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Incest confession of women(2017-09)

Virgin son

yuna himekawa[32303]
My son (18 years old) said this when he was drying the laundry on the balcony this morning. "Hey, mom, my dick is weird, can you see it?" "No !!!!" "Mom, I don't really understand, so don't say that! Please!" I don't think my son will ask with a crying voice at any moment, so I decided to take a look. "Well ... I don't think my mom knows well, but I'm in trouble if it's going to be a big deal, so I'll take a look. Take down your pants. What's wrong ?" "It hurts." "Where is it?" "It doesn't hurt in this state." "Then it hurts?" The son whispered, "It hurts when I have an erection." "Eh !?" "It hurts when I have an erection ." Dayoo " " But you do not hurt because not now? not it can not be helped to say when you do not have erection! I put away quickly! " " But do !! now not you do not know whether it 's what hurts Contact huh's help'm in! "because to from not! our parents and children of no I!" 's no way that you can "do that or not you do not ask for other than" such that the parent !! " " ... Ja What should I do? " " Touch. I want my mom to squeeze my dick ... "My son said so desperately that I decided to rub my son's dick . "It can't be helped. Welcome here.""It's not going to get big ..." "Hey mom" "What?" "Blow job " I hesitated a little, but decided to do it for my son. "Does it feel good?" "It's amazing. It feels really good, mom." "It's finally getting bigger . Show me." I saw my son's dick for the first time, but honestly I don't think it's this big. did. Moreover, it was thicker, harder and bigger than my husband, and I hadn't had sex with my husband for a long time, and I felt a little strange because I had a blowjob. "I don't think there's anything strange about it ... It still hurts?" "It doesn't hurt as much now." "Yes ..." "Hey, can I touch it a little more?" "Eh! Why?" "Okay. . Mom feels weird. Now that I'm alone at home with you, why don't you have sex with mom if you can keep it secret? " " Ehhh ... " " no? " " I never was I SEX even... " " because I'll tell gently. the first time you huh-san and Jai and? ' 's fine !! mom Cite want to as "Oka-san?" "What because ashamed Don't let me say it again. ” By chance, that day I wore white lace underwear instead of the usual aunty underwear."Mom, let me take off my underwear." "Okay." My son took off only his bra, "Can I wear pants later?" " Let me like it." And a hot and dark SEX with my son in the living room. it started. My son's kiss was hot and I found that the pussy got hot and wet every time I entwined my tongue. Eventually my son's hand touched my chest, sucked my nipples and nipples like a baby, and when I was licked, I got sick. "Mom Daijobu?" "Oh, I'm fine. It's been a while since you're good, so I just got boobs." "It feels good?" "Eh, very" My pants were soaked with nasty juice. "I like my boobs, but I touched and licked my pussy quickly," I instinctively requested my son. My son said "OK" and opened my legs. "Mom's pants get wet and the pussy is transparent and you can see it." "Take off quickly . " When my son's hand got on the pants, I lifted my hips a little and made it easier to take off. My son's tongue licked her pussy when she said, "My mom's pussy is shining brightly. It's a little hairy but pink and beautiful. The clitoris is so big ." "It's delicious. Mom's pussy. It smells good." "Ah, it's good. It feels good.""Does it feel good here?" "Yeah, there! There! Ah, I'm gonna do it again." It was the second climax . "Hey, let me lick my dick." Then my son stood up and a strong dick appeared in front of my face. "Wow ... it's bigger than before. I wonder if it fits in such a thick pussy ..." I licked the bag, back muscles, corona of glans, etc. so carefully that I had never used it as my husband. "Oh, it feels good. Hey, I want to lick my pussy again," my son said, so I was in 69 positions. "Does it feel good?" "It feels good. Does it feel good to mom?" "It feels good ." " Oh! Mom feels good. " "It feels good. It 's in my mouth as it is. Your sperm drinks. "I want it" "Is it okay?" "Okay. Please have your sperm in your mouth !!" "It's going to be! Ah! Ah!" Then my son's dick is full of sperm in the pulsating mouth. It was released. "It's delicious ..." "Is sperm delicious?" "It's delicious. It's your cute sperm." As soon as I drank the sperm and cleaned my dick with my mouth, I got an erection. "Well! It's amazing when you're young. It's not just right now. You want to put it in your pussy soon?" "Can I put it in as it is?""Okay. Put it raw. Put it in the pussy this time." "Eh! Can I put it in?" "Eh, put plenty of your hot sperm in the pussy." "Pussy to and penis that contains the, let's was the normal position because I want to see your face. " " I put in Oka-san. " " because was not so big cock of the dad, is have slowly because I do not know enter. " so Speaking of saliva, a slimy cock hits the pussy and slowly pushes the entrance open and comes in slurping. As expected, the dick hit the deepest part of me. "Mom hit something." "It's okay. That's the innermost part of the pussy ." "The inside of the pussy is really warm and harder than I thought. The mouth was nice but the pussy feels much better. " Ah! Wow! The inside of the pussy is full. At first, poke slowly and big. "Then my son slowly shook his hips. "Uh !!" "Mom, is it okay? Did it hurt?" "It's okay. It feels good to hit the back." Every time my son shook his hips, he made a nasty noise from his pussy. "Wow. It's the first time for me to do this kind of dick. This time, I'll move in small steps ." "Let's do it ?" "Yeah! That's okay."This time, move as you like. Poke your mom as you like, fast or slow." My son is the first SEX, so he keeps shaking his hips crazy. " Ah, it hits the back! Yeah, poke more, more! Ah, oh!" "Mom looks good. Is it okay? Is it okay?" "Okay! I'm going too. I'm gonna go with you! Okay? I'm gonna go with you !!!! Ahhhhhhh !!! ”My son and I went together. I found that wavy sperm was poured in the pussy. "Hahhaddo? SEX was felt good?" "? Good to great was comfortable. The death" "I'll say if the time yeah nobody. Because I've sweat Let's take a shower." Say so in two I took a shower with people and did it twice more in the bathroom.

Seen by my father-in-law about my brother

When I got home around 3 o'clock, my father-in-law was drinking coffee alone. "Please excuse my father-in-law, it's late." My father-in-law is smiling.

With my brother-in-law ...

