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Incest confession of women(2014-09)

Awakening ...

It is a housewife in their 40s.
I was married at the time of the 34-year-old.
I was the first marriage, but my husband is 49 years old in the remarriage.
There was a son of 17 years old and 19 years old.
The dedicated her virginity to her husband of 15-year-old older person like dad is like, I, were married in the extent to which etch also count originally.
After one year have been married, at 20 years old, I was having a physical relationship with the eldest son is the eldest at 35 years old.


yuna himekawa[18284]
Is 44 years old housewife.
My husband lived with serious salaryman, a 19-year-old son. One afternoon, it was around dusk anymore, I had folded the laundry that had been incorporated. We have not put the lights in the room, it was only a faint light from the windows, but there is no particular problem because end immediately. When viewed in the hands of the briefs son, just because it was felt that different from the husband's interest was aside while you are touching somehow. And whether to become what I feel Why do not you wear a little and causing the offense, and I tried to put it straight down the underwear of his stand up. When I see you posing in front of a full-length mirror as it is, it has become very strange feelings H. While imagining what you put your finger from the fold of cloth that important things of the son is out, became firmly son, I was entranced and Tsumuri eyes with feeling like you're grabbing. From the back side, I was run down on the tatami as it is Dakitsuka someone suddenly. I do not know what happened. Words did not even out by the sudden too. And at the same time be pressed forcibly on the tatami, and come Nokka~tsu on top of the body, and has been on his back. It was an event of a blink. Opponent will not issue a word of the language. It is Noshikakara from the top, face has been kept to a chest of opponent. Breath emanating from the throat and ha-ha you hear .... While not paralyzed, underwear is stripped from the lower body, the hand is devoted to per crack, you have stroked back and forth busy. When divine the vagina with a finger immediately, it is out to put in the finger. This couple also have pledged forcibly finger at a time, but it did not feel painful. Okay up earlier, or probably because had a lewd dressed in front of the mirror, in my coming is wet. It was very embarrassing feeling just is was known to man. Sucks it in the mouth alternately man and raised rubbing bustling with both hands and both breasts. Is weak is most bullied the breast, but it is to smoke or licking relentlessly. The head of the man down to crack, while licking up and down using the tongue relentlessly, finger moves around the inside of the vagina. I will and of course in the good feelings of the other. Because it was dusk, and there was no room to make sure even the face of the opponent in a dim room. While the finger out, man seemed took off his underwear. Hard objects of man will turn poking around the crotch and stomach. Eventually, hard objects are inserted, it will be out violently. It's a stimulus strong enough you have never felt until now. A small voice will come out even blunder. It lasted a while, the movement of the man and eventually stops, man comes clinging tightly than ever. Voice of \"Attu\" ... is. I see that ejaculated. In the vagina, penis Pikupikuto are moving. Turn the hand to the body of a man thinking, I quickly pressed the waist. However, I was wondering is not away from the body quite even over. If you look, you cover it with hand face, it does not work. If you try putting aside hand fearfully, I was surprised. There, the face of the son wet with tears .... The surprise indeed, I jumped. And I had been fucked by son. Too late, you can not blame the son anymore. Son I had seen hiding in the next room to the act of me. It is then, but stealing the eyes of his master, when such absence, it is a couple of times a month, but I feel a joy to act with the son. It is a bad housewife be too embarrassed to face the master.

