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Incest confession of women(2006-09)

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[2989]
I run a small snack, a 52-year-old mother.
I had a 30-year-old son and our 27-year-old daughter. My husband and the divorced 20 years ago now, ever since,
While raising two children, has been living. There was also the son rough times, like now will help me in my shop, she is serious, six months ago with a married man at work.

Next, but I thought my son, my son is going to be married,
No other party, that is. I should have had her in the meantime, said it was broke.

Recently, the shop is over, I drank too much against the customer is, as always, to return home by car with his son, but became dizzy, so that having entered the house. Am I just went to sleep, suddenly looked into my son woke up naked,
Was, the next moment, but I felt strange between his thighs. When guessed already late, my lower body was engulfed son thing.押Shinokeyou tried to, you hold my son to overlap with the cover, but you can poke with a clever change in the movement of the hip. I spread the irritation in me more and more, raise their voices, came with her son to be seen.
I handle business, man having the affair and meet some of the less for was a long time. But the fact that pleasure is not only a long time, the size of the goods was due to his son more than anything. Things my son get thrust deep enough no I have experienced so far is to run the current to my body, at a time can change the position, is stimulated all parts of the womb, I had watered down the mercy of his son is, being attacked more than 30 minutes, and again I have reached no. At the end of it, my son and drink beer in the fridge opposite, then me to oral tradition, "Good job I will," he said and went back to my room.

Then his son, one day a week 2 ask me three times now, and asking why I ask my son,
"In the past, read the book incest mother and child came to consciousness,
Mother, the pretty well face, I admired since I glamor, and watching her die of a mother, much to young to get excited much, I'm a pleasure Wow, done with a woman a mother is my son I heard you, "was saying.
There are mixed feelings, the real son and I feel the most SEX. Now, sometimes I close fellowship 朝帰Ri morning after closing the shop. Likely be some time away from each other 有Rimasen.

In front of her brother ...

First post is ー stationery.
Sera of the Creative Commons License What Cha stationery alone in front of a brother ALWAYS love.
Did not you show me and my brother says sex with chicks, but always alone when you have sex. The chicks really embarrassing but, I'll then.

First, rub your pants after it from there. Big brother is watching, has been wet and I think tea.
I got them to come in the voice, "Oh Yantsu Aichi in your mind Iitsu" Hey, brother saying that Waruku Iji, "Nanako is perverted, I do not brood," and says teasingly.

When you say that, I feel I got more of stationery, tea has been in a lot of voice.
"Awww bad ride from the tea I have to say that you have Yautsu he!"
"I say that ー Oh, to Kano Hana chicks need spanking?"

The little brother is just unkind and repulsive means to punish me.
So, there you will rely on the rotor of the chicks.
I got the feeling too much of the chicks, "Hi there Yaantsu, A Oh, I have tea with us,, she'll get mad tea Tsu Lee awww chicks Ugh!"
"No, please be patient."

While my brother says that I'll be feeling very devoted to the rotor.
Somehow, numbness came, the breath becomes coarsely Ahaattesugoku anymore, it's no good.
"Awww,, there had unkind Utsu, spoiled, Oh No, I Oh oh, oh, you'll get O'll ー tea Ugh Lee Lee!"
I, the chicks are afraid to install'll're impatient

But this brother, I love chicks.

I do deal with how

The 24-year-old daughter lived with his son and twenty, in June of this year, left home to marry her.
So now, two people have been living with his son recently, and I go home late at work, asleep ® is occupying the bed of my son already!
So I'm sleeping on the couch in the living room is the morning after his son go out and get into my bedroom and settle the room, first enters the eye, in that place in my closet , my underwear into staying, even though there are always tightly closed, was ransacked this morning marks undeniably a look in the open I was in a little later a man smell the smell of the room I, and peek inside 屑篭, there are carelessly thrown away the stain with a tissue. This morning will use the mass scratched my underwear, maybe, if I have scratched my mother's mass, I also work in your son any rape, Listen to the talks say there is a person with a son and sex. But anything much, maybe I can have sex with my son can not?

By Train

Hazime Tsuyoshi 16-year-old son.
Now high school students this year.
My husband died in an accident earlier, one woman has been raised.
Or like my husband, my son will be reliably good stocky physique with a high school I just had.
The first line of my company as school, had three stops away.

"That'll train a lot of trouble molestation"
"Oh, really?"
"Yeah, but I'm in 数多Kunai lady anymore"
"Do not do that. Likely to be young mom! I'll guard me."
"Sounds promising eh..."
"Kicking and leave"

I felt my son to grow again.

I got into, always been modeling to fit my son is now behind us to guard.
I'm from a little, and looks like I'm covered with my son.
In the beginning, there were still groping to touch once in a while come.
睨Mimasu son as soon as the signal to his son.
Still continue to pervert indeed not touched.
So, I went to change into a comfortable morning commute.
Again, I was grateful for my son.


It was a day in June.
Son is guarded as usual, there was a pervert comes in touch immediately from the ass of the station.
30s I thought about that guy next to her son's attempt to signal to my son, so I was facing the side, I 睨Mitsukemashita man.
The man was unresponsive.

"What's wrong?"

I was thinking while riding your posture revive it.
Then, the uncomfortable ass again
I just saw the guy again, seemed somehow different.

"Well, surely"

In this position I am in touch with his son not Yuuiti Shika.
I was confused.
As seen through it, get your butt is crawling around.
I could not even make a voice.
Hand of which came around to the groin, has been stimulated over the shorts.
The event did not even imagine how the body was sensitive to a loss began.
The shorts have been wet.
Half and half was an embarrassment and comfortable.
Then I started to penetrate directly trick of shorts in the last fingers.

"Stop... Hazime Takeshi..."
"I'm wet. You're the pleasant..."

There was a whispered conversation between two people like, mischievous son does not stop anymore.
I was pressed against the door 10 minutes as it was groped.

One of the station to get off in front of my side door opened.
I dressed quickly and is ready to be dragged to his son got off.
Could not walk alone too much sense.

"OK Mom?"

I was playing my son was sick son 労Waru mothers.
Was taken to the station and the park restroom stall.
I limp and backward, roll up their skirts raised, lowered shear stretch shorts.

"Mom, I put"
"Yeah, I once"

I could not stand it any more at that time.
Do not forget to say things against his son, I was moving to the movement of his son.
According to the rhythmic movements of the son he always thought a virgin, I was someone depart. . .

Son mistress

Hiroshi Hutoshi cock my 14 year old son 責Me立Temasu mercy.
"Satomi, it good! Yeah Chai penis melt too pleasant"
"You'll do great good, too Wow! So sweet I just SEX H. Chan," I thought that was unique to parents? Experience sex outside such a good fit 有Rimasen son.
"No oh, yeah I already Iki! Good cum?"
"I Copyright I cum, her even more intensely Department poke"
I reached deep inside the womb climax sperm taken by his son as his son clung to take the nail marks.
SEX Son and the third time today. My husband go until the evening of golf. Lock the house and send my husband, a shower room, wearing his son's favorite son 素裸 apron. Waiting for me in my favorite jeans naked son.
"Mom!" "No, I'm Satomi call me!"
Embarrassment "Satomi" We've been kissed and embraced me say that.
I will kick just about to collapse in a kiss. Nipple tongue let my son crawled into bed and lay down and shifted my apron. The firmness of bursting jeans and grope her son. SEX last time and hear the size, 18 it? Is Dasou. My son moved into the lower half of the tongue. As previously taught my son to me and gently lick and suck the clitoris. I visited my son to surrender to the pleasure a little body convulsed while how what passed.
"Satomi, curtains open just a little better? Today I'd like to see your Satomi ○ ○ often can" "No embarrassing! Absolutely not!"
"You were not going to lick anymore!"
"It is unkind Yu-chan! It's a little"
My son happily opened the curtain a bit. The room became brighter than I thought then, I have my rates increased were floated naked apron and imperceptibly on the sidelines.
"It's beautiful! And it is also white breasts, cute hair too"
"The look so embarrassing!"
Ignore my words, and now suddenly grab my ankle expanded.
"Wow! I'm not, I'm like that! I'm rather wet, I'm this little clit is like a grain! So cute in pink"
"I'm No! Division I blame her now! Embarrassed will do it!"
My son has crawled into your fingers while your tongue and smile all my clitoris.
"Uh Huh! Pleasant Yu-chan! Even let her suck Yu!"
Welcomed throat big big cock and posture of Sixty Nine. "Satomi, you'll get out!"
"Yu-chan is okay, even many times the young You! First out of Satomi in the mouth!" "Oh're out. Ugh ー're out," I caught at the mouth and swallowed all the sperm of her son.
My son loved the high and low body until noon and then me and through me again and again and tenderly violently.
My husband is a business trip next week. I made tea stains in panties at the thought now look forward to.

