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Incest confession of women(2009-09)

Our couple's untold story

My husband is 43 years old with a real estate business, I am a good husband and wife for six years as a housewife and married my husband of 34 years now.
estranged husband and former husband of one another because, in a mutually amicable divorce Wadakamari無Ku was then divided.
Mari Haki ex husband who is the husband's career as a clerk for seven years after bereavement I met them at the opportunity. While discussing
that my husband and now live together and the relationship between men and women. Then husband and wife now

before, and we travel together as a couple, has become involved and to eat together at home either.
can exchange each other's husband, has become involved four people enjoy sex.
as too incestuous, how do you write no problem at that time.

Loss of virginity and the father

yuna himekawa[23473]
My first sexual experience'm a father. That's when 中三
, I cried a bed wearing head got my father was seen masturbating in bed with, but I think it was late at night. At that time my father was gentle
"芽衣? good girls do not cry about it because I'm usually doing"
"embarrassing dad"
"芽衣What is of interest to? "
" Yeah, a little "
father sat on the bed," I like to cry, 芽衣 "Hold me she said Kuremashi or.
I have been in his father embraced some reason, my father's eyes staring happen to experience feelings in your heart and kiss. I pressed my lips
repeated my father's cheeks then.
"I'm fit clothing tongue tongue bud father"
I did not know what to do first kiss. My father returned to suck tenderly smoked tongue, so my father and my tongue. My father is like a baby
吸Imashita including the mouth and massage the breast nipple pajamas Remove button. I felt a strange feeling
that we have struck a shameful part of my father's hand.
"Let it be taken off 芽衣 also from my father?"
was surprised because I remember the big black dick of your father. I licked the center open around the navel to caress my tongue back gradually from my father.
no pleasure in masturbation was felt. My father let my tongue
crawled to focus on the clitoris. Put a pinch strength 吸Imashita lips labia minora.
"sit on the edge of the bed 芽衣"
there before the erection of my father's, "I open my mouth 芽衣" He put his hand on my head.
"What! fellatio ?··"< br> There is a thing of course.
"Look at the mouth," I licked into my mouth. My father had an erection wet.
"芽衣 will lie?"
I covered my face with a pillow on his back became too much of an embarrassment.
"I'll be entering 芽衣, I'm hurt When you say"
embedded into the body of my father sat up slowly forward. This is my loss of virginity. I'm real incest
like a lie.


The 34-year-old housewife.
divorced three years ago, remarried last year.
husband brought a 16-year-old son, seven years older.
first time, but I knew that my son masturbating underwear and is currently helping me process. H
husband is over soon, I thought, even if their own satisfaction, let me satisfy me. The son of a handshake
to get well soon, but early for me many times before I ik, I turned against me like me. When back soon sleep
drunk husband, or when returning late to his son in the room quietly.
signal to his son in the morning T-shirt bra, T has a little wear pants back Pichi.
husband is "I dress a little careful. You're a good year my son," I say, I will not worry about.

The mother and child

I will first post here, too. In a recent week
silver, but of course not, mother and child from the summer we started the relationship. Passed me about 2 months since then, things are still to come come? ! Yes your period is coming, yet I, which was in careful anticipation was fully 48 years since blooming

Neat brother

Hello, is called love. I say age is. My brother is a neat 23. I have unfortunately
true metamorphosis of the older brother. When I'm asleep, I come here to trick into my room.
When I sleep in underwear is not just a bed, flipping through the bed, and saw the underwear, get rid of panties,
if I say Nuke the crack spread, was dumped into sperm vagina. Will come into place for two weeks while mischievous,
Hazama Kono here again bringing up the transformation of the big brother finally been cured. The terrible things.
after sexual intercourse was expanded to take off panties in a while, came to paint something sexual intercourse. I see things that maybe
lotion? After a while, came into the vagina. Koka
chin I thought was different. Equipment was something like a guy.
are fueling something came up suddenly get into the base. Came into the uterus is full of cold ones. When pumped full
, saw a lot of fluid hanging from there until I come to you disconnect the equipment.
brother left the room and wipe it clean. Looking at the smell was the smell of sperm
put your finger in the vagina the liquid is poured into the mood.
bad word. . . . . . . . . What should I do to be coming period.


My age is 21 OL. A brother, but under the age of three weeks to give a blow job 2.3 times.
three years ago, I started when I saw my brother masturbating to shorts in my room. My brother is very cute
, a girl child was very popular.
cute and I also had the cheek to kiss me and Peanut do you hold well.
that his brother hug from behind to see where you are thinking masturbation, "I'll tell you onee-chan." And he touched his brother over there. My brother is like
surprised, "Ne-chan." harden was saying.
that rub up and down, a lot of semen came out quickly. Shorts and his brother had in his hand, 飛Bi散Rimashita carpet.
Shimomukai Tei younger brother, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." apologized that it is very pretty and mutter, "That's OK, do not worry." likes to kiss.
this time I thought that I love my brother very much. Found that the clocks and large clocks go as soon as there are touching while kissing. I became naked
quickly became my brother naked. Ai SEX lick together with the body. On that day, for three times.
parents and my brother hiding, SEX and fellatio to. I am very happy to give a face to drink, "delicious." And ask.
I said, "Takashi very good." I'll say. While other people drink, my brother is not sick.

Incest too?

I am 18 years old big? But, uncle (mother's sister's husband: ties of blood are not) and has been laid.

chance, when I'm about 3 small. .
uncle's house when I stayed at her grandfather's memorial service was touched
your body. Teru Hazama
staying, has touched every night, and placed a finger in the first dick ...
was ashamed to pretend to sleep.

Since then, whenever it is touched to sleep over ...

to feel good I've gradually become commonplace.
into uncle's mouth, and I remember there
licking licking each other in the mouth of my uncle, a lot of gunk out also drank
to remember that there was now ik
too. Lee Tta

the first time, I guess it was when the small 5.
it feels like, I thought I heard that.
this time from his day to actively "Oji-chan, ♪ try it at night," I had said.

And inside? was signed at first. The uncle
"Ayaka is a gasp from the awesome. from the looks of the spoiler." Well, Well that is not possible to immediately
uncle during Golden Week trip by car, entered the hotel H for.

the first time such an atmosphere, and so far only got my very excited when I stayed, I had to sneak to the night naked 思Ikkiri
suffering and H with Kanako. When entering the first
uncle's, even though wet fingers so much, to put a break from entering the
Naka Naka several times, I felt everything finally went. The uncle

"... Autsu Haatsu" and I think I ever no voice out,
on my stomach, out came a lot at once .
"of Ayaka is shut up, feel good ... my wish, I was so torn," I laughed smile.
ever after, just to uncle.

relationship is good and uncle, and I noticed since the beginning of the school was
Until then, I naturally had to do something like that feeling too good and
Anyway, was not thinking.

in high school, has confessed to classmates and seniors, there are things going out Moshita
H in comparison with much interest and uncle're apart from me would really

since the beginning of college, people made like a circle, looks like it is going to play

he started dating that I'm convinced Virgin like (it will say something like that too) and Naka Naka ...

進Manaku away helplessly and body piercing, Coto I know the most, the uncle
will demand. At this rate I think

to burn good relationship with his uncle at the end, I talk to him. The uncle

"Yeah. and I also want a decent boyfriend and Ayaka."
and I left about a month.

Meanwhile, in summer, made the first trip with my boyfriend H, but even after several times of less thing insufficient to Tadashi Tadashi

(b Kaseru end up without me every time. I'm okay with it)
not being able to be satisfied. .

end, continues to meet and uncle. Uncle
, but 56 years old, but it is really amazing young people lose much ^ ^ well ... tech. .

uncle with H and Satoru Hiroshi'll be doing more
recall, I was getting wet underwear
time like that, I'll be there in the toilet masturbation <br > I would not, did I want are installed.

Today is my uncle's work around the outside from noon
uncle is waiting for slacking off at home university.

good relationship but is also unlikely to be stopped for a while.
in various positions, as white as I want to thrust his head
lot ^ ^;

Father's care

[Man] your father started to consciousness as the original became 戻Renaku other. Just go ahead feel, can not endure to think of sex, one of the father.

dressed appeal to a lot of exposure but, in order to develop a relationship with my father, please tell me good advice.

Even though his brother

I am 30 years old were married last fall. I know that my husband has been cheating But on Christmas Day last year, they hung with me rather than a bifurcated affair, things can never forgive.
Yake酒 met the next day with a friend, but the stronger liquor Yake酒 効I is quite a taxi arrived at the apartment was his brother.
It was like he told where to go unconscious.酔I潰Re was like turning away, I fell asleep drunk more comfort and his brother saw the face.
I wake up and say, I feel that I got when they fucked his brother is a strange thing I've been hugging my brother.
there be extra body comfortably in the middle of sex, but I have come up before it reaches the pleasure was gone not even come to the place I feel you have no energy to bounce 除Keru words.
pleasure center of the body come up against my brother to be seen still attached, but few men have ever experienced,
been pouring more and more comfortably with no pleasure I experienced, "Ah Ah Ah! That I great!" I say we are being attacked and pleasure not enough to cry.
because I'm a drunk or a close relative because of his brother says, is drawn into the pleasure they can not think of anything I,
climax ever even writhe in agony and pleasure can not stop I reached the taste. My brother never even reached its culmination in what I still persists,
抱Ki起Kosa locus is the momentum thrust coming from below, lying next to be written thrust back, how many positions are already taken Takao,
in my mind is blank, the body becoming exhausted, "I'm out of bad tea?" at the mouth of my brother's penis off my brother and I went like crazy the first time in tea, I really smell the wet
Kobiri付I of smell and my ejaculation, and then heavily away in the bed sunk in the last one fell asleep in my mind. I dream that
思Itakatta, they sleep and wake up next to his brother, a tired body and exhausted exhilaration filled morning, feeling half-hearted, my brother woke up, < br> "so good?" trying to kiss and embrace me, I have avoided, "Do not! No!" foot in the crotch of my brother but Kio Hiraku,
without even a blink My brother hung without mercy 突Ki刺Sarimashita pressure on the penis. The phallic brother "Guigui!" Come stuck,
"Me Oh Yeah ーー Daa ー ー Well," they may say what started the whole body in agony, mad as it will go over with all at once at the height of was gone.
know the thickness of the intensely phallic and his brother, has been pushing the length 突Ki抜Ka in pushing a strong cock still coming, they've shouted at me like crazy, any way to stop things There can be physical.
hitting pleasure I felt even more intensely conscious last night, "we'll ー A Ah! That A U ー not go!" I will reach its peak at times shouted over and over again , no dignity, nothing my sister had been conquered by a woman.
"out of bad tea?" I heard words like, but I worry about the pregnancy than to have fallen into the wolf's desire to receive the ejaculate hot anyway,
"out! I'm out !, "is that big brother's penis 突Ki抜Ka intense, they were completely overwhelm me like the heat of flying ejaculate incredible momentum.
reaction of this body can not do anything in the thoughts and feelings, and body comfort filled 打Chi消Senaku best, going to work and waited for his brother slept in the swing as it is.
"I had breakfast lady." "What? company?" "I missed, come on! eat." and not his brother's face,
dinner face to face?来Tsu from getting out, and it provided me much trouble but I took a meal. Sister and brother had signed a physical relationship, I had much less exposure of the abomination,
could not do anything to put into words. "So drunk, the 有Tta something?" Talking about her husband, a little out of tears I was accustomed to feeling calm,
"'m in, what will you do now?" "Divorce 're in? "more and more filled with tears and, though she is being coaxed to kiss her brother,
underwear brother's hand, I tried yesterday to hear about that one. Starting to talk to my brother confessed embarrassment, lying in bed and take away the apartment,
only one without a bed to sleep time my brother, though there is only sleep and sleep together, long ago The brother was stealing from my underwear, I was excited to mind it,
up without any resistance, but began to touch me, I seemed to feel rather, I got it It is. It also touched me to know at all,
to let you know when I wake, but it was already contained in the reply that my brother was not a right, take off your underwear when you float something like a hip Datsu or things are said,
to be unable to stop incoming underwear in the hands of another brother, is taking off underwear while sitting on a chair, my brother stuck his face in my crotch to,
"Hey, we better do now?" the "should I place my divorced me." "If you come without 良Ijan divorce." "What? no longer come ? "
" Did not you brother? "" hey there waiting for you! Wait! "I started and stopped his brother blamed the clitoris wanted to talk.
"I said you really such a thing?" "I hope to love?"
"Ah! Sure, if you like sister, I'm fine." I What would happen to do,
exposing his brother as his groin while pushing the legs Kio Hiraku seemed out trying to have sex without a word said.
and drank that said, I feel committed no different in the morning because of the feeling embarrassed or exposed to accept without an abomination,
feelings honestly accept the 居Nakatta But now a completely different feeling, the feeling I accept obediently licked,
"Once you have divorced me, I can not marry you!" "It is good in me? my sister It's good! "
口走Tsu what do they do, having been raised on both feet, grabbed my cock with his brother, knowing a big cock thick and long again,
" I promise never to get into it! right? "" Sure! a sister too? "" Sure! let go from now! "I phallic oneself a brother, clutching his brother pressed to come directly ,
had suddenly turned into his mad agony he felt the groin and the hand grip so that the momentum in 減Ri込N. "So sweet?" "It's like the difference between the first time!"
"Great! It's amazing!" There was also doing time in 捲Ku Tta honeymoon, feel the pleasure so many times, beaten things they did not enjoy the pleasure.
"Zuddon! Zuddon!" race to affect the whole body, and "muzzles" the imposition and pleasure to 吐Kanaku not stay in screams,
I do something my husband!狂Imashita pleasure as a powerful force was able help. The bed is still stuck to a chair and holding,
the 頼Moshi 逞Shi and this was when I decided to continue to love as my brother. My husband has agreed to divorce me,
feelings become divorced or trial does not change by multiplying the arbitration. Because my brother.

