once life is rambling, but is likely to be discharged in the middle of this month , it is a terrible feeling to come to hospital.
And, it of is to say, my husband pedophile, metamorphosis, SM enthusiasts, in I have been strong all the sex in the last five years, and now, you have become a nympho.
My husband has passed about one month in the hospital, is that of time.
I am starting to throb is another horny body and the body is flushed, the head is likely to be strange, with the master of admitted to the hospital, remembering sex was comforted with toys of his master.
Do you call a nightmare, do you say that timely help, is that of midnight.
Who am I also think that fall asleep, not a lock on the toilet, I had been napkin exchange in the toilet in the physiology. Will drop the napkin was surprised because suddenly open toilet, and got Sarakedashi shaved pussy in front of the father-in-law, but I was hidden by hand in a hurry, father-in-law is, Ne beautiful pussy, are you in slippery It is said that either, whether Koji (the name of the husband) is also the same in the SM love with me, Kuchibashiri, whether jar of Anta was also also went to the Toka swapping, in a conversation in the toilet, I Hazukashiku', your When you leave father-in-law's try to ahead, Maamaato, and turning me laughing backwards, to tell a hand to cover the toilet, it is back style.
At that time, to my mind, been infested is another insertion of the image, in the long production of insertion less of one month, to act with the father-in-law, in swapping, sex There is also father-in-law you are familiar with that have been fucked in front of husband When is pressed with both hands the ass, the moment of the other insertion is been excited, father-in-law started licking pussy with a blood during menstruation, it is the same as the master.
On the other I limit, thank you early, and says that Hayaku, father-in-law to lock the toilet of the key, and section Do not, say, so turn around me put my ax, please sucking and, pushed into the mouth, and the other is slightly larger in shiny black Unlike my husband's, both husband father-in-law, the ax of the father-in-law is ineffective stop is in the head so that suck the ice, Then another 55-year-old old man stiff increases do not think, pussy is overflowing with blood and pussy juice of physiology, your father-in-law's, and say please put fast, where what the die, and say clearly, said, your father-in-law when the I's big cock put in pussy out the over, say, in the also backward and I see, the moment you hit the thick from the back there is, the act of and the differences between father-in-law of when it is put into swapping and husband probably because, electricity through the body of the forbidden act of Running is like a thunder, will stick another fire, crazy, To more to your father-in-law's more back, voice also come out without reserve, father-in-law, chewing the ear massage to messy the chest move to Guigui back, and the other I Just go you over pass away over pass away over the limit, the father-in-law also at the same time as its voice, is issued in, it was good, even Anta, and Do are trained quite like a daughter-in-law, when you turn, it Anal laughing and Na, and of which leaves the toilet, there is a figure of the mother-in-law, mother-in-law also like a toilet, and I, as mother-in-law is not found in the Koji, it is said, I am, yes, to flee to say only , return to the room, wipe dirt of pussy, while Think not cool is that moment excitement, had gone to sleep. Because from that day I not want to know my husband every day to pray and want to extend the discharge of the master.
From that day, every day outrageous followed, the body that I do not deny it, every day of the day-to-day of regret.

