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Incest confession of women(2018-09)

Satisfied sex

yuna himekawa[32206]
Introducing the unusual sex between me (48) and my son (26). My son and I greet each other with the lights off in the room, without any conversation. By not seeing each other's faces and not having a conversation in total darkness, the guilt of incest is counteracted. It was the same when I first incest a year ago, but that became the implicit rule after that. My husband travels a lot, and when the part-time job of the part-time jobber's daughter overlaps, my son whispers in my ear as soon as he returns from the office, "I don't need food today ..." and goes to my room. That signaled, "Mom, I'm waiting in the room," and I went naked into my son's room to follow him. My son is also waiting in the dark, clenching his curled penis for me to come. At first, it becomes six nine straddling the face of my son who is sleeping on his back. My son spreads his labia to the left and right, inserts his tongue, and carefully licks the folds of his labia one by one. The sound of my son licking my pussy and the sound of "jurujuru, kuponkupon" when I deep throat my son's penis echoes in a quiet room, raising the excitement of the two. Eventually my son inserts a penis into the pussy in various positions. It was pitch black, so at first I didn't know what position my son wanted to be in, so I was awkward, but now my breathing is perfect, and even in the dark I can smoothly shift to the required position. I will. As expected, when I brought my legs to the side of my ears with V-shaped spread legs and pierced in the flexed position, I shouted "It's painful!", But the penis swelled and warped many times, which is incomparable to my husband. Poked,"Ugu, an, ah, ah!" My son also utters an indescribable sob like "huh, ku, ah, oh" to respond to my sobbing, and talks to each other only with sobbing. It's a mating of cats with a lot of fun. Anal has also been developed. One day, at the moment when the glans was applied to the anus in the flow of sex, I wanted to say "No! That's not it!", But I could not break the silent rule and my son made a mistake. I pretended to insert it all at once to the root. At that moment, a severe pain like electricity ran all over my body, and I screamed "Higgy !!!!" On that day, the anal piston was repeated over an hour, and the anal was completely developed. With the addition of anal play, two holes were attacked with the rotor in place, and sex variations suddenly increased. The only word that comes out in the dark is the designation of the ejaculation place that my son gives out just before Iku. Since it is difficult to clean up during extravaginal ejaculation, it is helpful because it will tell you where to shoot. "Mom, I'll put it out in the middle!" About 50% of ejaculation is in the vagina or in the anal. "Mom, I'll put it in my mouth!" I hurriedly put the penis pulled out of my pussy and anus in my mouth and drank it while feeling the rhythm many times. About 40% of ejaculation is oral firing. "Mom, I'll put it on my face!" The son pulls out his penis, and as if to check the position of his face, he eagle his head with one hand and aim at his nose and release a large amount of his face.I gather the semen in my mouth so that it does not drip from side to side and drink it. Facials are rarely shot, but it seems that there are many facial shots on the day when my son had a bad time at work, when he made a SM-like attack, or when he accumulated semen for many days. My son is young and asks me many times, so every time I ejaculate, I don't know if it's the last ejaculation. Eight shots were ejaculated over 4 hours, such as when I had sex for the first time in a month. Every time I staggered and tried to leave the room, I thought it was over, chased me, kneeled in front of the door and demanded a standing fellatio, and repeated from the beginning. Recently, I'm worried about my daughter's time to go home, so I'm willing to put the penis after ejaculation in my mouth and guide the second and third shots early. And I leave the room without exchanging words with my son until the end. The next morning, the parent-child relationship is maintained as if it had never happened last night.

Lustful I

I am 28 My husband There are stepchildren Kazuyuki 19-year-old at the age of 20 older. My husband life has been the company management will have been met, but does not have the body is filled. My husband is often possible to open the house I was comforted a body that is not satisfied as every night on their own. August tropical night I seen a place that masturbation in Vibe in the bedroom to Kazuyuki I have taken the video. Show my husband being shown videos to Kazuyuki, threatened with spamming to the net I have the body of the relationship has promised only the once. Taken at the video allowed to masturbation, it will be taken also during sex directly below. Since I was a husband and 1-year sexless touched to Kazuyuki, violently, dick would feel receiving a rough caress is wet with love juice is coming I understand myself. Kazuyuki is attached the semen masturbation in my dirty panties and bra were. He was looking at me as a woman. Is a cunnilingus to Kazuyuki I pressed against the crotch will feel in the face of Kazuyuki we will. I would remind the woman of pleasure. I would lick in the mouth a penis dirty Nugashi the pants of Kazuyuki year. Penis of Kazuyuki the will to have obtained from my more than double the husband several times are inserted the penis is also squid I hug to Kazuyuki I have to kiss that entangled the tongue. The semen I have received in the uterus to Kazuyuki reached the climax.Useless, even if you know the kind of dont I have begged and out into from me.