And brother-in-law

Please read my confession may not write well in the beginning.
I have my sister 居Masu years away.
That my sister got married last year.
Couples who live in my sister's apartment at about 5 minutes from my house.
Husband's sister is a teacher of English and I'm in my school.
When I came to say hello to the house before we get married and then my sister was at school Sure違Ttara but I was surprised, "It was like a sister ○ ○, regards it" a note something like a say The phone number was written because it was later saw Yokosa.
I am told at school that looks like a place well Konishi Manami strange but I say so myself famous.
In about a week and then my sister and sister's boyfriend is still out on mobile phones after the memo was written by Naisho-chan "Akiko, now?" I hear the "I stay in school classrooms "I say" go back with me from going to send it is good, "it ...
I think it makes sense from the bad people refuse to get married but my sister's boyfriend "I'm the" send him to drive home the doctor told me I come to the classroom.
Because it seems that I will teach you bad Akiko English test scores then? Will say something like that, and asked her to tutor in my room as it is temporary.
In that day, I would be late in overtime to even e-mail Gimme my sister's house to anyone who happens to disappearing, "You're alone together ..." holding something like rub my breasts from behind me saying have.
For no man and yet the experience of my next kiss behind the ear is still stiff and if I put out the voice started to kiss startled, into the hands of a teacher in a blouse and intact come, "her boobs like wee Akiko", "pleasant but shy," I say never.
The thing that came into my teacher and teachers to get naked a little and then I forgot, but imperceptibly.
But I really hurt the teacher, "I'm grown up now too Akiko-chan" is kiss me "happy teacher" told me "Now I want you call me brother" and was told, " Your brother-chan ... "So I feel like I was sprayed with something hot over there behind me say," Ah ... feels good, "I got hugged.
I'm her brother's sperm was hot stuff I think about you later, right?
(From that flowed from the white fishy when I pulled out what her brother) from
Walk to work that day but it feels like something caught in there about three days I ended it.
Our sister got married 10 days from the first experience to the position.
My sister is pregnant from your sister your brother several times a month came back fine from the honeymoon I think the bad times and I 3 H 2 times a week.
H is now slightly bigger boobs supposed to.
Is Happy ー scores very well to English.

Weird obsession

This year, much will happen in the state called sleep soundly and go into the room to wake her son who was in college.
"Get up early from a late" to strip off the bed and my son was sleeping naked. My son and the real figure is that although I did not even imagine taking a breath without thinking.
My son has become a good thing in the morning to boot up in front of the eye.
When I was a child until my son saw the object has entered the bath after a long and often with the same thing they can hide 剥Ke firm has grown into a man of unbelievably.
I saw my son and I suddenly realized.
In a hurry, "Get up early," will change your mind to it since my son left the room to say so.
The bath the other day in our "no towel!" To prove standing to bring their bodies and shouting so. I have yet to beat the band erect. My son's situation is something strange recently passed a towel and went out, pretending to look Minu.
Underwear from "buy your own" son of pants you put in the washing machine washing Pakkaridattanoni Trunks said however until now is a mistake about a small bikini pants of any woman. And when my husband and not to that hangs around in front of me wearing a bath. Pants will go with my eyes in silence like unconscious Although catapult consciousness to note that change.
I spoke to my husband that once "the young company of which I'm pretty wear those pants," Will you even care to say this.
I was a boy my brother is not around I know what that would do this?
What I am aware of too much?
Perhaps because my son is pigeon eyes other than my mother can not care how to.
And if that's the case, do not collect or uneasy about touching.

My mother's voluptuous body 堪Rimasen! (I continued)

"You want to be my mom ..." Mom said Totsui is instantly yours, "I have? ..." And has responded with a puzzled look a little while yet suddenly a rush.
I cut out the story that my mother saw that the car was riding home from the hospital during that last far longer that I was slowly Quarrelling was stunned in silence for some time as a "known It's .... I'm sorry .... I'll start with a lie to say anymore .... I, but also as an excuse to tell you .... "Then shut up and kiss me gently in my direction again and 此方I continued around the house.
Then I continued to feel too strange to say anything to keep silent and quiet words next to nothing coming out anymore.

At that time me started talking about men and from its being pushed to the sense and no hard feelings never come into my room with as-a bathrobe on the bath mom that night ended with it Mashita.
I had a partner who you're teaching me something politely contact with my mother very kindly on employees who initially worked at the factory men who started working in garment factories for the first time mother Part relationships of unmarried young people are old enough to me and confided that all honest mother a few more years that followed.
"The angry .... Please, be mad ... ... ..," the mother began sucking mouth and block the mouth of my mother saying to appeal.
Exchanged words with each other without the other, began vigorously rubbing the chest open and grabbed her breasts with one hand while sucking the yukata mom and my mouth, hands gradually transferred to breast mouth while breathing through the mouth of the mother is released And over there we moved to the lower abdomen 延Baseta stomach while your mom was not wearing underwear nude.
While my mother's mouth with excitement about rubbing the goose bumps on the vagina feel wet and slippery and sticky already "put ... .... Please, do it .... To abandon the mother guilty of ... ! ... .. "It was brought to me to put my vagina Ikiri立Tta grab something and my mom own hands.

Away at first when I ejaculate before you say too much excitement there, and now I was the piston was inserted to re-erect Kiku Hiroshi took me to wipe your mouth once, excluding the Mother " I ... ... Okay ... ... so my mom already Iki ... ... Copyright ... ... go! ... .. Ittaa ~! ... .. "Hikuhiku a rigid piece of meat inside the vagina while her legs spread and off Let me violently convulsed and passed away.
So my mom and my mate or not at all aware of time when late in the night while going to a mate over and over again while changing the position and went on endlessly.

Mother and from no one, we are living up to each other are inserted into the midst of the mother's vagina, but have the night to match the mating process of the body piercing to every night, my mother is being held by others I kept thinking to see her again that honestly, "will continue to mate with 逢Tsu mom is fine with my boyfriend, my boyfriend and I want to show once but I want to continue to come about, rather ... ... "and 頼Mi込Mimashita.
My mom had the word peace, the obscene spectacle of the unknown that it may come a time when the sight is mated with the boyfriend or the peace of mind that my son can continue as before with my boyfriend now I feel free now I have gone violently thrust reached a climax after another started screaming vagina as more vigorously shake the hips seemed more excited I've been out of the Think.

Create a setting absent trip drive with friends for two days over the weekend I'm in consultation with my mom and then have to persuade the execution plans show us a scene that mate got up overnight at home with my boyfriend able.
Mother known to me or the weakness of the relationship between man and woman with the boyfriend, and I also want to grant the wishes of her son or son now also have a relationship, you crush my son found my mother and myself I accepted without much resistance from me surprisingly well what to expect.

The long-awaited day of running my car was ready as I've proven to be absent and leave transferred to a suburban parking lot.
When my boyfriend came to visit after dark to wait for the night inside a closet in the room where my mom.
Mother shook lightly perfume makeup groin after finishing the shower a bit dark, I was waiting for me just the image of black stockings and slip a piece of thin black felt moist.
I'm excited just to see another figure of the mother, was also transmitted to the body 高鳴Tsu heart beating expectations as can be seen mating with the mother of a man in the womb of time.
My mom had a boyfriend for a while just to invite into the entrance immediately on Hazama Hiroshi sat on the futon came in together to bring a boyfriend just to 寝間 green beans ball was eventually told Mashita.

My boyfriend entered the room around a little bit is the feeling and can not take it anymore 見廻Shi was "Aunt ... ... .." Let me sleep on the futon as holding down a word with my mother I just said Mashita.
Mom begins to rub into the vagina and fingers of one hand while sucking the breast on roll up the slip take off stockings slowly "Oh, I ... .... Oh, I ... ...." Waist but cry moan and How did finally start swinging slowly 堪Ranaku "to 舐Tsu ..." The term boyfriend 舐Ri vagina began to fill the spread legs of the mother.
Oh did the first few, Oh had to hold one while her boyfriend grabbed with both hands and thrust his head in vagina boyfriend, according to the movement of the tongue of a voice and I was leaking! Ah! Ah! Once my mother suddenly turned to the voice called, "die! ... ... I also passed away and die !..... !....." care for someone depart several times in a row and vomit while early and I.

Now, take me was to ejaculate in the mouth to serve in the first Kara口 boyfriend holding hands upwards from Mesmerize mom boyfriend.
After my mother gave massages to increase again after a beautiful hand 舐Tsu piston slowly began to be embedded into the vagina mother clasped his hands on it astride.
I saw a little opening the sliding door of the closet around the vagina 舐Tsu passed away my mother got to take it anymore is not possible to embed into the vagina to cover the breasts rocked your mother had once gone to ejaculate I have an erection again excited to figure out the obscene language while emitting intense while the piston.

此方 boyfriend head over there to expand further in the direction I see the sliding door is opened 此方 20cm orientation and mother is enough to masturbate with my hands while I looked at one another and each other face to face Yoshi Tadasu Go ahead was still shaking violently back and look dreamy ecstasy was supposed to say anything even in the mother may see me wearing that.
Really is up to us to increase the excitement and wonder that it also had me thinking how the figure seen in the tissue after wiping my ejaculation.

After several hours, and around the vagina Mom got home after her boyfriend was stuck in the sticky fluid behind the fluid state of mixed semen and mother's thighs further to around my boyfriend.
While washing each other with each other to shower, "Mom, felt good? ..." When asked, "disgusting ~, ~ I say ... shame." Clutching me and mine.
I was raised up as if struck while putting your fingers wash out the vagina while kissing your mother, "Now ... .. ... .. put to the mom confused anymore ...... "asking me to 此方 butt sticking out from the edge of the bathtub and get support.
I semen sperm deep into her boyfriend anymore away yet again and to think hard and intense mate just got a boyfriend but my mom had come out as the state is inserted into the vagina 出Shi切Tta state remains I feverishly with the piston.
Semen was able to die comfortably indeed said I was very little.
They shared the drink beer after finishing a shower, dry throat, I fall asleep while the remaining breast, including the mouth red bruises could kiss my boyfriend got smoked.