Long and long sex life with my grandfather

I am 23 years old and an unmarried mother with one child. I think it was about 10 years ago, but it was when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school. The place where I live is like a countryside, and there are about two kilometers to the elementary school, and there are about 60 students in the small countryside. It was before the summer vacation. Sometimes on my way home from school, the girl is in a wooded area, and everyone is peeing, but I didn't know that there was a blood-sucking insect called a leech on the grass and dead leaves. There are two types of leeches, and underwater leeches such as streams stick to human skin and suck blood, but mountain leeches parasitize the human body and only partially expose their bodies. I was stabbed in two places on the leech and about 3 cm next to the hole in the pussy and was parasitized, and when I returned home, my grandfather (mother's father due to divorce of my parents) left me to my grandfather and lived in the city. When I said that it was painful and itchy, I heard that when I pulled out the ankle, I heard that it was all inside the body, but the side of the pussy is almost invisible to me, but my grandfather gave me an ass. My grandfather tried to pull it out like an ankle, but it broke and I couldn't understand it in my body, so I had to wait until the next appearance.Itching and I had to put up with it, so I asked my grandfather to show me his ass every day, but he didn't come out right away, and he came out in about a week. Today, when I pulled it out slowly, I think my grandfather took it, but after that, the itch disappeared and nothing happened, but from the day I was stabbed, my grandfather picked the hole in the pussy with both hands. He said that it wasn't inside or that it was disinfectant, and he licked it with his tongue without applying any medicine. In the countryside, I often spit on my wounds, so I was wondering if I would do that, but I don't know what my grandfather really meant, but I always use my tongue to make holes in my pussy, wounds, and of course chestnuts. Every day, every morning and evening, I turned to my ass and said that I could not take it yet, and I was licked for about a month, and I gradually began to feel comfortable with my pussy and started getting wet, and my grandfather licked it myself Even after it's over, it seems that it springs up a little from the inside, and I don't know, so it seems that my grandfather knew that something was coming out, and I'm worried because this is proof that you have grown up from a child. My grandfather still said that he didn't have to do it, and he blamed him for disinfecting him, and about two months after he licked it, it was the end of summer vacation and the beginning of autumn. When I got home from school and had my grandfather lick it, the pussy felt amazing, but it made a little squeaky voice, it felt so good that my body was numb, Grandpa, something strange, comfortable and crazy That's okay, the more you get distracted, the more insects will come out, and even though there shouldn't be any insects anymore, I finally reached my first acme. I felt like I was feeling distant and weak, and I felt very comfortable and I was on the clouds. I couldn't stand on my knees toward my butt, and I fell sideways. When I noticed, I was sleeping alone without my grandfather. My grandmother was there, but she was always busy preparing breakfast and dinner, and she always took a bath with her grandfather, and in the bath she sat in a bathtub and was licked from the front. Moreover, from that area, remember masturbation when you go to bed at night.I started masturbating almost every day, and by the time I became a junior high school student, my grandfather's licking was gone, only masturbation became a daily routine, and I remembered that I was gone, but I don't know for myself. However, it seems that there was a voice, and at that time I was taking a bath by myself, so I washed my body in the bath and soaped it, and I started to get my hands on the holes in the pussy, and maybe the hymen disappeared with my fingers. I think it was. I felt so good that my two fingers went all the way in, and I passed away. One day in the summer, my grandfather was worried because the bath was so long, and when I came to the bathroom and looked into what was wrong, when I didn't know how to open the door and died crazy, my grandfather, too. I laughed and closed the door and went out, wondering if I became a woman, and the next Saturday when I was sleeping on school holidays, my grandfather came in and I heard that you were ona, so I was licked by my grandpa. When I started to feel comfortable, the answer was that my grandfather would do it, but he came into the futon and started touching the pussy, so when I said that he was a grandma, he was for today. I went to Osaka and said it was okay because I wouldn't go home until the evening, and when I turned over the futon and took off my pajamas, I started licking my pussy, and when I said that my grandfather was already wet, I wondered if you always put your finger in it. I heard it, so when I said yes, I thought it was okay, so I took out the dick and put it in the pussy. You can see it going in, unlike your fingers, it slides all the way in, and when you go in, it feels good and your voice is getting louder and louder. My grandfather started to move his hips and it got faster and faster, I died many times, my grandfather also died, something hit the back inside, my grandfather pulled out my period, and your period I heard it, so when I said that there was no first tide yet, I said so and left the room. It's fast. It's been 10 years since then. It's been about 14 years since I came to this house, but my mother has never come. I don't know if it's alive or dead. My grandfather and grandmother are over 60 years old and care for my children. This child is my grandfather's child ??? My grandson? ??? My grandmother doesn't know at all.

Being fucked by my husband's subordinates and son,

yuna himekawa[29494]
I'm a 39-year-old, 42-year-old housewife with a husband and a 16-year-old son who were promoted to the chief of staff three weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, To celebrate the promotion of my husband, my subordinates brought wine, sake, beer, champagne, etc., and everyone was on the train, so I tried to drink a lot, so I served sake beer etc. from my house to the sake I brought, and my husband is weak So, after 8 o'clock, I said no, you guys, drink slowly and go home, I fell asleep quickly, and the rest of me was flattering my subordinates, and my wife's style was outstanding. The face is super beautiful like Mayumi Wakamura, and the chief of staff lined up envy and flattery and poured a mess on me instead of my husband, and I said that it was down around 9 o'clock and everyone would be back. I just remembered that, but I couldn't clean it up, I slept soundly in the living room, woke up after 12 o'clock, and even when I tried to get up, I couldn't stand, but I felt something was wrong with my lower body. When I saw it, the champagne was caught on one leg, the manko was completely visible, there was a lot of male juice in the jutan under the entrance of the manko, I immediately noticed that someone had fucked me, I could not consider it at all However, my husband thinks about contraception and puts it on his stomach, so I think he is not my husband, and when I look at the table, there is a memo. I am very happy that my wife accepted me for writing notes and that my wife was on fire. I will make it a memory of my life. There was a name written as. The youngest man, about 25 years old, I feel like I hugged a man with a slight memory, I don't, my memory is ambiguous, but there is a man's juice inside I think there is no doubt that I had sex because it is included. I couldn't tell my husband, I was very worried, and my husband went out before 7 o'clock in the morning, so I sent him out as usual, and my son went to high school at 8 o'clock, so when I let my son eat, he said something scary. I uttered. He says he has an affair with his mom and dad's company. I was trembling all over my body, and when I asked why, I saw me last night when we were hugging each other and having sex. Mom, I was hugging and kissing more and more, so I was so weak that I didn't know what to do, and after my son went to school, I was worried.I didn't know that my son came back from school before 15:00, and when I was sleeping, he heard what happened to my mother, so I suddenly returned to myself, and yesterday, my mother was raped by that person. Yeah, I'm drunk and I don't remember, please, don't tell my dad, hold my son's hand and hug him, he's also a man, and his pants are pointed with genitals , When I hugged it, it hit my belly. When my son slowly knocks his body down on my sleeping futon, he suddenly kisses me, so it's no good, parent and child, I'll take my mouth off, but it's strong, so next time I'll ask you only today Whisper. But I said that it is not good because it is a parent and child, but I got horny with the person in my father's company and was told that my son I was not good, I lost resistance and my son took off all my pajamas When I was naked, I took off myself because my mother was very beautiful, and I thought about it, and only today, my son sucked my breasts, licked my pussy, and finally the dick went inside me. is. I'm already guilty of being connected to my son's body and my body is stiff, and I don't even remember what my son is doing, but when I feel that the dick is coming in and going, my real son's is in. I was thrilled in just a few seconds. I don't know what's going on even if my son pulls out the dick, but the only result is that my son's juice remained in my body after he disappeared from the room.First of all, after a little time passed, by the time my husband returned, my calmness returned a little, and I called my husband and asked him to go outside because I had slept because of a hangover so I couldn't prepare dinner. It's serious, but my biggest concern is pregnancy. My son and I finished eating instant noodles, and when my husband returned at around 7 o'clock and took a bath, I invited my husband to the room, asked my husband, and had sex. As usual, when my husband dies, I try to pull it out, so when I say that I put it out in you, my husband has put it out and you said that your pregnancy will be bad in style and you will not have children anymore But I'm almost 40 years old, so I'm sorry for one child, and I'd like to have another one. After 40 years old, it's dangerous to have an advanced maternal age, but now I'm okay, so I convinced that I'll give birth. I worked hard for 3 weeks without contraception. My period scheduled a week ago is either late or pregnant. I don't like these two things, but I don't like abortion, so if I get pregnant, I'd like to give birth. Only once, 10 days before your period. It's dangerous, but what about those with a lot of experience?