And Oshiku' love

But the beginning was only the hand, now in your mouth without Less than three days. Voice a thin voice like a girl raises shout me \"Mama'!\" There is no way to dear.

With the teacher

The teacher (mother-in-law) is a teacher in the calligraphy class. Since I was little, my dad wrote a New Year's card with a brush every year, and when I saw it, I imitated a newspaper and wrote it. My dad got sick and couldn't write, so I didn't even have a brush. At the age of 23, there was a bulletin board for the neighborhood association in front of a large condominium, and there was information about the calligraphy class. I remembered my childhood and called immediately. It was said that it was twice a month in the culture room of the condominium from 3 o'clock on Wednesday and 5:30 on Friday. Since that day was Wednesday, I was invited to visit, so please do not miss it. requested. There are six children. It had a nice scent of ink, and I love it. The teacher asked me if I would like to write with my brush today, so I wrote it for the first time in a while. The teacher held it in my hand from behind me and wrote horizontal and vertical lines. I still remember that the teacher's hands were soft, warm and heart-warming. I decided to go only on Friday night. Just a year later, I was invited to a meal in the teacher's room, and it was a very beautiful room with a nice scent. The teacher was standing in the kitchen and preparing food.The zipper on the skirt is open and I can see the pink shorts. I said, "Teacher, the zipper on that skirt is open." I don't know if that happened, but I put my hand in the open area. "Ran-chan, you can't do it, you'll love it earlier." I was thrilled when the teacher's chest touched my shoulder while studying. For some reason, I was conscious of the teacher. "I knew it, welcome." When I hung it on the sofa alongside the teacher, I pulled me in and put my lips together. It was my first time to kiss a woman, and the scent of rouge was very soft. It was very nice. Take off while kissing each other, just for underwear. A very embarrassing thing, the shorts were taken off, the muscles were opened, the tongue was licked, the clitoris was sucked and the clitoris was sucked, and the ass jumped up just by that ... Such an embarrassing act was seen by a 24-year-old teacher's child That person is my husband. One night, I noticed that there was no husband in the bed next to me in the middle of the night, I thought it was a toilet, but I could not return easily, so when I went out to the corridor, I heard a faint voice around my mother-in-law's room in the back Well, when I approached it softly, I heard a voice, in the voice of my mother-in-law, "I love Ran-chan properly, oh no, it will leave a mark if you smoke so much, oh well. Please don't rush, come early, oh ~ okay, stronger ~ " I opened the door a little, I can see clearly. My husband's penis hits my mother-in-law's vagina violently, slowly, gently and quickly, and my mother-in-law's My breasts are shaking up and down. After seeing my teacher's foolery, I heard that I couldn't stand the nakedness of my mother and had a relationship. Nowadays, three people may drown.

Mother and child incest

Today, I have been incest in the garden with my son on a picnic sheet in the garden. We are planning a naked date in the middle of the night today . "Mother is pregnant" Son's Ochinchin is the best.

With my 17 year old son

Summer vacation, from the high school sophomore son, was Kudoka relentlessly and want to enter into a bath together. In spoiled for a long time, for you it will either did not go that had been bathing together to a small 5. There is no there was no guilt and immoral thoughts, but anxiety and Once it got grade because that does not respond prior, was bathing and \"I because only once\" eventually lost the enthusiasm. Sexual curiosity is to bathe the son of robust 17-year-old, I did not think not occur nothing happened. Sure enough, the son staring Shigeshigeto my naked, it has eventually show the color of excitement, and hug. Once But and be a fait accompli, depending once, I could only enjoy in response to the repeated request of. Son final request is ejaculation act of using my body. And according to it, it is to teach the adults of finesse to his son's excitement and tremendous stimulus. In trading company working husband work human beings, do not try to Kaerimiyo home. From the relationship with the son, of such a husband state it was convenient. To love sex I was fed up to Fugaina of the husband of about once every six months, I was hooked in sex with strong son cheerful. During the summer holidays, until late at night to go home from the attendance husband, other than housework and shopping time, he had continued to pile a son and skin. Even so, because even if ejaculation 5, 6 degrees I have an erection the next morning, is really nice I young.

