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Incest confession of women(2012-09)


yuna himekawa[51256]
I am a dispatched clerk. The company is a small office, and the director, two men, and myself work together. It was about a month after I joined the company. Is the seat for Orimono sometimes missing from the filth container in the office toilet? I started to notice things. Well? I was the only woman, and I knew that a man was interested in such things, so I pretended not to know. Just who? I was worried, but the director and the other person are mainly in sales. The only ones left in the company are me and a male employee in his thirties. However, he is an ordinary person who can talk freely, but there is no doubt that the pantyliner has been taken away. I can imagine what a man is doing with it. While thinking so, a change happened in me, right? I like my scent, I treat it by licking the scent of my orimono and oma ◎ When I think so, the slime of the lower body becomes a pleasure. After that, I was looking forward to rubbing the pantyliner on the dick before leaving the house on purpose and taking the slimy sheet to the office and putting it in the filth container. I live with a 42-year-old husband and a junior high school child. I didn't even think that I could have such fun at work because I started dispatching and my child didn't have any trouble. Since then, Mr. ○○, a male employee, has deliberately grown up to show me the bulge of his pants and the bulge that has become stiff, as I can see. I naturally enjoyed his reaction by crouching down in a tight skirt in front of him and showing off his underwear.However, they escalated to each other more and more, and I wonder if it was a tacit understanding, while having a normal conversation at the office, touching the lower body under the desk and pretending not to know light masturbation. I did. On the way, he always goes to the bathroom to show me the bulge of his erected pants. And the opening and closing of the lid of the filth container echoes in a quiet office. I think it is a manifestation of intention that I want you to know that you are smelling Hitomi-san and Hitomi-san's ma * juice. What a metamorphosis, I can hear a small breath. Are you satisfied after a while? I'm sorry to come out. I pretend that nothing happened and head toward the computer, but the pussy is soaked and I want to see the cock in my head and I want to smell the licking smell. I also want to masturbate, I want to spread my crotch in front of the sound and play with it while making a noise. I wanted to do that, but I was in agony with a frustrating feeling. The next day, when I went to the bathroom this time, I licked my tongue while looking at Mr. ○○'s face. I opened the door a little without locking it, and I was thrilled and lost the excitement ... The toilet was Japanese style, and I couldn't see the back when I crouched down. Ah, I'll come to peep, I'm sure I can't stand to see my crouching pee! !! !! I put up with it until I felt a sign behind me, and then I knew that I had taken off my shoes or held my breath and came into the gap in the door! I peeled off the pantyliner that you like and put it on your pee.Then, I let out a voice and took out another new sheet and wiped the pee and slimy place. Just thinking that it was being seen, it seemed like a mess. He put it in the filth container, stood up, and slowly put on his underwear while being aware of the sign behind him, and his sign disappeared. Looking back, the door was more open than I was. I went back to my desk as if nothing had happened, and did you drink tea? While making tea, I showed the ice and the prepared Calpis with my unwashed hands, stirring them with my shiny hands. I wonder what kind of face you drink, you must have seen it all! !! !! Now drink. When I brought it to his desk, eh! I was slowly squeezing with my lower body out, showing off with a face like asking, should I swallow my spit and see? I didn't miss his happy face. I stood up slowly, and while handling it with my hips sticking out, I came near me and squeezed my hair, and I've always liked Hitomi-san! And I confessed. I was chewy while tasting my pantyliner. It's a metamorphosis. Perhaps I was even more excited to express it in words, I went to the bathroom, brought the sheet covered with pee from the filth container, pressed it against my nose in front of me, and started to slurp, at that moment! Perhaps I had put up with it, white liquid splattered on my skirt. It's been awkward for a few days, but it's become a habit to watch his masturbation once in a while. Of course, my toilet is also through the gap, but I'll take a peek.

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I of a widow

I am living in two sons and husband died. My son is 25 years old with 46 years old I am. Store manager was a man of about 40-year-old out there that you are working for a Turkish bath where they became acquainted with my husband before, but I had changed now. An attempt was made to Tsutomeyo because there is no thing that I do, but I was told it was up to you the customer is so you choose if you listen to the How can you serve in this old. It is said to be because the interview test After trying Tsutomeyo immediately, I say the manager is accustomed to naked in the spare room on the second floor and go. And I had sex with my manager will also be naked. I fainted aloud which is not Ara will comfortably so did the first time in a long time. It was decided to serve from that day there is news of the pass passed about 30 minutes. We are able to serve in this old.

Dick son

Is the fourth grade my son,
this child is Carrara the days of kindergarten,
Onani my horny mother I, - was allowed to help with, since the beginning of elementary school, I actively son You will be allowed to crawl the tongue to the crack of, I also give lick the penis of his son in return,


On the knee of his son, I am writing this in the naked now. Husband of travel tour operator is overseas full this week. Today, I went to borrow the AV at the instruction of the quasi-kun son.
It has been designated to wear the blouse of sheer silk with no bra. Take off the shorts Before we get out of the car, was painted a toothpaste to clitoris to Jun-kun.
Nipple is're standing, it was clear even from the top of the thin blouse, but it was ordered to stand 10 minutes or more to the AV corner as it is.
It was found to have three people audience of men, slung look blatantly, clitoris leave in hot flashes, your soup is disgusting is that of flowing along the back of the knee.
When I go out to borrow three of AV while so do not match the line of sight and the boys of the counter, was multiplied by the voice to one of the male customers, but it was fleeing car that is waiting forward-kun to run . 
Returning to the home, while being allowed to Blow, I saw a quasi-kun AV, which has been borrowed. I wanted to Jun-kun is immediately, it does not put me even if scrounge.
After performing twice in Blow, that
Aa n ,,, for me to fit on the condition that you write this, I had put from behind now, ,,, feels good really ,, Iiiii ,,, uhh
,, head to slavery d of the quasi-kun Oh ,,, anymore, Jun-kun, ,,, Mariko more ,, I wow N Kakema s

I widow ...

