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Incest confession of women(2013-09)

2 and Grandpa

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The nephew Black Quarter

yuna himekawa[7174]
I have the one son to me, but was living with two people couple with work in far away after graduating from high school last year, but my sister married couple has moved to close in the spring of this year. Husband of the sister is half of the black American.
I go to swimming for exercise shortfalls about twice a week.
From my sister, because of the child can not swim out, I said I'll say that is said to me yo tell NatsuMinoru. Nephew was now decided to go together from July. You come back to my house for now it comes back pool so close to the house. I'm taking a shower and again when I come back I got to shower, but because sweat immediately hot. So it had raised to say that I Do your shower him. He'm terribly burly appearance in body muscular comparatively. Things around beginning of August, I'm I'll go have a bath towel in the shower, but he had wiped the hair in the face towel to come Mode that day. I ended up looking at the naked figure of him. The very large penis of him, and ended up staring at about 2 or 3 seconds. I am sorry. I keep a towel here. I left the place in a hurry. And I've been talking a little by give out a after that sports drinks always but it had become the air awkward each other what was ashamed he also is was seen naked, but I was in without touching each other on the topic. Crotch of his swimming time since I it is worrisome. Thing therefore that line comes out in those swimming for quite. I think we want to write and divided it because it is longer when you talk.

Courtship of son

And son, now in a relationship it can not be said to my husband. This spring, from the son who lives in Nagoya, was invited to Ise Shrine of expression Sengu year anniversary of once in '20. It was scheduled to go with my husband, but my husband overlap with China trip employer, to Kuwana Station, where I was riding in the car of his son by train it up early in the morning. Become a traffic jam and gradually enter the Ise motorway, it was only to pray the Naiku-Geku's Ise Shrine that day. Japanese-style inn Futamigaura of accommodation, beautiful pine forests are lush coast, we eat or drink the local seaweed, abalone and lobster while listening to the sound of waves of the sea. The laid futon is put Damn When you come up from the bath, and I was thought to couple. I wonder what years, and sleep with the \"mother of my son has been a story of childhood son Well\", and \"I'm was around the first student. Then, to my futon suddenly his son as \"a good mother\", do not have ears also \"Do not get that weird\", I've been clinging.

1 year from America ...

I have had a relationship with my son for a year. I'm 50 years old My son is 19 years old I divorced my husband 10 years ago and died 3 years ago. In the summer of a year ago, I went on a trip to San Francisco, USA for the first time with my son. I stayed for 5 days, but on the 4th day I decided to go to the beach. My son seemed to have prepared a swimsuit from the beginning, but I didn't have one so I went to buy my swimsuit. It was all swimsuits with a surprisingly small area of ​​cloth, and all the backs were T-backs. When I asked the clerk, I was told that this was normal in the United States, and if I was at a loss, my son would do it! The swimsuit I brought with me does not have a 5 cm upper and lower triangular part like an AV actress. When I said, "If you wear this, your hair will stick out," and my son said, "In America, it's normal for both men and women to shave that    hair, so let's shave that hair together tonight!" My son bought the swimsuit that night when I went back to the hotel and took a bath first and shaved the hair with the T-shaped razor I borrowed from my son, and he came in naked there. My son says, "Have you already shaved? Are you shaving cleanly? I'll check it out!" I thought it was strange to be shy because Coco is a parent and child, so I showed it to my son without hiding it. Then my son said, "Oh no, this isn't it. If you don't shave more beautifully, Americans will laugh at you, sleep there for a moment." When I slept on my back next to the bathtub, my son T Bring me a razor and shaving cream and let me open my legsI painted it over there. At first it was per below the navel ran a T-shaped razor on my hill to the things that are asked to shave over there of hair in it and the son to say for the first time in the United States went down under the ordinal office very I'm excited. I can see my son's finger hitting me over there. Then my son said, "I'll shave it properly," and took the cream again with my fingers and applied it to the inside of me. And because it's difficult to shave, I said to raise my legs and grabbed my ankles. I folded it up . It's a pose for Aka-chan to change her diaper. I thought this was embarrassing, and my son spread my fingers over it and pulled the folds and shaved it over time, sometimes to see the graininess, or trace around me with the pad of my finger. is. I was embarrassed, so I closed my eyes, but when I glanced at the situation, my son was completely looking over there and I thought that it was no longer a parent-child act I also said that my son would go to the beach From that time on, I was half-expected and half-expected. If I left it as it was, I would apply cream to the cleavage of the buttocks and shave it . It's no good. The woman in me made a noise and collapsed. I found myself embarrassingly getting it wet over there. When I said, "○○ -chan, you can like your mom over there ...", my son was waiting, and he put his finger in there. WasAnd after a while, my son's tongue was over there in my baby pose ... After that, I couldn't stand it and ate my son's thing ... From that American night, the two of us slept together as they were born. It became like. When I went to the beach the next day, there were some naked people and the string T-back I was wearing was cute. In America, most people were hairless, even grandmas and grandpas. It's been a year since then, but I'm still smooth because the hair over there is managed by my son. Now that I'm pulling out the hair one by one, it's really beautiful. And I'm a nurse, and I've been wearing T-back panties for underwear since the United States, but I'm working worried that the back may be transparent in the white coat of the hospital . You can't imagine the patients wearing T-back panties with their 50-year-old aunt in front of them slippery!

Have been targeted

I'm having problems even so at home my husband is retired in March of this year, sought to be \"because I only mom once\" from the son. Single son to become 32-year-old, you have touched with a hand my ass when my husband is not here. I went for a drink and invited to colleagues when my husband was working last night. When I have entered the bath, I came son has forgotten the clock. The moment I turned around in amazement, it was I have seen everything from directly in front. When you are nervous and worry of being attacked in the bath rising, my husband came back. It can not also consult for shame to my husband, I was clinging remains sought to master. After her son had come to work, I should have been targeted by the son this body with warmth of my husband.

With your brother

Finally, I was signed.