Relationship with son

I'm a 47-year-old housewife. A long time ago, I confessed my relationship with my son to an incest site that is now closed. At that time, my husband was 43 years old, my son was 14 years old, and I was 37 years old. The relationship with my son began shortly after my husband was assigned overseas. It wasn't convincing, but it was the result of my son's extreme inferiority. At the beginning, I scolded my son, soothed him, and refused to do anything about it, but even though I was in the middle 2, I was overwhelmed by my son who was stronger than me. I didn't have sexual intercourse from the beginning, I just took a bath together, washed my body, and used my hands to lead to ejaculation. Even though I was done with that, when I saw the expression of my son who complained sadly, my own patience was cut off and I started to give a blowjob , and after a few days it progressed to drinking semen. did. When that happened, the mother-child relationship was lewd and accompanied by intense desires, and it didn't take much time to get together. And once I met, I had no reason to refuse and had sex almost every day. My son's sexual ability was unequaled, not to mention that of my husband. I also increased my skills through daily sex, and added the radical knowledge I gained somewhere, for example, to meet on the veranda at midnight, and I was not satisfied with it, and I also met in suburban parks and the precincts of unpopular shrines. .. At that time, I was a slave to my son's surname, but I was satisfied with something strange.I haven't finished talking yet, but it's annoying if it gets longer, so I'll stop here. Currently, my son has graduated from university and is working in the Kanto area, but when he returns home once or twice a month, he is still required to do so. About 10 years after getting married, she became sexually estranged from her husband and has not recovered. Therefore, I have a longer history of having sex with my son than my husband, and in that sense, my husband is only on the family register, and I think my son is a real husband.

Concern it is

It is called Misa. It is a housewife of 43 years old. Since year-old husband 50 which in the bachelor from last year, is the son and two people living in the 17-year-old. Son I'm a dutiful well quiet child, but it I had often to various concerns There is only adolescent, Sakuyu, the son came home during the preparation of dinner, it has been suddenly embraced from behind. Of course scold, but we only have been touched by breast, puzzled concern is actually made, we are puzzled. Currently I am affair with men of the same age who met on dating, because it is his nosy, settlement, also hesitate to meet with him .... More than that, my son is not the way in the mood. Because I believe that much better a child until now, how can I deal with .... Son will come home when two hours later. Also what to do If you become like a thing yesterday .... Really, I think there are times like that too?

Wife of the father-in-law

30s woman 2016 10 May to marriage / 2016 December husband overseas bachelor / during pregnancy the child of 2018 July father-in-law (father of the husband). It has been taught a woman of joy to the father-in-law, as a result, even three times of pregnancy, including this time is his father all is the father-in-law. I think that it is the devil After the socially seen. But the end was dominated part of his ♀, to pleasure.


I am a 68 year old woman. I would like to take this opportunity to confess. Fifteen years ago, my husband died, and it was the night when I had the memorial service three times. I drank and slept with my son. I was relieved after the memorial service and I drank a lot of alcohol, so I slept soundly. I had a dream of having sex with my deceased husband. "You haven't seen me in a long time. It feels good." When I realized it, it was my son who was riding on me. I tried to get rid of " Oh , what are you doing?", But my son pressed me and I couldn't move. I was finally raped by my son. At that time, I was 55 and my son was 30. After that, awkward days continued, but about a month later, I was raped by my son again, and then I was raped without raising it in 3 days. Over time, I began to feel the joy of a woman and began to sleep on the same futon as my son. I talked with my son that this shouldn't be the case, and fortunately there was a person to introduce him, and he got married. My wife was also a good person and was happy. My grandson wanted to see it early, but he wasn't born. And one day, the night my bride went to a class reunion for one night, my son came into my futon. I refused to scold him severely, but my son did not listen, relentlessly persuaded me, blamed me, hugged me, and finally got involved again. Since then, I've been sly with my son who steals his wife's eyes and remembers him.