That you dont

It is a full-time housewife of 55 years old.
Is there still a libido, but my husband does not me to the other party.
It was only fun it is to the two over-Ona in ~Tsu downy become naked after sending the husband and (28 years old) children.
My son would be seen suddenly appeared where it was enjoying to buy sex toys in the mail order. I stayed with no move would upset ashamed to be seen dressed
crying \"are you my mother
what?\" \"Why are you?\"
also hail.
I'm embarrassed because I was looking at the treatment that has put the toys over there. Is that part of the son and I said, \"I also? Whether'll help something\" and
look at such me, \"I'm rested today.\" \"You work?\" In words other than that I was surprised to look closely was inflated. Son began to undress while saying \"How do I help yours?\" And \"Try using the cock of my if you like?\" \"I'll not be able to do that\", \"I ze can be\" so. Diacetic stunning Paix bulging greatly when there was appeared to take off the pants of the last. It was included in the mouth penis and lead to his son feeling Nare even if the other two graphics Paix seen in a long time, my dick is tingling with di ~ tion. It was just like when I was young husband hot to very hard. Son also makes it caress the labia or chestnut. I was welcomed into my diacetic Paix son telling my husband is all bad. Feels Unlike toys real still. The good son to move the hips slowly, my son what are accustomed. You are massaging the breast even shaking his hips. It can be seen it's pleasure, liquid is spilling over. Dick my sperm has been poured into the \"I Iku~tsu\" long time \"It seems to me to go Mother,\" \"to say any time I'll say\" the movement of the son becomes violently. My son has put in back to back to squeeze out to the last drop. The \"I'm good, it's had sex I wonder what years since\", \"cock How was Mother of? Me\" and \"I'm gonna check the no to so much'm What?\" \"I I did not to Yeah\" with \"What Dad's is \"had comforted alone and lonely Now that you are denied\", even if I asked \"I'll I'll have the other party in the future\", \"really\"? okay even this mom \"If you ever want to'm not a\" lie Before saying any time \"The Eye\" I am happy \"is now bright with the package.

That of the son

I embarrassed you in this year I but I was related to the son. This spring, I was invited me and the Kyoto tourism in the sixtieth birthday celebration and retirement age. Tourist museum, shrine, zoo, and Nijo Castle was moved by taxi, including the Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto after a long time. I was able to look at the night view of Kyoto from the observation room after dinner, in Kyoto Tower recommended a taxi driver. Why do not you try dive into the unknown to the couple coffee shop then, and why do not break the driver's, and to enter the middle! I asked the coffee while I think that the edge of the board. ! Son and I have been guided to the narrow passage near your room and will for a while. There is a partition of the small window in the room of each other, I can peek at the next room from the window. son is looking through the next your undertone to Komoreru, was beckoning to place your hand on your mouth. The party can stay young men sucking your Chichichi middle-aged aunt half-naked state. It said in a low voice to his son and unpleasant Yawa, and tries to leave, my son is kiss is sideways hug, my son's has been overhanging on me .... Purpose of the son is easy to see, I was like as a clearance from the spot. But cock son I came into the secret parts quickly ... and we have to open the legs suddenly son is young men, and the naked me ... And I've been holding my body by force .

... mom is suspected

Car of brother that lives away and out of the home,
I went to love hotel on the outskirts, if you have sex in staying on the weekend,
it was suspected to mom \"You, No way, ... with your brother,\" he said.
And because had met frequently, Guru's mother is also unreasonable doubt does not have any.
My brother and I'm a relationship to each other to move the hips in close contact with the genitals of each other since I was in elementary school.
It is now as to accept the penis of my brother has gone to junior high school, it is a real sex.
there was also that the mother came home from work, was seen a treatment that sleeping in the same futon brother and I have done the act, but
it was only thought to be brother and sister good terms,
it is suspected that time did not crack. I bought Yaba If you have been turned over the futon. Even while anxiety that has been suspected in the mother, the love hotel, been poked violently to his brother, it is me that is attached brother Nishigami \"Brother, brother, matter of liking, love!\" He said.