The lives of two people and the son, but I '17 is committed to Turkish bath, now 57 years old now. And thousands of people man I did the chooch. My husband became acquainted there. Husband also came about once a week at that time. I was to stay at the home of his personal days off to make friends number increases more. I remember the day spent with the Omancho. It is a secret that you are committed to Turkish bath to a person of the house, but it can also son went to me as a customer.

... My son

It is 46 years old but I have decided to love each other and son to become 24 years old. You beat her husband have lived in the 2 sons and passed away last year, but we do not like in the talk back to me his son is deteriorated suddenly these days. And I say become a woman of my me. It was a woman so troubled and beaten. I feel like a woman of the yakuza. Son became a real gangster. It is put out to open stores in the fair. Woman of Sokoe yakuza must be. It is the couple away and year son. I told her sister from fellow. There is pussy workings of the night fun woman gangster. My son hugging me gently. .

... My son

My husband went to abroad bachelor. I am a 25-year-old son at 54 years old, but my son I was beaten me to the absence. I was stunned by exploiting a large Timbo son. Son seems to have done many times. It seems to have Iloilo meantime. Sense is no longer on the numbness is there for me. I want sex every day from it. And I say become a woman of me. It is not ginger pussy I also hurt and do every day that my husband now As you say son unavoidably so was about once a month because we do not have husband.

Is motherless family

since I was a small four my mother died, it has been loved by his father.
When you blame, if it is pointed out that the same place as the mother is weak,
you will think, such as jealousy, such as happy, my mother.
While I think about quitting,
it is reminded each time it is embraced, and not escape.

Husband is sick

I am a housewife of 45 years old, but her husband is in the hospital for three years in the disease. We are living it and son to become 25-year-old in the house, but my son is not approaching the house becomes worse recently. I live together with the widow of a neighboring town. It is rumored that his wife and pregnant. That house wife and have a wealthy life in rich. It was said that the living in lending of land or apartment without work. Wife to become 35-year-old man was amiable with a beautiful woman.

And son ...

It is 46 years old, but I live with my son to become 25 years old. I am troubled that his son was ill. I became bad husband passed away. It is to the sex from it to hit to say Auntie with or to Ashige you can hit by violent of me. I was pregnant not you worry because there is a risk of pregnancy If you do not use the sack there is still Siemens. I was told that it is too late After consultation that it down to the physician. That it would become four months. It was decided to give birth without a way. Father please tell me what to do I will not be a grandchild child was born in my mother's son. Than beleaguered mother.

Is every night

Shortly before it was every two days or every other day, but
dad will come to my room every night time slow recently.
Because I was loath much ass, I want gave up putting ~Ochinchin in ass hole but
can library put the finger, it is placed into the hole in the ass to bring toys mom.
Ass blame is not much comfortably.

Two people ... and son

I am living in two sons and husband died. His wife divorced children would be able to have sex with the wife of classmate without also serves his son was ill, and came tumbling to me without a place to live his wife also works well without. My son's not work, but you must take care of two people. It is not possible to live on wages of part of me. An attempt was made to change place if it is get more, but that of lies and if sex shop I asked friends. It is said in the live naked and sex shop. Because we think it will be 45 years old but whether Let's worked once, store manager was having sex sleeping pet Become naked in empty room on the second floor that says store manager to the interview and I went, but the pass It was served from today with. I think customers will be 15,000 yen for one person, but not take the total and because year. I was miserable and I think you have to do the Oman~yo by the people.

It was the woman's son finally

I am a housewife of 45 years old, but I live with my son passed away last year to her husband. The wish came true because I wanted to try living with someone like evergreen son. Penis is a long and thick and greater than his master. It is said say delirium and fainted head numb When put this. It is the son of 24-year-old woman, but only I have not even her. I'm happy things are asked to sex every day in this boyfriend.

Mama's boy of husband

It will be one year after marriage matchmaking. 28-year-old husband, 25-year-old me, is 51 years old mother-in-law. Dad has died five years ago under a traffic accident. It is his master, but it is always Bettari are called mom of my mother. Tell me witnessed a state in which the shopping mother and husband holding hands happily in a large shopping center in the distance on Sunday from a friend of mine the other day, my husband had to choose happily the underwear of the mother in the underwear department further gave me. Also, after I out to alumni to Bon vacation, mother and husband were out shopping the next day, I thought that it was a sorry, but I found a Chi~isshu and condoms used in the trash if you went into the room of the mother . In addition, we suspect there may be at the time of sex with me, was ejaculation to say \"Mommy\" and \"Mommy\" many times before you ejaculate before, and whether the relationship of sex and mother again.

Thing with son

Now became a life of only two sons and I died in her husband last year. It will be 45 years old, but my son will be 25 years old, but I have to just play it by doing nothing. I began to violence worsens suddenly one day. You hit and not even reply to say Auntie that my people would be unusual though. And I say become a woman of me. I became a woman of him because there is no way. You must daily sex to say as becoming a woman. I'll do every day because he young.

By son

You lived with his son now runs out to her husband last year, but it's violence and his son is deteriorated suddenly. That anything and entered the road of yakuza. That it is possible to say friends and have a apprentice gangster at the boss. His son came back. This is called a woman accustomed to my saying Auntie me to say son. And I inspire me to bring your boss. Boss was a man of about 60 years old, but dick is bigger thick and long. This is referred to as do every day from now to say my son I thought it was my Omancho and Harisakeru. Son does not do. Spend just from looking. You do only with others without the real son it is not help but sink marks mind. That said boss henchman but is seems like it only son. We will settle down in my house without a residence yet boss. It does not take in as became a couple and this boss. Son who is now with the young daughter.

And son ...

