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Incest confession of women(2014-03)

It is ridiculous

yuna himekawa[13909]
It is no longer stay on top of all that you had a secret love affair with a guy sister (Yuki) is, ....
Husband of the sister and niece of 1-year-old left, become brother-in-law of my (Masaaki's) is probably very many things, it was attended almost every day except weekends to housework and take care of my niece.
Evening, when you go home to home and finished getting ready Gohan'ya, bath as usual, we will miss the timing niece is home Guzuri out.
We call home, and decided to socializing to dinner niece reluctantly, go home from Nekashitsuke.
Niece, it feels like this has also been found that I will not stay and wake up with sleeping mother or became miss, whether they wanted to mother me, I did not sleep very much.
Upon exiting the room with me sleeping somehow, Mr. Masaaki had gone home already.
As much as possible, and even though I was to avoid face to face, I quickly met ... finally.
We were helping to come to this house be said that my sister was, I, the sister of the real and things apology, at the very least ... feel inferior in this house, but it did not suit the face. Yet ....
While I think that because the face to face for the first time a month ... and from out and came to this house, and not be sorry many times, even by mistake, When you go home and since apologized sister, Masaaki's opened his mouth slowly were.
It niece is lonely, and the period of time that was ... affair and that, he is no longer uncontrollably angry, that one month I also accumulate it is to go out is, has accumulated ....
If you're thinking of really sorry, and white opponents of me! With the .... Nonetheless say insanely, nothing Ikaese. Is entered by two people in the bath which had been prepared is said, white take care of and under clearly down, and then wash with raised wash the body, it was raised by wiping with a bath towel. To bed ... as it is. Once hardened is to drink not allowed to remove the mouth to caress the body to me, even if it is issued to the mouth, and also made ​​me E erosion continues, dick not wet it because it was by force is not me caress me It was put to forcibly screwed to. The photo and videos are also taken on a mobile in the middle, I have to go out a lion. Then, over the rope to the foot is gagged with a towel, and from over the rope to the lintel, suspended tied their hands, it was allowed to as Y-shaped balance. Yuki was'll gladly taken the The photo in dressed like that, or is slap your ass you can put a finger, is the clothespin nipples, you too'd like to like this! While called, were thrust a pink rotor was placed in a condom in ass hole. The thrust the vibe over there, it was really disgusting .... Even so I had been wet and is out the vibe, .... Moreover, it is're making noise and Pichapicha, much to hear to my ears .... I understand you are gone I feel to have been a thing, I own what was excited by the situation, it is going more and more wet. To be able to discover a new me, I might honestly ... I was happy. Now, it will not be able to satisfy the etch with her ​​husband, and wonder what it is to Masaaki's? It is also a fun and. Yuki sister, have I made ​​a man to other Why? I think .... So, way back has become slow often since that day.

Outdoor sex with son

Yesterday, at the invitation of the order to the etch, night one anniversary passed away after has been completed is the master of had a relationship with his son was the first invitation
\"not go even Mother Drive\"
son in the warm
When I just turned 19 years old, my son has become a day-to-day that you love each other like newlyweds for 2 years now position from there. I have to wear a one-piece easy to take off, bra you wear, but it is not grave shorts, going out to put in the bag, and looking for a place that is not found in the people somewhere and son, he found there. Avoid in detail, there is a bench in a location that went into the back and can rest assured even when you stop the car widely become a park, go to the place where there are no people, sidewalk can be, where I was do. is multiplied by a leisure sheet \"I say if my mom here,\" \"a person wonder if this\" to bench \"will not come until here\", I would be naked Remove also bra off your dress, Ale facing upward son will also be naked already It had been an erection. It is attached Sucking over there with no hair of my son become on his back on the bench, I also would raise the voice comfortably. The tired, Sucking \"... licking more pleasant ... Tsu Oh\" son \"... delicious Mother ○ pussy\" it often, but I also become indecent unusually outdoors this day directly below. Pushed up the back is in back, and leads to the way across the son in a sitting posture son wake me, and let the push-up in close contact with the skin in a normal position, fainting verge large amount of semen is infused in the back of my I ended up with. The Ai asked hooked and son, and I thought a sign of life is as had been somewhere, but I have become addicted to etch and son rather than Soredokoro. I like parent-child thing.

Ax of son

It celebrated its sixtieth birthday this year, but it is active libido is still unabated.
But her husband does not touch the body of my many years in diabetes.
I was healed in two over-Ona lonely one.
Is that one day,
\"are you doing to a mother\" 30-year-old son
.... I \"What the bedroom door open and back and lost in two over-Ona naked send out family as usual
that it is silent in the translation is not to say \"do you not ask them to the\" Dad? \"\" Dad has not been that long anymore diabetes \"Do you Shiteyaro Yokattara at me so?\"? \"I want to embrace, but also such a thing son began to undress you are wearing and be silent it can not be said. Respectable ax is now in the eye and take off the last one. I thought there is a want, but secretly son has been smoked and massaged the breast overlays cover to me is not issued to the mouth just is facing down. It was included in the mouth of the ax son and I and I want you to mess anyone because even in good son When rubbed sucked the breast after a long time. This is also delicious if you put in the mouth after a long time. My son came to touch the genitals of me. It was wet with drenched already. When you say, \"I ax you,\" \"I want to put another\", \"did you want to put what\" to mean son words to say \"'ll wet very mom chooch\" I chooch hear obscene 's \"one thing Where Chapter hope you will be have the cock of the \"I\" by the hole in the \"I\" of where to hole Chapter I \"holes to say to say Chang and there would be no\" and give me \"to put the cock by cock\" you \" \"there is a hole in the hole where the surprising chooch by hole\" \"I put from now # do not get angry layer\" this son again gave me finally inserted. Cock What years since It was contains. Are you wanted this feeling. Yeah feeling good to \"give me the crazy butt poking\". \"I wonder ending physiological another mother\" \"I'll have menopause long ago already,\" \"Do not I good to put a raw Well,\" \"it is not thought that the extra give me and put out a lot of\" my son and I in a variety of Positions It has me delight. I climb \"It seems more alive aak ~\" \"I'm alive even likely,\" \"Yeah Aaaaa ~ Kite~tsu ~\" at the same time as the \"Iku~tsu\" son. YokuMotomu complaint I have been resolved, \"I was nice Oh\" \"I'll have the other party at any time when it is good at this I\", \"I ask also Well Well,\" \"a time skein appointment Ah\" at this. Son customers customers. \"

Star of encounter

The cheer of the encounter between an adult! I will support such a man a woman wants to find the love of adults, such as flutter unexpectedly \"... I wonder what years\". Everyone of married people also certainly please. ○ ○九一二三六六一二九

Sperm of the brother-in-law

We couple now 8 years since have been married but had been said to want to see the face of the grandchild soon from both parents is not blessed with a child.
It was said to be impossible is to create a child in this state is said that there is a problem with the sperm of my husband and ask them to check in the hospital.
I talked to my husband about this and think that it is good to you were sperm brother of my husband and I have decided to undergo in vitro fertilization and in consultation with my husband, but I will not be able to it is! Give birth to a child of where someone does not know.
It became Kehhate to say it would be good because there is also a connection of blood and you were sperm brother also my husband.
But it seems to have thought that he to the in vitro fertilization the sperm of his brother and seems to have not even thought my husband and pregnant with sex No way.
I was called at home by telephone to Mr. Koototo my husband went to work.
Brother I had heard from my husband, but I was surprised at so did not expect to coalesce No way with me.
\"Sorry today Takahiro-kun, and it looks like they think my husband to the in vitro fertilization, but I want to catch the sperm of Takahiro Mr.
direct\", \"something that you sleep with me 's that
sister-in-law's,\" \"I'm the unpleasant Yeah\"
\" Even as a sister-in-law's No wonder if good but no such a thing
\"and want you to put directly in the if to fertilization anyway It's unpleasant Nante of inseminate in me by issuing the free sperm of my hopes\" this
\"to know\"
I slept in ~Tsu downy become naked to go by sister-in-law's was \"in the bedroom. We have been massaged the breast \"please caress and touch me Takahiro's\" lips of Takahiro's overlap on my lips
and went into ~Tsu downy Takahiro's also take off, but those of essential because no erection . It has also touched the lower body while massaging the breast. How touching is also different as brothers. Hard objects \"I put sister-in-law's\" of Mr. Takahiro \"Yeah\" has come. Out began slowly. I was put up so that there is no feeling, but it was I have raised voice with Nishigami Takahiro's become comfortably and tired, even many times. \"Feels very Takahiro-san\", \"sister-in-law's I'm also feels,\" \"Kiss Takahiro's\" sole purpose of pregnancy ended up burning. I feel bad will my husband. Takahiro-san will come violently thrust up to stir the medium. \"It seems to go anymore I Takahiro-san\" and \"Please go anytime'm good\" and will likely go again been caught in the act different from the master \"Aaa~tsu ~ Iku~tsu ~\" I went. But attacks Takahiro's lasted still went with just me. It was coming soon when you go a second time. Intensified \"It seems to go again Takahiro-san\", \"together crowded I also'm going to go soon,\" Takahiro's also shaking the hips vigorously than would likely go \"~ forgive Dame~tsu already ~\", \"sister-in-law's Iku~tsu ~ I was exhausted at the same time two people. \" Semen was to prevent spill floated the waist by lifting both feet on the wall as soon as I am. \"I hope to be able to pregnancy in this sister-in-law's,\" \"I wonder can ask again wish I could Yeah, but If you can not if\" and \"it is more good if I but I'm want to as many times as desired sister-in-law's\" I'm glad, \"Thank you but I can pregnancy and Takahiro's another Once \"I please do not say such a thing\" \"It might be okay compatibility with Mr. Takahiro I was not accustomed to this feeling as my husband I was the first time it felt good so Well\" \"now try at\" I thank you also, \"I'll keep thinking\" Yeah \"

I ended up doing with my son

The other day, we have to buy a condom in drag strike word of the next town, to use is the son. My mother to buy a condom for the son, but it is unnatural. I am a 23-year-old son at 44 years old. You should to be pregnant, I am a child of the son surely if there is no condom.

Mother was forced to son

It is a housewife of 46. My husband is a bachelor in.
In vocational school student of 20, his son has been living together.
I would be etched and forced his son a few weeks ago.
Son I have hug from behind suddenly you are drunk. I said that it quit, but my son was drunk scared and could not be much resistance. After finished, I did not sleep that day almost to that of the remainder. He said a word and I'm sorry to son the next day, it has happened. Since then, there was the awkward atmosphere, but did not have anything. But son I've hug from behind suddenly and are undressed I thought today, it is about to enter the bath. And I thought and I wonder are you drunk, but also I was surprised. But his son was not drunk. I have, why? When you say I quit, son, said that he did I can not take it anymore. Pounding did not stop to think that I had thought my son did that Anna blame liquor, and I'm seen as a woman. When I sit still and do not know why say, my son has been caressing the breast. Unlike the first time, it was a very gentle hand movements. I, and divulge the voice I \"had\" to come put your hand into the pants and began stroking the crack now. Am I trying to resistance is very pleasant, and did not think at all anymore. And I would be etched son and also the last. Son and I, we parted without saying anything now. I went into the bath as it is, but I left that body was starting to throb was I have had myself many times. We settled down a little now that went up from the bath, but you would be thinking of his son many times. Underwear was just a change of clothes is also soaked. I might not stop the relationship between son anymore.

Fool Mother

My son was enrolled to the University of Nagoya than last spring. Once a month, I had visited the dormitory living son to see how the cleaning of the room. When I went in August, my son came back from buying the beer cans in after school. Son of minors
drank oolong tea. Drunk around me weak in alcohol, thighs, my son is coming from hugging skirt legs also disturbed It was a matter of time. It came violently massaged the breasts by shifting bra cockhorse by pushing me. Emotions I did was seek out the body of his son that day for some reason. I my \"... Mom gonna good to put in the mother British-chan! if you wanted to put out, ... I've been waiting for a ~ not when this\" and when the son was trying to insert pussy did was tangled in the cock of her son.