I gave birth to my father's child

I confess that I can only say it here.  I'm 24 years old and I'm a part-time housewife. My husband is a 16-year-old shotgun son, a 7-year-old son, a 4-year-old son, and I live with my father at my parents' house. The two sons are not the children of the husband but the children of the father.   The relationship with my father started when I was in elementary school. From the time I remembered, my dad did something nasty, calling it a secret play. It's normal to wash your genitals together in the bath, and it's really amazing to serve your father's genitals with your hands or mouth and give him a white pee, or to put it on my body, drink it, or apply it to your pussy. I used to take it for granted. No one told me that was strange, and my mother abandoned us and left home after an affair, and since we lived alone, we were more than happy with our father and daughter. I was living a life.   My physique was a little bigger than the other children because of my father's inheritance, and I was an ace in the volleyball club. So my first experience is also small 4. Of course with my father. I simply liked the feeling of being comfortable, so after learning the pleasures of sex, I became more and more absorbed in it.  When I was in 6th grade, I had a little affair, or I wanted to taste other feelings, so I had a relationship with my teacher and my brother who was a college student, but I liked sex with my father the most.   By the time I went to junior high school, I knew that it would be strange for parents and children to have sex, but once I got home and finished eating, I couldn't escape the pleasures I had drowned in, and I took a bath together every day. I went in and had sex almost every night. Contraception was also troublesome, so I didn't do it at all. As a result, I became pregnant at the age of 13 and had an abortion. I lied to the people around me that I was raped and asked my father to accompany me. I was very sad. I'm sorry for my dad, I told him to stop having sex, but less than a month after I was discharged, I had live sex.   After all, the spiritual connection between each other, the physical compatibility, and the understanding of each other more than anyone else, but above all, I couldn't win the pleasures, and I was drowning more than before.  And I got pregnant again at the age of 15. This time it will be a burden to me and it is a very bad scheme, but I decided to give birth because I wanted to make it a child of a 20-year-old college student boyfriend who was dating at that time.   Even if I say my boyfriend, it's almost like a saffle, and the reason I met was a dating site. My boyfriend was very surprised when I told him I was pregnant, but when I turned 16, he told me to get married and raise a child. I had sex with my boyfriend, but I didn't have vaginal cum shot. But since life is raw, I feel like I admit it. My dad also sat down on the ground, and I felt very sorry. I knew that my father was definitely not my boyfriend, given the time of pregnancy and the expected date. But I cheated on my boyfriend for days and my dad knew all the truth.  Normally, he is a criminal who made a minor child pregnant and hates him, but his father is still very close to his husband. I feel guilty about being deceived, so I treat them kindly. Speaking of a relationship like Namihei-san and Maso-san, I think it fits nicely. My husband seems to be very grateful to my father and I for accepting my hobby fishing and overnight trips with my bike friends, enjoying my freedom, and having children, it seems to be fulfilling. is. Of course, when I don't have a husband, I have sex with my father. The relationship is still going on. The third person is telling me to do my best for the girl this time.  Actually, I'm already married and I think it's better to decline the relationship with my father for my husband, but I can't stop because of the stimulus that I have an affair with my father. Even though my husband was at home, I had a sneak shot. I just can't stop.  I can imagine that three people get along well with each other and 3P, but it seems that my husband's spirit will be broken, and I'm just delusional. I was my husband last night. While being peeped by my father. My husband is also aware of it, and it's very intense at such times. After being embraced by my husband, my father is also enthusiastic and embraces me very hard, and I will definitely ask which one is better. Both have good points, but my father is overwhelmingly stimulating and immoral. My husband is going to be late tonight, so my dad will blame me a lot.

There is to ask everyone

Recently, sentences of you so I came longer and lazy,
it is very to read.
If you can be summarized even a little would appreciate it if you would collectively.

It's a common pattern

My husband was assigned to work alone, I had only two sons at home, and my husband told me that I shouldn't cheat on you, but I 'm sorry, I 'm cheating. From the night you're gone, the other person is ... the only son, Ken. I am the son of a third year junior high school student this year. I was attacked when I was sleeping at night. It's been half a year now, I've been dealing with him all the time. The day you came back during the Obon holidays, that day was also embraced. Until just before you came home. Of course, even when you were there, my son was rushing to aim for a chance, so I did it. Didn't you notice? You loved me as much as you could for the first time in a long time, but I didn't feel that much because my son is many times better ... I'm sorry, I 'm really sorry working for us It will be inconvenient at the place of assignment. But you can rest assured that I'm not having an affair, so I'm not having an affair with other people ... It's the first night my husband has been assigned. I guess I sneaked into my sleeping place, and it was still cold at night, so I woke up with a cold feeling. When I opened my eyes vaguely, my son stood. What is it for a moment? I thought, but I noticed that my clothes were open. The button in front of my pajamas was unbuttoned . I saw my son. It was dark and I couldn't see my expression, but I felt an excited atmosphere . I think I shouted to go out. Next, I was pressed down and rubbed my chest roughly and tried to take off the bottom.I told many times to stop, but the bottom of my pajamas was taken off to the buttocks and my hands extended to my crotch.Ah, my finger hits the chestnut, it seemed that my movement stopped for a moment, it was lowered at a stretch and lowered to the ankle, my figure was bare, my crotch was exposed, almost naked, my son was on top of my chest I was sucked while being squeezed, and even though I tried to move my legs, my pajamas got caught and I couldn't move them well . But I think it was convenient for my son. I was forced to spread my legs and finally my fingers came in. I was screaming to stop during that time. To be honest, I was exhausted because I was out of breath, but I couldn't move either. During that time, my son's body broke in and was about to be inserted. I don't think my son has any experience, I can't put it in well, I think he's tired of the interaction with each other . I felt warm in my crotch and it seemed like I couldn't insert it, I told my son. "Okay, now I'm back," my son's body was shaking. ... I was crying. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for the repeated words. So I just hugged him and said, "It's okay ..." and my son sucked his chest again. I didn't have the energy to resist anymore , so I tried to put it in, so I spread my legs and guided him. I was ringing, wondering if this would happen anyway , so no contraception is necessary. So even if my son comes in and ejaculates in a few secondsI didn't panic. However, it was a sense of immorality that the whole body seemed to be crushed heavily. Even though I was a man and an aunt who wanted to do it, I was proud that I was still keeping it clean, so this is somewhere. I knew, in the corner of my head, I knew the part of my son's man after I was assigned to work alone. It was suddenly from the first day, so maybe it was. Once I did it, I was asked to break it down, and eventually I started to enjoy myself . It's amazing because you're young, you just have to make an effort not to be known. I'll tell you that you can't tell anyone after doing it like a habit. If my friend inadvertently tells me it's over, and if my husband knows ... I 'm awake in my son's room. I don't like our room somehow, so by any chance, I'm young, so I'm asked every day. To be honest, it's hard to deal with. But it feels good so I can't stop