Bachelor 3

Bon soir It quickly became the dark

I get carried away with Part 3. I thank you for your
who far less serious. So
continued in Part 2 of address.


No! No! Spread the legs and accept me despite resisting.
I have a husband having an affair with his father. When my husband's parents live with
mother's sudden death in a car accident the following year.
father is still her husband has just celebrated its sixtieth birthday. The father was a pity
was so weary soul is missing.
father was doing a little end of the anniversary of the death of mother 3.
when I travel abroad with my colleagues went to the husband.
was staring at me when I was the father in the kitchen preparing dinner.
suddenly came from behind to hug me without saying anything after the start. I have resisted the power of
father is not surprised by the enemy.
eliminate the feelings of the poor to resist the feeling that somehow my father than that.
I'm lonely and I'm sure I'll embrace the father had unconsciously.
when it realized that it was through the father's penis in my pussy.
sex than my husband and father felt.
by stealth has continued ever since her husband's relationship with the father. Now it is these days
we want a child than a child of her husband Ralph.

Brother and

I got to come back from a trip to the Izu Monday mom and dad. I put the body
waiting to come home to study my brother from work.
thing was to come home from now on then a phone call from my brother. Prepare dinner, and came back ready to shower.
"Hey, is dinner? shower?" "Emi, speak to the shower together!"
"Yeah .... naughty big brother" had been naked with a kiss as soon as two people Shikkoshi prolapse Mashita.
"Emi, I love you" "Hey, I" While embracing the ear, saying, nipples, get licked and dick 69
style tiles on the shower room invisibly became. Fukumimashita the mouth of a man penis the first time.
"Emi, they're surprisingly good!" I went into my mouth and the moment my brother. "All, please do not drink," said gave the drink.
brother has lightly bite my clitoris dick licking continued without stopping. Chai and almost involuntarily
say "Quick, to discourage the" big dick so I could see myself Brute man stir.
older brother has been quick to thrust me backwards. "Emi, I feel good"
"me too" I went in like I continue to hear two people screaming next door.
for dinner in the nude after they both came out of a shower. When I watch TV
"Today, I sleep with you!" Said my brother gave me a nod. What
only three hours drinking beer together?
sleeping with her brother's penis becomes clasped to sleep in bed and sleepy.
me, I speak from next year alone? Full brother and without hesitation to anyone I can Then SEX!


No bread all the time. I accept his son.
can walk even when wet. What I'm horny?
not help myself.

Father cunnilingus

Now three years since it started a physical relationship with his father. A year after his father was committed to the sick mother who died four years ago.
I had a dream of becoming a nurse in the evening high school years. Dreams were shattered after school and stop having an affair with his father well. My father is living alone with household chores to help now. The memorial service last chance
一年忌 mother, my father sat in bed in my bedroom grogginess legs rather they drink alcohol, "Sorry Kinuyo. 気Gatsukanaku sick to your mother "
I said," It is not because of too obsess with me? "he said. My father, "Kinuyo? Father'm sad today. Why do not you lay beside you?"
I said, "OK, thanks!" I replied. The grounder went to bed with my father beside me naked upper body in one piece pajamas as well 着替Ezu lever system.
two o'clock midnight, and put his mouth was covered 被Sari Petani cheek with me and my father that I opened my eyes to breathe.
"What are you doing? Dad! What's the matter," the father but that is just talking gibberish will Mogumogu mouth. I have been saying to hug and kiss every one as though drunk.押Shinokeyou
tried to resist his father, of course, resistance was useless. My father came to his lips and persistent smoke smell breath alcohol pledged to hold the tongue in my cheek. I 揉Nda
holding his hand on my lower abdomen and. That's when I felt that my father is looking for a body. I had no experience of kissing up to them.
body can not even move for fear. My father, "Kinuyo Kinuyo" while calling the name of the underwear down and I've put your finger directly.
"There Ouch!" the words without the fingers of my father, I will crawl and kissed my lips and important place. Oral and that it was pleasant but it did not think I knew.
father was about twenty minutes with his mouth. Then mind and body by caressing my father on the contrary, I became such a ticklish feeling strange.
finally feel that we have smoked away most sensitive parts of her father, "Hmm," I aloud. I have been wet. Sense of pleasure was mixed with shame. My father is inserted
spread my legs. But simply put.貫Kimashita what my father's body and then finally eat pussy so again.
Since then, I became the wife of his father.

Bachelor 2

yuna himekawa[23246]
寝付Ka if not more, less filling too. W
I can not believe there were more, I've been good at ballroom dancing in the Latin category, but not write much ever since his student days. Have you seen the competition. Latin costume department is going to pretty revealing. Navel all the way I look. Since its hard
tournament anyway, and I should keep training on a regular basis. Posture, poise, stability of the lower body.
, and I'm doing now.
partner but the relationship does not have. Something that would not agonize while dancing. Because it is a sport I.
feet touching the opponent's groin during practice and I feel rather at all, and men feel when faced by the year does.
but I think there were times in the past I want to be held, and when you're successful relationship with your partner is doing okay, otherwise it comes out the dance.

to change the subject, my son is sleeping so much. I
eye is not just a hollow somehow, I do not sleep.
being held only that, licked, but I feel some thing insufficient fired. Guess what.
Am I looking for something for my son. What body or mind.

Older brother

I always had to come and brother Miku room. I was reading the comics like they always have the
brother sex manga Miku is curiosity, "I want!" I went on. Then my brother showed me. That sounds
, manga sex to a man and woman, the older brother to Kaeshitara embarrassed, "I want to?" has been heard of. Miku has had
remember that just because he says feels good friends in high school was Bakkari. Ah cool brother too!
"Yes," came to my brother pushing up Unazuitara. Both of them in pajamas, Miku has been tossed from the top of the chestnut pajamas,
got so little out loud. He told me many times beautiful brother. feel at first hand has touched
peeled chestnut Miku came into the hands of her brother in the pants.
already got in the voice. Ah turn me I can not put my tongue to lick it. Going crazy licking
Gutchobutchonaomanko initially came in to put my finger from one kind, but I wanted to. It looks like I finally
into everything. The brother did not you put your penis. I'm terrible. When the rice
Yaritakattara also see that I got chopsticks down on purpose.
come to play three days elapse, but my brother was eating with chopsticks and then to drop the height. Now, the race brought the underwear. Deta's willing to wear
Miku. But now is my brother came in to take off. A felt ~ ~. Is slimy brother.
Bichabicha the vagina. I know the vagina will tighten up the queue, I was going to tighten my brother give him? !
Now, the big brother to bully pretending to like being fucked.
have a brother who'll try once. ,


I'm also a father Yarareta. Worse was put to five times a day.
many times I threw up was forced to drink sperm too. Fucking my father, "I'm okay to cut the pipe, all right," I always say or do in life. Do not stop what I mean okay
on? You worry me to fuck daughter and Monee.
of which is for free money from Fundakutsu'm not a good feeling. Use your hands yen 3,000 yen 5,000 Blow, sex is 20,000 yen. It seems at times
keeps a remarkably reduced. I stopped drinking the semen. From a sore throat. Hey I think you doing a fairly father and I want.
Motsujan interest of puberty and can become? It is also, that the man to watch, even after I get sex once'm slurping're doing.
have sex licking the ear but then I do not hate. It feels good. Seriously.
I'll soon see there's a man in the city this time. I've got to imagine. Unda ~
so big they want to do tea or a good guy. I also blame the stupid father. I go on your hips into the ass Sasero other day my father told you've got million. Then it was quiet
. I want sex to an end with his father to be honest. Still not good.

I have too

16 year old son and I have.
I have not had to regret, but she is asked every day since my son, myself and now my son is really love, one day as Mother's length While worry and want to continue to hold and remain interested in what I can. Someday my husband or not
気Gatsuka anxiety is not known whether.
But biological child I raised, it would look full of sparkling clean for me than anyone else than my husband.
may be what you are doing to me if this child is the feeling I want to become 受Ketome. Something else must
and I feel they've become more involved with each other but requires knowing each other. The grave and

to parents during the holidays, but did my best to confirm our love for our eyes to something they can master.
finished school today, we'll come back to me again.

The post for the first time

I have a real relationship with my brother.
My brother is 26 years old 32 years old wife and children.
want to sleep when the phone rang at home late last night from her brother, now I come home. My studio room, so now my brother sleep I laid a blanket on the floor.
night, come you slip into my bed I'm sleeping with my brother, Dzumeterunodesu Redeemer face to my chest.
resistance but also surprised me, a guy who eventually got the power over a line Kanawazu last. My brother went out of the room to change into my clothes and then without saying anything. partly because I
years away, things I've been yearning for his brother.
So saying that I hate feelings for his brother, but I still drink to your situation 込Mezu yesterday. I ended off companies.
will not know what might be good if someone in the face with my brother.


I secretly doing the internet I have tea with us, so Mark had to try it here to your favorites, Why do not you come really surprised.
in the world I do not know, I'm doing this is happening, just surprised. Brother, a college senior this year, one of my college years.
I have no boyfriend now. Somehow, it may be like in high school who said he liked the guy, I kind of scared to refuse.
that time, men are pretty cool girls in the class, the person who did the face.
from friends, but I was told it was nice ... like, now dating another pretty well that their boyfriend is now feeling somewhat empty.
I thought, What a man, SEX I will not be reading this and I do not have it long? And man, I know you have not even barely speak.
However, sex is still afraid of the people Why do women. Also get naked,
body and love being touched, but shy man, I just thought I wonder Na mackerel or breasts are, I think I must look impossible to me Masu. But
, called Na I want to embrace a man, some desire for such a little. In 高岡短大 My boyfriend or somehow unable to Bakkari Nde girl is lonely.
or other girls, or doing any other party or the University of Toyama and the like, that I'd do that or make my boyfriend and I do not timid Naka Naka.
sometimes, but that will show at the pictures taken with friends, when I really envy that. I heard
also showed at the pictures of my party or something, but there was an invitation from a man about four people, so somehow not scared. Sorry
've written at length. Since its clumsy somehow I can not easily tell you guys.
But Kaimasen clumsy with her brother the same as me. If my brother and I even sex.
That is my honest feeling now. But, the older brother, do not try me as a woman I know.
for it seriously, not only as a sister out. However, you may have entered the bath with you my brother once. I was on my way
was wiped with a towel, I have seen naked. I have for your tea, "Sorry" is quick to say I went in,
now blushing with embarrassment. I have also c is a chest, but I do say so myself, You can call or voice I often wonder that I'm walking like that.
Maybe I think there are attractive as a woman. But I have tea with us, the only sister I can say how far I can not get out.
That is sad. Hell, what can go along with my brother to do?

Solo assignment

I am a 45 year old housewife. My husband has been overseas since last year appointed. My son is 20 students, and I'm spoiled.
sometimes been sleeping in my bed and into the lonely.
Until then I was nothing but recently came son sucking my nipples. When I was a baby I remember this kid is spoiled, but he had been left sucked. This feeling had long forgot.
of them, came into the hands between the thighs of her son.
came into the space between the fingers and panties. I pretended to sleep, and keep still, I started messing around with their hair in there. And has been to put a finger. Since I had both knees tightly closed in touch easily.
has been gradually accepted that springs to mind that I'll act the body becomes too hot. I opened
foot toss to make it. My son is Korashi
breath and began to take off panties.
and began licking the crotch of my face near her legs spread.
thinking of you doing well and not stay still for me indeed! I sent out a voice. But I had my son put your finger by force and I hug her mother saying. I was apart of the action of the mind and body experience a long time. Remains, but he feels that his son is so bad, I was delight and cry.
son came inside of me.
And that is now exhausted in me. I though I was not yet reached.
But soon my son and I have been looking for.
Now, pull or Hidahida, I have to make sure you massage your clitoris and my reaction. It is extremely excited
was so you can see for yourself that there is a slimy. My son has been inserted
Then from behind me with all fours. I tried to put a finger and anal.
I am a still a virgin ass, I cry thinking that the pain was. Sorry to say my son, now came slowly put your finger in the anal Nasuritsuke Omeko juice. Index finger in the anal, I began to turn in the batter and put Omeko thumb. Iki I now never ever felt sense.
I felt it, and now my son has a big cock I've been screwed Anal. It was also very painful, screaming and Shimashimashita. After that the pain was so surprised I pulled out the cock. Sex is so painful to hear was was Omoimasen. Stop the pain and say to my son, saying next time, who has been into Omeko. It feels better after all Omeko. That day is exhausted
in me 4 times.
then asks his son every day.
not so much resistance that I loved my son, I have come to ask.
incest is bad, but it is said, the fact that historically there have been made public. Even children have to make.
it longer, in a comment later.