Family structure is my 38-year-old housewife, 45-year-old husband, son 17-year-old high-2,
is a family of four of the father-in-law 65-year-old.
If you are every day worrying endlessly and completely without night of sexual activity with my husband recently
to the father-in-law of the place where masturbation using vibe and rotor in the bedroom
I've seen.
Father-in-law is the kiss came up to my bed while take off the clothes
I have. It's lonely without me to the night of the opponent son (my husband) is.
I've been caressing my body to say.
Because I've seen in the father-in-law the verge to go with masturbation
we have accepted the father-in-law.
Father-in-law has been disconnected and reconnected to put your finger been licking pussy of Bicho wet
I would raise the pant voice.
I was surprised been held the penis of the father-in-law.
Times the husband I know a certain size. Thick and, hard and, have stretched Cali
I have never seen until now.
I was totally licked with the tongue includes in the mouth from their own.
Shinobu's Blow Job is said to wish good Jupojupo hanging saliva
I have licked make a sound. Father-in-law becomes Sixty Nine is also from the bottom
sucked the chestnut, is agitated put a finger in the pussy, I was totally squid many times have also Rim Job.
I become want, I have said that you should put father-in-law's. Father-in-law is Ategai the penis to the vaginal opening, it has been put in slowly.
Glans a large penis of the father-in-law from entering until the root rubbed Merimeri and vaginal wall is
I grabbed the sheets to flow electricity per Zunzun in the womb
I have to scream.
I have said I feel good big penis of the father-in-law's.
Once in cowgirl I will shake the hips while disheveled hair
I have been derailed alive.
It was beaten as reddening ass is inserted from the back.
Was the kiss that entangled the tongue seeking a kiss from me returned to the normal position.
I I have reached the climax to replace the saliva.
Is the father-in-law's alive likely, the other is useless, it came father-in-law's,
I have said should I put out in.
Father-in-law is good, and Dopyudopyu to'll saying cervix clinging to me out
I have been ejaculation.
When remove the penis grassy father-in-law of semen from the pussy
has been overflowing.
Father-in-law, I went out of the bedroom to say that I was good Shinobu.

It is that the other day.
My panty trying to wash and look into the laundry basket I is not.
Takashi and Takashi son enters the suspicious and I think the room had been masturbating while sniffing the smell of my panties. When the call out me are you Takashinani
Takashi has ejaculation to say that sell surprised.
When I try to leave the room, is pushed down to the bed grabbed the arm to Takashi
will, came to touch my body.
Do not stop to say that Desist Takashi useless.
Made taking off clothes as cut torn, it came licking suddenly pussy.
Useless, it is said and say please stop Takashi and Thats you doing wet mother anymore
nothing did not say embarrassed.
Takashi've put the penis spread my crotch.
Bad, Takashi, I have put toward the Takashi shows the rejection of the bad ... form only. Takashi fill the face to my chest, I have also kiss.
Takashi tongue I have I also entangled come into my mouth.
Even if I do not in my head it'll be the body reaction.
I I have listened to Takashi voice agony will feel.
We have accelerate the piston is referred to as I pass away mother's.
Takashi another useless, Takashi, by outside! I because the middle is useless.
Takashi has stopped the movement of the body to say Ugh.
It would issued by in.
A large amount of semen that hits the cervix was found myself.
I I have been Pies to Takashi as to be fucked.
Takashi asks for my body on a daily basis.

This is the father-in-law and I, physical relationship with Takashi, is the beginning of incest.