My husband ... 5 bachelor in

I, Mika, 33-year-old housewife.
Bachelor in China to master, Yuya, 35 years old, engineer, from April of this year.
Daughter, Chihiro, 4-year-old kindergarten.
Father of the husband, 59-year-old company employee.
Mother of the husband, 60-year-old housewife.
Parents of my husband lives in the distance of about 10 minutes walk from the house of a family of three of us.
Six months have passed since an attempt soon to go to China in the bachelor is master.
Have take me to a love hotel in father-in-law this month, is on the air mat and I would intersect violently on the bed.
Have closer to home after work even then, we have drunk to climax as woman get poured into deep inside of me the semen is a token of affection warm father-in-law.

To your father ... Bonga.

There Bonga, branch, Yomeshuto, harsh reality is still in the countryside. I married anything without knowing from Tokyo seems had been pleased to husband like Bonga. Husband second son of branch. Weekend nights. It does not say anything I have also been called to head family. To what is, and, in the habit know, when I go home, and then to bare me, while the report examine every corner, what has been, this life. Tired of!

It is a husband and wife and brother

I am 32 years old this September.
It has led to age like this while you are continuing the relationship with his brother away 3 years from the time of the teenagers.
It is a result that came dragging without brother make even opponent, except for me.
Making the opponent to eliminate the relationship between brother without to give up, I became a marital relationship with his brother.
Well into the marital relationship, a sense of personal life is an extension of the brother and sister of the past.
And workings of gender, only difference is that the children that were formed between the brother and me.
It is not to say that there is no sin and immorality again.
I responded that it was me have chosen from the teens as \"Tsuresoi\" me a sister brother.
I myself I want to say that proudly, \"brother husband, is the father of the child\" and if you say it.
I feel the question in a piece of paper with the Constitution and \"marriage\" are values ​​of \"husband and wife\".

The outdoor sex with son during summer vacation

Son to become a high school two years, and was raised to gift me in high school Admission Celebration, it was a first experience of the son. It was promised that \"Once you pass, to increase the mother to celebrate,\" said the exam study in junior high school. It says \"Let's go to my mom drive\", I had to take off in the outdoor time you go out with my son, and I also have to dress and easy to take off with that in mind, below are the only shorts and bra, pantyhose is like to go without grave had been to. That day, the location can not write more, but ran towards the mountain it from the road, there is bustle depending on the season, it is out of season, and did not fold at all people. \"Mom, I want to do here,\" \"a person I'll come,\" \"I do not have anyone, I'll try to do Hey\" or \"..., ... okay? If you are experiencing problems with their hands in the \"mother tree, I want to do from behind\" \"When I get off the car, take off the dress, take off even shorts and bra, is placed on the driver's seat, my son will also be naked, and facing up harder already ¥ had. For every hand on a nearby tree, and stick your butt back, I was aloud to feel that licked per son Sucking on the bottom. Hands of the son \"put in the ... Mother and come again soon Oh\" is attached to the ass, I was pushed up the uterus enters the inside of me. In situations that do not know when people may come, I felt a son. Pushed up the uterus strongly, to raise even obscene voice, raised rubbing from the bottom right and left breasts hands of his son, and I felt pleasure. Back until filled to a son \"... I put out ... feels good ... Mom I'll feel good mother, I very good mother ○○○○ is to convulsion\", one can become a perfect position that there is no gap I was connected to. Hot semen and hit the uterus, it was a pleasure electrifying. The \"it, leaving you put ... not disconnect\" son overlap to me from behind, breast had been grabbed. If you think it was at that time, the sound of the car has been, and I was left running the side of my car. I was surprised, but I'm late. Seems've seen. I love one to go are in the hotel and then take a son.

Cute nephew love

It is a married 41-year-old, but has now become deep friends with children of the sister of 19-year-old.  April of this year, nephew is enrolled in college, I began living alone near me.  It was asked from sister also it is, but you may want to dine together by calling to the house often, we will stay sometimes.  The me tame to me from a young age, and has been loved as a child of their own for me without children.  First, into the summer vacation, in August of and because homecoming, and came into the house also serves as a recent report.  I also will want to see the face of the parent for the first time in a long time, it was decided to also serves as his practice of license collection, to go together in the car.  Until home is way to take as long as seven hours, but the rain intensified in the middle, nephew of beginners would be scared, I have to stop the car. It was raining scary I also have to drive.  I've been waiting for the rain to cease for a while, but it seems ceased does not have any. It was not seem down still even listening to the weather on the radio.  When you are wondering what to do, forward it's misty rain, sign of the hotel has been in the eyes.  I am against nephew time to spend together from April has become many, was feeling rather than the cuteness of as a child, and the cuteness of the man as an adult, \"rain stops even while feeling the immoral sense It is gone and \"Let's rest a little in there to.  Nephew has a face like I was surprised a little, but it ran the car into the hotel without saying anything.  Words to be applied to nephew is not found I tried to hear the \"? There is that it has entered the Hotel Scam\" without meaning. Nephew shook his head shyly.  and I entered the room and down the car ahead from his while to say that \"I'll be a good experience you were. and I'll Tasukaru when she was able to turn,\" he said.  In terms of atmosphere suspicious of love hotel, I had committed without even asking from either. I am looking forward to meet the nephew cute than ever.