I have since I was a classmate and older adolescents 10 years 39 years why I was interested in cross calendar was playing well with younger boys in the neighborhood without.
married her husband 19 years ago at the age of 26 without change and grow up ... I was a student at the age of three sons divorced just because you cheated but still young.
has raised her son while working in convenience stores and bento factory.
summer and winter plants to the lunch but you do get some of my favorite ...
bytes younger students originally spoke a few times now to be honest was always excited and nervous I also had an affair with a high school boy ... ... and this year came to a byte summer meals and after work
as well be talking to you boys a little bit evil self, Yuji had a borderline relationship to drive one day and did also ...
Until now, high school opponent libido ... I've asked not to stay anywhere, it is natural in the car The back of the warehouse and factory ... outdoors,
movies and portable toilets ... The photo has a good and interested in many things, I was recorded by a digital camera.
Each other because there is no money now go to the hotel and like the third week in your house too, Yuji 行Kezu.
mother was still home to his mother's house is also the day I go three days a week in the Rino Tomari seems there has been a caregiver for his two
my son in the same I never look out of the room was not even my brother without worrying too much about it did not meet ...
day, two people from the factory to your house as always, Yuji exploiting as it is pressing hard on the desk back into the room and tortured
... I fell asleep three times in a row as it is partly because the first thing I know tired of work ... time is 8:00 at night ... you are not, Yuji [go to play a note by
friends! I go home I might go back to the proper [~] ... because ... well I hope he feels
] or pick up off the floor when bent over the bed ... got up from behind tobacco, seems to be horny aunt voice] and I was standing ...
much like a boy you turn around and Yuji ... you maybe surprised [Yusuke? Guide was more surprised by his younger brother was a boy, Yusuke so you have things come out and play a few times a friend of your son ...
Yusuke is false feeling naked phimosis my dick in a place with a belly button is likely to have stood on sidelines naked lady voices ...
[surprised? I'm also surprised when I first saw it [also] trying to
bro too! I know now I'm thinking? Well as you can see ... and do not let me bro ... I'm!
] I say nothing, my son Baretara thinking about it anyway ... many times ...
Yusuke you many times more intense than you, Yuji There is only an awkward young compared to you, but Yuji had to take action with me just like my brother before I knew it came to looking
[I tried and all of the photos and videos and brother ... ill for years I (son) felt I was putting cock classmate How are you?
is not about a young man because I like to place bro? I wonder if you 篤To? Dabura son] would allow a similar physique, Yusuke being said to you about it ...
, [I'm not such a thing! I have not [...] What? What did you say I have not? Hmm ... after all You're Nasty! I also want to do ...
篤To have recently seen severe cock? He digs the hair if you ask my son pussy cock bitch Mukeru dare to even try it big, but thin skin?
] How much do I have any answers but could not exploiting your hard ...
Yusuke finally become sticky fluids place you do not know even one time did not know my body back and stopped [I'm ...
lady and let us do ... and ill] [from] I will not tell you, Yusuke
‥ appeal to stir while the thrust of a sudden my dick fingers while smiling ... Well, like [...] has not put the bad behind and saying your brother
relationship with you and Yusuke Yuji Yuji while afterwards until the end of summer was at play with friends a lot of things the relationship between you and Yusuke often than you,
you get to play with you after you and Yusuke Yuji As always, first around the middle of September ... but Imashi drowning young body becomes vacant ...
you or me, Yusuke Yusuke little more when you stood up and leave them holding dick ... suited having eyes in the twilight of the moment through the door was somehow found the boy
... because I did not know you had changed the position Yusuke
forgotten your violent end to indulge in pleasure while Yusuke Maybe I can come back to you, Yuji ... <br > There is such a thing for a while, went to change the conviction alleged visibly changed Iki son's situation is not nothing wrong so far ...
is ill son ... until now rises from the bath I was wearing the pants came out recently, sitting in the couch leg or manipulated in front of my bath towel,
kitchen and stood behind my lower body is exposed to the open and obvious lower body and pressed my ass ... while taking the juice was obviously hard to bet heavily
Shima Seki aloud masturbate while on the other side wall of the tenement across a thin sheet more each day sounds like ... like ...
here to go to a club in the morning with a warm sperm still dirt spread on the bed in my underwear that day ...
‥ doors were still potatoes had seen the other side ... I was ill, lying next to Atsushi.
me since that day and later with a fluid dirty underwear wearing underwear indecent undergarment on a rotor pressed against while licking her son's sperm enters the room to masturbate son
rotor My son was left on the bed and my back was confined to the room avoiding the hand grasped the cock open the door to reveal the lower half of the rooms I want to be ill son
[I want to be mom ... I'm ill ...] on the face and 股Garu licking cock while he says this son of his face pressed against it saying anything from you ...
Yuji ... now you have not seen Yusuke son and two junior high school ... ‥ Atsushi Atsushi come
morn and even now looking into the rest of your sperm is poured Yusuke ... after work ... at home while Atsushi But I have to get pregnant in a sterilization accuse me their cock is everywhere? Pour a large amount of sperm
place I think, your sperm is poured Yusuke after work ...

Experience with his father

When I was little, the night was sleeping with his father.
mother because he was working at night, sleep together that was not much.
I think I was around elementary school was,
sleep when my father, now fiddling with my dick.
"to tweak here and feel good, I sleep better"
things like that, my father was saying.
certainly felt good to, because it was playing with his chin ○ father,
I was convinced of a kind.
After a while, my father said ○ touch the chin.
very hard to the touch, it twitched and moved, I remember the surprise.
as my father says, and hands are moving, it has become increasingly harsh breath of his father,
I became worried sick, 離Shimashita hands.
since then, touching the chin ○ declined even been asked. After a while
Then again, the night was more drinking than usual father,
dick put your finger was.
this one from the finger separately without pain, nor pleasant,
was feeling kind of weird,
so numb body suddenly became pleasant. Maybe
, G I think I hit the spot.
So I, I gasped aloud. ○
father rubbing his chin with one hand fiercely at the hands of other people,
and was cleared stimulate my G spot.
and poured my semen into the vagina.
I was surprised, "What's this?" and exclaimed,
father without explanation, "Come to wash" and took a bath.
rises from the bath and put your finger is also, again with the same thing.
After a while, now that can be placed two fingers.
upon entering the first two are sore.
And When I was in second grade,
○ Jin was finally put.
very painful at that time, and cried out,
"the pain is just beginning because, Endure!" and scolded,
Kuishibatsu but bear with teeth, too much pain tears came out.
two years and was taught many things my father. parents divorced when
to 4th grade, I was taken care of my mother,
masturbation is not 欠Kashi later every night.
when he learned the meaning of the father was, was shocked,
that the Father was like, not hate.
not feel I only associate with men in their 50s or 40s I was 28 years old,
from Kana I still want his father's kindness, though.

A brother ... I think the H ...

My family, there are two years older brother and mom and dad.
dad, or work-related travel, except when the occasion does not serve so many lives away from home almost the same.
Mom, and so when the night shift nurses, perhaps because there were throughout the day when suddenly, my childhood gave me well take care brother. When i was little at night when sleeping and dreaming, no longer afraid of the thunder, or, I was going with me always be my brother. Fancy or fighting, or harassment is not usually fighting over Daddy? Grown to like each other in a while, when I was three stories high I'm your brother in a high ...
I've been seeing you for the first time in high school with a boy! [Post What I'm your boyfriend? Tsukiattara not really understand ...] or ask a friend I love so much, I felt both platonic boyfriend of course.
day, karaoke with her boyfriend back when I got sent home, a woman came back with your brother. I call her boyfriend before going to bed! Off to me slowly back to his room. [... I wonder if her brother
you? When] I suddenly feel for your brother to be taken into why asexual for frustrated. Myself, I was going to count on in the unlikely romantic emotion from that time ... but as a brother, but it looks like compared to my boyfriend. Even my boyfriend,
[Hey, Mai (me), Big Brother did not say just talk lately? , Etc.], and it is said that Ppoku Jealousy, then strained away, after all, was dumped after school ... the first time, broken heart? To experience the pain of. While walking on the way home, I went back tears recalling the memories of one-time boyfriend. Came home that day, the night was so well with everyone gone, mom was worried so quiet ...
daze, and was before 9pm to notice. Light on the living room became so dark and sat on the sofa.
[By the way, I'm your brother is not back yet ...] I decided to try to call
. ... ... ...
Purururu to continue the call, does not serve your brother. ... But people always come up, but I have a call or email back fairly quickly and even in bad circumstances ... no ... 音沙汰 imagination and her brother with you again, could not control myself anymore, brother hit email. Content,
Tsukanai I contacted [! Not be together with her? ! ... Today, I return to the school dance ... I do not know who Unexpected ... (sob) Sokko come back! Can not work from Mom! Pissed off] 無性Ni
sent the contents of the trouble lies ...
brother wanted to do, I lose to her than her sister ... the choice of only one person? ? Or, away to break up, but will often do, I wanted to be kidnapped by a stranger or someone was not getting myself Wakannaku.
... Then the phone rang. ... This is your brother.
relieved, your brother: ...?
Dance ... but your brother], or are completely Pani Damn, you're angry,
[OK? ! ! What is it? ? ? What happened? ! Now, what home? ! ! Bakka was asked
]. Merrily happy and all, but I was laughing, and the heroine of the tragedy 演Jinai! Thinking,
[now, I'm home! (Crying) Please come back soon ... (sob) do not dance ... one person said, while pretending to cry]. Your brother,
[get along really? ! ! Are you okay? Anyway, Sokko'll be back!]
Always look different from her sister, too, was really worried ... I call off, I was nervous. Anxiety Prank ... ... ... ... lie ... no offense ... we want you to sit and talk with sweeps of a broken heart ... take away from her brother ... want ... want to be kept on top of your brother ... brother in their worst personality I thought it was.
10 o'clock, ran noisily into the hall, shouted out from there,
[dance! Dance!? ... Dance, you all right? ? The elder brother
]. She brought us back soon ...

'd look even more!

Son and finally

Hello. I will write my first
this time to let me Orimashita less posts and I see so many people before.

confess I think it will inconvenience those who wish to confess and the other would look longer at the address let me done.

My son was asked to

yuna himekawa[22978]
I am a 39 year old housewife. End of last year was much more worried about my son asked me to be ridiculous. It is my best friend
SEX is that my son wanted to. My son seems to be tough to break the ice.
did was when I was there several times demanded that my underwear is no
. I want to say my best friend K's mother underwear you really like you, I did not say I've been letting me cheat on a test 断Renaku term. I must have gone missing as well
it is said to flow together to ask the school also have to say things in jest and cigarette smoking picture
. I was told that school children were expelled from smoking too harshly. I am now going to be a black front. The son was cut out and shout
"K SEX What do you remember my mother and also let me cheat a picture" was teary confession. Take my son said
K Hottoki even have a go out with you anymore. Said that his son left the room. But was worried mind. A spring
son in college I decided I would recommend the school. If 流Retara school photos.
dawning school year began. I was still dogged anxiety. My son did not mention it myself after that. Just when I settled into a relief that you somehow received a call from K.
"Because I heard everything. Nde I heard has come now, come back to say that I'm the guy you have underwear.
tobacco pictures tomorrow to pass a school teacher over there that if so inclined A "from" Stop, please wait "
" So I hear you say that I'll talk about is far ""···"" ""···"" or, if that, please "" How do I "
" I'm easy "" easy? "" Give me life underwear, "" can not "" Let me peek bath with you. "" No "" Then drop out "
" I can wait in Otherwise it'll be "" I want you I'm useless, "" can not "call has expired.
cried in front of the phone. And K decided to call for you. "I'll glimpse a bath" "I hope you put tits after the massage options"
"that" "just a phone call is OK, but I'm glad I got interest for me if I looked "" Okay "" You would not be nice to go from the bath now "expired phone
. Fortunately my son is going to go until the night because I support the junior game. I Wakashimashita a bath. K horn and you came. "Does bath dwarf heaven" "No"
"I have to show right away," says it all as far as I wash off from where I was thinking from the outside. "Can not do that"
"promise" before "that" after Mawarimashita say that. Suddenly grabbed my chest with both hands. "And I'm as good tits," but you can lick my neck massage.
"Taman do not you?" "Let go the bathroom" was taken to the hallway bathroom Kio Ayumi breast tossed stand still. K while being pressed between my butt Kuni Kitsu you in the groin.
"I promise" I will remove the apron, took off the sweater. K Sasarimasu to me that your underwear you look hot. "Early" as crawling hurriedly dropped her skirt.
underwear that day was gray and blue slip. K 飛Bikomimashita off to the bathroom suddenly turn my back on you underwear. Wearing a hot tub put in your body as it is.
"You're not, I wash the body properly," "Now shut up," complained curled up in the bathtub. "You show no mercy in Paimoomankomo oops"
the plane hit the water for crying out tears of frustration but not the K forgive you.
body wash from the bath slowly rising like a doll. "I properly wash your vagina" It is useless to say anything anymore. Open and wash their feet over there. K
soap shed and came in to get naked too. "I just look through" "You have breast massage of options if you ー" "It is just"
"I live" K began massaging your head on my chest. The nipple is pinched or touched on the clothes and 違Iji was Suwa. And K are they held to any of you
"Come rub firmly hold" K Iki so you will crumble sideburns reason I breathe comes to rolling the nipple. I gave a speed
K'll rub yours. K You have to kiss the lips and I release the nipple.
tongue came in, I'm going to break into there hands touched. Bo became the head by quite a long kiss.
"towards the back" was suddenly inserted his hand and peel back about the order remains in the tub. "No promises," "Oh Shut up" K SANAE you move violently back.
"He will shake your hips too Kaoru Kiyoshi" around the hips Abi I think ejaculation is moving his tongue stopped moving in the back to grab the chest.
has been put hot water and a kiss. Was held at the normal position was again in living room and walk down the hallway naked.
"I see" K you're smoking cigarettes pictures give me looking down my son dressed and naked.
"and we got the underwear" was finally released. I cried again.
焼Ki捨Temashita son came home photos. K said his son had returned to give you my underwear. I apologized because I'm going to seal
cry anymore. Do you feel now like I'm chasing the lines of the body's eyes are just my son.
find the swimsuit photos of my young son's room,