Sudden thunderstorm

Just the other day, when I got off the bus when I got home, there was a sudden thunderstorm, there was no place to stay in the rain, and I heard that it was dangerous, so I made up my mind and sprinted, with an umbrella. This is the first time I've had a thunderstorm like this. When I got to my house about fifty meters, my son ran and I was really happy with the French in hell. When I entered the entrance, "Mother, if you go up like this, the corridor will be soaked, so take off here & # 13049; I'll bring you a bath towel now." When I was wiping my head, I took off the button on my back and took off my blouse. He gave me a camisole, which was also pulled out of my head and made only a bra. I think now that the heavy rain made the thin summer blouse and underwear clearly transparent. "Thank you, I'm okay," but the zipper on the skirt was unzipped, and my son saw the shorts through the pantyhose. I desperately wrapped a bath towel and ran into the bathroom. I warmed it up in a hot shower, dried my hair with a hair dryer, and finally settled down. I brewed coffee and visited my son's room, "Thank you for your help, I have to thank you." I was heading to the desk with my shirtless, "Hey mom was so beautiful, mom's naked, hey I want you to show me all more. Please. "At that time, I wasn't wearing a T-shirt, shorts, or bra, and I think I could see the nipples through the shirt. Suddenly I stood up, hugged and robbed of my lips, my tongue came in when I couldn't leave because of the humor, and my nipples were rubbed over my T-shirt, shirt My son's mouth, which was rolled up and away from his lips, sucked his nipples, and his free hand rubbed it so that it wrapped around his left breast ... A hand came in from under the shorts and rubbed over the shorts.I can't write until the end.

Mother and child incest

I am a mother and wife of my son. It all started when I was aware of my son as a man, and one day I called him into the room and confessed. Then my son confessed, "I want to incest with my mom." I accepted the confession, then met my son in the bathroom, and I changed into a slip and headed to the bathroom. I had a strong kiss with my son at the dressing room, had him take off his slip, took a shower, went to his son's room, bet in with his son, and was tied. After that, I'm having a horny and odious happy day.


I am a 28 year old housewife. It was just the other day. My husband, 40 years old, a company officer does not come back. Even if I come back once in a while, he doesn't hold me because I'm tired. A line comes to my husband's smartphone that I left behind in the living room, and when I glance at it, it is the name of a woman. "Thank you for yesterday. I am to you is happy being held. Your flesh rod seems to be still in the inside of me. I please fill your semen in my dick." I head becomes white I did. I can't give a vaginal cum shot to another woman while I'm there! can not forgive! Stupid, I'll flirt too! I consulted with my husband's younger brother, Kazuma, 35, who lives in the neighborhood. I asked my house to come and talk about how difficult it is to wash things. "My big brother had a bad habit since he was young." "What should I do?" "It's easy, Atsuko should have an affair." "But I don't know anything other than my husband, I'm scared of dating, Nampa also ... " " Ja Come on, would flirt with me? " " well it probably will "bad will" Atsuko and I's a stranger, say even bad would also be no "to the affair said he let me some time thinking. A week later, Kazuma-san visited us. "How did you decide?" "Hmm, what should I do ..."