The secret of a son

You gave birth to Takeshi me when I was 20 years old.
When sixth-grade elementary school, Takeshi began to say a reward is if you want take a 100-point test. To me you've answered force is, if entering the study, anything nice, what Takeshi what I thought.
It was said \". You let me breathe tits\".
I thought I was surprised, to try to deny, but while you are looking at the appearance of Takeshi tackle to study seriously,
and \". Good luck Iiwa.\", I got the answer. 80 points until then. I was taking good grades and 90 points, but I did not that it took 100 points Takeshi. I think there was also a portion that had enclosed the high somewhere. And, finally, one day, Takeshi I've been brought back to test the 100 points. Joyfully, to me and say \". Trap was good job! I amazing\", while saying that it \"? Remember mom. Promise.\" Is coming closer to me. I regret. I thought that it was also trying to deny. But, Takeshi I was working hard in practice. If you do not give observe the promise. Saying it \"of. Mama I remember, I'll let suck tits. ....\" So, I went to remove one by one button blouse. \"Mom also good style, and I. Tits is also large,'m famous boys in the class.\" Crotch of such Takeshi had tents large. When you fully open before, \"Oh, such a,.'m Ashamed\" of the blouse, Takeshi will undress gently. Remove the hook of the bra by turning back the hands, I remove the strap from the shoulder while holding the front of the cup. Remove the hands of me \"is you, I promise.\" Takeshi saying gently, I snatched the bra. I \"The big tits. Mama, shape, too good.\" and face down \". without looking. reluctantly\", says helplessly. Takeshi Shagamikomi in front of, and has received the lips nipples right. Soft lips of elementary school students. Both my husband, voice was leaks are not likely to feel that breast-feeding at the time of the baby with a different course. \". No. Oh\", \"Mama. Nipples'm stiff.\" And \". Do not know hate.\" I was finally to answer so. Takeshi begins massaging the left breast. Massaged the chest \"soft and tits. Of. Mama, I feel good oh.\" To my son, while sucked the nipple, dont. While I think that it should not feel, I've been gently patted the back of the head of Takeshi in mixed feelings. \"Mama's sucked? Tits, feels?\" \"Yeah. I'll feel good.\" And I had to answer so. \"Well, if you take 100 points now, I show the pussy.\" \"Ah, Good luck Iiwa. Your study..\" And I had to answer so. And Takeshi is now to focus on the study than ever before. And, as promised, the next test was also 100 points.

At the time of the exam

I had to give sexual process and as Uchikomeru to study with the exception of the annoying libido to test other than at the time of the high school exam son.
What this mother I'm not able to understand what I say doting parent.
But I was able to successfully pass or if there worth it.
I let them fire in my body, not just rub the cock of his son at the time of the successful celebration.
Daytime has been nestled in the night son is nestled in the master from that day.

Is allowed to experience the son

I Yesterday, hands together in front of the grave of his master to take the son,
is nestled in the <Hiroki you in mind.
One year high school this year, we will take to the hotel from now> son is entrance ceremony soon. I was promised that I'll let the experience before that. Forgive all be naked in front of my son, and I was raised welcomed in the back of me. I sucking over there to recklessly also I had screamed. And I had a fainting numbness to feeling hot in the back of my pushed up violently. It was the first experience. Body of the woman that I had awakened.

The fucked in father-in-law

This is an 8-year-old under a 21-year-old husband in the 29-year-old me. You are now in the second year have been married.
My husband will come asking me every night probably because young. It will also have many times at once.
I now that her husband is going on a business trip scheduled per night uncommon day.
I was now alone with his father-in-law has been living in the house.
Father-in-law has come into the bathroom door opens unexpectedly when you are in the bath as usual.
\"Father-in-law's What is the\" I hid the body in a towel in a hurry.
\"I'm gonna comfort him also because not here tonight\" and \"Please go out early is fine\", \"it does not occur so much Well,\" \"Please go out early\" tonight you would have \"you guys every night I wonder was scheduled to be \"early father-in-law,\" Please go out because it is good, even if such a thing \"has come to touch the body from behind me. \"The sac soft Oh\", \"Please stop joke\" to come grab the breast what looks like penis of father-in-law is hitting on my back \"please stop really,\" \"Do not have nice body,\" \"please stop\" the father-in-law I can see it there. I thought that it was the father-in-law to get fucked. \"Nipple Oh also I'll came erection hard\" nipple has happened indeed. Hand has been stretched down again to the next of the breast. Attempts to resistance desperately but was finally touch the pussy By not win the power of men. It is coming wet \"someone is feeling'll wet pussy of yours\" There is no why, and you are being touched do you say I sexual woman. It was stopped useless without can only give up again and come up to this resistance. I give up is not Shinara to be When this happens again. It has to do only said Namero to bring in front of my face the penis becomes bold or felt that I was no longer resistance. I was including the mouth reluctantly penis feel a little larger than those of her husband to. It was allowed to comfortably mouth and tongue and hands I think that it might need not put the pussy if caused to ejaculation in the mouth. The early \"sac enviable He feels oh do they ask them to such a pleasant thing every night\" to the scrubbing. I rubbed faster \"seems already gone many\" than I think you've done secretly. \"Ikuzo\" father-in-law was ejaculated in the mouth. I thought that it was and ended up with this. But it was a big mistake. Penis of the father-in-law had an erection still large but it should issued. My husband had a different thing of the father-in-law and to shrink small immediately after issuing. The Moee~tsu \"or I'll put in the pussy now?\" father-in-law and I came from behind put injurious both hands on the wall of the bath me. I now also comfortably but had to pretend not to feel that killing press the voice. But I would be aloud I also can not take it anymore father-in-law that issued once and are rubbed long without any sign to go middle people. \"Feeling Ii~tsu ~ father-in-law's,\" \"likely alive anymore,\" \"Did you feel To sugar\" and \"to say'll say,\" \"Aaaa~tsu ~\" \"~ Iku~tsu\" I will go. \"I do orchid sleeping in the room of an eagle Tonight,\" \"You want to say high street\" thus adultery father-in-law and I began.

To 13723's

Things like the same as the lady continued even I, I became depressed. Your face, style, I did much is said to be clean from my friends.
It is also the insomnia not sleep and I think also, to be or licked my body when you are sleeping, and visits to psychiatric, tranquilizers, and now drink sleeping pills, I, cause it during deep sleep whether such, the son continued to commit me, for the time being for the time being, not go home to my son, it is all-you-can-Yarare fucked 4 hours do you angry me exiting the house together luggage. No, do not thing many times in the son. We were saying, but is said to be (. Evil I my mother too clean), refers to a scream [draft, A~tsua, draft] and, and more of was me further, ass or licked, I am, you have children of a woman of children 2 years of my son ejaculated not be able to do anything forcefully. How do I talk to this thing anyone.

It has been ejaculation son committed me.

I am a department store clerk that cosmetics sold in the major 32-year-old. Son is a junior high school sophomore at the age of 14 have the same job at 28 years old my colleagues. Two years ago, while sniffing the panties of my much you can put the panties of my mouth, I saw a figure that masturbation (unwashed still laundry) panty my son Dari smell it while touching You knew Te. It was I think I would Okoro, but down licking chest and buttocks, the taste of me down the deep sleep panty even when you do not know how I do care, I'm sleeping, it was built in the accident, but I,
continued dressed sleeping, I was so not built. The 28-year-old colleague, we also know women home live alone son.
Auto-lock waiting when returning home, she, juice and cake, son because they are also made ​​rice and sometimes in that my son can be entered together interested also to my colleagues, I,
when I was relieved, I had received, the consultation underwear before washing is no longer my son comes. When my holiday, you're cooking, suddenly,
licking all I was taken off panty, bra all knocked down in the bedroom to defeat me from behind, have my waist with both hands his son ass son Lift,
has been (ejaculation) that you dont finally have is several times that of the son enters into.
It is rape lost the power of his son because he and useless in an attempt to rape pretend sometimes then, so say. My son also eat shit and pee me? Whether the transformation. Is painful.
It is that he is committed to his son tears, with tears also become unpleasant.

And reluctantly asked for sex to his son.

yuna himekawa[13693]
I am a person has a cosmetics salesperson at a major company at 36 years old. It is a single mother in the 18-year-old son. Son have come to a sexual favor to me in junior high school one year, smell touch my underwear unwashed still to touch the washing machine bra and panty my son in the 31-year-old son son knew also that you have the Onani in my room underwear panties I have seen a scene like you're sniffing. When you do not wash your body still, while licking my body son beat me suddenly, I when I son took the license of the car, there is a family bath at the inn of the ordinary that went invited to drive I resisted, but the power of his son has been placed ejaculation dick became big son finally strongly. I say to my son and I go to the bathroom addition, my son began to drink my pee is said to'm no good. It was licked or under my ass beat me in a room inn and also wash your body with hot springs. It seems to have been raped though is strong. is when I go home, I am Hodai you would like done to the other son is or touched the chest or put your hands in and over did you drive a car. It becomes compliant and want to eat the shit of my them, son, began to eat the shit of me out the shit of my dish her son had brought from the cupboard spread the newspaper rather than in the toilet because it is rape and deny son directly below. And, because it is what you say my son'm delicious warm, mind also became painful raped son thereafter. It will lasts forever this life. I, or would do such because a beautiful woman.

Tsu, 窶 \"Tequesquitengo 窶堙 bonds Jukutsuze~tsu? 窶吮 ??? ..

Tsu bonds. 窶堋A窶堙ware窶堋©窶堙§ Tsu, Tsu Jukutsuze~tsu? 窶吮??窶堙diversions? Whom two flooded窶堋key窶堙© Tsu.窶堙?窶堋\"Tequesquitengo窶堙? Tanni鍛Ni,窶over hand堋? Heritage窶督Akira?堙??堋~O窶堙\" Tsu.窶\" and Tequesquitengo窶堙over窶牢窶披?窶堙Showers?堋O窶堙??敕??堋Ki窶堙?堙?窶堙~I窶堙?, Tsu bonds.窶斗窶堙? 8 Tsu催銀?堙?? \"Tequesquitengo窶堙? 6 Tsu催銀?堙??堋Ki窶堋Lee窶堋~Yu窶堋~O窶堙ware窶堋\"Tsu.窶斗窶堙diversions?\"窶昶? Tsu~yo窶堙Showers?堙債Shizue窶佚cormorant窶堋Oh窶堙??堙遺?堋\"窶\" Tequesquitengo窶堙Shutohajinitoma?愴弾two we窶堋ware 3窶凪?窶堋?窶堙~I Tsu odor窶堋\"窶伉A窶堋~Tsu窶堙??堋\"窶堙©窶堋support窶堙ware窶堙? Tananidan Tsuni man-to-窶堋Oh窶堙??堋\"窶堙© Tsu.窶\" Tequesquitengo窶堙Shutohajinitoma?愴弾two窶堙our bonds, TsuWataru~ya窶堋cormorant窶堋~Yu Tsu static披?堋\"Tsu color窶堙\" Ni痴Ni窶堋graphics窶伉ware窶堋us two愴弾? Shutohajinitoma窶堙愴誰? stop \"窶堋\" Tsu. Tsuseio窶愿co窶\"Tequesquitengo窶堋ware two hammered歎Ni TsuchiChin Wataruー窶堋?窶堙sea bream?堙??堋\"窶堙©窶堙??堋~O窶堙?窶\" Tequesquitengo窶堙Shutohajinitoma?愴弾two窶堙us over Tsu odor窶堋\"窶伉A窶堋~Tsu窶堙??堋\"窶堙© Tsu.窶堋\"窶堋\" Tsu odor窶堋\"窶堋Seth.窶\" Tequesquitengo窶堙hill? Doo窶堋ware窶\"Tequesquitengo窶堙Shutohajinitoma?愴弾two窶堙us? Tananidanni man-to-窶堋Oh窶堙??堋\"窶堙~Unasu窶凪?堙over窶堙Akira?堙~A窶堙ware窶堋graphics窶堙diversions?堙?,窶堙?窶堋,窶斗窶堙slope? \"Nasetsu,窶Tsuko窶吮? wo窶堙over窶堙rock?堋~E\" Tequesquitengo窶堙over窶忿窶堋Oh窶窶堋ass blue ~I窶堋and \"窶堙?堋~Tsu窶堙?? Ketsuketsu,窶堋~I Tsu ass窶堙over窶堋cormorant窶堙~Yu窶堙~I te, r窶堙溪?堙懌?堋~Yu窶堙»?堋Su
窶\"Tequesquitengo窶堙bonds\" Nasutsu~o窶堙溪?堙?,窶堋?窶堙?,窶堋?窶堋?窶堋?窶堙??堙個blue-green algae cell窶堋窶堋key窶堋©窶堙~Anasute?窶堙diversions? \"Tequesquitengo窶堙over窶敕??堋O窶堋Sutsu.窶斗窶堙hill? \"Te~etsu parent窶堙diversions?堋,窶堙A窶堋A窶堙over Tsu food窶堙\" Tequesquitengo窶堙diversions?堋~I窶堋Oh窶堙»?堋A窶堙over Tsu,窶堙diversions?堙A窶堋cell窶堙~I窶cold?堙~U窶堙diversions?堙坂?堙??堋, saw窶堋© Tsu. te \"Y窶氾~Yu窶堙?\" Tequesquitengo窶堙hill?堋A窶堙ware窶堋©窶堙§ Tsu,窶堙??堙娯?堙wo窶堋,窶堙Allowed blue Cana? arsenate ??堋O窶堋graphics窶堙§窶堋\"窶堋\"窶堙??堋Ki窶堋© Tsu?