I'm a sophomore in high school. The relationship between men and women has become a month or so ago, but down one brother. That was triggered accidentally saw my brother masturbating.
about a month or so before. I went to the kitchen to drink water without the heat Amarino 寝付Ka.
brother walked through the front of the room on the way back to your room cool and clean drinking water.
"??"< br> It was something strange atmosphere. When you stop and stare
"Mm う"
and you hear a groan.
"a nightmare that I saw in a dream?"
thought, I'll try to threaten, the door opened. Then my brother watching
hanging on the wall above the bed, saw the figure, such as those touching the stomach area. What are you doing?
Often shifted closer look pants, holding a little boy with his right hand was moving up and down. The other
left, things have something like a piece of cloth is devoted to his mouth.
faster movement of the hand gradually, over and cover things like the little boy had been devoted to the mouth piece of cloth, and hand movements are strikingly intense
"Ugh ーー'll う"
and admiration for a halt.
brother still did not leave upturned. I have this
Could this man masturbation? ! ? I saw my brother masturbating
heard from a friend did I dream.
not know whether the translation is really ejaculate what is what anymore, beside his brother 近寄Rimashita gently against the wall that I wanted to be seen.
brother was not aware at all.
and covered with a little boy's rag, but I understand that something has changed colors can bleed.
but carefully, to explore rag somewhere that
I have seen it! Today, I had to wear pants I had.
"I do not use strange thing!"
I say.
brother, surprised Shitarashiku mess, and tumbled out of bed
"whoof! of incoming Since when?"
knees in fright was saying.
snatching the underwear I was holding my brother left it immediately
"Ah there, so I got up!"
did say this.
"Tomorrow, I'm telling mom! I prepared to leave!"
Leaving those words, put the kick has been stunned by her brother, returned to his room with underwear. I observed carefully
Bettori underwear with semen from her back to the room.
and slimy to the touch by hand, but hey, I felt like pulling the string. The smell of semen
I went to get icky. It smells like a flower
chestnut could smell something like spin. my dick is throbbing with
and that smell, I feel myself.
unawares, but the intense smell semen got on hand, I was masturbating. And remember to hit dick while masturbating brother sperm directly attached to the underwear
few minutes later, when the foot and it was my own Iki felt a sign of life .
Yes, because I forgot to lock the door closed, and now I've seen my brother masturbating. And also my brother masturbating while watching, I was a little boy Shigoi.
something to look at it, I'm feeling terrible burst

"My mom came here from saying"
and says his brother came in the silence. I

"little boy, I'll be in touch, touch"
from it, or what happened, I do not remember much.
air could pass, on my brother's brother
The little boy was working to dick. I know it is not translated into the vagina, penis is hitting your dick is so hot.
I gave him his brother led the little boy in hand.
was slippery out there
"There coming"
think, It was a terrible pain. Such severe pain that was ripped body.
"Lee hurts ~!!"
I was screaming.
But the next moment, my brother and me hot dick around Gaji ow are you ejaculate.
then until the day dawn for sex.
In the beginning, the little boy into a little ejaculation was repeated, but more and more until you ejaculate, the longer, like the dawn now all go.
hell, my brother many times did you ejaculate? I do not remember.
my dick too, even your brother's dick until the bed had become a sticky and gooey love juice on the sheets and my semen. It was really amazing
smell. But I smell the love!
next day until early afternoon, both of whom were sleeping.
Later, during the summer vacation, will go out to work when my parents and my brother in the day, sex was due to leave.
And I do not quite contraception.
since the end of summer vacation, but while I did not. SEX
I could not started period. Inakutsu pregnant and I'm glad!
since the end of the period, for every night again.
course, now contraceptives (condoms) to now. But my brother

"put out into the condom is no fun. 気持Chi良Kunai!"
say it once was will ejaculate in your mouth and need to live. I
, I love it.
These days, the moment you pull the dick go! Making so many things attached to live to see the technique.
little more pleasant is the difference between the little boy's life but anxiety. Mr. Happy
also has very good growth compared to the first place.
taste of semen may be, may be different than that from the start?
brother making love to other people right now.
This is the same as me brother.
ours, let it forever! I pledge to each other.
well tonight, I look forward to have sex with my brother. Masturbation and penis in the raw taste once it has become dissatisfied. skin deep kiss and touch and taste
. I say nothing of inviting his brother's body weight.
nothing wrong nor disturbing the translation be as long as someone is not pregnant. This body will be enchanted with pleasure that the other is in the taste.


I am a 42 year old divorced Aichi. One son and lives while working in City Hall.
handicapped son, who is the birth defects. What a sad human instinct
18 years old and their son, to make the erection of the penis
I'll have a bath and wash when I wash lower body, and Ru is greatly
larger than the average person and it is some 20 cm.
three people before I got married, then married her husband only, but only four men knew that
is worthy of far more than four people.
I do not have sex for four years to divorce, it will get wet in the groin and in his son's erect penis of a sad woman.
day, after I wash the penis has its erection, gently moving the hand while holding Shigoi
I lend. Then, soon, he was issued a moan, exhaled a large amount of semen.
I went back to our amazement, my son is the first time in my life experience, seemed astonished.
the same time, it was a pleasure for the first time in my life.
And every day, it now urges.
with disabilities in their hands because I can not.
Unlike healthy subjects, raising overprotected I have no unreasonable.
every day now I'll hand out to Shigoi. I
while ironing, masturbation now touching her vagina with one hand.
And one day, become irresistible, my son's penis in his mouth. It was
son said, but your barking U Whoops, let Hotobashira in very large amounts of semen into my mouth.
the next day, it became routine.
My son is a disability only in the matchless Tsutomu Kiyoshi every day, every day, to urge, to force one day Kakasazu fellatio, always spits out a large amount of semen. I
, every day, just let me suck your cock throbbing 浮Ki上Gara vessels can no longer stand it.
finally, one day, to get naked, astride on his son's cock in my pussy Ategai that much 沈Memashita sat.
Cali came in while pushing the huge wet pussy was drenched.孤閨 body was blooming for a long time I stood trembling so thrilled with pleasure.
Finally, I had a mother incest forbidden. My son did
look of astonishment. in that hip shake
me crazy, he was moaning big in my womb, poured and poured, Hotobashirimashita hot semen. I twitched
uterus cramps and I reached orgasm, feeling it in the womb.
then has sex with her son on a daily basis. Itte
will soon be pounding the walls of the vagina in Cali exploited huge. It is embarrassing stories, and crazy screaming and drools while the pleasure of the little white head. I think no matter
a secret life, watching your confession, I ventured to write, too. My son is disabled and has a son in the crime is not my responsibility.
see the agony of a son that is hard for the cute.
would be helpful to us at least my son can range. I
is sinful, but I intend to take on any punishment. I weep for joy
is embraced by the loving son tonight.

Wednesday is her son

My husband was a former acquaintance who immediately left the college. The first was a man of him. It was a late bloomer I was older people Hito回Ri. Really liked was a shotgun wedding.
Time goes by, my husband did not work, the work of the original and the shadow of the woman.許Senaku to absolutely broke three years ago. Yusuke is also now a member of society is the only son of this last spring. 21 years old now. One-hour drive to town, to the development of the car dealer. I
, Secretary General Hospital in mid-test. Somehow, to live alone.
Recently, the wallet was a picture of Yusuke 逞Shiku youth. I took some photo booth together. Turning photos snuggled in my arms Yusuke's waist.
Today, job training or Yusuke, 会Emasen out to rural areas. Earlier, over and gave me an email. I got to rest on Wednesday. According to the rest of my present and Yusuke Yusuke
course, watching from a third party is in love. Of course, no more, the relationship between man and woman were tied to my birthday this March. Just two people, with the promise of the future. Yusuke

it, I was very empathetic to me that I was alone. I also ride a motorcycle is time, let the patient. Their profiles and the firm is going to grow up, I came out with tears. I have to let the lonely
Yusuke is confessed to me. Letters, and e-mail, when they meet from the bottom of my heart to heart. I would like her that much, we talked many times with the able more important to me. "She" is that one particular woman. The mother of a woman who can not. Honestly, worried. Christmas late last year. Yusuke in the seat opposite, "I wonder if I would present the best ?···". "Yu will be her" "It's the best gift" to me willingly. "But our relationship and not to know about you," "understand regulations in coming," "go forward earlier is that," Yusuke seems to understand me somehow.
"unfriendly to women, you'll be rejected," Yusuke, I was laughing. "Now, I'll call your name Yuko" From that time on, Yusuke has me call me without an honorific.
Happy New Year with my room slowly. Or even drive out. But have a look at myself in the feeling of his mother Yusuke somewhere. A little bit. When 100% is forgetting to Yusuke, so I was thinking that when I get laid. And how long it may take, Yusuke is a young, I worried about whether you can stand it.
But more, I went to a prisoner on Yusuke. No email days, lonely, sleep, was jealous of the invisible. The next morning, via email, "the e-mail me why!" Was writing this. Waking hours, even at work, things had been left unable to Yusuke. During cooking, the last train, I wish I could cut your finger, I feel strong that many times to go to the room Yusuke, sometimes can not control. Even during the period, or even had one person Iratsu.
mid-January, was a date. Yusuke in the city, in the cold, I took a walk. Yusuke told their favorite female image. I can not, I did want to. At the end I had pierced a hole in the New Year early next ear. Too shy for sex, or kissing that town is full of young, horny ads, the character's eyes 背Ketaku. In a nutshell, I wonder honest to a fault.
day was cold and pants look. I walked out holding his first relationship. Yusuke's arm from arm 絡Memashita at me aggressively. "You know, like that would be nice," and it points to the woman walking in front. Skirts above the knee so warm, half-court. Black socks and boots with bare feet.
early in late January. Cold morning, hot shower, carefully bathed, trimmed the makeup. Wearing clothes I have prepared. Last night I tried the room. As if feeling like
girl left the room. It was cold air. Closed legs from thigh to knee involuntarily exposed to air. Ass to court, on the knee Takkufureasukato. 5-year-old wearing a skirt. Body shape around the waist and hips have not changed. I was relieved last night. Black boots. Knee socks bare feet.
train, Yusuke came to town. Car ride and Yusuke, Yusuke me very happy. "You look nice," I blushed. I walked to a department store. "Cold?" "Okay" you say many times. Yusuke kind. Actually, a little anxiety in the cold. Just passing in front of a lingerie shop. Kosuke pulled my hand hot water. "I'll present" "Eh?" Yusuke bra and panties I was elected. Also clerk had put a little distance, I think I was blushing. Color never received from men, choosing who is Yusuke. Pale pink. During payment, "What is the present?" The clerk, "Yes, she" told me that, I was thrilled. Left the shop, took the arm of Yusuke. "Yuko, this time, I been wearing it," they said. "Yes"
evening in a car in the parking lot, hot canned coffee drink. Was told that it was love before my knees round white. Observed the kneecap and thigh peek from the hem of a skirt. Involuntarily, into force on the knee, the leg was close contact them. Yusuke's fingers touched his knee round. Just then, I had a small tremor. Slowly and touch fingertips. "It s too late," I hold your hand.
can take my coffee, put the holder Yusuke. Brought near hugging arms around my shoulder and across the court. They look at each other. As a first step toward a lover. I closed my eyes. Yusuke overlapping lips first. Tender kiss. Crawling lips my lips. Was a strong hold. "Yuko than anyone else I love you" "I" long, passionate kiss. Yusuke accepted the tongue. Found that the body is hot. So I thought that this man got to her. When
way to send to the station, had been clasped hands. 'll Koinro corner of campus car. To ensure that nobody gave me a last kiss tonight. The parting at the gate, eyes blurred. "I see you next week," waving their hands parted.