I will introduce your wife horny

the spark at any ... time, not that [edit]
S women we also spent a day to day M women ... S men and M men hiding a ... obscenity propensity, but had to know once, that pleasure is forgotten I have kept in the body. It will introduce your wife horny until Queen suits high-heeled from others wife of M slave writhe in shame without being known to husband or wife. S M men and men, please contact us. The-nine六○三一二六一四八○ ... also your opportunity to get to know his wife Horny

And sister

A few years have passed and I would like to etch and sister, but it was able to etch and sister at last! And I was invited from those of sister! I was thinking whether to invited from more of my sister and appeal that you want to etch it can not be there How can I do that invites from towards me because chicken ne 20 sister 24 I for the time being. I who had noticed One day I'm not wearing only shirt and pants at home from the usual, but my son I see from the gap what you write Agra in the state of only this pants! May even when amazing Nante Porontto out from the gap. I can sit cross-legged open the crotch as possible trick invisible son just sat in the ordinary course was using this. It has continued it I much on a daily basis also rice other than I was always as visible from the side of her sister so as not to appear to parent Like when you eat rice First I point is to create as much as possible the gap between the pants and feet son I was Porori more than usual the day you ever yet I had to leave it, even while I think this is a first squid indeed 70% more about Kana was out pants rolled up, but Then I 'll \"w'm seeing a little\" finally I have to say! I knew what it is! Or be seen of course, but think only shoe Chue Activation up here actually has been said shyly kinda \"I'm visible penis but w\" I After doing answer \"What? Picture?\" I is all but went far much trouble you've said that I do not know of Kawake while sisters son as \"sorry beard Aimusori w O\" in his original did not Nde gone upset tremendous I thought it was over. But my sister has a bite \"? W not less hundred Nochinko Heck!\" \"I try to show a little\" sister upset MAX me I say \"or so? Eh? It? All'm not small\" I I! Was going hid upset \"that?? Should not small\" I \"w Yo what erection Taseten\" sister I Bing when you put down the pants of course that was down to the bottom of the son pants stood up gently And then what The hand-job a little it was state masturbation again been even or grasp them is touching in silence or are you upset her sister was silent anything words also not out with upset anymore wanted Ya have touched suddenly without saying too? embarrassing I told the Boso~tsu sister and me \"? May I try licking\" When I also feel licking normally at first sister began licking without any resistance as soon as you say Bosotto only with \"Yeah\" I do not even know whether the poor sister was unknown world Nante virgin Blow Blow whether good to be honest it came gripper When finished licking the whole. It felt good anyway.

It is a housewife, which celebrated its Isoji already

Good morning. I am a housewife that are on the part about three times a week. It is a sexless state with her ​​husband for several years, but
my son go to work already and son ... husband instead. Son will go to work from her husband out of the house before always. On the day there is no part of me, ...
you guys, do you think how such a me barely etch time and son? !

Anal masturbation mother

The spans in the table Diddle, we will look at the mother that moved up and down the ass to put Diddle anal naked in the lower body.

That you dont

It is me who came to mother-to-child incest is entreaty to his son, but it has become to invite the son actively more from my days.
I work for a design company in the 42-year-old junior high school student of 14 years old, my husband is my son housewife of 36 years old.
Business trip to rural areas many, not at home only three or four days a month my husband.
I opened your body as you are entreaty is spying son the figure of masturbation was remembered loneliness of sleeping alone, and since I at one time, but it was messed up in the pleasure of mother-to-child incest.
The back of the throat to swallow the penis was engorgement of the son, and swallow hot semen directly, pleasure dazzling.
And, son who sucking noisily love juice full of it with a mouth in the vagina, which takes you to lick the inside to gouge the vagina stretched long tongue.
You would think when they enter the penis son burned hot as fire divided the folds of the vagina, what I do and even be made ​​anymore.
I was doing only in the mouth and vagina until now, but recently, I had to do anal for the first time.
The other, it is as it sounds in comfortably with comfortably, and to die. Son was also ejaculate 3 times in a row to anus at that time, but not only that, but I was also me pee.
It is the so-called urine enema. I've found clear urine and semen son It was coming into the intestine from my anus.
It was about a very good feeling, was overflowing joy juice and zing is understood myself. I say to my son Become want to defecation them, son I was wearing a mouth on my anus Unplug the penis.
I, I said, let righteousness from dirty, but the son does not listen to you say, to not be completely put up the urge to have a bowel movement, I also I have to defecate into the mouth of his son at last.
Because I have gone to the toilet before you fuck all the time, it did not defecate very little, but still solid came out a little I understand.
Son I was sucking me all while wearing a mouth on my anus. Not only that. It is to say so far as I want to pee on me.
Remains to find the son, and Ategai genitals to the mouth of the son, I was urinating the plunge.
The swallow crazy to not breathtaking, my son told me that it I was delicious.
I've implore someone to pee suck, son of the penis son crazy.
I thought it was my son gave me a lot to urinate in my mouth, but a very tasty.
We are mother-to-child incest almost every night, but now as a set urine enema and anal intercourse, Since then we have committed to drink urine of each other.
Yesterday son, bothers me to say and so on I want to lick at the time of the physiology of the mother now,
but they are thought inwardly, and I want you to lick my son.
We not only have mother-to-child incest, I'm even feel the joy in erotic Kinky.