I live with two sons and is becoming a phrase to her husband died. I summoned the old lady that my son is deteriorated recently. I beat when I say something. I called a woman accustomed to my about me. And I make every night sex. Dick son's thick and longer than her husband. Omancho will likely Harisake me. It had come out any blood from Omancho When finished with it. Feeling is good anyway.

The woman of the father-in-law

I would have a relationship with the father of her husband.
The economy is bad from about half a year before the company of her husband, husband seconded to subsidiaries. And reluctantly in feeling Stop it If it unpleasant. I do attend from home, but I'm also take 3 hours. So way back 23:00 out into the 5:00 morning.
Father-in-law is made ​​to come to our apartment restlessly Become a retirement last year also do not live at home. Discontent accumulated progressively from fall asleep immediately without even dabble in my night way back from late husband. At that time, it is out and drink a beer while watching TV leisure father-in-law is coming to visit in the evening retirement age, I drank I also together with. TV scenes of infidelity couples when a good has been around. Get closer to me gradually, hand I was touching the thigh as accidental father-in-law. Moment the hand of father-in-law grabbed the thigh, father-in-law I thought I wants me seriously and have had I can only mention a little while.
My body no workings of the evening, becoming unstoppable again Once you start to react sensitively.
It did close the thigh I Guilles once when the hands of father-in-law came divided between the two thigh but been forced open. And I was entrusted the body to father-in-law to not take it anymore. It made ​​me feel at the hands of father-in-law, is at the height squid many times, I promised to be a woman of the father-in-law from it. It is Saturday, but her husband work. I was embraced by father-in-law has come today.


Atashi is an unfortunate woman.
My husband died in a traffic accident love on the road, leaving a young son. After that, we parents and children to become single mothers, we are distressed to life. To say so myself Although it is what I have grown up to be a teenager son in the owner of the beauty. To come close to us parent and child, man seems to be an effort to draw attention of me to or apply an expensive toy to my son but me has continued to ignore. Me has decided that it hurt his head that education costs take to university graduation son is enrolled in junior high school, and eventually remarried. It is now able to carry your feet on the collective matchmaking party several times, get to know men and rich. Such a person was an elderly man of luxury bureaucracy of Otsutome in Kasumigaseki. Annual income was over 25 million yen. Age has been away 30 years of age or older with me. It will be reflected in the parent-child people of Hata if you look. I have decided to move in an exclusive residential area close to Yoyogi-Uehara Station to live his two people and after my son mentioned the big wedding with him. It was noticed later, but he was a man that category metamorphosis.
A SM lover, it was bisexual. Beautiful body of the son also become one of the tastes of his, every day, we are commuting to office and drooling. Our parents and children are exposed to sexual feast of his when he comes back in the Benz Okakae motorman night to come. I forced to raise the voice of yoga is is inserted into Oma ○○ the enamel rods elixir that are painted tied a plump breast are naked and are taken to the SM locked room in the basement You made ​​me. Target will head to the son of my teenager this silliness is over. You started to lick the pair ○○ son to say and so on \". Ne Let's play with that naughty and dad\" and sunk to the bed of his son sleeping in the bedroom on the second floor.
Son of mother I think is compliant of the father-in-law without also resisting practice swing straightforward. I do not be in such a hellish life if they have money, but you have to endure sex life with him through gritted teeth son is until graduation from college now.

Relationship of parents brother and sister

You do not have now, but it had been up to last year.
Opponent is the father and brother. But, is not the experience of 3P. It witnessed the etch (sister of the mother, divorced) aunt and brother, How did you come to with his brother, was attacked by a brother at a later date, it was frenzy when Toitsume. The father, as I return home, I had been etched with the mother in front of the eyes of the father brother was tied. At a later date, I have etch father something becomes poor.

Woman until the ash

Night in the last week, we will look to become the 75-year-old, my grandma is are you Manzuri in the floor. Because it is very poor, and show Kin ball thick to my grandmother, I was let them suck on Manzuri middle. And me to put! Grandma because pester, smell a little, it was a pussy, but painted a cream, it was raised stabs berry of Muscles. Te ~ Ttoi~tsu'm a long time, grandma, has been clinging to my grandson. Tight is good, pussy of grandma was a good feeling unexpectedly. Though it is old, you say that the - go, you can Nokezo~tsu, to make a nail in my back, and took out the pussy juice of crunchy. I was surprised, but after it was over, gave me a lot of pocket money. So was told sometimes, and let me Shabu et al grandma kin ball thick you too now, was Ok, but so is said to metamorphosis found in parents, early family was Tsu Nesei, a room of Grandma It is thought the future, and whether trying to Grandma filial piety to visit. Is this, I'm helping others. But even for old woman is still a woman, Umekigoe something I'm annoying than the young woman. It was good for grandma to be, I keep, wash pussy of old from smell, it was good to laugh smile, that's right, grandma and I should wash well from now. It seems unreasonable to every day, but if the position once a week, you have Segamarete want Yatte. No way, is the trouble of me right now it is say that it ... Na troubled dies raised blood pressure to climax time, but I also do not stay she also at the moment, and it was good just to mouth brush of libido. Monohatameshi, everyone I know that there is no, even a little old woman, only young woman is good Why do not you invite the subject of sex. Woman says well it's a woman until the ash, but there is large the libido. I think stylish, grandmother because you stay in the neighborhood, and do let us invite a little now. I think because it is old, too, who do not plugged vigorously thick Kin ball and Zubasuba is good. It is thought Grandma is having it call in the middle of the night tonight, lightly pussy, and I'll rub.