I was divorced a year ago, but I have had a relationship with my brother-in-law for half a year. I couldn't have a child with my husband, and my mother-in-law told me, "Why can't I have a child?" Even after the divorce, he came to see me on the 1st of the month, but I had a relationship because I was kind and lonely, but after a while my brother-in-law suddenly changed and my attitude and tone changed. It's getting worse and I'm starting to force me to do a lot of things. When my brother-in-law comes to the room, he is greeted naked, or in the middle of the night, he holds his brother-in-law's things with his upper and lower mouths, and makes him walk alone in the neighborhood with clothes with a very open chest and highly exposed clothes such as inseam 0 cm. When someone invites me, I'm forced to do what I'm told. At first, I really hated it, but I was surprised that I was such a metamorphosis, so what can I do next? I was looking forward to my brother-in-law coming, and when I told him that I wanted him to come more, he said, "I can only come once or twice a month, so if my pussy hurts so much, do it alone!" I'll prepare it, so it's time to become a public toilet to walk in. "He bought a lot of embarrassing clothes.

Long-distance relationship with my son

My son entered a university in Tokyo last spring and started living alone. Until now, my daughter and Yutaka were too close to each other and I felt uncomfortable. He said that he decided that he wanted to keep a distance from his mother, and that he agreed with him because he liked his mother and said that it was not good to stay anywhere. There was no day when I didn't wonder what was going on. One day my daughter told me that Yutaka loved her mother and wasn't interested in other girls, so this time it was a good opportunity for both Yutaka and her mother. I was told that my daughter hated me for some reason. I was told again that Yutaka liked me, and I lied to my husband and daughter that I wanted to meet Yutaka and went to Tokyo. When I asked the caretaker to open it and entered my son's room, there was a picture of me on the desk. I couldn't stop trembling when I saw it. When I sat down on my son's bed and pressed my face against the pillow, I smelled a nostalgic son, and as soon as I smelled it, I found my vagina getting wet. About an hour later, my son came back, and as soon as I saw him's face, tears overflowed and he clung to him. With a surprisingly sweet voice, my son said that he was lonely, and that he was thinking about his mother every night, and he hugged me and took me to bed. When my son took off my clothes with awkward hands and my son's fingers came into my vagina, I suddenly screamed, and when my son's cock came into my body, I love Yutaka! I loved each other many times until I got home the next day, and when I asked my son, he said he regretted coming to Tokyo at the beginning, and he took a look at my picture and relaxed himself. It seems that it wasMy son said he was glad that he ended up having this kind of relationship with his mom, he's only thinking about him when he gets home, when he doesn't have a phone call, by phone. , Call each other by name Toshiko Yutaka. Just talking to my son will get me wet, and I'll be back in Tokyo in a few days.

I'm worried

I am a 42-year-old single mother and an office worker. My ex-husband made a woman outside and divorced three years ago. When I got home after work last week, my daughter and son had sex. I couldn't tell you to open the door and what you were doing. My daughter Aki is an 18-year-old college student and my son Eiichi is a 16-year-old high school student. The next morning, when I sent them out and looked at the trash can in my daughter's room, I found five curled tissues. When I opened it up, Eiichi's sperm was sticky. I've raised two people by myself, but I don't understand why they ran into incest . The next day there were 3 lumps of tissue. It seems to be in the evening after I go to bed. I don't seem to be contraceptive. I don't know how to treat it. Please someone give me some advice.

My nephew has become a habit

Nephew of junior high school students in the younger sister of the child home is not playing well with my son so far not in a two-train stop to say that I do not want to go along with the parents when the sister couple to travel to the summer vacation had come to play in our house However, when my sons went out to play, I was taking a nap in the afternoon alone as usual. When I suddenly noticed a sign of a person, my nephew sat down at my feet lying on the sofa. stomach I of sleep disturbance and one foot in one knee up the inside of Shidokenai one piece fell off the sofa nephew had peek quietly continued to pretend to sleep not know what good to Tossa nephew face in one piece I was staring at it with zeal, but in the meantime, my nephew, knees, nephew, etc., which had been coated with pedicure, slowly reciprocated so close that I thought I might be licked. to had and, pinching finger the hem of the skirt, which was hanging on the knee was trembling and trembling nephew to fearfully chiffon dress was sliding down from the knee white thighs are to reveal that careful on my tan My nephew's face advances between the white thighs. I 'm staring at the wisteria-colored see-through flare shorts . After a while, I gently stood up and left the living room without a sound, and it seemed like I was out with the sound of the front door closing . I was alone, and I was strangely sick of the part.I was gently pushing it from the top of my shorts with my fingertips. Immediately after the squeaky feel, that part of the shorts was dark and wet . My nephew was dark and hot with a smoky heat. I came back with an innocent face with my nephew, so I may have forgotten something and happened to go back alone with my nephew, but the next afternoon I took a nap alone as well. My nephew was sitting next to me. Suddenly the dark heat of the previous day revived and my eyes became hot and hot. Something was switched on. My thighs closed gently. My nephew's face was pinched. My nephew's whole body was tense and hardened. My nephew's eyes were terrifyingly staring at me, sandwiched between the white inner thighs . was trembling so that I will not be smiling, the word is also not issued, only the index finger the against the lips was staring the nephew lay his hand on the head of a nephew you are trembling, changing the posture while slowly Masaguri the hair we will have sat on the sofa, it was to kneel on the carpet while pinched the face of a nephew of the crotch with protruding hips while pressing the head of the nephew was pressed against the nose also calm down gradually nephew had been to black-and-white of the eye I took a slow breath and became a dreamy face, but when my nephew's hand touched my leg, I took his wrist and gently glared and peeled it off. My nephew obeyed.I stayed still for about 15 or 20 minutes. When I gently loosened my knees and gently pushed my nephew's shoulders, my nephew stood up vaguely as if I woke up from my dream. "Play with me, whispering unvoiced. When I moved my lips, my nephew read the lips firmly, nodded obediently, and went out. From the next day , I had to spend a silent time with my nephew during the afternoon nap for three days. beneath nephew in obedience is sandwiched between the thighs silently, nose pressed against the crotch and I was entranced been Masagura the head with my hand last day, we know that the sister married couple come to pick night back In the afternoon of the day I took my nephew's face off, and then I gently took off my shorts in silence and held a small piece of light red cloth in my nephew's hand. Two weeks have passed since my nephew's summer vacation. the way home from school in has become so frequently go to the place of my all alone in the house come by bicycle from the two station house by train pedaling a bicycle hard and to come earlier than my son is coming home in come it seems that the shirt I always stuck with sweat words not signed at all from behind me that was out to meet with ping-pong, the body will come with up to living like a puppy in the habit large silently same Spend time and let me go home silently I can afford to return from my son who is actually a club activity, but I do not say that my nephew can desperately row a bicycle