Sex with son

Is my full-time housewife. There is a 20-year-old son to me. I was born at the age of 18. I told my son wants to have sex with mom from son at the time of the 18 relationship with the son was called useless because it is parent and child of the real, but I told my son and I want you to show a beautiful naked mother.
I did not collect because I wanted to have sex because I do not have about a year to sex with my husband right now. Was declined once sex with son, but my son came into when I'm taking a bath. There son had a erection as well. I was licking at the mouth son you have an erection involuntarily I also have the excitement to see it. Finally it became more intense sex and son were subjected to a large amount of semen on my face semen son Upon exiting from the bath. I have even now sex with me and my son since.

Sex with son

Is my full-time housewife. There is a 20-year-old son to me. I was born at the age of 18. I told my son wants to have sex with mom from son at the time of the 18 relationship with the son was called useless because it is parent and child of the real, but I told my son and I want you to show a beautiful naked mother.
I did not collect because I wanted to have sex because I do not have about a year to sex with my husband right now. Was declined once sex with son, but my son came into when I'm taking a bath. There son had a erection as well. I was licking at the mouth son you have an erection involuntarily I also have the excitement to see it. Finally it became more intense sex and son were subjected to a large amount of semen on my face semen son Upon exiting from the bath. I have even now sex with me and my son since.

Tryst with son

The Shota (21-year-old company employee) and son (42-year-old housewife), has piled up secret meeting once a month me.
Went to the city that never known two people and dating secret meeting lovers like. Also that day in early September, after the physiology of me, according to the day of paid leave of Shota, and went out. You can entwined their arms, and join hands and walk in harmony, a shopping mall. Where there is no popular or elevator, and because once a month ... or kiss, Shota is another, the Gingin a state you can see. Two people on the deck outside, say so ... even while drinking coffee, I can not stand. When I touched a little, hard young, it is Gingin. 'm Here ..., no way ... I unreasonable, pulling my hand, Shota you whisper in my ear ... The Blow 's Shota rises. For a while, I was hanging around. And where ... I guess I should go over there? Look ..., in front of the eyes ... over there, the arrow of the toilet I saw. Really? Shota ... get out of my ... 's ... I'll go. Around the corner, into the toilet at the back. Hey, I was hesitant, but had been overpowered. The wicket the arch, make sure that there is no sign of people ... to toilet space, Shota, has led to a private room of a multi-purpose toilet me. Close the door quickly, and close the key. The hands together in the face, really, here? · Lower the zipper of jeans, ... Shota'm fine was issued, a hard penis. The idea was, I was narrowing squatting in front of Shota. And, I will continue in the mouth, a hard penis. Voice of Shota will to indecent. Finally, in my mouth, Shota was emit extract. As always, I will give to drink. and, because it was something of Shota love, I'll feel like having her drink. The Totonoe jeans, make sure that there is no sign of life, pull my hands, open the door, and came out quickly. As if nothing had happened, I walk. On the way, passing the older man, was pounding, but pulled the hand to Shota, and went out. Nice hotel. Ritual once a month will begin. Razor and shaving cream. In addition to clean, the hair has been growing my, at the hands of Shota, we will be shaved. And bathed again ... shower for shame, the voice of Shota such ... will return to bed'm beautiful. Gently and carefully, Rim, the body of me, you love me. And more, you love me carefully, the part of the woman that was shaved clean. While teasing from the outside, gently, I'll open the door on the tip of one's tongue. The tongue ... hated ... Ugh ... Oh, captures the sensitive bud, is sucked up, you roll. Sometimes, into the vagina, and insert the extended tongue. The entangled and fingers Shota, we will infatuated desperately. It seems to understand the power enters the finger, I is going to climb. Tongue of Shota, I ... oh ... will climb to the top of the first so ... i ... Iku~tsu ... Itcha-i there ... Oh ... Aa. in those words ... I was cute, ... voice becomes embarrassed and very, gently smooth, it is cunnilingus. Son, in the tongue of the son who bore his hurt his stomach, I love me, the place where he came born. As much a going crazy, I feel good. Then, it would be from the top, from behind, sitting face-to-face higher up, been attacked, many times been squid. After you have finished, it becomes exhausted, the power will not turn on. In addition, take a shower together, at the hands of Shota, will wash gently clean, the part of the woman. Bud and also become sensitive, where it is squid. Secret meeting next month, around this time today's fun.