yuna himekawa[32043]
I am a housewife of 28 years old. With you the other day things. Husband 40-year-old company executive has not come back. Not me hugging me and because they too tired to come occasionally back. Smartphone in the line of my husband was left behind in the living room glanced see and to come is the woman the name of. \"Thank you for yesterday. I am to you is happy being held. Your flesh rod seems to be still in the inside of me. I please fill your semen in my dick.\" I head becomes white directly below. Nante me to cum to another woman without leaving! can not forgive! Fool seems, I also'll cheating! I was consulted on Kazuma's 35-year-old brother of the husband who live in the neighborhood. I told the Araizarai of things got to come to my house. \"Big brother is On'naguse Do not because it was bad since I was young.\" \"What I do what I do?\" \"It's easy, - that Jan I once an affair also Atsuko\" \"But do not know other than my husband, dating is scary, Reality also ... \" \" Ja Come on, would flirt with me? \" \" well it probably will \"bad will\" Atsuko and I's a stranger, say even bad would also be no \"to the affair said he let me some time thinking. One week after Kazuma-san came to visit. \"What was decided?\" \"Hmmm, if you try ...\" Thats is \"recent incidents I dating Toka wrecked, and dangerousIt'll - I think that may be to'm single Atsuko and congenial, because there is no disease 's peace of mind. Atsuko - Leave me! New guy looking Do I \"When you get tired of me ,\" such easy to wonder if a good thought. \" \" I separately I do not mind because the purpose is a sex met on the dating any person Li story that has been Pies without wearing early but rubber of man us or routed to sit next to me to say that Jan may be so if good still, \" came by turning the hand to the shoulder. \"I'm sorry because I like this for the first time ...\" \"Everyone Is the first time the first is\" Kazuma has come to the kiss Asked embrace me. Soft lips ... to come is again tongue is entered in the mouth to say that \"the tongue out and\" touched the chest from the top of the clothes come entwined tongue I would feel. \"The not bathed Wait a minute - I shower.\" \"So?\" \"Smell because ...\" \"I-provoking suck dating if Rabuho entered with immediate dirty dick\" \"not Shabure no man of the penis that do not know me! Do not know people and it does not meet let me take a shower. \"\" do not come bathed was found \" is Atsuko came out in a bathrobe appearance bundled above the hair. I also went into the bedroom wrapped a bath towel in the shower. I came entwined from Atsuko issues a tongue kiss hug Atsuko. \"It's No kiss good at Kazuma\" \"commonly called\" Atsuko was laughing Innovation box. Beautiful body was dazzling and Nugasu a bathrobe.\"Tell me Atsuko size?\" \" ...\", \"nice buddy\" \"Thank you,\" I also showed the meat stick to release the bus towel. \"Daikkii! Multiple of the length and thickness of the master,\" \"I Do not try to touch\" Atsuko began to ironing come holding gingerly. In fact, I'm wanted to Atsuko and etch. If you appeal to their frayed or damaged in the poker face I think that is drawn to Atsuko. I had had enough erection. Earlobe kiss lay the Atsuko to bed, the scruff of the neck, neck, chest, nipples, turned and licked. When the left of the nipple bite to sweetness seemed feel had to twitching body. Massaging the breast to grab unreasonable the left nipple began raised and writhing voice'll suck.

Played by my father-in-law

I am a 30 year old housewife. It was last summer. I have a relationship with my husband's stepchild. The stepchild is Takashi 21 years old and is a part-time worker. When I was napping in the bedroom, Takashi came in and was forcibly attacked . Takashi was ejaculated inside without contraception. It was seen by my father-in-law who lived with me and even a video was shot. My father-in-law was threatened by my husband and forgave my body. I may have felt that I was raped by Takashi for half a year with my husband. My father-in-law's meat stick is better than my husband, Takashi, and it is hard and crispy like iron. I was enduring the caress of my father- in- law by biting my lips, but cunnilingus was good and made a sweet voice. I said, "Yui, it's okay," and put it in raw without wearing rubber. "My father-in-law, I can't live ~ Please ~ Rubber ... Oh, Aan" My father-in-law's meat stick came in. It was very thick and painful, but I felt it when Cali rubbed the vaginal wall. My father-in-law is taking a video of my unpleasant body. I felt excited and screamed. "Yui, it's about to come out! Uhh ~ I'll come out ~" My father-in-law inserted it all the way to the root and stopped moving and poured hot semen into the vagina . I hurriedly scraped it out in the shower, but I couldn't even get the semen poured into the uterine ostium. Takashi and his father-in-law continue to be violated day and night ...


I am a 45-year-old housewife. I remarried with my husband and had a relationship with my child, Atsushi, 20 years old. Tropical night I was masturbating in the bedroom. My husband is on an overseas assignment and hasn't had sex for 3 years. I'm still a woman, I can't help but ache every day. Every time you go shopping, you will be picked up. Sometimes I just wanted to follow him and get raped . Atsushi came into the bedroom when he climaxed with masturbation. I showed a nasty appearance and got involved in being fucked. I had sex with a man for the first time in a long time, and I was disturbed and moved my hips. Even if you think you shouldn't do it, once you get involved, you will accept it when asked . Now I'm giving a blow job in the morning and waking up. Atsushi ejaculates in my mouth and I drink all the semen.

And brother ...