His mother, and my boyfriend will mate with her boyfriend while seen my own son for the first time, but I've been mating as innumerable ever again, then immediately and inspiring that night were mated with my pleasure told me I can not quite remember.
Swelling of the butcher and fell in love with my boyfriend and my mom is really nice touches me from the beginning to work out the first part related to the mother ~ I want to say I want to love me any more intensely Mom is a little shy, "I'm glad ...." It was while entangling us to kiss and tongue.

I thought my mom and I used to be into its third year and the longer a mother who loves is really changing the image they "woman" has gotten this.
Will feel like is a young and beautiful with so much doubt now somehow better than mother's mother when he was old, and I.
Excuse me away to write at length, directly to anyone absolutely want to know someone why, but speak, they hold always a feeling I want to talk, downright have all the real feel in peace precisely because it now話Semashi 致Shimashita mood is very clear.

Anything below is fine. If you have paid off and put 頂Kemashitaratara comments, I want to be encouraging and reflect the materials will be in the future. Thank you really, I will excuse me.

My mother's voluptuous body 堪Rimasen!

致Shimashita is also posted to other sites, even our urge to want to remember 此方 dare to write about my relationship with my mom and let me read out the post here also your chance to Tadori着Kimashi Let me put it 致Shimashita receive.
Mother and is still on after the fact it was the story read to you for a while Ru is still interested in continuing the thank you may be allowed to be removed so sorry.

Sorry away longer introduction phase.
The first thing we will refuse to 人Sama and management, if inconvenient if you delete something more.
Knowing people and women, the site posts, if they have a position similar to those of my mother let me Itadakimashita loading out of place and knowing dare, and who might 頂Keru comments from the the high expectations .....
I am certain the company's ordinary office worker (bachelor, 27 years old), the so-called mother Mature region's 51-year-old is also longer at home for a reason the father and mother can not live without that meet the most and now has to live alone with my mother and I spent.
In the face really feel that the ordinary housewife mother is a body that is reasonable in the eyes of other women of similar age I never lost I think not.
For parents it is their per 在Razu Nishi No Doctors also can lead to either divorce or marital problems and, as I mainly want a good relationship with my mother back to life back to me my father I was thinking.
And now, quite well off economically and think that is without any reasonable or ordinary family things like in daily life. But it particularly troublesome.
(We are married into one of the local sister cities.)

The unexpected sight when the hospital had been living for about two and a half months away to collide broke the ankle in a recreational softball at the company's work on a holiday two years ago actually This is an opportunity now fall upon the relationship between man and woman and mother I can be.
Was able to walk around on crutches with a little plastic surgery can safely after an ankle to a passenger car in the corner of the parking lot after leaving the hospital to go home when my mother was dark in the evening came to visit me I happened to look to get in shape.

The driver's face and could not understand well dark moment, what? I thought I got into the passenger seat of her mother certainly was.
50cc mother has only licensed motorbike I just no quite the word came to get a ride with someone at that time with is that you come to the hospital to use and train rides in public most What is a while? How you say? I really can not judge and was immediately.
Mom is a good guy? Just when I thought that never even imagined, that this time the mother saw the man again to get into his car in the parking lot again how I was watching quietly back out of the hospital when the mother I believe that.

Or any man? Age? What had become involved in such a relationship mean? You really think, are you going as far as what, kiss again, let alone SEX imagine the shape of a mother are being held by a man before the feelings of anger As I imagine it with a relationship that is even away now, always in bed without knowing I was supposed to masturbate while thinking of a mother figure and did not obscene as the target thought.
Sun got in car and home is a proven mom, got to stop or at home might have entered the middle of a love hotel is probably somewhere around this time on the futon in the room are doing your mother 've been masturbating to intense feeling or even the illusion of my mother away to erect larger and more painful 堪Razu think.

Had boarded the car with your mother home from the hospital still had to pretend to know in silence.
At home from the hospital is absolutely different from others before I get to go SEX eyes absolutely chest and buttocks towards the mother must be sure that you are.
Earlier they then can see breasts are occasionally from the breast of my mother because it was early summer, and so excited about even such a spectacle of a mother myself since then has changed the view, but not nothing that you are alone, Mother Nature " Woman: "If they've 見Ere breast look now as I had gotten really excited to get well and move hips when walking.
Imagine her moan in agony and die in the arms of another man than my mother and it became well as heal the body to burn with lust really secretly masturbation.

After such a situation was followed, before they fall into the relationship between man and woman Mother and I did not expect much time to hang out too.
About the occasion seemed greatly from the valley of the breast to breast they do housework in the kitchen, "Mom I Kii Hiroshi surprisingly tits ...." I said, can I try and touch? Mom and say, "What a sudden say? ~ I hate ... .. ... ... .." and I was 笑I返Sa are already touching the breasts of my mother once told honestly seriously from the momentum I like that I'd like to confess.
"~ I hate ...." Just a little while later two people came back and I answered only one phrase was silent chest with one hand behind your mother at the risk that it will be rejected and angry began to massage the breasts to pledge grab me.
"No ... No! No! ... .. And it's your mother ...." And that paying too much for me except that he says he surprisingly did not.
[[No.2946 Continue to]

Bound by his cousin

yuna himekawa[2927]
My first experience was in two. It was also cousin. On that day I've been to Grandma's house.
Ito Kono and I got it all out but it was not for T. Mahjong or reading manga, so spare time for two jeans, I went pretty noisy.
So I called the game in terms to say Kiku lose.
I lost away, "What can I do?" Kiitara said, "You'd come take a bath because he still thought" Hey.
"Yeah." Hesitate to take a bath and I went to say.

T nervous going into the tub room, "What can I do?"
Kiitara me again,
"Turn it to sleep in the bed"
Since the indications were told to say.

"Close your eyes," eyes closed because it was said. Then, in a plastic rope, 縛Ri付Kemashita bet my hands and feet.
"What are you doing?"
Kiku and I "from a pleasant"
Just kiss me.
I missed getting the power from the hips Haitsu tongue.

Lower down the bra and started messing around with your fingers. The crazy sucking nipple attached. Instinctively I feel heat in the chest, "Oh Yeah" in a voice I got. T has topped the tone in the lower hand is placed.

I began to put a wet finger in there. Yukuchu Narashimashita mouth sounds.
T began to move down there licking lips.
"No! What are you doing? Embarrassing ~!"
Okamai not to say that. Legs do not move because they are tied up. Gradually becoming more pleasant, "Ah, ah, ah I ~" I got a voice out

Now, however the voice was getting much better at what I got. Lightning twice about going

Iyo Iyo, T is the place and seem fine. T is hard and thick, that the Haitsu come.
"Ouch, it hurts ~"
"Do not worry. Be patient.'m So wet it. I was hoping You?"

Indications that may

Innovation has been going dripping dripping, with the first over pistons. Has moved vigorously back of them.
Again, I have become comfortably become painful is "Oh, Iki sauce right now, Oh I"
Lightning says

Since T is not saying yet still, you can move violently. Moving the hips and T is I feel I've been going quickly.
We put in it. I felt my stomach was warm.
T gave me the rope was tied up and untied me.
I of T, T-Gutaatte feeling that "it felt?" I
I felt at almost all non-voice

Grandma always Yarimasu then go home.
But, I want that person to find a boyfriend soon ~


My name is Keiko. 54 years old now.
Currently, my son, Takashi (22), the two lived, and Kanagawa, Shizuoka at the border of our lives in the city.
My husband (49) is the company I was working, I joined as a subordinate, and a deep relationship through work, there also be pregnant with his son married.