Boy I love you do not you

Boy of 18 years of relatives around 10:00 promise reason to have come over me doing what I have been doing the home garden. . . > It's got a souvenir is said to be 's for a while Machiko Aunt, It' s the first time in three years. . . , Everyone. . . It does not change down. . . From out \"It was give out a Calpis\" and the bath and I get into the bath feeling because bad pride and sweat I while the ,,, small talk was passed through a living room while talking etc. \"... .. toward the living room and dressed in \"body, and came up with nasty things in my mind when I'm back in front a little\" talk \"to leave the bath and in walked. . . . ? The painted pink lipstick, while singing to humming \"Zukine one future\" of shook the perfume, it was give out rice lunch also at the bottom and around the chest. . . . ? It's looking at me and shimmering while eating rice yan Tomochi of relatives, my thing is it feels like anxious, since sat down next to it shyly After accosted and Come here when you are finished eating It was multiplied by the voice and you can view the TV together. . . The Yu~tsu that was getting sleepy me, and was snuggled up together Chillan. . . \"Hands're old\" lips have touched my chest while leaked of provoking a friend Chillan with or close spread legs Sarakedashi the hem close your eyes lightly to \"work wonders\" Haahaa solution hands of Yuku growth at the bottom while the kiss. . . . ? To defeat press me. You are trying to put into in the body of my Chinpoko that spread legs, erect and lower the pants, and of trying to put the Chinpoko in the body of my force while sweat on the forehead while Haahaa hurts \" licking here waiting \"and because I wash clean, staring open with a finger flower villa, and when I turned away for shame, you want to put in\" in to lick the ice cream has been licked well may go The take off of voice multiplied the \"down\" clothes to try in bed w by \"Wait, it's multiplied by the Yaito voice and Sshi need here. Then she are trying to put in the Chinpoko you erect is open the legs came sunk into the futon bed quickly, I whether on me but it feels like this does not work hard, become poor if you are teasing, and friend I have across the top and lying down Chillan, I became down to put as far as it will go sinking waist Chinpoko you have erection. . . With want to see for the first time yan Tomochi, it was pushed up the chest waiting painful heavy Chiyotto. . . ? Oh yeah like that up and down up and down while pressing the hips turning like a figure-of the hip \"seems to use the coach of sex\" and to to get one's arms around me and with the elbow. . . ? Oh, oh, oh, oh. . . Feeling is good. . . Pretend pretend voice from being out of the neck with his eyes closed. . . ? I'm waving the waist put on the ass right to entangle the feet while and holding a young body. . . . The Yan Tomochi and by Chau in ShoHasama but while aloud. . . . I also gone sperm yan Tomochi at the same time that has flowed into the body of my aloud cormorants, and Wu. \"I ...? Down by secret of only two people on the way back just before\" and I went back with the H after you take a break

4 I want to get your virgin brother

You need to create a new one for the time being and since like I was full.