Crotch secret

I'm a 47-year-old housewife. I love my son, a college student. I had him put a ring on my left ring finger and I'm going to be his secret wife. Last night, my husband was away on a business trip, and Takashi (my son is now called "Takashi" and my son is called "Yukiko") was also away at the seminar camp. One night after a long absence. When I wanted to be embraced by Takashi, my fingers naturally touched my lips from the top of my shorts. There was some resistance to doing it myself, and I thought I shouldn't do it, but I still touched it gently. Called by Takashi's bed, he takes off his clothes in front of him while being embarrassed. While standing, he points his ass at him and sticks out, and he smells from the top of his shorts. While being told, "It smells like Yukiko," the shorts are slowly lowered and opened from behind. While thinking about that, I gently touched it from the top of my shorts. If I kept doing that, thinking that I shouldn't do it, my shorts got very dirty. Some of the dark ones that come out when I really feel it have come out, and a very wide range of light brownish ones has been thickly attached. I think Takashi will come back and take a shower in the afternoon. I know that if you put it in the laundry basket, it will surely expand and be seen. It's embarrassing, it's embarrassing to die, but I want him to see it. When I was thinking about Takashi, Yukiko was like this last night.It's embarrassing, but I want to tell him softly that Yukiko's over there, Takashi-san, came out so dark. It's embarrassing but embarrassing, but I want to tell you. And then it embarrassing than usual, to me Kana after two hours, when he comes back, is nestled ...

My son and I crossed the line

Tonight is Yumiko. My husband is a family of three, my son and I, but now my husband is in a rural area, or worse, it's like being blown away, and my family is a single-mother family. During the day, my son also goes to college, so I'm alone. But this summer, my son was at home when he was absent from college, so he finally crossed the barrier between his mother and son and became a man-woman relationship. By the way, I was 41 years old who still has menstruation, and it was obvious that if I had sex with my son properly, I would get pregnant, but I could not stand it, and finally I invited my son to point to my first experience. did. My young son is as energetic as he can every day, and I am also my son's woman.

My daughter and my husband ...

I'm a 38-year-old housewife, but I'm worried because I can't pay attention because I've seen a lot of trouble. My family is a family of four, a husband, a daughter (16 years old, 1st year high school), and a 5th grade son, but it was last month. It was a hot Saturday day, and I usually work part-time until 4 pm, but I wasn't feeling well that day and left early in the morning. My son wasn't in club activities, and I should have a daughter and my husband, but I didn't even have one in the kitchen, and it was a little strange, and I couldn't imagine the nasty things of my daughter and my husband. I wonder if I'm sleeping on the second floor, and when I go up the stairs and come in front of our bedroom, I can hear the voice of that time. Well, who doubts his ears? ・ ・ ・ ・Is your husband cheating? ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ With whom? While thinking, I sneaked up, listened to the door, and when I listened to it, the voice of my husband, fortunately, was it comfortable or here? When I said that, it was a woman's voice, and my dad, sokosoko ... Aan Aan, was undoubtedly the voice of my daughter's happiness. When did I lose my strength? ・ ・ ・ ・ Why? But today, I felt that it wasn't like yesterday, so I thought I'd go into the room, but I was afraid to admit the reality, so I went down the stairs, went outside, and didn't go home. I was worried that it would be better to do it, but when I went back to my usual time, I hung out for shopping, and at that time I forgot my physical condition. I couldn't ask any questions, and my daughter and my husband, who are the same as usual, have unknown faces until today, but I was worried that my son knew it, but I could not confirm it, and after that, I refused even if my husband asked for it. I'm doing it.My husband seemed angry, but yesterday he said why if he refused when he asked, so I was so angry that I should put my hand on my chest. I don't ask for it anymore, so I think I noticed that I was with my daughter. After this, I'm wondering what to do.

Mother loved by her son

I'm a 48-year-old housewife. Shindai, the only son of 24 years old, finds a job and lives in a remote city, and lives with his husband in a mediocre way. At the end of last year, I ate out with my family and had my husband take a two-shot with my arms crossed by me and Shindai on my smartphone. My husband said, "You guys are really close," and I and Shindai were smiling alone. By that time, the fact that the relationship between me and a true mother and child had already developed into a relationship between men and women is still a secret and absolute secret to my husband. Whenever three people eat out, Shindai always sits next to me, holding his hand under the table, stroking his knees from the hem of his skirt, and throbbing. There are some things I can say to my husband, I'm sorry. Becoming a woman who is loved and embraced by her son, and being given the joy of a woman who has completely forgotten. In this year's Obon festival, I made an excuse to go back to my parents' house, had a secret date with Shindai, and stayed together on that day. Be sure to leave a hot kiss mark on the bulge of your chest after holding me. It was thin from the beginning, but my pubic hair was shaved cleanly with a razor with a full size, and it is in a state of pie bread that I can not hide anything since I was in elementary school. Once I jumped over the relationship between mother and child, I began to talk about the sexuality of men and women that I would never normally discuss. Why does a man want to know about his first experience with the other woman? We also learned about my first experience and my true experience. Because of the relationship between men and women, I remember my period of menstruation, and at first I was half joking and gave me sanitary napkins (tampon and napkin) at the drugstore, and now I bought it by mail order. Is sent directly to me every month before my period.It was early spring last year that I was embraced for the first time. On my birthday when Shindai took a paid vacation, he invited me to a date, and that afternoon I was laying my skin on my hotel bed for the first time. I'm also a woman, so even though my son is familiar with me, my body and mind became tense, and I was repeatedly told by the truth that I could make it easier. The true caress was polite for a young person and treated her well as a woman. The ears, neck, and underarms that I had cared for were gently caressed. I remembered that the nipple that was sucked for the first time in more than 10 years was engorged and hardened, and he loved my back, hips, and lower abdomen without any omissions. When my full-sized hand reaches over there, I'm still nervous, and when I stroke my chestnut, my body is still honest and moisturized, and when my full-sized middle finger is gently inserted into my vagina, it wiggles. I felt it while shaking my body, and when I was whispered, "I was born from here," my love for Shindai was screaming. The true cunnilingus was very polite. I traced the outer labia with the tip of my tongue, opened the labia minora with vertical cracks to the left and right, and when the gently stretched tongue reached the chestnut, an electric current was violently transmitted to the entire body of my woman. The feelings of the mother who was loved by her son disappeared, and even the voice of the embarrassing woman who had put up with it was leaked with a genuine signal saying "You don't have to put up with it." When the stiff and stretched tongue was inserted into my vagina where I was born, I clasped my big hand and let out my voice while enduring the pleasure of attacking, exposing the woman. The joy of becoming a son's woman the moment the big thing that loved and loved the big thing and put on a condom and contracepted as promised was inserted by breaking my vaginal opening I was feeling.I hugged my true back while firmly feeling the heartbeat that Shindai emitted grandly across a thin skin inside the body behind my vagina. In a magnificent and strong arm pillow, the two remained silent for a while. When asked, "Do you regret it?" I shook my head, buried my face in my true chest, and thanked me, "I was happy ... Thank you." When I was told "I'm grateful for the future," I was answering "I'm grateful for you," and he said, "I'll definitely guide my mother to the top of the woman." I was accumulating. Now when I'm alone, he throws me away and says "Riho" as my own woman. Shindai said when he was hugging me in his arm pillow. "I have two dream-like hopes, one I want to hold my mother in her bedroom bed and put it inside her without contraceptives." Those two true wishes came true at the beginning of September. For the first time, I took a magnificent extract from my vagina in the back of my vagina. The moment when the warm liquid was released in the back of the vagina with many heartbeats was like a reward from a loved one, so much that I couldn't be more happy as a woman anymore. Fortunately or unfortunately, my period is going well. The woman's desire to have a loved one's child hasn't disappeared, but if she wants it again, she wants to accept it without contraceptives.