I love dad

yuna himekawa[6456]
I am a high one.
I was enrolled at the school of bachelor destination of dad this year.
To say that, actually I do because something was wanted to go near the father.
That is why, living alone with dad this year.
Every day is very happy.
I studied various cooking me.
Father eating out there were many, which takes you to say that I'm Tasukaru until then.
The room I was sleeping separately, but there are two in the luggage it is increased in relation to the work of the father, space to sleep the father of became tight.
Dad was in trouble, but when I say that I should I Nere
dad my room, no Dad, would it not good.
I said I'll do something, but because I'm saying I'm not good is I say?
Dad, disgusting you mean?
You sleep with me.
No, I'm not so, but I in the room of her daughter, it would be useless.
Once you do so anyway?
Dad had been puzzled by that, but in a way that presume your my words, it became so.
Although I'm not a swagger to blame because I have thronged to say that. Originally.
But actually I was glad I.
It is from being sleep with dad.
And because I was in the city the school because I wanted to be with my dad.
Among them, are you want to sleep and stick it sunk in futon Dad.
Actually, Dad, I'm admiring my very muscular.
It is good to be embraced honest.
No wonder ..... I want ..... hugging.
Men for the first time, is that I believe really that it is good at dad.


Yesterday, my son who lives in Osaka was brought senior citizens celebrate my. I ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant for the first time in a long time and my son. Weather has become strongly under the influence of typhoon Upon exiting the shop, my son was rushed to the station. Son I had to come back my way back to the house, when you come out of the bath. Shinkansen is not go back stop, it was decided to stay at home. It had a small talk while drinking beer and after a long time son. To futon becomes sleepy, imperceptibly, yipe son is into the futon in my with me. A son I wonder what years of Nell, head to the state of confusion there also be drunk. It was a flood when the pleasure becomes the unexplored region never my husband after the death, the hand of the son Oh is touched, it tickles, it is inserted. It was launched with - It 's Okachanii chooch, I'll feel good, leave. I was greeted in the morning got hugging his son. My son said it 's good chooch dick of my 76 years, I was tinkering.


I have lived in three of the father-in-law and husband.
Be a two people and dad I'm quite often because it is work of the hotel owner.
Your father-in-law's is a movement like people who are two or three times a week Kayo~tsu in karate dojo during the day. Is a black belt. It is a cool little person gentle. Iwaki Koichi like. I liked that kind dad. Instead'm weird meaning, as a father of my husband. But I like I had gone in a direction that is not usually the father-in-law and daughter-in-law and such father.


Mail always came to me, \"come into the room\" from my brother. I'm really unpleasant, but I asked a brother of Nde, so as not to hear the parents in the room of his brother next door reluctantly, I will go in pajamas Sotto. I always sit on the bed. Soshitara brother is standing in front as usual, it's down the pants and pajama pants. Penis erect brother, came out I Brunswick. While showing me, my brother to masturbation. It had turned a blind eye, but the beginning, my brother than wanting to look, and reluctantly, with a puzzled look, I'll look at it with open eyes. I penis, blood vessels of floating. Never seen the others, but it is odious. Grasp the penis with the right hand, brother of rub slowly. While peeling, issue all the glans. We rubbed by shaking your hips. We are doing while watching the face to me. You have to Tsu out immediately beginning, but I have rubbed while messing around with the left hand by chance, you put up and doing by being a 30-minute show-position now. When Das, Masu 5m position Fei sticking out waist, firing like crazy in the room. I at that time, very grassy smells. I wonder if is also referred to as tomorrow!

Incest discourse of my

It is a mother and child that we also had crossed the line. Does not mean there is dissatisfaction in marriage in the way gentle husband. I thought my son would get tired of my body of them, I had to open the body to his son only day that was promised at first. I feel it is now embraced his son, it becomes troublesome is the touching the skin with her husband, that they embraced. Nightly, I am sleeping in the nude in bed with her husband. In your mouth the semen that had accumulated son. While buried in me what state of semi-erection, or deep kiss, or crazy sucking tits, and then tweak the crotch of my heart's content. While becoming faint, also a thing, I think vaguely When I forgive whatsoever without anxiety because it is real son and mother.

Was greater

Celebration of senior citizens from the son, you can not write for shame. Husband after the death, I wonder what years, and I was happy.

Anxiety of son

I was allowed to put up the day before yesterday. Son told me why I, but it was me know when you talk.
Yesterday, it's the bad yet? I, I want to do. I have patience. Bing When Nugasu pants son.
Become so. I was thinking for a while. ○○ chan. SEX is useless but ejaculation only Tageru let Nara.
Really? Finally, I was Mashi suck the penis of his son. Is Blow. Son, what are you doing? Instead of over there, Mom, No'll be comfortably in your mouth.
Son speak for the first time. Was again realized, its size. If you look at the son while sucking things son, I was watching the scene curiously.
I would be averted her eyes at that moment. Cute. The Ttara this child. Hey, what? Does it feel good Yeah, it feels great.
I was raised at the very least the Toko you feel. Mom, feels good. Feels good. Still sensitive glans, has puffy.
Then, mom, I already useless. Immediately after that, lukewarm semen has been released into my throat vigorously. It is the momentum, such as struck.
Ugh. I continued firing about 10 times ... issued in the mouth many times what the lukewarm. You drink this? It hesitated for a moment, but
semen son came out in the mouth for the first time. I tried drinking the plunge, but it was unpleasant honest feel. If you are not one of 's son,
it is not something that is very drinkable. White liquid to whiff before you release the mouth. I was raised to smelt also licking it. But drink future I will lost.
Something strange for a while I felt the rest.
Seminal drink I was also the first time. But when it was launched into the mouth to me, I thought oh, this child, I I'm an adult now.

My brother and I

I will touch the breast of my brother came by my room.
It will become more and more brazenly When have not put out a voice strangely next to a bedroom because of the parents.