Acts of brother

I have an older brother of three older to me, but I am embarrassed to act a brother.
It is that my brother is in the act and napkins my underwear.
When I have a bath, I come to back for 15 minutes position to grasp the room brother is looking for my underwear from the washing machine of the dressing room, but went his brother have liquid that would have been used in the act is clearly'm attached to the crotch part If you look at the underwear.
Acts does not stop there, I will not extend to the napkin used.
And I have put a napkin used in the sanitary pot in the toilet, but they are to dispose of it wrapped in toilet paper and rounded, but it's been solved.
Liquid of cases there as well. Though it is physiological when there is a smell anxious myself, brother are you taking any action with it. Too terrible to Kink, if not women experience. Other men also or would you act like this? If you want to, you will to why?

The Sagewatashi son from husband

yuna himekawa[17763]
It is a 46-year-old housewife. It had been trained to master as a masochist slave, but was Sagewatasa truly bold like the one son became member of society graduated from college this time. Not and it'll be welcome in the nude at the door the ShinFutoshi like frogs from the company. As it is, your serving of your dinner, help with bathing, will be the toy of sex in the bedroom last.
So you're the contraceptive surgery, you do not have to worry about pregnancy, but it becomes a sex slaves of the real son is still, there is a painful thing.
Do not know or know the feelings of such me, you like or hole that was born of your own, holes in the back, strongly recommend that you use freely and mouth, extended with anoscope and Cusco sometimes, until observed ShinFutoshi like.
I must be to work hard, even if painful, it is likely to be when you are tired of ShinFutoshi like, it is auctioned at slave market.
Whipping to ass tonight it was tough. In technique and power of look-alike, it gave me the red ass of my young days my husband.

We are asked to comfort his son

It'm going with my husband, had a fight well until recently, a girl of 19 years old, when I fight with my husband one day, if you can not study it loud, I've been yelled son, me anymore work has been going out in the night shift, son naked by winding a bath towel out of the bath, when I was a Onani in the room, I came into the room, is the limit, his master, long and thick You stood Become a Gingin in Chinpoko horse wave and was placed on the waist and pulled into the futon in silence, and I'm trying to put in the pussy Chinpoko, but it feels like this does not work hard, the petals with your fingers hard cock is as far as it will go open, if you give to the induction and'm here here

3 I want to get your virgin brother

I feel like back in the day-to-day summer vacation is over, but it was now also SEX other than days off unlike before summer vacation now.
When it becomes your wanna Nichangashi late at night I come to my room. Is about twice a week, but come the time the parents had gone to bed at night became so slow it comes out than ever morning.
It comes in futon came the time it was only 12 o'clock yesterday.
And I thought your brother, it is three days after, and is not it? Around you are staying longer. Sometimes, I do have a lot. Brother going undressed me while saying Toka dance is dear.
What I'm a very 's man.
This morning, clean today? If you hear me, hugged me, It 's clean, and gave me a kiss to say so thanks to the dance.
Felt good? I was also a conversation H I'm felt good.

The relationship between son

It will be 47 years old, but was attacked by his son for the first time. I have been many times squid dick son is long and thick. And you say me to become a woman of my Mom to say that son. I do that it became a gangster to become a woman. Then are to do your daily sex. I hug my son is feeling well. My son is 25 years old, but I often make room house is not work. It is with the yakuza fellow if you think that it came back. And I have sex roll me from sleeping during the day. It's inspire me to fellow then when you finish. It is every day. Boss's son might be the fellow. Mine got bigger is because genital do with the two men having sex every day.