Day in February 馬簾 turn, sent a self-made sweaters and chocolate. Accompanied by a letter. "Nice to meet you in the future" and. Yusuke has sent me a nice Manyukia.
March, according to White Day and my birthday met. It was cold that day. But Yusuke your favorite clothes. Issued a white skirt and knee boots. Drive to the airport on a date. Too cold in the airport observation deck. Even coat, white legs were close contact them. From behind, who is warm Yusuke. Strongly embraced me from behind before turning her arm. In my ear, "Today, I'm wearing those panties?" I heard. "Hi honey," Yusuke, put your hands under the coat gently tuck the skirt, rubbed ass. Looking for a panty line. From the hips, they instinctively pull back to the lower body. But is a binding arms behind back from behind. From the top of the skirt and fondle fingers near the rump. Panty lines are firmly caught. "And say, pants down and you'll get here" and mean. "Yes I mean" "I have to see" "Where?" Yusuke has pointed to the west side of the runway. The hotel was a fashion direction.
"暖Marou ""···" all day, make sure you never felt the feeling of a mother at all. """··· Yuko holding a hug"

room was warm. I took a shower. Dropped the light. Yusuke
not feeling well represented at the touch of your skin over time, and carefully, pushed me to respond carefully to the area. To know there? Learned from? So did women-friendly caress. Enough to shame. Yusuke was seen in women. At that time I'll voice. Gesture. Fingers clench the sheets. It has raised a second Yusuke's back.絡Meta fingertips into force, that I read the response. Enough to bend back the moment. Missing a moment of force. Face climax. Thank you to treat me as embarrassing, but all women. "You look nice" to the center of the lower body to caress the knee is broken, who spent more than enough time. And collapsed. Yusuke is put me firmly in my stomach. Me to observe etiquette.
sheets in a quiet, Yusuke in the pillow in the brain, the car home, it was not my voice. And emotion, sensation and strength to act missing, and almost never leave
station, cold air and thighs. "Thank you, It was a nice present," kissed Yusuke. Yusuke

wanted to be a woman. Short sleeve season, the rainy season rain. Sun as a woman ill-conditioned. To Yusuke, I was told. I walked arm in arm in the park. The unexpected landscape Yusuke ear, "Look," he said. Dim way, young men and women. Eyes looked familiar. Men squatting in front of women is that I act 反Raseta eyes. At that time, Yusuke was completely let me raise the goodness of my sex. In fact, women can see beyond the act of right now is like Yusuke taught. Blow to the original owner could not. That was a white woman. But Yusuke gently, "Look this way," or learned while practicing. So, at that point was the first person Yusuke.
"see that?" I ask and mean. "It looked amazing," "Should I do it?" "Well," Yusuke, pull my hand ear. Return to the city to a large arcade. Purikurakona. Enter and close the curtains. "What? Here?" "Yeah," he said, smiling. "You come no one" and not think I can go back
Rino Tooru Yusuke, I'll have seen before Yusuke. Yusuke's hard to larger, contained in your mouth. The next, the voice of young girls. Tense. And in my mouth, I was taught as Yusuke, Gollum poured into his throat.
now, that I know anything Yusuke. Day of such period, the type of underwear that night kind of feminine

for Yusuke and pinky promise. Yes, the promise of future
"出来Tara, I dwell together," "Baby?" "Can you at birth?" "Yes"

My discourse incest

Sai I am 32. 16 years old (a high) son. 15 years old and pregnant with
, gave birth at the age of 16.
father does not know who. 14,5 people for sex.
classmates and seniors, 3 of my time, sometimes against the boys in one.
since I was a junior high school friends were just playing bad.
years younger than I have seen, the page can not believe my son and brother and sister.
seems to be happy about is my sister, my son these days is like watching an older woman.
chest and staring, followed by the Eyes and hips.
neck blouse from, or look into, and dressed like a peek inside the skirt. When passing on narrow lanes
house, pretending to accidentally press the chest and arms touching the buttocks, lower abdomen so they are touching.
youth, boy playmates, like I did with my mother, my sister (sister), so I've done or said with force, it is understood the man wanted.
will clearly come out dressed like a silhouette, I have big breasts conceal.
is also to prevent skin exposure.

I love brother 4

Mao is happy to become a slave to my brother.
will be absent because of work my parents house in October. I say give me your brother
more. Mao
is okay to have been covered in the nude in front of her brother.

The sister and I 戯Reta.

It's now 40 years ago, my sister and then two years in elementary school five years, or even called the twin sister I also liked the brother and sister in good.
thing when I was away on an answering machine with two parents, a cartoon depiction of gender relations was found in adult magazines 有Tta brother away in the room, saw two people . And some words came to listen to my sister. [× × chan, I want to something like this? The good 解Ranakatta
], boobs and grinded a means where you want to rub? And I nodded. 5 small sister, took me to the next room and slept next to kotatsu. To roll up on a blouse and was wearing underwear, and I'm still a little swollen breasts exposed, to me, led to reduce the head with a mouth like gently.
Indeed, I learned the excitement of two small, sucking sister breasts, turning small nipple licking,
made crazy, 揉Nda chest.
sister, and said nothing, eyes closed, I had surrendered to the jitter and me.
occasional convulsions or small, assay, and the voice was leaking.
directly 弄Tta body of her sister, but it was the first and last time, until my sister got married at age 20, you can see your bathing well, a nice side dish to the nude, no Shigoi never had. Perhaps my sister is made up of high school, the thing that I knew peeps.
that time, with courage, 迫Ttara sister, and I'll let him.
Now, each family has. The secret of her sister 40 years ago.

My son and

I am 51 years old. Recently met thud and son after work, and the even terms invited to go out on me, when you are put in contact with his daughter marry her after Well, and I'll steal cell phone and I cut Mashita. After all, leave your car in front of the house finished the meal, his son-in-law and I hid behind the trees of the park, kiss violent, zipper son down the back I to make such control has trees son down, let me put in your mouth to mouth cock 銜E good. After

I do not so much cool is this?

I want a baby daddy.
not the husband, father [man] can not only feel the fascination.

give birth to a baby with my father ....

The life of a radio talk

Is that 15 years ago.
radio show "Life in consultation with"
"as her mother has seen 19-year-old son, I do" and there.
"You do not have to be if I get married," said Yes. There is a limit would
expression of public service broadcasting because, as touching the body may have been allowed. Could such an impression.
respondents "never give your body should not take a resolute attitude reprimand" was saying.
his mother remarried husband they
"The only thing you unless you're weird mom" Yes, and had to restrain.
recall the mood sometimes.

Is in trouble

After her divorce, we have been raising grandchildren. It is the end of July, Friends of my husband was away on a trip plan. When I was a sultry night in the cool of the evening to lay out on the veranda and well-ventilated bathroom. Sun was suddenly a kid I thought, I was attacked raped. The resistance to scream, I lost the power of the lust grandchildren. My husband came back from a trip several days have passed since I can not even talk without shame. My husband immediately went to the farm has been attacked again by their grandchildren. The second time I thought if no use resisting. Grandchildren about it is to misunderstand what I agreed, then came to ask me when I saw measured absent husband has a problem.

My family

My family is a family of seven siblings my parents, sister, brother
However, there is only room sleeping rooms 3
seven people in a room with two more five people one study room · ·
was wound around naked mother and brother came home from school years ago, my father and sister 2
found that wound around his father and his brother bath and then I
H gone to see the spot where you are now satisfied with
the best in fun and everyone is still my father and brother when
Hamenakya skin immediately from the beginning I would do is go to
it is dangerous to say the sister recently
good terms sister and brother brother and mother are working hard every day
My sister and I feel good now there is Innovation is becoming a father,

Grandpa likes

I am a second year junior high school. Three people were living on my parents.
But I absconded with a large amount of the loan Honorarium father as soon as I entered middle school. People who are afraid to come to the apartment and
"Return the money!"
My mom every now and yell, was crying in a darkened room without making your voice.
me to take back that we did not father his father.
grandfather gave me back the retirement also left the company in debt. And we have to move to the old man living alone in the house.
no longer be bullied like before the boy will be able to go to Grandpa's house to another school.
previous school, or been tampered with dick taking off clothes in a place called the gym equipment after school, sometimes pee or semen was put in the body was made to lick the little boy.
been issued in the dick, now that the whole class Shikato I talked to a teacher since I was afraid of pregnancy.
other "poor" or "loan" at the school could not even called some of my best friend too.
I'm very happy.
mother became brighter. Thanks to everyone
I wanted to somehow give back to the old man. Tachitai is good for saving me from hell so grandfather. I can give thought to delight
grandpa do?
of reminded me, therefore, is the face of men who were forced to drink cum before me in school.
"I can only arrays"
When reached for the crotch of a lying old man was angry with my first.
grandfather lying in the repeat a few times now 懲Rizu will still allow me to touch your penis.
Now you slip into bed, your dick is very hard Hoobatsu salt & pepper. all the while sucking the old man
us gently patted my head.
may sometimes make me drink the semen.
long ago, came in last in my grandpa.
I can give something back I was very pleased with it.
But Grandpa holding me only about your age, so once a month.
Every day I want someone is.

And son-in-law

I now hit a problem 明Kemasu see everyone post

now 42 years old my husband is remarried and is married to my husband four years ago was 37 years old sixth grader Boys (Humi Hiroshi) lasted a relationship with his son earlier this year that there was

son went to see the room come from what is happening until the morning after spring break is when my son was seen opening the door to Mashita was ejected at the hands of cock semen
Kazukimashi close to her son's bed feeling very dizzy even learned to stand in the 凄Maji Amarino
said comb or hue came in shy silence What is it in a hurry to hang a blanket chest floor

son woke up just because it come over you because Hiro Ah wiped the semen scattered Tesh ~ I like what I wanted to shift

of such a thing has been sitting on a bed, always putting on a fine Like you said Hiro Hey, I helped my son a while for the nod Young-Ah = ~
the eye or something ...... WTF happened there happened is turned over with a quilt 未練Gamashiku say that the semen and the nozzle slightly withered Venice Venice has been getting bigger Mukumuku Shigoitara lightly while doing Tesh likes to clean the dirty blanket and I'll be nice not to swell a bit from here
Ala Ala Teita Like your mother hold the Hilo you well The pain I was holding my husband did not get another four months out from when I saw the injection of sperm wet even large ones there, I want a woman like you but

grueling grueling but Venice Hilo Is not that the experience of people who have experienced or even your friend is not there no way that I have four five
the wish to experience Venice, you can also now Hiro is likely to grow more and more ejaculate? One moment you want to keep my son

Asuko Do you want me to do Well mama Then your mom came Hiro Bunts juice to wet to really love his face after seeing me JIT I'll give you a good mother to me for

shed over there to hold the wet and hard to drop back slowly Kii Hiroshi Venice 跨Gi Kuriage wound his son took off his skirt rising damp I Bunts Oh it slowly sink back
your first experience you'll keep a good look I Hilo ~ Aa ~ great and pleasant warm slowly sat down I went into what you want out loud and How did you feel ejaculation Hiro was so hot flash about 10 times up and down in the womb when his son did not want to hear it out in a voice that I feel I'm a mother who was very good to good

It was better than a little reluctant to
Well ~ since there is no showing has never seen a woman over there is my mom there to see you get up and gripped the arm from the end 起Kimashou
< br> Yes I made white soup has become so great that Aa Kuridashita
beans also tamper Kuridashita sensitive or tamper with your fingers into me I see here you'd be out good ~ ~ I'm sorry my mom has been hurt more gentle with it and just smoke out of the mother to stop it Burajaa tits you can see Hiro has a new love in the soup one more time I want

Yomou mother at such useless See Venice and once I'm fine place from which my son has put out two times to accept or Venice was completely restored it feels good my mother finally had to repeatedly kiss boobs massaged into Dari Mom ~ I also feel really good mother is what you want a little more hands and started gushing ejaculation but wait a little when I lifted my mother out Chiyau want to sit back deep and was using more and more pleasure out of it I do not know the first time Taka It was a place to arrive

Hikuhiku in Venice has just released my first thing I know to kiss and caress her way back to his son lying on the chest has helped elaborate the young My son also blown in between Fu and Hikuhiku say Jack Robinson was then tightened, this time I am running back and slowly began to use it again

useless good for your body Hilo Now you've finally my way to the limit because they do not ejaculate ejaculate Naka Naka 3

Aa times already put out a lot you'll get your mom says it is already useless ik ik ik deeper Hilo ~ < br> Oh'll put that out, too Deteiru out ~ Mother son sex

Matsuta made between us two and thus still asks for the kitchen during the day time and night is not unusual The squid is ejaculation each time I inserted from the back while rubbing tits came from behind with a holding at any time in the soup is always there for me
will be divorced from it are infertile

What can I forget such a pleasure that my body on the other hand Mekurumekuru but hope to go away from me to make her son twice sometimes three times a day?


I was molested on the train was this morning. Dad was away from home should have an honest face. I heard a father now I heard the door open was sleeping off a shock at school

Brother and

yuna himekawa[22770]
The first posting. 21 OL in
I, the younger brother of 19. 3 that there is a high summer day I wanted to 浴Biyou
come back from club to shower as usual, 行Kimashi a bath with clothes from the wardrobe of underwear or.
Kizuita thing I have spots when wearing shorts shorts after a shower.
not a stick, even if such a place that I wear, "I thought ?···" strange, wondering what I got to beat, as it was wear. But then two
, I have a stain on the same place three days later. And then something unusual is how to fold clothes and underwear in my wardrobe
Looking back a little early one day a few days and then go from my room so that a noise When I, ... I was surprised! !
are you dressed my brother. . . . Pantyhose
to look closely to the surprise I left the place, after a while my brother came to the living. My brother has just apologized profusely.ー Madezu
and it was a transvestite heard in my underwear and clothes. ····< Br> It may look good brother and women dressed to the so-called because the visual system, it seemed that the girl confessed to juniors and peers, I never had such a hobby I was surprised .... I had to drop
underwear, bras and panties gone, also heard from where I brought my brother had actually dried up even pantyhose. My dear brother for
irreplaceable, then I'll forgive, be silent for the parents as well. Ever since it
however, escalated his brother dressed, now used up my toilet, in front of me dressed as a woman has to wear proudly in my underwear.
while it lasted one day, as usual, my brother came into my room was a transvestite dressed. Since I had gotten interested in looking younger woman in front of me, and want a little mischievous, I turned the skirt.
When I saw those big plump pantyhose wrapped up in shorts, my reason to go away somewhere,
same feeling like a brother to me, come hug me Mashita.
to kiss, put your tongue has touched my chest while my brother. And I was rubbing his penis to turn once again raised the skirt of my younger brother.
his penis is so cramped and tense they are wrapped in pantyhose and I wear shorts originally supposed to be. When I feel it in your hand, abnormally excited away,
will not be able to reduce their already lying on the bed when it was cranked too. His (my?) And give directly to the penis touches put her hand into the shorts,
can caress the clitoris to reach him in my shorts. Eat pussy naked and took my brother away. Will not say good and even very pleasant,
now it became my turn and hope they do, but my brother took me to take off, "all hope in 脱Gasanai" and the hope of my brother,
bra stockings on the left foot to give one, T-back shorts that he responded to the request Keep sliding sideways. His penis is so big
I Kanjita strange excitement of the imbalance and Yoshi Tadasu celebrated brother penis mouth without hesitation
. Yogarimasu turning like a little girl voice while enjoying licking sticky feeling in the mouth so as to increase further. ····< Br> 69 to infect to accept, and then I accept his penis into me that I turned on while he slept. How long have you been connected Temasen remember,
time was the largest voice and my voice is cute younger brother and I were both of the end.
when I was left home alone and then upon graduation, has been present for some of my brother's underwear.
last spring and his brother moved to Tokyo, now lives together with his brother. When he is not in the room so that parents worry about the eyes they always dressed as a woman,
and sometimes I still want to have SEX it, and also about my response to those feelings have gone Masu.
shout brother
"ーーーー me to wash my underwear neatly 穿Itara"
another word
"because there'll be like underwear to, and I'll go buy lingerie teens are much Dashitee ~ I hope...'ll buy too! "

It saved my son.