With my brother

Well, it's about 20 years ago. That summer, I was a high school student and was studying hard for college entrance exams. My older brother, who was two years older, was watching me studying when my part-time job was off. In the distance, I heard the sound of thunder. The outside became faint and it seems that lightning was approaching. At the same time as it became brighter, the window was already roaring and hugging my brother, I was scared, it was the first time for such a thunder, I was excited and hugged, and when I looked up at my brother, my face Is approaching, something naturally covers my face, mouth to mouth, is this a kiss?My first kiss was my brother, very soft, gentle, and my tongue naturally tasted inside me, but my hands came into my shirt and grabbed my bra and chest. For the first time, I felt something strange, my hands were turned around my back, and I unhooked my bra. I was made to hurray my shirt, my bra got caught in the neck, and I was very embarrassed. I covered it with my hands, "Brother, I'm embarrassed, don't look! I wondered if he understood, I left the room, but I came back soon, I had something like a small box, and my brother was naked to the waist. "May, good. I'll be kind to you. ”Even I was insensitive, I finally understood that I wanted to hold me. Around the fifth grade, when I took a bath with my mother, I remembered that my mother said, "Girls smell and itchy if you don't wash them well, so wash them properly." What should I do? I wonder if it's okay. I took off my pants, my brother's crotch was very big and was facing the navel, and I took it out of the small box I brought earlier, unwrapped it, and said, "May, pick this point, here. After putting it on, I'm going into Mayu, I think it hurts a little at first, but I'm going to enter slowly, I'll open it a little, wow beautiful, it's amazing Mayu, it smells good, Mayu's smell I wondered if it was an unpleasant smell, I was relieved, licking such a place, but I felt something strange, even though I was not conscious of this, "Oh my brother's middle change My brother's big brother was assigned to the menstrual period and was pushed little by little, and it hurts a little. "My brother hurts, but I'm weird, come on more." I'm hitting, it's very tight, oh ~ wonderful Mayu Mayu "It hurt when I first came in, but a different sensation outweighed the pain, and my voice naturally came out, clinging to my brother's back, I shook as one, my nerves around my waist were paralyzed, I was tired, my brother moved faster, and I couldn't understand what happened after that. My brother left, "Mayu, you see, the proof of your virginity." There was a red stain on the bath towel that was laid under my waist.

I became a son's woman

yuna himekawa[32126]
I am a 38 year old mother. Until now, my son and I have lived in peace with two mothers and children. However, my son refused to go to school and started playing at night before taking the high school exam. I couldn't quite hear my son's feelings, but after talking several times, I found the cause. I'm jealous of many days when I go out with men through a hobby (I have nothing to do with my hobby). Certainly, he may have been dressed or dressed quite young. At the same time, seeing me as a sexual object is something that can't be helped. I was surprised at this ... What should I do if I get stuck? I heard that he wanted to touch my body enough. Of course, I should have refused, but I gradually allowed sexual relations because I wanted my son's schoolwork to go smoothly. At first, my son put his hand in the skirt at best and ended up on the spot, but after I started to make a nasty voice, I started playing with it endlessly 3 times a week. , 4 times, spent 2-3 hours naked in the lower body after dinner. I feel more and more when I think I shouldn't feel it. It was such a day. Gradually, my son's fingers became skillful and the floor was incontinent, so the towel became stuffy. My son went to school and cram school seriously, but at one point he brought a vibrator to where he bought it. It is 4 cm thick and 20 cm long and swells with violent vibrations. I felt like I was going, and I pushed my son away. Rather than that, there was a change in my feelings that I was more in contact with my beloved man than my son."I can't cross the line as a mother anymore." He said, "Why? I like my mom too. It's much more beautiful than the women around me." Did I continue to be persuaded by my son and became addicted to hemp? As it is said, the vibs toy violently moves to the world of sensuality while being naked and being tampered with the nipple. I have exposed everything, knowing that I have already seen the whole body cramping. My son seems to be very impressed and shouts "Wow. Mom. Wow!" Many times. In the afterglow, I put my son and lips together and clung to "I like ... I like ...". Evil ◯ has already dwelled in me. I was often fainted and wanted my son's love. One Sunday, "Would you like to put it in?" My son was surprised and silent. After a brief silence, "Are you ready?" The two of us went shopping at the supermarket and bought a condom at the pharmacy. I was planning to eat out for lunch, but my son is trying to pull his sleeves home. I went to the restaurant on purpose. I sat in the corner seat, but my son purposely sat next to me. It was a little short skirt, but I stole my eyes and put my hands in it. I had already returned to the condominium for a while, but as soon as I opened the door, I was held in my arms and was forced to use only stockings on the carpet in the living room. I attached it to my impatient son's penis. It's harder and stronger than I thought I would touch it. I thought it might be substantially bigger than the vibe. When I spit on it enough and got it wet, I started to react and led my son. I thought it was pretty tight, but when my son moved, it was inserted smoothly as if it got wet.I was mentally impressed by the tremendous sensuality of immorality. My son also released in no time. I hug me as it is. The thought that I had finally become my son's woman made me sick. I cleaned my son's stuff with my mouth. My son was surprised because I had experience with some men and did that much. I must have been a mother and a saint. But I didn't hesitate to enjoy it anymore. I told my son all the points I felt and I was confused. It lasts until 11pm and after all dinner is a family restaurant. On the way home, my son put his hand around his waist. It was almost painful, so I said, "No more." But before I went to bed, I was inserted from behind and hugged each other while getting drunk with pain and pleasure. After that, I have sex for 2 days. The other day, I set up a large mirror at the entrance in the living room and was forced to look at the joint. I have culminated in the ugliness of that figure. Every day I want to do everything my son wants.