And son

My husband is remarried, but I seems to have been sudden death first marriage, madam. That thing does not want to talk there, I also do not touch. I had given up on marriage in the constitution that are difficult can be a child, but
it does not matter, \"even if the child can not, son, but I entered junior high school is introduced that there are men of Whirlpool who wants a second marriage, not the mother, because it is time mother is required to son, Will you live in this together ever before
\"That was the proposal. Summer vacation in junior high school three years, we love one and tied one to accept the son during the day there are no master and When was tied with his son. It was realized is called the \"mother\" for the first time at that time, hugged strongly son, again and again not challenged son, feeling in the back of hot semen, and was tied to one son is Dokun, and Dokun in me . 25 years old now, I am a 42-year-old husband. There is no dissatisfaction with sex life of the couple. Have hugging three days a week, you will be prompted fierce weekend nights, but my son so we have to study, we have become like love at the hotel and my husband during the day on Saturday worrisome still. It is around this time that I think you have a relationship secretly and son, and of us is called \"Mom\" and I am glad, and let them Aishiaere son forever.

I love my brother

I am parents and four under the brother and my family of four I brother at the time of the high-1 was followed all the way in the eyes and notice think pretty cute was troubled do not say in front of the parents that there is at such time idea I was , "Hey Dad, if you went Toka travel two people probably married first 20 years this year, Mom?" "did you do a sudden?" "because keep my answering machine," "I'll Apart from good" I was frankly stated otherwise But I was persuaded by Neba' "I'll ask you if say up there" "S (that of his brother) but it may be?" "Yeah," parents were supposed to go in one night and two days from Saturday next week next week - Saturday- morning We went out at the front door and my younger brother and I were originally good friends and killed time. "Maybe you just wanted to go and play with your two sisters? " Oh, that's not the case." I cooked lunch on the way . " What's good for the evening?" " Anything your sister makes." "This guy" " Ehehe" Finished eating After washing and playing the game again in the evening I went shopping and made a dinner to buy the side dish tonight and ate while watching TV together "I'll help you clean up your sister" S is a nice help gaveMe or me to wipe the table or carry the dishes , "my sister following is?" "Please enter the bath to Shi earlier ending another good'm washing dishes" "was found Yeah" S went to bath me tableware it is not seen while wiping all the end I took off the clothes went to the bathroom so as not to be noticed by S had to comfortably likely to sing the humming went into the bath opened the door went "a little sister " Don't come" "It's good, it's been a long time" " Hmm " "Open it because I'm in there" S entered by the edge "It's been a long time since then" "I don't know" "Sometimes it's good" the opposite was more of S and the "sister are working chest" S cried "?'re embarrassed if I also ~S" "I care because large different'm your sister chest" "I ne E cup such No I I " " began to wash the body while saying Fu Mmm, " I'll" I wash "and began to wash takes a sponge body of S was still raised wash cute dick also firmly in the child's body " next I I gave him a sponge and asked him to wash his upper body. S crouched down and started to wash the bottom. My dick is now in front of S. I had him wash it well.Body finish Wash and get out of the bath was a "Hey I to great pains dad also absent Mama," I went to the living room pull the hand of S naked not wear even clothes "I embarrassed my sister." "I also That's right, isn't it? ” S's dick was chewy by hand “ What are you doing? ” S immediately spilled liquid from there “ I want to feel good too ” “ What are you doing? ” “ My chest is licked " I don't like breast milk." "What are you talking about? I hate me?" "I like it." "I don't like it." S started licking my chest just because I couldn't help it . S was sucking his nipple without saying anything after a while "S I really wanted to do it" "No" My nipple was immediately just this time I lay down and put S on top was "now to what?" "because licking my dick I also lick of S" began licking dick to each other , "What I feel I quickly become large do of S?" "from your Nechankoso Bikubbiku' while ago "It's moving." "Something came out of my sister." "Lick this is love juice ." "Uh, it 's not very delicious." "Yes."I lowered S and on the contrary I got on S and I got on S's dick "I'll put it in" S shook his hips and I also moved up and down "Say when I'm about to get out" "Why?" "What if I put it in me and get pregnant ?" "Okay." " When you put it out, put it on my face." I brought S's hand to my chest while moving and rubbed it. "It feels good, doesn't it?" "Yeah, it feels weird." "I feel good. " "I can't tell my dad and mom ." " I don't know." "I know." "Your sister looks good. " I got off in a hurry. and S is brought dick on my face "I put out" I was wide open mouth is ejaculation of S flew in my face and mouth I will all be semen that was attached to the face drinking the semen of the mouth drinking raised was then S and I fell asleep in the living room while as it is embraced by the naked wearing clothes two people wake me get up when the S morning "I do not say I know" "you Nechankoso I said while cleaning up the room, my parents who were relaxing after eating breakfast will come back in the evening, so we took off the S pants that continued and gave a blow with a dickS is also my've massaged the chest turning the clothes as yesterday enjoyed could not be S is also full was ejaculate in my mouth me and as it is lie down on his back nipple S has been licked "also - When I did that, the clock was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I didn't realize that I hadn't eaten in the daytime, so I decided not to eat anymore. For another hour, "It's time to stop. " "Yeah." I and S said naked. We wore the clothes we wore in the morning and waited for our parents to return. "I'm home. " "Welcome back." "Both of us were on good terms." "Yeah." S was secretly me from behind. I touched my butt " Momo- etch" "Did you say something?" "Nothing" I wanted to do it again