Now, during deep sleep, mother Sico panty mother took off ...

Now, I want to have sex with the mother of sound sleep now. I can not take it anymore. By going to commit in the naked mother, mother is very beautiful 36 year old 18 year old I am now. I have it in Onani panty mother not washing of the rooms I have continued smell There are three sheets. Panty mother, had often panty pink and small red color. I have continued to smell the panties of the mother when the mother is bathed shower the other day. It's a good smell. Mother so was seen that I have been masturbation panty mother,
the other mother's clothing defeated mother, earnestly licked touched chest, ass wearing momentum undress underwear I quit \", there, it was committed real mother and from issuing voice Aato. I eat the shit of Nondari mother pee mother, whether. now, how clean mother do I live?

Until commit beauty real mother

I was often said to friends and it's beautiful mother of four elementary school around. My mother gave birth to me at 20 years old. First, when no mother at work from around 5 elementary school students interesting in bra and panty underwear of mother,
and now smell rely on my face to panty mother before washing. When the junior high school two years, when you are cooking it with the apron, I hug from behind the mother rather than by Chery Mother, mother, there was glad of was how something such a thing. I said. Put my hand in the panties of my mother put out a hand from the skirt of my mother's gonna have (what, stop, in the living room while embracing the mother, my mother because it was said. Doing this gonna useless . mother licked all of the mother while the kiss mother naked while licking pussy mother with naked the resisted many times and Dameyo but more of I pressed the mother with the power,
and increased my You can also ejaculation is placed in a mother cock, committed a mother reluctant holding at the waist ass mother, children of my (daughter) was born one year too. The mother at a rate of once per month thereafter It has SEX with.
sometimes crying because you asked the mother from the direction of my, is SEX. my mother and I because SEX as beautiful rather than mother woman when you do a mom to university graduation, At the same good mother because was. married and resigned it to SEX mother and at 35 years old at that time at 55 years old when I'm a bad mother because a beautiful woman. But my mother to SEX with clean too wife at 55 years old, but the mother I want to do with

Before being fucked by brother

My house is your bathhouse. It is a public bath of the town.
I was sitting in the series from six years of elementary school.
It was a little embarrassed when classmates came.
That person Toka great was remembered well Toka small that person to watch the cock of men from this time.
Big man does not hide in the towel, but little guy was looking for just such a scenario, Toka hide.
Had been well observed and women to Made up of dark pubic hair and the size of the breast.
That you sit in series I will also be around were also fewer.
It seems that nothing but watch ladies' bath brother is sitting in the series now.
To enter to see the time in public bath because there is no bath at home.
I went into when my brother are in the series. I feel that the line of sight of the brother pierce painfully had to.
It was exposed nude to look like his brother on purpose to go up from the hot water. Brother stare at the hot line of sight. Cock brother should have an erection at this time. I am holding the crotch. Let's have at Ona~tsu maybe If this was the room.
I'll sweep the whole family becomes the time of closing.
Microsoft can not go back to each room cleaning is finished, but tonight my brother came to my room
\"and tantalizingly me'm a dressed sister of
today\", \"what it
rough\" and \"I do not play
dumb,\" \"What It would have confronted me on purpose \"\" The yan was good probably did look physical beauty of the \"I\", \"hey now -\" I do not know things, but
\"It 's\" bath
\",\" it is what \"It's not when you see still by\" What We have been in Hagaijime me as soon as I say \"- Ha!\" \"I went out and went to bed because\" \"and\" What ~ \". \"Gonna live what\" brother has massaged the chest. \"The fool Hanaseyo other\" brother \"because I show off Anna dressed'm a bad sister\" it has massaged the chest desperately. I have hit is the hard cock in the ass brother. I think we feel commit me. I was regretting hasty my actions and what went wrong. It was a normal size Anta also Take off from a take off and \"away anymore because was found,\" \"What I found\" and from now \"would I want with me,\" You fucked it so unpleasant \"when you see the dick that took off of my brother. I also know the size and because she was seen in the series always. But I would say, \"This I What ~ Wow\" you have been greatly changed imperceptibly. It is surprised the other was watching because size was prior to erection. \"I'll not enter by force of this\" and \"Although I said from my sister'm What\" \"What I did not expect to become so big\" and \"die do me by the same\" and \"us as painless\" and \"good, but\" brother You come with sucking chest. Hands are touching the genital area. Cock brother came in and spread \"there that was Anta Hey,\" \"many times by some,\" \"I have a many times Oh\" legs \"De Well put my sister.\" It is painful \"Tsu hurts\" over there likely to tear again. Still brother has put mercilessly. words leaving only hurts. Pain is increased each time the cock brother is out. It had been praying and finished early. What looks like semen and after the red fresh blood had come with sheets ~Tsu downy \"I finished my sister,\" I thought it was pain also finished eliminates movement stops after a few minutes. It is the result of hasty action of I gave birth. Is reflection.

It is nestled in the brother of her husband

And I would have broken out of the middle-husband, in the middle the middle of the etch.
And I would deflated when finally, I'll rise.
Lowest anymore, frustration was accumulated halfway.
I was drawing up the measures and focuses on his brother and I think that every day you are looking for an outlet for sexual desire but to have accumulated brother of husband are divorced.
You go to the house of his brother, excuse is clean. You wore underwear new wash to clean even dick and take a shower before you go of course.
I arrived in the house of his brother.
You ring the front door chime, we are pounding. \"What's happening? Sister there?\" \"The idea now Hitorimi came to clean the room of Mr. Takeshi it today\", \"come on in Thank you\" in tidy surprisingly
\"little brother came out and gave us a door is opened I do not turn my'm this I No Are \"and because you put coffee or tea, please began to slowly because I came with great pains\" Well \"\" So, what are we doing something rice \"and Mendokusaku at making is a convenience store lunch almost\" te \"to say in terms of nutrition'm useless' s\" it \",\" it is I know, but \"that the device is included in the\" something refrigerator \"only beer\" No \"I also look a little\" \"nice\" but it beer It 'does not contain only \"I tried to open the refrigerator, but I was only beer really. And began to drink to toast with my brother and by issuing two-beer. \"Younger brother can not be a frustration\" and \"will be curving but I'll rub on your own at that time,\" \"Do I'll opponents if you are satisfied with me I vain it\" will feel good where I drank about fifty-six this \"You really\", \"I not a lie Yeah\", \"sister-in-law's I thank you,\" \"start now?\" and \"if possible\", \"it's the futon of ~Tsu downy?\" \"It is in the next room is ~Tsu downy\" Well \" and has piled up lips to come hug as soon as you enter the room with the ~Tsu downy \"'s go. I'll be massaged also chest. \"Can I be undressed sister-in-law's,\" \"I'll say\" I'll take off himself. We licked each other at 69 fell dramatically in the ~Tsu downy They both become naked. Towards the husband of his brother has a large size of the cock in siblings. It was thought that it'll let squid to the end without breaking Chu in mind. It is the insertion of cock finally. My brother pushed down out a condom from the drawer. Has been inserted. It feels good Oh. Younger brother will arrive in a variety of position. I poked at the back end. I went I has also climb and another \"Iku~tsuaa~tsu Iku~tsu ~ ~\". I was able to go after a long time. But the younger brother comes in as yet. Pleasure has been infested again. Is the first time for this. It is the acme \"Dame~tsu ~ Iku~tsu already ~\" for the second time. Body seems numb. \"The Ya do end up in the middle always husband of the good to come again Mr. brother Hey,\" \"Do not paddle of does become a cock Tsukai Mon other big brother or what,\" \"No'd like to ask younger brother So\" younger brother also end with ejaculation \" It went back and kiss lightly to say it does crawl or I but it because Hitorimi \"when it comes\" Now I'll bring food \"I also because fun without the mind much like that\" \"to be,\" I go home Well \".

Mother of the sixtieth birthday just before

I am the mother of 59-year-old. It is a mother to welcome sixty at a time, but the opponent has a sex, 3 and 4 times a week is a son still. Moreover dick I am still wet. I do not know, but I'm not sure how to do better time, but until the day it is ya, I love my son.

Son of the United States the way home!


Husband will have one child in the single became a 50-year-old this year to the other day after a long time his son
that there were one person much son over to the United States at work then became a people that does not go back 10 years before the accident I It went to the hot spring inn in Kochi hometown Tosa Sakamoto Ryoma that respected son at the invitation of the son that I have had a relationship with his son
when you temporary return. It seems was the plan of the son son apparently chosen because there is a family bath there seems like it was the inn there from the Edo period. The before my son came into about five minutes after I got into together a bath before it to reject a parent and child you say postprandial son is about to enter the bath together after a long time also so funny This is common sense in the \"American son me I did not have hair also single in slippery like a child I was surprised to see a dick son at that time and dignified without hidden hear\" hair I was reconstituted in Anta is? \"and with! \"'ll be despised and have not been processed by and son is Niodachi in front of me at that time that you went painted on the body of the son I took the soap before it becomes that meet each other wash it out of the bathtub It is there in front of my mouth Nani slippery son is riverside bristles completely that I had because it was sitting. I had not seen the things of long enough between men ended up wet dick to see what his son. The valley of the buttocks from happens to the middle finger of the right hand under the crotch of his son that was touching a chance pole and under the guise of casual conversation \"here also Ne became a fine lot\" in both hands with a ... soap and want to add left hand The Return to see what the slippery son also touched by pretending to paint the soap carefully from root to tip my pole advanced middle finger in the ass son from front to back many times ... in the I found and Nani Nani son is of got bigger hard it is to touch me son as \"secret\" I asked, \"was used in this America?\" and son sex woman who had to have's like I wake up It came hug from behind it with a soap full of hands that stood become that I be washed in turn son that had been hanging by pulling the yarn juice came out from the tip of the saying \"change Yes\" both hands I came smearing me the soap son that is attached to the whole body and the \"I smeared quickly and this way\" son's tits whole both before moving the body in the back and grabbed my boobs from both sides I started rolling by pinching with your fingers touching nipple as drawing a circle around the nipple movement of the finger to touch the boobs you do hard son moves up and down in the valley of my ass touch the becomes the nipple center finger of the son of one ... And as writing a circle gently the tip of the nipple finger when the time of silence or would have passed is floating my nipples how much you replied with a jerk voice is almost out involuntarily is The slide down to the bottom of the hill eventually to crawl up the hill and a circle with entangled hair in finger like it or enjoy the bushes like some portion of the hair of my passes through the stomach where the hand came down down down While the finger of his son was also found in his fingers is has become hot from the time you touch what his son there again ... in over there quietly come into the back to back slowly slowly Just when I thought it was coming right hand in the dick I roll the left nipple of my left hand that stood that had deposited the body weight on the chest of the son as deposit to the son the body (s) that hula legs finger entered without resistance because it wet This is what my son turning back the right hand insidiously ... With you want to see in heaven in my head was a caress rather than washing body becomes white again churning your finger while you are inserting your finger you've added what son Mai was included sat in place a few minutes after it was grabbed. Was I have shaved all the hair over there in the same way as the son then.