After marriage, I stopped working, I went home, my husband every year after year, more overtime for the creation of a new branch will be transferred to Kobe away from home for three years ago We.
I thought how strange that my husband is about six months ago that,
My husband was always in touch, and I contacted Yokosanaku much, or even to call 出Nakatsu now like to turn now. I secretly think my husband has struggled, going to boarding house, there was something strange. The room my husband never beans that are not
Were very beautiful and well equipped. Phone rang and my husband said while her husband was talking about how something ran out in haste, and I'm going to have thought listening to distrust "Now I got the guy coming,, U, Yeah, and contacts from here, "rattled off the phone and came back.
All I knew was, "Well, I say so" just to look at me and went home. I could not remember how I got home over resentment, and got home, the tears spill, neutral is untouched, and that no collapse, the son returns from work, "Oh, what of? "Obtain an amazed light of Hayate.
I told my son the whole story is finished boiling bath for me, "If no idea," I put his voice.
I recall the incident that taking a bath courtesy of spoiled son, and I think that sounds fumble opened the door, my son in the nude has been included. My son grasp the situation, "I'll sink back into a chair you are Suwa," said this.
Do not worry about my hesitation, my son with a towel, shampoo body, let me sit down forcibly. My son was washing his back reaching for my heart From soap bubbles to stretch his back and just keep a towel while Shidaku like massage, in my ear, "You'd better quickly forgotten," and gently 囁Kimashi or.
"Eh, eh?,, They, they do,, you'll no," I have tried to reflexively 振Rihodokou son does not even flinch, move the ribs and keep close to me like a proven, in the thigh I extend, as forsake in behind him, "it, you should not,, stop" and says, son, take the hand of me, by holding it to me something of his other hand up and down回Shimashita carry on my clitoris. I put a finger to churn vagina and drawn towards her. I became a force from entering the body, and the mercy of his son feel guilty while to reason, is done. And while wiping her son in bath towel bath take you away from my body as my face, my face looked sunken dent "still 吹Tsu切Renai?" While listening to, to take my hands off my room went. I have to resist, "words, it's no, no, not good for this," says the son was thrown on the bed while I eat pussy,
"It no different, and I wonder such a thing for her father elsewhere too?
Were, because even if the mother Come on "
I live in guilt and feelings of pleasure, is desperately reason "I, looks not good,, Yoo Could we parents?, Looks It's not earth person?," And words that emits the body is like a son to respond to attack, spread legs and accepts his son's tongue.
"Come this far, it is late," my son your penis Ategai the Mako has been inserted into the blunt.
Kuni Hutoshi clear from my husband, my son's penis as never before and feel my uterus pushing big, that my body is in shock, Nokezorimashita significantly. The reason remains the only deep inside the mind go blank, "No, not" the movement of his son repeated 囁Kimasu, the reason I have vanished, when it realized that I raised holding arm, one leg of his penis to reach back a little, but my son had to help.
I will always excited than the pleasure and shame violent "Ah Ah, no, I, I got up this cool,,
Cool like a son to you, "he said, Son,
"Mother,'m dirty,, slippery feel good for your pure tofu until I,, I live a long time the dial too,"
"Oh Yeah, I'm reaching deep, deep like the first time,,,"
More than 30 minutes to stimulate the uterus, is someone depart twice I also welcome my son when you die, and violent movements Shikunari more "fill with Oh, Here we go, I die inside, oh Oh ~ ~ ~ Tsu"
"Oh Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kei,, Dashitee ~ ~ ~"
I take my son's sperm in the uterus, wince, wince significantly from each other after the convulsions were embraced and entwined tongues.
After my son over, "my mother, and what went wrong? You regret? Not clear?"
I heard the "father thing, let go, and the hole was my son, but something scared," I was attacked by a guilt that, 口走Rimashita. Son like a man, I was afraid that his devotion so. Despite my son's mouth hit such sexual intercourse, and oral tradition to kiss me mouth to contain sperm slurping and spilling "drink", and
"Do not think about that," or to put my penis in and started to work. I let out a sobbing 逝Ki or many times, swallowing sperm, my son, "Do not think bad from me my best" in my 果Temashita. Then I too think that my husband would rather be involved with a satisfying relationship with his son, but felt the Ushirometa every night, stout son SEX with growing expectations, and give your body like that every night I have become.

Brother and 3P

Last night, two o'clock, I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea awfully thirsty, like they were still awake in the room light is still my brother, I'll let you sit and talk, so sleep too Innovation the big brother knocked on the door of the room. Then yesterday, two people with the voice of a friend of my brother Itarashiku stay, come all the way out, "What?" She said I hastily.
Somehow, a strange Omotsu Innovation, Nozoitara H stretch in the first room to look at this situation Tarashii video, while updating to Tiger stood in amazement, was pushed into the room, and two years of high school boys, but resisted would sit in bed without a win.

Two, there is a title of honor to attend your 進学校 Aichi Prefecture in the top, that today Setakunairashii anyone to know.
In the video about? I thought Innovation, "the never say, I returned to my room?" Stand up and say that I bet 押Shi倒Sa.
And they are committed to me.

To take turns, co ○ Oh my bully was in the mouth end.
I still do not know 3P Owatsu first in something breaking.
"Even you, you do not want anyone to say this, Do not let us say that!"
Huh? I thought Innovation, and nodding your Kokuri One, two left the room.

And I found a kite and my brother when we opened the door to gay me.
They are so very pleasant to me, I say to anyone.
But it now using the H I thought that I would like to.

Cousin and good feelings

Ne cousin ... I'm forced to do it well ... why
H Hasuru I do not kiss. A Na chested Even though not much. So "too much milk is that you" have come slowly or jerk? Tsu Tsu H were to attempt to ride Kayuu Nattsu ー

When attacked by three of the first until I was overdoing Ya.

In Arujan if I know it feels just to be a virgin even been touched and licked.
Licked up by chance at that point, "Oh, and fill with the" wet or slowly got really embarrassed, but more ...
And now you've long wanted to come and want to 思Ikkiri Then get carried away.

ーーーーーーーーーー ... Ouch! ! ! ! !

It hurts! ! !
Why? ? I have feelings like that of the adult ー! ?
Come on touch no more!
Usotsuki of the world! ! ! ! !

During three summer tearfully embraced ... I think ...
But now I wish I never came from Mochii ー.
In that time my "☆ Tsu luck," I is feeling.

But now there is no boyfriend. H ー early happy if you (T_T)
Hey, I've never been forced everyone to relatives or cousin?


I started a relationship with a mother of a son's son from the 40s old son was small I think it's because I do not sleep since childhood and do not rub my breasts and buttocks My son was 6 days and we will hit a place to sleep and let me rub 思Ttarashiku remember the old days. Since her husband had already divorced, non-touch my body in a long time since I had become sensitive. I was not sure I enduring pleasure I just plain angry up? Behavior around my son went to middle school son Iki finally escalated day by day Did you see adult magazines borrowed from a friend of my pussy has been tinkering with the idea. Naturally, I have the pleasure away defeat. I finally cum aloud.
From that day on I became a toy his son completely.
A pervert and I'm going to train even when two people are repeated acts of bread and no hiding I spent in my underwear. Finally my son two months ago what I have connected with me. From that day on Sat, Sun has been repeated daily for sex.
My body is already crumbling

My discourse incest

How content overflowing 淫液 not confess: I was out of the realm of parent-child courted 16-year-old son.
About a month ago my son, "the vagina of the mother 舐Metai" email that I received.
Also beginning to come through every day and I was ignored, until now attach pictures to come soon masturbation. And we have received hand-cum spilling from the genitals of engorgement, which comes out clearly we are out on 淫液 from the tip of the glans, even just going to use the panties in my part of dirty panties I also had to lick out clearly. Son, "want to see my mom sexual intercourse" has also said.
I became aware that more and more sex with her son, now a picture of genital masturbation while watching his son, his son away emailed pictures of his genitals at last be joined to his son that night or it. Today is day four and then to several times daily. How to not feel well. Ejaculation is also in the vagina mouth gets stuck to the brink of fainting are still licking dirty genitals. My son is okay to much stronger forces, such as yesterday, 5 times in a row for us. How full is not just trying to write 淫液 in this way.

First experience with my cousin

My first experience is the one inside. Bon Since that day, I was a visiting grave.
And your grave is over, I went to my cousin's house to eat dinner thing soon.
And after eating dinner, and are a bit slow, cousins,
"Come a little! We really need to talk!"
And so on, with a grim look, my cousin invited me to the room.

I was serious talk and what are they, I hear, I decided to go to my cousin room.
My cousin went to the room, my cousin had suddenly closed the room key.
"What is serious talk?"
I asked, and cousin with a serious face,
"It's Ritsu, I was thinking of one hug" to you about what 言I終Waru not end with the bed I was 押Shi倒Sa.

My cousin and I was so much training in Karate, I could not even force it to do.
And my cousin, go through the hand toward the bottom, I just installed I rarely 揉Nda my chest.

I was surprised I was, cousins, that we have put in force again,
I have in rapid succession.
済Mu and finally, my cousin, "I'm sorry" I apologized, but, I want to do and it felt good to Omotsu.

Son ejaculation

The 40-year-old divorcee.
The divorced four years ago, a son I was 11 years 引Ki取Rimashita.
In order to raise his son first, I was a part, changed the snack is invited to work with friends two years ago.
When I started working for months, and had close relationships with customers and familiar. From such a life was, what was gradually becoming aware of loud atmosphere myself. But the best one was the son reacted.
I was looking for his eyes, I knew that even my underwear trick. I was wrong without even spending it carefully.
As you entered the night in summer, I entered my bedroom with her son Nattarashii impossible to endure, "Give me also that my uncle was that," he said. I may have had sex with her lover several times invited to the house, I saw it Raretarashii.
Son is very threatening attitude, I felt a little fear. Failure to do so gently I thought so anyway, I gained hand topic in the bed.
Son's penis was a nice color. It is not enough to know. To smell fresh, but I got excited about the reaction is more amazing. And when I saw the moment of ejaculation, I thought I loved my son's crazy enough already.
I do not have sex yet, by making the sperm of her son drank six to nine.
To show the naked before I embarrassed my son, my dirty mind 擽Rimasu too.
Excuse me a strange confession.