Incest discourse of my

The thing I had just enrolled in college. I spoiled considerable slept with my mother always only daughter.
I had been spoiled or by or to the Hozuri or fill the face tits mother asked to hug the mother well in the futon.
I was sleeping while asked to hug the mother in the same way as always even that evening.
My nipples had become Pintto within unwittingly comfortably indescribable is crowded wrapped the body and I have filled the face to get boobs while hugging my mother.
My body ended up in a glow steadily for mother me rub your body. \"Oh, I wish feels\" panties would be wet and moist and will feel completely caress of mother,
moreover I had become to state helpless anymore beginning chestnut chan rubbing panty. Mother was peeping my face. Mother \"What happened?\" told me over the voice gently.
But I will not be able to say to the mother of the state now very. My nipples are already a taut, It is in the state you are screaming likely torn and painful.
It was me gently massaged my boobs mother Did guessed. \"Sore nipples\", \"Yeah, Okaa Chama is I'll get to feel good now\"
mother has me massaging the breasts gently by hand and warm gently put a hand in a T-shirt for me.
It was me massaged the breasts further \"Ha, your, Okaa Chama\" and \"What happened?\" \"Feels good. It will likely be a strange\" mother When Nugasu the T-shirt of me.
Big boobs and mother Pururun was spilled when Nugasu a pajama jacket mother too. And fill the face to the warm soft breasts, I was the Hozuri.
Pant voice of \"case\" mother was leaked. \"Tail is. Panty Okaa Chama\" Haha \"I can not do it anymore. Damp so\" has me rubbing with fingers gently peeled off the panty of me.
My mother was or peel in the tongue or sucking gently with your mouth the chestnut-chan and I say \". Okaa Chama is I'll get undress If you do not take off your hat to be a year of .Rei I suffer your hat\" so gave me.
\"Also, it 's no good anymore. I'll not put up\" The Mother \"I because slip off your hat in a little more. Be patient a little more\" it me sucking your beans chan wearing the skin suffering from chestnut-chan my tongue directly below.
\"Damee anymore\" I have lost the mind as it is and bend backward violently. My mother gave me smoked gently in your mouth and I noticed after a while

Son's child

It's been a long time since my husband became diabetic and I didn't have sexual desire, but since then I haven't had a marital relationship with my husband at all. I'm already 39 years old, so when I say old people, I'm old. But every night, I can't tell my husband that my lower abdomen is aching, as my sexual desire as a woman in my body is not satisfied and I am thirsty with the intense desires that sometimes rise. My husband went to the office, cleaned and washed the house, and took a nap while watching TV on the reception chaise lounge to take a break. I took a nap, but it seems that I had a deep sleep. I was very fond of the parents of the same class and the husband of the father and son family, whom I always meet when I go to the PTA of my son's school. However, he always responded reasonably. For some reason, that day I had a dream when I was taking a nap, which was the dream of my son's school PTA having deep sex with the man. I got up around the end of the wide TV show, so maybe it was past 3 o'clock, my son was still early to come back, he was in club activities around 6 o'clock, and my husband was after 7 o'clock. I won't go home. My crotch was wet with a dream of having sex with the man who was too raw. No matter what, I just slept on a chaise longue, pulled my panties down, and before I knew it, I started masturbating for another sex with the man. At that time, I wanted a man asexually, so I went to the kitchen and cut a thick cucumber into a genital shape, and I put a condom for sexual intercourse with my husband, which I no longer use, into a cucumber and got my own wet I inserted it deeply into my genitals and rubbed it while taking a rough breath.I remember my pubic hair biting into my genitals and hurt. Sadly, it was right after the dream of sexual behavior that I felt, so when I think about it now, the act of masturbating was quite real. The cucumber's genitals gave me a violent climax. At the height of masturbation, I shook my body and reached Acme, calling the man's name violently. At that time, a slapstick and someone covered me, kneading my clitoris with my fingers, and my mom, mom and son hugged me. I couldn't afford to resist, and in a blink of an eye I had my son's genitals swollen inserted. To be honest, I went over and over again, feeling that it wasn't cool in my heart, and I was struck by the pubic area of ​​my son who had become too fat. My son just licked my pubic area and said, "I like my mom, I like my mom," and his lips, which licked my pubic area and smelled a little, sucked my lips strongly. .. The inserted hot breathing son's tongue was a rough, young and powerful tongue. I also lacked calm and sucked his tongue out. My son had just put a thick, thick semen into me, but he inserted the big genitals that had peeled off again into my mouth and pushed it in. Sexual intercourse for the first time in a long time was wonderful, my son. Having had sexual intercourse with my son three times in a row, I told him that he was breathing next to me. "Let's keep it a secret from my dad."Then my son nodded Eun and sucked my milk. In the end, again, I realized the strength of my sexual desire as I was holding my son's genitals, which had grown again. Since then, my son has finished school club activities early and has sex in the afternoon, but recently he went to the hospital because he was feeling ill and nausea. I found out that I was pregnant. Of course, I have nothing to do with my husband, and there is no doubt that this child was pregnant with my son's semen. I can't tell my doctor, I can't tell my son, I'm worried. Should I fall, or should I give birth to a child of my own child, who I have already loved as a woman, even though I am now a son? I also know the story of a Roman mother who had a son's child. If anyone can solve my problem, I used this column to post that I could lie and would be happy if you could give me some hints on how to solve it. Thank you.

Relationship in trouble

State of her husband's broken from the night of the last month.
And state of Yoko daughter physiology has just begun is also funny.
Sunday of summer vacation I got home from shopping in the neighborhood, and I went to the living room and opened the door of the entrance, daughter and father seemed surprised me, I was away suddenly.
Complexion of daughter reddened the face of her husband of something awkward face is not a Tadakoto.
What were you doing!
And, we Toitsume, but No way to say honestly.
My husband said he has healed the hair of her daughter, but there is no place to try to fix it short hair daughter.
To suit your husband, daughter had nodded.
I began to thought that there was such a thing even before. And do I if
my husband ... you are able to with my

Which is bad

My father came into the bedroom, I am associated with his father three years ago.
My mother does not know of course.
My father has crept up in the middle of the night mom and went to sleep.
The selfish, were some boyfriend, but does not keep company with him in relation to the father now.
Father is because angry.
My father bought me anything, the mother is also willing to act of such a father.
But I think that it is hush money from the father really.
4 Kaichichi from 3 times, you're doing a month, but to go to a department store Mitsukoshi and aligned with the mother and father once in two Ketsuki, you bought me to select the mine. It is a thing of three meals of return also fun.
My mother does not notice at all to me like that.
I blame it? Or would a woman bad or What a father.