And son

It was decided to go to the swimming school that his son attend with the intention to lose weight while exercising 42-year-old me, is the son 15-year-old single-mother household, since becoming overweight recently.
To return to the home before the son was the tour do you learn what swim, and try wearing a swimsuit that you purchase enrollment date, swimsuit or small what I have fat, in the pussy in T-back state bite in the ass Among the surprise appearance of reflected in the mirror my pubic hair and nipples show through the dough is whether thin man muscle is able to bite, pubic hair is sticking out, and traced a finger from the top of your swimwear man muscle shaved anal and pubic hair protruding from the swimsuit When you start masturbating from abnormal excitement clitoris begins to erection, greeted the climax thrusting a finger in the pussy and the anus and protruding ass will to face down in the bathroom, and reflected in the mirror frosted glass face up to feel the figure behind There is a figure of the son on the other, had peeped masturbation son from the gap of the door.
When you are to not be able to move from the spot and jumbled and excitement that had been seen in the son excitement and climax of masturbation, I went back to my room like nothing happened son.
I went shopping at the super side dishes for dinner put into the washing basket swimsuit back to us.
When passing through the front of the dressing room to return to the home after about an hour or so, remove the swimsuit that I soiled masturbation a little while ago from the laundry basket, and transferred to a knob mirror nipples in addition to opening smell of the place where man juice with I started masturbating while writhing.
With the exception of masturbation son so as not noticed in my son, I put to the laundry basket of the original Clean with a swimsuit my Timbo dirty in sperm ejaculate a large amount of his son reached the climax.
Masturbation son intensified passed few days, I went to my bedroom while I'm going out to shopping, bring dirty I wear a day (pee-woven Man juice) underwear, dressing table while smell I masturbated myself while reflecting the figure to.
Because began to masturbation as looking me open deliberately bedroom door the other day, I asked you (What happened?) And the son enters the bedroom,
(mother, a figure that masturbation in the swimsuit during this period I said as soon as I saw, and then licking its mouth Dari smell dirty linen of mom from abnormal excitement is wanted, a)'m was mischief wanted to get a look at the masturbation of my mom.
Before going to sleep at night, Masturbation Kinky son saw daytime do not move away from the head enters the futon, I told my son that he had indulged in masturbation Recall Timbo son.
In recent years, you can suck Cum Eating ironing opening the Timbo son erect in the bathroom, insert the Timbo in the pussy in safety day I when to wash the body of each other enters the bath with son You intravaginal ejaculation.
There is guilt physical relationship of parent and child, but you can put your tongue in anal of each other, or committed to drink pee, by wearing underwear my son sometimes just because parent-child that led the blood there is also a propensity Kinky my you may want to shop at a convenience store parks and suburban drives and night to be a transvestite and fogged wig and was wearing a mini skirt and makeup, and the like Rezupure to enter into the love hotel.
We want to play to be more excited now.


My son seems to have felt the jealousy really. For in a sexual partner of my husband, from estranged husband when I was small.
It was received the confession, in February of this year. That day, son that rented an apartment near the University, was not come home.
I enjoyed that there man, I was surprised because there was a son to come back in the middle of the night. Son was watching TV in the living room.
Body that has been tampered to him a little while ago, \"Oh,. Had the back\" still had flushed hot.
And I was thinking the timing of sitting next to, go out while listening Arekore.
I was dragged to the place where state of the son of reply just raw, stood up to say that I I'll sleep.
I put a hand in my clothes, struggling. And turning a skirt, and has slid a finger into the underwear.
I did close the legs desperately, but fingers will come in gradually.
\"Oh, Look at you.\" Put the waist between the legs soon, while shifting the underwear, you have push-up finger.
It was me who yelled tone strong son \"you want to do?\" If you do not do anymore.
Then \",,,, like crazy and spear Anna guy\", I panic in shock is said to be terrible.
Son went out of the room in silence. Deja vu feeling suddenly it settles.
It is time that you had sent every day to enjoy from the broad daylight hooked to young him before.
He sex rough violent fairly. He was also crazy to me. He was met through etch my friend.
With their friends, I had to be sex. That person seems to have been told that many of my.
He \"wants ,,, Ya interact with such a fellow\" I was convinced the woman of my me.
Son? The jealousy I thought it was had towards the room of his son.
By being groped wildly while ago, I was mad I have pain with tingling. Before the son to be disgruntled, I began to temptation while soothing.
It is I had no resistance at all to be embraced his son. I just could not think such a thing.
It soothes using words and toys in the past, that you are just soothing using the body now.
I show up my to entangle and tongue son became the mood, agony at the mercy of the fingers of his son.
After I gave birth to a son, and a miscarriage about two degrees, we had a surgery that connects the fallopian tube.
But, I received by the condom to male partner as etiquette.
Without any hesitation what for it to accept the spirit of his son, the son I poured into my womb.
Son and are back, and launch a prank on me at all times, as preparation of dinner does not proceed. I was forced to confess to his son.
The other is to take Jirasa verge been tampered, it's is Iwasa.
\"2 people. Papa wonder if 7 a glance at the high school and then 16.'m for the first time. You. Glance about 15? ,,\"

Son and mother to a man and a woman

yuna himekawa[13628]
You gave birth to Takeshi me when I was 20 years old.
When sixth-grade elementary school, Takeshi began to say a reward is if you want take a 100-point test. To me you've answered force is, if entering the study, anything nice, what Takeshi what I thought.
It was said \". You let me breathe tits\".
I thought I was surprised, to try to deny, but while you are looking at the appearance of Takeshi tackle to study seriously,
and \". Good luck Iiwa.\", I got the answer. 80 points until then. I was taking good grades and 90 points, but I did not that it took 100 points Takeshi. I think there was also a portion that had enclosed the high somewhere. And, finally, one day, Takeshi I've been brought back to test the 100 points. Joyfully, to me and say \". Trap was good job! I amazing\", while saying that it \"? Remember mom. Promise.\" Is coming closer to me. I regret. I thought that it was also trying to deny. But, Takeshi I was working hard in practice. If you do not give observe the promise. Saying it \"of. Mama I remember, I'll let suck tits. ....\" So, I went to remove one by one button blouse. \"Mom also good style, and I. Tits is also large,'m famous boys in the class.\" Crotch of such Takeshi had tents large. When you fully open before, \"Oh, such a,.'m Ashamed\" of the blouse, Takeshi will undress gently. Remove the hook of the bra by turning back the hands, I remove the strap from the shoulder while holding the front of the cup. Remove the hands of me \"is you, I promise.\" Takeshi saying gently, I snatched the bra. I \"The big tits. Mama, shape, too good.\" and face down \". without looking. reluctantly\", says helplessly. Takeshi Shagamikomi in front of, and has received the lips nipples right. Soft lips of elementary school students. Both my husband, voice was leaks are not likely to feel that breast-feeding at the time of the baby with a different course. \". No. Oh\", \"Mama. Nipples'm stiff.\" And \". Do not know hate.\" I was finally to answer so. Takeshi begins massaging the left breast. Massaged the chest \"soft and tits. Of. Mama, I feel good oh.\" To my son, while sucked the nipple, dont. While I think that it should not feel, I've been gently patted the back of the head of Takeshi in mixed feelings. \"Mama's sucked? Tits, feels?\" \"Yeah. I'll feel good.\" And I had to answer so. \"Well, if you take 100 points now, I show the pussy.\" \"Ah, Good luck Iiwa. Your study..\" And I had to answer so. And Takeshi is now to focus on the study than ever before. And, as promised, the next test was also 100 points.

Virgin dedicated to brother

I would like to graduate from virginity before it becomes a 40-year-old soon up to 40 years of age,
But their families good opponent can not find the other party also so floats are two characters in the marriage when it comes to this year,
or had been impatient with it I was watching on, the brother came and asked the night
and thinks is his wife and children have of 38-year-old brother, father and brother anything much in 70 years near only brother and father to say that family ,
\"Do not lend me the money a little sister I
wish,\" \"The reason for
what?\" \"I do a pinch-salary before No\"
\"I want you to lend how much\"
and \"from a nice 30 000\"
lend \"money but I'm there to ask
I asked'm \"What\"
\"The thing is hard to say I actually\" I
\"and said that as soon as is without side It 's\" What
\"to do for Say What\" do ~
\"It' s\" What
\"40 soon gonna a still a virgin I\" I It's gonna want to graduate from virginity until it is probably old
\"I'm gonna check still a virgin\" Ee~tsu sister
\"I'll not be surprised so much\"
\"It 's what I want you to me\" So
\"is of a virgin in this year of a\" bad
\"hated Apart\" Na because there that never, but I was the virgin
\"is not it be a good experience if you were\"
\"It's so, but there sister condom\" it
\"I'm not massaging such\"
\"as received by the mouth last\" Pies from bad Do give me
\"It's out in the\" Ee~tsu mouth
\"and'm in the mouth It 's\" layer
\"are you doing so\" everyone
\"Na to avoid pregnancy roughly Oh\"
\"The Yeah\"!
\"Contact Nechanbe Well\"
The younger brother \"or go to went to ~Tsu downy pull my hands,
I kiss here and go to the\" order street but if you do?
\"order Well\" Let kiss I'll say it 's necessary \" You have massaged the breasts
lips smell cigarettes his brother
and was closing my mouth, all that touch the breast is also the first time, and began to undress the clothes and
\"yan big sister sintering good
breast\", even underwear Put the penis was now naked and are taken off,
penis a hard look I saw my brother also Once you take off,
\"of such ne large Anta from
entering?\" \"It hurts at first, but Do not be patient\"
to say so I came, I received the liquid in the brother and wide open mouth and think
only hurts the other, but was put up, and have not received a mouth that \"I'm your sister alive likely\" I
forgot to after a while, and a strange smell was discharged immediately taste was, \"my sister also'm virgin graduated with this,\" \"it is allowed to things I'm sorry funny thank you\" \"I also felt good and I, I do not really know to\" This was the first experience slow I,

Husband of shortening phimosis premature ejaculation

I am a housewife of 42-year-old,
my husband is no problem is President of the company in 45 years, the personality and the household but is there problem better over there,
I'm a triple threat of short and small phimosis premature ejaculation, I am also of several people It was associated with men,
but I wanted to become a Cinderella story and I are the property of the husband, owns a land of many wealthy originally to it because it was a wealthy family and is smaller even in the most that, Well I Did married Why We were married,
but it had unfortunately been unsatisfactory by the sex you do not want Kaka to conjugal life,
and I was keeping an eye on the second son in the children that there are three persons,
the second son when I was a small child to be shy a quiet shy
I think it was a child that comes with just after me from, physique also grew up fine with a high school student of 17 years old now, but it is shy unchanged from childhood, she also absent probably personality,
the second son of the school was placed in the bedside ~Tsu downy a change of clothes to say \"Please change into Takahiro this\"
go to the room of the second son to have had absent from school with sprains and fell in the middle of a bicycle, a change of clothes in the clothes and underwear, \"mom This is your chance that I came that'll help also, \"I came, I have been waiting for,\" Hey \"and I'm going to\" where \"you might want to wipe the body and I'll go wet\" towel \"the penis of second son in this now pleased to think that it can watch, what to the \"here and pointed to the penis to wipe the feet undressed by lowering\" wipe also foot? \"pants\" Yeah \"by wiping clean also chest and wipe the back of the second son to wet the towel I undress pants and said, \"there'll say it because wipe yourself\" \"mother,\" said I'll wipe if you wipe anyway \", was little resistance, but I was taking off forcibly, and grew up admirably as I thought again had, it is penis seen old turtle head has come out you are towards even skin, and has been erection harder still when is a towel and grabbed gently penis, it is planned, came awake \"rough Takahiro I \",\" mother'm from touch \"Chau put out because it incidentally Well\" \"It 's what me rub and I put out\" \"Yeah Yeah\" \"Let's put in me the next time you have to just put out by hand this time I think,