With my son

I'm a 40-year-old x1 and make a living part-time. I divorced three years ago because of my ex-husband's affair. Now I live with my 18 year old son, who is 3 years old . When I got divorced, a lot of men came to me, but I refused all of them. I'm still 40, I can't stand it because I want to have sex. I was masturbating with a vibe like every night. This spring I have a relationship with my son. I saw my son masturbating in the bedroom. I promised only once and forgave my body. My son's body was strong and I was surprised at the size of the penis. My son was relieved because his virginity had graduated. I thought it was impossible for me to be a mother for the first time. I broke my one-time promise. I woke up to the joy of a woman with a penis for the first time in 3 years. I found myself getting my dick wet after being caressed by my son, and I begged him to put it in. I have been passed away many times by my son's violent piston. I received my son's sperm in my body and I was also passed away. I'm worried about my next period because I was put out without contraception.


When I left junior college and was a secretary of the chairman at a specialized trading company of the same family, I had an affair with the managing director there. My son's father was also taken care of by the trading company and it was hard to refuse, and the story went on in the meantime, and finally I got married to the managing son who was an affair partner I got married and became a full-time housewife for the first two years Half lived in a rental apartment and had a child. Around that time, my mother-in-law died of illness and my husband (managing director) lived alone as a widower, so I remodeled my house into a two-family house and we moved with her. I was supposed to live in the father-in-law (managing director) of the original my affair partner, you know up to the number of folds of each other's penis and dick but layers of premonition had to Bing, after all the old relationship is resurrected My husband (managing director) goes to work later than my husband, so as soon as my husband leaves, I am called to the room and embraced.The penis is softer than my husband but longer, and I am squid immediately because I am familiar with my points. masu sex of craftsmanship, not be compared to the husband, I I'll be squid many times also, her husband is often a business trip than father-in-law of the accountant in the sales representative, because the father-in-law knows the schedule, Every time my husband goes on a business trip, I take a bath with my husband and greet the morning together in bed. Now, I have a second child in my stomach, but I think that my husband is probably a child of my husband. I had affair sex, but considering from the day of ovulation, I think that I am a child of my husband, now I am going to reopen and raise my child

Father doting sister and I

Write more.

Sunday that night, I you've been naked taken to the farm equipment hut next to the son.
I not Could heard to say the matter how stop, finally I have licked the crotch spread a large foot.
\"Oh ,, Is not quite soaked there to have been Ona' until a little while ago. And this hair, or initials of the father of the name. Do it dude father-daughter.\"
I come crowded twisting under the Vagina while saying so.
Without any sign of us stop to say that the \"bad-,,\", now when it's over is I come to put a penis in my mouth.
Fishy man of smell.
\"Do not bad, work'm not yet entered the bath because mon went to town over.\" And say no, until sometimes shallow, sometimes deep into, and sometimes the back of the throat in the mouth.
It has become likely to wear Te throat as \"Gue ,,,\".
Such a violent sex the first time, the son of the penis body but does not intersect with the father about 10 days began to gradually reaction was felt several times lighter Acme by the time coming into the inside of me.
\"You're, wonder is doing every night with his father daughter. Wonder it has been moved to here is not be in front of the house Bale. Sugeena, Well, Datte Do because the same kind of thing out. Father is married was I born, the mother went out to make a man. that but after the second person of the mother came to say that the mother of the father sister, two people'm a brother and sister. out even the sex brother and sister doing sometimes also I'm doing contained in it. well, things of is the say also brother and nephew to the aunt of pussy is enjoying putting the cock. But recently at the hole of you and of got taken to the father, well I wonder if this in fact say that you retarder. \"
Son I have been put in to me saying that, Ikirita' penis.
\"Uu ,,\"
after a long time in the penis, yet I come with a little thicker uterus than those of his father.
I would say in it only.
\"What, what was already said.\"
Is said that, after had with son Nishigami feverishly.
After you have finished when you notice, there was a lot of things white on top of the stomach.
Rather than the figure of the son, I went home wearing only a dress without wearing underwear.
Has been father and sister are back in the place where still father and sister also went to the futon in the shower did not return.
I was crying frustrated and frustrated.
Not that it was committed to his son, that he had fainting reached the acme.
Seems father and sister entered the bath after a while, \"Mao, Do was sorry. Mao, Do was sorry.\" Said a voice father have to say I heard.
And later that, the voice that two people are in love ,,