Married her husband six months ago is a very kind person.
is a long relationship. It is well respected as a human being who can also liked men.
thing I said to him, but there very much.
but sometimes, I really want to have sex violent.
Maybe a masochist. Orimashita they can ask me things to say. Sex was just hanging out at all.
17-year-old son this year was much worried.
I lived at home with my parents, my husband liked it very much to me that "two people living in an apartment 住Manakya Once I've got to university anyway." It was me saying that .踏Mi切Renakatta I got married at Naka Naka
do not want my husband to know, you'll end up having an affair while married to say this, or so I thought. I was being grilled
思Itsumeta persistent son, I had a guy talking about sex only Omowazu.
"It's a chance that guy?" "I do not like.'s farewell but not.." "Why is that?"
it told me the real reason to cry anymore.
"I nympho.'s can get married."
eyes of lust, but have at me unawares
son did not notice. When I wanted and does the
was 押Shi倒Sa son.
been committed. My parents would hear around the house but did not. I just did not stand.
"not extend inside!" did not say it. I became a woman
son was still bitch.
my body caught fire, "Are you there?" I taught my son asked me all this. While the pig face
Iki, I get excited. For example my fingers
Gurarerutomouokashikunaru and anal.
"I'm disgusting." thoroughly enjoyed my son said. I felt more
"I'll let you decide at any time for mom."
"So why do not marry." I held my son cried.
husband have a few trips a month at a time. I also thank
golf weekend.
I do every day to send her husband to comfort her son Morai.

It looks like I seen

Yesterday, I was looking like I'm the son of masturbation 3.
when his son entered the room I was in a hurry 誤魔化Shita blanket over, wearing nothing but had not slip,
had elicited the H and smell something, even something on the floor while taking off underwear I also like to roll in like tissue
something started with my underwear masturbation son recently,
felt something really awkward Nde Just when I was wondering what you should pay attention to tolerate I'm. Now
panties to wear to the fancy, vibe and rotor hiding place, though I found
(and my husband knows) Do people have similar experiences? Or H or masturbation, I'm wondering whether I should try to be like talking about sex education.
Masturbation is an important thing and I think both women and men. Once the son is still some years
should be careful what I feel like masturbation or underwear? Vain for a woman to emphasize that it is also something from her mother

The final defense line in time?

Six months ago, in a dangerous relationship with his son last
clear distinction is not over yet.
son, "put it, to put out into the body of the mother 思Ikkiri"
when she said "it just because it's a bad parent-child" I had said. You were seriously
still pretty hard on the brink of their intertwined.
are going to end on 69 under in the mouth. Oral
like son. I also love to be
generously, apply about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
legs wide open, with a mouth full of tongue stretched out and continue licking.
fingers open, and watching patiently, and Dali folds across the lips. My favorite
pubic hair, stroking the palm, "Do not touch the mother," I called. It seems I also like licking
tickles I will be something very sensual. As a mother
also keep in mind I urge the hesitant soon.
son impatiently waits for us to deprive us forget.

Brother and

What are you doing, and rest "your brother ..." When I have two out, sneak into the room one brother 4,
H was when I was watching a video. "Today, I'll slow down in club activities ..." "I finished early in the teacher's convenience.
A single ー Kari, I was a nasty guy you" brother closed the door of the room grinning. anything approaching the heart
揉Nda Soshiteri. "Oh, brother'll ..." "Do not lie, I wanted to be like this right"
brother is pushing to crack licked a splashing sound and take off clothes on the bed and the quantitative violence.
"I Ah, feels good! brother, looks more!" Even though I was a virgin, could not help but want to be fucked up for some reason my brother.
"I so want to be fucked, and Ri is a disgusting," while saying this, my brother is suddenly thrust into a signature and pussy Okkina penis.
"Aaaaaa ~ Oh!" I hurt a little higher than than it is pleasant. "In a Ri, I feel good"
"Geez me! O my brother I feel your penis!!"
Piston big brother is hard, to shoot a lot in Ri, and Ri many times Lee Tsu got.

I relate to my son

The 40-year-old housewife. I relate to my son. Honestly I'm troubled.
懺 confess feeling like I want to regret.
become one evening at around 9 in the summer, I thought that eating watermelon
recall that after the meal, went to call his son to learn to eat in the family room,
no son. I also thought that the toilet does not seem. Day night, for you will never go out into the garden there is
, saw her come out of the room son. What would I have seen
, through the hedge between how we will enter the next site.
I, as not to be noticed, I approached the fence near. What
where his son was outside the bathroom is next door to. Before I became a black eye. Then
collision point where the natural light of the house, my son saw it out the window. And the wind you had to enter into
Lu, there was a house wife. Stick to the walls of the house to make
son confirmed his ugly to peek out the window. I have an arm from the spot I thought that my son come to take
pulling at people's house I found there, even dangerous situations so sweet
Instead, this is cool MUST wanted to, or
入Rimashi home alone. My husband opened the second beer, watching baseball while Imashi Utsurautsura or
My son entered the room. The light was 点I
stand on a desk, but this place did not. I sat on the bed, or
待Chimashi the return of her son. Time was 20 minutes away, I felt very long. Window or
finally came into their son. My son was a surprised face.
"You now what have you been doing? like Mom, you know what I was doing
. You, You just had a peek into the bath when the lady next door. "
son is naive to say anything.
"To Dad, and I'll keep silent, and as such this will not do twice."
I left the room and say that.
Then I went into the bathroom. Soaked in a bathtub while the mother is older than my son
now I want to see naked and sad woman. The middle school instructors, and lecture
sexual desire and interest in middle school said he recalled that the fairly Retsu Tsuyoshi. I have decided that
back to my room my son out of the bath, so as to follow,
I went into. My son was lying in bed, sitting here for the upper body
Mashita. I said, sitting on the bed.
"but that earlier, and as such this will not do twice. Once found, the police have taken
, I walk out to become mothers because Kashiku shame. that there
Also, something like that does not mean that there is love You're not his wife. However, it's like to watch
adult woman naked. were right, Show them that mom naked adult woman < br> I Ru.'m definitely not so anymore. "
I stood up and began to remove the light blue pajamas with button toward your son.
the sleeve and pull the arm, because no bra, now laid bare the breast.
A moment, the urge to hide in Kararemashita shame Kashiku hand, a gesture Shimashi
or nothing. Pajama pants are casually took off as possible.
Pajamas and a bed in a corner folded mode, and one wearing panties, said for his son.
Panties white bikini was semi-simple type of decorations do not have cotton, or something off how good
sluts, got in trouble partly because the shame.
"Even my mother, still, right of appeal." devoted to the waist and his left hand on the inside right heel by bending your knees
Ge, a little comically posturing, between Tsukuroimashita.
Meaning to be decided, and I sat with her hands placed on the thigh, right next to her son. My son was amazed to look
, my bare breast, stomach, panties, back and forth many times I have seen the U
thigh. I took off everything, of course, my son was going to show. I really can not decide just to take off panties
etc. Naka Naka.
"Hey, happy now? a look, or more?" and heard a small voice, can creep taming
"Well, I'll show you, not bring up something I already looked."
will let you say. I sat on the bed legs stretched out, let me be moved to the foot of his son. I was a little down over
thumbs rubber panties, the side without bending the knees
Sized ass pulled out a seat. Now I could see the hair under the belly to establish
knee, panties pulled feet. I wonder if I really like to be, it will be understood
ears red with shame astray. Part of anti-woman, and somehow I've also seem to
"Come see well. all the same What a woman's body, something like it." I slowly opened his hands on his knees after about a
. My son moved my eyes from the face of the thigh.
Son's face was about 1 meter away from me. My son and 見Tsumemasu Majimaji. Kari
leave a light, for me to dress like this. My son is looking down part
eyes and thinner than a human bushes, with a beam in my stomach, you will see from the cracks.
"It's nice to see some closer." bore your shame, and closed today with a knee
not resist the temptation to say,
"But my mother was found I kind of shame that. "he says.
"stupid, shame on those I have seen. Then, I'll sleep."
stood knee while lying on the bed now. Then my son put a face to make 覗 between
started getting on my knees.
From this time, my feelings have become increasingly strange. Between this and my son is looking
shame on the part soon, and why the body would react. If this remains committed
son Yogirimasu thoughts in my head like what Teiu.
"Mom, can touch me?" the son said I was surprised, I thought, I'll forgive
"What? Well, OK, suit yourself." So I replied, my son, gently pushing with both hands and thighs
my hair a little Nade上Gemashita.
Is a sensitive place your fingers on either side of her beans, Ijirimasu as blackmail or expand horizontally and vertically. Hashirimashita
been touched the whole body part that is such a pleasure, but a little current.
"like there, you're sensitive, can I not touch strange."
and could not resist saying, the Son, the position of the lower finger portion of the crack spread. There was
've already wet. My son is at the base of every leg arms and index finger and split both lips
Nazorimasu rollers. After several traced, in turn, stomach in three or four fingers of his right hand and rub on wet
a light touch to the split. I had to put pressure
stop here too late. But, because of her son and thought it
, to be honest, Orimashi gone to wreck my body more than anything
or pleasure. I bit the thumb was desperate to stop the bear breathing.
So far, I say be seen by a son, I have to see how the Orimashita
son, and son Osaenaku other hand, so I thought ,
face up a little surprised to see her son. While touching the body of my son in his right hand and left hand lower the application
pajama pants, I was clutching his penis. I have shame without a stitch of clothing they
But let me where my son, my son never holds his penis. I am now ready to
body of excitement and puzzlement that perfection.
my son as a sex object Imashi mother thought I'd not seen or
. That is why my body exposed to his son. Nevertheless, clenching his son that is a stiff penis
excited. This girl, I'm excited to have my body.
shame if I have one I am excited, to keep the child anyway if
same thought.
that time, my son's fingers touched her unexpectedly larger portion of the beans. Soshi
to, little by little 震Washimashita tip of his finger. I did not have to be that desperate. This is not a
could not resist, I disclose a small voice.言Imashi to finally get one's breath or
. "It's not there." He shook a finger is stopped, there still
fingers touched the vaginal opening to put a finger as well.
"Mom, you can put your finger like this."
"will not do, are you going to just show you, mother."
"Mom, I'm, I'm so out of Chai." son I try not to do so, saying that in turn forces
Tta tone, and not care that I've put your finger. Wet fingers
Kikoemasu sound evidence that every time I've felt moved.
and suddenly my son without a finger, from a voice like 力Nda to
grabs my thighs, and let the body Tsuppara. While holding his son seemed to have a penis ejaculating. Since my body
放Shimashita son and I butt towards his son, 冷Mashimashita body. I wonder if today's good to
Nanako, like many thought.
anymore is when I thought to get up. Son came up from behind. It was very
beast. My son took off pajama pants, my legs have been pushed against the cock hard
. I thought that this was not the energy to face outward from this funny
the idea better, and I'm not concerned about her son elsewhere if you will have peace of mind
I thought it was. Words and expressions, which had rejected,
Body force did not resist.
Then, my son has found a chance and ask me.
Breathe better and my son before I think was a child.

Two virgins

Period is late.
calculations or son. What my friends, and everyone from the relationship lasted a few times. Since then his sons to school dorm, I'm in a relationship involving only Tsuzu grandfather and money.

My relationship with my brother

Dual-earner parents are busy, and lots of things and no two people on a business trip.
or two so the difference between brother and good friends from the past.
obsession "big brother" in the name instead of "you TOMO" or "tomo"
like he was calling about.
course, it's as though they are brother and sister are the same ...
high school, a friend
"I like cool brother Michiru"
pin and did not even have so much. height is also fairly high
certainly look decent too, not bad reflexes.
was also good grades. "Brother" and what was good from the standpoint,
there were more than enough kind.
Nevertheless, just as brother and sister did not think.

brother got a job after college was assigned to the region. unchanged
particularly face to face before him a few times a year. Tsuki合Tta
for some people and I also love them and were also seems to have been his brother. Kiku changed the relationship many
Hashi Sono father died suddenly in my junior year,
it after my mother died two years later.

brother and mother died in a few minutes to transfer to headquarters,
for the first time began to live with for a while.
so I had to work, housework is better able,
otherwise, about the first six months I lived without trouble,
Tsuki合Tta dumped him from college five years.

"confessed to the junior company, unlike'm
you want to do specific commands to be kept.
Iishi you can embrace much more sensitive"

accepted as it is cut from his words. Perhaps there is no cute
such a place.
but I think the objective is to call a girlfriend,
drunk that night than ever. It's not the original
weak, that I knew some friends who accompany
until late last train.
and why my brother was the last train to go to the nearest station.
"" the dumped, you will come to Yake酒 ー friend.
do not worry I might be slow "
but I've to answer mail from Yokosuka, in which
You Just Do not worry!!"
"Huh?" I If you check the phone is said
"しろ mail before leaving, going to pick up from the station," and in response.
"notice, I'm sorry"
been answered yet somehow so full of tears.
"Hey, Do not cry in a place like an idiot! because he came by car, we go"
also being urged to walk with his brother, came suddenly around drunk.
"Tomo ... Perhaps feeling a little bad ..."
"What? going to throw up?" look back in a hurry, and stagger about supporting me,
moved to the car in a hurry.
"No, okay maybe"
riding in the passenger seat to somebody like me, who bought near the water ran to a convenience store.
"for the time being, this drink"
to make sure that I obediently followed, we drove towards the house.
the time but got the bad mood was calm,
is still weird to walk, to the living room is supported by Tomo.