Is it strange I

And I love my big brother, I was tied to a year ago. I live in an apartment with only two people now. Beds bath It is also always together. It is thought to see the etch site on the Internet recently, and a little bit different with us there.
 Put them in the bath to Oniichantoissho, to enter the bed as it is. And align the lips immediately after hugging naked with two people. They both love to kiss, we are entwined tongue Sucking his lips nearly an hour.
I am holding Ochinpo your brother whenever the. Hehehe.
When you get to lick the pussy and boobs to your brother, your brother is wanted immediately, and begging us to go put.
Facing each other, we will lead face-to-face locus After hugging each other. Because Ochinpo enters far, whiting with your brother

Son is approaching

It is a housewife of 46. My husband is a bachelor in.
In vocational school student of 20, his son has been living together.
I would be etched and forced his son a few weeks ago.
Son I have hug from behind suddenly you are drunk. I said that it quit, but my son was drunk scared and could not be much resistance. After finished, I did not sleep that day almost to that of the remainder. He said a word and I'm sorry to son the next day, it has happened. Since then, there was the awkward atmosphere, but did not have anything. But son I've hug from behind suddenly and are undressed I thought today, it is about to enter the bath. And I thought and I wonder are you drunk, but also I was surprised. But his son was not drunk. I have, why? When you say I quit, son, said that he did I can not take it anymore. Pounding did not stop to think that I had thought my son did that Anna blame liquor, and I'm seen as a woman. When I sit still and do not know why say, my son has been caressing the breast. Unlike the first time, it was a very gentle hand movements. I, and divulge the voice I \"had\" to come put your hand into the pants and began stroking the crack now. Am I trying to resistance is very pleasant, and did not think at all anymore. And I would be etched son and also the last. Son and I, we parted without saying anything now. I went into the bath as it is, but I left that body was starting to throb was I have had myself many times. We settled down a little now that went up from the bath, but you would be thinking of his son many times. Underwear was just a change of clothes is also soaked. I might not stop the relationship between son anymore.


Yesss. No beauty once again Desu.
You've written on the lower body of my pissing toward me to say that I \"Alright\" and \"the show\" and I say without you ever see loco When you pee buddy I me in the bathroom of a love hotel .
I found dick is from moving a little when I man to pee.
I do not think dirty and be subjected to pee buddy. We think it does not matter from the beginning, and be subjected to that it is good be pee in her pussy.

Incest and Bian

I have been mischievous by my sister since I was little. From elementary school. At that time, my sister was a junior high school student, and she seems to have been raped by her cousin. It seems that my sister was raped while looking at the erotic book, but that triggered me to do the same thing while looking at the erotic book. I was still a kid, but my sister's instructions were absolute, and if I refused, I would be kicked, so I was compliant. My sister seemed to like being bitten by her nipples and having her teeth bitten by her clitoris, which made her do well. In the meantime, I was probably given by my cousin, and I brought a rotor and shot it at me. During the summer vacation of the sixth grade, my cousin robbed me of my virginity, but as I was taught various things by my sister, I didn't really think about it, and even if my cousin put in the real thing, it didn't feel good at all. I remember it was better to have my sister shoot the rotor. I was in 6th grade and knew that I was going to die. I was too precocious, and my classmate boys weren't enough, so I was only interested in adults. However, I wasn't satisfied with my cousin's sex and my relationship with my teacher, and sometimes I followed someone who had been molested by train and demanded sex. Having entered college and moved into a girls-only share house, it became clear that I prefer women. The first time I moved in, when I took a bath with Yuko in the next room, two years older, I touched my waist, saying that it was so beautiful and just beautiful.Yuko has a boyish feel and isn't that beautiful, but her breasts are big, her waist is tight, and her butt is just right, so she was really beautiful. Yuko said that it was better to have a small breast, but I said that it was a waste to have such a beautiful bust. I just grabbed my chest and said that it was so nice ... Yuko gave me a pant voice as I felt it. I was surprised when I kissed Yuko-san ... cute ... but even if I continued to caress, I didn't refuse and gave me a body. I faced him in the bathtub and kissed him. After all, the woman's lips were soft and her sighs were sweet, which made me excited. Yuko's bowl-shaped breasts and pink-beige nipples, which are still like a girl, are so hard that you can repel them with your fingers, and candy was perfect. When you roll the candy with your tongue, Yuko shrinks and makes a sweet, pant voice in the bath. When I slid my finger on Yuko's pubic area in the bathtub, I found that it was slimy. Slowly, I put my finger from the front to the back and put my finger in the most moisturized part, and I heard a loud voice. You can hear it outside ... I was ashamed to stare at me, kiss me, and entangle my tongue.  Shall we take a bath because the heat of the bath seems to make us sick? Yuko seems to be a little disappointed. Once back in the room, Yuko soon knocked on my room.It's a share house only for girls, so as is often the case, I came in with only camisole and panties. However, I think that the camisole is a race camisole and is really for the game. I love Yuko who behaves like this. When I sat down on the bed, I put my hand under the camisole and gently rubbed my chest, whispering sweet words in my ear. While rubbing my breasts, I laid it down and put my hands on my lower abdomen ... When I traced the sensitive part from the top of my panties, I found that it gradually became damp. I wanted to see Yuko's writhing more, so I put out a male genital vibrator that my cousin gave me. When I showed it to Yuko, I was surprised, but she seemed to be interested and accepted it. While applying it to various parts, I searched for the part I felt, confirmed that it was sufficiently wet, and when I inserted the vibrator into Yuko, I made a loud sighing pant voice. While watching the reaction, I will raise one strength of the vibrator ... Yuko was drooling from her half-open mouth. I bite my lips lightly ... and insert my tongue and entangle with Yuko's tongue. When Yuko's vibrator was raised to MAX, Yuko's pant voice became louder. It is in the state of six nine. Yuko licks my moisture. And when I was moving the vibe while poking Yuko's big bulging chestnut with the tip of my tongue, Yuko ended up with a big warp. I put the vibe that I pulled out from Yuko into myself and reached the top while entwining my tongue with Yuko.

Body loved by son

Night I finished the funeral,
\"better rested after entering early in Mother Bathing'll say\"
my face swollen Nakiharashi, son us Tsu Rowa me anxiously son is worried about
me, but I was happy I. Those words had come out obediently when
\"Hey, about to enter together with the mother\"
\"I from entering at a later entered earlier\"
son entered the earlier obediently, I
had been going to go to bed together side-by-side two pillows laying futon If you go in the back. And to take a bath, my son I had seen me naked, but I was showing naked without hidden. \"Wash the Mother\" My son seems to have finished washing the head, because I was standing behind my son, my son also rising, I was face to face in front of me. It was the Dakitsuka The \"Mother's beautiful\" to his son. That of the son becomes healthy, I had touched the lower abdomen my direction above in between with me. Eggplant son remains, sucked his mouth, rubbed the breast sucking nipples, and shift further down, was raised to the edge of the bathtub one foot, and tailed Sucking over there, like go missing force from the body It will feel, not to remember much about later, is a kiss to the body is laid in the futon, I was welcomed to induce in me a son. Pushed up violently, son so was the first experience, and it feels like this was issued at a stretch in the back of me no longer, I will feel like numb for the first time, by as had fainted, when I noticed the still, I think my son still be inserted to the back of me, I hugged strongly son, and was for most of the night that night. We send daily to love his son. Age is ....

Although it is not a transvestite child women

When the baby in arms, children died in a traffic accident daughter-in-law to leave the boy me.
I have lived with two people and children from it. It becomes a sense of women gradually out to the role of mothers or to cook, and now the underwear transvestite.
You can now spend in the transvestite at home as it is me pleased to escalate gradually, when it comes to wear the clothes of the daughter-in-law, son and mother like.
When 15-year-old position, and have a cooking transvestite as usual, a son, son came hug from behind to say mom suddenly.
I was surprised son of son hit my ass at that time.
If you have a transvestite, that force is not marked on girl and heart, it is pushed down to the son, grew son in the ass is taken off the back tee has been outfitted.
I resisted, but the power of the girl not only prepared to deal out, it was a cute girl state in front of his son.
When you came into my body for the first time, I was screaming in a voice not even pathetic in the pain of the virgin.
I have been living in such a state of Kano mother cum like his son from it.
If you are walking swing swing the ass conscious girl completely, the mind has been put out a cute voice was only touch the ass son now.

I and son-in-law taken into family

I 44-year-old, the other day, has signed a son-in-law and her physical relationship of daughter to steal the daughter of the eye. Daughter is already in residence with the pregnancy, it was the day I went to the doctor. I at a later date, treatment was confirmed in a uniform pregnancy test, is superb positive reaction, you think in this age, but ...

I want to be fucked by father

My name is Yuka Sato second year of high school, you can hide the pants of underwear when there is a desire that I want to be fucked father love, father is in the bath, my father was out of the bath is looking for pants you, but you have to look at the thought diacetic pair of my father's look glanced at that time, and I want you put in me, but it can not be said that such a thing from me and it Ona two while remembering diacetic Paix father - are every day that, I want you to commit early

It might be conceived was the daughter-in-law of the son

32-year-old son, 36-year-old daughter-in-law, 8-year marriage. I of the father-in-law is 54 years old. Naka is he good daughter-in-law and son, but the middle 's children can not. Wife I died five years ago. You are living with estranged son and husband and wife. Daughter-in-law of the son they deliver the incidentally lunch noon meal from time to time. Daughter-in-law came to deliver lunch wearing shorts blouse sheer to provoke me a hot day. That's plenty of sex appeal. And say, Is there still feel that your father-in-law's? Since hear, it is. When you say, or you can view a try, they both will feel awkward, and fit of think that with than not me deliver lunch anymore, and embraced forcibly the daughter-in-law in the front door, kiss. Was kissing than two minutes or more, but daughter-in-law I came entangled tongue. Is multiplied by the key to the door, if you put your finger on the lower body of the daughter-in-law, it had become slimy anymore. As it is, is drawn into the bed hugging, first one shot pussy. Take 20 minutes or more until ejaculation, daughter-in-law she feels good to voice them. The good to Toka stronger husband feels Toka, good to stiff your father-in-law's, many times while saying Ikuiku, last is good among them. Cum in for that. The pussy each time to deliver lunch from it. At, that was recently pregnant. Refers to children and do not know whether children of either, but my son so have a cold of high fever when I was a child, I think the children of my maybe, but I'm going Kawaigaro as grandchildren.

Affair of husband

It will know my husband is has become the illicit relationship with
widow, become estranged state now,
I was tied to one welcomed forgive body to body to one son in junior high school.
And I had a fainting feeling hot in the back of my pushed up like crazy. Son is still inserted in the back of me still when I noticed, hugged strongly son felt about this at first, many times I was challenged to my son that day. And I have decided to be let in love with two people and son.