Mom is pregnant

During summer vacation this year, and we have seen with the exception of the crotch of the mother who are you taking a nap, cock was now larger.
Mom was resistance, but I was now committed a mom. We say that this month, mother and pregnant.
Although I think that it is a child of my kit.
Your father is that you do not know at all.
Since then, I have sex with mom sometimes.

There is homosexual incest.

I've been a little interested in incest for a long time, and in fact I was close to it, so I took the plunge and wrote it. Ten years after I got married, I lived with my wife's parents, but last year my wife's mother died. Since then, I have lived with three people. I'm late, I'm 28, my wife is 26, and I have no children. My parents are a man whose father-in-law is 52 years old. It was the evening when my wife went on a hot spring trip with a friend. I was drinking late with a friend of the company, and did I get home after 1 am? I enjoyed my freedom for the first time in a long time, and although I was sorry for my father-in-law, I went home in a good mood. I drank too much, so I took off my clothes and fell asleep naked in bed. I was still drunk because my waist was strangely heavy at dawn, but when I opened my eyes and looked into it, my father-in-law was licking my genitals. I pretended to sleep for a while when I was in trouble, but my father's tongue seemed to be good at acting, and even while pretending to sleep, my genitals became thicker. My father-in-law wraps my thickened pubic area with my mouth to the root and puts it in and out up and down. Too much comfort, I unknowingly spit out semen. Of course, pretending to be sleeping does not work. My father-in-law, who swallowed my semen, looked at me from the roots of my wide open legs and looked at me as an upper eye, Yuji-kun, did you feel good? I said so. I've been called Hi Dad.My dad approached my chest and suddenly kissed me, affirming Eun Eun. My dad asks for my tongue and my dad's tongue gets entangled. Anyway, it was a sudden thing and I was just doing it. Then my dad puts his thick pubic area in front of me and sucks in Yuji ! I said. On top of the dim bed, my father's knotted pubic area approached. As I was told, I filled my dad's pubic area with my mouth. Ah, my dad moaned and put the knotty pubic area in and out of my mouth, big and small, just like my genitals were. Gungun and his father's genitals are getting thicker and it feels like sucking a big eggplant. My dad clasped my thickened pubic area with one hand and said. Yuji-kun, this is your thick one! I want you to insert it ... My dad crawls in front of me, sticking out his white ass and putting his spit on his anus. I got up a little and inserted my thickened genitals into my dad's ass hole as my dad ordered. My father's anus swallowed my genitals to the root without any resistance. From now on, my father-in-law probably already has that habit and has a lot of experience. My dad said he was raising and lowering his hips. Put it all the way in, it feels good ...As I was told, I was impressed by how thick my genitals were, so I inserted the thickened genitals into my father's anus and stabbed him. My father is squeezing his genitals with his right hand. Eventually, my father said. When Yuji goes, tell me, I'll go with you ... and he rubbed his anus against me. The tightness of the anus was comfortable and I had already reached the climax without being told by my father, so I instinctively told my father to go to my father. My father seemed to be rubbing his genitals with a ladder. Eventually, my genitals explode and the squirting semen is sucked into my father's anus. My dad moaned U, U, U, and released a large amount of cloudy semen into my bed. Did they fall on the bed for 20 minutes as if they were absent-minded ... My dad kissed me. And once again, in front of my mouth, I brought my father's genitals, which already had blood vessels, and asked me to suck. I want to put this in Yuji this time ... It hurts at first, but it's okay to insert it slowly, but my dad made his genitals thick enough in my mouth. This is an overview of my relationship with my father. Of course, I can't say this to my wife, and now when I get home from work in the evening, I deceive my wife when I go out drinking with my father, and my father and I are doing homosexuality with our parents. I'm definitely not guilty because my wife isn't a woman and she's not a woman.When my dad's genitals become useless, he licks Yuji's and makes it thicker, so he says I should insert it into my ass. It's a silly story, but my dad said. Before he died, he was probably in the hospital, so at the end he wanted to put Yuji's genitals in his mouth and die. When that time comes, I will carry out my father-in-law's thoughts. But sadly, my genitals wouldn't have an erection. Still, I want my father to hold me and let me die.

Two people ... and son

I am a housewife 46, but lives with the son of 25-year-old-time passed away last year to her husband. It is to say the woman accustomed to my that my son becomes 893. I became a woman of him because there is no way. It is a settlement that tears and painful Omancho my likely Harisake son so thick and increased in long Nchin his causes a SEX to me in person about 50. Son will do boss is finished, but with something son It is for the first time. You do not have experience doing when you are in the house. You say ey are daily son to say. It is with something the two men as well. It's painful to think every day I can not do. Omancho me is like a toilet.

Milf nice ...

I think I'm 25 years old, but a little person MILF is good to the SEX. There is no place Once you've done. Forever me hugging and tender and if that point mother. You'll steal the eyes of his father and interesting if there is a thrill. It was cute and like a girl Why do not you shave pubic hair of his mother during this time. It seems useless if you do not shave every day so painful mother come growth. My mother's 46 years old but I look younger.