All son incest

yuna himekawa[2836]
I am a 42 year old housewife. Has been unfaithful to her husband three years ago. I was even thinking of divorce and in desperation, had had a son for the upcoming university entrance examination,
思Itodomatsu have. But they could not anyway without worrying, my husband things to his son by hitting Makemashita last place two years ago. My son gave me Embrace me sob. Can spend more time with my son for hours even days, 紛Rawasemashita care. Among them, I think it is now his partner son, now considered as a man then. There was never deter me imagine act and reason and not his son.
However, it was a woman too. As usual "It" job and my son came back from college with a drink in the Yaque miserable liar coming back to her husband. And was scolded by his son. Scold me for my long absence due to alcohol came in, who is the son if it was a fresh feeling. I confessed to my son at that time. "Can you got a mother?" And. This time around, but I forgot what feeling do not even talk, answer his son was OK.
At that time, just two beers by himself and enjoyed late night conversations and not that silly college life. The next day my life changed radically into something fun. Now be carefully around in your makeup Zanarininatteita beaming newlyweds at the time felt like. My son had a normal life and nothing about two weeks. Although I had expected, my son will not even touch me, but rather have been in contact as friends. It is fun in it, there also may be said that after the sacrifice to you I say, probably was not big enough for anything. That sometimes, despite the weekend, because my husband was home 居Masen, and forced to bring things to my parents house instead of her husband, and invited his son in the morning driving experience and if it drove to my parents house. Delivered to the end of the afternoon when the car comes back with my son, my only thought at this time, I parked my son asked. "I remember me and tell me about your mother?" He nodded but was shy. "That is all I'll give mom a meaning" to hear the heartbeat so nervous. Then, my son "It's family, I did not think anything is despised not mean that ..." and. I was a fool. Given common sense, says her son is correct. I took the hand of her son led to his chest. What can I say so myself, the proportion allocated to have a good age. In particular, E-cup breasts are quite proud. Perceive that the son would forgive, I gradually came violently massaged. To remove the second button blouse, bra and garter saw a black uniform and pull up a little tight, but every now feel very embarrassed to invite yourself. And to make sure his son had an erection from the top of jeans. As it entered the car and run to the love hotels. From then on, each other like a beast 貪Rimashita. Recently, fine drink, anal, wanted his son to do anything to bitch 成Ri下Garimashita exposure possible. Recently my son likes to play tricks on my H is in the house while the husband. Was raped from behind in the living room while her husband is taking a bath tonight. Put out the voice, if her husband Barere, given the pleasure to pass out in a thrilling welcome ruin in an instant, I had a climax. The week starts again tomorrow, I think a lot of fun.

Son, Satoru

This is a continuation of last time.

Then began to speak like a subtle mind.
My husband divorced, I was worried about myself my body was working People, I must say Sasaenakere mother, and sexual awakening, and I wanted to give me pleasure and women,

I myself, in my mind there was a conflict. Danced in the mask of a woman in her mom.
I also have a man in the world was too busy with our daily lives ignoring the first, the only exception was her son. I was 逞Shiku Suttle become adults, to feel the man had become obsession.
I've hidden it masks a desperate mother.
"What a woman a mother, you child You" was of the utmost resistance.
"Yeah, at first I thought I have this feeling in a bad mom, too, because this is sincere, but I want my Mom, and Mom would like."

The other mother's mask, I have swallowed my own woman.

"Okay, I'll say Ok bath"
Rising from the bath, I spread a mattress and wait for Satoru.
Satoru came out of the bath, the bath towel wrapped around his waist, corrupted the light of the room, T-shirt wearing approaching me.
Stripping bath towel, a strong hug my lips, took the T-shirts take off wildly.
I feel recede found that the technique and skillful mouth full body hug.
Cock Ategaimashita to take my hands and laid me gently. Its size is quite amazing.
Moteamashi length would be with both hands, which fit around the finger thickness, hardness, and "... amazing"
For example unconsciously suck was shaking his head.
"Phew Phew ~ Hmm Uutsutsu" fairly rough and my crotch subtle breath, his face has been buried.
Subtle is there and I carefully and raise up to lick your asshole.
I could not resist the voices began to release the hands while the mouth of 扱Ki subtle.
"Tsu Tsu Oh Oh ~,, ~ ~ Damn Uuu" is to put your tongue to push the screw in there hands "~ ~ ~ ~ Hi Iiii"
I tasted the pleasure without ever running a rough sense of electricity in the body of the tongue and the wiggling movements have been attacked.
"I have my mother," Suttle has been Ategai the thing inside me. Slowly, slowly,,,

"Uutsutsu Crawling,, ha ha ha ha,, so Chai Uutsutsu mother torn Suttle,, Yu, slowly"
Slowly, there does come in just to enter 立Ten pushing through the sound and I certainly Merimeri.
"Ah ~ ~ Nnn Uu U" and subtle, and Phew ~'ll stop the movement in front of the base, and exhale, "Funtsu" Tsukiagemashita yell at me all at once with this.
"~ ~ ~ If Gyaaaa,," My body was cracked like a skull with the shock with convulsions.
"Funtsu, Funtsu, Funtsutsu" "Hitsutsu,, Yatsutsu Hi,, Fu Tsu Wow" after the same movement several times, but this time we will pull back slowly.
"Oh I Nn ~ ~ ~ Aaa"
When I think of the piston and bit by bit, and it stopped moving somewhere south,
"... What happened?" And asked, laughing Niyatsutsu "Funtsutsu" push came to stretch from the tip to the base.
"Hatsutsu Oh, hey Oh no ~ ~ Aaa"
Suttle, a proud "U - etc, great Wasshoi" and
I said, "I'll'll Nnn ~ ~ ~ ~,, ~ ~ U Ijiwaru, Ooo ~ ~ ~ You'll break my mother Tsu Tsu"
"Ahahahaha, sorry sorry" afterwards, it was more subtle toys.
Repeated at the mercy of the piston subtle rhythmically from behind before being caught in the roll, his arms are both subtle sit cross-legged, the piston up and down repeatedly just force my body to the subtle, Now rising just tired arm, was violently pierced style lunches.
Already strong attack me violently as the beast, or unresolved times passed away.
"Now, Tsu Tsu Satoru,, ah ah,, you'll go terrible,, I'm ~ ~ ~ Tsutsu,, Ha ha ha,, ah Ah, ah Oh going, going so 逝Ki The Ah ~ Tsu,, if, we Tsu Tsu, Satoru Tsutsu again,,, cum,,, oh Ichau Aaa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "
"W Please,, Tsutsutsu'm too,,,, Fuuntsutsu"
Subtle are not only kept attacking me for almost an hour,
果Temashita in me to say so.
"Oh, you, haa haa,, like,,, wow,,, Uuu Ufuu Fu Fu ~ ~,, ~ Ahhh sigh,"
I have exhausted tired, Satoru is smiling,
"How was it," I was approached and,
"How many times, I do not know passed away," and the other in the crotch 遣Ru eyes and I was already like a duck in a thunderstorm.
In the oral tradition, first began the second round got a beer, was attacked before fainting.

Now, I am his, and sturdy SEX indulge netlist becomes obsessed with each other, we become men and women throwing off the mask of a child. It may be a good year to think I,
While there seem to be away from his son.

Son, Satoru

Hello, My name is granted.
Subtle relationship between the confession of one son.
I am now 50 years old Satoru is 25 years old single mothers.

My son is 180 cm in the gas characteristics such as a picture of my son is a strong powerful person trained in gentle movements that have height and.
I have short stature has only 148 cm, the big G is also cup breasts.

Suttle and I concluded was that was the subtle things in a summer job three years ago.
"From the first paycheck at 上Genakatta nothing, Mom You Yoshi summer trip"
I'm so happy I jump,
"Since I do, I say Come others," said this.
Suttle said,
"No, Mom and go, it will be about filial piety," he said.
After all, the subtle insist now going to Shiobara Nasu.
All is left to be subtle, I could feel my heart dancing in the car with his only ride.
When we arrived to the site, and I thought of staying in a hotel, that you stay overnight in a bungalow, while drinking alcohol buy food in shops nearby, finished eating a BBQ, then drinking alcohol, 2 Katariaimashita people.

Smooth and mouth were both well,
"I alone in this place two, and subtle love It seems like Mother"
"Yeah, sometimes my mom will want to slowly and do not worry anyone,"
We also love their stories and then, and I finally told his father was seriously until about SEX.

SEX particularly subtle about love story is as amazing as a red face, I say,
Honestly, the experience is about three people, including divorced husband but my husband passed away because he lacked experience was bland.

Subtle But any time soon, "But I, like really we child SEX like you do not Then why were you. Like I know myself I hug who the best really, you say I have deceived myself," and I said helplessly.

"What? That people like?"
"Well who ?""·····" ""···
"... I say go for everyone"
"···· Or properly Etsutsu ,,,"" Oh yeah you? "
I was quite surprised. Strangely there is also very pleased with it.
And we will be united that night.
More to come,,,,

Brother ...

Please hear confessions cotton system. Brother, sophomore two-year high regenerative cotton system. Siblings and normal operation of the drive and fight you as well as his brother.

One day things came to the room my brother ... "~ a good time because I talk a little?" Even the cotton system I "~ Yes I do," I 腰掛Kemashita bed.

What was it consulted parents wedding. The story is a little ... "I'm from the cotton system was born we were married my parents ~ I wonder what I was dating a couple of people at a lover," but imagine her parents love me a little about Demashita bulge.

Innovation older brother "You're probably like this?" Came the cotton system arms around the waist and cotton ... 思Wazuu system, she said yes ... (the good brother's arms, then I got frightened by the size of the hand I), I collapsed into bed ... but just a little twisted his brother's body on the cotton system Kao finds himself next to his arm ... good ... huh? I sick of this situation? I think the moment ... but ... lips resistance brother ... I have to really think and feel from me is like a kiss ... I loved my brother brother also had various feelings. "Sorry ... it should not because of them my brother ... but, because he really loves ..." from the system involuntarily cotton kiss cry for words. Each other the tongue in the mouth ... I Yugguchutsu Patsu best gambling Yupachupa Chi ... kiss ...