3p and brother and brother

yuna himekawa[13390]
Our brother is a fine reputation Naka is good at school and the neighborhood. Age brother at the time, 9368 20 I & #; brother 16 when I go to the comic returns to the room of his brother, and his brother brother was watching A two people exactly? Well, if you they are about to go out of the room to say \"Matamitenno\" Because this is such that there is always, as \"? Not like this person sister\", my brother, has started to say to his brother. My brother, the \"Na I think I would not even so.\" \"I wish, if there is sex appeal a little more to my sister ...\" \"But, my heart Thats not strapping\", \"are you In saying what! ~ Because my sex appeal\" brother brother! \"To some! C cup to a certain my chest\" my brother Kora dare Mise take off \"Well\" Do since the arrival ○○ is (I) \"\" I only see enough B Well, What do you think brother? \"brother my brother\" barker! or was Horami \"! ! What a naked \"sister I have seen many times!\" brother Thats want seen Slut I Once you've take off \"here\" ← Warunori I \"wwwwww\" brother! \"me anymore! noisy virginity!\" brother \"Oh\" The younger brother \"Na I was not cute massage\" Certainly brother \"but I broke up another\" brother \"For\" \"I'm ○○ (brother) her\" I ~ \"I'm not my virginity example\" ...? \"brother\" brother ... \"Yeah, cormorants\" was \"What ...?\" \"○○ is virgin graduation\" ... \"brother\" What? \"Yeah I brother, sister's still'm better, I\" sister I was good sad? w as a sister in te \"\" So, not a take off still sister brother ... \"\" Yeah brother \"Hmm,\" I like that \"sister brother\" be true \"is?\" \"do?\" brother \"virgin?\" I I ? \"My brother? w\", \"is\" boobs? \"or Mendoi (brother) If you sulk? ○○ yo hate\" \"brother brother\" (face sullen) \"If you take off ○○ (sigh) ... Huh,\" I \"My brother ...\" Yeah, \"there\", this bra will ○○○ (underwear brand) of? \"Na I'm loving this bra\" sister \"Oh, ~\" brother I'm popular now? know \"my\" Favorites has been removed suddenly the hook to ww \"brother. \"For example,? W e\" brother \"... We'll try to do ~ ○○ sex?\" Brother \"www reluctantly Yea\" me \"I have not even one more week ~ me 'Cause I?\" I \"one week !!! mere\" brother brother begins to lick the chest. I ended up doing \"Come also (brother) ○○?\" Brother in like this.

I love my brother

I might produce a child of his brother.
I have a sexual relationship with his brother from two years.
My brother is an excellent student who goes to a T University.
You are taught the exam number today, and is pushed down from the desk in the middle of the night, we had a sexual intercourse.
Become comfortable while you are doing several times, we have to Nokka~tsu brother from their own now.
And then, if you go to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in secret nauseously from last month, I learned that you are in pregnancy.
How would not I had a baby brother. I'm troubled.

And son

Summer afternoon, my son and it was the habit of taking a nap.
Next to the son, it was of fell asleep and asleep. A moment or two later, something lower body because Susu, and wake up, exactly,
when did, panty skirt and I have been taken off, the erection of the son, penis is,
was trying to insert into this have crack cunt my was of. Cock son exceptionally, it was larger thick.
Usually, it is because it was poor penis of her husband, forget the reason of the mother,
it was has it accepted the cock of my son.

That you dont

If you think anybody has like the same as me, and now I also want to hear. My husband died of cerebral hemorrhage at 62 years old. I now 52 years old at that time.
My son was 28 years old single. From around one year before my husband died and his son, it had become the relationship of man and woman. The opportunity was simple.
Night in the absence, my husband was watching TV by two people. Pretty intense bedroom scene was reflected at that time. Somehow awkward atmosphere was born to watch it.
And in an attempt to break the silence, I quickly approached my voice at the same time two people. Eyes and the eyes of each other I've met.
Such hunch was running to me already at that time. It was not even inspired by the bed scene, and it ... man also because I felt him.
Son also seems to have become the same feeling. I I had a woman in front of me. It is that I heard later, my son seems to have felt a woman at that time to me.
I had embraced him and notice. In front of the TV. I think certainly son has been invited. And I had gone accordingly.
Only feelings at that time. The speed was slow when I thought so! \"That Nante\". I was going to Toko beyond the point of no return.
Breath hot son, had been poured into my body. I thought that it has that it is not irreversible. But his son was different.
I was confessed to him then. It was variously then eventually when you love me, but I have accepted the love of his son.
I thought that was in sex with him one thing, maybe the reason was decided it to me. On the third day, which is not even stand the day from the relationship for the first time, it had been crossed with him again.
After it went out of my husband, in the room corresponding to the bedroom of our couple. It was that between to say up. Pressed on the bed as soon as the come flocked, me, I took to undressed me quickly to the room.
It was resisted by saying \"So ... it must not be that you like ... I dont Yamete ...\", but it was useless. I was embraced by him again without really understanding why it intends enemy after all.
It was a full-fledged fellowship. Was Bokkosho anymore with my husband. I had gone to the woman in tow, had returned to take the woman back into a full-fledged sex with him.
Pleasure that you had forgotten was wrapped the body. Spread legs sloppily, it had received the piston movement of him. It had endured killing voice desperately, but it is no longer fully finally fighting back,
I quickly turn the arm of his body along with the voice gasping. I would be all day with him for the first time that day.
I became naked When was embraced him on the bed that day was the first. I became a woman of the son from that day.
We pay close attention so that it is not known absolutely to master. I gave up the act in the house. I decided to meet outside as the son.
I could not be satisfied with once a week. It was repeated in the affair of love hotel with meeting on the night of Tuesday and Friday.
Son overtime, I with a reason to say culture school. Only during the two hours, I became a woman of him. What was also forgive all Kano.
Fellowship is Pies. Because there is no worry of pregnancy. I have also experienced anal. It was my husband died of a sudden the arrowhead that.
I will never forget even now words that night of the funeral, told me to grieve. It will let squid While holding the secret to my husband, I was regretting. That for such I, was
\"I think you be rewarded show that Tomiko and I love each other really, Dad also us with confidence. It.'ll Get to say and leave to you the Tomiko\"
son, non- It might be common sense, but it was that total, where we love the floor in front of the altar. It was a night of farewell with your husband of two sons with me.
I love one overnight. \"... I am ... a happy so ... I look ...'m happy to ... peace of mind you\" while wetting abandon the pussy,
I was screaming in my heart along with the voice gasping masters altar in Utsurona eyes.

Relationship with her grandfather

I was to go to the countryside home of the mother in the family during summer vacation every year. Father and mother no longer Yuke on account of work, and my junior year, that year, we decided to go with just three people and a brother and sister in elementary school.
It gave me hands me greeted gladly, and took to and fro every day grandparents. Because I issued a little heat on the day of the Great Fireworks, I went to see the fireworks in the only brother and sister and grandmother,
my grandfather was remaining in the house. The easier drank medicine of cool heat, it seems fell asleep as it is. Eyes were awakened and something strange signs, by feel very pleasant.
Is Hadake the chest, I had been taken off the pants. Hands of the grandfather had stroked softly softly quietly cunt me. The pleasant it was that feeling.
I had to pretend that I slept directly. And has Masagu~tsu my chest with one hand. When touch the nipple, it is now feeling good and Tsun.
Now, my grandfather, was licking tongue nipples. I know the feeling is getting better, the nipple is coming harder. Now, my grandfather, was licking my pussy.
I was surprised, but you come to feel good enough to not say anything. When you have sucked the clitoris, Pi Kundt waist has moved involuntarily.
It said, \"Nana, eyes I'm awake again. This is because I only secret of Nana and me,\" My grandfather was pulled out your dick of yourself.
It had become straight increases to about five times that of your cock grandfather usual. It is to try to put into my pussy, it. It hurts, but failed many times, but
it was to pierce during last. It hurts enough to jump up, I screamed. My grandfather was moving hips quietly to say \"I'm sorry I'm sorry,\" but,
on top of my belly, I was spit out semen Dokudoku To disconnect the your dick in them. Then, wipe me clean, it gave me 10,000 yen to say that it is your pocket money.

And daughter

State of her husband's broken from the night of the last month.
And state of Yoko daughter physiology has just begun is also funny.
Sunday of summer vacation I got home from shopping in the neighborhood, and I went to the living room and opened the door of the entrance, daughter and father seemed surprised me, I was away suddenly.
Complexion of daughter reddened the face of her husband of something awkward face is not a Tadakoto.
What were you doing!
And, we Toitsume, but No way to say honestly.
My husband said he has healed the hair of her daughter, but there is no place to try to fix it short hair daughter.
To suit your husband, daughter had nodded.
I began to thought that there was such a thing even before. And do I if
my husband ... you are able to with my

Hobby master


It is about three years position hair even after a permanent hair removal look like my husband to shoot nude, my son is in junior high school two years, I take off in the house
also Yes, it's watch son It's a commonplace, but the time of the fifth grade of elementary school, I sat on the edge of the bed naked, or holding on your lap son was naked, his son naked still I lie in bed naked still my husband I was taken Toka is contained nipples to his son, but was way overlap son naked on top of me naked, are you embracing from the bottom shot, son and me naked recently Dale's also not uncommon, it has become a photo model horny husband. It's to say the way to the secret son of course, but they are hugging each other in close contact with the skin and perfect for the back of my up by inserting a son when in fact son are overlapped to me. I am a mother-to-child incest shooting.
 And I have a shot to change the position at the direction of master cowgirl, face-to-face sitting, back, and posture. There is also that you have fainting in response to the love of the son to the uterus of me. The love one in front of my husband, and we have taken it to DVD. It is sleeping husband is not hard, not accustomed to one with me, sleep recently also son, now my husband has been admitted to our hospital.

Big cock of the father-in-law

I am a housewife now 56 years old.
I have been nursing the father of her husband. Father-in-law is fine for her age at 80 years old. It is the cock I Genki.
It was wipe the body with a towel that was wet as usual the other day. Hand was touched by chance cock when you're wiping your feet Wipe the chest and back. I pointed to the cock and the \"Kurenka wipe also here Sakiko-san\" To tell you the irony as
\"'d be great healthy father-in-law's\" cock because it was harder at that time. \"Do I wipe also there\" was issued a cock by lowering the pajamas, \"says Sakiko Hey guys\" reluctantly. It is a surprised look, Cali was very respectable large. Times the husband was a cock likely. It has been wet and dewar - just by looking at the other. I began wiping with a towel to grab the cock to say \"Excuse me\". I feel the hot stuff from the fingertip you are holding. \"Was Nakashi a variety of women It is a splendid thing of the father-in-law's Nde I try to,\" \"It 's Takaranomochigusare by turned into this old man' s now'm that old anymore,\" I also want to put the like. I think so secretly. I was rubbing up and down the cock and are wiped while I think so. It was included in the mouth as \"say this Sakiko's also rude, but sac Kurenka licking at the mouth\" and \"father-in-law's I is good\" and if it had been waiting like. But jaw is likely to come off. Man juice seems to be overflowing further. I was licking while I would like to put in me, if possible. \"Although I will have to say this Mr. Sakiko sac sac Kurenka were placed into the Sakiko's souvenir maid\" asked me put it gladly I Do not say it scared me a gift of \"Made it in or come true or Ganz anymore It went submerged in the span father-in-law to say so masu \". Feel Split such as when you lose your virginity will. You hit the uterus if swallowed everything. I move the hips up and down slowly. It feels good whopping. \"What about father-in-law's,\" \"I feels very Sakiko-san\", \"father-in-law's I am also\" I was touching the genitals and natural when you are writing this. ----- You will concentrate on genital you can not take it anymore