Cock of the father-in-law

I got married and now my husband at the time of the 30. Is a small company is father-in-law has been Managing Director husband president.
Clerk's is to have two people will have me sometimes is that of payment and money. Six months is that when you accompany it to go to the father-in-law and the contract before.
Agreement was also pleased also well unity father-in-law. Father-in-law is now to go home to eat dinner bought me Toka clothes on the way back in good mood.
Brought by Ika was the was the first flow Hotel. Family restaurant was a surprise to me never went only.
Have suddenly hug the father-in-law when the room his father-in-law for the meal is guided attempts to change of clothes and even only on I think that bad to father-in-law who bought me high because I began to say the show wearing clothes I bought because there is still time to It has been brought down on the sofa Te.
Father-in-law began to Nugashi things are wearing me referred to as the \"only Yuri's once\". \"It is useless. Your father-in-law's.
Stop it please,\" \"because I only once\", \"is ask. Please quit true.,\" But was a desperate resistance was finally naked.
I hand the increasingly father-in-law I had put force rounded body has become to touch my lower body. His coming and have touched a woman of sex throb became ashamed.
Was taken to bed so as to be faced embrace as \"disgusting with your father-in-law's here.\" \"Well let's go bed\".
Father-in-law did not only erection about half as Aran and be naked, but seemed to much times the master.
\"Yuri's Ken and Which is big?\" \"It's your father-in-law's\" \"I more increases. Yuri's I'll delight\" father-in-law saying've touched my pussy.
But was over there in the father-in-law erection after a while there was 2 times 3 times the husband seriously.
When you insert the father-in-law spread legs I involuntarily becomes a pleasure indescribably not in the master
was clinging shout me \"your father-in-law's.\"

To inspire is in the morning

At the time the other day of the long weekend, was handed the parcel to say that'm gift way home to Mother's Day from son who was homecoming from Tokyo.
On top of the hull opened the mounting, it had entered a letter to the mother.
\"Do not be surprised Mom, please use when lonely alone\"
has been written, I opened the box in a hurry there is also the first time presents a joy from the son.
During, written as \"your night of friends\" Vibe Bu \", Yes and usage wrote the basis for the Vibe (structure and movement), I am ashamed and face only are reading now red.
That night, the room when you turn on the switch at the tip is Kunekune movement, weird feeling something and to urge for fun from the top of the pants, comfortably, has been wet immediately.
Three years after the death of my husband, loneliness of the heart was there, but did not feel the loneliness of the woman.
Three days later, the phone saw a present from my son has entered.
When I'm embarrassed to reply, will be prompted as've used, \"For example, E'\" and answer and son saying, \"would do was comfortable?\" Is a good laugh.
I am, fun night can not say anyone is now there.
Then in turn, will receive a package small from the son to the end of June, I opened the box marked Asian dress, had entered a cute thin cloth mini dress.
When my son came back to the Obon holiday when they are asked \"that, what's up?\" Is, it can not be said that I have used a moment, as \"E'\", was troubled to reply.
During the early dinner finished the grave, I have cried sad and have a talk with thoughts of the master of living while drinking a beer.
Son gave me wipe the tears with a handkerchief to come closer to the What did you do with my side. At that time, my son has been the lapping and kiss embrace me.
It will be sideways, only to a thick kiss of the hand entwined tongue also contains the hand in the mind also melt your in pants, vagina was about not aware also're Ijikureru.
To the \"futon Let's go by the\" son and baby hug my room, \"It's the mom real, likes\" take off the pants to the voice of, was accepted to sleep on his back.
Three and a half years, intoxicated to the son of love until 10 o'clock, slept in clinging to the son of the chest.
Morning, the voice at the door was the sound of open and think Toka was heard.
I pajamas but was not respond with \"Hi\" is not in the side, went happened to come a dress that was near to the moment.
Grandmother next door you brought me the eggplant.
Asked \"Allah, were you sleeping?\", I was very embarrassed.
The next day the son came back, and came next to the grandmother,
\"Satsuki-san, it 's young. I was looking good during this time of the one-piece. I I had seen through\" has been a big laugh.
Grandmother is a person like my loco parentis, I have to consult anything and troubled.

Grandson s \"Wuu -

I am old woman that is clerk of the 58-year-old. (Laughs)
My husband is a crippled life in the cerebral infarction from about 10 years ago, and the other couple of life does not have more than 10 years.
Now while I was nursing the son couple and their grandson two people and my husband,
just a daily cleaning and work every day, without even that has changed, but I was living, if there is little change in the last month, say it is given, this year's grandson became a one-year high school, wide-chan is in your Bachankko, is that of wide-chan. Among me, still with a sense of the infant, but had entered into from time to time together Toka bath,
was that Saturday night last month.
I try to enter the bath and wide-chan, without even knocking on the room, and opened a wide-chan bath jailing and the room, wide-chan are you watching TV is covered with a futon in the lower half of the body sitting. I have erased the TV at the same time entered the room, but I did not know what had seen anything at that time, and I wide-chan go bath to go to the toilet, and so went out the room, why panic TV will care what was put out, and kicking TV point, surprise surprise, grandson had been thought that young wide-chan, are you watching TV tangle of horny men and women. I also lower body becomes hot to see it,
go to the bath, wide properly, but entered together, and until now, have changed an eye for my wide-chan,
to have any chance, was now not masturbation whether,?
In the bath, but it was difficult to listen to a wide-chan,
wide-chan, hear I was watching naughty TV,
Yeah, I'm classmates are looking at everyone, look, and listen to me there that you have a girl and etched, to say that I never was, but I was doing it like to wash the body always, always, dick is Although I have to wash your own, at that time, incidentally, when I begin to wash holding dick, dick and becomes progressively larger firm, wide-chan, there'm good, and I wash yourself, you Shirizokeyo the hand but was made to, gonna good, I'll wash the grandmother, there is also a fun touch, and carefully are washed, and say Ugh, dick is, I got out with the pulsing and Pikuppiku'. Like when raised in Blow to previous husband, I was pounding after a long time.

My frustration

Son sores earlier husband, in two people living as one
was the long years of long silence life.
I do not even beautiful man is not me call out
makeup for a little makeover Kana
Datte me, it is the age that still want the 38-year-old sex.

Son was a hot summer day came back and finished the baseball in the morning.
Mom, had a sweat in the bathtub to say that I Abiru shower.
To underwear body is small After looking through the middle from the gap to say that I'll put in here, and over there is that of a fine belongings \"Chinpoko\".

More of my bottom is, has been wet.
\"Allah would not want\" I to my son I \"in the head
at night, but now that sleep came, chest because saw the son of Chinpoko does not sleep astir
something, with the excuse I started thinking son * and Te.

I wore remove the Negurijii placed put away in drawers.
It is \"wearing no underwear\" in Invisibility.
Go to the son of the room, I'll enter
the son mom, I have heard that what's up.
Son was as surprised to see my appearance.