Write summon up the courage. I 27 years old, loving brother 30-year-old, married with two people. We husband and wife, and brother, sister-in-law is I'm back ten days place every year in the home of the three-year-old daughter and sister-in-law. My parents I had moved to a place a little away last year, so hard and take from now on year to up under squirrel the hill, I bought a small apartment and want to live under in one of the now.  August 13, the parents of the apartment in three people, Dari asked the sushi, I have made the fried chicken and salad, had a good time a very busy, sorry seems husband is fit to talk to father I have had Tsu, but I went back reluctantly busy place to give up summer vacation at this year's heat wave, I did you in 13 days because I knew that not able to stay her husband. I got permission to stay I only two nights, the mother, is today the home of the above went back in with my brother stated otherwise because Thomas, brother and hand after a long time together the, walked in the exhilarated the mood, the way left and there is a dark alley to enter, was suddenly attracted kiss to his brother, is the first time in a year. Entered the front door, electricity without adding hug turn the hands on the neck of his brother from me, asked to kiss, to his brother's tongue loincloth licking my mouth, not be stood another sucking violently entwined, I cling, mouth the remains embrace is suffering as tailored, in the room I was using, and I fell dramatically in bed. Please sorry, later write more.

It suddenly

I confess that of the son of middle-3 and my 43-year-old. I love the smell of semen, I learned the joy of ready-to-body from the job I was nestled in the multiple of men, but coughing been issued a semen several times in your mouth from the one person Tokihana smell of semen every time to breathe until the next day out semen from reblogged. I have many times just touched a little feel much the same as when you are nestled issued a care. Those of men issues a worry when it entered into my but was no longer clean and there is no smell of semen. Man after the embrace was signed a semen that comes into rubber or smoked in the nose licking brought back to masturbation when you are shower. I forgot somehow if there is no chance from the marriage. This year was the first to flirt, or probably because nestled in a long time? Many times in the sense that has not been felt recently when it was issued the semen in your mouth also issued a care. When was the daily frustration accumulated desire because no reason can flirt even, Then one day, was the smell of that semen son of room cleaning, I do not have But looking for a semen looking in the room, to tissue paper out semen is like being flushed in the toilet. I am the son of the semen was thinking whether there is a better way would want. Without the head that is nestled in the son and I think now, only semen was not wanted.

Cock of the only son

The crotch that aching bereaved husband was comforted every night. A certain time, or put a fingertip & # 25,620 in Deruto; or turn came, but still if satisfactory pleasure is sending every day that was obtained without worrying endlessly, by chance are you masturbation son of high school two years It was attached sucking penis to forget us to see and will warp penis. It was son was surprised to suddenly act gave me accepted by the kind words as \"I'm mom also lonely.\" After his son also gave me even licking started to caress my genital area. Love juice overflowing endlessly also gave me lick all. The more hardened cock and fit into the vagina ...

Forced embrace of night to nephew

Atashi to remember since the Atashi was not far from unpleasant things of that day had originally loved aware of the nephew as the opposite sex he is when he came clinging to Atashi was staying with flushed hot the body with excitement even now is Tsumitsukuri such do not know aunt of the may also lie in the love of he did not put is also pleased with shy seen him like as teen maiden when to forcibly pushed down is in his underwear made taking off clothes Atashi there are stayed is being Masagura to be Dakitsuka with breast Atashi is Atashi and his tip of the tongue that was there and left the body in his blame divulge gasp sweet touches the breast of Atashi is not likely \"up Aa N feelings Chii in that aunt of Atashi of such a thing may for such should know I naughty also know I Atashi mess Hey, I have felt such a thing selfish only now, not just a woman Not seen? Worry about the wet here anymore so hot of hey Atashi to cherish the really very happy No Hey more like all-you-can thing of Atashi and I Atashi you me hit because he liked much of want you to love and in Atashi it because I may be clean out in your hot semen Atashi as much as you want because it is safe day today. \"

Cerebral palsy is a

It is to have sex with him. Write events of three years ago. I is not heard even hand. In a wheelchair, in a love hotel, because it is not go there talks, in Handicap toilet, he was referred to as you'll. He is Nugashi gently clothes, gave me massaging nipples. Man also was me or this many times was home. But I was not love him he is, gave me grinded nipple. It was nice of time. Penis now worry about whether can do this on a wheelchair that has showed me, but to parent that I came to the house to Rutoki that I thought that it was I was feeling good woman who can did not say and have people like because surely did not think that it is him, I should say to the parent that the person you are dating out there and courage that I want to say in such a thought Shi Tel who no longer made Some people that I was now favorite divided relationship three years there I could not, I'm sorry in a strange statement that we are in a good think