Old convention

It is a 25-year-old married woman who lives in a rural away from the phrase Tokyo. The word \"incest\" is not spoken pornographic by now, only as obscene simply phenomenon, but this is, that it has an important meaning in the phrase big one region still current, You want to talk about here. There is Bonga each district it exceeds the mountain each other, Iesuji three is meant to tie in the marriage for generations to three horse is Iesuji three of our area. And Soryo die only from the next in the men's, which celebrated its daughter-in-law from either of the two house of the other house in the marriage of tradition as will be decided. Daughter-in-law of Soryo, that young woman was greeted from cross-along the convention will be shared by everyone in the family man only workings of the night. Daily life behaves as daughter-in-law of Soryo, but only moment of midnight I will Mawarimochi of family men. Mawarimochi is interrupted until the child born when pregnant, the child is nourished cherished. And clan boys attend the minced fish of daughter-in-law by rotation shrine of March th and also need to be born. Child was born, will be issued in order for adoption in the family without allowances of who or child. So it is common for there are adoptive and biological child of anywhere in the house. Here, have been blessed with Kodakara Fortunately after you marriage at 17, I was also up for adoption, the two boys and a girl of three people. It has become far from pregnancy a little recently is peace and security as daughter-in-law of Soryo five also be put out for adoption. It is my husband because he has passed the four years to remain a child can not be, sister-in-law is that of took over from Soryo husband of the sister-in-law. But it is referred to as a sister-in-law of Soryo house here, but rather than ties of blood directly to my husband and her husband, as eligible for the Soryo from bamboo family in both, \"Kuruwayomee It is the one that went for adoption at the same time fulfill the \". That is, the \"Kuruwayomee\", is to greet the bride to tradition as as sister-in-law and me. Important role of another as my daughter-in-law of Soryo is responsible of the boys became a 14-year-old tradition in the \"first shoots\". One week from the day of the birthday of the full 14-year-old, it is both the custody living in the house of Soryo the boy, evening Komori alone with the minced fish of the daughter-in-law of Soryo, \"first shoots\" is Kiru squeezing the nightly seminal I. I have a fine variety of ritual for the treatment of seminal focused but I omitted here. It has become that is called \"Mairi emits\" the same thing to be a week of after six months and after 27 days, to join the Mawarimochi as men of the family When you have carried out successfully with the \"first shoots\" of two degrees \"Mairi emit\" is tradition. However, it is not Kakaware much or \"first shoots\" and \"Mairi emit\" gestation period was so long until now I, I was served as a deputy to the sister-in-law of the predecessor, but I have a family own this half a year more than barely I have served as an important rite of young boys. You do not have to take part in Mawarimochi, and a man who has not passed through this rite as a clan, can not join even the most important festivals of the other. That political and financial community is also the same. All, important thing is determined in Mawarimochi male (Ono-ko) us. Decision in there is to be reflected in the decision of the public in the area or district. It's a situation Iesuji of three districts is difficult to share in this way, yet while defending without Nareawa the Dismissal and role, it have met with Inzen also current local ten several tens of thousand this population. People who came into our area regardless of the convention is a person outside of a lifetime tradition. So, from the people of the general, what kind of reason, a variety of decisions related to Iesuji of these three is what has been determined by the power relationship, then you'll be wondering all the time. On the contrary, I think people who do not know nothing about Iesuji of us because we have more, from such people, and that the movement of the region is hard to understand. The root of that wonder, is there in these conventions of blood.

Sex life of a son

We came back to Japan now, but living abroad and son, we have become estranged state in the country, which is also her husband.
 So we slept in both put to bed my son usually, we have to release in me of course. I will return tomorrow. Get instant access to naked and son in the pool in the home of the house, and you Aishiae with confidence.

Chinpo of children

I was growing up Chinpo such as adult respectable again when I was relieved to think it's still a child.
I peel off the futon sleeping entered the room does not come up in the morning.
Chinpo of children of lower body naked had been erected vertically.
It was fine so great as no different from those of her husband.
I will be hung by the sight of so much.
It was back to the original bedding and noticed in the voice of \"I cold Mom\".
\"I became a respectable yours\"
\"I of'm Nan I do
want,\" \"I'm just gonna say
what,\" \"It 's what just\"
\"I just want to say that I became much the same as the father of just\"
\" The Yaro do want to put in a chooch cock my Yaro different
\"what do do to mom do you say that\" Hey Anta
\"and go put it in chooch and say clearly\"
\"I say again\"
\"Is it going out\"
\"\" We caught me and jumped up and from ~Tsu downy say Yeah \"and\"
I Wait a minute
Chinpo you have erection because it is lower body naked looks. The difference with the husband and I are勃~Tsu arouses much to Chinpo is likely to stick to the stomach.
Child has touched the chest by pushing the ~Tsu downy me forcibly.
It will escape by injurious butter feet, but it is Chikaramake.
Children came to touch your Manmizuumi me.
\"Hoshiin'ya put after all that wet Thats very many\"
and \"I away\"
a child has been brought to my mouth Chinpo.
You will be stuck in the mouth to just do Namero said.
It was placed in the mouth and not go to mean chewing No way.
Contact Manmizuumi of I was flooding state solution is love another by the hand of a child.
It came into the Chinpo to think children and was able to accept.
I also accept the Chinpo at this point anymore.
Differs from husband and I feel good top clogging G spot of the vagina is rubbing. It was received at the mouth semen
\"in the other I take N
mother,\" \"Do not issued during Come\"
\"Do me Well received by the
mouth,\" \"I'll say yeah\"
of children. Large amount of semen was full in the mouth.
\"Condo N mother - of
no-time\", \"it is in the bedroom, but\"
\"Next I'll I'll wear rubber\"
\"be able to immediately you still\" Chinpo
you \"to see I can\"
you have erection Gingin still, youth is this I think I No such.
It came with a rubber from the bedroom.
I was embraced in the nude now.

Beginning with the son

I became unusual relationship with the son It was last Saturday. I was hit with the son in the treatment came out to take a shower and dyed hair in the daytime.
Dick and breast fall shift is now in full view is bath towel that had been wrapped around the moment you encounter.
I hid me in a hurry, but it was found penis son is are you erection.
Son has been clinging to and I have been wondering How survive in situ.
You have massaged Grasp the breast.
The \"I'm angry mom
Desist,\" \"I like my mom,\"
the son says so while massaging the breast desperately. And has touched a dick in feeling no ear
\"It was hit with you in this outfit I've got bad but I Desist other more\"
It is no better than defenseless Because it is my only bath towel.
I also fiercely resisted, but not my wife to the power of his son.
Penis of my son came in me pressed against the bathroom door.
Penis son went into as far as it will go but it should not get wet.
It was decided to withstand think not end it is already useless, ejaculation until the last need When this happens.
It was I that have become comfortably returned mind easier when I think so.
Sigh was leaking you are clinging to my son with nature.
\"It feels good Oh, more and more information about\"
It was changed to a woman from the mother to emit those words.
Son felt the acme you did not feel it has continued swaying longer than the husband, that even if you have a husband
\"Dameiku already ~ Iku~tsu\" by being attacked by a pleasure to be
Still pick son was alive Mashi shouting
\"Iku~tsu ~ ~ Aaaa~tsu also\" for the second time
\"It's felt good so I first Mother boing
Anta\", \"and because I'll be in the future paddle so\" son even as ejaculation
has been out of the bath to wash clean the genitals and my son is entered by two people in the bath again.
It looks like this is tied son with me.

The diacetic Paix son what today

Mother-to-child incest ... forbidden Nante or words would sound is good, I am longing for me.
But my son has been living and out the house got a daughter-in-law.
I call and I want you to come home my body because it upset their son. I put the game wash underwear carefully Ano part to taking a bath in a hurry.
I hope that it is nestled in the son anymore. You have a ~ Flip do is dick when I think so.
Ringer 7:00 entrance of the night rang.
Daughter-in-law of the son had come to go to the front door in the feeling came.
It is disappointed anymore. sorry to but wanted to Dakiaeru
and \"How is Mom
okay\", \"in the city what are you it
came,\" \"Mom 's very contact is gonna came from my husband,\" \"to come home from a nice anymore,\" said son what today.

Son of phimosis

yuna himekawa[13297]
Kenji only son was born in cesarean section in hard labor.
I now doting or because of that. It gave the breast, \"I'll say\" so say, \"let touch boobs mom Hey\"
and to have entered a bath with it around the time of puberty. We have touched the genitals of me to say, \"I would like to have my mom sex\" after the thing was followed by several times. I was also a little trouble, but it was saying, \"I'll say Ken-chan if you want to\" and I think that it is for the son to love. I spread the legs Te sitting on the edge of the tub so say my son wants to see the genitals well. Diacetic Bae \"I'm getting a way Hee ~\" \"Ken-chan's gonna came out from a hole in the bottom Yeah\" son looking into the son, \"I'm going back to my hometown to me Well\" has erection But it remains that skin is covered with a phimosis. I suppose wax sow skin Grasp the diacetic Bae. I stopped there because my son say hurts where it was turned up about half. But glans were hidden to return to the original release the hand. I did not any more because there will be a pride to his son. \"Put here Ken-chan\" My son put a diacetic Bae looking for holes to expand the foot washing place the words of the \"I want to put early\". Unsatisfactory feel is softened to \"feels good uhh ~\" private. It is the feeling of sounds hollow seems to be no middle is rubbing. I thought I wonder if feels like it that's Uncut. Son still seems to be pleasant. The \"likely come out mom something I\", \"sperm of Ken-chan is'm leaving\", \"I leave my\" son was out. \"Mom felt good really is?\" Bad feeling halfway \"mom I'm also felt good\" something. I think must be a Circumcised in consultation with the father. I was burning fiercely and dad that night.

Sperm of son

Panty of my favorite came out from a desk drawer When I clean the room of his son.
Chunks of what seems to sperm had come with the panty.
It was two over Ona while smell of panties my son Nde I try to maybe. I was back in the drawer of the original as it is a panty.
I think be unavoidable son also because high school students.
But I also became more complex and mood a little happy mood.
His son came back from school.
I say, in a tone of always me \"~ I'm home.\"
I also say as usual with \"Welcome home ~\".
But clothes today I want to be attract the eyes of the son in the clothes chest wide open.
Son you have seen fliers her cleavage.
So that you easily see the valley of breast crowded squatting in front of the son on purpose. It is hoped that I let touch early in my mind.
You trick from me because I have not quite touch.
It went with a hand in the vicinity of the diacetic Paix son by staggering pretended stand up.
Son you have panic has caught my body, but we are staring at the valley on the side of the face chest.
\"I gone Staggers Kazuki'm sorry\"
\"I, I do not really know\"
hand stays topped of course.
Feel of diacetic Paix son is transmitted. I can see it becomes hard to ordinal woman.
My son came into the hand from the chest finally.
I began to like rub Grasp the breast.
I also rub from the top of the pants diacetic Bae.
\"Kazuki mom or I'll put out\"
\"I put out what\"
\"I sperm Areyo Kazuki is out all the time\"
\"die do you know what\"
\"I'll know whatever thing Kazuki\"
I winding sweater It was given to his son by revealing the breast and roll up.
We massaged per Sucking the breast.
Issue the diacetic Bae by lowering the zipper of pants.
You smell a little, but you licking Cali neck, including the mouth and tongue. It is not possible to
reply, \"I feel good mom\"
​​I because it contains full mouth diacetic Bae.
Son is trying to touch the secret parts of me to bring the hand down from the breast. It does not allow you to touch it directly wearing pantyhose is below.
But desperate son came directly touching is placed in a pantyhose hand from stomach.
Dick I am drenched at this point anymore. I've been waiting for
\"I want to put in here mom\"
​​this word.
I was also undress son undress in a hurry.
And tells the
son, \"I'm put here\" with M
My son has been put. I think
\"I really feel good
mom,\" said the first time perhaps, but you shake your hips When you enter. First communion \"alive likely another mother I\" and son \"also put out by I say\"
just shook his hips several times has ended abruptly. But sperm son has decided to put in me in the future.

Being fucked by my father-in-law.