Healthy son

Was married to my husband in the early age of 20, the difference between the year has been away 17 and my 36-year-old, my husband is 53 years old. My son is a high school one year.
 The fondness from a young age the son, the bath will enter together still. It has seemed male hair also grows on the bottom of the son. Began interested in my naked, I think it was around the second half of the six years of elementary school hair began to grow.
 Since I was in as hide
there, \"Do not hidden, mom 's will have flies, you gonna have become an adult\"  and I was ashamed really at that time and I think you mean, but in the bathtub rise one foot was placed on the edge, it is showed the open in front of the face of his son, it was an opportunity for me and my son are tied. Of course this is the secret of only two sons with me.  The differences I'll look at the study of the son, I had adapted to breathe moistened nipple son. I thought son suck at crazy boobs cute like a baby, and I want to sleep with, if possible, but I slept in the bedroom of the couple Ikazu down, and then sucked even to not sleep with the son but there are husband surely and I, but there is also much once a month when there is no sex life and night my husband.  Return of my husband because it is 8:30 in the evening and fast, my son is home from school, it has become a day-to-day that you love in the room of his son. There is also the age difference between the husband, has been doting very cute son.

Dad is your opponent

The father-in-law of 62-year-old was a steeplejack, vitality is gone suddenly mother-in-law of 7 years older is died two years ago. Only was a husband and wife good terms that are traveling with us, it was too bad. There is also that it is residence to live in your area, it is said to my husband, it is sometimes, but I was going to make a meal. The father-in-law who can contact gently, I talked trouble my husband has an affair with the clerk of the employer. One night, it is the day my husband not here on a business trip. It was invited to the father-in-law, to the tavern with two people, it was to get drunk while I was your partner, whichever is your strong liquor and recommend good of the father-in-law for the first time.
I took a taxi as embraced dad. It was a hotel rather than at home where it arrived. Is kiss dad, it is caressed body and mind that will melt, it had to Jukujuku moistened by the time the big cock hard father-in-law is inserted. I was not intersect violently until morning in the stronger tail sex father-in-law and prime woman, 31-year-old. Was asked a pregnant dad, but was told that you have contraception children so that they can not be and that you have refused in about month one and my husband has an affair. It is at the beginning, I went to the place of the father on a daily basis now. Father-in-law are available staring with a smile joy of being a woman, from my panting. Protein sex of husband, father have been a rich sex, I feel the joy of the woman. Now there is no love for my husband, I think I think to the father becomes stronger, and I want to do anything for dad. From the father, I you can pussy, but was abundant praise and best until now experience woman in playboy was young. To the place of the father, I will go out now today.

Dont play with me and my father-in-law

I am a 32-year-old housewife.
35 years old, my husband is a company employee. It is the family structure of father
11-month master. I would have a relationship with the father of her husband before about the 10th. The economy is bad from about half a year before the company of her husband, husband seconded to subsidiaries. And reluctantly in feeling Stop it If it unpleasant. I do attend from home, but I'm also take 3 hours. So way back 23:00 out into the 5:00 morning. Discontent accumulated progressively from fall asleep immediately without even dabble in my night way back from late husband. At that time, it is out and drink a beer father-in-law while watching TV, I drank I also together with. TV scenes of infidelity couples when a good has been around. Get closer to me gradually, hand I was touching the thigh as accidental father-in-law. Moment the hand of father-in-law grabbed the thigh, father-in-law I thought I wants me seriously and have had I can only mention a little while. Adult Futarikiri of us. It is a situation that can not be asked for help to anyone. But. It did close the thigh I Guilles once when the hands of father-in-law came divided between the two thigh but was tampered with fingers feel part of my being forced open. And I had been fiercely resisted me please stop at first but with very strong force, resisting spirit is would be seedlings ..... I pressed down, under the control of the father-in-law to age unlike husband fell into the water. Though it is like that I, I had deposited the body in the father-in-law and intolerantly soon. My body no workings of the evening, becoming unstoppable again Once you start to react sensitively. It made ​​me feel at the hands of father-in-law, has been held the penis of father-in-law from it. And I had not seen at that time still the thick much than it's master at that feeling has to understand. It is me that I was led to the climax, had allowed to insert at the end tampered with a finger over there sucked the breast. I have become hooked on SEX my husband anymore. I have fallen and father-in-law of the woman in the home. The'm gone so I think my body no workings of the night, he even want to technique of father-in-law. Husband work. I was nestled in the father-in-law today in that there are small children in the lactating yet.

The goal is to not go

I have been etched and father-in-law. It is 58 years old. Father-in-law will go from always take care of, such as the morning meal and cleaning because it lives alone mother-in-law died this year at the next house. And went into the room to try to clean go to the house of the father-in-law as usual one day. Was in the futon father-in-law yet.
When you hit the turn over, Oh, your cock had jumped out from between the pants. Morning Wood, I have an erection. Gills of the gooseneck is not stretched, it's burly. I would be fascinated by it gasped involuntarily. It had done masturbation my husband not come back a month in long-term business trip. When I saw the cock of the father-in-law, I would hold while watching the sleeping face. When held strongly excited, father-in-law has had awake. It was missing force sucked the lips are embraced in the father-in-law. Been naked immediately, has been extended crotch big is on his back. And has been tinkering with a finger pussy. Is kneaded clitoris, tickled ass hole, man juice came overflowing anymore. Father-in-law saw it, I us to cunnilingus it with a mouth on her pussy. The licking is not a ratio of the master. I'm great.
Tongue licked the chestnut, by sandwiching lightly lips, it will continue Sucking. Your right hand and out slowly with two index finger and middle finger over the back from the entrance of her pussy. The G-spot my, at the entrance of the hole in the bottom of the chestnut-chan, why is father-in-law knows there!
And the left hand is messing around and rub so the nipple. This will feel also. I am gone it's just when rubbed only ahead in software than is rubbed strongly. It is three places Trombone anymore.
I have I have gone twice there. If you have limp, and has put the father-in-law tongue is overlaid Matakuchibiru. I also returns suck tongue I love to kiss, father-in-law was not held a cock to me. It has become harder than again a little while ago. I got up, I quickly suck The gripper without hesitation. \"Can not take it anymore dad. Are you sure you want to put.\" Father-in-law, is listening to what, where and with what is had. And it is not me and put \"pussy odious, of Mayumi lewd, Dad, please fit the Buttoi cock is stiff\" and not say so. Got to put \"Please Wear a nasty nympho pussy Mayumi, in the lewd, the Buttoi cock dad\" and doing so please. It is not an up Zubutto back soon. Once, back from the entrance to not put me in there so it back to the entrance immediately slowly. When asked to put that she asks, there is no memory of then. If you noticed, father-in-law has been lying to me, I was holding the breast. Cock stiff father-in-law has been stuck in her pussy. Moreover, it is likely to go.