Daughter-in-law's mother

yuna himekawa[50846]
I married a woman now three years ago. She was an only child, and her father was alive when she got married, but she died of malignant cancer late last year. I was 56 years old. My mother-in-law was a very beautiful person, two years older than my father, but I was lonely because my father-in-law died because I lived in a large condominium. I became lonely, and my wife asked me to go to my mother because the rent of the house we live in now is not good. To tell the truth, I thought this mother-in-law was beautiful, and she was not very similar to my wife. The story went on and on, and I decided to live in my mother-in-law's house. The room was 4LDK, and my mother-in-law took the trouble to give us the direction in which the city center on the window side could be seen, and she went to a room of about 6 tatami mats near the entrance. Anyway, I'm going to have young people live, so I said that it would be convenient if it was closer to the entrance. I didn't do anything for the first two months, but when we married on the weekend, I felt like someone was watching. Of course, I didn't say anything to my wife and set up a gimmick at the entrance door of the bedroom one night. It's a simple gimmick, with a thin piece of paper sandwiched under the door and then a thin siccarol under the door near the entrance. That day was also Thursday, the day before the holidays, so I had enough sex with my wife and enjoyed it until late at night. Of course, I felt that someone was watching.Certainly, on that day, we were excited about each other, and although we didn't usually do it, we provided a service to slowly lick my wife's genitals. What's more, I did it in a posture that I could see near the door. I could hear a faint moaning leaking from the door. Of course, my wife, who was crazy about my service, didn't even notice the sound. When I got out of bed early the next morning and looked at the door, of course, the paper between the doors had fallen perfectly to the floor, and the siccarol powder on the floor was messed up, with faint footprints in my step. I was heading to my mother's room. No doubt my mother-in-law was watching our actions. One night my wife said she was late at the class reunion ... My mother-in-law and I had dinner. Of course, my mother-in-law was happy to cook my favorite meat dish, and I feel like both of them were quite drunk while drinking my favorite red wine. I took the plunge and told my mother-in-law about looking into our sex. My mother-in-law obediently admitted the act, and suddenly began to cry. My dad died and I wanted human skin every day, so I just watched it. I'm sorry, I cried with a shark if I couldn't forgive him. I like my mother-in-law, so she said she wanted to live here forever. As soon as my mother-in-law said she liked me ... she leaned against me and said this. "I want my mother to do what she was doing to her last daughter . " In other words, it is the act of licking her genitals enough.I hesitated, but my mother-in-law took my hand and entered my room. Suddenly, my mother-in-law slid her red panties all the way to her waist and fell on her back in front of me, saying, "Come on, smoke, suck as much as you can." My mother-in-law didn't dislike it, and even though she was old, she was still young. Suddenly, I took her panties off my feet, put my mouth on the wet secret, swallowed my mother-in-law's dripping liquid, and swung it with my tongue. While panting, my mother-in-law hugged me and kissed me all over my face. Then I grabbed my thickened pubic area tightly, applied it to my wet and slender genitals, and lifted my hips. Somehow my genitals were sucked into my mother-in-law, and I went many times in less time with a waist technique that young women do not have. My mother-in-law also seemed to reach the top to suit me, and shouted "Iku" in a loud voice . We were out of breath and lay down on the bed for a while. After a while, while lightly kissing my mother-in-law, I was sucking each other's genitals and milk in bed, but I forgot the passage of time. My wife opened the key to the front door and went home. "I'm home" was a wife with a light voice. My mother-in-law and I froze. My wife seemed to enter her room and sang a humming song, so it must have been fun. " Oh , you ... are n't you?" My wife seemed to be looking for me.My mother-in-law is grooming and pointing my finger at me. I was watching with a breath. "Oh, Kana-chan ... Kenji went to pick you up at the station and went to the station alone," the mother-in-law opened the door of the room thinly and told her daughter. "Well! Ken-chan, pick me up at the station ?? It's okay, like a fool," he said, and he seemed to change clothes in the room. Mother-in-law is to have all the clothes took off to I became naked in a wink, tiptoe in and went to the front door, secretly opened the door "20 minutes position to et al., Back gonna come ..." said so And took me out. I wore clothes behind the mansion, walked around the neighborhood for a while, and washed my mother-in-law's lipstick lips in the park. Twenty minutes later, I went home with a faceless face, and my mother-in-law's famous performance tricked my wife. Then, not every night, I went to my mother-in-law's room after confirming that my wife had fallen asleep at midnight. My mother-in-law was even younger due to intense sex. One Sunday morning, my wife, who was doing the laundry, had changed her appearance. It was a tough question, pushing me into the room. "Hey-Ken-chan, why do you have lipstick on your pajamas, not just today, why do you wear it so often? ... And my mom's Chanel It's a lipstick that smells ... Explain why. "My mother-in-law was thinking about something while watching TV. I am in the Cold War with my wife.Of course, my mother-in-law came up with a good idea and I don't know if it will help. Of course, I don't have sex with my mother-in-law in the room. I have a meeting with my mother-in-law because I will be late for work, and I have sexual intercourse with my mother-in-law at a love hotel near the station. I'm going to marry my mother-in-law, can't it be legal? My wife will cry, but I'm a little aware that my mother-in-law and I have an extraordinary relationship. So, when I get home, my wife is in my room, my mother-in-law is in my room, and I am the only one watching TV. Even now, I don't care about anything, I'm thinking about throwing everything away, going directly to my mother-in-law's room, and having sex every day. However, if the three of us can live as usual, I will resume having sex with my wife and, of course, live with my mother-in-law in a deep relationship. Is this a good insect?

By now

Reason of my blow-off imperceptibly, I have accepted as a matter of course the body young son. I was immersed in the euphoria that you have not experience pleasure and desire, and my husband. But, in guilt after it was over, and are you self-loathing it is also fact. The Mihakarai my husband to not stay, I come looking for. Son is to ejaculate twice in SEX once every time. Also, my son does what licking the place of embarrassing me. It is the opposite of bland husband.
Night away, is Dakitsuka your milk with both hands from behind his son, husband of the end of July is now Koshikudake the first experience. When trying to escape from my son, my son has been a kiss pressed my face. Gagged, I've put the tongue. For the first time, something that you feel so, I was entranced eyes closed kiss that was entwined tongue. Dont, Dameyo, disgusting, genital, hand son was about 5 minutes resistance. Is inserted deep, Heated semen I was poured.