Hot, let your body and mouth with your finger first finger of his brother ... and I was free to let down her chin grew stiff cotton pants system can not feel my brother in the mouth ... ... I will endure another man cotton system I waited for her chin ... Yuguchude Yamaguchi also become one was able to welcome her brother's chin really happy ... ☆

Kissing in the bathroom and living room by stealth ... or a parent of H and then take a bath together ... I'm a parent to endure yet Temasen Bale. Now parents holiday trip into a bath together ... I will spend ☆ relax at home with two people who are closed system size cotton ~ ♪

Please listen and report ☆ ~

Incest grandpa

Before this, sex with the uncle. I live in my father and uncle. Because my parents had divorced. I am a 17 year old high school student.

Long ago, to talk about sex and grandpa has suddenly come to lick boobs grandpa my room that night.
I felt I was still so very first experience.

Grandpa was coming and coming and biting lightly rubbing nipples. And have to kiss. Iyarashii heard a noise on my tongue tongue tangling with grandpa.
Grandpa came to me in sending saliva. We had already had too excited.

Your grandfather has her pussy licked Zurashite my trousers and pants to get naked. I immediately got my install.
Grandpa has been instructed to lick cock into my mouth. I let the old man up and lick Rerorero squid.

Grandfather cock who now have to insert my cock inside.
My grandfather was put out in the hip shake violently.
Sex with both his father and father they are seen.
Ikasa was inserted in the two in the morning dad and grandpa today.

Both became involved teachers actually do the nasty. Obstetrics Pregnancy revelation to go after school. I look forward to a child or anyone.


Hello, you write in the morning I am 44 years old housewife.
My husband, has lived away from home away in the spring of this year, the first time, but I thought I had made slowly, with her husband absent things as the days passed, and loneliness -
But our house, so there are 21-year-old son, the loneliness can be reduced by half.
What time do you have something different to the love of my son gradually familiar with, but turned into a love of love, the son once in the Profession, stocky build and was accepted by his master to transfer I.
Only, the one I like is that I say sad wannabe!
And completion of the work, first and foremost to be back home, have all had time to 多Kutsu even though there is room in my living room, looking 遣Ru things I have to side until the end of ®!
Then watch TV on the couch to clean up after a meal, and stay in relax, and come to like stroking the legs peek from my skirt came to sit next to me, next put a sigh on my neck Handing it to come. But, look there to know, but this time I came I was surprised repeatedly lips on my lips suddenly, that the peck was at ease because of its gradually action is escalated to come hot and hard, come put your tongue into a deep kiss changed.
Then, to also grab my chest, then we came violently rub is like taking a bath in an old family, staying with each other to flow back,, that the Son, As a Ikiri立Chi sticks, kneel beside her son before I even kissed it 銜Eta things tough for them.
In less than a few minutes and look at my son and say the word unable to stand accused of, I think a lot of semen in my mouth well after a few seconds the best alive, expired.
But even after his son thing, so Ikiri立Chi continues, turn on the bed where I eventually inserted into the vagina of the permit, I went to the last minute from my Vaginal son even when nothing came dripping semen emitted.
But because I still menstruate, the only thing that is disturbing? !

I wanted to first experience

I understand that with an in depth look, I've suddenly been heard and how much I asked my boyfriend not to drive when I went with my father. Staring in silence at first because it was just really hope I asked Virgin to get rid of to graduate. The first time I was at the hotel after losing consciousness.

I wanted to first experience

Not even for two years also become a high school boyfriend, and never to put cute glasses and Takashi Naka unraveling is me, but the women only experience was with my father to not say to Tokitaku.

Incest brother and his friends and

I am eighth grade. Two days ago, I was still studying in the room. Brother in the room and thought he was a little noisy brother's friend came Tarashiku.
Then suddenly my brother and his friends (M [M]) I have tried to undress me on the bed pushing to come into my room
I know at first what are they and what is suddenly surprised by things, like getting in touch chest, "I'm A, it is done" with Satoshi Satoshi I thought.

M and her friends came to touch my dick in you, "Huh Iya An" If I Yarashii raised voices, and my mouth down his pants, that the brother suddenly Push came inside. And my brother, "lick me" I was licking it without any resistance what was told.
Under even the Teru Hazama M to lick my dick to play with you forever ...

After a while you soon my brother M "I put before you?" I heard it, I "~ A pain that I'll be putting the" I thought he was like.
But so much more painful M came into wet Brute man stir up so I will play with you. But a little painful.
M slowly at first, but I did the hip shake you, I really felt I was getting gradually faster.

M for a while so you're "no good can U A" was issued during or say. Then we put my brother next.
More intense brother Lee got me right away. My brother also continues relentlessly even rejected the waist was after his brother Lee, issued in.

So "finished" and now I think I've also put you M.
The first time I've just installed on your M was the second time is quite Kazu M Lee too, I got better before I installed. M also was after I installed that you have installed in succession.

My first experience was a little depressed in half like rape.
But the next day, gently warm H Have your brother, I thought it was better gentle ^ ^ H

What is divorce?

I thing I know the relationship between the husband and the husband's mother is not.
My husband and our parents as a couple the other day, I went to Kinugawa Onsen.
Our parents and husband, took separate rooms, at about 22 but I slept close to midnight, I rang my husband's mobile.
My husband said, "The upgrade coworkers! 有Tta Maybe what?" I went out into the hallway to say.
Husband to come home straight from work and days off, because it always together, he believed the call from a colleague.
I can come back to stand 5 minutes, but something in that company or 有Tta husband? I went out into the hallway and I thought.
Then, after the husband's mother and holding her husband are raising the voice of a mother and joy to fondle her breasts exposed skin from 蹴Ta bathrobe.
The two never made it out to the family bath.
My husband came back to stand 30 minutes, "did we do?" Comes with "I came into the bath in the long phone call I got cold," was the answer he says.
I said, "Who?" I wanted to say with patience.
But my husband's father is out of the local thrift shop, so Choichoi.
Every time her husband was "concerned about his mother because" I say back to home.
Know the relationship between two people before, I know from my husband and I thought, so I will not be gentle skin care and Waru case is returned to her husband's family likes me feel physically sick now But sometimes when the phone
The husband, "I'm fine dinner at home because they eat," comes the answer to this.
I want to get away without goodbye I feel my husband back with the extra trouble.

Husband and daughter

yuna himekawa[2780]
Unfortunately I have a relationship with her husband's daughter from a year ago.
Her husband is this relationship, but I do not know what you think, I feel bad for her but,
Body who would seek her husband.

In this sense it is not strange, for someone to speak my mind of guilt, is collapsing because it seems
Relations with the cause is from a car accident 有Tta my husband and daughter.
My husband passed away, my daughter, I have become paralysis.

My house is a self-employed, but her daughter lives with her husband, three people with me, I can not wake up anymore
In two of my husband and daughter, the state has been in business.
What a guy again after the accident 有Tsu daughter? Seeking women, sometimes I have become now I am going to go downtown at night.
Although my daughter did not say anything, toward the catastrophe that is for sure my husband and daughter, and they left home alone I can not in business.
I slept in one bed naked with each other 廻Ttarashiku the sake of talking to a lot of houses away and I asked her things by force to travel in alcohol neighborhood association Has such an occasion.
I naturally accept her husband's wake up the morning and each other.
Because in my head did not touch a man for over a year while I was thinking if the bad
Many times I gasped in agony.

Now, "I have accumulated and da!" I would not wait Shiku time to close the shop and the body is said to be hot.
2 per week is now being fucked while husband humiliated her in three.
The other thing I am 46 years old from 身篭Ru think there is

Father child

I'm graduating this year up to freeters. My father is now 45 years old and lives with three daughters who gave birth between father and middle school. Toretara pain almost every day since it was forced two years demand for junior high school when there Tsutomu Kiyoshi fine, I was always drizzle from the semen is left on the train before Satoru Tooru uniforms as well. From birth to three years at the time of the second person can Naka Naka

Incest too?

♪ I'm with my son to sex
Even though my husband is the son of a previous marriage.
Previous marriage and 25 years old to say.
I am 28 years old, my husband is 48 years old.
My husband is married and started when I was a tutor for my son.
When I was a tutor did not notice at all is a favor to me I have a son.
It was when I was about a month away from home on business trips that my husband and I married a few years.
After dinner, drank wine with the wine, so I bought my son back.
Is also raised when the pitch was drunk wine.
I suddenly hugged her son, "He liked when I was a teacher," I said.
I became stuck in the body and is also hot because of sickness.
Then I forgive my son any.
My son is now 25 years old and married but still involved has continued.
Maybe I continued the relationship anyway? ? ?

Still in the future.