Relatives experience story

yuna himekawa[6202]
fierce resistance that can be a woman without going to my husband forgive cage was to me that I, is the aunt of 47-year-old now, but has been fucked in brother-in-law when a week ago my sister has been admitted to hospital, but marital relationship with sister and from the gap that has put a finger to Hagaijime after both feet were in form of 69 just the body of my rage is thrust a finger from the side of the pants are wearing a skirt will not hold a candle far from the force of the brother-in-law that has been forced to put up with
I feel like become incident is being in something injury was the resistance to injurious Bata feet still and has been licking but continue to this more than was
allowed to only once in the promise that they silently anyone absolute I against me (it would have a thing with 00 chan because similar to the wife, but I'm sorry forgive only once) was hands together and from my
brother-in-law and regain his composure suddenly it no longer rampage beneath of push-ups not to act brother-in-law
that has been pushed suddenly As soon paint the entrance spit their own as it is brother-in-law and lower the pants and trousers
like hugging me and I'll take a system of acceptance of the brother-in-law and removing the underwear time did not take to ejaculate brother-in-law, which has been transmitted is inserted to me is of being driven by the feeling that you want to put out quickly what you just come pushed up violently dressed you have accumulated to have just to not be a sister You have said that was the ejaculation in it pick up the tissue nearby and emit cry better when you have resistance rampage rather was has long felt there was the pleasure of some, but there is also one or climax of and not know why say you've been after a house by Ifukume tightly so that they do not to request again the future sufficiently brother-in-law that, please for your understanding is the end, but it prompted by something that soaking the weakness in the future because not Ranpitsu, Ranbun, such as obscene to forgive the last thank you and advice N

Events of the summer vacation

Son, we become a junior high school two years now. It's the age where there is interest in things sexual, What I wound only bath towel after a bath from the previous also I is often the case, the line of sight of faces also has knows. After you divorce a year ago with my husband, only two sons and, but I thought the youthful as possible dressed in class visiting day, and look at the full-length mirror the one-piece mini bachelor days because you are still wear while, I went to the classroom visitations and decided on this. before the class starts, hear the word \"mother clean\" it in a small voice son will find me, I got nervous. It was told in front of the eyes from the son also was the first time. It was a Friday night it is to enter the summer vacation. \"Do tries to get in the bath Naoyuki, and mother\" We were calling out from my person. My son was surprised. Son staring at my body in the bath, I was pounding in secretly, but so as to pretend your cool, I'm a youth again, it was when you are raised to wash the body of his son. The surprise is that of a son as large as Mukumuku, I had gripper to mouth it. \"Mother! Mother ...! · Hardness is increased in the \"mouth, seemed to be even greater, and leave as soon as possible the bath, with two people naked and son, not in the bedroom, was laid a futon in Japanese-style room, where I son We were welcomed to open the body. I felt the hot semen in me no longer, many times I was challenged by recovery in me at first. I only kept alive, I had already past the midnight If noticing. We were gone to bed naked and son. Toka breast, here and there had become riddled hickey If you look at the body in the shower the next morning. Every day I have become day-to-day, such as honeymoon though.

Son likes

The refuse even invited to Sanae and friends for the family until now, we have played a chaste woman. Past also the sixtieth birthday, the limit of a woman as the other was just barely. My husband is also no longer required my body, I can not do it anymore if there are still desire. I also want to feel indecent big time with men other than my husband as Sanae friends.
At that time, my son I was me coming back to the country from Tokyo. As an accountant was a desire, my husband was a great joy to son footsteps of the parent. And and until the entrance to the University grandson is was a high school student, daughter-in-law of the son was only in Tokyo. Delusion and desire of each other bulge gradually such two people, everyday of two people gradually began to crazy, you were drowned in the forbidden fruit of incest. Joy of the woman who had forgotten, of course, without fear of pregnancy, we accept the body of the semen son. Son joy obscene pubic hair and chooch and ass, big momma your milk is nice, I also drunk libido energetic young son, body and soul I will stomach woman son now.