My father died in a car accident last August. At the young age of 51, on the way home from golf, he was hit by a truck at the Tomei Expressway waiting for traffic, and was caught in a state of immediate death. I was just 21 years old and my mother was 42 years old. My work is going well and I was the deputy director of a cosmetics manufacturer. His father was the second son of the company's president, and he and his eldest son were candidates for president. I have a younger brother under me, but I was still a college student and a freshman. Although I refused because of the recommendation of my aunt in the neighborhood, I made it a 50-year-old serious person who was made to match up and is a vice-principal teacher at the school. The other person fell in love at first sight, and six months later he got engaged and one month later he remarried. I was taken to Hawaii for my honeymoon, and although I and my younger brother participated in it, it was sober, but it still cost 2.5 million yen for the whole family. The room next to us was a room for two people, and I was surprised at how vivid it was when my mother's sexual intercourse leaked a moan in the middle of the night. My mom seemed to be busy because I continued to work at the company without quitting. My father-in-law was also a serious person, and he went out at 7:30 in the morning and returned home after 7 o'clock in the evening. Even so, the night life continues, and since it is a small house, I can hear the mother's moaning "Ikuikuikuiku ~~~~" and the barking beast voice of my father-in-law "Ikuzo ~~, Iku ~~". I did. Mom went to Karuizawa for 5 days on a training trip during the summer vacation. That night. When I was taking a bath at about 10 o'clock in the evening, my father-in-law suddenly rushed in and thrust an erected gem against me in the bathtub."Ahhhhhhh ~~, stop ~~. This is a crime ... I'll contact the police. Don't rape!" Cried. But instead of stopping, I grabbed a bare 86 cm breast, grabbed it, pushed out a thick stalk, and forcibly inserted it into my mouth. When I chewed it with my teeth, I forcibly inserted it, saying, "Good, good, good, please bite more." Gradually, I noticed that Yuko's boyfriend's coldness had forgotten her recent sexual activity. At some point, Yuko was passive and inhaled with her cheeks narrowed and dented. I was surprised at the sexual activity after a long time, but I was surprised at the skillful and nasty act by making full use of it for some time. I sucked up the cock of my father-in-law who stood up as I was surprised at the act of his wife on the erotic DVD I saw last night. "Oh, I'm good at it, my technique is better than my mother, are you the boyfriend I saw the other day?" I moved the dent on my cheek up and down at some point. With a huge gun close to 20 cm, it was sticking out like an anti-aircraft gun. The glans part was also amazing, it was really darkened with the glans head, and it was shiny. It seems that the hardness and length are twice as long as my boyfriend so far, so I used the technique I know to make a blowjob. The accumulated saliva made a shameful noise. "Oh, I'm good ~ ~ ~. I'm going to put it out ~ ~. Is it okay? But you also want to receive it with a dick ...?" , I immediately hung a bath towel over my shoulder and was taken to the bedroom. Towel. When my crotch came off my wet lips, I had drunk eyes and I saw them in the mirror in my bedroom.The bedroom was a Japanese-style room, and I suddenly pulled out the futon from the closet and pushed open my thighs to stare at the girl's garden. I have continued to caress without immediately overlapping. You can see that it is thicker and heavier than his caress. The silver honey that pulled the thread overflowed, and at some point I silently waited for the insertion. "Do you want this thick one ...?" "Hurry ..., Lee Le Te ~~~~~~" I shouted unintentionally. My father-in-law laughed and sank his head into the wet vaginal opening. "Please put on your skin ... Your period will come soon, but you may get pregnant ..." Keeping silent, my father-in-law sank forcibly. "It's okay, when you put it out, pull it out immediately and put it on your white belly ..., so do n't worry because it's the same for moms ..." As I got better and the penis pushed the folds apart, I felt aching pleasure. When it sinks to the back, it overlaps so tightly that there is no gap between them, and when it is attacked with a hoe, it moans like a mother, saying , "Ah, it's good! It was. Then suddenly the dick tightened, and the "thousands of water" tightened, and I grabbed my dad's penis and did not let go. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna put it out ~~~" and released it into the pussy. "Ann, no ~~, I'm in trouble if I can do it ~~" The screaming voice was weak, and at some point I was drunk with the pleasure of Orgasmus.

To accept the son

17-year-old high school student currently, 39 years old, married is proposal from the boss in the third month after graduating from junior college career, I was a house that has been newly built new house son. The house was built there own the land wide home of husband, I am living a privileged person and son. It will be three years my husband passed away. My husband was 16 years older than me. Night funeral was finished my husband passed away, I do try to enter the \"Mother Sai son take a bath? Hailed from towards me \", son nodded small, I was exposed to the skin let me wash and bathe with my son. I see that ing gradually increase it son. Is directly below to the bathing together until you graduate from elementary school, junior high school entrance after I was in the manner that the bathing separately. Are you such a look at the body of the \"mom? \"My son nodded, hugging son naked, beneath hugging strongly to bare chest. Put invited to my bedroom after bathing a son, taught my body, and I was tied to one. It had been strongly hugged his son feel the hot release in the back of me. Will be pushed up the back of me as intensively as fainting would also be allowed to force sex moon three years son from there. To know even joy become one son, will love me. And I are called to embrace \"rather than mother, by calling in the name,\" \"I love Hiromi\" in the name of my son. It is a daily two people every day and son spend their days like newlyweds.

Favorite brother

My name is Shiho my high 2. I am a brother of longing brother loves.
Damnable she will stay in that brother. It is a beautiful person even when viewed from me.
It had spent in the room of his brother you are coming home yesterday. I think that it was probably also etch. Only filled with beautiful women and irritating. Open brother was coming in the door suddenly and have one person etch while imagine processing that are etched and brother
... I also want to
embrace. It became embarrassed and said, \"Shiho also I was supposed to be such a thing\" and
that it is pointing down words is also not out becomes a map red seen the unpleasant
\"What your brother?\"
\"What'll help if good in me became poor when you see the figure of Shiho burns was not my errands you have said this
separately?\" And \"I help?\"
I'll Shiho to help \"It'm helping It 'thing to me? whether I'll touch instead of
\"I want you to the end I hate and Flip only touch\"
\"or putting me\" last?
\"As a girlfriend Yeah\"
\"or\" You're serious?
mon I love your brother Even I really also \"serious\"
\"Is there experience\" You?
\"there is no way to experience still No. I\"
\"or Yamada virgin Ji\"?
\"It's\" them but it useless and Ji virgin
\"mean to say its bad\" there is no Ya Flip but I do good in me?
\"useless that it is not and your Nichanji'm determined to say\"
\"'ll hurt\" first
\"hurts you know\" is \"brother\"
whether you if you say \"Until there
is me They wanted to do a kiss laid on ~Tsu and.
And began to touch the genitals to come put your hand in the skirt me massaged the chest.
Feels good it is genital touched by others for the first time, but when touched by good hand movements.
I find the middle is coming wet. Fingertips brother came into it.
\"'ll Have quite wet here of
you\" and \"embarrassing ear\"
brother began to undress the clothes you are wearing. I floated a little waist I also as easy to undress.
My brother has been licking the genitals of my all is taken off.
\"I useless if you lick the dirty processing such big
brother\", \"Is not dirty\"
and feels terrible. I find tongue is are you stimulate the chestnut-chan. Too comfortably already useless. You come in and brother
\"'ll put
Shiho\". Seems avoided.
I was screaming to be \"painful Tsu\" involuntarily. \"I went all,\" \"I quite painful after all\"
... \"But they took pain to braze said So\" here until the sore has began to move slowly, \"I did not expect this much and painful\" brother. I feel the internal organs, such as pop will. Say everyone is a pleasant but I just painful. \"I'm alive again likely Shiho I\" was issued a juice on top of my stomach to remove the penis movement of brother faster. \"This is - huh semen\" semen of men to see for the first time. And I saw the penis of a brother for the first time at this time. \"It hurt - and curving I went to is greater this\" \"I is made ​​comfortably Once you have become accustomed also'm familiar with,\" \"your brother is willing to until comfortably?\" And \"good but it does not feel good Ya Ji two or three times,\" \" It was a moment that tied it'll be until I feel good many times, but good because \"it was found\" \"a favorite brother.

Graduation trip to the hot springs and father

I went to the hot spring trip with my father in high school graduation gift.
Family is two people living with the father. My daughter was ready answer that it is \"good because it is our parent-child\" and asked me \"Do's and one other room available\"
in the Nakai-san is go to the room after arriving ryokan. It went into the open-air bath that is attached to the room for the time being. I have said from the bathroom, \"Dad does not enter together?\" He said. I replied, \"Dad I enter from the back,\" he said. The get bashful because you have not included with the daughter for many years. Open-air bath can be seen from the room, the body of the daughter has also become the body of the adult. Daughter came out of the bath was sitting in the parlor in yukata. Meal came just carried on there. The \"likely delicious ~ I, be Itadakima ~\" I say \"congratulations graduate\" to the daughter while drinking beer and watching the Zen. It was poured me a beer to say \"I was able to graduate thank you also by virtue of the father,\" he said. Beer Today is good further. I went into the open-air bath after eating without leaving. I came in and said, \"Dad I also fall again\" and you are looking at an night view soak in hot water. I have in front of me anywhere without hidden naked dazzling daughter. \"The Are there bath with dad wonder years pretending\", \"Kana pretend dozen years thy Yeah is because time since the fourth grade of elementary school,\" \"'m going to be so much\" \"Do Nagaso dad back\" to wash \" and began to wash his daughter back around to the back and sit in a chair or me \"out of the bathtub. I began to wash around before back is finished. You wash out and grasp it as \"I wash also here\" things down my bra at the end. I will not wash Tantanto whatsoever without shyness. It has become hard to Okidashi and Mukumuku When touched by others. \"I'm going to be even harder I became hard dad this,\" He is trying to rub while saying so. It was touching the breast of the daughter is not likely to expand that I did not even expect. So that you rub the breast with a whole volume to soft. And I grew hand to genital daughter. Last only lead \"my dad ...\" here until you come. Was led so as to get one's arms around her daughter to enter the bathtub. That embrace and daughter in the bathtub with a view of the night sky was happy the best.

I love my son

Is located behind the home office, you are rubbed per Sucking like a baby like nipples
\"mother tits\"
my son is called the break of 10:00.
Write for more information, it can not be changed, but my son
has a relationship since high school, 21-year-old son, I am 43 years old. My husband has not passed away. Rising wants tits after lunch, we let them smoke, but let them breathe even 3:00. Do not so are available to you clerk, and not to pay attention so that it is not noticed. Will be attack Me anymore Toka Friday night, and love each other all the way from morning Toka Saturday or you there, and I have the abortion in the pregnancy the child of son once, but contraceptive treatment in the hospital at that time I have finished the. The rock out in me, we are allowed to diverge. Asked no cut out on the young, according to it, I, too I like sex, freshness has returned even skin body, such as was younger look like love and son.

Father to commit me of cold

I had to return to the home in divorce and broken dream to get married.
I lived while the Kataminosemai I think it is said Mother without leaving too much from home respectability because bad.
Frustration was also bulge the maximum discontent stays If you do not go out to the outside. It had Buttsuke frustrated with things.
My father brought a change of clothes and medicine and sleeping by the worsened One day cold.
We measure the heat in the forehead of my \"degree of cold Why do not\" and to say. I wake me
\"There does not seem much heat but? Either get dressed amazed sweat,\" he
I began to wipe out take the towel
\"I feel I'll
wipe,\" said my father When I wiped with a towel spread out in front of nightwear.
\"Thank you
dad\" and \"Do not withhold or not a parent-child\", \"The Kigaeyo pajamas also because wet\"
by undressed nightwear I became a figure of only panties, my father's not wearing bra originally. My father began to wipe the breast around before you wipe the waist and back. It has wiped with an obscene look to say \"Hey Ya breast big clean\". I was holding the hand of his father \"This is a good father\" and so tries to Nugaseyo panties as \"Kigaeyo also because wet\" touch a panty breast is finished. But my father was trying to Nugaseyo forcibly. It was not take off with no ears hear \"This is the really good\" to say. My father began to wipe the area with a towel to the embarrassing part of me that became uncovered. What did you say mother when seen such a sight. My father has peek and spread by hand the most embarrassing part. I say with obscenities and \"Do Ya clean pussy still many\". Then, my father has been out a diacetic Bae out off your pants. We have put it let me spread your legs big to say that \"to dad what\" and \"Ya do put in the pussy of you this what I\". My father was inserted at a fraction of the time. You have pushed forcibly and to not wet. Purpose I was this from the beginning. It was me that was committed to his father.