I said to lay together because not sleep with me ... scared.
Of course in acting, he appealed trembling.
It was Tsu solved, we have to say that I mom filled.
On After entering into the son of the futon while immediately tremor naked, it was a piece pants.
Son, good to the touch mom

because the peace of mind to hug because they tremble I'll good, ask
Son of Chinpoko is, coming standing, was Mashi Tokari.
The is coming rub the chest while hugging me.
I am son when I sleep Close your eyes, and take off your pants.
I have spread the crotch with a sleeping pretend.
Chinpoko I'm trying to put in the pussy hole of the.

Awkwardly does not go well
in my mind, it was to its left while I think that tantalizing.
Son I'm trying to put in the hole, ....... in my mind and I a little more lateral
has been pressed against the Chinpoko strongly try to put somehow.
Once raised by shifting a little waist, Chinpoko is, we have entered into the hole.

Son, has been involuntarily, out of the entered was I ... mom and voice.
The Chinpoko been put to the back, we have to move the hips while saying mom feels good.
I also do not need to is sleeping pretend
I have said that gonna be while from heavy to hug with the elbow.

While saying such a thing, I have issued a sperm into the body saying mom.
Was each other Karamashi the tongue or a kiss with each other watched the face to say that lying in the its left.
Time, Chinpoko as the stand is, we have to recover.

Son, has been Karamashi the tongue to move the hips while successfully embrace me how I learned the ropes.
I also voice while clinging to his son to come to feel I have left.
Ish unpleasant than near the bottom Picho, Picho and ...


Ladies and gentlemen of the meeting

love ... of adults

forget the tedious day-to-day just a little bit
and enjoy the encounter of the secret.

○ ○ Kyu Roku San Ichi Ni Roku Ichi Kyu Ni

please by all means be married you.

Minors is prohibited 20s also please refrain.
The Association is a circle to enjoy the ladies and gentlemen ... That exchange of adults with each other.
We look forward to your participation in the direction of \"adult\" or more of Arasa.


yuna himekawa[31784]
Mischievous son of the now 17-year-old is from around the time of another medium ◯ production.
Gradually been stepped up, when the personality On'naguse also is bad husband went out of the house, I felt honest dangerous.
Than I say afraid, it is that was honestly expected.
When the show a chance to hand in a skirt.
But, we obediently quit and reprove strong.
Son also there is a hesitation, I also do not collect is tampered a little half-hearted.
Or other severely repel, or ,,,.
I tried to invite to go to travel on holidays.
Son was of course reluctant but, in my fawn such a speech, I was OK and smiled a nasty smile.
Journey of 2 days and 1 night. The first day riding the bullet train, we arrived at the hotel around 3 o'clock.
It came about to the Oita from the Shinkansen, finally hidden in a jacket, was already going crazy.
I went to the public bath immediately, imagine that from now happen, worry Sozoro of the bath.
Son back to the room, it's rough in Tsurekon me to bed.
I can hold your impulse son, \"Look, you also take off ,,,\" deep kiss over time lay with.
And, as desired by the son, it has received the caress of a finger wide open legs.
To make sure my reaction, sometimes ,,, while receiving guidance to me.
\"The other, not. Stop it!\" For no reason quit, I do not go have to say.
Honestly, it has to be seen to go sight really was embarrassed to son.
\"Wow!\" Reached pushed a son, withstand shaking me.
Son's Well, the standard is in the men until now.
But, and because after a long time, it was very hard and exciting.
But, at the time of insertion, we have started crying become really scared.
After dinner, the other ordinary lover mood.
Thanks to love each other until late the next day of the Shinkansen son came back without incident would sleep.

And father deceived the customs

Nice to meet you, it is the first of the post.
I am 32-year-old divorced pseudonym with the current two children, left as an Yoshiko.
I, and after his hometown at the age of 18, with a job in Kansai, but got married at 24 years old, and my husband last year, because the two people go away is too personality, we divorce decision.
Then, there is also anxiety in life went back to the northeast of his hometown.
Rented a small apartment in the vicinity of the home, parents of assistance and babysitting also will help, but was calm also finally life, came out also another worry is the husband divorced.
Is my hometown of customs, but now but I have been quite faded, my young age, seems to have been very popular.
It is a night doubled.
Mother, etc., any person so there was experience at double the night, I fortunately or unfortunately, the sad thing, I at that time was at all not, in the region, the sweep door is key is not to apply customs, mother from, because may be refused if absolutely disgusting, forcibly is a not likely, the key is the case should not apply, I also came back, and said to my mother, I did so.
Then divorced woman There is also doubled once the night in two days, there will come people, many young people, I and the other before in the early days dark refuse to see the face, is Dakitsuka, 5 of the month not refuse to 6 people had been involved.
It is fun. I enjoyed in the freshness of excitement and sex to wait and Na do not come Na or come today.
But, come back, it is passed was there the night about two months.
Like a masked face, man wrapped wrapping cloth is, to come riding to the top, I'd say show face, without wearing underwear and say in the post in Henkoe,, pussy the beginning licking, and I Well good, now shaped like a cunnilingus, each other, reached one by one times Acme, is not to drink the man, and are wiped with Chisshu, men in pussy, dick, in pushing in, long, long, hip pretend different from the young men, I, and men When I reached the acme about two times, from Iku and pussy, and pull out, out to the stomach, showing Then, promise I face say, when to take wrapping cloth, I was surprised father.
My father does not know lie or true in excuse, in this region, bye night his father to daughter, to many, it is to say that he is everyone.
Then also, is once a week but I have relationship with my father,
but I heard a friend of a classmate of the girl, the father is to say that I never heard.
The father of the things I was talking to the mother, but the mother is in a calm face, I also and grandfather, I have been to his father, and I should refuse if unpleasant, you say.