"Look, I'll eat more water,
well, because any amount of no man, you down so much"
out a bottle of mineral water from the fridge,
my eyes while keeping the word casually went in front of overflowing tears
been triggered again.

"I know about that ... But, but, at the place of years I was 5.
It's not like a fight, then I will not say selfish ...
... But Maybe it went wrong, "and you want to do differently to protect such as Koh
" What!
... much better than that ... I embrace it, can you feel me ... "< br> Do not blame me, drunk and was talking fluently and also why my brother dumped.

"a fool, not him. a really lonely because I realize that Michiru.
strange place to settle for" okay "to say,
is solid seems to have I'm missing,
you, but I feel it is indescribable, is not there because of the man "

me to my brother as a child Yes, they are tapping into
as pleasing to appease a pat on the head.

"I Yada, is not it something" stupid brother "I do not like?"
while feeling that surfaced in my mind a little brother to hide the embarrassment of swelling
If you saw.
"No, I do not act like that. I'll prove it"
言I終Waranai the embrace of all.
"What? What?" To my surprise.
"This way, calm down? fine then I'm going to prove.
maybe Michiru I feel fine. to feel confident because I have"
Tomo touched lips neck saying.
"What?? Wait a minute ..."
my words were the kiss is interrupted. the tongue is inserted slowly
repeated several times his lips as 食Mu,
"brother and sister, it's such a bad" feeling shaken even think so.
"Michiru, I'll always like you.
" sister "I'm more than willing. I wanted to do this years ago"
holding both cheeks, and I still Looking at his head was still confused look.
probably felt it would Tomo again to kiss me.
slowly, almost as if to melt it.
was slowly taking off clothes in the meantime.
"... Hey, I'm no good brother and sister because I thought ... ..."
bra indeed been removed, when wrapped around the palm of the breast directly Tomo,
so I finally had a word .
"of me, or hate? Now, I hate to do this is?"
"I do not ... but ... is it bad, Nn"
to my lips Chikubi Tomo was caught.
light bite, and can be involved to take on and lick the tip of the tongue, a voice filled my body feels Bikun
"I'm feeling fine ... not hate right?
'll prove how much or feel a difference ...
Michiru, Michiru I want to be me"
while I whispered in his ear , Tomo fingers here and there continued to move around my body.
and ranking results on the fingers of the left wearing shorts still
"Michiru, I'm really wet fine show ..."
sit up there
"Well ... no tomo here ... And bathe in shower "
" Sure ... 浴Biyou together then. and I'm not missing you still drunk "

go into the bathroom together. Suddenly embarrassed to be seen naked at the Rui Akira
felt had my dressing room only to electricity.
had already at that time to accept the things I Tomo.
was switched to feel like a lover too, so when you meet each other's body wash. My body is more
昂Tsu had I think Tomo was similar.
bath towel wrapped around each other as the body moved to the room of Tomo.

little light in, and kiss was so slow from the beginning.
caresses the tongue relentlessly crawled up to the chest and neck as it is.
"What I Kii Hiroshi chest, I was always in the mood, what Cup?"
"F cup ... I'm a little smaller but better"
"why not another? rather than hanging You're good shape.
sensitive to it because I hope to "
once caressed by Tomo certainly run into quivering pleasure. Tomo
also continued to caress the rest over time.
is frustrated and has reached many times I can not even any attempt to insert
Tomo I
"I'm not. You're sure to make me into Michiru," < br> but that was still more than two hours to Tomo that you mention it until they are inserted.

Over five years since then. Just as his
that time, I have been unable to escape from the action with Tomo.
bought an apartment away from the dear old land
sell off the family home are living together. It still makes no
love each other since then.
seen from neighbors, lover or husband and wife could only see.
Almost every day we embrace or, as this will remain somewhere in your head ...
this is a feeling that should not wipe clean,
If, When somebody like my brother ... bless must, I think both.
But if you live like this, it might be a happy one too.

What I'm horny?

Why do these things now,.
husband's career for the 断Remasen a transfer. Now move around in about every two years now.
became so much a branch manager, Kai I think that happened. The other is
home away from home because it was bought 10 years.
long so we are not guaranteed a place did not go about.
divorce from her husband about being cut out like that. I was a woman.
became more panic.
opponent does not know better. Companies were women.
I was ignored contact from my husband. I had no trouble with money because it was not properly. It seems that eventually broke
husband transferred from the company a penalty. Wages fall, but not much seems to have been relegated
real. It was pretty much like the 使Ezu or entertainment expenses.
seems to have been devoted to the cost of living expenses at home for home.
I was admonished parents, my fault I did not really been told, there is a lot time to think.
a son, I was repeatedly saying it was a tyrannical husband.
just complain profusely, did not give the idea of ​​peace to her husband? I think so now.
since I disobeyed her husband and loved to say about the doting son.
There was anxiety.

and fits in to the anger of her husband, and think about the future, not a good thought Orimashita remain today.
also talk to my son, the son of university study, and there are also handy and do not job. I met my husband at first
husband was still in front of burned-out considerably. My husband and I will calmly discuss things like who was determined to 2.
the moment thinking about my son, do not divorce. But when the divorce at any time from the things of the house to respond and make money and let the lawyers.
貰I gotten to talk with my son coming home to her husband. "I speak to my mother about my writing, call Well." That was about it. I do not know whether
reunited. I told my son was still saying it.
I visited about once a month now the source of her husband.
body to her husband got a break there but also embarrassed to say, but that was still no budding feelings. It is far
four hours, I was for a day.
"that might get trapped because he'll 泊Mattara Ya." "Then I call the police." I was turned joke about 交Waseru say.
of becoming somehow repair the relationship with my husband, I think my son felt. Why is it called the son of jealousy.
were adolescent boys, I have a sexual desire and I think there are relatives.
now come to touch my body profusely son to read books from a variety of anxiety. It was not my fault
clearly rejected it.
16-year-old son was going to fuck me by force.
contraception must be minimal,, it was about what you can do to me.
However, they are linked to fear once 薄Ragi, vibe and rotor body and uses his son away to respond to peak
I finally got to taste. Until then I
sex is rather poor. Was mandatory for both husband and bland, like a married couple was only confirmed as a sex couples well. But the more anxious state of mind
now want to somehow get her husband to come home.
and sex with her husband. "I am anymore, I can not blame you." 匂Wase to're having sex with another man implicitly.
was really fresh. It seems different than before my husband was surprised.
I was supposed to stop having sex with her son and husband as 通Wasu mind, it came out I can afford. shows a strong stand
son, when no rejection is now clear.
speaking impossible, to tell her husband said, "You will not matter anymore I'm not expected him my son." and told. son would
guilt had seemed shocked by his words. Toi
to do that, "I'm sorry. I lie. I love to have sex with you. I love you as a man."
"So I kind of want to. we'll not really father I get too. "
my heart is inclined to say what my husband casually. And I
husband at the time as did the honeymoon, things are pretty 心Gakemashita at home. But in
husband was not acting like it is inviting.
son sitting on the couch watching television. I am drinking coffee on the table on purpose. I'm a signature.
brief look at my table occasionally. I SANAE
skirt a little. Fingers reached around underwear, touching her son by coming together. and cuddle on the sofa are
. Until he graduated from my body I want my son to come back to her husband.
I think we received a lot when we graduated 悦Ba to her husband.

Not real

Tomorrow, no school because it was my son did not sleep until me earlier.
leave this overwrought feelings, but what is a new thread on this night.
to 17-year-old son lust, I think you 綴Re Ikere to the daily lives of mothers are addicted to forbidden pleasure.

I was seen by others? !

It was the other night. The thing when I was with my husband for sex.
match in the form of hugs when I was facing each other, the couple were there to look into the sex gap in the door from our son.
son and I, eyes that match 仕舞Imashita, say nothing, and eventually end 往Ki had deliberately let the voices raised his son in agony. Of course, the next day, turned the promise and look into the future scrutiny of those who are blazing the contrary, just what I am? ! It was also his son 遣Ra Incidentally, my husband is absolutely confidential.

My discourse incest

And eyebrows, but his father became such a relationship,
winter when the trigger 14
eyebrows? Is a strike or shoulders??
Father's brow, the work ^ ^ I handle every day She is very stiff, like I was hitting the shoulder of the mother or
eyebrows that day, the mother went out at night, I was hitting the shoulder of the eyebrows.
in the middle, on the bed, his back turned tan by hitting back, jumped on top of the eyebrows to face down his father his father
Thanks ^ ^ eyebrows. Forget it
eyebrows] "Then if ~ is"
Dokou with the eyebrows, his father said something like this to continue
father, "Dad stomach eyebrows I cold, but I can not sleep.
little or lying to me? eyebrows are like a hottie from warm "
, saying his stomach 当Teta hand-Mayu .
(Ah ... You're right) eyebrow is so honest thought.
sure, body temperature higher than others and I ^ ^ ♪
eyebrows, and into the bed and hugged her father is
Gyu ~ ~ Innovation, hate getting their feet entangled It was, to say
and unpleasant as it is, but that was still
for a while, the sound of my father
mother's bike, "This is , the mother is a secret I! and eyebrows, because it's secret father "
eyebrows are back in my room without saying anything.
was puzzled that his only remaining memory of that could not sleep for excitement

Anxiety 24 son

This week my husband will come back. I guess
always return to the daily. Writing if anything happens again.

My discourse incest

Since it will write in a variety of Recall while hanging from last year're busy housewife

Now, I do not know my husband has no sex or something, and bothered me at all, and not even realize playing sites and e-mail,
Mel Once I had a friend in the summer, the mood is still Narenaku. And incest is not considered at all,
son to call someone but lady, you look like turning chasing young master. Tsunotsu
complaint is, mood can be annoying the public felt the worst. My brother got sent back home for New Year's Mairi,
made me late because the child is 10 years away, Gingin feel young, "I do not fine lady?"
"Yes! I got a lady, I bored. "" Why, yet to Jean! "
" I hope if so, is anyone from dealing with me. "" Could it be? MILF Jean! "
" no Even that is popular, I'm irrelevant. "" No way? more you get out? "
" even if such a thing, calling out to me I'm nobody .. "" I make my voice! "
" Oh, thank you! hobby MILF? incest and what? "but I was laughing
, sex sites that is floating, and impossible to cancel it in or. "Mature incest hobby, it good! Be thrilled,"
"I fulfilled both at once if you're sister!" "Well, strange thing to say." "I'm serious! Serious!" "Lady Pants off? "
while driving his brother's eyes appear to twinkle lights shining, the" Do not be funny! You be careful driving. "
" Not really funny Like I mean it! "to get a firm hold of my hand my brother," Go on! We could not do such a thing! "
" I'm serious! sister seriously. "is held firmly or hot hand, I can also drive away in a dangerous,
heat is transmitted rapidly brother, I'm swell of incest site. "Let go, to drive it properly."
"Anymore! I received just gotta pants, just pants!" "Just not say anything weird like that!" I'm canceling,
her excitement I feel like I feel something hot, the car suddenly stopped my brother, "sister, really really! I'm serious!" only "pants? please?"
"bad place like it embarrassing in no! "" Well Hoteru? "" What are you saying? It'll go fast late! "
" No way! I move me pants! "younger brother to move them to the dispute Doukou 一向Ni without, "I'll get to pass out.
move fast!" When he starts moving his brother reluctantly, "You mean it?" "Really? promise?" says his brother has just arrived home that Naka Hazama was. At worst you get to the house
Moreover, no one without back, dark house is like my brother became advantageous to,
pants thing was fake and arrived at the house become to reality, "COOL! pants! pants!" so that the door came in with great glee.
"I go home to keep myself awake from a cup of good coffee." "If the pants have a sleepy girl!" If you hear the voice mail message while a cup of coffee,
messages passed away in family have been in deep shit. My brother tried to pass out of the wardrobe, but saw "No, it not fair! It off here!"
"I'm still able, I can not!" "I love you so much!" Kuni Kitsu brother being hugged, embraced like this, for years I wonder ever had, I turned my head haunted incest.
"I can not! What are you doing! I can not!" creeping hand gently on the back is tight hug, and 突Ki放Sanaku is stare at his brother's eyes and raised his face, "Do not! I can not!" < br> felt as his lips covered broken hand Zoru stars, is swept from under your butt, hit brother pressed his groin bulge, so hard to believe, and this remains to incest if, < br> 抉Ji been opened into the lips tongue, but it exploded in excitement the woman can no longer move, coming from a hand touched his groin butt was ripe heightened started running freely.
"the underwear off, and I'll" "I had enough, I'll be rid of me!" crawling on my neck ligula brother, is starting behind 捲Ku pantyhose and underwear, to stop here,
No good to stop. I've also knew his place too late to come to it. Directly touch the hand of the ass brother I feel good,
feel pressed to wipe from the chest, they run around so many years that stimulation of which, the feeling is not avoided incestuous,
're away so i changed the incest, "I'm bad bad" words like I have become delirious. My brother is in the hands of the groin,
're wet in the crotch of my tight, now they've just reacting to it, what lies to say, I'm useless, lying on the couch, take off your underwear in I dived into the groin to his brother,
"A ー ー A" first fully ripen on the reaction of women, those born to men and women burning with unchanging stimulus Even with incest, clitoris licking taken, < br> "Ah! there? there?" everything is slow now, my brother comes in the foot is open, stimulating pleasure running through your body is like a shudder,
burly 30-year-old young male pleasure is pierced, uninterrupted sentences are floating in the net, it becomes something like this, they transformed into a truly gender.
comfortably, run around stimulation, pleasure would have been overwhelmed, "I'm happy girl!" "Me too!" I said, with no other words,
this is real, in the sex swing fifty-four brother, incest on her more pleasure than it is satisfied in the groin, taking off to help even the upper body,
breasts are washing grip, at the height of welcoming more and more riled up, screaming climax Notify me of joy was in agony. "COOL! Put in?" "Sure"
"Are you OK?" "To forget about now, I'll do ..." is hard 突Ki抜Ka, the highest pleasure, while welcoming the pinnacle of his brother Take a hot ejaculation, as it is finished reading the post,
this is incest, the momentum of the young men, middle age is like everything what a pleasure I become filled with poison. "COOL! Felt good! It's the best!"
"Thank you.'m Afraid I was excited?" "What? Why?" "I might become like you?" From my lips smile while feeling embraced staring match wanted.
to take a bath since men and newlywed brother buried in bathtub legs spread out riding, I licked, this stimulus is pierced penis and his brother have turned the momentum of pleasure,
more even to do, to love, like myself know that upset, go to bed, sucking brother penis, I was staring at exposing the legs to be ashamed,
also visible in the ass hole The feeling would in turn from the back and in the best pleasure, which met several times mind-boggling climax, this is sex, even without love,
it is undoubtedly the best sex I thought. I hung up the phone late night with his wife to stay with my brother, so anxious to get burned,
even a real brother, trapped like a demon had ties intercourse, a woman So I think the relationship had to be transformed. The body was sound asleep at night 蠢Ki,
best sex of my brother, I see a missing 離Shitaku pleasure, the pleasure would have been overwhelmed by a force powerful penis,
so all may be lost preceded by a feeling, they feel pleasure was like crazy. Woke up, the sheets are dirty,
see a dirt joy was gone so long ago. Morning sex and hungrily sex agony, know that your really gone mad. Unlimited sex.