Twin father

 My father is an identical twin. Of course, my uncle looks just like my father, and neither my mother nor I can tell. The only grandmother I was able to distinguish died about three years ago, and I wonder if they are the only ones who know.  I have a physical relationship with that uncle. I've loved my uncle since I was in elementary school, and I used to take him to shopping and drive, but from that point on, I was touched, licked, and licked my dick. Or let me ejaculate ... It was pretty early when I was in 6th grade.   I don't think it's usually possible to have someone who looks exactly like your father, but I've always loved my dad at the father complex, and even if I was made to do naughty things by my uncle, I felt like I was being made a dad, so it's very comfortable and habitual. It has become.   The uncle is married. However, my wife is infertile and has no children. Therefore, I think it was a smiley sight that my uncle loved me instead of a child from the surroundings. Behind the scenes, no one would have thought that they would take a bath together, have sex, and even have sex in the bathroom.  Etch is also a vaginal cum shot on a safe day, but basically rubber is used. I beg for it even on dangerous days because it feels better to be raw, but my uncle was calm there.  I'm still continuing that kind of relationship, and it's summer vacation this year that I'm about to take the exam when I'm in middle three.  It was midnight when it was very hard to sleep and it was hot and humid. When I was rumbling in the futon, the door of the room opened gently and someone came in. Someone sneaked into my futon without hesitation, touching my chest and butt from behind and pushing the hard ones. Oh, my uncle has come. I tought. Only my uncle suddenly did such a naughty thing, and I thought so in a hurry and left myself to caress my uncle.  My uncle's hand took the button on his pajamas early and was stripped naked in no time. Then he was pulled a lot and laid on his back, covered his uncle, and rubbed his chest while deep kissing.  At that time, I learned that my uncle's cheeks were hot, that he smelled alcohol, and that he had a tingling sensation in his beard.  This is not an uncle.  I knew how to taste the kiss. My uncle loves to suck and lick his mouth soaked and not as violent as this. Above all, my uncle doesn't drink so much. Because it will go down soon.  But it's definitely the uncle who is still deep kissing in front of me ... but this is my dad! I tought.  In the first place, my uncle doesn't live with me, so I can't come at this time. I live within an hour's drive, so I can't come.  Dad gave a fierce deep kiss, and this time he sucked his chest and rubbed it a lot. I was licked a lot while making a nasty noise, and I feel like I'm crazy about it.  That's not to say, but I also felt comfortable and became a real incest, but I felt good and I was panting as usual. "Ah, good ... my boobs feel good ..." Dad's hand went into his underwear while sucking his boobs. It's already guchogucho. I stroked the chestnuts, stroked the cracks, and then my fingers slowly came in. The fingers are a little thicker than the uncle. I was so excited just to think that I was accepting my father's finger in my vagina, I was agitated inside, went in and out, and panted a lot. "Oh,'a! Say,'an! Good, Iiyoo ...'omanko feels good Yoo' !!"  is suffering in 3 Yet so etch, dad to wet like a had to incontinence plenty worry too much I didn't seem to do it. Did you notice your relationship with your uncle? I was wondering if I thought I was a nympho daughter, but my dad's fingering was so comfortable that I didn't care about everything anymore.  My legs were held up and turned into a piledriver, and my dad licked and sucked her pussy with a terrible noise. This is a bit tough on my posture, but I'm really excited because I can see my dad stretching his tongue and licking it. "Ah! Good, I like cunnilingus! Lick more chestnuts! Ah! Ah! Ah!"  When I was panting while giving out a lot of love juice, my dad stopped turning back and lay on his back. I pulled my arm and offered my dick, so at 69 I sucked a lot of my dad's dick. The size is not so different from the uncle, but the real father's dick has a stronger sense of immorality, and the nasty feeling was more than double that of the uncle's blowjob.  I made a lot of noise and sucked a lot, sucked and licked the bag, and my dad's dick became gingin.  After 69, I was crawl on all fours, and I just went from the back to the back! !! Was put in. It was a shock that I thought it had reached the uterine ostium. Grab your hips and you're crazy! !! Feel like. "Oh, Oh, Oh! Oh good !!, good! Feels good! Dad feels'm Oh!"   I was shouting about. Then my dad, who was crazy about himself, stopped moving and said , "What are you talking about, uncle? You made a mistake because they  are similar . " I've already noticed it, but now I'm thinking about it, but I didn't want to pursue it persistently and stop halfway through, so I said, "Oh! I'm sorry! But can I call you my dad now? Only now, only now! Ah !! ”  When I asked him to do so while going around to the G-spot, he was told that it was only today, and after that he became a woman on top posture and shook his hips a lot. "Aa !! Anne! Good sauce !!, father of the penis feels Tsu !! Dad, Dad!"  As they call dad, is intensifying the movement of the father of hip, Oman also increases your penis in this went. I think my dad was also excited. It's a genuine incest, and I also realized that I really wanted to have sex with my dad while having sex with my uncle.  After riding, I was in the missionary position, and my dad grabbed my hips again and pushed me up. "Oh! An! An! Dad! I'm going, I'm going !!!!" "Dad is going too! Is it a dangerous day today?""Dangerous, I say if Dad! Semen to not at !! pussy pulled out all put out! Oh! Oh !!! IG !! IG uhh uhhーーー!!!!!"  another, full of sound mark to scream I screamed like I was screaming and I knew I was barking.  Like the water coming out of the faucet, I felt that a lot of semen came out like a dewar, and the uterus was covered with my father's semen. Dad hugged me for a while and stayed covered, and finally pulled it out after the dick had withered. The feeling that semen leaked out was the most annoying.  "Because it's a secret tonight . " "Yeah, I know. Come again. Dad's dick was really nice. I want it again."  Dad was a little awkward, but he nodded silently and went out. did.  After that, I also have sex with my uncle, and sometimes at midnight, I enjoy vaginal cum shot with my dad who pretended to be my uncle.  I also confessed to my uncle about my relationship with my dad, and after I said it, my uncle has been vaginal cum shot. It seems that one of the babies will get pregnant. But I'm very happy.     

It is found in the master and during son


It had been thought high school third grade son, and I'll be on summer vacation memories of the last this summer vacation. It was the first experience of the son obedient to me from before,
my husband
has had with the relationship work only, and son left to me that his
son, it was welcomed with gifts me to celebration of entering high school. My
husband's a state, such as the mother-to-child households like a bachelor in.  I did not know, but my husband and since the credit bureaus, it seems was investigating secretly son relationship with me. A few days after seen the middle, envelope arrived from my husband, I was surprised to look at the pictures that had been entered in the opened the seal. documents and can be confirmed date and time photo of when it comes out with the photographs I enter the hotel and son, and only not a day, photographs of during that love each other outdoors and son went on a drive to Re them, DVD is also enclosed during and son is what I had been recorded firmly in videos. It's a movie that either would be a telephoto lens, face can also be confirmed clearly by what it has been taken from somewhere hidden. I think that's was stamens mind that the \"house is bad, but I was we take for No way, the attitude of you guys is funny something When I came home, I allowed to study the credit bureaus, my husband if return home secretly , and because it is the middle of summer vacation by any chance, the prediction Itayo then it would be during sex \"that day, hiding in front of the chest not get out of the futon naked and of course my son, I multiplied by the futon to son I was hiding the face so as not to be seen in the master. I'm shambles, it can not be the excuse. Said my husband and mailing divorce, it came line exits the house packed up. My parents was funded also have this house, and his son is what I live, but the income you can live in my income, but the nearest to think that would be seen that during my husband surely did not. Son's me worried, but I will continue to as not to burden. We were hugged strongly son \"Let's love each other, and my mom is now\" immediately after my husband left the house.