Will look like 15 years of real estate firm to help parents divorced.
My father fell, and was in charge most of my busy life substantially.
That was January, the university refused to take her son.
Because it is a snowy country, but until then I was a mother to look at me good enough to go along or karaoke.
What then can I just go play with friends at night and somehow I'm worried for my son but not every day instead of reading magazines Bodeigado and son watching TV in the room.
I was with my son and what can merrily embrace.
Is it an expression of love of mother love as well to make sure.
Turning them rubbing my body, "masturbation fodder." I've been saying that I like.
Since it was much more than the chest or back or rub Dari Well
I was glad to say I Kyaakyaa said.
When it is, yes, I've touched me to say over there.
Plugged into your hands between your legs skirt rather than a hand or rather early, but Shimaita been pushed over Pantei fingers.
In an instant thing, it rubbed the back of the victim to rub legs closed I have freezes truly desperate, truly has become dangerously sure.
While sardonic smile, "My other Osh!" Saying fled.
Well become to the daily activities, it would do more than I should not come up with Hanetsukere severely.
I truly was traced and spread your legs, but what it comes wet,. Another strange feeling.
I was almost taking off, indeed, "can not do that!"
So he resigned and was tight.
But I also devilment out, I tried to touch her son inflated jersey. It is already feeling stiff.
My son is Wow! Innovation has escaped, "You own cunning."
Let me say coyly held.
Among them, "This is it, take out," and began to pull the penis.
I was surprised. Fine,,,. Son saw it perfectly well the last five or six more years. It was a cute little boy feeling.
Quickly put out the white stuff and rub both hands.
The immense quantity. Teisshu gave wiped.
It is also well, almost daily, sometimes twice.
Thanks? I could concentrate on national local 受Kari somehow, relieved.
The announcement of the passing days and nights. That action also.
I'm persistent state are different.
It seems to not mad anymore.
"One time only." Horse was taking off underwear and Jack Robinson.
I keep a voice desperately clung to his son.
At the same time her son out of my reach, so we can limit his son, now I feel like something Tta Lee.
We crawled under the lips of his son, my son, a growing things and I also sat Karamase tongue moves finger along his son,
I got Lee.
The next day the other day my son away to welcome the day is a feeling not a handful.


Already in train is in motion, S posts first one's number, I Thank you!
Than men and it comes to go. This is my PC than I send.
I have a 47, S's, and many of us do na? My son and I are left to the course of nature, good or Na

Earlier, before going out, tea was coming to New ® suit! But something on the knee-length, how 短Kunai ~ Tsu?
Sit in a chair, more than half of the thigh to see, shame hoo is Kumiko.


68 years old. My son is 46 years old. Now I will be living in the apartment for six months before the divorce is my son lived together.
I have no immediate family relatives are his son is just a casual girl. My son is already married without children and from now on 懲Rita the "mother" I'll go with me to live with until his death.
RELATIONSHIPS now this year despite two months ago.
I really grew it naturally. Without any discomfort at all. One Saturday morning, suddenly came into my son's bed 起Kinuke "Mother," "Can I as a mother?" I got naked in front of me to say. Suddenly the little 面食Raimashita naturally "Sure if you want" I had to say.
My son began to 吸出 nipple. Now suddenly, "Can I lick you?" I'm like. At first I suddenly did not know how but I mean "vagina" was rather lick lick you feel while making a sucking sound. By that time I truly can not keep the excitement had been revived.
I was out to the voice. In my ear, "Do you want my mom?" I asked. Without hesitation, "Yeah, soon put" I said. While out loud what I brush after each other like, arms around the back of my sons, "I like you" was reiterated. It really was good. I have had the pleasure to revive the masturbation I sometimes incomparable.
Of course, my son live in 果Temashita. So too the natural interaction between them and the action seemed to be pinched a fox who later recall. Now that my "Yukie" I call me. They brought home to live longer and better life. You enjoy your life.

To talk to someone

Has engaged in violent sexual 23 year old son every day.
The confession was an opportunity that was from a close friend of the workplace for mothers incest.
I have seen my son masturbation while dreaming that his son was raped,
As has been committed to 押Shi倒Sa on the spot.
Have been transmitted through the vaginal wall heat and hardness of the cock was inserted into the vagina son could not help moving hips thrust vigorously.
Semen is poured and poured hot, when felt as far into the uterus 染Mi渡Tta not know what is what I have been attacked by a pleasant feeling about to explode.
Despite the son's cock is still hard erect ejaculation without wither, while his son was suffering intensely start moving it back again.
I'm not feeling well enough to feel like death, my son, "Mom, oh, my mother's vagina" ejaculation is to me several times saying that such and unaccountable.
The amount of spill was so surprised by what 淫液 accumulated so much and where the sheets are wet and I Gusshori 淫液 in semen and my son, my son's mouth and put loose vagina sip me.
We have just become a shallow relationship with my son this, when you stay at home but also leave the comfort of single mothers is almost fuck.
The ejaculate directly into throat semen thick, licked a heightened tongue and genitals remain dirty, I have Yogatsu is inserted through the anus is covered in semen, he was wetting 淫液 to my face I will lick sip.
Now we are taking every time you fuck videos and pictures. Their experiences flying the burly cock sperm is released from his son, and I have been spilling over into the semen from the vagina or anus, reflected from different angles, "mother incest album," I make.
It is still a 月足Razu incest mother started, finished the album in three videos are now four books. Urination scene masturbation scene and embarrassing each other's urine drinking scene, and has recorded an enema scene.
Not to show people are making, of course, has made a world of lust on the way to get into more intense sex life with the memories of our horny.
Getting them to urinate yesterday while his son was inserted into the anus for enema urine.
Plenty of urine into the womb of her son, in an odd sensation when the barrel and put up with no bowel movements.
I know the snow to stay escalate, not just how to enjoy every day. I did not see it so I spend a full day. It is not limited to incest incestuous mother would not do that dictates the need for perhaps no such shyness.

The son is not satisfactory to

Now, son and his friends has become a toy.
Serving breakfast and sends up erect clitoris.
My anus is violated someone sometimes three.
Later, those who have been affected by mouth back to the other.

Still, in the train's 適Imasen molesters.
Tomoe has just sat in the room.
The type of floor was left in a pussy Tomoe.

Please Torture to Tomoe.
This address is sent.


My husband and I like my mother made. That is because at night to work on me. Husband, as much as possible from the cabaret I was waiting for me so I sleep nightly. One day her mother was asleep Orimashita was exposed, hot pants at night because it was, my husband and mother Ijikurimashita a pussy is not satisfactory to Orimashita that masturbation becomes irresistible sight. My mother is awake, Orimashita was left to be surprised that The. Then it seemed every night with my mother every day of the pussy. I know what to say why, for example I return home after the cabaret Akabane, Orimashita mother and her husband slept in the nude. It seems tired and fell asleep in her pussy hard. Interrogate and causing two people I spoke to seemed resigned so far. Extend the sales order from customers after the shop and I also embrace you with hotel Orimashita. So my husband, nor can anyone attack. To understand each other now, we are free to enjoy. Genji is a girl. Please take your voice. It is a lewd woman, will be an idiot.

Brother and incest!


Takashi Hazime when I got to have sex with my brother that the younger brother of four, I drink alcohol, but the bad people are missing from Susumu Yuu four minutes to get carried away 飲Nji Yattetasorede translation friends to the "OO senior" senior naked and friends I do not know why I'm coming for me I love that kind of crush on me I'm a senior!
If I am senior, "Va - gin" made me into a friend with big dick lick penis I thought I'd better be willing to give the seniors were reluctant Kyakya some reason I put up with very sore, but Va - gave the engine the next day, my brother was friends at school do not try to avoid talking too me "Why are seniors yesterday," I asked, "I'm not Gomenare senior," "lie!"
Array is the worst I had lost my brother virgin brother

The smell of my son.

This site is well visited, but the post is the first time.
I am a 41-year-old housewife, called 美江.
I have a home away from home for her husband two years ago. It is the living son and two years of high school. What incestuous relationship between mother and child friendly environment for birth family like this again ....
I really like everyone else has confessed to sex because her husband is away and I myself have been crippled. So growing frustration on the other hand, masturbation is still at its dissolution.
Son that masturbation is a high school this year and before I knew early on that I think anything with a nasty imagination gradually brought my masturbation 昂Jiru began. Imperceptibly son was supposed to be my opponent in the masturbation.
He sat at the end of the rainy season. Once my son to clean the room as usual, much darker than usual with the smell for some reason. In addition to the smell emanating young son, I felt a very intense smell of semen.
If no indication of how clean the room while I tried to pull out of a push to find something between the mattress.
I was surprised it was putting into my panties dirty the night before. I was only supposed to clean after washing.
The smell of semen from the panties that had drifted Tsumami出Shita. Semen was deposited Bettori not dry yet and the race portion of the crotch and we try to spread fear. That morning, I thought what you just ejaculated.
I like the original is returned as not known to my son, had no way reduced to feel riled sometimes. Masturbation with cum, feeling the smell of the nose went back to her bedroom.
Since then, the same state is still room to find his son is missing panties sometimes.
I think that someday you have to care, I'm afraid to talk about it. Never even to rape me like a son and can not imagine I see a son in private to talk.

My discourse incest

Suddenly my son came to the senior grade of sewing when I have a "mother. Senzuri What" I asked. And a little embarrassed silence on his son unexpected question "What," I was asked is "Why do you ask that," and saith and "because children are sixth graders, from what was said to be a Senzuri 掻Keru you." I'm embarrassed to answer it and say, "Yeah, it was like ー" Naka Naka is the mouth and said: Because 出Senakatta "Do it later in the study from teaching" and its place came home from school the next day passed As soon as "What if I Senzuri" and you say those things I thought I recall that it said 云Wanakere teach and later his son, so I was compelled to listen to seriously, "You know, that the Ochinchin "Son and saith," That's to do with the penis "so interested in hearing the" You must not 云Tsu anyone, "and reminds us" there will be larger than normal penis that " with big eyes and saith, "to something bigger penis" I do not abandon "a bigger penis can fiddle with the" Son of a son 見Mashitara face and pants and've 云Tsu In a larger penis out 7-8 centimeters, "Why do I sometimes grow it" and still interested 迫Rimashita.
Orimashita wash it into the bath together until recently, my son in cold blood, but we have seen a penis in my mother's hard to see what was so small I did the first time about "Well There. to big "and his son and saith," I feel it a little larger, "捲Rimashita skin and glans.
I'm picking fingers are reaching for penis erection, "Nei, the absolute 云Tsu Do not make your father or anyone else," sandwiched between two skins of a small glans with your fingers while 云I, rub three times, "Senzuri Wait, I do it this way, "and saith 擦Ri寄Ri my son," I really feel something, "to 云Tsu and" to have done, "I 擦Rimashitara glans scraping fingers to increase the number of large The sensitivity son to feel strained finger is "Iitsu, thank you" and 云Tsu issued a white liquid.
Now be placed in a small Chinpoko my pussy started it.