Remember that strange habit of 17 years

And stopped many times on the verge of Copyright will be going crazy.
"Please, Lee Hanks Ouch!" Finally I implore you not to cry and cover his face and was going to be stet. Lee could not resist when Tta
and I am ashamed to jet full of liquid, vacant eyes upward, who had come out while I opened the mouth. The collection has no son to take that kind of face on a cell phone.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[22623]
Launch date work. 16-year-old son left home, my husband and I prepared for the feast and Mika at the office for her husband's disciples. Mika is a disciple of her husband
is the mistress of her husband. I am 157 centimeters
, lower body is somewhat thin feeling a little thicker. Mika
is feeling fat, thick all around me I do not have the impression there at age 28 168 cm 60 kg.
two hours after drinking, I was still getting naked in a separate room.
eye to eye mask hidden, waiting for the men.
"teacher's wife is not embarrassed to Ya."
Shiri込Mi to say that the disciples, "I make you blind, then." I started with it. In the past, such a swap
club was fun but may not contain, it came time to be out to be very busy husband and aging members.
disciples seemed to say but I'm saying Wo そう,
it he could inspire my disciples and responding to complaints. Mika has become a favorite
husband about two years ago and now enjoy together.
Mika came back first. but sigh and
見Enakutsu face, you know who I'm embracing the atmosphere.
blamed when plugged in so few people at the mouth and vagina and anal, but I do not think one by one.
but eight people, not necessarily all to participate.
let things end, I am satisfied with, and seemed disciples went out. I sit still I was motionless.
a while, "Oh, you do it too long. yet, because." and also was blindfolded.
I was gone to bed around two weak-headed disciples.交Eyou
that they would. I drank a little break. I still ache I had left. Regained energy.
lying on his back, and we extend a hand nervously waiting.
while playing with the nipples, the vagina has been tampering.
awkward hand movements to touch the body, looked weird. husband to help
Still, I like to use the vibe is what I quickly installed. Lee also has anal in Anarubaibu
husband and I used a vibrator.
this is done and the other, I'm really upset.跨Ga
were on a man. Ma shook the clitoris and I sat in agony, Anarubaibu been put, "Ya, Uuu going to die!" I shouted.
man out when the "U Ugh," issued a small voice.
voice heard somewhere. I became tired, I went to bed it was just
next day I was nervous. That voice was in my son?
head was swirling doubt it. smiling and laughing with her husband
"Sure, why not? Ya'll be at home now."
child is absolutely ridiculous.
"Ya me from whence I always say."
husband went out to say so.
husband does not come back a week or more. The son and two alone.
two days passed. Away or asleep, tired, son
Mashita club. It is Saturday morning and
. My son is a morning club.
said he'll be back around noon. Kakureru
that morning about the ankle, was wearing a long skirt. Finished cleaning time and free time to shop for lunch.
I suddenly thought 履Kou miniskirts.
sleep for two days and beat, I consoled myself to be ashamed of. It has become a strange mixture has
anger and ache.見Se付Keru
to hover in front of his son as lunch is over. I slept on the sofa and pretend
. Son came by. Ireyou
tried to silence her hand into her skirt, stood up on purpose to get away with
son dragged me down,, let me expand a leg Zurishi breasts cheeks,
down gradually v.
Omowazu Kuritorusu the nose to stimulate her son, her son holding my head and put his son rubbed his face over there.
later ,,,,,

Father and ...

In junior high school that I did with my father.
mother is in hospital, I was sleeping late at night was from my brother.
That night, my heart has been touched up after my father was sitting watching TV.
refused because there was interest in sex did not.
has been taking off clothes lying on the spot And then, there has been a tampering.
浮Kasetara Nowak is pleased to sit carelessly to tampering, there began to lick the inner world and my father laughed. Rim Raretara
gone terribly feel, it has pushed my father over there heads.
And I sank into the wet from my father a lot of it. but it was the first man
blood come out ...
I feel is a better back, "poke back more!" I asked I got pierced. stance has been taken to various
, there licking my father ... my father did and two days.
What was your favorite posture w
relationship with my father back then did not continue.


Even mid-30s, did not even have imagined such may be subject to the two sons of course not.
week day shift this summer was hot and her husband spend the coincidence of shorts, tank top bra.
washing dirty linen in the morning so I think it was also unlimited masturbation washing machine located in a morning.
bra even when they were first 押Shi倒Sa son. Son force kids thought it was just stronger than you think.
was no longer possible to resist change in an instant fear is resisted desperately slapped cheeks. Because I'm bad
[dressed like you! Because of you! ] Not come out angry words to refute his son. My son has been violently attacked
my chest violently stripping tank top.
son in a hurry to be aggressive to lower my heart I want to go at once to put their hands shorts. Remai resisted taking off and I am desperate indeed.
understand the noises and breaks in rubber Buchibuchi, my son is still Resistance 振Ri上Gemasu hands.
Ni当Tatte where I misplaced both countries are taking off the short shorts to protect his face the moment you release the hands will leave momentarily, but also hurts
hit will leave me as a parent reason I'll also be able to guide themselves in anticipation. The bull penis popped and knocked into a failed time and again in my clitoris.
探Ri当Te the entrance of the penis and stretch last son? Not included. Son's face was distorted to withstand anything. It seems I had no vaginal opening is narrow and my husband a few years.
son forcibly peeled skin pain that seemed to bear. You could come round without inserting 果Tere anyway? Mina Nozomu held a faint.
son has tried to insert the penis and slap and spit on me. I will expand the vaginal opening and the pain slowly. When you come to put this
stop until it began to be 潤Mi my vagina in response to it.
I was only looking at the ceiling while enduring the resistance of her tears stopped. And finally led to his son. What woman
stimulated wiggle my clumsiness or pain in me after all, has been eager son [was] over their mouths and slimy.
easing the pain of his son might be it. Pitch were raised whip. Not for a moment. Son [Whoo! U Ugh! ! Growled the moment] I flew Innovation consciousness.
know my son is clearly in the ejaculate. Knock back and shake my son still skewering. The skin of the penis had been extracted 剥Ke.
inspired directly by the most sensitive part because 剥Keta during the first, I was feeling rather out in the surgery act. Scrape out the seeds of my son in a hurry.
son face triumphantly. Worn down did not stop the tears. [...] You ... sorry ... I'm sorry son
浴Bisemashita 気Ni入Ranakattarashiku slap on the cheek once again I apologize to my husband crying. Mom grabbed my hair and raised
... [because Mina is now my slave! I'll beat me again 逆Rattara] son ​​committed 言I放Chi phone in one hand so.
that all the time to resist being tapped lightly on the cheek has been housed at a picture or video phone. You do not want [my father rose? Was] promised to let his son become a slave. physiological
son would not care. Almost every day during the holidays, continue to be involved in some form over the holidays now.

I will feel hard.

I was married did. Three years ago, divorced husband was working great to live alone.
Orimashita live with my parents. Bad parents and her husband have come to terms earlier, while threatening to become a couple, I left home.
me to understand my parents, I went back to the house.来Takatta
with my son seems not to attend high school into a place like very much remained the source of her husband.
my son went to meet occasionally, once a month my son came to stay.
husband worked for the company's new boss before I got divorced. Year is around one person on the person who divorced him.
a responsible position, but did not seem to be crippled by an injury. The
feel like somehow came around to liven up wedding. The son of a very kind person is OK so I decided to get married to me. My son is also
exam, I was getting too much come into play.
live in an apartment with her husband, I also had a difficult future. The house is much closer from the University here, rather, it wore me come easy.
I quit my job, in part to a nearby family restaurant.
husband every day of the month is not half of travel and golf.
"I'll probably have to refrain from." My son now calls her husband did not insist the day her husband said.
still occasionally and eat dinner with three people.
night, eating out with my son, I've drunk a little too much there.
arrived at the house was laid to fall asleep I think I'll rest up a bit from the bed of her son.
noticed is when I was almost naked lower body.
every time I have absolutely nothing that I, I feel I did not understand myself. But I was just struggling to escape
son came into the penis, I was still breathing hide anymore.
only thing my son out in my salmon for release around the belly button.
words are not evade at all.
, tampering and his son has woke me up.
now, and I was laughing my son helped.
in a moment, helped the other events that have occurred, I decided to accept. I
they Innovation fliers for something like this? Sweep over the head with it, even though I went I was fascinated by his son's youthful sex gradually.
as a woman I rather greater. There are much different from her husband back.
fat does not, what the waist down slightly chubby.
father like son is a tall, what about the same penis.
it would feel really hard.
fingers will come out well, many times after the bond interface, which is penetrated by the penis from that, I often have trouble breathing even more so Iki.
occasionally asks her husband, but is contrary to the desire to accumulate settlement impatient.


Much since elementary school fifth grader, I was seven are on the naughty brother.
or put out at first and felt-tip pen or a finger or butt, did not know too much sense,
... but somehow I came Mochii Na is first turned into a little boy Naka Hazime,
little and buttocks, but he already knew the meaning of sex painful,
was formed by the remains of his brother still embarrassed to tell anyone. Getting into something a little larger,
my ass like eggplant or corn or canned juice is lost, she now? A little scared.
continue "without virgin anal kinky I can be better rice," said his brother was so good.
fact, the rice had better be anal,
作Renakatta or boyfriend was a virgin from doing this but I'm shy in person was like.
measure blood pressure at the pump like a guy, I was put into many things from the basin ass.
cola and wine, milk, until the wee brother. Leaking and weeping in front of my brother, my brother was abused.
I was tired of being turned 3, was taken 拒Memasen The photo is from fear.
enema is the night, and if forced Evaluation and leaked before being brought to the school entrance.
next morning, everyone "crap that was dumped near the door was" talking to me, really embarrassed.
brother is like this, to put in the vagina still does not.

Incest Debut

Sexual intercourse debuted last year my New Year's Eve.
sexual intercourse until last year I thought that place is where the pee pee dick too, until I can bring in your penis learned something.
could not believe in this until I get the small of my penis is so thick.
fertility and brother stayed home with mum and dad were at home to go on past 11:00 hatsumode.
dad, "my eyes! drink, too, because New Year! I was easy to drink hot sake's sake. Today is a special" I drank because he told me sitting next to dad.
was playfully touching my hair and shoulders and they embrace a little drunk dad. After a while Dad
"Elephant Piss go" when stood up, came down and tangled legs towards me. will be embraced and supported the Yoshi Tadasu
hands, I got the weight I Amarino also fell.
looms dad came over my body, I'd expect the bulk of the heavy 95 kg are now trapped state.
were combined to kiss your lips away and Dad can still budge.
Dad, "I love my eyes ..." Come hold me tight, saying 撫Ze has an important place, while I kiss.
Aimashita twine suck my tongue my tongue and papa. I'm a Daddy Shabutta Hagi取Tsu over to my vagina my pants.
was shocked at first. Located in front of a big dick daddy found himself, suddenly pushed into my mouth, "eyes, lick me!"
I licked my dick is the smell of pee. Then daddy dick painful breath now rises more than doubled. I think my dad finally
far the penis, I crashed into my vagina on it. I really can not stand the pain
was not hurt. Dad is "sexual intercourse with your eyes, I'm the best" and whispered in his ear.
sexual intercourse is realized at that time, I suppose I fit the penis.