It is not incest, but it ...


Mother was remarried at the time of the first year of high school I. Father-in-law was a friendly person, but the parties in the apartment there are only 3 rooms, I have changed in life that are difficult keeping the privacy of their own, I could not really feel joy remarried honest, mother. I've spent with a smile and if mother will be happy of course. For a long time, because it was 22 o'clock every night, that it has changed in the time that those able to spend freely by one person to hesitation by the mother's new partner had tormented me time until it his way home from the office of mother was of. When is a small apartment men there, and toilets bathing will become not ignore, and did not notice when I was first, but I was the first time I feel the sign of a person are close gradually. When the time of only two people mother to come home from work, it is because I feel the sign of father-in-law who is in the immediate vicinity at the time of the toilet and bathing. Figure reflected in frosted glass while bathing was found clearly also be had or have put your hand in the washing machine the clothes I take off, and (party was a Japanese style) outside the door even when the toilet at the sound of creaking corridor is because had the more I say every time. · At the time What have been, it is not known at all it is what that means to me in high school sophomore, Uncle just from being stay close to the time of toilet and bathing I hate. I did not feel only about that. I had noticed that those with the drop in bra and shorts of their own free and peek into the washing machine while wiping your body up from the bath is on one day, but his dirty is it at that time there is no intention was, and it was not a wonder it is also what. The time the state of the mother and father-in-law or I hear Tenitoruyouni also in the middle of the night, state of mind I was also there is little by little it became unstable, father-in-law is I no longer stay suddenly one day. \"And because I think was not pleasant to. Now. Rui-chan sorry for decided to break up the other dad\" feelings cute likely to how lonely mother even while there is \"Dad What did you do\" and I asked to my mother was, but I was pleased nisin that life always returns also the other hand, the. Without anything sources of information such as the Internet as of now concerned, I did not notice a lot of things to me in junior high school because there was no a place to know the sexual knowledge, unlike young people currently is. And things that we were drop that had been attached to the underwear I was shed and that Uncle had heard secretly the sound of urination my other side immediately of the bathroom door at that time barely since I became a 22-year-old what is father-in-law It was felt the embarrassment shocking enough fire exits from the face when it was found, all it is is what was with. But at that time, might be glad if there is no such thing as be touched to the body.