And post the first time in a long time

I was posted in relation to the brother was at that time a high school student until about two years ago died after the mother also remarried died in early father, three people in the lives of a father-in-law younger 6 years old and I in a variety of circumstances will live with the brother of the brother was a high school student in was desperately must also not attend school had been saved such a spicy was my relationship with brother myself, my brother is not love very flesh also becomes a relationship begins life, such as the couple once they become two people living brother is gradually become a radical, in response to a variety of play (exposure and restraint) , but I felt embarrassed that, indeed I want to avoid only pregnant , but I put the ring brother is the way you want to be pregnant I think, but also if now I am in trouble, but younger brother of a child who loves does not have Fumikire only has led the blood still brother It does not make I thought and become a college student she can do it I It says that in order to live like a couple I do not care ... because the brother of still college students it seems, things and want to have sex in car at this time of the weekend park what felt anywhere what to wear big has not been determined, but also will report

Father of Soshisoai

Mother in high school two years died. My sister had, but because it was a living alone out of the house, became two people living with the father (45). Sometimes, when the women of the company so that the phone is turned on, come out is jealousy, has sprung a feeling that ... you do not want to pass to anyone ... my father never felt until now. One day, from his father, no longer go back on the job tonight. Let rest closed properly key. Phone with has entered. If you ... imagine I think that together What ... a woman, has become not sleep. In the morning, I came back, my father, neat beard is not shaved for, was with women, was clear. And interrogate the father, he confided to me that you are thinking about marriage. I, all of the thoughts, screaming, and confide that I love the father ... father also, in reality, I progressively, becoming similar to the mother, that he had come to a strange feeling. When I in this state, I think that becomes a dangerous relationship, that it was an effort to become like the other women, who confided. When the feelings of each other are known, we hugged, signed a hot kiss. I ... was not the first time my father, that was experienced, because I did not know, a little angry was but ... reverse, intensified, insert the tongue, has been entwined. Tobacco smelled, but the father of the familiar smell was Kokochiyoka'.As will be hug his father sitting on the living room sofa, sitting face-to-face to the father, had been dressed in uniform, from the top of the blouse, my father has been as soon as rubbing the chest, it seems to have become impatient, skirt pull the shirt from, and I'll shear bra, was uncovered, a look at the chest, similar to a mom, and say big Do ... and happily, violently, rubbing, has been Mushaburitsui. Then, I was next, while licking the nipple, under the skirt, pledged to hand, from shorts, unplug the foot, in the bushes, ... have to crawl the finger I, panting, the body When the cause and twisting, \"Dad, man, naughty'll! do not you hate ... mystery ... might be hurt?\" and has been heard ... I am, \"say I ...\" and say, take off the suit was wearing, pants take off, Y shirt but was wearing, lower body, which was erection, had Sosorita'. My father, my, and Uzumeru the face in the skirt, at first gently, but me licked along the crack, little by little, the movement of the tongue becomes violently, to open my feet, and pressed, tongue the Togarase, relentlessly sensitive part, came at the very least. I am, but you try to close the foot recoil, father of force, is pressed, the body every time you react with Bikun Bikun, father of the caress became violently. And \"Dad, come in a cocoon ...\" refers to stare as ... as \"cute eyebrows ... ... I thing of the father\", slowly, came in me. Sex with the father, not the parent-child, completely, has been a man and a woman. Once, but had the ends ... I, and begging, and including those of the father in the mouth, he told me to immediately resurrected. That day, father, rest of the company, I am absent from school, one day, was spent as of the beast.Then, although four years have passed, even now, Seikatsu of the Father is continuing.

I love brother

Three and a love brother of the lower high school to hug stirred up in happy words I asked what you want to celebrate gone through lips. I rubbed clenched the cock that his brother has become hard and lick his brother a regrettable undress the clothes become by horseback riding and pushed down on the bed chest I also became a naked Tsu loving you are trembling a little. Vigorously semen and rub faster out out earlier Ppokara shadow juice was jumping out. Now comes hard again loincloth lick the glans out suck strongly jaw remaining juice penis was put Mukai to Chitsuana. Because the hope of the brother was this was received by your mouth at the moment to go by rampage the penis in the vagina. It was the moment that was tied with favorite brother.