Travel that was tied with son

Mischievous son of the now 17-year-old is from around the time of another medium ◯ production.
Gradually been stepped up, when the personality On'naguse also is bad husband went out of the house, I felt honest dangerous.
Than I say afraid, it is that was honestly expected.
When the show a chance to hand in a skirt.
But, we obediently quit and reprove strong.
Son also there is a hesitation, I also do not collect is tampered a little half-hearted.
Or other severely repel, or ,,,.
I tried to invite to go to travel on holidays.
Son was of course reluctant but, in my fawn such a speech, I was OK and smiled a nasty smile.
Journey of 2 days and 1 night. The first day riding the bullet train, we arrived at the hotel around 3 o'clock.
It came about to the Oita from the Shinkansen, finally hidden in a jacket, was already going crazy.
I went to the public bath immediately, imagine that from now happen, worry Sozoro of the bath.
Son back to the room, it's rough in Tsurekon me to bed.
I can hold your impulse son, \"Look, you also take off ,,,\" deep kiss over time lay with.
And, as desired by the son, it has received the caress of a finger wide open legs.
To make sure my reaction, sometimes ,,, while receiving guidance to me.
\"The other, not. Stop it!\" For no reason quit, I do not go have to say.
Honestly, it has to be seen to go sight really was embarrassed to son.
\"Wow!\" Reached pushed a son, withstand shaking me.
Son's Well, the standard is in the men until now.
But, and because after a long time, it was very hard and exciting.
But, at the time of insertion, we have started crying become really scared.
After dinner, the other ordinary lover mood.
Thanks to love each other until late the next day of the Shinkansen son came back without incident would sleep.

Without turning father-in-law and half-day

It has been a housewife.
My husband is about half of the month are not at home on a business trip.
Such a day is a life alone with father-in-law and two people.
Some of the morning, had been masturbating in the futon.
Will likely pick cum, I have issued a involuntarily voice
did you happened to his father-in-law opened the sliding door there?
I came into the room to say that.
Shorts It had been placed next to the futon,
I think my face had turned red,
whether it was found in the state,
father-in-law, even if not that's OH DEAR Tokiko such
to say that I'll I do
clothes the take off was turning the futon.
Look at my lower body naked,
next to me while saying Wow ~ white and erotic not, and
we have to submerge the hand between the immediately crotch sleeping.
My pussy had been with another wet ass.
Tokiko's anymore so now, and with a laugh
Makurimashita touch.
I first is the ear with shame and guilt, Stop it please, and was refused,
the body is because I was excited to another burning
could not be strongly rejected.
Things soon firmly became father-in-law is in the feeling that Surusuru -
came in to quickly back.
I will put out the up and the voice, to prompt block to the back of the father-in-law
had been turning the hand.
Surusurusurusuru - and hips moving slowly the father-in-law
No excitement and pleasure to master in technique is through the body
to feel coming to attack, how much time has passed was the one
first climax is to escape the Suzuki-on to the head from the crotch
hit, the more they do not know what were going any voice
I had been wandering through heaven.
Father-in-law has entangled the tongue while sucking my mouth, the saliva
also is fed into, I suck my saliva-sur-between.
And sleeping next to me
open my legs, my crotch each other scissors each other on my crotch
combined genitals in the form, it has been crowded put up Gris ~ and deep
feeling that it is filled to the root in very close contact is.
Then, Mozomozo the waist because I Tokiko's a little bit
and say you because little by little to move and
father-in-law also little by little with each other rubbing motion genital
and Dari trifle the nipple or a kiss or talk
a long time 2 hours you think about,
even many times many times while moving small remains of the Positions
celebrated its climax.
Fluid flows from my genitals, I wet the futon.
Before long ejaculation of the father-in-law is the beginning, gushing, a gushing
was discharging a fairly large amount of semen in me.

Forbidden love with son

I am a widow to become a 48-year-old.
Are passed away in myocardial infarction last year to master, it is still a son 24 can not marry, that there is no daughter 20-year-old and two people in married living together.
This is from winter events last year.
I did when I go to the bathroom late at night.
If something approaching a whisper can be heard and I think fearfully toward the voice, voice progressively, becoming larger near, the voice is just like a voice at that time, like the daughter of the room, ear to the door against the, I asked, the daughter of gasping voice, was like during that.
I do not stay only son in the house, while I think it came also a man of the people, and have heard so to settle the ear, in a low voice, the voice that said I'll over to go the sister's name (you have a pseudonym evening) evening was the son of the voice? ! !
And E'this child we always crisp in surprise! !
Since the end was like, hurry and go to the toilet,
then is thought that the children many things in my head, not to sleep, to not be put up, go to the evening of the room, not stay the other son, evening you guys to, and hear me from when are you Anna that, I from the time of the junior high school student, and I think because it is now 20 years old and more than another five years Standing goose bumps,
belly up, go to the son of the room, sleeping causing son, but was scolded, I is to say that I'm the evening but may be another stop coming demand.
Or two people that can not or do not get married, I feel like I know the reason.
Well, It is not a beautiful woman evening, because I think that can not be a man, to although I was blind date was refused twice until now, son even if not a handsome man, because it is a man of feeling dull, she Toka, can not be, but two people I thought what happens, to son, from evening not even to be allowed to marry, say keep quit another, from the mother, and said, do not come anymore to me have called the by, I was knocking to telling evening.
But by then about a week, what you or I thought,
my son in the middle of the night is, you come into my room.
I was pounding why it was happening, it continued pretend that was sleeping scared.
Then my son came secretly went to bed, are you touching my over there.
I while pounding How about you and the rise of chest try, if you have not slept pretend, and son lowers the panties, dive under, the first time licking pussy, I think another Dame', what to me who over When riding and shout, son completely ignore, abandon Job for the first time, but I was also kicking the son of face to flap the other foot, son continues licking Hold the foot in the implicit, at last I comfortably but lose the sense of resistance and have welled up, now out to moan, cock when you are tired around that reached once more Acme was came into the pussy. Although it's cried I Dameddame', have subsided To comfortably to the other the back, the other son of hip shaking, also reached the acme, the son if not at all, I am the son when the other third of Acme in the body to turn the hand, go over pass away over, gone screaming Nante more strongly, saying that time son also pass away over Tsu, poured and plenty in, pull out and go out quickly the room, until I in the morning, I have gone as they sleep, when I woke up two people did not stay and went to work.
If there is no action for many years in diabetes until last year my husband has passed away, to the sex of the woman that was revived after a long time of sex, keep saying please stop in the evening, trouble and is not their own, somehow commensurate to the evening in an attempt to get married, as a result of to ask acquaintances and relatives, to stay a boy of 41-year-old relatives, old but is too far, because the other side is a good answer, and speak to the evening, also evening, also to have to give up love Yes, I accept, enter the now pregnant three months to get married finally this summer, we gladly.
This three months, as another son of the commonplace, been asked almost every day, I also reject without, you have got to accept the son of. Since the young is great.
Not disconnect even out also out, you can.
Because may be much put in because physiology is rising, it says that since put out rock out son than when the evening, and good. It's complicated.