Father's younger brother

It seems that my dad failed in business three years ago and made a big debt. I was in the third year of high school, but I was thinking of stopping the university entrance exam because of financial problems. At that time, my father's younger brother's uncle said that he was sorry only for me, so he was taken over by his uncle's house and was able to go to college. Of course, my parents' house also seemed to be taken care of by a large amount of money from my uncle. I was able to go to the university I longed for and lived a happy life, but my uncle's wife, my aunt, went to a hot spring with my friends when I was a student. At my uncle's house, there is a girl who is five years younger than me, but my cousin's girlfriend and I also lived on good terms. The night my aunt went out, my cousin also went out in the evening to launch club activities. After having a lonely dinner with my uncle, I was preparing for college the next day in my room. Suddenly my uncle knocked and came into my room. Until now, my uncle had never been in my room. I put my uncle in my room, thinking that my uncle would be lonely because I was in a house where no one was there. Seeing me studying, he praised me for wearing it neatly while looking over the room. It was when I went to my desk to get my study tools because my uncle came. Suddenly my uncle put his hand on my back and tried to suck my lips with my neck facing me. I was upset and ended up leaving it to my uncle. My bed by my desk knocked me down and kissed me all over my body.I shouted , "Uncle, save, stop," but my uncle's actions became bigger and bigger, and he continued to call my name and say he liked it for a long time. I covered my face with my uncle's saliva-smelling, unpleasant lips, but my uncle hugged me lying on the bed, took off my tay shirt, and was a little oversized in my milk. I got it. Then I put one of my hugged hands on the waist of the sweatshirt, took it off, and suddenly put my mouth on my lower abdomen. It was unpleasant to see some strange warm creature crawling on my genitals, but to tell the truth, I felt some pleasure. There was no one in this house when I screamed, and I was gradually moving my uncle's mouth while resisting in vain. My uncle might have seen my reaction, he stood up, brought his swollen genitals to my face and said, "I want you to smoke." I put my big uncle's genitals on my cheeks and put my mouth up and down. My uncle shouted, chew me, chew me ... I had no choice but to bite the big object a little. More to the root, my uncle chewed me and pushed me. My uncle's genitals, which was full of mouth, broke into my throat dick and made me sick, but my uncle's pressure did not stay. I bit my genitals as much as I could because I didn't want to put it in my mouth anymore. Utz and his uncle said they were good, but they felt good, they felt good, they chewed more, and they chewed more. I was absorbed in biting my uncle's genitals.Blood was bleeding from my genitals, and I couldn't bite my uncle's elastic genitals, although I couldn't bite any more. Eventually my uncle took the genitals to the base of my open legs and suddenly inserted them into the bush. Contrary to my feelings, my genitals would have been wet. I resisted a little, but my uncle's genitals slipped into the roots, and my uncle slowly put in and out of the genitals, sometimes poking into the back and pushing it with a squeak. I wonder if this is a pleasure, I couldn't see my uncle's face, my aunt's face, or my cousin's face. I went to the moment of ecstasy while letting my uncle's thick genitals bite into the pleasant sensation from the waist that attacked me earnestly. My uncle also groaned like an animal and released dark sap into my genitals. The warmth of the sap pierced the depths of my genitals, and I was breathless. One month has passed since then, and I have had sexual intercourse with my uncle about three times. I'm silent to my aunt and my sister. Last month I noticed more than my body and went to the doctor. I found out that I was pregnant. My uncle says he will break up with his aunt and marry me. I have no objection, but what kind of explanation should I give to my father, aunt, and sister at home? My recent uncle breaks out of his bed late at night and asks for me, I'm lying on the bed hoping for the day he will come. Maybe my aunt is a little aware, it's getting cold to me.What will happen to me ... I'm sorry, but since I dropped out of college last year, there is no reason to live in my uncle m's house.

It is a housewife of 45 years old

I died in my husband last year, now we have two people living son and 24-year-old, but the violence that his son is getting worse. It broke a front tooth beaten the other day. Son is called a woman accustomed to me to me, but to become a woman of the son can not be as a mother. It was beaten when I silently. I became a woman of my son because there is no way. Then are to do your daily SEX.

Incest discourse of my

What taste to After sucking penis?

Summer vacation with the brother of 23-year-old

I will post the first time in a long time. During the summer holidays, I was also progress with his brother! Unfortunately, ,,, does not etch yet. But, I have come to every day that naughty. The inner, so not at home much parent, I pretty loose. There is interested in horny after all, I would make you if one person etch. At such time, I have them in my brother. While asked to kiss, touch dick, Have put a finger. My brother gently, do not fuck only place feels me. And me licking and Beroun chestnut, rather than Chirochiro on the tip of one's tongue, in a cold room like air conditioning worked loan all, things can etch is full with his brother, every day has passed so quickly. Brother so night work, sleeping together it was always lonely midnight but it comes back ,,,, was also touching the cock of brother occasionally.

