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Incest confession of women(2018-03)

My father and my incest view

Has launched a new - since it became the last of the thread is full. The person of the countryside of the Northeast can not snow much field work. So although snow is lived out to the father and two city until less, where I met the widow and the son of the neighbor. The mother son also has become immediately friends have a father similar to incest and me. Father and widow, I will come to both the son and the bed, but in the next month of 5 days snow is low now be back in the mountains of home. And the farewell we are planning a hot spring trip in one night from the night of the next month three days. And return to the mountain of the house with two people living in my father, also it will begin a couple similar living. While listening to the experience stories and opinions of you thought that let's spelled write. Take less if you're.

Son of the array ...

The Timbo son of a junior high school student was was watching the Shigeru々.

Trying to stop

yuna himekawa[33522]
I gave birth as a teenager and am now 39 years old. My son is 20 years old. It's been three years since I've had a relationship. It all started when my son became interested in my underwear. At that time, my son, who was a high school student, seemed to enjoy taking my panties out of the washing machine and taking them to his room at midnight. I'm also a woman, so it was embarrassing to be able to mess with my dirty panties.  I thought that I would get tired of it soon, so I kept it secret from anyone, but even if I reached high 2, it wouldn't fit. I thought that my son brought panties to the room at midnight to take the plunge and hold the evidence, so I quietly went out of the room and opened the sliding doors of the Japanese-style room a little ... It was too late, my son I could see his right hand moving up and down violently with his face crouched in the panties spread on the desk. Somehow pitiful, I just went back to my room. One day there was such a thing. My husband only goes home on weekends because of his work. On weekdays, my son went out asking for an answering machine on his days off, but he returned home about 15 minutes later, remembering that he was asking for errands on the way. Of course, when I called out in front of my son's room and opened the sliding doors as usual ... I had a few of my panties on my desk, and my son hurriedly stood up, sat down, and tried to hide his cock. But it was completely visible. To be honest, I was shocked when I saw my son Ochinchin, who was big enough and bigger than my husband. I was wondering if I should go out silently or talk about something, but I decided to talk and sat down beside my son.And I learned from my son's confession that he saw me as a woman rather than a mother. I can't explain myself well at that time, but I naturally touched my son Ochinchin. I grew up quickly and tried hard to talk about masturbation and I did it. And that night, after dinner, my son was moody and turned his face red and asked me to give me the panties I'm wearing now. At that moment, I felt like my whole body was weakened, and I stopped talking by saying later. I don't know for myself, but that night, in my son's room, I told him not to mess with my panties forever, and took off what I was wearing and touched each other's bodies. It fits. Naturally, I had a relationship that night. It's been three years since then. We are enjoying each other now. As soon as my son returns, he touches my body and puts in Ochinchin for the time being. And even before going to bed. Even now, on Saturdays and Sundays when my husband does not return, I have sex from the morning if there is no business for each other. I have been at the mercy of my son, who has learned the technique of being an adult in the last three years. The sound of my dick that I can't hear in the sex with my husband. I'm surprised and embarrassed myself. When my son hears the sound of his mother's pussy, he says he doesn't want to have sex with other women at all. Looking at me like that, I feel that I'm afraid that my son's energy is concentrating on me in the future.

Crossing the line with my father

My son is 9 years old in the third grade of elementary school, and my husband is a widow who has already died. I run my father's small company together.  It was Wednesday, 28th of last month, a little after 3pm, when I opened the front of my blouse and pushed my bra up, my son had a nipple and I couldn't get breast milk, but he still sucked crazy. I was there. I've been fond of it for a long time, and when I return from school, it includes nipples. Of course, the bath was the same as my husband's taste, and I knew that my hair had been completely permanently removed and that my son had seen my dick. I've been letting them smoke since I became two.  At that time, I didn't realize that my father was outside the living room at first, but when I naturally looked up, I noticed that he was watching. It was late, when my son was sucking, including his nipples, I was hugging him too. I had both nipples sucked and then fixed the bra, but it was too late.  The next day, after my son went to school, when I called my dad, he came from the office and said, "Dad, you can smoke." I got naked and had my dad smoke, but that wasn't enough. I was tied up with my father, I was shocked by the womb with great momentum, a man was inserted for the first time in a long time and I was absorbed in it, I also asked for my father, and in the morning it was a little after noon and I became absorbed in love with each other It was. My body is on fire and I have time to love my father and my parents and children are falling.