Incest father

I went to see my father and two late night movie.
I went to the rooftop parking lot after the movie. Next to our car, but he had a young couples. Men they fall in sheets And the driver's seat, the man in the crotch of a woman's head.
For example women were holding suck dick jumped out from the pants.
Then, move your head, I had to Feller. We've looked at the husband and surprised! !
We left the place hurriedly got into the car. But the mood in the car
Needless popular father stopped the car so it is not even street lights dark.
Then, the cover has been 被Satsu me kiss my father.
Surprise! And that was the seat down while kissing.
My father rolled on a bra and clothes, rub your chest Dari has been licking nipples.
I feel being away brushed the inside of the thigh or the knee hand went down, my legs open and natural. I want to touch the feeling that now there early.
Touched when there is already wet wet, I did not even know about.
Take off my pants and my father, came in between the legs.
Sat down at your feet and started licking me there.
From there, the sound was indecent splashing sound.
My father took off his trousers and pants, spread my legs, I've put in the penis.
I was caught in father's penis, I went immediately gasped aloud.
My father "Th ~ Iki." Pulled his penis out of me about.
Did not have a rubber, put me in because I'm afraid to stop pregnancy.
My father is not your penis larger Deji was to let the end.
I feel sorry for what it is, and I was Feller.
Father's penis was slippery in my love juice.
Tongue in the mouth while using its mouth glans example, by hand and I was Shigoi.
I say my father is very quickly. Perhaps because the sperm had accumulated a large amount of put out of my mouth. To take a cup of semen, my father was so happy


yuna himekawa[2679]
This year, I enjoy sex and abandon his son to college.
Return to the home five years to divorce, I'm a student about an hour by train from home.
From around one year, I was meant to be a prank when I sleep.
Maybe you normally would do what those around you crying in shock and angry, brash, also take things that were barely spoken to every day.
Rather gentle "I Hey" Do not quit grinning and he says.
The first or lower back, I've finally grew hand in the lower chest like I was about grope.
Twisting the body is no longer truly tried to escape, and no good ideas for finger invading force gradually been reduced amazing, "the last (insert) until I can not." Nodded and said.
They also react with the body away and I would 割Ri切Tsu was desperate to bottle up your voice.
Akezu son come to prank three days. Only my son I was at first treated with their hands out now I'll still be derived.
"(The university) decided to come say ,,,:" son.
Indeed little, but I thought, but it is quite original feel better, it is about a life at the hotel until the evening and morning to send his son to school before the divorce Kuni Takeshi dated men.
My son took a driving license in March.乗Ri回Shimasu my car on holiday.
I was worried about riding together. But now you can afford something about coming out to be pretty good.
The coastline is a lot of country roads well, marked with a love hotel in the middle of the eyes considerably.
"I?" It was quiet and asked. Cars fly down the shutter, and excited to enter the room.
The fear, not hope,,,.
Rather better son did not know what to do so.
Was fairly large with a Jacuzzi bath.
"Get into together." Silently entered the first to say.
My son did not get penis is much harder.
I do not have a long penis is too thick.
His father seems pretty long (I know I'm not too much) but I wonder if it was longer.
I feel really pointing straight up hard to put the soap and wash'm Ikko.
"Serve hot." Bed in a hurry to pull even wipe my body.
The legs are held during the brilliant electric 悶Emashita my son Nokezori fingers many times.
Nice to abandon vocalize,.
There are two built condoms, four sons used to wash the inside of my 果Temashita.

The 41-year-old housewife and mother.

My name is 41-year-old housewife Kanako.
Last September, will tighten the chest and still remember when my husband received a transfer appointment.
My husband, "赴Kou alone," he said. The reason is because the school had to take the eve of her son. It was judged as a father would a son.
If it were not for this posting, the current face of the home may have been different.
Going to shift the blame away from home with no cause or reason. Incest mother and prepare your reach, but it's the fact that I also contribute to the acceleration.

I felt like my eye has changed my son was appointed to her husband about six months ago.
Adult magazines and clean your room when you are older son, found abandoned in a wastebasket in a tissue and then treated with ejaculation, and knew that her son featuring sexual ability, was also understood that sex and age are curious.
So you change your eye I thought I was just curious and opposite sex. The subject of sexual desire never thought I did not.
Further change the look, and has appointed openly with her husband was from. My husband is nagging his father for his son, I do not think there may have been too cumbersome.
As it mean shackles came off, my son has eyes for me to observe every move. I felt strongly that someone, especially around the chest and waist. The amount of tissue was also increased in parallel with it and abandoned.
(My son is in his handling of my sexuality ...) thought so.
Could not that kind of attention to the son.
It is the fear of losing someone in my scolding son's ambition should be aiming to study the school of choice.

When you successfully pass the school of choice, I was back to the original sweet-tempered son.
I think at most high school exam, he was there for my son as it was my own weight issues. I Ando, watching for down load off the challenge to clear it.
But that did not last long and Ando.
Sheer clothing can now become a short spring rainy season is over. To that time, I began to feel the eyes before the exam again. Do not say that would be a rebound, was concentrated in front of the eye examination. So, earlier in my house was braless, it was not very much. Was embarrassing to even see a line of underwear and feel the eyes of her son.
Was dissipated in the infamous secret desires, but the same was not just my own son.
The husband went home away from home but only after several days of holidays in May and the end of the year. Is something dark and busy, and possibly a few days of holiday business relationship, marital relationship was quite thin. My desire is the sleeves, was increasingly unhappy.
Momentary desires by masturbation can distract. It was also frustrated, but larger.
Shame and embarrassment felt by the look of the son was full of corruption and a sense of taboo. So I think it still would not be changed.
But take a look again and again, my desire was not 揺Ragimashita 淀N turmoil as slag. I felt the bulk of the increase will reverse twisted Thinking about the desire to deny.
Around the end of the rainy season, when I reached in masturbation quell the desire in the mind was screaming the name of his son. The immorality of a taboo in, but I did not fall to animals, it brings me pleasure can not be expressed strongly.

July 26, the day not long after his son into the summer, I had stopped to really care was linked to her son.
It is quite suddenly, yet gently opened the curtain.
I was watching TV in the living room couch to sit opposite each other in the habit of always after dinner. The program was a soap opera.
降Roshimashita sit next to me and come back to the bathroom while his son passed. Not only this time it was a common occurrence. So now the mind, without saying anything I had to continue watching TV.
Has been transferred to my shoulder and arm to put my son back then after a while. Although much heavier than it looks tense in the arm, and felt the strength from her son, it was impressive the feel of someone else's skin. And I was casually commensurate with his son and matched from no one asked to look over time.
Relationship was unexpectedly visited. Touched the lips, the kiss was the beginning of the teeth are not smart face, tongue 絡Mi合Imashita immediately corrected me. Tongue was soft and smooth without any smell of tobacco. I move that the body had solidified, the only tongue was moving was intertwined. I did not beat the spirit away from the tip of the tongue to get out 高鳴Tsu abnormally.
Repeated many times you kiss. The lips and kissed each other so there are only asked to decades ago. Even my son's face flushed it, and that I have had no contraindications. Expression are rejoicing that his son had contact with me, I also was impressed.
Rise, risen to the second floor of my bedroom with my son pulled off the lights in the hands of the living room.
When unbutton blouse in front of her son standing beside the bed, but I felt a slight sense of shame and corruption, it will become less underwear, soon disappeared.
I took his son on his back caressing naked skin has a fine texture. It is not exactly the difference can not be inserted in the mouth as her husband's caresses, my son was 屹立 all the time.屹立 to cover contraceptives if their son is embarrassed 捩Rimashita the lower extremities.
The first fellowship was over as quickly as 呆気Nai. Still I was happy. Height of body and mind has reached no ecstasy.
Immediately started a second time. After ejaculation, were just a few minutes later. After the first ejaculation, asked the chest while riding his son's cheek, tongue and lick the nipple is small, put it to discourage the erection of the core muscles as hard as passed by quickly.
Was the second time was like a little room. Ass up and down slowly and cowgirl positions, I feel my 早Marimashita. We can not, but it did not go with my son, I reached one step behind in a burst of feeling.
I felt a faint haze. Repeated the other day so far ... and kiss my son had a soft look and thinking.

I do not have those positive mothers incest. Rather, I think that a taboo still.
But to fall from the branches of the persimmon fruit, and also consider if unavoidable and if things come naturally.
It is still too tied to one month my son has not stop my heart feels a sense of taboo in corruption.
Transit point for the life of my son still wants to be Satisfied if an adult will feel tender.