Grandma and

My grandma is 65 years old this year.
And lived in luxury residential area of platinum of Tokyo Takanawa, Oji-chan, died five years ago.
To come out from Aomori for the college entrance examination, I have been taken care of is the mother of the mother, the grandmother of platinum.
It was not possible to pass the university to aim, but would pass the exam to the University of slip, at the Grandma of Tokyo, it was decided to live.
It's a Grandma that, but looks younger than age, red lipstick looks great.
Of course, the color of crimson, I was very becoming to white skin also manicure.
when there Grandma went out, and when I opened the dresser of Grandma, red lipstick wearing always Grandma is put in a drawer, the die of lipstick that black is now reflected more dudes gloss to me were.
So, when you turn up and under the base of the Gulli lipstick, red red bar came out Innovation Gunyu.
It is a good smell.
Is not likely to feel their genitals to become larger Guigui, I was in and fill Choko~tsu genital glans swollen the red bar.
Colors of crimson red was shining and Teratera genitals exposed my, let transmitted the red bar along the crack of the glans, and went around.
Red now has a Bettori genital soon where you rub a little.
Become very pleasant, I fell dramatically in in front of the dresser, I began to a Senzuri.
I feel like genital red red bars painted genitals licked to Grandma and, finally, it was gone.
Voice called \"Toyota-chan\" at that moment to go is to, I turned around behind surprised, I'm embarrassed to ... Are not you're grandma do that you should have got to go out there is standing hiding into the pants of the genitals before suddenly Te, I would say I'm sorry.
Grandma was approaching told.
\"Toyota-kun, gonna say, gonna say, it's the favorite, even Grandma, Grandma I love Toyota kun\"
so saying, sitting quietly next to me, earlier, Grandma liquid It was me holding a red nail genitals that are wilting and surges.
In two shakes genitals are resurrected, and I have blisters like a fire Shimaini. It was sucked the genitals
\"of Toyota-kun, penis thought, there is a large, Grandma'll lick\"
in the lips with a lipstick red true to say so, I was turning the muzzles tongue.
With the feeling that much as the store, I
shouted, \"Grandma, Ikuyo, Ikuyo,\" he said.
Grandma's crowded put into the hole of Grandma genital my Discard the pants off of his suddenly.
It was sex for the first time.
Wrapped me deeply, genital not accumulate in the movement of the stiffness of each other to up and down quietly, Grandma, genitals is like issued a liquid that becomes cloudy.
Saying \"Oh, alas, alas,\" said Grandma, I was licking my genitals Te Mazui knee again, but the licking was what a pleasant soft too.
It is that it was found later, Grandma I was chewing on genitals became thick in my gums to remove the dentures at that time.
Need it, every night, every night, grandmother and I have sex.
You thought I and may be married to Grandma lived in Tokyo as it is.

It is a writing plate of continued

Thank you very much in advance.

Child of the brother-in-law

My husband I could not children in azoospermia, but it was decided to make the children in the artificial insemination of the brother-in-law. However, it refused artificial insemination of Relatives and can not be from the doctor, I was worried about whether or not subject to the sperm of strangers.
A result of the family meeting, it was decided to do our own work to put the uterus with a syringe of sperm brother-in-law.
And I tried to try and check the day of ovulation, but it was useless even doing several times. Finally, it was not injected into the uterus directly from huntingtin by calling a brother-in-law in the bedroom when you are not the husband. That night, my husband I was put the sperm of brother-in-law with a syringe. It is not knowing that it has put the sperm from the dick of brother-in-law for lunch. Went on for three days around the day of ovulation this. Method here is a work wonders, I became pregnant and children were finally pardoned. It is the events of four years ago. Brother-in-law at the time was a junior high school yet. I made ​​one other person immediately brother-in-law becomes a college student. Whats the sperm directly from the dick of brother-in-law even when over here.
After that, I have followed much the brother-in-law. My husband does not know of course. Sex brother-in-law also became well, and because it is Naka who made ​​up children, brother-in-law is the husband of my real Imai.

Opponent of the first experience is my grandfather

I was to go to the countryside home of the mother in the family during summer vacation every year. Father and mother no longer Yuke on account of work, and my junior year, that year, we decided to go with just three people and a brother and sister in elementary school.
It gave me hands me greeted gladly, and took to and fro every day grandparents. Because I issued a little heat on the day of the Great Fireworks, I went to see the fireworks in the only brother and sister and grandmother,
my grandfather was remaining in the house. The easier drank medicine of cool heat, it seems fell asleep as it is. Eyes were awakened and something strange signs, by feel very pleasant.
Is Hadake the chest, I had been taken off the pants. Hands of the grandfather had stroked softly softly quietly cunt me. The pleasant it was that feeling.
I had to pretend that I slept directly. And has Masagu~tsu my chest with one hand. When touch the nipple, it is now feeling good and Tsun.
Now, my grandfather, was licking tongue nipples. I know the feeling is getting better, the nipple is coming harder. Now, my grandfather, was licking my pussy.
I was surprised, but you come to feel good enough to not say anything. When you have sucked the clitoris, Pi Kundt waist has moved involuntarily.
It said, \"Nana, eyes I'm awake again. This is because I only secret of Nana and me,\" My grandfather was pulled out your dick of yourself.
It had become straight increases to about five times that of your cock grandfather usual. It is to try to put into my pussy, it. It hurts, but failed many times, but
it was to pierce during last. It hurts enough to jump up, I screamed. My grandfather was moving hips quietly to say \"I'm sorry I'm sorry,\" but,
on top of my belly, I was spit out semen Dokudoku To disconnect the your dick in them. Then, wipe me clean, it gave me 10,000 yen to say that it is your pocket money.

The summer vacation of my son

39, I was 17 summer vacation son, but around a while son enters the summer vacation,
mono son that I have seen the masturbation son accidentally thick long, it was enough to protrude even hold in one hand
I semen was brimming with Dokudoku from earlier when you not keep an eye on the crotch of my son, my son ejaculated even back to his room, mono son do not move away from in my head, I hand the Vibe
If you go in front of the son from it that I have to masturbate while imagining things son from entering the inside of me, and objects masturbation son is not ignore, and masturbate as nightly
you have been again and again masturbation, between the son of summer vacation that you sisters, I found in the trash from the tissue that large amount of semen with


Was pregnant. I was much cum
so hesitation constitution for 21-year-old pregnant one son. A husband, a good How can I ... I do not have H!