Seen in the father-in-law

It's such thing yesterday. I began cleaning the living room, but suddenly at that time, possession of the vacuum cleaner will be surely etc. much like over there of man, we have removed the bra hook put your hand in the hesitation even without shirt , began to wield a wince systemic soon as I touched the nipples, roll up the skirt put the A4 much of the mirror on the side of the TV while touching the nipple on top of the low table to stomach, pink shorts-through in the mirror, we can see that the chestnut on top of the place is a little inflated by the is large, left to take off quickly shorts, Korikori scissors your beans at your fingertips, \"Please put Please A'a' dad Oh Mmm ...\" the other is crazy Why I do not know whether the said father, the finger is moved back and forth hip put in a place where two your soup is full out, was agony. I turned around and the signs of the time people, by father-in-law of should not stay are visible all reflected in the I'm taking off the pants \"Azusasha's mirror while looking at me, Shinichi is I mean you can not stand in the absence, So it's called me, why want kana Azusasha san, tell me, is it \"mean do not know and do not say properly,\" different to have to take off until the trousers, I remember Shinichi's , but I'm weird I Oh I want you give me I want dad because it is it is only today. \"still teasing I\" Do what do you want, tell me properly, never went to why you want or \"Shinichi's I have said that the obscene \"Please to Anoanooma Nko, father of\" \"I did not hear Datte What, tell me again,\" ashamed and shameful or Shikute, to maybe face I think that had become red \"pussy Please put the cock of the dad in\" the right foot the backrest of the sofa the left foot to the table, we have slowly entered the large open center, big it is hard, the innermost \"Aa-your Chichi-san is a very good feel good N word - do\" quickly drawn against the first time, such a great thing, the body is feeling to float in the air \"where s the feels most Do tell me na \"now without hesitation Said I was \"likely pussy is melts, seems not me,\" such experience was the first time. Father-in-law I'm one day each month doing guided by the curator of the museum, it was back to take the material that was forgotten yesterday, Anna me. I came predictably this morning, is that of the month.Shinichi will return in the evening today, but why can not there during. I do not feel too much to touch the chestnut from the top of the shorts wearing a napkin, it seems to have returned to normal.

Brother and nephew

I have a nephew I've never met my nephew since I was a baby because my brother divorced after having a child I'm involved in that reason, but I'll talk about that later. It was when I went to my parents' house where I happened to meet my nephew . When I came close to my parents'house by car, the car slowly passed in front of my parents' house on the other side of the road . When I tried to park on the road in front of my parents' house, the car slowed down. I was about to pass by, and when I saw the face of the man in the driver's seat, I immediately realized that he was my nephew. It was just like the time 20-year-old brother chasing immediately in the car, was multiplied by the voice got out of the car when it was stopped at a red light , "not a 〇_〇_A-chan?" I A, "Oh! I'm so " I" Hey, M I "of do not speak? your aunt is a-chan, but was a little evil likely is punishment, there is blood in the waist than the water did me feel something or familiar, near the coffee shop I had to drive a car and talk. Maybe because my father grew up differently, I felt a little thrown away . "Did you care about your parents' house?" "Did you have a hard time?" "What are you doing now?" I asked a lot of questions . I didn't have any questions from A-chan, but I told him that he was my only nephew and an important person."If you have a problem, please come to the consultation. I may not be able to help you much, but I will help you as much as possible." I dressed up nicely even though I had only part-time income . "Let's have lunch." There were several such beggings. At one point, "Why don't you go for a drive somewhere?" A-chan invited me. A-chan's holiday was a weekday, so my husband When I went out to my house like a high school student, I went out with my usual commuting clothes, but I changed my clothes on the way and met at the parking lot of a major supermarket and got on A-chan's car I went Te to extend the leg until the prefecture of the next, had a fun time to eat lunch, "I became sleepy, little wonder if I even sleep to defeat the sheet?" a-chan and ride in the car leave you So I said, "Then, there's nothing I can't do, and I'm going to the hotel I swear?" I said, " My aunt and nephew, but I'm not doing anything, I'm fine. As a result, A-chan, who entered the hotel a few kilometers away, lay down on the bed as soon as she entered the room, "Young but sloppy! A" jokingly said A. Looking at his face, he looked just like his brother. The voice was just like that. Looking at A's sleeping face, it seems that the mistake of a young day passed through his head , my first man was my brother.I liked my brother, so I have no regrets. My brother continued to go in and out of my brother's apartment on a daily basis even after he got married , and I had sex. When my child came out, I deliberately overeat and became very fat and I was pregnant at that time become a place where the barrel mother, was abortion even then, contraception while is subsequently had the relationship with his brother when the brother of the brother in the apartment of the cock is rampage in me elder brother's wife that I came home early from work , but I was divorced if there be such, that the elder brother's wife at the time have been pregnant, the child is the a and looking at the entirety of a to the brother, a brother of the one nephew Perhaps it didn't matter and I just had a loved one in front of me. I put my lips on top of each other. I don't seem to wake up because I'm tired. I crawl my lips on my eyes and ears. When I lay down a little, I put my hand on A-chan's penis again. A-chan woke up when he piled up, "A-chan, can you forgive me? Do this ..." A-chan is also a man. Remarks embrace me, gone through lips "A-chan experience?" And ask and, punishment is told evil likely a "Yes" seems to have grown up in a shy child does not suit to the parent "Tell me I'll give it to you. "That said, the one of A who entwined his tongue was warped finely. It seemed better than that of my brotherWhen I put one of A in my mouth, A made a small voice, and I was happy with that voice, and I held A in my throat. I went up and down several times and licked the back side with my tongue. I drank the white A liquid when I thought that I heard a voice saying, "If I and my brother's child were born safely, I thought it would be like this, I would love it like my own child Kanjima was also then, a is we have been driven into the strong penis to recover quickly in the I also have to put many times, how many times do not think the first time we have continued until he subsequently married It was. I didn't want to do anything like when I was my brother . I'm a terrible woman. I'm sexless with my husband, but I had a relationship with my brother before I got married, and I had a relationship with my nephew. When my boss made a vaginal cum shot, I put my hand around my husband's waist and made him vaginal cum shot and insisted that he was a child of my husband.