It is found in the master and during son


It had been thought high school third grade son, and I'll be on summer vacation memories of the last this summer vacation. It was the first experience of the son obedient to me from before,
my husband
has had with the relationship work only, and son left to me that his
son, it was welcomed with gifts me to celebration of entering high school. My
husband's a state, such as the mother-to-child households like a bachelor in.  I did not know, but my husband and since the credit bureaus, it seems was investigating secretly son relationship with me. A few days after seen the middle, envelope arrived from my husband, I was surprised to look at the pictures that had been entered in the opened the seal. documents and can be confirmed date and time photo of when it comes out with the photographs I enter the hotel and son, and only not a day, photographs of during that love each other outdoors and son went on a drive to Re them, DVD is also enclosed during and son is what I had been recorded firmly in videos. It's a movie that either would be a telephoto lens, face can also be confirmed clearly by what it has been taken from somewhere hidden. I think that's was stamens mind that the \"house is bad, but I was we take for No way, the attitude of you guys is funny something When I came home, I allowed to study the credit bureaus, my husband if return home secretly , and because it is the middle of summer vacation by any chance, the prediction Itayo then it would be during sex \"that day, hiding in front of the chest not get out of the futon naked and of course my son, I multiplied by the futon to son I was hiding the face so as not to be seen in the master. I'm shambles, it can not be the excuse. Said my husband and mailing divorce, it came line exits the house packed up. My parents was funded also have this house, and his son is what I live, but the income you can live in my income, but the nearest to think that would be seen that during my husband surely did not. Son's me worried, but I will continue to as not to burden. We were hugged strongly son \"Let's love each other, and my mom is now\" immediately after my husband left the house.

I have incest my family ...

We are a family of three. Until last year, I was a normal family ... My husband was 52 years old, I was 46 years old, my son was 19 years old, and I spent a year studying at a prep school, but this year too ... I can give up and go to a vocational school. I proceeded to say that it wasn't , but I really wanted to go to the university of my choice, and when I tried my best for another year, I lost my time. My son's appearance changed after he failed the university of his choice twice. My son has never had a relationship with her or a woman. I knew that I had been masturbating since I was in the second year of junior high school. On the day I fell into college, I came home and closed in my room. I went to my son's room to carry dinner, and when I knocked into the room, "You can enter " , my son was naked. Ochinchin also had an erection. "Mom, tell me sex" I hugged her naked and I resisted, my son seemed to give up "Mom, I'm sorry, I'm the only one, I have no female experience, I'm a virgin so I'm going to drop college "I'm stupid." " I think it's better to have an agreement with your favorite woman to say that, not your mother ." The son seemed to be convinced, dressed and "I'm sorry, somehow. I'm sorry. "He apologized. I was back to my usual son. After leaving the room, my son Ochinchin has grown up properlyI was relieved. At night, I told my husband what happened today before going to bed. What a ridiculous answer came back from my husband, "Naoto (son's name) is still a virgin, maybe you are a mother's boy because you spoil it, a woman other than your mother, no interest, your thoughts I wonder if I'm masturbating while I'm masturbating, but I feel like I understand, but if you want to have sex with you, I'll tell you how to take a step, and I don't care about the goodness of a woman. " " You, You 're kidding, you can't do that, to me. " " Naoto is now mentally involved, and pondering, suicide isn't a shame. " " You have sex with me. It's okay, I understand. I will accept it the next time I'm asked , I don't think it's possible. " " It's bad for you, but it's my first time, and I think it's great if I can get inside, but I want to get pregnant. But I ca n't do that, I think it's safe. " I don't have a uterus anymore, so I can't make a baby. That's why I fell in love with it. The next morning, my husband talked to me about something and then went to work. During the day, my husband called me. "Naoto is going to stay with a friend today. I'll have sex for the first time in a while, remembering yesterday's story, I got an erection, now."It's been a long time since my husband asked for it, and it burned at night. Shaburi my husband's cock, my husband licks my pussy, first at the top, then at the woman on top posture, then from the back, when the cock comes in, something is different, "Mom, come out " imperceptibly, Naoto Looking back, my husband is behind Naoto " Naoto, I do not put up, once, out once you " was found was issued during sperm. "Naoto, What happened to the" "Today's morning, and told Dad mom and I want to have sex with me, is said to leave it to the father, was watching from the beginning, I great, thank you mom." I I don't know what it is, when I see my husband, "I'm graduating from virginity safely. Tell me the goodness of a woman," my husband is strange, sex with my family "Hey, sucking my cock " Do it." I was panicking, and Naoto put out a cock in my mouth saying "Please," and I added it, my husband gave me a cock with sperm and my love juice sticky on my ass. I lifted it up and inserted it from the back "It's a mess, it's a mess, with my sperm and your man juice" My husband seems to be excited and the thrust is intense, I said "Iku, Iku, Ikuwa"... at the height and penis clasped Naoto husband does not mind, my body is out freaking continued thrust "more, more, feels attached, feels" will be out panting in front of Naoto, Naoto I was sucking my cock violently. "Naoto, please massage your boobs, because my mom will be pleased." Naoto rubbed her boobs with her upper body raised and put her face under her boobs and licked it. Reason was flying. The husband ejaculated as it was, and left the room saying, "Let's enjoy it together." I remember Naoto ejaculating three times. When I woke up in the morning, I was hugging Naoto. When I put my hand on the pussy, it was still messy. I woke up and took a bath together. My husband already seemed to go to work and wasn't there. It's been almost two months, but I'm asking for 3P on weekends, Naoto almost every day.

And elder brother of relatives

I am only 15 years old.
Yesterday, the memories of summer vacation last, I was the H in my room with your brother of 18-year-old relatives.
To the H in the second time, when the cock of your brother is coming over there for me, it was painful at first, but it came made ​​comfortably gradually cock your brother is moved, in the head is gradually I Become a pure white, with want to see your brother went to one that is not gibberish, first round eyes was not as much fun.
I can wear gym clothes, you can wear a bathing suit, with or pajamas, in a variety of dress, second round eyes, has the H while wearing, by shifting only pants.
It was lots of fun
I think this time, and I want to the H older brother is, also, Once passed the university.
I mean, cock your brother is ... Because it is my favorite